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OMG. This is serious. I seriously hope she is ok. Something is wrong.
Hillary Clinton 9/11 NYC
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This is NOT a healthy person. No question.
Yeah. They should test her blood for polonium.
Weekend at Bernie's
Thx for sharing. Really awful and she needs serious med attention.
If she's too ill to carry on with the campaign, does anyone know what will happen? I do hope it's not serious for her sake
Can't feel bad for her when she is clearly putting her Political Ambitions over the safety of our Country!!!
It COULD be really serious but when you've deceived for so long, you've made it very hard for ppl to believe you..
look at her feet when getting dragged into the van they look lifeless
where was this Richard? Leaving Chelsea's?
wow rich ! Thanks for posting ! This is not from heat !
MSNBC reporting the hottest day in NYC history: "The fact that she became overheated is totally understandable."
Did any of the men in attendance wearing dark suits and ties get overheated and need to leave?
this does not look good. I hope she is ok.
OMG maybe a seizure...she needs to be in the hospital WOW
So sad, hope she is ok 2, Stubburn woman Pressure is getting 2 her .Guess Money, Power more important then health.
Whoa! It looked like she had a seizure...
RT @RichardGrenell: OMG. This is serious. I seriously hope she is ok. Something is wrong. Looks serious
Hillary Clinton 9/11 NYC
too bad the curb didn't break her fall like airforce one did.
Clinton campaign already scrub these videos? #BleachBit
Her family needs to step in and ask her to bow out.
Oh my goodness~ it does appear serious! All politics aside~ prayers for her go up from here.
hypothyroidism which is deadly Hillary has idiots for doctors They are using bullshit "natural" treatments @zgazda66.
These are the finest and most intelligent Dr's money can buy 👍🇺🇸
I have same disease and went through same things as her including physical and mental Nothing works right! @zgazda66
9/11 triggered her Parkinson's
Could be an an infection or reaction to medications. Could be ANYTHING! It's not normal and needs attention!
Full screen & watch this;something obviously wrong.Wonder what she was given in order to reappear later.Sad
I also had idiots for doctors Finally got real dr, but took almost a decade to rehab all the damage! Pray for her @zgazda66
however wanting more than just that one camera to have viewed her and maybe a shot of her face.
Watch her feet. She's completely out of it. 74 degrees at the time she left, 76 with humidity. This is bad.
aye however it seems a little too staged for the video. im wanting to see it from a different angle
especially one that would show her face.
The only thing I see wrong - is she's breathing but no medical opinion - let us not pray :) lol
This could be a minor stroke. My mom had many b4 needing to be hospitalized from larger one. We had no idea @ time
Curbs, steps, stairs, speaking very slowly, always has someone holding her elbow, coughing, fatigue...she is sick
needs to checked out by an INDEPENDENT medical examiner. This is a serious problem