Hillary Clinton 9/11 NYC
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+@FoxNews +@seanhannity +@oreillyfactor that's not over heating that's passing out
Guess what happens when you overheat?
Fainting is not result of overheating. Heat stroke may render you unconscious so you go to hospital, not daughter's apt.
You're a complete idiot. Thanks, though.
passing out like you drank too much
it beautiful out 2day not overheating weather
The clot thickens.
as in I hope you enjoy your FALL crooked
LOL "fall feeling" good grief
82...a cool, blustery day.
This was before 10 AM, temps were upper 70's at that time.
What's your theory? Ebola?
No idea. Only that its CLEAR she is very sick.
Sure. People get sick. Tough part of life.
Sorry dude. She's done.
Hillary Clinton 9/11 NYC
yes I know it's still a gorgeous day not hot at all
HRC lived in Ark, now lives in DC, & cant handle NYC in Sept? #BringBernieBack
the people right next to Mrs Clinton did not seem even aware of how ill she was- she could not even move at that point
well when its an everyday thing they grow used to it.
Oh dear...I really hope she's ok.
Not me pal.
wow !!! If this video surfaces , it's over for her
You are watching it. It has surfaced.
Um...you're seeing the video because it surfaced...lol.
It's called asking questions. Only intellectual lazy people don't ask questions.
Wow! Thank God someone caught this on camera!!!!!!
-I do not wish her harm but this looks more serious than just overheating.
"over heating". It wasn't even 80 then.
video not working? Twitter silencing the truth!!
be careful with this but get it on YouTube asap
I'm glad he has a copy B/C Twitter will censor anything bad against #SickHillary
Agreed. Make media pay. @zgazda66
+@carokann What happened? Was she crying and had a break down?
+@ScottMGreer Something is up, video not available. Only a democrat could believe she is fine.
+@Just_a_Texan out for the count, she is not healthy
Thank you for sharing
good reporting...Thank you
doesn't look good, bring in Tim Kaine!
+@pdoocy This is serious. Time to be straight with the American people.
I suspect Twitter will be pulling these in the next few minutes.
150Lbs of dead weight, on the woman holding her up, tumbles them both #HillarysHealth #HillaryCollapse
hi Zdenek. Donie here at CNN. Can you follow me to DM?
no you sneaky fuck, go say bullshit about trump and praise clinton
CNN IDOT! Reg person didn't take this video. Reporters follow her everywhere!
as predicted @CNN plus a spin and report just heat related, Massive Cover Up For Hillary, we deserve the truth
You guys have already made up bullshit in tv.
please start to report on the pornographic photos of Melina, her illegal citizenship and Trump's tax returns.
Clinton News Network will spin fiction: she had allergies which made her overheat #HillaryFaints #HillarysHealth @zgazda66
so #CNN decided not to air the video? They show a tweet of #HRC leaving daughter's apt refreshed and just fine. lol.
video is on air right now.
didn't see it. Saw video of #HRC walking around looking just fine, waving to ppl. Will be a media coverup or false explanation.
you will see it if you turn on television. You will also see it if you go to cnn.com
I had #CNN on and all they showed was #HRC waving looking just fine.
& they made sure the media saw her walking by herself
donie, propped up before she fell into the van. This is not overheating if so why didn't anyone else?
fuck you CNN
tell the truth and don't spin this and make it about Trump.
Donie Don't lie. WE THE PEOPLE have the right to know. You better look into her health and stop lying.
Are you guys going to edit it to make it look like she's running and doing flips?
donie why the hell isn't CNN running this video yet?
they haven't figured out a good way to spin it for her.
+@CNN will just lie about it.
cnn will never report this
Donie looks like a straight shooter.
CNN will cut the video to suit them don't allow them to edit in anyway...CNN is in Hillary's pocket
Don't give this to CNN, they'll say Hillary was just doing the dougie.
Why not just request permission to use this video. Time for @CNN to report news as it is instead of as you decide it is
Don't do it Zdenek. CNN will abuse you and then toss you to the curb. Save yourself!
fuck off you wont report it honestly
you cnn are pure scumbags I won't be surprised if you don't show the video
Will CNN ask Hillary what neuro disorder she has? Ask why she needs a Dr. 2 feet from her at all times?! STOP COVERING FOR HER.
+@CyndiRocks1 Mainstream traditional press a disgrace.
No. They will photoshop Putin spitting a dart at her.
How exactly does one "photoshop" a video?
Its sarcasm. CNN is a cultural marxist 1984 shitshow.
"Cultural Marxism" isn't actually a thing. Marxism is economic theory.
Also CNN is a privately owned corporation. Definition of CAPITALISM.
Youre not too smart. Cultural Marxism is here in full force. Engaging in it doesn't nullify profits
I think you mean love and tolerance, not "cultural Marxism" which is a made up term which makes no sense.
thats hilarious! I wish I knew how to make that into a GIF! Someone's going to steal your cleverness!
If CNN is going to report this, how about for once you guys actually report honestly instead of protecting her and lying?
Fuck CNN. Bunch of liars!
Too late. The video is all over the country. Report facts for a change.
+@CNN is going to loop that shit. Priceless
don't give it up they'll twist it and make you destroy the Video with a hammer
You guys wanna manipulate the video so we can't see her lifeless body get carried into the van? Too late. Truth lives
Really? MSM works for #Hillary. What do you need the video for?
Donie. I beg of CNN report this honestly. If you love America be honest for once with the public.
don't ever beg #CNN for anything! They're filth!!! This stupid man gazda is going to give everything away.
they've already spun it. I no longer think they are capable of being honest.
Dream on, Margie. @CNN will use this as their "proof" that Hillary was merely "overheated".
Hello troll/ hillbot
Ow, that hurt. You missed my sarcasm. "CNN will use this as their "proof" that Hillary was merely "overheated". "
LOL!!! Good luck with that!
such a clown, so conspiratorial. Front and center on CNN.
ha, nice try, it will go into the spin machine
+@risa_s_bear You are bargaining with the Devil!
Nah they already spun this.
CNN has no integrity
+@TerriMathes HA HA HA, Clinton News Network report honestly? Never
You can't be serious... Where do they find these people?????????????
I didn't see anything and I was right on her nose . Just another nice blue day in NYC , right ?
Hold your breath because CNN is owned by those pushing her & they're the propagandist of the Dem Party. Nazis!
+@MarieMa49685063 Margie sorry to say @CNN will report it as if she needed a sip of water. Best is #BOYCOTT #CNN
What are you talking about Lemon is a professional.
LOL.....He's such an A$$ and sellout too
How dare you! Don is nothing but a professional!
Yea😂😂😂..like when he told Cathy Griffin how nice her boobs were on #CNN-New Years Eve
cnn,honest? You must be kidding.
need to add fox to the picture! They aren't any better.
Agree. Obfuscation is outstanding.
lmao sure they will
They did, fair and balanced unlike the Klan Network aka FOX
Margie, I agree with you! All eyes on these reporters right now
+@are you kidding? The Clinton Communist Nazis will NEVER tell US the Truth. Stop watching them.
Show him the money...
Not looking good is it Adam? Looks like the 'conspiracists' were right. @adamjohnsonNYC
Ok that looks absolutely normal for a sick person...something is up...
That was more than being overheated. And her handlers knew it.
holy shit.
My sentiments exactly!!
somebody took that video off quickly hmmmmm
'Overheated' my arse!
wow that is really bad and scary
Did you shoot this? May we feature it on NBCU platforms?
give me one million dollars *dr evil voice*
who ever shot this video needs to stay anon or they might trip and land on bullets
we dont want you calling Hillarys health issues a crazy conspiracy theory and ignorant belief
Nobody admits filming...don't want to be the next suicide victim.
Does this mean that an NBC owned news outlet is going to show something potentially harmful to a Clinton? #NotLikely
You need to fact check this first
why so you can change the narrative and make it anti trump....
just use it. He ain't going to reply. Might be dead
Sure, she's completely fine....@CNN blaming it on allergies..
it wasn't hot in ny it was very windy
and now she's feeling fine hiding in her daughter's apartment? Just wondering
How does #SickHillary think she can stand the rigors of being POTUS, she can't even stand
+@AloisNavarro This vidéo is a fake recorded 2 weeks ago in LA by Trump' team. @itele @BFMTV @TF1 @franceinfo #Hillary
I did not see a donors hand up her ass,everyone knows puppets need a hand in their ass
OMG, This is terrible! I hope she's getting Emergency Medical Attention! Dear Lord! #HillarysHealth #MedicalEpisode
Have a nice trip; see you next fall.
Looks like she just collapsed. If overheated why is no one offering water? #HillarysHealth disqualifies her! #VoteTrumpPence2016
Bad idea giving water to someone who might collapse again any minute; aspiration is a bitch... Trumpvoters...
While I'm a Trump supporter, I do care for some people and she is not well. She should stand down for her own health.
+@pdoocy Must be one of her allergic episodes. Allergic to the truth maybe?
+@dushanwegner That ship is sailed. Trust me.
please upload to YouTube right away.
Notice at the start of the video, a woman is holding her very high, tightly under the left armpit #HillarysHealth #HillaryCollapse
this is serious WTF... how can anyone say this woman is healthy. there is a legit concern!
OMG, that's practically Weekend at Bernies
Weekend at Bernie's was the first thing that came to my mind when I saw this clip! Lol
haha cause she spent a weekend at Bernie's. As in Bernie's Sanders😂😂😂😂
saw this on Reddit not mine
dude. Look at her feet. Total weekend at Bernie's.
That's funny. Thanks for the laugh!
the only difference is Bernie had a better personality
+@Annrhefn She felt the bern
So funny, with the dark glasses. LMAO.
you mean weekend at hillary's grrrgraphics.wordpress.com/2016/
I hope not but she seems intent on killing herself.
Her doctors must've advised her that stress exacerbates her condition.
damnit! I was scrolling to comment but wanted to see if anyone beat me to it lol. Well done!!
+@cciedotnyc you're right it's exactly like that
Weekend at Hitlery's? Put a fork in her...#ShesDone #ItsOver
+@ConservativeGM if staged to detract from Deplorable comments no such luck except by the msm
For everyone getting carried away, Hillary had just run a marathon. Perfectly innocent.
+@GodfreyElfwick Oh relax....it was just a brief Irish folk dancing attack. It happens.
You young lady, MVP of the day
LMAO!! So true!!!
OMG, with the Glasses!
+@rtpburns Same glasses as Bernie too lol 😎
you wrong for that lol
I feel terrible for laughing at that... ( its in my top 5 fav movies :/ I can't help it)
holy shit lol that was good
ironically Bernie (sanders) is much healthier than her
Lol if it was anyone else I wouldn't laugh.
Would you even trust #Hillary to watch a child unattended at this point?
+@ezralevant Only Bernie looked better
+@ReversingASD Tweeter deleting the video already, sad
and you don't mean Sanders.
hats exactly what I've been saying!
my thoughts exactly
Thought the same thing! !!
I feel really shitty about this but I laughed my ass off
rofl! such a great movie.... and analogy!
weekend at hillary's
I know, weekend at Chelsea's?
oh snap!
Exciting sequel to 'Weekend at Bernie's' > Coming in 2017 > 'Four Years at Hillary's White House'
lol even got the sunglasses
omg that's fucking Hillarious!
+@jmo1311 haha floppin like a fish! You see the Partial Mathers body double for the staged CNN shot a few min later?😂😂
requires more looking into. You're talking vocal cord surgery possibly & an on the fly body double like Sadam H
Watching that makes me think of Howard Cosell... "Down goes Frazier...Frazier is down"
+@droitenationale she's over. Americans will realize that before elections. Hopefully..
this video needs to be everywhere @BretBaier @ericbolling
Hi @zgazda66 is this your video? may The Telegraph use it with on-screen credit on our website and social channels? Thanks
her feet were dragging on the ground!
please start to report on the pornographic photos of Melina, her illegal citizenship and Trump's tax returns.
Are you one of the same dems that started the rumor about President Obama's citizenship (& then blame Trump)?
Please report on what fell out of Hillary's pant leg!!! youtube.com/watch?v=YzZl9j…
spread this across the globe she is unfit
KEELY, Please report THE TRUTH about #HillarySickAtGroundZero
Thank you for being polite enough to ask. Not everyone would and it's a shame.
No. Bugger off Telegraph.
No offer of pay, jackal? How about this? You can have this for free.
nice try ... Hillary looks like a walking dead zombie
#WhereAreTrumpsTaxesAndMedicalRecords Stay tuned for Trump in NOV! 1. His child rape trial 2. Trump U
at least trump doesn't laugh while discussing defense of a child rapist. youtu.be/nzAQR2Wuf68
I have an even longer memory of her stealing over $200 K of items from the WH
Snopes ended that rumor. Jesus. Does Trump not have any fans who read?
actually your own source did not disprove the claim. Do HRC cultists read thoroughly?
+@you simply assume anyone who detests HRC is a trump fan? Nice critical thinking lol
Don't care! Chuck Todd called it. The worst Trump fans were exactly like lunatic Bernie Bros. @keelylockhart @zgazda66 @you
Not a fan at all I just know how important it is to use my vote to counter morons such as yourself
You just keep taking those bathroom selfies, Ron. @keelylockhart @zgazda66 @you
haha what an idiot. I don't take selfies at all I bet u do though. anyway I don't talk to idiots
And Clinton supporters are better? Not by a long shot. Denial, delusion, deception.
No examples means no credibility cupcake. @rcoleman477 @keelylockhart @zgazda66 @you
Examples like YOU provided? Examples are legion, but you're not worth my time, cupcake.
Videos all over the news, inc. 69 yr old woman being punched out, & NC face punch @rcoleman477 @keelylockhart @zgazda66
we are stuck with TWO candidates with off-the-chart unfavorability because MOST voters (R or D) don't do ANY due diligence.
now THAT is funny, suggesting it's just Trump followers. Hillary's only hope is that her followers don't read, watch or research.
I Don't care what any1 says this women is sick with disease& is NOT fit to be Prez She couldn't take a single step!
yo yo yo don't be tryna let trump win, at least pay this person, it's all over Twitter already TV is dying.
Look at still shot he took with it. Very telling. Same people in still shot. This guy needs some help.
You may have signed the videographer's death warrant.
Make sure to paint it as a vast right-wing conspiracy lol @zgazda66
dude put a price on the video...
delete your phone number before you have to get a new number
Is someone attempting to censor your video???
Thanks. Make sure you wear your Clinton-proof armor for the next few months.
; This picture is phony! During actual event there were far fewer people!!
Please be careful when allowing Corporate Media to use this video. They'll spin Shillary's narrative with it!
You idiot, all these reporters are begging you for this footage, you could have made thousands of dollars if you sold it to them.
keep a gun nearby. Maybe security.
lol, you too! Could be dead for retweeting.
I have mine 24/7 haha
Yes, Secret Service will be no match for you. Genius.
careful. it will end up vanishing or you will.
No Keely! Don't do it!
Wow... just wow
What's going on in the photograph? I can't see anything of any significance. Bunch of ppl standing around.
I hope she recovers, I don't want to miss her trial and conviction.
she's falling 😳🤔😳
+@Women4Trump wow. That's inconvenient
She looks ill
Hi there. I am a reporter with @BNONews . Did you shoot this? If so, can we use this video with credit to you?
Look at Hillary's feet!! She was being dragged! Full collapse.
Maybe you should check it for authenticity first? Clinton was wearing blue today, not black.
it's already on YouTube
ROFL "Credit to you" ? How about making an offer?
USE it... do it. Make it widely available.
JAMES, You need to report this honestly b/c everyone has seen it & know the truth
We reported the facts! The video speaks for itself!
don't let them edit this!!!!
Thanks for tuning in! No editing here. Just the facts.
let them use it
Offer to PAY for it, losers. Also, report this. m.youtube.com/watch?v=MDOrzF…
Look at the still shot he took with it. Same people. Very telling.
$$$ ? Alternatively, shoot it, upload it, then give it away. I'm sure a credit will pay for your next phone.
Watch your backs.
Gazda, ERASE YOUR PHONE #. DON'T BE A FOOL!! Remove it now.
use direct message for this. Delete
bro delete your fucking number everyone can see it and will start fucking with you
Hey, did you shoot this? If so can I use this.... message as a way to compliment and thank you? If so, thanks!
get your number off here quickly, my friend
Hope you have life insurance homey.
seriously bro delete this shit right now. What happens to ppl who find stuff out about Clinton?
Gazda, be smart here. Remove ur phone# and change it!! Protect yourself!!
delete this dude
Pro-tip - delete your phone number. Tell journalist to follow and dm you on Twitter
heya, delete this!
Please PROTECT this video!! And yourself.
Well we all got back ups and there has been a WEBM of the video. We all got make it to NOV alive to vote.
Gazda, do NOT NOT go along with the MEDIA!!! You OWN this video, Protect it & protect ur privacy!
kill yourself shill
delete your number so Hillary doesn't find you
delete this tweet man.
you should remove your phone number from here
we are with you.....nice job getting that out
quick pal.....delete your number
change your phone number now ;p
Delete your number dude.
Report this to try and help save his phone.
delete that quick
Do not post your personal info. Delete this quickly. There are very powerful ppl who will try to silence you.
delete your number off your page
DUDE! Delete this!!!
you dumbo don't do that! I can CALL you now!
Has @NickMerrill (Hillary press sec) called you yet?! Geez Zdenek, don't be an innocent. Use Direct Message.
delete your number!
man - take your number down! I’d delete this if I were you.
dude delete this
Watch you ass, Bro! Don't end up like Seth Rich!
Delete you phone number tweet ASAP! There are people who will want to silence you for your video! Be safe!
"Silence you for your video" hahahahah. They can fucking try.
you know these people are criminals.
They're pussies in suits.
Dude. You are risking your life. Be more discrete. I'm praying for you brother
holy shit dude.. delete this.. probably too late.. @jamesvalles
too late...
WHAT ARE YOU DOING?? Delete this,they want to silence you! You rlife is more important than media!
change your number! Keep your video, they will edit it
get that out to all news casts
everyone save the video for proof
delete your number bro quick
If that's a phone number, you need to delete it. You'll have trolls on both sides calling you forever.
They'll probably be calling a phone number App
You might want to delete this
delete your phone number! You are going to get lots of trolls!
what did he mean by this?
putting Your number out with this Video? Are You going for suicide by hrc? DELETE PLEASE.?
you should delete your phone number...
I'd delete that before the Clinton's trace your number. Don't answer your door if your not expecting company.
Did you move to an undisclosed location yet ? #ClintonbodyCount
I'm alive and well. :)
Oh there you are ! Stay safe n sleep with one eye open .
lol, no shit!
lol... sounds like a reason to sleep with a gun to me
That was the reporter, your message I suppose was for @zgazda66
give the original video to an attorney for safe keeping
See an attorney 1st, too many people have mysteriously committed suicide because they had something on the Clintons.
It's safer
You should DM your personal information instead of posting it publicly
You should some people around you at all times and don't go anywhere alone. Hillary may send a hitman after you.
I will pray for your safety. Thanks for being in the right place at the right time. #UndisclosedLocationRequired
Thank you. But, God watches over me and he's more powerful. :)
I honestly hope I don't look back at your post one day as your famous last words. One thing in your favor. The genie's out.
Get into hiding Zdenek as soon as you can Hillary will try to have you murdered for this.
It looks more like a seizure than a faint!
dude you might have put yourself on her hit list
ZDENEK, Make sure they do not edit your video!!!!! Be Careful
tell the networks how much dollars you want. They will write checks to you today, sir!
You could've made a lot of money off this.
Go ahead! Everyone needs to see how weak and unfit Crooked Hillary - unfit for president!
my screenshot from live video ABC news feed
+@jjauthor Pearl or square stones?
Thanks for sharing your observation.
This picture belongs to Heather Tappel Credit @HeatherTappel
That woman is a mess, how can the msm say she is well when she clearly isn't?
holy shit
She is absolutely staggering. She belongs in ER. Bad judgement to to Chelsea's.
you might be in danger now
pls promote our organization
the SS will put u in a van and take you the same way they put Hillary in the van. 😂
what will they do?
Is that a hearse?
yeah somebody's gonna get him House of Cards style lol
Yes (just ask Vince Foster).
Jesus what an asshole
sad but have to agree.. Vince Foster ?
// Democrats will not like that someone had the nerve to film Hillary in distress....
yes u are rite. I am Muslim jihadist an am coming to New York to kill zdenek in 2 hrs. Allahu ackbar down with US
wow heres another direct threat
bring it on.....shithead
fake and gay
it's true. You might wanna disappear for a few weeks.
scary, but true. Everyone follow >>>> @zgazda66 now......need to support
and now you're like this guy
He should probably avoid barbells for a few weeks.
God bless him not to be Clintoned... #CrookedHillary #NeverHillary
+@skyoversc Nah, the damage is done.
Suicidal thoughts or tendencies? Vince Foster Channeling?
Oh bullshit.
That's called "a seizure"
don't just look at her head, look at her feet. This is some Weekend at Bernie's kind of thing.
Cringeworthy. My gawd! She really looks sick. #HillarysHealth #HillaryCollapse
Hello, Kelsey from CBS News here. Is this your video? May we use on our platforms, & international affiliates in perpetuity? Thx!
You plan on paying him for that? In perpetuity?
just take it and go with it
don't let her use it if they are going to edit it to their advantage and cover it up
nothing to see here, it happens all the time
Pay him and credit him.
please start to report on the pornographic photos of Melina, her illegal citizenship and Trump's tax returns.
about time main stream media starts exposing what us basket of deplorables have been fighting the whole time
I'd get paid for allowing @CBS to use it. Just saying
make sure they pay you ..
I would tell them they can use the videos only IF they start reporting the truth. Enough with the Hillary spins
perpetuity? Really
I love being deplorable and beyond redemption.
Can't be President by passing out and hitting the nuclear button.
Kind of gross to beg for video on Twitter. Your cameramen get paid right?
Get a real job you corporate media whore. @zgazda66
Say no, make them pay, slimy fucking media freeloading cunts, in perpetuity my arse.
in perpetuity sounds like a long license
CBS will air altered video showing Hillary running a marathon. Like living in 1984.
make sure you spin the video in Hillary's favor
well, are YOU gonna cover this? Or keep it quiet like mainstream does?
Bloodsucker. As a woman you know shoes can be our enemy. What trash u r if u use this to make it into something else
Wow...in perpetuity. Without pay so you can exploit it? I mourn for my country.
pollen, heat, AMERICA NEEDS a leader that IS not so fragile. GOD BLESS THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA #TRUMP
Do you job and have your own reporters. This is why main stream media is doomed.
....and then I'll try to do my job and spell check my tweets. Oh lawdy! :/
offer to @FoxNews first. At least then it will be honest.
Wow, CBS ppl must be wanting a career-ending event, or worse. How DARE u report truth regarding Oh High Queen.
She is not well. See a 911 in Las Vegas. Wasn't an animal protest, but a staged diversion. youtu.be/nekl2OcPepw
Ignore this person. She has 132 followers.
I'm a @realDonaldTrump supporter, but I'm genuinely worried 4ths woman. Ppl pray. Some thngs r mor importnt thn winning @KGoreCBS @zgazda66
Sure! But you have to pay him first!
You wanna PAY for it CBS? Les Moonves said Trump might not be great for America, but he is great for TV?" @CBSNews SUCKS
"footage of Hillary suffering a heat stroke" stop defending her you pawns and do actually journalism
pay the man ya damn vampires
Tell them no, unless full video is shown, and they explain how they were kept from following her.
Why? CBS has been shielding Hillary for so long would you even play it on air without spinning it as "she overheated"?
>May we use on our platforms, & international affiliates in perpetuity? >no money offered Sounds fair.
use it spread it everywhere
why would this make international news? Fucking vulture
You are a fucking vulture; if it's your video, charge them thousands of dollars to use it.
fuk u cbs don't try to spin the video
Thank you! May we have permission to use your other photos as well w/ same guidelines? How would you like to be credited?
Thinking if the goddamn MSM media (aka "You"), would just report the truth in the first place...m
with a blank check from the Clinton Foundation
They should be paying you..
Wow CBS News ready to report the truth?
don't bet on it - they show the video while blaming and trashing #Trump
Doubtful but yea, that was hard to see. Creeped me out! I felt bad for her.
Bosses at CBS will never allow you to show this.
Pay him! The still shot of her walking and holding hand of woman with her at van is big
Cash is always appreciate, I suspect.
how about a 2-Party out of state check?
Credit him as non state non Clinton anti-1984 news. No way the liars can spin this.
ya'll idiots arent gonna keep her out of office because she felt sick one time LMAO
how come no one brings up Watergate?
+@_PatJohnson_ I have confidence in our Pro-Hillary Media. They will succeed.
Oh, but they will.
Le Pen Drumpf is in worst health with his obesity and Heart attack symptoms, hair orange face red.
Have you @Temple91 seen yourself in the mirror? Heart attack waiting to happen. Glass houses, bud @Madroton1 @KGoreCBS @zgazda66
you should worry about your own heart attack.Go easy on snacks.
Is this a joke? whos the Poor Ugly Fat Fuck in that profile pic Herb? #StupidAssCallingTheKettleBlack
I don't give a S*** what color his hair is. Give him a chance.
Yeah ok. Sorry but Trump is the Energizer Bunny and soon to be your President.
yes sir! @realDonaldTrump is running circles around illary!
no he is not, the pedophile will not President
No facts... just your dirty mind. Pick on Bill... proof there.
I do not know why you just wrote that @billclinton is not running this time.
Oh yes he will, and you will address him as the greatest president in history. Watch
the pedophile Bill has already been president. Little late...
Before throwing out pedophile, I'd change that Twitter pic.
tell that to his daughter that he lust after
You're a F-ing ridiculous liar. Delete yourself @Holydiver757 @pacificgio @Madroton1 @KGoreCBS
Yeah an Humas husband who takes pictures of his hard penis laying next to his child
Are you have a Stroke? English MotherFucker DO YOU SPEAK IT?
$ Y DJT cant attack Bill Clinton 4 his sex scandals w/o 😂. nationalreview.com/corner/436890/…
...as it was everywhere for those who did research. thedailybeast.com/articles/2016/…
ROFL. Your research is from the Daily Beast? Next up Huffington or Politico.
not in2 researching urself huh? I said it's all over & provided other sites2. #lazy
How can anyone take you seriously when you support this guy?
a little research would tell anyone... news.vice.com/article/the-sa…
Pedophile? US is filled with idiots now.
u can feel the revolution coming can't you? A civil war on the horizon I believe.
Revolution calling.
they dont get it. Head so far up ass the Truth is invisible.
C'mon now, Hillary isn't sick. She's looking healthy as ever!
do your fact checking before you open your mouth! There are documents out there to see
Yeah. Pretty much.
Stop the childish side taking. Clinton clearly has health issues.
Childish side-taking? Your Bias is clear & your cartoon is Ugly & Hateful. Yes, she has pneumonia!
Getting a bacterial infection has nothing to do with health issues. I had walking pneum.i felt good
Catching a bacterial infection secondary to allergies is VERY COMMON. She's travelling all over.
Trump runs around like the Energizer Bunny! He never looks tired or falls Etc!
lol he actually told Buzzfeed he's a Clinton supporter so...
Charge them thousands and have a lawyer review the contract. They're hustling you.
I'm a business litigator by the way, and I'd be happy to review the contract, write it, or sue CBS.
Were you able to verify this video?
I'm happy to see attention being paid to this! #BringBernieBack Now if you would cover #NoDakotaAccessPipeline #NoDAPL
look how terrible swollen her feet are in your photo!! #HillarysHealth #HillarysFeet
#HillarysHealth No one else seems to be hot. Wasn't it 75 with a nice breeze?
Gazda, you're looking for your 5 minutes of fame and you're about to get it and a whole lot more.
Sure hope they paid this man,CBS execs pull in 65 million a year & can afford to pay him for his video
+@realDonaldTrump +@eddiern What is she wearing? Looks like Man's Suit.Always hiding something, lol
Leaving her daughter's.....I'm fine, as long as I use my feet as tripods.
she seems to be retaining water, look at those puffy feet
She doesn't look good...At all. I wonder what's going on with her.
; This picture is a phony. In the actual picture there were far fewer people!
imagine the smell of wet depends in that crowd....ugh.
Her right foot looks swollen too. Something is very wrong with Hillary. Not well. 😳 @zgazda66 @KGoreCBS
Seizures & fainting means big time trouble her doctors are throwing away their reputations saying she's well!
And how many others collapsed from dehydration? Hmmm...only one. HRC.
what does this photo show? Who is the blond woman adjacent to Clinton?
+@PHLRebelheart Looks like PHL had to eat crow. Lol
- she lost a shoe, I found 2 of her shoes
Interesting, ONLY HILLARY "overheated", there must have been others who unlike Hillary are of ill health!
her hair looks flat, she looks pail
no perspiration from over heating? Hmmmm lol
dude put a price on it..
You are going to be very popular for a couple days.
cash up front?!!
better give him credit
+@DocThompsonShow +@stuntbrain Now, do you have a video of the second team getting "the shoe"? #HillarysFaintingExcuse
Should have said no unless you are ready to "commit suicide "
looks like secret service tried to build a wall to avoid any pics or video. Surprised it was wasn't confiscated.
How were you able to basically follow her every step?
Not that we expect @CBSNews or any other MSM to tell the truth. Why do you need it then?
bet you and your disgusting "news" agency is going edit the fuck out of it to make her look completely fine.
+@Mulmack Watch the feet as they put her in the van. They CARRY her Into the van. Very strange video.
I found the way they closed ranks around her to be interesting. They all knew. Looks like they'd done before.
Agreed. Well rehearsed.
never agree to 'in perpetuity' agree a short term license deal and get paid per platform and repeat use.
Do you need permission if it's posted on Twitter?
thank you for reporting.
shouldn't you the making the jello salad? @KGoreCBS @zgazda66
pls promote our organization
youtu.be/0uoPLclnDRM #AltRight hexes to blame for hillary's health issues ?
I hope you've got a good bodyguard.
(No comment)
+@marketmodel video unavailable. Twitter blocking it?
Better archive and Save this. It won't be up by tomorrow.
You're a godsend.
Bingo!!! That was a complete loss of stability. Health cannot be ignored for even one more minute! #HillarysHealth Vid is worth $
+@Women4Trump wow she is seriously sick as fuck.
seems to be something more serious than heat
If you feel hot, you first remove your jacket. You don't just leave. She had a stroke/seizure.
- HEAT exhaustion ? Hahahaha. Can someone tell me what the heat and humidity was?
#HillaryClinton may be abusing stims & medication for Parkinson's Disease to conceal her illness & remain in the race.
Nope. I've ended up in the ER from it. An hour later after a bag of saline solution, it's like waking up.
I totally agree. It was a beautiful morning in NY and I do not believe this was due to the heat.
The heat of going to prison,for all her evil deeds.
really r u a doctor how about we hope everything is ok
I have treated a lot of ppl with heat exhaustion!Plus, I have had it; that's exactly what happens to healthy ppl.
yes, such as avoiding criminal prosecution by any means!
Same thing happened to me, when I was a 17 year old athlete. Don't make a mountain out of a molehill. #HeatExhaustion
Wow. Why do we train and employ expensive doctors when untrained people can make diagnoses on Twitter.
That looks like Parkinson's Disease to me.
I think you are underestimating how brutal a 77 degree day can be!
and any actual doctor would say something stupid based on this video
Yeah, but only a partisan hack would try to pass this off as no big deal for a septigenarian.
agreed, not good at all. @zgazda66
there is something way more serious there than heat! WAY MORE
I agree. She didn't have on an oven mitt this time and she went down fast. She's falling and fainting a lot lately.
what goes around, comes around.Oscar Wilde wrote one book, many magazines, it reminds me of HRC, no soul.
she has no idea how hurt all of us R 4 her 2 have said that&4 2weeks her supporters said it Was old news
I think since she called DJT's supporters baskets of Deplorables, I have not showed mercy, which is sad.😔
I didn't enjoy the insult and all the other insults & lies during that interview. She is evil!
(No comment)
+@sheila14all anyone can get over heated but it usually has an underlying reason.
unlike Trump besides the heat she was overcome by emotion. Trump was laughing with Giuliani and that's on film too!
Even if it was, how can we elect a president who can't get thru a press conf w/o coughing fits & passes out in the heat?
Agree. And watching her security team/handlers... They r not surprised or alarmed. Has this happened before?
Sun isn't out, it was in the 70's this morning. @zgazda66
CNN says "clinton not feeling well" burried under small headlines..
Yeah. No. This woman is ill and I want the truth. @dflood51 @zgazda66
I want the truth. I'm so pissed right now. @dflood51 @zgazda66
yeap tired to being LIED to by the media.
it's called idk, death
looks like a seizure actually
if it were HS, they would have sat her down immediately, cold packs..water..not walk her to the car, imo. Ive seen HS.
It is 84 in NYC right now. It couldn't have been over 80 this morning. That is barely above AC cooled room temps.
ever been in a crowd with body heat making it hotter than recorded temps. U can also get dehydrated but ur the doc.
you libtards are in full panick mode and grasping at straws. Its over! #MAGA
if this was the first sign that there are issues, I would agree. Something is not right.
you would think somebody with as much ties and power would have some water at her disposal but that's just me.
you really think those protecting her carries water or would even accept it from by standers.
so how many others did this happen to? Hundreds of people there any other reported cases of overheating? Nooooo
Thousands there only one collapsed
only one that you know of or that the media will talk about.
she has 10 people around her. How can she ever be dehydrated? @dflood51 @zgazda66
stupidity is not who I spend my time on. Enjoy 911.
I mean, egghead Nancy, you do know it wasn't hot in NYC this morning, right? @dflood51 @zgazda66
yes, your stupidity is palpable. @dflood51 @zgazda66
What heat? It was 75 degrees in New York this morning.
its 79 degrees and windy just stop
she took a good shit at Chelsea apartment & is fine she just left
Also not a typical symptom of pneumonia. Cough started mos ago. Drs missed the diagnosis for that long?
The NIPS! 😜
Now you are just being sexist...oh, wait...you meant alcohol. 😉
It definitely is more serious! A doctor on one of the many Youtube videos says it looks like Parkinsons disease.
Was she riding in a Hot sub no AC?
I saw it was only 77 degrees
+@HillaryClinton says it's allergies... remember?
that is not a sign of pneumonia!! @HillaryClinton ... Hey Hillary!! I'm a #Deplorable!!!
I think that black dude is her handler we see at a lot of appearances. So this is probably legit video. She's not fit for office.
y'all sound ridiculous. At least her illness is treatable which is more than can be said for the other guy.
it was the same "medical expert" that was hanging get out with Bubba after his bypass
no she is surely not fit!!!
And you think Trump is? Lol
that big dude used to wear plain clothes. the word is he is a doctor.. now camouflaged as "security". she is unwell.
everybody knows who he is. He has been fully identified with verification. Ignorance is bliss.
he is her medical doctor hired by her campaign to stay by her side and keep her going
and Trump is?? God u Americans are dumb!!
if she steps down just about any replacement would beat Trump hands down. For sake of country, step down Hillary!
yeah he handles all right
heatstroke & few hours later, same clothes~I'm fine "it's a beautiful day?!!"👇same situation
He's a physician who specializes in neurology.
where's the FACIAL RECOGNITION SOFTWARE people at that can identify the mystery man
that's her nurse or Dr always waiting with a special injection
+@Candidates4Prog should you lose your job if you get the flu?
Not for office because of #heatstroke? Have you never had it? I have.
but there was no heat : /
Also, pneumonia.
pneumonia doesn't typically give one seizures. You should look at the video.
I read several reporters who said it was hot & humid & there's a heat wave. + #Hillary doesn't sweat.
it was neither hot nor humid yesterday. There is a bigger health issue here.
Wow a little heat exhaustion, she's fine, Lots of people get that, U JACKASS. #TRUMP IS A LYING, FRAUD & Pervert, HES NOT FIT🔻
I totally agree!! She is gravely ill, but owes too many favors 4 all money she took from Saudi Arabia & Soros
If she was functioning with half a brain she would still be smarter than Trump.
He's her nurse.
You realize our sickest president (polio) is arguably the greatest, right?
I have sad news for you: Hillary is not going to be our greatest president ever.
the soothsayer. If she relieves my student debt, she will be for me. Subjectivity. Look it up.
She's done fool.
the soothsayer
My God. Did you see her feet??? They DRAGGED her! This is insane.
oh she has a handler...like a boxer or a horse
do you remember when President Bush fainted, cracked his head open and broke his nose? Probably not.
Again, curbside Physician
is there a MD after your name? Hum mm
this video is very legit. They were talking about it in the news too. She's falling apart.
heat exhaustion instigator.
he is her handler!
he is a doctor not secret service
heat exhaustion disqualifies someone for office but Dick Cheney was just fine w his 10000 heart surgeries?youre sick
because she got overheated? Or are you just dumb. God forbid that you ever get sick.
He is the head of the security detail.
You and your candidate are not fit to breathe air. Complete waste of oxygen
it's that doctor from NJ
she's seizing in that video. That's NOT "heat". This is extreme for "heat". Her posture? She wasn't "there"
he's a neurologist.
I am SO glad the block button removes stinking #TrumpTrash pig 💩 like you.
+@GrainOfSands I have always been very vulnerable to heat as are my sisters, Even in our teens we suffered,& mom 2
what about FDR?
I think he has her Valium in a shot it goes into her instantly
I was told, by a friend who's a federal agent, that black dude is the senior USSS agent.He heads the team.
But it does confirm that this ain't doctored footage. That looks like Hillary and the same dude we always see.
I showed all pictures and footages with the guy in it.He's up in the food chain. Must be very loyal to the family.
I'll buy that. I don't necessarily think he's a medical assistant or handler as some have speculated.
yeah. He's the one who carries her Valium pen
#UnfitHillary WARNING WARNING! DO NOT VOTE FOR #GrandmaClinton if u luv your country & freedom cuz you'll lose BOTH!
he's a neurologist from New Jersey.
I agree, that's black dude is her Illuminati the point person for the Illuminati, most black people don't know
and You assume Comminist Sympathizer Trump is?
you're an incredible dick. Faints = not fit for office? What a wankshaft you are
was her clone. I assume
So you called for the removal of GHWB when he barfed and fainted at an official event?
The " black dude" is reported to be a neurologist who stays with her all the time. @zgazda66
seriously? 🙄 that's her lead secret service agent, not "her handler"
literally the first thing I thought when I saw this was "she's probably just dehydrated." Gtfo
ofcourse this video is legit. Are you stupid for even questioning this video. This poor woman is ill. She should be home.
get this on YouTube. Get this all over
Some additional pics of Hillary at other events #HillarysHealth @RT_com @realDonaldTrump
I'm still voting for her.
and then what?! Let's insult a woman who is probably exhausted so y'all can get ur kicks out of it f****** idiots!
You enjoy the misfortunes of others, not even knowing what happened? Hatefulness will eat away at you.
ITS EVERYWHERE!! And then there's this - youtu.be/Zr1IDQ2V1eM
pretty sure it is already.
If it helps your candidate get elected, right? Be less deplorable.
you're beyond pathetic you dumb piece of shit
wearing that foil hat again and...are you sitting in the #BasketOfDeplorables probably.
It would be nothing but speculation and rumors at this point but it does feed those willing to believe without facts
Yes! Let's make sure we get the racist guy in charge. I'm a good person!
guess you never had heat exhaustion... Idiot
Then I invite you to go to Flint, and have drinks with Bill Cosby. My treat.
Bush deleted 22 million emails. Read a book.
were they marked as classified? And did he also LIE about not knowing what the C means?
+@1EastwoodingAve American public should know about this. Even HRC supporters should know about this.
This is so wrong to hide.As if Hillary is being held together for us, medicated2 survive campaign.
was there video? All I can find are still photos.
lol... it is all over and we don't care... budy, the basket is running out of space.. wait for next one
Save screen grabs of it because Twitter & Facebook keep shutting it down on their apps.
so of course it was a conspiracy....smh...so laughable.
Don't know what you're seeing or not seeing, but nothing of this is shut down on Twitter and FB apps.
I've had them all removed. Look at my page. blank.
No issues on my apps.
It wasn't working for me, my husband or our friend I sent it to so maybe it's a local wifi issue.
What fell out of Hillary's pant leg!!!?!?? youtube.com/watch?v=YzZl9j…
OMG -- Triumph the Insult Comic Dog was right -- she is a robot!
It may well be part of her catheter .
Breaking news: Some pants have creases, some have back-of-knee wrinkles!!!
And even if true, exactly who is anti-catheter??
What does anti-catheter mean ?
Many far younger than she is use catheters for a variety of reasons.
And that's my point. If it is or if it isn't a catheter, so what? Many use it.
Don't shoot the messenger.
If someone sends out false messages, it becomes necessary to point that out.
What exactly is your message? Implying catheter use. Saying that's good / bad?
This is what I commented on.
I realize. No catheter is that size. No catheter falls out that way.
That's fine, did I say there was anything wrong with using a catheter ? 🙄
So what is your purpose in promoting idea she's using a catheter?
The purpose was a question was asked about what had fallen from her trouser.
Catheters aren't size of coin, and it wouldn't look like that if it fell out.
Well obviously the whole thing didn't fall out.
When I woke up this a.m., couldn't imagine having this convo. Sweet dreams.
Maybe Russian catheters work that way ;)
I was wondering when the Hillary camp would blame Putin. 😂😂😂 👏👏👏
Not in a camp and wasn't blaming Putin. Was referring to sub-par products.
Go to bed, Belfast. You're drunk.
They don't work that way. Pieces don't come off and fall out.
Again, don't shoot the messenger.
Do not define crap spreaders as messengers.
How are you able to say 100% that a part of it could not fall off ?
Or this was added in. That is easily done.
And if it's a coin that dropped, why did it only appear at the bottom of her pant leg?
Make up your mind dude, is it fake or is it a coin? Because it's in the original as well
Someone dropped a coin. Pathetic.
Hillary doesn't carry coins in her pocket. Let's be real here. 😒
And of what's in the pockets of all those around her? Okay.
The only one around that could have dropped anything was the security guard
Possible explanation:
Diazepam injection pen seen falling near sick Hillary's pant leg #ClintonCollapse imgur.com/razbcNN
Wouldn't be that small.
If you're okay w/enabling @realDonaldTrump, you're not a real @SenSanders supporter.
You have knowledge of her pocket contents?
Do you? If I can't assume then you can't assume either.
But I wasn't assuming. Looks like a coin. That's an opinion. Not an assumption.
Tell me why it only appears at the bottom of her pant leg then? This is fact right here
Ppl standing close together. If something fell(wasn't added into video), not clear who dropped.
After checking myself, it's an object dropped by someone in a hurry to lift her
Quick AdobeDraw ex. Helper went quickly and dropped it.
Still doesn't explain why you can't see it before it hits her shoe
and might as well share that example as well.
A bright metal object would have appeared sooner with a black backdrop
Then why does it only appear at the bottom of her pant leg?
Dropped objects appear where they will. They don't conform to human desire.
First it was photoshopped, now it's a coin, what's next?
Facebook and Twitter already censoring this video showing #HillarysHealth in serious decline @KaydeeKing @janiedelaney @zgazda66 #censored
Are you serious? They are shutting it down and deleting it? Jesus!
In the beginning it wasn't working but not it is. They can't hide it. Too many people watching.
Good! I hope everyone is watching & forces ?'s as to what's going on. Pneumonia is laughable. Please!
You are lower than scum.
Watching this evil bitch suffer brings me great pleasure after all the people she killed. LMFAO
Can you contain your glee?
well what do you expect? We are deplorable and proud of it ✌
she running for @POTUS ass, we have a right
You have a right to delight in a possible syncope episode?
PS it's a syncopal episode and if she has syncope we need to know concerned #deplorable
he didn't delight, he said it needed to get out, Grow up baby
We both know you guys are so excited. So delighted.
According to Hillary we are deplorable.She is sick, look at her. Can't cover forever
that video is devastating
You are deplorable.
+@NoahCRothman Hey @gatewaypundit, look who is opening the door of the van…
I noticed that! Her shot guy.
Or maybe not. First viewing was at low res…
wow, she didn't look too good
reported stroke headed to hospital
God, what a mess she is! Get your health figured out first, Hillary! You're in no position to even campaign. #healthfirst
OMG she can't even stand
Don't let Clinton hide this. Re-tweet ad infinitum. Media already covering for Hillary collapse at Ground Zero. Even FOX.
she looks stiff like muscle spazm
Make back up copies & use other video sources along with YT.
Hillary is down, hope she gets medical help soon.
it IS SAD, but I can't feel sorry for her...she needs to come clean about health - heck, she'd prolly use it for votes
Thank you for posting this!!!
Lets see how long this video is allowed to be shown.
hello I’m a porn producer with Vivid Entertainment do I have permission to use this video?
oh no poor lady
thank you for posting this Zdenek.
She looked like a bowling pin that's been hit and wobbles around a bit before falling. Game over.
It's happening!
Wow! This is more than the Clinton Camp are saying...
Three men, and she still tumbled forward.
Notice the jerking head movement is like that video of her earlier this year talking to a female reporter that everyone blew off.
maybe she has seizures, or felt traumatized by what happene on 9/11. We all have some degree of #PTSD s/p #911
Watch again, track her legs as she attempts to enter the van,she appears to 'fall in' like the airplane incident. Sad @jjshaka @zgazda66
+@WOTCHUWANT Yes it's like she has seizure 😳
looks like a seizure to me
It sure looks like seizure activity! We need to have access to her medical records! #SheIsMedicallyUnfit
+@WOTCHUWANT blew off! I'm guessing that means something different in the US to in the UK
ding ding ding! Screams neurological!!!
Yes I noticed that also. Looked very similar!
Oh, for God's sake. It is not.
do you have a link
Yes even Conservative talk radio is blowing this off she is seriously Ill
maybe she gets seizures now since her accident? But this is not a heat stroke. Maybe she is diabetic?
she has a known thyroid issue
im not sure if that would cause this. It just seems metabolic...maybe even blood pressure. ..
that would be hard to hide.
Can she hide the object that fell out of her pant leg? youtube.com/watch?v=YzZl9j…
+@YouTube or the man who came up to her right side. Either or. But definitely not pant leg.
that didn't come out of her pant leg. It fell behind her leg. It's plausible it came from her pocket..
Her black pants would have shown it way sooner if it fell from higher up, but it appears by her foot
it seems like someone dropped it and it landed at her back calf/ankle area.
Only actual explanation is Hillary dropped something, but still it doesn't show up any higher
It only appears at the bottom of her ankle though, and her pants ended right where it shows up
it's above her pant leg bottom. it could have even fell from the lady behind.
It only appears at the bottom of her pant leg, no where else
ahhh. Got it. She had the vibrator on overdrive.
Oh no, get the image out of my head!!!!
+@Ann_Tagonist_ them often and that's how they attempt to walk after. It's scary she could win.
+@Ann_Tagonist_ I think she's having seizures and it's possibly due to the clot in her brain. I work with people who have
It's totally Parkinsons related. She bobbed her head 408 times during DNC when BS endorsed her. Reported by Bloomberg.
I'm sure the narative is the same as a for the emails "nothing to see here" just let her keep lying to all of us
Yeah, I saw that too.
imagine another 9/11 and this walking medical episode would be the leader of the free world?
Right it looks like a seizure...odd b/c she didn't start jerking until guy touched her! @zgazda66
he carries her Epi-Pen
Because she was trying to step forward and her leg wouldn't cooperate.
She leans against the pole and falls many times trying to walk. Then they just drag her in.
Yes, and they have done this before...smdh @jjshaka @zgazda66
So obvious. They would be freaking if it was not a regular thing. Why does she have a van?
No idea...clearly a car might be easier for her to get into...@jjshaka @zgazda66
good point.
there are different types of seizures
This is exactly what it looks like when you faint. Been thru this many times w/my mother.
Not a Seizure- Her legs gave out-Woman HospiceCare could NOT hold her weight.
Could be Parkinson's. And an apomorphine injection would explain her fast recovery.
looolllll maybe she's a lizard!?
or (gasp) could be heat exhaustion?
don't agree that's any different than fainting I didn't see jerk I saw ragdoll
there are often more subtle signs of onset of seizure, may have been reacting to something camera didn't catch.
it looked like she stiffened up first! Almost tipped over. Definitely a seizure, grand mal.
it look like just before she started jerking around that she had stiffened up like a seizure started
I noticed also, looks like a seizure. Why are people around her allowing this to go on? She's not well.
it's NOTHING like the ridiculous clip you're referring to. Do you understand the definition of faint? Read
I thought of that too!! I thought that video was funny, a joke. Not funny anymore!! It is just scary at this point.
I'm with @Storyful. Did you record this? If so, ok to use your video on news sites/broadcasts w/credit per storyful.com/clearance
Could you DM when you get a chance?
Please report about the object that fell out of Hillary's pant leg! youtube.com/watch?v=YzZl9j…
u do know that ISIS and Shira law will punish u if u get raped right! Wake up n see who OWNS Hillary #MAGA
It wasn't even hot there and this is more than being overheated.
has it been removed?
+@ScottMGreer Looked like her head was bobbing again. Folks, more than heat
+@Ricky_Vaughn99 is this real life? like, is this seriously happening?
be sure media cannot edit your video!
They won't edit out the object falling out of her pant leg! youtube.com/watch?v=YzZl9j…
i still can"t see it :(
It only happens for a split second at the 13 second mark i.4cdn.org/pol/1473620531…
The edit is sound marked.
So it's still an edit?
Just saying it appears sound marked.
No one has come forth with proof of what is or isn't going on there.
i finally saw it! No idea what it is
Spell check said show!!! Shoe
deportable Trump called some illegal alnsDeplorable HRC says that at least 30 million Americans citizens are deplorable.
? The show that fell off as they were carrying her into van
i didnt see that ether
Wow!!!!! Good eye!!!!!
WHAT WAS THAT?????? I didn't notice before!!!!!
+@Women4Trump this says it all. If it was a cop killing media would be all over your Twitter asking for rights to put on tv. Sick!
That is not passing out from heat. If you watch closely, that is indication of a neurological problem #TrumpPence16 #BREAKING .@AP
you better get out of this country ASAP. I fear for your safety my good man
+@MichelleFields smoking gun - she is ill
I'm a reporter for Fox News - can we use this video? And could we talk to you about how you recorded this?
Important distinctions between different types of pneumonia. Does HRC have viral, bacterial, or aspiration pneumonia?
You people are fucking vultures.
get triggered cuck
no you can't use the video.
yes they can @dominicanabroad , unless you can show legal precedent to state otherwise.
it is the TRUTH sure they will but will the rest of MSM use it and right?
Is there a problem with news reporters doing their jobs?
fox ?they do REAL NEWS hahahaha that's funny
I hate all news stations, but don't act like the liberal ones are any better. They're caught lying literally all the time.
FoxNews would edit it for Clinton's advantage don't give it to them #BoycottFoxNews
Cody I hope you can use this the world HAS 2 see she is unfit PLEASE for our country & families futures You have kids?
Cody why isn't this on foxnews yet???
Because they are stupidly replaying FNS vs BREAKING NEWS
+@FoxNews I mean on air. On Fox News. Show the video!
CODY, Make sure @seanhannity @ericbolling @JudgeJeanine @LouDobbs See's this!!!!! Hope they report on it
Look at the still shot took. Same people. This is unreal.
too late .... it's viral already
you fucking vulture reporters!!!!!! TAKE A FUCKING HIKE.
He probably used a phone with a camera
Was standing with the man who recorded this - it was truly remarkable to witness. I hope you guys report on this
give it to trump campaign to use as commercial.
Fox will, it's the other media we're worried about.
YES the TRUTH should be told to the people
Lol, how is that "remarkable"? You're easily impressed.
Of course. Try to give a speech everyday at 68 and let us see who can keep up with that
she really has not given very many speeches, Trump has done twice as many as HC
Bernie did and without issue...stop...she needs to drop out...like NOW
Trump does better at 70 than Hillary 😂😂😂👌🏻
A speech then rests for 3-4 days! Only exertion is begging donors for 💰 She's GONE
and you think she'll magically heal & handle POTS stress?
looks like she did magically heal later youtu.be/5ZR_9rVDeQQ
+@YouTube no worries..nothing that a stick of apomorphine can't fix.
Rather her than mentally unstable Trump.
This looks to me like she was having a seizure, what did it look like from your viewpoint?
+@MarieMa49685063 CNN took footage and put Hillary coming out smiling of Chelsea's apartment.
If you look back-I already said she fainted. LOL
It w as more than fainting... My opinion.
She did not faint the pole position as holding her up she was seizing when moved slid boom
Complex Partial seizures, by definition, include impairment of awareness. Stiffness etc.
+@Ma1973sk I hope she's ok but we deserve to look at her record
lol here we go👆🏽
cody.derespina@foxnews.com is my email address. Could you email or DM me a phone number I could reach you at?
You're a terrible reporter. Begging for material on-line. Probably not where you thought you would be after college.
You fucking dupe...wanna buy a bridge? LOL
Funny, but judging solely from the video, I can't tell if it's a mannequin or human. Being there, could you tell?
I can't help but wonder if there was more to the video. I'd have kept filming till the doors closed.
Was she handcuffed?
Unfortunately not.
at 12 -13 seconds in you see the cuffs? She was cuffed and you hear the clinking sound of metal when the cuffs are removed.
right? It looked just like somebody fainting.
Amazing to catch The Tyrant exposed
but for that man, history would be changed. the Clinton campaign would have successfully hidden her episode
Hillary's minions are having this video scrubbed from the internet. Ha!! How's that for transparency?
Kenny were you an eye witness to #ClintonCollapse ? It looks like she was unconscious when they put her n🚑
What is so remarkable about a woman stumbling because she thought someone was there to hold her she's sick!
at 12 -13 seconds in you see the cuffs? She was cuffed and you hear the clinking sound of metal when the cuffs are removed.
Exploiting somebody's moment of weakness......Only Fox news.
your full blown, up-the-rear, #IRS audit shall begin in 3....2....1....
Fuck off Fox News
good for you! The only reporter who went a step further than "can we use ur video." You have an eye witness here!
video has her entering the passenger side of the van why entering the drivers side of the van in the you tube video ?
As if, in any way shape or form, robust good health were a requirement for the presidency of the USA.
No you can't put it on fox news cnn has it. Those bastards all of you. She is sick! someone f'ed up didn't have her
OMG, something is serioulsy wrong with her. Not even funny. She needs to withdraw. Very irresponsible to be running for prez.
This may become an iconic video
Wonder how long until this video is removed.
It's probably been copied a thousand times over already by others. It's gonna go viral if it hasn't already.
I meant the video that I replied to, not every single video that is out there of it.
Ffs She needs to stop the charades. She isn't fit to be POTUS.
This doesn't look good, and I would still vote for her over the entirely unqualified @realDonaldTrump if she were in a hospital.
What?Vote for Lyin' Corrupt Woman who should be in Jail? U can't be serious but if u r U Need Help!
Irresponsible. If she has a debilitating condition it's incumbent upon her to drop out now.
Now there is a brilliant bit of logic. @Tricia_Braun @zgazda66 @realDonaldTrump
Tricia, you are just L O S T !!!!
then shame on you.
the only thing HRC is qualified to do is lie and screw the people over. NOTHING ELSE.
Because you're an idiot
"Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speakand to remove all doubt."
You're a gullible idiot!!
What if she's having a bad reaction to a fistful of pills? Still got your vote?
Nearly anyone I can think of has my vote over Trump.
+@DrJillStein is grateful for your support. Pls volunteer to help!
Thanks for the invite, but I don't agree w/ her on 2 many things.
lol. So Gary Johnson? Your choices are pretty limited here.
you be voting for a puppet candidate bribed by walstreet she is selling out working poor.
Shows ya how brainwashed you are...I feel for you!
cause all we need is brain dead Hillary with ISIS agent Huma or rapist pervert Bill running things.
CNN not reporting the FACTS of the #HillaryHealth episode, they are reporting the Campaign SPIN.
hrs. after it happened- 81° and 41% humidity.
Ditto MSNBC. It's saying it is extremely hot and humid. I checked Weather Channel 2
You would vote for a walking corpse who wouldn't live through half of her first term? Moron.
Haaa loser . Her next job walking dead episode
This is not a wise choice for you, lady. Apparently Mr.Trump is more suitable for running our nation. Look forward #VoteTrump
And you care about your kids? Wow !
Only British newspapers are covering Hillary's medical episode at the 911 commemoration today.
= Ridiculous statement..
lol of course you would. Wtf
You are everything that's wrong with America today and a great example of why women shouldn't vote.
Your logic when you disagree with 1 woman is that women shouldn't vote? Does this include women voting for Trump?
so do i, nobody wants to vote for the guy who wants to ban 11 million people
Actually, they do.
I see your point. Perhaps you would be happier living in a country where women can't vote.
Actually, I would be happier if you removed your head from your ass.
You are why Hillary even has 42% support. Looking the other way on serious problems.
or if she stuck her head up Killary's arse may help both of them
why should she have to leave? You are the one who sucks.
Also, despite profile pic, doubt @hautedamn is female.
because she doesn't fit your narrative?
Ha, ha, my "narrative."
There are plenty of women who think women should not vote. I sometimes do. Too many vote from emotion not thought.
because in the US women have the right to vote . That's not changing. Ur free to leave if you don't like it.
honey get over yourself I'm a woman & u are a certified idiot!
the fact that you would rather vote for a killer instead of just a rude and selfish person is horrifying.
alcohol prohibition was also a mistake. We fixed that. Should people just leave or fight for what is right?
"Women's rights are a problem to be fixed"? You're why i support the 2A. Why all feminists should.
NOONE should have the right to pick a master. We don't need masters. Why should I pick who rules over u?
I am also free to stay and speak about how that was a huge mistake.
Yes, you are, but you were talking about who should leave. I'm American, I believe in free speech/thought.
so am I. Your speech shows poor judgement by saying you would elect physically unfit hospital ridden person.
better physically unfit than mentally unfit for fucks sake
Hillary is Morally unfit (i.e.Liar, Thief, and likely a multiple murderer as well)
Well if Trump does become president there's like an 80% chance he'll be assassinated, I wonder why🤔
Isn't it the right who cling to their God and their guns?
didnt they say that about Obama. My god arent secret service amazing
whose ass did you pull that from?
this has been said about literally every president since i've been alive.
There's a 100% chance any president could be assassinated.
the @FBI should know you are talking about assassination
provide the source of your so-called #fact please? I'd like to know who conducted an assassination poll
Hillary fits both of those criteria. You also prove my point.
id rather not have a sexist and racist dipshit as president so whatevs🤗🤘🏻
Then I will assume you won't be voting for Hillary. 👌🏼 Excellent!
I will be because I feel shes the lesser of the two evils but whatever
Hillary: got Americans killed Trump: says "mean" things Congrats you're retarded
they're both liars and this election is shit can we agree to disagree? Cool, later🤘🏻
This tweet confirms you are a low information voter. Crawl back under your rock now.
believe me i will, it's better than the world we live in.
with Hillary in no one will be voting
You mean the country where Hillary got all her bribe money from?
20% of Hillary's campaign fund came from Saudis who has Sharia as their law. Hates women, gays, Christians etc.
Hillary wants to import 1M Muslim migrants into US in 1st term if elected. Islam: no rights for women & gays!
you're an idiot!
one of the countries that loves Hillary? Or one that she supplied w/ weapons? Or one who donated to Clinton Found.
How did you jump to this? 😂
Where did U get Ur info?
don't have any issues with women voting. Nice sexism try though
She could join other ISIS female enforcers in keeping women under male control. Same thing she's trying to do here.
Country be damned these people vote party 1st like the useful idiots they are.
"Nice is for cowards and democrats"?! What do you propose - is mean for heroes? Why not engage in respectful discourse?
80%? Hah, yeah, all the welfare leeches and "entitled" liberals who are gonna get cut off their monthly checks
Please dont put all women on a basket
a basket of ??????????
absolutly, that woman has a mental defect like Hillary
They would still vote for her if she were in prison! Her basket full of lemmings...
Hey, hey!! I am a proud Latina woman voting for TRUMP!
I'm glad YOU said it.
classic anti-feminist ads for you! #FeminismWasAlwaysCancer
rekt so much <3 ily
Nah, she's half of everything that's wrong with America today.
You are a brain dead zombie if you are still voting for that criminal.
I remember a time when Americans could disagree w/o hurling insults. Do you?
Nobody cares about your feelings. You want to vote HRC you're a zombie at this point.
intimated and threatened, Bills rape victims. HRC is the most corrupt politician in history...
...treason. Only reason anyone would want to vote for her is she's a woman. A woman that silenced,
There is no excuse to vote for HRC at this point. With decades of documented corruption, lies, and.
TBI symptoms include serious recurring cognitive problems. She can't be trusted with nuclear codes.
CNN refuses to report on eyewitness who saw Hillary faint and fall. Cover-up in full swing.
+@MamaMadisons same witnesses saw a halo over Trump and Elvis. Lol.
Huffington Post TERMINATED Me For Questioning Hillary's Health youtu.be/xHhNr5jeTIw via @YouTube
What about the morgue? You'd vote for her then too?
Yes, she would. Dems have voted dead candidates into office before.
Why not. The morgue/cemetery is where half her voters reside.
Good one. That is actually funny!
Yes I would! Tim Kaine would be a far better president than Trump could ever be.
Tim Kaine? You're Exhibit A of liberal idiocy. Can't stand ignorant people like you.
lmao..open marriage, pro abortion geek..no thank you
the underwhelming Tim Kaine is not going to save us from a Trump Presidency.
yea go Trump
singer w are speculating only Tricia would he be better than Marco Rubi?
What a fool you really are! @HillaryClinton belongs in JAIL! This is a case of KARMAnosis!
once a sheep always a sheep?
Most people wouldnt brag about that.
sorry,Hillary is NOT qualified Health you can't help. CORRUPTION is a choice.
Irony: Trump, with his numerous FEC violations, mafia ties, etc. would be most corrupt POTUS ever
lol as a lawyer, do you know what C stands for at the top of official documents?
Not "Classified"!
Confidential is the lowest class of Classified
can you please prove this, not just post it.
Additionally, in his speeches he often brags that he knows political corruption best @sandraanne324 @theratzpack @zgazda66 @realDonaldTrump
He pd numerous fines over decades for FEC violations. Easy enough 2 look up, but hey
if it's easy to look up, why don't you post that with your comments?
So what about all of the worse corruption on Hillary's end? Ignore it? Don't reproduce
Please send info on your claims, If true I may have to change my vote.
😂😂😂😂😂 holy shit, mafia ties.....😂😂 Hes a KGB Agent.....BOO!...🤔
I'd like more info on your claims FEC violations, mafia ties, etc... Please provide!
As a lawyer didn't you swear an oath?
HARDLY...you aren't paying attention..SMDH
yeah but way more fun to watch for rest of the world. I mean... the donald?! Come on!!
dont change the topic... #CrookedHillary is too weak wont make it to Nov much less 4yr
Most corrupt? Hardly.
If you DO anything the gov will find a way to tap your wallet.
i feel bad for her bc of health.I do not feel bad for her because of her CORRUPTION
karma catches up
that's why you're called Libtards! we know that!
Something like this.
and u are part of the filth this world has come to
oh my fucken God. How brain washed are you? You'd put a corpse in our highest office over Trump?
How about now you HRC supporters respectively request she step aside for her health & safety of US
Hillary is NOT QUALIFIED to be president at all! She is the wife of a former president and a liar.
Hillary is involved in one lie after another!
The Opposite of what?? That she lies about EVERYTHING? Let me guess... my opinion makes me a sexist
former impeached potus and sexual predator.
Keep the faith Mike!! God bless you and your family!
Trump has zero government experience, knows nothing of foreign or domestic policy, and is a liar.
she has never once told the truth. I've seen him lie too. But seen him speak the trut
(Possibly sensitive)
she actually believes since it says fact check, it's not biased. Haha
like when people say they know it's true...saw it on Oprah.ha. funny
haha exactly. It was fact checked! It's on factcheck.com! Right
I bet she thinks Hillary didn't lie about Benghazi or Emails. Typical lib
haha factcheck.com. Right. Use a liberal "fact check" site.
Perhaps this is why government never gets smaller. Too many ppl like you just LUV Big Gov't
we need more regular citizens in politics. More business men with experience in free enterprise.
"government experience"? Why is that a qualification. That shld be a disqualification.
obama has been president 7.6 years, still lies, bankrupt treasury, troops back N Iraq & can't order a pizza w/out teleprompter
nope that's Hillary
Still willing to vote for this treasonous murderer bc she's a woman-this is what wrong with America
That's not why. It's b/c she's the most qualified candidate. Sorry your sexist theory is wrong. @Angy_Renae @zgazda66 @realDonaldTrump
she's qualified-To kill, lie,erase emails,commit fraud,commit treason,destroy families all for $$$
then it must be because there are ignorant people who refuse to research and self educate lol
a lot of experience making horrible decision. Oh yeah any opposition to HRC has to be sexist huh?
qualified? Are you kidding me you Troll.
You call the most corrupt politician ever and someone currently under investigation qualified? Feminazi
Hillary s cualified to lie allways..even inside an hospital bed youtu.be/-dY77j6uBHI
Just bcuz someone's opinion differs from yours doesn't automatically label them as a
What qualifies her? She has lied her whole life. Nothing to show for it
Yep, she is real qualified.
makes sense our president of the US trying to negotiate with Iran and N Korea from hospital bed
OMG!!! Hello, Brain?? Are you there... Brain?????
and you should add "yellow dog democrat" to your profile.
Twitter doesn't allow enough characters.... but thanks for the suggestion!
LOL. Vote for a bed-ridden candidate when it's crucial this moment in history US show strength.
You are kidding. Unfit to serve. Then idiot VP Kaine? You're a fool.
About the saddest thing I've ever read. Our country is doomed allowing people like you to vote.
that is the dumbest statement I've heard today. You are a tool
You are as brain dead as Hillary Clinton
Publicly posting that ur not the sharpest tool in the shed isn't the best idea.
+@Antlive1976 yeah...She has honestly disclosed her medical records showing... m.huffpost.com/us/entry/92761…
Because you are a fucking idiot
Well that's because you're a FUKN idiot silly😉👍 voting or the party of the Klan makes you a racist
As Jeff Foxworthy would say, "Here's your sign"
you're so ignorant I'm dying 😂😂😂😂
ppl btter start really lookin @ VP..shes had many abnorml epis in last mnth alone;need on bth sides
Trisha you are a liberal shill and would probably vote for this bitch even if she were in prison
u do know that ISIS will punish you for being raped. That's what Killary wants 4 America
if she's in a hospital though wouldn't you rather have her drop out and have her replaced with Bernie (who also got delegates)
Interesting perspective. I would support Kaine over Sanders, but either far preferable to Trump.
You must be a completely brainwashed groupie.
Then you are an uneducated Foolish Leming
+@KaylinWinters2 If she was that ill, she would now be in a hospital.
you're just as mentally unstable as @HillaryClinton if that's true.
Are you nuts!? She's in very poor health. Why would you elect anyone like that? All politics aside.
you are a complete moron smh
you would vote for her if she had no pulse. We get it. Back to the bubble. She's white toast.
some people are truly ignorant... you are the proof
this is why emotional women shouldn't vote.
Yes, only women without emotions should have the right to vote.
your s complete idiot! Wow, name ONE of her accomplishments!!! GO......
lol, trick question... there are none
u know still waiting to hear ONE!!!! Tapping my foot.....
don't hold your breath... but we are deplorable lol
Tricia are u a complete retard???? Holy crap!
The death of a president is extremely dangerous and destabilizing on the world stage. Priorities
Agreed. But people the world over believe a Trump presidency would be dangerous & destabilizing.
That's what we have now. 😒 #Unstable>Corrupt
Maybe 'could'. I'm not defending. But we finally deserve some truth from this person, no?
It was the brutal 9am heat of NYC. *eyes rolling* More lies coming from the Clinton campaign...
Bring Bernie Back
How could you vote for Hillary after really bad stuff she has done! How!? @zgazda66 @realDonaldTrump
You are one of the brain dead idiots.
Because your an idiot
that's intelligent..no wonder you'd vote for her .geez
that's because you're libtarded. #MAGA
+@GovGaryJohnson doesn't have these kind of health issues, and IMHO is a much better choice
no Johnson is a joke
Agree to disagree, IMHO @realDonaldTrump is the worst joke this year, my vote is @GovGaryJohnson #teamgov
Really seems like a joke...Or a nightmare #NeverTrump #GoGary
yea pothead Johnson
Most of our military has more faith in "pothead Johnson" than in #NeverHillary or #NeverTrump. Check it - militarytimes.com/articles/milit…
Johnson couldn't run the state of NM how is he going to run a country besides he is only at 8% in the polls
that's ur subjective opinion. Even if it's a "wasted vote" as many dems&gop say I can't vote for the mainstream candidates this yr
I was referring to Trump vs Hillary #MakeAmericaSaneAgain
Johnson sucked as governor and you think he ca run a country
well I live in NM and did when he was governor he sucked
I don't think there is any good evidence of "health issues". Anyone can get sick.
Look at the big picture. She had a concussion 2012, now having episodes. Something clearly not right.
You, my dear, got dropped one too many times on your head as a baby. Try to wake up. Seriously. Try to be open to reality
The cloning of sheep has to stop producing to many idiots.
How stupid are Killary supporters lmao
yes but proves she's not being truthful about her health
at least we know she's human lol not like that fake doc letter from @realDonaldTrump about being the healthiest prez ever duh!
Agreed it doesn't look good now he/she who has never ever gotten sick raise your hand up! Nonsense
If she is truly sick, then think about it, you may be voting for her Vice President??? Do you really want him in control???
And that is a big part of whats wrong in this country. She should be in prison for her email server
yeah because Goldman Sachs and big corporations could still get what they want with her in a coma
Shows how illogical and blindsided Democrats are! They would vote for a sick puppy with a "d" beside it's name!!! 🐶
You plan to move The HW to a Hospital?
↔You're another Clueless Brain Dead Zombie, you really are😨👇 @realDonaldTrump
Tricia, Hillary i$ an in$ult to femini$m. If you ever have kids, fear for their freedom & safety
you are a buffoon.
that's your problem just stupidity Tricia2vote for the most Corrupt criminal that everHasRun4Pres.
even if in a coma on Nov 8th I would over Trump. There are Vice presidents for a reason.
No.. you will be voting for Tim Kain, if her health doesn't get her emails & Benghazi will
you would vote for a remote controlled govt. India had it for 10 yrs. We bled badly coz of it!
not happening dear! Kiss it goodbye!
(Possibly sensitive)
yeah your one of those people who don't deserve a vote😂😂😂
You truly care about America you'll support a power-hungry corrupt elitist and screw America
if hillary is in terry schiavo state, would you vote for hillary?
would you vote for her in jail , another OJ Simpson episode.
that shows the ignorance of her supporters
drink more kool-aid
absolutely and utterly brain dead voting fodder
idiot! Unbelievable really!
No cure for retarded I guess.
I'm with you 100%
cuz youR a low information voter.2 bad U didn't pay attention or study #CorruptHillary thru the yrs
🆘🇺🇸 @WhiteHouse plan.She's scheduled to die on/after 11/8➡️Crisis&BHO WILL SUSPEND CONSTITUTION
As much as I hate Trump, that's a totally unhinged statement. Start over with worthy candidates
Then you are seriously sick b**** yourself @Tricia_Braun She's frail, sickly & a criminal. No big deal. JACKASS @zgazda66 @realDonaldTrump
well that makes you a imbecile
You are so brainwashed, it's unreal. You support corruption, and the most crooked politician.
Tricia you like voting for murderers?
She is a sick old woman who lies, cheats and is as crooked as they come. She is unfit! GO TRUMP!
Cuz you're an idiot.
Would ANYTHING keep you from voting for her?
<- Gruber pegged you right from the beginning @zgazda66 @realDonaldTrump @DonaldJTrumpJr
you're a complete idiot
shows how stupid you are darlin
People like you Tricia make me want to puke!
You certainly are an informed and intelligent voter, NOT!
You might be voting for a corpse!!!😂😄😂 What a great day this is!!! 🐸
are you crazy? she's not qualified at all! Unless you think lying and cheating makes one qualified
Your a parent of 3 and making these kind of decisions?I truly worry for your children !! Seek help
RT @Tricia_Braun @zgazda66 I would still vote for her over the entirely unqualified @realDonaldTrump if she were in a hospital.
you are crazy and apparently low info voter. So sad
you're a sick individual. Seek help.
Seriously? You must be missing a few IQ points if you're willing to vote for #CrookedHillary. #canttrusthillary
proof that Hillary's deplorable supporters are mentally ill.
think we should be looking at Kaine really hard if she's elected. He's not really honest either.
you may still vote for a sick candidate but most will not
Why not? I mean, a vote for #illary isn't really a vote for her is it? #BoughtAndPaidFor
well she could be used by hostile forces if she were sick. That could be dangerous for the US
thats exactly the reason they have placed trump there anyway, to make hil seem a better of 2 evils
I would vote for her body double's embalmed head in a jar before I would vote for Trump.
How utterly stupid can u be? Educate yourself youtube.com/shared?ci=2YWo… #NeverHillary
More education for u. youtube.com/shared?ci=a-na… Is your potus lying to you? #NeverHillary
a head full of mush
we know you would you brain dead, anti American, POS.
learn to be an independent thinker and not media brain washed individual
U low information stooges would vote for her if they propped her up>>
Tricia go ahead and support the criminal! You must be one too. Crazy wacko chick.
this is what hp pens when you have walking pneumonia, had that in the US Army. SUSANNA ROADCAP
... you sure dont care for the USA. You are just plain clinton loyalist.
Then you better make sure you like Time Kaine! LOL #trump2016<---learn to live with it!
you are sick as Hillary
your an idiot tricia
Why you're voting for HRC? Being sick is one thing Getting paid from special interests is big deal
if she were Brain dead, libs would vote for her, sad
You're an i - d - i - o - t Charlie Braun
you are what's wrong with this nation. Vote #Trump
So the Character nor the health of the candidate matters, only the Agenda.
Character and mental health matter very much. That's why I will vote against Trump.
She has character, it's just bad character. She is incapable of the truth.
Hillary's way of making America great is infesting the U.S. w ISIS refugees and you will vote for her?
lol yeah and let's see about her rights to vote then.
Notice that her right leg collapsed and they dragged her into the van. This isn't dehydration
wow voting for criminal who is in serious trouble health wise.Way2go @Trica_Braun@VotingCrotchWise
is brilliant.
CPS should take away your kids, your clearly delusional and mentally handicapped @Tricia_Braun
a team of 50+ surgeons couldn't remove your head from your ass @Tricia_Braun
go ahead, vote for a corrupt lying criminal, you are insane, I am deplorable
This is exactly why women weren't allowed to vote back then. You're too irresponsible. You are why this country is failing.
+@SpiritSplice Known fact that junior Cat Ladies would vote battery operated boyfriend traitor over Alpha males
Well,my dear-U R as crazy as HRC!What's the matter with U people?Delusional!!?
Research the millions she received from Soudi Arabia Planned Parenthood, Banks, Big Pharma ... Monsanto... for the people?
calling bernie sanders back to the ring.
- Why? What does she have to offer?
well you are proving you are an idiot.
Yes, so while she is incapacitated Bill can run the government. You would burn the Constitution up.
It would be Woodrow Wilson all over again (whose wife ran the place after he had stroke)
She is wavering, Huma is literally holding her up. There is something seriously wrong with her.
какой хороший кандидат то. Клинтон срочно в президенты США! не надо Трампа.
looks like more like seizure. Wow
It was 77° at the time. No heat advisories had been issued. She's a sick woman! 🚑
Looks like they put her in head first. This looks bad. #hillaryshealth
More like they carried her in there!
you should go into hiding
wow. But she will just lie about it anyway
hi, did you film this? Can you DM me way to reach you? Thanks!
Sure hope you don't "commit suicide" now.
Silly girl! Asking a reporter to tell....(snicker)..the..(chuckle)....truth??? Gasp!!😆😆😆
Wow!!! They can't keep that hidden, and they might refuse to discuss it, but the rest of the world will discuss it. #MAGA #Trump
report the truth @PIX11News . Do your job!
he is trying to find the original source
Did you see her arch back like a lifeless doll? Creepy.
better go in hiding😁
A DEMON👹 has left holy ground film at 10 😁
It's 82 degrees and she's in the shade. This in NOT heat related. #Sickhillary
Classic vasovagal reflex. Benign. They should have had her lie down. Standing makes it worse. No political implications.
Thank you doctor. So, your diagnosis is she's healthy as a horse?
Clearly I've no knowledge of her health. But not appropriate to use this event to push political agenda. Use other issues.
Her declining health IS the issue, that and her mountain of lies and career corruption.
I highly respect you and your career choice -appreciate dedication to others. But cannot draw health conclusion from video.