To defend NSA from critics, @washingtonpost attacks the story they broke. Which won the Pulitzer for Public Service.
WashPost Makes History: First Paper to Call for Prosecution of its own Source (After Accepting Pulitzer)…
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Its the shylockization of america, mammon has become the God again, Christianity has been vanquished by pharisees!
Bezos is knee deep in the surveillance state w his gov cloud computing & @washingtonpost has lost its independence
How can you have e.g. isles of cereal or chips to chose from, but only 2 political parties? The illusion of choice...
The @washingtonpost could have argued for a fair trial to confirm once and for all that Mr @Snowden did not do treason.
+@the_intercept How can they be so stupid? Lol
+@the_intercept the Washington Post is nothing more than a tabloid these days
Absolutely disgusting spineless move by @washingtonpost, I hope they lose some readers over this.
+@the_intercept Woodward and Bernstein are turning over in their graves - and they aren't even Dead!
u can't make this shit up lol
You should be jailed for treason and I hope you never get a pardon. You are a criminal, not a hero.
It sounds like they are asking the government to please bring criminal charges against them.
how do we come back from this?
+@the_intercept I think you should get the congressional Medal of Honor...but that's not of my Benghazi.
journalism isn't what it used to be- unbiased reporting!
Sounds more like Obama admin said we're not pardoning him, hey WaPo, go turn public sentiment against Snowden.
what a time to be alive. The weird is real.
The Wasington Post is nothing but a pathetic propaganda rag with no journalistic integrity.
Leave it to the @washingtonpost to accomplish this feat @ggreenwald
+@the_intercept This is what happens when billionaires own newspapers. #badidea
+@ziyatong "Integrity" now means doing what benefits you in the "current situation"... not doing the Right Thing
You see how this is kinda like you voting for @HillaryClinton, right @Snowden? @washingtonpost
To defend NSA from critics, @washingtonpost attacks the story they broke. Which won the Pulitzer for Public Service.
That paycheck, they don't dare want to bite the hand that feeds. the fund holders could make it the new "inquirer"
[sigh] Glenzilla blocked me, I lost all patience with him endlessly pushing that email story. It's fucked up.
+@the_intercept Or to protect themselves from the NSA. Journalism is a shameful imposter today.
in 2016 people still give a shit about the Washington Post? :s
the stupidity never ends!
+@the_intercept accept the Pulitzer, kill the messenger
I assume you're not banking on a pardon and are exploring other options. Putin is unreliable as well, as you know...
Putin would rather give up Syria than give up Snowden ! ...
I think it's much more like the other way around...
you obviously have no idea what it means to the U.S that its biggest foe is entertainIng its secrets - #WakeUp
+@the_intercept so much for "protect your source"
They would do anything to whitewash themselves wouldn't they?
fortunately, with Bezos at the helm, @washingtonpost gets free returns and shipping both ways on that Pulitzer
Calling for prosecution for your own source after winning prizes for that reporting is an unexpectedly chicken move—a real pullet surprise.
Need to educate people that jury nullification is a real option - in this case and all.
1. You went there. 2. You're not sorry.
this is a criminal act. I'm gonna arrest u
im gonna suplex him first
good thing there's no public interest defence for puns huh
i'm sorry i'm like this
it's so unfortunate twitter doesn't have downvotes
Hi, like this, I'm Dad
POLITIFACT: Mostly false.
oh man. in a pre-post-fact society, that would've been devastating
this is really ineggscusable
lotta fowl attitudes in yr mentions
don't be such a bird. No one is squawking about this except for u
not squawking, just winging it
You are very lucky that @parkerbot is already taken
That is masterfully awful.
Snowden for president, fuck you pricks if you don't like it...if you don't like it's time to wipe
打到中国共产党 打到中国政府 打到中国警察,我操你妈 打到日本 打到泰国 我中国公民8 南京 xie jun
hope Pulitzer people ask for their prize back.
+@marsroverdriver LMAO. Ugh, I can't believe them.
thank God for Grace 😈😆
look this is just me
Welp, goodbye bezos, alexa, amazon, and Washington post...ya know...principles
+@the_intercept the long nightmare never ends
they've come a long way since. Watergate... :(
+@the_intercept I'm embarrassed for them.
/ @washingtonpost has gone full retard
Jeff Bezos lack testicular fortitude.
*Dumb Intercept/Team Snowden. Dumb and crooked.
+@the_intercept under new management from @amazon founder likely related. 🤔
if you had stayed and fought I would think more of you, but you ran and hid. The act of a coward.
You're right, he should have stayed and fought, and after all the legal fees he could kill himself like Aaron Swartz
takes a lot to do the right thing.
the Washington Post is a joke
+@micahflee you were a low level analyst who portrays himself as a higher power like @realDonaldTrump
how very sad, rather see more articles on how Snowden might beat the Espionage Act, if he went to trial. #LauriLove
How will a .@PardonSnowden challenge the Espionage Act, whistleblower protections or FISA? Would a trial?
But no, our media isn't state controlled. Right....
+@the_intercept change their name to "Washed-up Post" #weakaf #failtothewashingtonpost 🖕
+@the_intercept They published the info, so they should be prosecuted as well, if you are.
This man is a spy, This is why he is in Russia! HE need the death added to his record for his winning spy project
UNREAL. and they said #MattLauer was a disgrace 2 journalism. smh
is servent of empire's evil.
"No specific any individual American was ever shown."Because only American lives/rights matter to fascist @washingtonpost
You exposed a crime we all knew was happening as soon as the Patriot Act was passed
+@the_intercept I Wonder what @bartongellman thinks about this...
He is doing as everyone involved... double checking what he was told and the proofs given.
well from my point of view, US is ruled by #criminals....!
+@the_intercept we are all doomed. But thanks for trying Snowden #endoftheworld
+@StefanMolyneux WaPo is dying a sloooooow death like the rest of MSM.
+@StefanMolyneux Bezos wasn't wapo owner back then
+@StefanMolyneux = @amazon , shop somewhere else!
Corporate Media is lame. Real journalism reports. It does not moralize or tell u what to feel or think.
+@AltRight_Army is now @washeduppost They'll do anything now for a story.
+@jpublik +@the_intercept if it was a public service and they're reneging then sh'd surely return award
shame on the Post. Journalistic integrity RIP
+@kallllisti +@the_intercept This is one f'ed up system we've got going on here. Everyone is scrambling
I think of you often Edward,(not creepy often, but often). You have not been forgotten!🙋🏻
+@the_intercept absolutely unbelievable! They and many other "journalists" should be deeply ashamed.
+@jpublik Seeing as you broke the law, beyond what public interest could excuse, it makes sense.
To paraphrase Powell on HRC, his hubris was his downfall. He had many ways to remedy this early on
They were probably told by" high ranking sources within the govt" that they would cut the source pipeline off
+@the_intercept wtf is wrong with American politics?.... it's this.
To defend #NSA from critics, @washingtonpost attacks the story they broke. Which won the #Pulitzer for Public Service. - @Snowden
No, they did not attack the story... They pointed out that pardon was not possible.
+@IanRowan2 I'm no critic, I'm watching the so called "Hackers" and "Whistle blowers".
read a message about hackers and whistle blowers- The driver won't stop and someone farted.
I'll be avoiding their articles from now on
you should have gone with @wikileaks mate.
No- @wikileaks turned into a doxxer site for ID thieves. @Snowden and @ggreenwald curated their data b4 release.
+@StefanMolyneux how much can you actually trust the media.
What a bunch of hypocrites @washingtonpost
shameful. I saw the movie. I know why they want to cover their asses but honestly, cat's outta the bag. Man up WaPo
A mix of a G. Orwell Govt & a corrupt media that spins like V for Vendetta's.Thx 4 the red pill
clearly the post has no interest in preserving democracy, but state control over it's citizens
It's tough being a Liberal. So much truth and reality you have to ignore. Sounds like the definition of #insanity
+@the_intercept They have lost all credibility. Who would bring them good information after this?
There is no coming back from this, so I am thinking things were looking dire for them before.
what can you say about a rag....
And they say Web killed the newspapers. Sorry conspiracy theorists. It was clearly a suicide.
looks like @washingtonpost are a bunch of milquetoasts
Remember that @washingtonpost wouldn't publish some @Snowden leaks because of damage they would do to US security
argument hinges on @washingtonpost "standards". same standards that claimed pulitzer for his bravery #PardonSnowden
that sound you hear is Ben Bradlee turning in his grave in disgust
Maybe it was all that shit that had nothing to do with mass surveillance you leaked? You're no martyr
No doubt about it... Psychopathy is "crazy-making" at the root.
Dear Edward @Snowden: Strict sepration between news and editorial pages at @washingtonpost
this is stupid. Will not be subscribing again...
+@djmonkeylunch If it makes you feel better,Ed polls done since the report came out show it didn't have much effect.
I back u 100% Edward, bunch of snot nosed kids w/no life experience criticize what they wld never grasp
WP has attention deficiency always. Short term memory! #Snowden
Snowden is not the hero people think. He was a petty spiteful weasel unhappy at work.
he never claims to be a hero. And exposing secret wrongdoing won't make him a weasel either.
if he was genuinely concerned, he should have brought it up with Congress, not the world.
oh Arnold, that path has been tried by previous whistle blowers. Bad choice!
We have plenty of libertarian congressmen who would've loved to fight the NSA.
Arnold you r my friend and I will give my neck to support you even if you r wrong. 😊😊
that's ok, not everybody shares my philosophy. I like monarchs anyway. 😀
I like queens, not a fossilised one but ayoung sexy one!
Elizabeth was young and sexy once...
arnold, he didnt released any info himself. He gave it to WP. They published.
the Guardian was releasing it too. If a competing news source publishes, everyone does.
so you see, we come to:"shoot the messenger"!
when he gave that info to Greenwald, he knew it would be published. @Snowden is responsible.
WP shouldn't have printed it, but Guardian was spilling the beans anyway.
but in western democracy the media are the Pillars it stand on. No?
every country has secrecy. No government is totally transparent.
so who checks the govt secrecy acts?
and we can't have every citizen weighing in on every detail of national security.
that's why we have secrecy in critical government functions.
for the simple reason that everything the public knows, the enemies will also know.
the media & public isn't entitled to know everything. It simply can't work that way.
that is what Putin says and he is demonised in west as autocratic!
Putin's right about that. I just think Putin does it more for personal benefit.
plus, he released so much stuff that didn't have anything to do with public surveillance.
it's about the reason he did it. It was out of spite, not out of concern for the public.
doesn't matter what was his motivation. He exposed NSA wrong doing through WP.
+@canarytrap keeps the cake (Pulitzer for credibility ) & eats it ( pleases establishment for favours) @ggreenwald
+@the_intercept Eddie. How's Russia? Kim Philby liked it too for a while.....
Washington Post Tour de Farce. Profiting from the heroic actions of a source, then condemning him. #contemptible
The fundamental betrayal of the very foundations of journalism by the WP is astounding. It is a TOUR DE FARCE.
+@KainYusanagi Not surprised at this dick move by the @washingtonpost after the crap they pulled on #GamerGate and Candace Owens.
Why doesn't it call for prosecution of Alexander and Clapper for perjury, obstruct justice? #PardonSnowden
+@the_intercept if this is the way newspapers behave who is left to report the news truthfully
Can the US corporately run media get any more bizzare and corrupt?
The @washingtonpost is a #traitor by betraying its source / #Snowden's trust, thus breaching a fiduciary obligation!
Traitor: one who betrays another's trust or is false to an obligation or duty = @washingtonpost.
+@the_intercept Washington Post is a fucking joke. What happened to real journalism? #pussies
@the_intercept@You betrayed your own nation.
+@the_intercept +@There will be no quarter for you Snowden.
Your criminal conduct is bigger than the Pulitzer and seeing it any other way would be a mistake.
+@sherifea Assume they'll be giving back that Pulitzer...
Whistleblower is someone who reveals matter of public interest. Not just crime Luxembourg used to convict Deltour
+@MABardino WaPo has really lost their minds. It has been incredible watching them flush their integrity away.
This would be mind-blowing, if we didn't know who owns them-on every level! Even Jimmy Carter says #PardonSnowden🌞
typical shit from the hypocritical idiots at WaPo. anyone reading them should have reality check.
You are joking. Idiots. Cat is out of bag that we knew must have been open.
This is like Obama winning the Nobel Peace Prize. Yay America!
typical schizoid Americana
Wonder what caused @washingtonpost ∆(💝). ℹ️💰 ±∆💸 wrt… /* sounds totally impartial */
•March 2013—CIA reveals $600m of $8B IC IT budget for Amazon Web Services •Sept 2016—Bezo's(AMZN owner/founder) WaPo promotes prosecuting ES
You should be grateful to @wikileaks who saved your ass,but you won't because you have American DNA.
Why so surprised? That's typical of American values.Use,Earn money & Throw.Basics of Capitalism.
- the irony isn't lost on us. We've challenged @washingtonpost's opinion: @hitRECordJoe @PardonSnowden
Privacy is a universal human right that should not be offended by any state.
Washington Post could always rebrand itself as a comic, like the Sun
Is DWS on its board?
+@The_U_Project1 and they eat their young...
+@AnonyOps can't trust anyone, eh?
+@paulwoll +@the_intercept liberals eat their young if it furthers their delusional causes
+@cryptocoinage purely schizophrenia of #USmedia much like the schizophrenic Trump
you're a criminal. The post profited from ur misfortune. So what? u r a criminal & should be prosecuted.
I think this might be your biggest mistake.
wasn't aware that you gave up the keys to Greenwald so that he could found a company while the world hunts you
+@AnonyOps Just WAIT for @realDonaldTrump to be the President, as he will give you "pardon". God Bless..