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Meet GQ's new election Special Correspondent: @KeithOlbermann
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If it's anything like your old Countdown Special Comments, I'll be an enthusiastic fan.
I just said the same thing! I've missed him. YAY! He's the best!!!!! @GQMagazine @KeithOlbermann
Welcome back Keith!!!
a photo bomb on his shoulder...and he is mocking the Oval Office!
Damn i miss your show 😑
So glad you're back.
Thank the Lord!
Don't blame God for this pile of sewage!
Omg 😲😲😲😲 He's BACK!! 😍
When a candidate "releases his/her taxes," how do we know they aren't faked? Does the IRS verify? Just curious
IS BACK! Oh! how I miss thee and his POV
Thank you Jesus.
At last some good news in this otherwise dreadful election cycle! Best of luck, Keith. Really glad you're back.
Yeah, shallow cynicism lives. Woohoo!
Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god! 🎤Happy days are here again...🎤!!!
It's been, like, an hour. Do I have to keep waiting? Bring it!
Yes is he back on TV or what? I want to watch him 😊☺️
Bring it on!!!!! Can't hardly wait another minute!!
Keith, this should be great. I've missed you and your special comments.
OMGOMGOMGOMG!!! Thank you Jesus!
I'm an atheist but I know that Jesus would be ashamed of you.
They're also saying that at the last job he left ... or got fired from
why am I hearing the hallelujah chorus right now? Fantastic move GQ! I'm so there!
ROFL. R u doing the backstroke through the sewer?
Keith, Please come back to TV. We need your commentary. #ImWithHer
I am getting older & hoping to get more Keith wisdom asap. Thanks for returning w/ wit & sarcasm. Not too late!
just cancelled my GQ subscription
That's okay, I just subscribed....
Better sign up again. I just unsubbed.
That @GQMagazine hired biased/unhinged @KeithOlbermann who has dumped on everyone he's worked for says a lot about where they're at now.
Why would they want to alienate half of their subscribers?
Because they've been taken over by the far Left. But even liberal media can't stomach @KeithOlbermann and his BS!
This made my day! WE NEED KEITH OLBERMANN to get through this election.
*Congrats*! Will be watching, sharing the deep analysis. (Though not at 8 AM. I Don't DO that.)
Don't worry...he doesn't do deep analysis.
/ @KeithOlbermann "doesn't do deep analysis" ?! Well. That's absurd. More, it's obtuse; *I* speak of *ME.* #AdeptAtTheDissect
How do I find you on the Tee Vee Machine? :)
Congrats, but don't stop the pet rescue tweets.
Wonderful - welcome back!
No thank you.
Welcome! I've been waiting for your Special Commentaries, and knew you would finally come out and play. ... /1
You are needed! /2
Welcome back, Mr. Olbermann!
Fantastic news!! Finally someone we trust to report facts.
As Einstein said, “Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; &...
KO - I was writer for Granholm's show on Current. If I can help yours now, let me know. Would be honored.
Thanks for real jorurnalism!
OMG! Did you really say that? I know Progressivism is a mental disorder but that's psycho ward.
Real journalism? HA!
probably the best reason I ve ever had to NOT read your magazine. This man is not mainstrean #looseOlbermann
Because there was such a crying lack of Clinton sycophants before now... @GQMagazine @KeithOlbermann
seriously? Even libs think that guy @KeithOlbermann is major league douche
I am beyond ecstatic! Woohoo!!
Your trip 2the sewer is complete. I take gr8 pleasure in watching the self-immolation of the Progressive Left.
Keith is the most insufferable douchebag in America.He also has the most punchable face in the history of Earth
Fair & balanced😄😃😄😄😄
So GQ is trolling the unemployment office for help now?
GQ still exists. Who knew. But then who knew Olbermann was still looking for work.
Fired by ESPN, Fired by MSNBC. That says it all.
Just in time to speak truth to power when Rep in office, something he was too cowardly to do when Dem in office
tonite, on a very special edition of @hughhewitt ...
this will be fun! Congrats 👍
I just cancelled my subscription 2 @GQMagazine. Their legitimacy is now zero as they r now involved w/ a nutcase
No, Bruce. The nutcase is running for president against Donald Trump.
I am canceling my subscription. Keith is a mentally ill & GQ will cease to exist because of this relationship!
What a hack. Why doesn't he apply @ McDonald's?
Good news can we get some TV visits for a balance of sanity to the @CNN @MSNBC readers
Looks a little like a certain CNN corespondent. Hmmmm
The Goodnight and Good luck style? Or do you suppose he'll stick it out with the rest of us?
It's about time!!!!!
just what my Dr. ordered!
omg thank you! How do we find you?
I am so happy !!!
I just became a subscriber. Good move GQ. Can wait to see what you and he have come up with.
Thank god sarcasm isn't outlawed in the US...yet
Yes!! 👍👍👍
I think his best work was when he defended the rights of his cat, Miss Precious Perfect, on SNL
Yippee, just what this election was missing but don't let us down by giving Dems a free pass.
I love Keith. I give him 14 minutes before he's fired, however.
slay all day KO..slay ALL day! ❤️
Yes!! we've been waiting patiently ✊
Are you paying him in shares of your stock?
You spelled "Loser" wrong.
When and What station??
is a hack. Please understand I will never take your publication seriously. Your choices equal lost revenue.
another Hillary fanboy...
and so ends my interest in GQ.
keep it up!!!
I'm a huge fan of Keith's but he has me blocked. Must be a mistake. Can someone let him know for me! Thanks!
proving further, it is not a magazine for straight men by hiring sissy-ninny @KeithOlbermann
I never read your metrosexual rag anyway, but Olbermann will cause me to put it on my ‘unclean’ list.
COME BACK! COME BACK! we need you now more than ever!!!
Well, isn't that special? Just when it seemed lunacy in this election couldn't be topped, here's the pile on!
Meh, no one else wanted to work for your rag of a magazine.
Keith was so shrill at MSNBC and everywhere else. He overcompensated because he knew he was just a sports guy.
Proof the Left, and by extension GQ Magazine, absolutely hate this country.
I hope you are paying him per hit, because traffic cams will get more views.
LOL, you could not have picked a more ignorant douchebag than @KeithOlbermann if specifically looking for an ignorant douchebag.
His CV needed another line.
so, a liberal blathering boot licker is going to cover the election for a liberal boot licking rag of a mag?
I LOVE LOVE LOVE @GQMagazine for bringing @KeithOlbermann back to us! THANK YOU!!!!
I like KO but we can start the countdown on when his new boss will reach the tipping point & fire him
Excellent! Now I know where ELSE 2 go 4 dishonest,unfair,self-absorbed election coverage. In addition 2 the MSM.
How long will this job last?
Welcome back to the insanity called presidential politics.U R the only one who can make Trump squirm.
WOOOHOOO!!! Glad you're back, Keith! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Gay Queer seems redundant
Glad he's back, but please do something about the set and the atrocious white balance. He looks deathly ill.