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Will they give the Pulitzer up?
Will Obama give his Nobel "peace" prize back? Nope. #HillaryForPrison #Trump2016
I'm not particularly fond of Hillary. But you won't convince me Trump is beautiful just because she's damn ugly
Niether are beautiful, Hillary is dangerous. Trump has the balls to try and fix this mess we call a country.
I think both are a poor choice after such an expensive campaign. Not worth it.
Journalism is dead in America.
Worry not! It's about to be dead everywhere else! 😞
Journalism is dead everywhere else as well.
and I thought the Huffington Post was bad.
so @realDonaldTrump has to pass his bigot of the month award to the @washingtonpost
Dilma foi defenestrada! Calma lulistas... o pior vem depois? A PF, o MP, o MPF e a Lava Jato? O Madre Pelletier?
looks like bezos is trying to out Murdock murdock
so you think papers should refuse to publish leaks from sources who they believe should be prosecuted?
yes if their reason for wanting them prosecuted was that the info was "not in the public interest". y'd they publish it?
They published a tiny portion of leak. Even Glenn agrees that most of what Snowden leaked shouldn’t be published.
and it hasn't been. Where's the disclosure?
well, they'd have a civil duty to protect secrecy at that point, wouldn't they?
Hey, @washingtonpost you just lost a subscriber, and @JeffBezos, @amazon loses the tens of thousands a year I spend #FreeSnowden
you think editorial boards should choose who they think should be prosecuted based on which paper the source decided to leak to?
breaks @Snowden story @JeffBezos buys WaPo WaPo sez "HANG SNOWDEN" I think I've got this figured out.
Same paper quoting @JeffBezos as saying putting nuclear reactors on things that explode is A GREAT IDEA
Glory days at #WaPo are long gone as it slides even deeper into the abyss of corporate expediency.
...Taking the rest of the mainstream media with it, into that abyss of uselessness to the world.
Great article. Looks like the first Wapo-link leads to the wrong article.
It's like an onion article.
I bet the turd who wrote that editorial has a piece of black tape over their laptop camera
As a young reporter, the @washingtonpost was my "dream paper." My naïveté slowly died. This snuffs the last ember.
Just say next admin wil probably have better relations with putin will snowden be the price?
I thought of a word for this: grief
papers don't / cant give immunity. They didn't out him.
The Washington Post stopped being a newspaper after Jeff bought it. It is no longer in the same class as the other three.
Throwing a source under the bus for a Pulitzer, it's conditional & questionable.
Fictionalized representations render reality helpless to images they cannibalise reality (itself) & we cant compete…
Broomberg & Chanarin "the radical notion that prejudice might be inherent in the medium of photography itself" #stereotypedbyphotographers
I knew- this circus of extremist neurotic ultra rich narcissists would escalate our crisis &
& that Snowden's made representative of 'capitalism's 'liberal' values', this tolerance towards becoming a caricature neutralizes his impact
You would think- the whole universe would have shifted:… ironically DFW wrote about this:…
Mixed emotions: The Internet's Own Boy, about @aaronsw, is on Oscar documentary shortlist. Congratulations to director @knappB.
By eliminating the media & by replacing it with a different form of processing even in the short term, you can alter your entire reality.
+@alexiswellwood +@graspedblog +@Abebab "according to Principle of Instantiation, the property of being a chair did not exist 150,000 yrs ago"
+@StegoPax this is a medium-term project of mine but need to figure out how to have a decentralised global citizen intelligence agency funded
"The magnetic QM number determines energy shift of an atomic orbital due to external magnetic field (Zeeman effect)"…
"The 3 coordinates t/come from Schrödinger's wave equations are principal (n), angular (l), magnetic (m) QM numbers"…
2)..... (usually accompanied by the absorption or emission of a photon of light)."…
1) "Energy changes within atoms are result of an electron changing from a wave pattern with one energy to a wave pattern with a diff energy
(2) .... where “fundamental constants” such as the charge of the electron etc. will be different."…… Alignment of Black Holes "probability their aligned spin a result of chance is less than 1%"
1 "Trying to build a quantum computer & let real mathematicians think about what you could do with it, is exactly what the NSA should do, ..
Posting these to become less disturbed (when frightened, my chest tightens) by them. I. Wifi 20 mi. in last night:
III. I present my evidence.
"We thought we were civilizing a backward country by exposing it to tv,"- Borovik 1:15:00+
All I know is the truly brave stand trail & place trust in Justice even if they face losing. WashPost💩!
Saw Snowden last night, you all are true American heroes who believe in our Constitution and freedom. Thank you!
Good. @Snowden should stand trial. If the people find him guilty/not guilty so be it.
but @Snowden would have no way to launch defense under charges brought by Espionage Act. It wouldn't be a fair trial
That is the risk he took when he chose his path
respectfully, I disagree.
That is your right. As I feel what he did is/was wrong.
I disrespectfully disagree.Prosecution of govt whistleblowers in a secret court is un American and a crock of shit
this is cold war Russia style governance, and both Bush 43, and Obama should be ashamed of themselves
how does it feel want your government to lie to you? what is that like in your head?
the people won't judge him though, the government will
everything "the state" does is beyond correction eh?
and wapo too, they can stand trial too.
Not until the torturers and liars he exposed stand trial, you fucking moron.
great idea, let the ppl judge him not the gov
When I hear this type bullshit spouted I always wonder whether you actually have no brain, or were paid enough to shut it off...? @Netsecrex
The state of journalism in America.
the editorial page, not the author of the original story. Correct?
It's a company town and they are the company paper, what did you expect?
Casablanca Shocked
Casablanca Shocked
This is crazy and a major blow to the integrity of the @washingtonpost.
going over to the dark side..
What does Gellman think of all this?
Yeah, that went through my head too the minute I read that headline.
A cynical, mercenary, demagogic press will produce in time a people as base as itself. ~ J. Pulitzer in 1904
fixed the Snowden article (and Pulitzer Prize references) on Wikipedia, thank you.
hahaha in the tank for @HillaryClinton journalism is dead!
where is Ben Bradlee when we need him?
would stand little chance of fairness from a rigged Justice Dept. & a corrupt FBI,who refused to indict Hillary Clinton
When did those who defrauded public expenditure and hacked outside their jurisdiction face trial again?
Post has always been this crappy. Perennial defender of Beltway elites. But in the Internet age, they are rightly being mocked.
This's what you can expect from @washingtonpost when you give them info, no one to blame but yourself here on out
WaPo is a sorry excuse for journalism
how not shocking at all!
wasn't it specifically The Post's version of the PRISM story - rushed to beat The Guardian - that had issues and errors?
So @washingtonpost profits from sources and then throws them under a bus. Okay? Good luck getting new ones.
your new paper dropped the ball
Carl Bernstein & Bob Woodward of the Pentagon Papers are extremely busy. Don't disturb them.
great piece Mr. Greenwald, thank you.
Such is the bourgeois press. Disgusting but not surprising to a revolutionary Trotskyist. #DumpCapitalism #DefendSnowden
I beg to differ wrt making history: Rank hypocrisy has been for longer than paper, let alone this newspaper.
This is the article that deserves recognition for me......
people knew the chances they were taking publishing it. Now they want to back track to save their behinds.
they need to face the music just like everyone else
😂😂😂Oooops... Maybe they understood that they've trusted the wrong one & hey,to say publicly you made a mistake is nothing wrong!
Take your time and explain exactly how the Washington Post got information directly from @Snowden.
Loved the movie, Snowden! Just saw it yesterday. Keep it up!
The REAL REASON: WaPo fell into many CIA traps, from which another "Jason" suffered from protecting WaPo; now WaPo is afraid -
America would be a better place if WaPo had closed rather than become a corporatocrat PR mill under Amazon's owner.
Washington Post published Snowdon's information so are they not equally culpable&liable4prosecution?
DOH smack forhead
this sort of crap (and the ridiculous pricing) is why I'm subscribed to the @nytimes instead 😝
washpost boooooo
What else were you all expecting from a wimp like Jeff Bezos who bought the Washington Post?
it appears the WP is complacent with illegal government spying.
The @WashPostDC will next demand the prosecution of Deep Throat and Daniel Ellsberg. Mark Felt must be sent to prison first.
Hey WP, hypocrisy much? Bezos now a meat puppet for USG contracts with NSA and NASA?
pathetic and a disgrace
perhaps the opinion piece also reflects the owner's position? WPost was sold in 2013
...and the Julius Streicher award for complicity in government crime goes to...
Should 'Deepthroat' be dug up and his corpse hung drawn and quartered in public next ?..
wow what a douche bag thing too dp
vile panderers, nothing to be proud of.
They're contemptible.
#RagPo thats pretty much what it's become, a fucking rag that i wouldn't even line a rats cage with.
Perhaps Snowden is better off. Our democracy is a ghost. Privacy? There is no privacy. Never happen to u? Huh?