This image says it all. Let's end the politically correct agenda that doesn't put America first. #trump2016
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I wonder how the skittles feel that they were compared to terrorists
not until I extreme vetted them to make sure 1 in the handful wasn't harmful! Great analogy !
same could be said about guns... most skittles w/ guns are responsible but the three that arent could fuck shit up
didn't figure I would get a response #ignorant
Guns don't kill ~ people kill. Concealed carry license and proud NRA member <3
not all muslims kill people only radicals do... I support the 2A and own guns
banning all muslims is the same concept as banning all guns on some misuse the guns and only some muslims kill
very few amounts for each
obvious fake troll acct for trumpster.
what's the difference between an orange? That's the real analogy.
While we're on the subject of comparing.... Exhibit A:
And Trump is the more dangerous & harmful one. Saddam was powerful within Iraq, Trump will wield world influence.
this says it all right here!!
Another example of the corrupt and hateful left.
there is no denying, look at that picture, #TrumpVampireFamily,
You fucking clowns..did they build skyscrapers?? You fucking clowns are on the #ClintonPayroll!
Vote to make sure the Husseins remain the number 1 killers in this pairing.
this is what the democratic party has become? Lets talk about Hillary's experience in dealing with terror
what, they all wear ties?
This doesn't make sense! What are we supposed to compare?
at least saddam knew to keep his mouth shut for his pic This man never shuts up 😩
UnAmerican And lowlife post to say the least.
What does Hillary do when she’s caught lying? She lies again of course - WATCH #FoxLDT 7pm…
What exactly are you saying is the similarity @TPH_news ?
As for Libya & Gad. A gold backed currency, which would have destroyed your precious petro-dollar! But dream on!
Holy 💩 Not heard of the Chilcot report ppl? It was all lies! You destroyed a country and US soldiers died 4 lies a chuck of dung!
The 3 on the top are the best-looking.
Thanks for acknowledging you are among Trump's deplorables; from your answer, you're racist; others?
Another admission that Hillary was WAY low w her 50% estimate!!!
There will be a landslide....Trump will NOT be the beneficiary of it.....thanks for the laugh.
Are you in ALL of the deplorable groups? One group of losers/multiple groups of losers; all the same.
Michael, you are ignorant.
I thank all the heavens that I am ignorant of the HATE that eats you; I am filled w joy.
If you're so filled with joy, Michael, why are you writing angry, hate-filled tweets?
I have not noticed hate in my Tweets....I was going for "just the facts" ...
We're all so "racist."
Bannon has put out a racist publication for years; Trump has told racist lies for years; yes-YesUR!!!
These folks=playing both sides of the aisle....first-DATED PRIMARY PHOTO; voted Trump 4 EASY HRC WIN!
Here we are, being "racist" again.
Like I said the last time this idiocy was posted, when you stand w racists, expect flack.
Then you should expect plenty of flack, Michael. If anyone here is racist, it's not me.
Your statement makes no sense; Trump has known proud racists on his payroll in positions of power.
Hillary hugs Clansmen.
The fact that these ladies are uninformed about the politics of 50%+ of Trumpsters shows nothing.
They know more than you & have much more common sense!
That was a Trump-like dodge; do they know 50+% of Trumpsters=racist, sexist, xeno/homo/Islamophobic?
Blue lives matter to Hillary & the Dems too; the BLM is NOT against blue lives, just racist killings!
Then why did BLM chant "What do we want? Dead cops!" when protesting?
Ok....fact-checked one associated w BLM or any other protest group did this...vid shows 2014 rowdies.
Do you have the link for that one....forgive me if I don't take your word....
This is me & the California delegate to the RNC convention being "racist" together.
Taking you at your word, if only the two dear trusting friends represents the angry throngs@Trallies.
Not fair insulting Saddam & sons with that off balance comparison.
Sadam had two sons?! And so did Donald?! GASP! Now I totally get it. Wait. What am I getting again? #4FUXSAKE
Remember, if history is any indication, the chances of Islamic terrorist killing you is ~43k to 1
it would need to be a bucketful of skittles.
they are all the same.
except for the facial hair, hmmmm.
one has sons, and the other does too. WOW I THINK YOU'RE UNTO SOMETHING: you might be literally retarded.
I bet only one of those families wasn't dressed in China.
are you kidding? those guys on the bottom were so much tougher....
You're desperate flailing attacks are pathetic.
how fascinating that they both seem to have sons. Such a rarity that someone father's more than one
lol they will end up the same too
Where's the comparison?
2 sons obviously. Anyone with two sons is basically Saddam Hussein incarnate.
They both had 2 sons? OMG he's the anti-Christ
and hopefully the same fate
they also share the same dictator insecurities & paranoia.Also, similar taste in thrones @DonaldJTrumpJr
guess which of those 3 thrones wasn't made in the USA #TrumpVampireFamily
"Dic-" being the operative syllable...
Holy crap lol
3 great men in one photo. All 3 resisted (((globalism))). You support it. You're a traitor. To race and to country. ridiculously, deplorable dictators, one hasn't hatched yet!
An elitist family can NOT identify with the common man. NO point of reference.
wtf I hate suits and ties now...
.... Your argument is that dads take pictures with their sons? You know this makes you look retarded right? 😂😂😂😂😂😂
fear mongering is the thing that led to the rise of Hitler in Germany. Smh
Maybe you should really study your history on who backed hitler. You seem to be a little lost.
lol this was the dumbest analogy ever btw.
I'm just dying at the comments, they're eating him alive
lol he's a dumbass.
so fucking dumb to compare
are you saying that anyone with two sons is a bad person?
This is my dad and uncle.
considering you hate the British, ironic you've picked two Brit comedians as your relatives. Mong
idiotic comparison. Shame on you comparing Trump to Hussein
shame on @DonaldJTrumpJr comparing dying Syrian children to fucking skittles
it's an analogy to give perspective. You see the professor who compares debt to population?
RT this cause it's funny. I don't feel they are the same. I been to Iraq. Trump's buildings are tackier.
oh my god! They both had sons!! We're screwed!!!
"Imagine a bowl of 6 skittles and all of them will kill you." #thanksobama
And rape charge
Thanks! That is scary as hell.
Apparently it's a family picture
good one nana
Trump's family hasn't killed people. That's the Clinton family you should be referring to.
it's ok. We understand. You are just too stupid to comprehend. #LobotomizedLiberals
...They all have the same taste in life style! To be kings! TO be by force fear, and intimidation!
The difference b/t them is well...completely fucking obvious. Ones a murderous maniac one is a good man.
Oh! Excellent I love this one! :) <3
You might be into something. Trump and Saddam had sons. Did you know that both Trump and Hitler DRANK WATER?
at least it's a change from Hitler. Still, Not an Argument.
😂😂😂😂 this is even better
satire is lovely
Poor analogy. Hussein knew how to run a country. (He was evil, but capable.)
oh my god........... you're saying he has two sons?!?!?? How can he win?!?!
And Hillary and Webb have 1 beautiful daughter.
this is retarded.
this more Accurate #Bush #trump saddam hussain out of ths dirty game
You're the best 😂😂😂
I take the Hussein family!!
Wow how eerily similar! Not surprising considering Trump's heroes!
Awful, but I'm laughing.
how ridiculous. Do you even know the human atrocities the Husseins committed? And I am not talking about Barrak.
#BernieOrBust IMO it will take a @realDonaldTrump presidency to keep #Hillary away from the red button.
#HillaryForPrison Hillary's still more frightening than @realDonaldTrump, his family & Sadam's together
Saddam had better hair
these guys on top don't have mustaches tho?????
typical desperate Alinsky tactics by marxist pigs and corrupt organization s like yours .
try comparing u with the nazi propaganda machine Spread lies to slander America as the Nazis did the jews
Both took a stand against (((western imperialism))). So you're basically on the side of the k!kes. Good on you for being honest.
It would take a fucking moron to make such a comparison. Oh look, there's one now!
reaching a bit are we?
not exactly the same type of comparison
looking sooooo sooooo desperate
I am no longer politically correct and we need to stop this insanity!
Also, way to compare an entire nationality of people to a shitty candy brand. You guys aren't very good at this, are you?
This image says it all. Your dad takes it up the ass from Putin
no, that's very bad use of statistics
I didn't know you wanted me to solve the dumpster explosion so just to be sure I solved it today in about five minutes
So don't elect any more @GOP? Got it!
Not a chance.
she wants a 550 percent increase in refugees!
The Syrian Refugee problem is that millions of children are suffering and the richest nation in the world isn't helping.
I would take the whole bowl that's what makes America great!!!!
This logic works for anyone: 'some humans commit murder, I don't know which ones, so can't have humans in America'
Political correctness had tied the hands of our law enforcement, FBI, etc.
the irony is those that need to get it....still won't get this analogy (SMH)
you don't even understand the use of the word irony so how could you possibly recognize a pathetic analogy?
We "get" it. It's just dumb. (And unconstitutional.)
-because its just so witty.
the issue is people are not skittles. Wtf is wrong with you people??
they're not....well that really changes everything....
doesn't it? If your child was one skittle, and the rest were poison, would throw them all out?
I have 1 Question...ProLife or ProChoice? @DonaldJTrumpJr
ProChoice,because Prolife lands unwanted on tje streets that we have to pay for. And I also grew
up as unwanted and would have preferred to be aborted since today in order to have a professional
career I have to have loving mommy and daddy that will pay me millions.
I spent $800,000 in education at 3 universities in engineering and make $11.50/hr today because
after 10 yers I didnt show the loving parents with millions going into my pockets.
So, people like Ronald McDonald Humpty Dumpty Trumpty and his scrambled shits can have an
aristocracy life built from Vladimir Putin's Russian mafia ties and Donalds daddy
Dehumanizing refugees by saying they should all b trashed like poisoned candy isn't Mensa level thinking @JustinKidding45 @DonaldJTrumpJr
This is an argument for a police state.
Have any Syrian refugees committed terror act in America? M
how do you feel about your father @realDonaldTrump wanting to fuck your sister @IvankaTrump ?
I know the final solution let's put crescent on their clothes like stars hitler made jews wear so we know the bad ones
I'd rather take two handfuls than live my life in fear over bowls of poisonous Skittles.
the LEFTIES are just going into apoplexy over this! And Hillary's sagging poll numbers. We haven't even seen @wikileaks yet
We can help people who need it around the world. That doesn't mean we need to bring them here.
Mmmm. Those Syrians are making me hungry.
after 8 years obama admits he was born in kenya and his daddy was muslim terrorist sympathiser.
heard the same analogy earlier today but they used m&m's instead skittles.
this is really quite stupid.
why? Let me guess...because Trump is a racist? Puh-lease. Maybe he doesn't want 65-110k possible terrorist like Hill-Obama
The actual analogy is stupid.
well....when you out it that way....
but they're only you hate Skittles?
I suppose we should taste the rainbow? 😨 realize he is even dumber than his fuckwit father?
Huh, dummy?
this image says it all.
what's your net worth????? Is it 4 billion????
I don't steal from contractors. And my daddy didn't give me millions.
ok then quit ur bitchin
would you admit she's a habitual liar?
nice try you race baiting old white man. We are waking up.
(Possibly sensitive)
(Possibly sensitive)
ah, funding... How about the personal character it takes to stand in front of coffins and lie to families & america ?
I would never open anything from someone that is hiding behind a profile. That's embarrassed to support Trump.
ok buddy. Just a video of your queen lying...again. But don't worry, more uncovered lies are ahead. Your girl is in freefall
get educated other than FOX NEWS
what about this Manny? Proof of a big fat lie.
this is why America needs @realDonaldTrump in the White House !!! #AmericaFirst #TrumpTrain
This shows you and @realDonaldTrump don't have a clue!
your apparent lack of give-a-shit is a failing strategy in Europe right now.
give a shit about what ? Sorry I like to keep things in perspective
perspective isn't always measured by deaths. If so, we'd all be talking about heart disease.
none of the people died from the muzzy knife & bomb attacks this week. In your binary analogy thats a good terrorist attack
and 30k + dead from guns whether suicides or homicides is an American problem affecting American citizens& NEEDS to be fixed
big city crime & suicide is not a GUN problem, it's a "people" problem. Until u solve that, you've……
it's a problem that involves guns and American citizens Yipee ki yay
intellectual meme
your intelligence doesn't extend beyond memes . I am superior to you and can control my temper yeaaaaaa
so basically your answer to bringing in 110k Syrians that no one else wants is talk heart disease, guns and suicides? F'n A
guns you'd be flipping out . Again perspective
why can't we talk about everything and which of today's attackers was Syrian ? If 30k people died a year from terrorism like
you f'ing liberals are so literal. He's a Muslim. He hates you.
all Muslims hate me ?
wait so do all Muslims hate me ? You know just for the record
why won't you answer this question. ? Is it because you already did ????
my turn for a question. Is Hillary Clintona habitual liar?
not nearly on the level of DT
well hey "brah", tick tock
"he" hates you. "He" tried to blow "you" up. Is that untrue?
no. But do all Muslims hate me ?
someone can't control their temper . Seems like you hate me more - irony far right trash are no diff than Isis
and I'm damn sure not voting for a bitch who stands in front of coffins spewing her trademark lies…
potty mouth and intelligence agency and witness mentioned video
sorry if I've offended u princess. Please feel free to look down your nose at me u intellectually superior being.
that's your response to what intelligence and witnesses said ? Nice! u angry brah?
sorry didn't understand gibberish. Apparently u don't read much. Intelligence refuted.
that doesn't mean it wasn't in the FIRST intelligence reports
Internet video? Nope. Liar. Yep. Over and over again.
too many seizures to be president? Wonder what you'd say if trump was the one dragged unconscious……
too biTchy to be president ?
if not, she's just a liar.
too brain damaged to be president ? Maybe…
the outcome was better than the alternative . Terrorism like the war on crime shld be fought to the end of the universe -->
we shld be talking about heart disease as well & yes it is esp when the last line in the chart is so high
forgive if I prefer not to live in a world with people who don't want 2 assimilate.…
I wouldn't any of them if they were given to me by a Clinton supporter.
You are a #Coward just like your #DraftDodger father. @realDonaldTrump is all we have to fear. #Unfit
Most of the terrorists on the 9/11 planes had student visas. Let's end political correct agenda. No more student visas?
some of those skittles are innocent families caught in a terrible war. only an asshole would shut his mouth on them.
fair point. america should eat all the skittles. the odds of a bad skittle are significantly less than a cavity.
damn Trumps playing in people's fears. This guy came to US at 7yrs old from Afghanistan and his a US citizen
So which ones should we let in? and who is going to support them???
The bowl of skittles aren't vetted. Refugees are vetted for 18 months. @DonaldJTrumpJr
Actually taking well over 2 years right now. @DonaldJTrumpJr
apparently not well enough genius @ProgressOutlook
Well enough that no vetted refugees have committed an act of terrorism. @nanajudyr @DonaldJTrumpJr
even if they're vetted, their hateful ideology still comes with them and is spread to their children
like white supremacy
white "nationalism", look it up. Hint: it's nothing to do with superiority
hint Indians were here first
yeah that's what Hitler said (hint it's not a white country)
You just proved that the only ignorant and hateful ideology comes from yourself. You should be ashamed. @SirNauthiz @DonaldJTrumpJr
I do not hate them, I love us. That's the key concept that leftists do not get.
More refugees would pass the citizenship test than would Trump supporters. @SirNauthiz @DonaldJTrumpJr
actions speak louder than words
don't know if you have a family, but if you do I'd challenge you to take a Somali refugee into your home
You do realize that's not how it works? But I suppose that would screw up your idiocy. @SirNauthiz @DonaldJTrumpJr
the point I'm making is that you will never have to deal with the consequences of these policies
I don't live in the middle of nowhere. I live in a vivacious, multi-cultured city. It's beautiful. @SirNauthiz @DonaldJTrumpJr
you'll find most trumptards live in rural towns where they just eat Trump's bullshit up and
lack any real experience living in a multi-cultured city. The fear mongering works on them easy
actually the alt-right is mainly made up of young city-dwelling men.
the alt-right is a special kind of stupid. They're gonna be drinking the Kool aid regardless
they don't need fear mongering to convince them, they have a pre-convinced narrative already
maybe you should visit the ghettos around my house and get some "diversity"
more refugees would rape my little daughter than trump supporters would...
Not if you actually look at crime statistics. @SirNauthiz @DonaldJTrumpJr
go fuck yourself, that's an outright lie. You are the true def. of a cuck.
I truly believe if trumpf keeled over the world would be relieved (I K horrible)
it's second generation from Muslim immigrant parents that are most likely to commit terror attacks
Actually, it's white Americans who are most likely, w/in the U.S.
Haha, riiiiight. Our govt just admitted they gave citizenship to ppl who were are on the deport list. Keep drinking!
can't be worse than selling a gun to someone on the terror watch list
10,000Syrian Refugees to USA this year.FBI said no way to properly vet the refugees…
Numbersusa is a very biased website against refugees. Try this:…
Huff post is a very biased liberal progressive site ~ like clinton news network CNN. Lies.
Also, what link are you referring to?
Of course! There is no place that gives us unbiased information, so we have to research. Do you?
yes I often look to the UK, France,Germany,Greece & Spain for info to balance USA bias.
Sure you do.
But Trump said its millions... Right... Another freaking moron.
10,000 you say? Hell, I bet 3 out of every 10,000 Skittles really does kill someone.
seriously? Two years of vetting isn't extreme enough for you?
Who vetted the Stumps. You do know your grandfather was a con man, pimp and a thief don't you?
Bless you James we have different political view.Hillary <3 Alinsky you must too 5.Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon #IDontCare
the people who spent 8 years asking for Obama birth certificate think they can bless you
I meant Stumph. I am glad we share that we can have a difference of opinion but we can be civil.
I don't hate people that disagree ~ I don't have their background. I can only live my journey.
I pray for only the best in your journey!
Thank you James ~ you as well :)
Same argument could be made for rejecting Jews who fled the Holocaust. How does that look, historically? @Misttina @DonaldJTrumpJr
Jews didn't commit Jihad against infidels.
Jews weren't blowing up shit, head chopping, raping women in the 1930's.
Then how do they get in???
That's what we were told in Europe. In reality, "vetting" means absolutely nothing. They still get through.
Ban the Skittles!
They were coming to Europe long before the refugee crisis...
oh well asshole. Tell your govt to leave their countries alone. Till then, they have every right to come in
we need to "vet" white supremacists
someone should tell DONALD that. @NeverTrumpPAC
Europe had open borders that migrants could walk through - not able to vet same as N.America.
Not sure how a grad student joins the #AltRight. I thought the educated rejected bigotry? @ChrisPLarks @DonaldJTrumpJr
Must be comforting to convince yourself that being educated is synonymous with sharing your opinions.
I thought it was equivalent with not believing in racial superiority. @ChrisPLarks @DonaldJTrumpJr
I'm simply of the opinion that mono-ethnic societies are more conducive to social harmony.
I don't believe in racial superiority. The "white supremacist" is a non-existent demon the Left have created in their head.
then you're complete idiot bc there are people in this thread saying all kinds of white supremacist bullshit
you could not be more wrong. White supremecy is a bigger threat for violence than refugees
Chris is the ALT-RIGHT a.k.a KKK a.k.a Scared Lil WhiteBOY = #Deplorable
I'm not in the KKK... how dare you? I'm a Nazi.
The AltRight want an ethno-state. They want White people to be left alone. They don't care about "supremacy".
agreed funny how pple in the middle East want the very same thing I say we give it to them
Unsurprisingly, you are wrong. @ChrisPLarks
Hey chris we dont want your racist shit in our party, trump doesnt need it #DumptheDeplorables all races r =
I said, "I don't believe in racial superiority". Perhaps he does; he's entitled to his views. Nothing to do with me.
You do realize that mono-racial societies are the vision created by "separate but equal," which set back generations of blacks?@ChrisPLarks
I wouldn't be living in the same country as Black people so "setting back generations of Blacks" wouldn't be of my concern.
Crawl back in your hole alt right POS. @ProgressOutlook @DonaldJTrumpJr
You better hope The God Emperor is lenient towards dissenters when he takes the throne.
You dopes actually think con man Trump could EVER ban a religion OR make US white.. UR dumb as rocks. Suckers. @DonaldJTrumpJr
Don't know what you mean by, "make US white", but it's pretty easy to halt Islamic immigration.
this is the creepiest tweet I ever saw
You think that's creepy... read his bio. Sheesh.
yikes...I'll have to pray for him
Because he's a Neo-Nazi
So your argument is for no immigration whatsoever? @AlHernandez21 @DonaldJTrumpJr
Exactly- especially if they are sweet or round.
obviously Slovakian models are ok.
Yeah, because I said that I'm for no immigration right? Lefties love straw man arguments
Just extrapolating your logic. (Logic: you should try it sometime!) @AlHernandez21 @DonaldJTrumpJr
Also, it is cheaper to resettle them in the middle east! Why take any in?
You said that they could vet them. I provided a link that shows that it can't be done.
Because you can never completely vet anyone. Ergo, by your silly logic, we shouldn't let in anyone. Everyone is a threat. @AlHernandez21
Hell, we can't fully vet cell phones like the S7 Note. Let's ban them! @AlHernandez21
It's cheaper to resettle them in the middle east, why should we take in people we can't vet?
Nawwwww with him
this is just political garbage by one of the "uneducated" that Trump has said he loves
Why do you say that?
it is people like you that give America a bad name and why this country is going nowhere
He's with you.
that's another Trump brother
Rahami came here when he was 7 yo, smart guy. How is extreme vetting going to solve that?
you do realize that ISIS has endorsed Trump 4 Pres right?
not a Syrian refugee
your children won’t even pay for an obit in your local paper when you die in a state-funded nursing home
Racist cretin.
Maybe we should ask ourselves what happened to him AFTER he got here.
that's exactly the problem. If we had banned him he wouldn't have been in our country.
Remember, U.S. attacked Afghanistan during Bush 😏 #DeplorablesForTrump
"BS" is about the level of research Trumpians can tolerate.
Nope. In fact, it can take up to two years to be vetted for entry. @watkins_suzette @DonaldJTrumpJr
and still have killed.
and a cop just killed a black man in the US. He had his hands up. That's terrorism.
prove it. Name one act that took place in the U.S by a refugee. Provide citations.
How about the 8 year old in Idaho, gang raped by refugees. Media silent.
provide citations
Do your own research. Your laziness is a huge part of the problem. Sheep?
if you're unable to meet my guidelines, you're useless to me. We're done talking
haha. Oh no! How will I go on? Haha buh-bye.
No vetted refugees have committed an act of terrorism. @tom1234west @DonaldJTrumpJr
Exactly. No refugee has killed anyone. This is just race-baiting of the worst kind. @tom1234west @DonaldJTrumpJr
Keep in mind RepubliKlan Constitutes are Politically Stupid SOooooo there u go
Bombing As Afghani-Born Ahmad Khan Rahami vetted....
He was an American citizen, not a refugee. Try to read before spouting bullshit. @ProgressOutlook @DonaldJTrumpJr
lol, which one?
it's not a race dumb ass. Dahir Adan, vetted... Stabbed 8 people
Dahir Adan stabbed 8 people and was vetted
your proving a lot of people points
He was around 5 when he entered. The radicalization obviously happened after. @tom1234west @DorothyKidd1 @DonaldJTrumpJr
in Afghanistan
momma &poppa no doute
Maybe, but probably from media and crazy people saying to block muslims.
I've read his family was harassed in the community. Maybe THAT had some impact.
It probably did and ISIS propaganda became his solution.
I'd argue INCLUSION felt a lot better than EXCLUSION. #CultsThriveOnExclusion
Inclusion does. We create potential "terrorists" all over.
how? You think the Internet? Lol. Come on!
Y R deplorables allergic 2 facts but BS news stories moths 2 fire
Deplorable 7/8 yo's wld be under age most laws and need mental hlth placement
• I think they should have vetted Tim McVeigh
what would they vet him for - truck rental?
GTFOH He was14 years old when he came here with his family. Been here 15 years.
so are you saying his parents may have influenced him?
I'm saying Trump's insane violent invective probably pushed him. Number 1 ISIL recruiter.
actually it's Bill C in the Isis recruiting videos. Lol, blame trump! Lol, that is funny
you embarrass yourself
he also wasn't a refugee
even worse! Vetted...
He lived in the US for 15 years before his heinous act. @tom1234west @DonaldJTrumpJr
never mind 1% of these people may want to kill you! Simple math!
How many Trumpsters are itching to kill someone? Just for the thrill and bragging rights.
actually it's the Hillary supporters that are more violent.
What percent of you tea baggers want to kill the president?
go back to the crack smoking! Lol
I can't read this tweet as I'm too high on crack.
awww, that means 99% of them will give me hugs!
yes, why don't you go over there and get your hugs!
wanting to kill you
it dosent matter if its .01 percent want to kill you its still someone coming into our country
1%? Where do you get your stats from? & how many ppl of other religions commit violent crimes?
Good thing no white people or Christian people ever want to kill anybody! This logic is so stupid. @tom1234west @DonaldJTrumpJr
you logic is flawed! If we are looking for a needle in hay stack why make the hay stack bigger?
By your logic, no one should be allowed to have babies because some of those babies might become killers. @tom1234west @DonaldJTrumpJr
by your logic we shouldn't pause and look at what we are doing. Lives don't matter! You hate people
I repeat: 18-24 months of vetting. Idiot. @tom1234west @DonaldJTrumpJr
Because making the haystack bigger doesn't necessarily include adding more needles. @tom1234west @DonaldJTrumpJr
lol, ok. But now the needles are harder to find. Also there will be a % of bad people, you can't argue that
I can because we vet refugees for 18-24 months. @tom1234west @DonaldJTrumpJr
and how do they do that? You truly believe we have a good vetting when Senior FBI officials said we can't?
and they still go on to rape little girls & autistic women. Great people, let's import more!
1%? 1 in 3.6 billion chance a refugee kills you. Simple math is .00000002777% you twit
you are thick lol
How many of those school shootings have been the act of refugees/Muslims/immigrants?
what a stupid comment!
Rather stupid than racist and'xenophobic.
you are a racist! You just don't know you are!
The only degree you have is a fever, you inbred piece of turd.
lol, all you got are insults, shows your intelligence
That's a bit hypocritical if one looks at your timeline.
all provoked.
ok, so your argument is - let's increase our kids threats because we already have crazy peps?!
your tweets make me want to lull myself and I'm not even a Skittle.
more than 1% Americans will kill you too, silly argument.
And only .00038% of refugees will be involved in an attack. So...that's less than 1
ok, that makes it better!
they're are human beings displaced by the wars of the rich. Not perfect
you're asking for the people seeking refuge to be more perfect than us
What's more American than demanding everyone live to a higher standard than us?
Your fellow American citizens are a bigger threat to your life than a few refugees
I'm guessing a good 10% of the people you know what to kill you. @ProgressOutlook @DonaldJTrumpJr @tom1234west
Columbine, Sandy Hook, Aurora, Virginia Tech., LIRR...You never know who wants to kill you
Yet, you're more likely to be killed by your fellow citizens....
15M what, Skittles?? Where is your ridiculous number coming from, a Trump Klan rally?
omg. Leave math out of this!
Please, 3% of people want to kill me at any given point.
Wow. Ur racist ignorance knows no bounds;1% =b.s. #;"may"? U may b a troglodyte; lets eject u
yeah, simple math: I don't cower in fear or shirk my principles on a 1% maybe. that's the job of the Right
so your principles are to support corruption. Good to know.
...and don't live in a fantasy to support my views. But do tell me, child, how do I support corruption?
...of Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. But I do recognize the culpability of the Right in current affairs...
a statement that has nothing to do with what I said. As a Johnson supporter, I so nor support the corruption..
15M people brought in and only 5M jobs created. Why do you think this is a good thing for America?
15M? Citations and facts to back that number up? Seems a little high.
yes that was from 2000 to 2014
Your ass does not provide good numbers. @tom1234west @DonaldJTrumpJr
why, you haven't heard that we have 10m more people on welfare? Look it up!
It's food stamps, not welfare, and it's only because the rules were changed. @ProgressOutlook @DonaldJTrumpJr
WRONG! Welfare spending jumps 32% during Obama’s presidency
according to Dems these refugees don't need jobs! They give them everything for free
yep and will rebuild Detroit with them. Screw those Americans without jobs!
might want to ask @realDonaldTrump why most of his crap is made over seas - China, Bangladesh, Turkey? #ImWithHerBecause
Um... because he is a BUSINESSMAN. Highest tax rate is here. Dems keep it that way. "Duh!" Idiot.
laughs all the way 2 bank, nothing 2 do with tax - its wages. He pays shit in third world so he can B rich.
Source? Your math seems a bit off. That gap of 10M is more than all unemployed.
15 Million? Wow, are you sure?
A lot of refugees r children. Children don't need jobs, at least not until LyingDon is POTUS @ProgressOutlook @DonaldJTrumpJr
this would make a good point if 100% of 15m are even working age. Which it's not.
are we still talking about refugees? @pewresearch puts the number just above 63,000 this year.
stop with your facts!!!! Hate, fear and bullshit only people!
@DonaldJTrumpJr@ tom1234west they don't care because most these people live on taxpayers money No Jobs to lose
U know how 2 read stats + research papers? (Hint: they're not the ones that #KKK writes.)
where are you getting 15m from? We take in 70k refugees/year. Increasing to 85k @ProgressOutlook @DonaldJTrumpJr
why do you think the Dems want to bring in more people than they create jobs for! The vote!
Incoming immigrants can't vote. Why do you think GOP blocks POC from voting. Affects bank acct
Their children can though. And who are they going to vote for in future elections typically?
Why would you think all immigrants will vote for Democrats. That is not a forgone conclusion.
Depends on where they're from but immigrants as a whole historically vote Democrat.
probably true of native C Am but I think mid eastern are more conserv. It's an amygdala/ant cingulate cortex thing.
Dems trade 'free stuff' for votes. Nothing is 'free'. Dems push it to increase dependency on government.
the build the base. It's a fact and it's the strategy they have to stay in power.
a simple "oh brother" is all I can muster in response to that inanity.
what's stupid thing to say. Makes no sense. No wonder you have no candidate.Idiotic!
God you're so simple
lol, says someone lacking common sense
This might surprise you, but immigration is critical to expanding economic growth. @tom1234west @DonaldJTrumpJr
oh no it's not!!!!! Only if the economy is growing! Our job market is shrinking.
only jobs that are shrinking are for dummies who still want to work in factories
last I checked we created many service jobs like waiter and pizza guy.
wow, you're pretty dumb!
No. It isn't dumbtwit Tom.
the most incredibly ignorant tweet, possibly ever
Please take the first lesson of a high school economics class. @tom1234west @DonaldJTrumpJr
I work for the largest business in USA. I can tell you first hand we are losing jobs. You live in a box
so you work at Walmart?
no, largest manufacturer in USA
??? Who is that.
So, General Motors?
Maybe you should get out of your cubicle.
I outsource!
McDonald's? WalMart? Cashier?
you just want her to win to keep getting food stamps so you can sell them for your crack.
No, I trade them in for stocks and bongs. 😉
forget it, you can't argue with idiots. Especially when they're reasons are PC narratives
you work at Walmart?
you work for Walmart?
no, a MFG
Why don't you ask your beloved Trump to close his factories in Bangladesh, China&Nepal to create new jobs here
blame Obama, Clinton and Bush! Trade deals that's why!
never Trump's responsibility for anything.
why would I blame him for Trade rules?
why do you think he's going to change the rules that made him wealthy?
far trade won't effect his wealth.
fantastic evidence-free statement
Blame him for being a hypocrite that's personally profited from NAFTA. Quiet down, child.
why would you not try to make more money? You would! Infant!
I wouldn't lie later about how awful I felt about it, or pander to morons
So now NAFTA/free trade is okay as long as you're making a profit.🤔isn't that the whole point?
all big biz are doing it. It's not illegal or unethical it's just bad for our country
Just like Trump is. Thanks for playing and goodnight.
just like Hillary. Good night.
Putting profit over the American people. Same as he will as president. Don't be daft.
There are about 14 million more jobs now than there were eight years ago. @ProgressOutlook @DonaldJTrumpJr
Too bad job growth hasn't kept up with population growth.
They've both increased by about 4.5% since 2009, and population wasn't affected by the Bush recession the way jobs were.
The recession was caused by the housing market which was caused by HUD policies from WJC and also fnny & Frddy MAC
population growth is shrinking, what are you blathering about?
is that your research? You seem to know so much wrong data
you can say I have wrong data, that doesn't mean I have wrong data. seen here: You're not too bright.
growth increased from .73 to .77 in 2015.
dumb ass, we are still growing. Sent you real census data
actually, that's the research of the people whose job us pop is...
1) WH isn't counting jobs lost in 1st year 2) Most are part-time & seasonal jobs
Wrong! Our country wasn't teetering on a recession till the Democrats caused it.
The deepest recession since the '30s started under Bush. The country was hemorrhaging jobs until Obama was elected…
…and has enjoyed steady jobs growth almost since he took office. These are indisputable facts. You're spouting nonsense.
If that's how you feel, then you're far more ignorant, gullible, and naive than I originally thought.
Those stats are highly disputable. Unempl. Rate drops .3% in 1 month JUST before 2012 election. Manipulated.
huge job growth that is going to be the next "bubble". Healthcare act was a jobs program
Remember the Sub-Prime Mortgage Collapse of 2007-2008? Remember Barney Frank? Do you know who tried to stop this?
and then Obama started lying about jobs and everything else in the economy. I guess ignorance really is bliss.
were you living in a cave in 07-08?
...but nice try at historical revision to suit your bullshit.
... what the right wanted, the economy woukd have continued tanking..
...stabilized the economy after the bubble burst. If we kept doing...
so, no. Democrats have pulled us out of the economic tailspin and...
the recession was caused by deregulated banks. The right dereg'd them
if there are more jobs why are millions more on good stamps than 8 yrs ago?
And how many of those after part time? Yeah I thought so..
Now you're just being picky. There are more jobs. That's all that matters. @tom1234west @ProgressOutlook @DonaldJTrumpJr
There's MANY in that exact situation. That's not being picky.
That's complete nonsense if I had 1 full time job and now I have 2 part time.
Don't blame others for your failures.
So if an employer reduces their entire workforce hours that's my failure? This is why u people are losing. Logic is absent
that's a personal anecdote and does not represent the country
your not even from this country. You can see the corruption HC
who's not from the cpuntry?
that was a major fail. Lol
lol ya can't believe how major that was! Crazy! Wow! Lol
you can't be if you don't see issues with jobs!
there are many issues. There are also jobs. Looking to hire atm
you must have a good job!
there are many good jobs hiring. There are issues like guns
lol won't be laughing when a liberal justice joins supreme court
he wants his free stuff.. Lol
Yup! It'll give him more time to play Pokemon. He's a kid.
once he gets a job(if)&starts paying for free will changemind
cant believe everything you read. Two fails
You're a liberal male, you're failing at your purpose 😂😂😂
We're not the pantswetting chickenshits afraid of people fleeing a war, dude. That would be you guys. @Hero___Of__Time
There's one common characteristic with EVERY SINGLE LIBERAL male I see on here. You're all hiding your face
You are a basic bitch. You've all the characteristics. Hiding like a little woman. Faggot.
OK we'll just let you socialist twats run shit into the ground like Merkel did yeah? Idiots.
And to top it off one of you is an arsenal fan. A sure sucker for punishment now wonder you're socialist 😂
you can be bitter elsewhere bro. If she doesn't win say something to me. But she will
Dude clearly not following the polls 😂😂😂😂😂 Denial is strong with you. Your wife lives u too I'm sure 😂😂😂😂
You're all scared to put your face to your words. Pathetic little beta millenialls, the cursed generation 😂
don't need anything free but if you'd like a job let me know
I need to layoff some of my team, how many do you have
people that have a good job don't worry about other people.
tell that to people in O&G, loco,railway, steel, electronics
You'll be surprised by how many personal anecdotes show up Nov 8
lol I don't like either candidate but I know who's got it in the bag
with a record 94 million americans not in the labor force.
in what sector,what country.R they full time, what field.what about not counted
And how many ppl entered the work force during that time. You only have half the picture.
lowest labor participation since the 70s
Which doesn’t change the fact there are 14 million new jobs. @tom1234west @ProgressOutlook @DonaldJTrumpJr
it's actually only 9.8 million, pesky facts
Not to mention they are all minimum wage jobs Obama hasn't created many jobs that pays a livable-wage salary
Why do you guys keep repeating long-discredited talking points as though they’re fact? @bowduh
U referring to that talking point where you embellished the new jobs # ?
You misspelled "facts"
yeah I need to lookup how many of those are part time, and how many are part time because of ACA
It’s still more jobs than anyone else has created in recent memory, guys. Now you’re just being picky.
the point is we can do better if Gov gets out of the way, republicans as well!
Obama is shipping livable wage jobs overseas Household income is at a 30 year low "Created more jobs" but making less?
increase in immigration and still behind on job creation! Reagan created 18m jobs
And provided blanket amnesty for millions of undocumented workers. Great example! @tom1234west @ACMESalesRep @Jl787878 @DonaldJTrumpJr
listen, you don't want boarders go move to the boarder of Mexico. Good luck!
correction, Reagan got out of the way so Americans could create them
only difference between trump and Reagan is Reagan had a basic sense of human decency
&Bush2 sent most of those overseas including Daddy Trump's products
Tell that to the 95 million Americans out of the labor force.
There are only 300M Americans so I hope you're counting the retired and juvenile.
Wait a minute, wait_a_minute. Aren't there juveniles in China's Sweatshops
They are, but I don't think they realize it. They're just parroting a talking point. @Jl787878 @tom1234west @ProgressOutlook
95 million! Do you not read on purpose or is the prob processing info?
Two-thirds of those are retired or students. It's a stupid number. @Jl787878 @tom1234west @ProgressOutlook @DonaldJTrumpJr
The number that matters is the number of jobs, period. @Jl787878 @tom1234west @ProgressOutlook @DonaldJTrumpJr
you are naive! 100 McDonald's job or 100 manufacturing job?
You realize that about two-thirds of those are retired or students, right? @tom1234west @ProgressOutlook @DonaldJTrumpJr
lol, those are not facts. You mean people giving up on finding work?
5 years really seem to have no interest in working! Lazy bums! @tom1234west @ACMESalesRep @Jl787878 @DonaldJTrumpJr
many service indistry jobs like that. Who wants those. Lol
maybe those with degrees dont want to deliver pizzas. We have created
No, those are facts. Most of those “95 million” are retirees and students. @ProgressOutlook @Jl787878 @DonaldJTrumpJr
Some idiot ginned up the number, and clowns like you swallowed the story. @ProgressOutlook @Jl787878 @DonaldJTrumpJr
so still people who need jobs...
No, people who aren't looking because they have other things to do. This isn't rocket science.
that's a pretty big generalization.
bahahaha @ your #Facts. Ugh, I get wayyyy more out of my goldfish 😨
Maybe you should listen to facts instead of your pets. @ProgressOutlook @Jl787878 @tom1234west @DonaldJTrumpJr
I am sure that its intelligent design speaks to you daily.
another cunt that hates facts.
Why do you guys keep trotting out that talking point when it’s useless? @tom1234west @ProgressOutlook @DonaldJTrumpJr
What benefit, besides jobs, do you have to allow haters of US here?
Lies again. You know you want peace in America yet fight for terror.
how many full time jobs cut or hours cut vs part time created? Yeah...
answer is behind those details! Median household income down!
I know my 95 year old grandfather is unemployed! Panic!
so let me understand. You have a job so everyone else is same? Lol
Unemployment is low in the US compared to other countries or US hist.
nope! They changed the way they pull the numbers in 2010!
So then it should take a big dip in 2010 then stay flat? Then why has unemployment continued to fall since then?
I am a student so according to this guys definition I am unemployed.
and when you do get hired the job is paying up to 20% less.
why is labor force participation way down?
The Baby Boomer generation is retiring. In about two decades the US population is gonna look like Florida.
wait till you're out! I have 200 resumes for 1 job I posted
...but couldn't find qualified people.
I don't know if this holds true but I was talking to a business owner a while back who said he had plenty of jobs...
depends where your from. Good jobs are hard to find. I lived in ma,nh,tx and now pa and all these places it's hard 2 find work
no... That's the manipulated data without the pep that gave up.
except for the fact this is how we have ALWAYS measured unemployment but now Republicans want to pretend. 😜
btw, not a republican! ;-)
wrong... 2010 ish they changed long term unemployment. Go investigate yourself
Great unemployment graph. Where is the web site.
So unemployment is almost down to pre-recession levels. @therealkwalizer @Jl787878 @ProgressOutlook @DonaldJTrumpJr
this is a bad tweet
There are 14 million more jobs now than 8 years ago.
that's a blatant lie. But par for Dims.
That's rediculous source please. How many illegals ate there from 8 years ago?
We're hiring, but we can't find candidates & those we find don't stay/can't pass
nobody can afford to live in Cali! Lol
I guess that would explain our homeless epidemic 🤔
you do have 115,000 homeless in all and your state is going to spend 2b on problem.
I hope some of the 2b goes to the root of the problem, like mental health.
you dumbass Part time jobs Minimum wage jobs you fucking tard
but around 14 million less people working
no, there's about 14 million less people on unemployment benefits
Tom I give you HUGE props for your patience with the #Libtard ! I would have given up way earlier 😨
lol, thanks. I wanted to!
How is Walmart outsourcing retail jobs?
I don't work for Walmart. Don't believe everything you read from people guessing.
I only said it because you indicated you work for the largest company...oh well.
I couldn't fit Mfg in there
Got it. Even the Koch Bros. outsource. It's decades in the making.…
and it can be stopped. Rate is way higher than people think.
see now you just sound like your ignorant leader!
why because I'm in charge of outsourcing for one of largest Mfg in USA?
oh now you're just sounding like the same arrogant dolt your leader is! Bye ignoramous!
Are you moving?
I don't plan on going anywhere
My bad.... was thinking "bye" meant you were moving..
yes it was your bad! You're a rotten peach so I bid you goodbye too!
Ignorant is QE to protect wall street from the recessive debt loop. Print more!
The Donald and his cronies will continue to sell you lies and sell our jobs, he wants votes.
hillary's no different. you're all screwed :)
I'm no fan of Hillary either, they both scare me, just for different reasons.
you and me both. I'm not a US voter, but if i was I honestly wouldn't know
Maybe write in the devil, or Cthulhu instead? ;)
both are better options
who to vote for
Hillary and the stacked corrupt team will keep brainwashing you!
People like Trump sell our jobs overseas. Don't believe that he wants to create jobs for you.
ya, trump is moving our jobs over seas. That shows your intelligence
So being a Wal-Mart greeter qualifies you as an expert in macro-economics?
no, but my outsourcing experience and my degree do
You work at Walmart? Are you a stock boy? Do you sell refugees in those little fun size packs?
Tell Daddy & Ivanka to make their clothes and homeware in the US instead of foreign countries.
Tom knows what he's talking about, he works for the Skittles corporation..
Look to corp exec salaries for jobless nos. Pay workers more, they spend more, create jobs.
That was the greatest BTFOing I've ever had the privledge of witnessi……
lol "working for the largest business" hows bein a walmart cashier treatin you @tom1234west @ProgressOutlook @DonaldJTrumpJr
it's awesome! Your momma comes in and wants to get with me daily! I just give her some free shit
Not in my industry. My clients are now looking at H1Bs. @ProgressOutlook @DonaldJTrumpJr
your losing jobs to automation and corporate greed. Don't worry other ind are creating them
Yes in Mexico India Russia and china. You are correct.
I could keep going, but I respectfully disagree...
that's very few! I am outsourcing all metallics, electronics, service labor, engineering
Oh so you want to complain about job loss when your outsourcing? I dont outsource
yes, I do. If I don't, I don't have a job!!!!! I want to insource!
No wonder you like "Donald the joke's on youforPresident" Hope you still have a job if he wins
Yes path of least resistance..... Excuses excuses..... Where there is a will there is a way.
breaking that path by going out and voting for the first time ever this Nov!
working for Mcdonalds doesn't make you a economics expert
Sorry; 1 more reply: Ah, anecdotal evidence; totally valid; u seriously need to take stats
There are over 14 million more jobs now than there were eight years ago. WAKE UP! READ!
lol, are they the same types of jobs that left? Or are they part time? Get all stats!
Says the guy living in a box
so now we're listening to Walmart workers
lol, wow even if I was you are insulting people with low income! Unbelievable! You are the hater!
employer now. And you act like you know everything about Terror but we know that you don't
no I was insulting you Walmart and the Republican Party because Walmart is America's largest
so working for Walmart makes you an expert? What are you a cashier?
no dumb ass, but if I did why would you put down someone in low income? Why are you better?
I can tell you work for McDonalds. No need to tell us. You prolly live in your moms basment.
lol, no. But you putting down low income people. Must be nice to be better than everyone else
3/250000 imageents from the middle east in the past 15 years have commites acts of terrosim. Do some research.
I'm way older and like slim shady. I also travel the world, we need to be more proactive as a country.
Any favorite Slim Shady songs? 😄. I remember that it is people I'm debating on twitter, so I like to be nice too and respect.
like them all. Workout to his music daily.
Im particular to Stan, Fast Lane, Without Me, The Real Slim Shady, and Rap God. Check out "Animal" by Harry Shotta Show.
the UK doesnt have as good of a vetting process as we do. I gave you a U.S. Statistic and you responded w/ a U.K. Stat.
if you believe we can cry people that have no background your being naive. Our military, FBI and others have warned us.
when you say cry do you mean vet? And they go theough vigorus vetting proceeses. Look up John Oliver on Refugees, its 10mins
yes, sorry. Typo
im 16 and work at Hy-Vee. I was commenting on the fact that you said you worked for a big company. Good job on twisting a joke.
You are such a retard. Just stop.
literally- an ugly, black eyesore of a box- if he lives on daddy's dime.
so you work for Walmart which is losing to e-commerce. Its also hated by younger generations.
you work for GE?
We can keep the illusion of growth if we displace the white majority w/ cheap brown labor! @ProgressOutlook @tom1234west @DonaldJTrumpJr
Yes, then explain to liberals why our economy has been so bad during the last 8 years. Help'em
And,who supports raising the minimum wage!!
one side wants to look like they care about pep and other takes hit for real care
you need to look at cause and effect.
I agree, cut Corp tax so the small biz can pay. They will go out of biz.
We know *exactly* how much (all!) GOP is to blame for slowing the recovery, thanks.
It wouldn't seem so in this case now would it?
Was someone else casting their votes for them? LOL
I have MA in Econ and you're full of shit Only needed when at full economic capacity
@DonaldJTrumpJr@ ProgressOutlook what about the $80,000 per person per year of taxpayers money Fuck that
Ah, yes, @ProgressOutlook; @tom1234west @DonaldJTrumpJr + @realDonaldTrump need math, econ, stats, ethics, biology, polo sci, civics classes
preach your intelligence while proving none of it. Good jorb. Welfare increase != economic growth
be better to take math. Adding people to declining jobs & 94 million jobless equals what?
don't confuse her
Really. So explain why total employment keeps going up.
Dude. You need to move to Mexico! In your thinking, there is tons of empty space there. Gooooo
factually incorrect
hmm... so if you have more kids and you don't earn more money how is household doing. Better?
I refer 2 facts-added private jobs 74 straight months=14.6 million & Bush=net loss 463k jobs
Your numbers are wrong. More Democratic skewed stats.
dem vs repub is wasted time #s r #s Here's another repub…
Reagan's presidency a success. Obama's will go down as complete failure.
I only answer with facts not partisan I graviously exit
No comparing the two. Reagan loved America.
I've never disrespected ANY THAT'S American & patriotic
Being a VETERAN. Now THAT'S PATRIOTISM. You have no clue what that's like.
Actually I do...thx 4 assuming Good luck & again, thank you 4 ur service
Why haven't you answered me? Are YOU a VETERAN?
Are you a VETERAN as well?
I am a vet. U can't question MY patriotism. Ever.
I can when u disrespect our Commander in Chief Thank you for your service
No, u can't. He's done nothing 2 DESERVE my respect. Earned, not deserved.
I love all Americans. Even those who disagree w/ me. Don't respect Obama.
Not my #s...from US Bureau of Labor Statistics. Repub Fortune mag says same
if Obama can't raise a stat, he'll change the way we look at it.Fasism
it will shrink more with jack ass DT with his trickle down economics plan on steroids.
prove. Track record but doesn't work unless you fix trade deals
no one will deal with him this isn't real estate. DT is a con man & he's banking on ppl to be scared into voting for him
you think he's going to "fix" trade deals to do that you have to be diplomatic and have a brain
he has no plans and anything he says he can do he can't fiscally achieve it it would bankrupt our country which he's great at
HELLO, we are bankrupt! Lol... We owe $30tr! That is the problem, Obama prints money and keeps us a float. Are we really better
not blinded by a fear monger.not afraid of a women pres. Everything not BO/HC fault.DT diverts ur attention.DT knows NOTHING!
I want a women prez, I have 2 girls! Just not a corrupt lying race baiter.
he cheated on his 1st 2 wives & is on his 3rd.All he does is make broad statemnts. he's holding a pep rally for angry America
so now your calling 46% of America angry??? What about Hillary and her Husband still at it! Per CP
she's not. And what gives you the impression that DT is honest? No tax returns. A botched DR note from some quack?
she lies about everything, even small things like landing under sniper fire when small children are handing her flowers!
you think his mouth is ok? If @megynkelly were your daughter would you be ok with what he said about her?
funny thing about this. He is an equal opportunity offender.
look agree to disagree I cannot vote for a fear mongering bigot
agree. I can't vote for a 30 year money hungry, race bating lier. At least we agree on something!
DT is a narcissistic con man and he is dangerous to this country he's not going to fix anything he can't. He has no plans
speeches are all about plans! Hillary's are all about hate and name calling. And bucketing Americans that don't have same op
she has been in the trenches for 30+yrs while DT has been in the cheap seats bitching about US and doing nothing to help
exactly why we can't vote for her!
your either looking for reasons to hate HC or love HC you'll find both but the quest is why look to hate HC so much?
she made over $150M as a POLITICIAN, how is that possible unless something is going on...
she gets paid to speak and if DT could get that much for a speech he'd be on it don't kid yourself
Millions? 1/2 = $500k with Russia during Uranium deal?
her stuff is out there his isn't that bothers me. He's hiding something or he would show his tax returns
with all news and politicians spinning everything, sure he thinks they will do the same to a 12k tax doc. He builds hotels.
don't believe the US is awful,our military is weak,we aren't strong enough and DT claims he's the answer? That's fear mongering
not sure why people think DT is setting in fear when fear already exists because no politician is being proactive.
the unrest of this country started before 9/11 the Internet is where we are weak which is HC point and she's right
he's exploiting it. Using it as a way to say "I told you so" like a child. And to bully and say "no one but me can fix it"
and Hillary is exploiting racism! When protecting Americans is the prez job.
how in the world can you say that DT is causing more division than any other candida ice ever seen
not true. way more policy talks than she has! That's fact. constantly putting out policy speeches. Hc rally him being racist
he is though. He doesn't talk about how
Hillary = gold water girl, super predators! Lol, racist!
nobody called him racist for last 30 years. He isn't. I beat he HATED his black girlfriend.
running for president put his secrets out there but not all of them tax returns?
no joking, did you see this?
HC deleted all her secrets of pay to play from her server. Doesn't take a rocket scientist to see why she had secret server
ok, what about HC racist stuff, why is nobody talking about that?
step back. He spoke bad about Illegals and terrorists. She is taking that and blowing it into racism creating divide. strategy
but he's jumping on the immigrant prob &holding a pep rally but he has no plans he just repeats lines that cause ppl to cheer
DT hasn't made me fear anything. Traveling the world has. My life as a traveler has changed and home attacks are increasing
so let's just blurt out what ever we want & hope for the best? you can have your GOP policies all day but DT is not republican
just read through ur xchange. GOOD to read 2 ppl arguing passionately frm 2 opposite sides w/o name calling. Tk u
he may feel like a strong candidate but his plans will not work all of the financial experts have weighed in
there are financial experts on both sides saying the opposite. Look into. I personally believe it works due to work experience
you don't care about the insane stuff that comes out of his mouth? Is it that PC is causing the problems?
no it's more than that. Be careful with this vote for your girls.If you're angry about things make sure you know DT can fix it.
guess what I hate propaganda all I want to know is who is looking out for my children, this economy and has experience
I am the same as you. Just can't look pass emails and foundation. If they find pay to play not sure how anyone stands with her
emails are a bunch of garbage millions wasted on this witch hunt
bad part her is people can't believe there is corruption. Do you believe OJ was innocent?
absolutely not he did it for sure!
that's a shame because it's all bullshit.
this is just like Hillary's. Both not proven. But I will say $25k verses $25m big difference!
cut the crap
you! 2009 blown up to look like he cut! Period
you like Kennedy? He did it...
it doesn't work! Proven as Ronald Reagan
Final time replyg to u; from whence did u get that bs non-fact? No primary data for u eh? 😟
unemployment is at 4.8% lowest in 40 years economy is strong keep eating the skittles 👌🏽
Depends if you think part time work flipping burgers is a real job
data manipulation!!!!
Economy =/= job market, idiot. Industry has GROWN, while industry jobs shrunk. Automation!
your bio makes 0 sense, republicans are the kings of corruption... so clueless
lol, both are and Trump broke through! Dems didn't let Bernie, much more corruption from Dems
greedy people prefer to pay poverty wages to people overseas than living wages here.
that is a reality! Trade reform could fix that.
Donald Trumps companies are among the greedy companies doing that.
I blame our policy makers for making them earn more by using another country.
'making' them? How were they forced to?
it's forced by less taxes in other countries along with trade not equaling out labor.
I don't blame people for earning as much as they can. That is what America is about. Cont-
that's a lie.
lol will even speak english? Doubtfull. Will live off assistance for decades...
How is that when 60% of our minorities are out of work? Please!
Tom did you and your big co know that baby boomers retire?
naive people!
facts v. dishonest rhetoric,..Vote for TRUMP!
No Tom. Not naive. More knowledgeable than you can imagine.
I outsource work all day long. It's my job. I see what big biz does due to tax and trade
Could things be better, yes. Did we get through a Rec w/o soup lines yes. We are ok.
You're going back 30 years to compare Obama job growth? Let's be real……
"Let's destroy America so predatory transnationals can grow richer off of us! Conservatism!" @ProgressOutlook @tom1234west @DonaldJTrumpJr
Preserving the American nation & heritage trumps chasing the myth of infinite economic growth @ProgressOutlook @tom1234west @DonaldJTrumpJr serious? Critical to economic growth?
jobs are suppose to lead immigration
hey look you're an HRC supporter
Not anymore. We needed immigrants to replace the hard workers which died in WW I and WW II
What???? What jobs will they take? Are u serious?
he said after ww1 and ww2
what is that remark for is this eco101. we have enough workers but not enough jobs.RU ISIS
what surprises me is that an American,if UR one is on the side of Isis and not Anericans
no, you're a moron who knows nothing about economics, Clearly.
yes, legal immigration of viable people is great. The same way that Mexico does, and even Oz
This might surprise you but immigration is critical in expanding Islam, terror, and death.
he doesnt understand stagflation in recession. Feels good w/ 2$ mor @ $3 inflation
haha look at this change of subject. Trash
so is not voting Dem
The garbage that is coming out of your tweets speaks volumes! @tom1234west @DonaldJTrumpJr
this is working off the assumption that you need the immigrants to fill jobs
yiu actually believe that shit @ProgressOutlook other than taking jobs and family business
I'd rather experience economic shrinkage if it means getting less "diverse."
I can tell you've never taken economics class. That only works if they work, not go on welfare
.................LEGAL, LEGAL, LEGAL Why is this word so often left out.....good grief.
immigration is fine, but why can't we take immigrants who are less likely to want to kill us?
No one is anti-immigrant. These are refugees from terrorist infected countries.
Smart, logical immigration, that brings in people who will assimilate. Not murderous thugs.
Not when the unemployment rate is so high.
You seriously say Immigration is critical for expanding economic growth? Are you retarded?
Cons afraid they're going to take all the terrorist jobs away from co……
Born and raised citizens engage in violence every day, your reasoning makes no sense.
Yeah. It couldn't possibly be compassion & human decency. You're projecting again.
Yeah, you sure are!
You're right. I'm projecting my compassion & decency. 😉
Backwards, upside down liberals.
ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
Are you actually making this about Voter Suppression???? *Head-Desk* @ProgressOutlook @DonaldJTrumpJr
hey mr Mensa you're a DIWE
no, I'm not a Device-Independent Web Engineering
LOL Dick With Ears
Good point. @DonaldJTrumpJr probably thinks this. Too bad that has no connection with reality
4 votes they don't care
that doesn't matter! He was vetted...
ok so what? 15 years and nothing then a guy goes nuts, what would you do? 15 years ago
don't wet yourself, wow you are scared of the boogeyman aren't you? @ProgressOutlook @DonaldJTrumpJr
no, more scare of people with no common sense like you.
sleep tight, hopefully the monsters under your bed let you get some rest sister @ProgressOutlook @DonaldJTrumpJr
only thing that would scare me near my bed is you! Coyote ugly
don't 4get the Tsarnaev brothers. Russians warned us about them and we still let them do jihad
At age 7. Know any 7 year-olds capable of holding deranged and perverted ideologies? @tom1234west @DonaldJTrumpJr
little solders
is that what your saying? Obviously they have adults with them. You think they are brainwashing their kids?
Those fleeing violence and death are hoping for a better life, not more chaos. @tom1234west @DonaldJTrumpJr
do you have any friends in Germany or England? I do. Not saying all but a lot causing issues!
no huge influx in terrorism in any place
you just want free shit. Stfu
Yeah no shit issues crime and shit comes up when pple live in complete poverty. There's still
so basically living in the US for 15 years turned him into a terrorist.
so are you saying his faith and upbringing by his parents did?
He was radicalized on #AmericanSoil #America radicalized him. He was radicalized at home.
u r a meathead
oh, and we radicalize people or the Muslim faith?
Your toxic attitude towards any non-Christian faith #radicalizes them. Look to your #CheetoJesus @ProgressOutlook
oh, somebody else's fault he wanted to kill people! Funny
No. The step to kill is his to take. The push that set him on that path is provided by American attitudes. @ProgressOutlook
lol, ok...
If you refuse to see it, fine, but #racism and #bigotry lead to #radicalization and #Trump isn't helping @ProgressOutlook
In any even, you seem to feel posting memes ends an argument, so have a good day! @ProgressOutlook
i think Dems are racist. Their policies hold people down and they create divide. It's their strategy
Which policies do you believe to be racist? @ProgressOutlook
trade, education, drug war, welfare, planned parenthood. Big list. Lack of education and jobs biggest issue
helps the poor who can't afford health insurance and provides valuable sex ed which schools don't. @ProgressOutlook
The Drug War was started by Richard M Nixon. @ProgressOutlook
Richard Nixon back again RT @Awetitu: @tom1234west The Drug War was started by Richard M Nixon. @ProgressOutlook
Trade, as in NAFTA? That was under George HW Bush. @ProgressOutlook
Clinton signed it in.
It's a matter of timing. The architect was Bush, as behooved an incoming President, Clinton saw it through. @ProgressOutlook
so, he really put it through. But doesn't matter, it's here and killing us. Water under bridge
ok, we believe in 2 different things. I'm ok with that. I want my kids to have jobs in 15 years.
You're lucky you've had children. We both still want jobs, though, that's a start. @ProgressOutlook
Negotiations for NAFTA started in 1990 under Bush, and when it came in to force Clinton was in. @ProgressOutlook
I'm not a Rep or Dem! Trade works but the deal itself doesn't equal out wages!
Fair enough, but that in and of itself doesn't make it a racist policy, does it? @ProgressOutlook
no, it creates racial issues. Takes jobs which kills low income $ which kills schools
It also increased export from $125B to $600B and import from $150B to $575B @ProgressOutlook
I lived in MA, NH, TX and now PA. Every where I go we are losing good paying jobs for McDonald's work.
Bills that pass have to be accepted by the majority, yes? Who controls the House and Senate? @ProgressOutlook
Also, about foreign donors, but #TheTrumpFoundation doesn't publish. I guess we'll never know, like his taxes. @ProgressOutlook
Just a question for you about that meme, Tom - isn't #Trump a #WallSt guy? @ProgressOutlook
no, he is not a banker.
ask yourself 1 question. How does a POLITICIAN make 200M or what ever she made. That is not made up.
Ask yourself 1 question-Is a guy you can goad with a tweet one you want with his finger on the nuclear button? @ProgressOutlook
Aw, that's adorable. @ProgressOutlook
do you honestly believe that one vetted person who committed means all these people are bad?
I bet the native Americans wish all white men coming to North America had been vetted!
what a stupid comment! I do bet they wished they were vetted.
so are you saying you want us killed off like the native Americans. I WASN'T ALVE!
I'm saying that the USA was founded on immigration and we should continue. They are vetted!
Not "us". Just you.
I'm part Native. U found some losers here, Tom. Stupid can't be fixed.
LOL! Just realized @ILoveHillaryC blocked me! Just another weak dem is my guess
you are right, can't fix stupid! But we have it our best shot! Lol
Agreed!! It's a calling for some of us to try, anyway!! ☺ And thoroughly exhausting at times!!
I finally feel like someone has broken through the corrupt politics. It is frustrating!
I agree! Sick of PC & estab putting Americans LAST! Sick of their lies, pandering, etc..
and Timothy McVey was born here....whats your point?
For all intents and purposes he was young American guy at age when he could have become Cont'd
Cont'd to manifest, bipolar, schizo, break from reality No different from other mass attacks @tom1234west @ProgressOutlook @DonaldJTrumpJr
radicalized, open to fantasy of heroism. Also, age when serious mental illnesses begin Cont'd @tom1234west @ProgressOutlook @DonaldJTrumpJr
Vetted at 7. That's pretty funny. Not!
and that makes it ok? He had made 3 trips to his native Afghanistan!
So now we're going to stop people from travelling because of their national origin? @Deplorablekat @tom1234west @DonaldJTrumpJr
YES YES YES its the american way, carter did it roosevelt did it. open door is not a priv.
... Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan during WWII.
... Good policy to block even visitors from hostile nations. See US policy on
... Correct. Carter did it successfully with Iranians, Obama did it too; Iraq.
no, we're going to temporarily stop them from coming into this country until can b prop vetted
already are properly vetted for 18 months. What about US citizens that kill?
they are not vetted 18 months
yes they are. It takes alot to get in this just refuse to know.
Immigration withOUT assimilation is INVASION. 15 years & vetted --still hated Americans. @tom1234west @DonaldJTrumpJr
You sound like the borg
so I take it you speak Ojibwe, since your family assimilated in Minnesota
😘 on top of that, we dressed like the natives and attended school like them. @ProgressOutlook @tom1234west @DonaldJTrumpJr
yeah, that's not the same thing
please tell me how you were treated the last time you tried to eat at a restaurant in little Mogadishu @tom1234west
& btw... I'm guessing you're not a woman so ordering food at a Somali restaurant wouldn't be an issue for you. @tom1234west
I'm guessing I don't care
ok genius ! Tell me what is assimilation???@ProgressOutlook @tom1234west @DonaldJTrumpJr
I don't particularly care
So 4. STFU You haven't a clue about assimilation. @tom1234west @DonaldJTrumpJr
3. Treating all women as beneath the men. .... Bottom line you "don't particularly care" @tom1234west @DonaldJTrumpJr
yes, trump is such a feminist
trump has more women in high level positions than HC.
good for him. He's still a prick
listen & try to stay on topic, I know this is hard for you & the narrative you want to push @tom1234west @DonaldJTrumpJr
We are talking about MUSLIM assimilation in the US. Do you have any useful statements to add? @tom1234west @DonaldJTrumpJr
I'm not pushing any narrative.
1. Not teaching us history or law instead teach sharia law. 2. Not learning English. @tom1234west @DonaldJTrumpJr
you're wrong. Sioux . Are you even aware how many tribes were in MN? @ProgressOutlook @tom1234west @DonaldJTrumpJr l
I mean he got a piece of paper, that's a major metaphysical transformation, he should be one of us now! @ProgressOutlook @DonaldJTrumpJr
It's almost like the concept of a "proposition nation" is utter bullshit or something! @ProgressOutlook @tom1234west @DonaldJTrumpJr
he was still vetted wasnt he?
So you're saying that we've been doing a bad job of vetting for 15 years.Youre very right.
So what? Tom was right and you have been proven a liar. You don't even admit you're wrong.
this is the weakest cop-out excuse I've read today. Pretty pathetic reasoning.
your statement was still usual dumb ass nevertrumper. Lie more,cause that's working
and was reported by his father 2 yrs ago.
You just said no vetted refugee committed terrorism. So which is it? @ProgressOutlook @tom1234west @DonaldJTrumpJr
Provide your source for that.
2/2 with a vetted refugee than many gun-owning American-born citizens. Less chance of death
but when told that the refugees cant be vetted what do you do?
Source? Vetted refugees are less likely to kill than American-born citizens
lets move all the unvetted refugees in your town. Is that ok?
OTOH, I live 30 min from Dearborn - the largest Muslim pop. in America.
soon you won't be able to go there if the same thing happens here as Euro
Terrorism makes the headlines, but it's an incredibly small % of total deaths
agree. Most people are comfortable with any chance
2/2 Islamist violence barely even moved the needle compared to American-born killing
1/2 in 2010: France had 0.6 homicides per 100K; USA had 5.3.…
Brian, you think you are going to point facts out about euro?? Lol
I just did. And I posted a source. Do you have a specific comment?
We don't need refugees to be one of the most violent industrialized nations
You're saying I can't go to Europe? You might want to check murder rates there vs US
Considering there are no unvetted refugees, that's fine.
s what do you suggest when we cant vet them?…
2/2 You do realize your link says the "we can't vet them" claim is mostly wrong?
yes but read it
2/2 standard, then take guns away from all Americans. No background check is perfect
America has criminal records to reference. Syria has little 2 none. Roll the dice?
1/2 Are you referring to the comment that the system isn't perfect? If that is your
1/2 Uh, we don't allow them in. coming to a city near you.
im sure Brian is game
source lol. Lets not talk ok
Backing up your claims is funny? Logic: you're bad at it.
1/2 How do we vet the Americans responsible for 10K gun homicides each year? I'd rather live
WTF? He was 7 years old! I think his worldview changed since then Also possible mental illness
Something tells me a white christian had stabbed 8, he'd be considered a misguided teenager.
I'm not sure how you'll take this news, but actual citizens commit even worse crimes all the time.
so that's how you justify immigrant violence? Because Americans do it too? Sad lol
RIP your capacity for rational thought
Natural citizen criminals act out of poverty, which welfare candidates only seek to increase. Mor freebies!
Dahir Adan was from Somalia, not Syria..
same vetting process. Your point?
the original post was about Syrian refugees and you brought him up, so I was just clarifying
And how many natural born Americans have killed? Maybe we should ban anyone born here too.
which is why we need to enhance the vetting process & halt immigration from high risk nations.
Pretty good, don't you think?
so you are saying there are no sleepers here? Also look into caught before act! FBI disagrees!
I'm sorry. That isn't an answer to my question. Is that a good success rate or not?
you think a good success is "only a few people were killed" lol great stance!
Except no one has died. What are you talking about?
Also, he was 9 when he came here. Not like he had the idea to commit any crimes then.
his dad has to come trough, you obviously don't know much about him.
In fact, bringing up his dad just makes my point stronger. His dad wasn't a terrorist. The screening worked, right?
America is the real terrorist and everyone knows that,” she ranted. you have ADD? Seems like you find it difficult to stay on topic
Don't even know what you're talking about with these last two tweets...
“I will never forget it. May god bless those who helped my son,” she continued. “My son is the best of the best.”
Yeah, his dad did have to come through. But his dad isn't a terrorist. So what is your point?
Not a refugee and didn't go through the refugee system. Try again.
went through same process! Asylum. Your funny, you think they have different processes?
Well, yeah. Because they aren't the same process.…
no, needs to be zero!
And yet, that is literally impossible. So I'll just say it for you: Yes, it's good
1 out of the some 700k refugees we've let in since 9/11. That is a 0.0000014285% failure rate.
Obama called Bush a traitor for a 9 Trillion dollar debt. Now at 21 Trillion & Silent Media ??
Dahir Adan was not vetted when his family immigrated to US because he was only 2 mo old smfh
he was Somalian, not Syrian, His father gave him up to the police and no one died. That's not even one skittle.
he was TWO years old when he moved to the U.S.
in which country ? And if your that commited to keeping Trump out maybe when he wins U lev us
thank you the guy was/ is an American
the knife attacker was a Somali immigrant
Who lived in America for more than a decade, making him an American, for all intents and purposes. @mkohlrogge @tom1234west @DonaldJTrumpJr
so he was a Muslim who used Islam to try and kill. Also talking abt letting more in what can b expected EU
hope you wake from your coma.
In fact, the refugee program was forced to be halted exactly because vetted...
...refugees let into the US had committed acts of terrorism, and were plotting more
there were no terrorist attacks on the us by Muslims until Obama took office. It's a FACT
WTC bombing? Empire State Building shooting? 9/11? Beltway sniper?
And no Syrians involved in any U.S. attacks.
Except for that kinda big one. Syrians vetted for 18 months before they come.
coming here? These are lone wolf attacks by US citizens. Hows Trump stop them?
all of Obama's 8 year term he's been quoted defending Islam while taking Christian values away
What christian values has he taken away? Stop believing all the crap you read on internet--educate yourself.
He is talking about Islamic terrorists. You believe in some boogieman version of Obama that doesn't exist.
And do you know who he is referring to, in that quote you list without context? He is talking about terrorists.
ok, thank you for the correction. But nothing like what's going on in Europe & coming here
Yeah, who undertook the NY & NJ bombings? Non-Trump-looking Americans. Guess I'm screwed.
Actually, no. But I'm sorry facts don't align with your shameful world view @Lead_Farmer7 @tom1234west @DonaldJTrumpJr
Tsarnaev. Sound familiar? Boston Strong, faggot!
This means we aren't vetting every refugee. Or am i mistaken? Your turn.
It means you don't know what you're talking about :/ @CrusaderIntel @tom1234west @DonaldJTrumpJr
I suppose he was just fucking around too!
Later, in an interview, a CIA op. that was put on that investigation stated that they estimate 10% are ISIS.
Should we listen to the director of the CIA or your bias ass? #GTFO
John Brennan said, under oath, that IS militants are mixing in with refugees.
And then are vetted out. That's kinda why we vet. @734_365 @tom1234west
The shit vetting process is a joke. Why do Liberals risk EVERYBODY'S saftey because of there own beliefs?
The process got reduced to 3 months. BTW...
What the hell do you think the IS does? Applies for refuge in an uniform and a passport that says ISIS on it?
Key look another person who would like to let in unvetted refugees to America!!
(Possibly sensitive)
Wow. It's your kind of dangerously naive thinking @ProgressOutlook that allows attacks here
and your point is??
this person is totally blind and has no idea what he/she is talking about.
this is stupid the San Bernardino people were so your wrong and you have no idea how many
your mother got vetted, was she committed?
spending billions on refugees when we have homeless soldiers pathetic dems
I know right. All that money spent on roads 2 & military & education & retirees
Sweden's rape statistics have gone up 1,400% after letting them in.
bullshit one just did it today only problem is the cops in New York been killed a bastard
Correct That Record!1!1!1!1!!1!1!
let's try this one is said of America we R all immigrants.then hrc is a terrorist 4 beng
Tell that to the Boston Marathon and San Bernadino Victims
Does the Tsarnaev name ring any bells? How about the 20 9/11 terrorists? #OverStayedVisas
what about the San Bernardino Bride?
no the refugees have only been here six months how about the others that came in over years
Do more research before we open our big fat mouth
Germany Mass Rapings Japan Same Thing.
As if sexually assaulting our children isn't bad enough.... smdh @tom1234west @DonaldJTrumpJr
your initial comment looked good at first but lacked the integrity to withstand the debate.
If we're being honest, two have...out of about 750k. That's a huge bowl. :)
ISIS itself said they were going to infiltrate the refugees. Look at Europe today
Plenty of violent crimes .. GA trying to deport.…
yet....that's the point
more people have been married to Trump than killed by Syrian refugees. 3x more.
c-suckers vetted muzzie committed in Minnesota and NY
Must have your head up your azz. EVERYONE is saying these people can't be vetted properly!!@tom1234west @DonaldJTrumpJr
this latest one was born here a American!Last 2 incidents b4 that were vetted refugees!
Give them time ...
rape and murder I suppose are not considered terrorism
so... Wouldn't that mean the terrorists aren't vetted, by your own logic? What a fool. #MAGA
how do you know? You can't just make a claim with no info
So you're the world class expert on refugees and know that for a fact. OK Hillary
bt the way Trump is OK with your plan. Welcome aboard!!
Are Guantanamo prisoners considered vetted because that's at 38% #wakeup
you can't be serious?
this is what happens when you only watch CNN. Good grief
and the Pulse night club shooting was an American. People should look past the media for facts
who's dad hates gays! People really need to look at root cause.
right! Intolerant assholes push people too far
THAT is the root of the problem. If we all had our needs met, this world would be better
I would rather them make money in the States. Obama raised taxes and they became richer
so I believe both sides agree. But increasing taxes doesn't help. They move funds outside US
walk around holding more than half of the world's wealth. They don't care about us.
you want to talk about a root cause? We are pointing fingers at each other while 8 families
-majority of gun owners don't commit crime yet u want more gun control but no border control.
nobody wants to talk ROOT CAUSE Sharon. That's crazy to want to be proactive. Shame on U
gun crime the worst in gun free zones. Almost nil in open carry land
if democrats would stop shooting cops then calling them racist wed be cool
you don't know that for certain
tell that to the recent Manhattan pipe bomb boy...
the CIA and FBI just said they don't have the Means to Vet each one properly! U are a moron !
🤔 the lack of logic astounds! So, non refugees, not mil age males w/ a mandate to kill infidels do, but u think ...?
Incorrect. For example, 200k crimes committing by refugees in Germany. 1.1 mil refugees.
The citizens of France, Germany, and Sweden would disagree with your BS statement.
they will give them time
See recent arrest of NY bomber? Vetted.
Bullshit. Many were made citizens (ultimate vetting) or given visas, and still murdered people
The Horrific Muslim Infiltration Of Britain -
- BUT MANY OTHERS HAVE!!!!! #wakeup
not in America, YET
wasn't the guy that stabbed 9 people in Minnesota Saturday a VETTED IMMIGRANT?
like all people? Is he proposing banning all people now? Like no new babies either?
no, more people have been married to Donald Trump than killed in by Syrian immigrants in US.
You do realize that again and again science has failed to find a link between immigration and terrorism, right
When are haters going to understand that you just CAN'T control EVERY thing? No matter how careful & thorough you are??
No Syrian refugees have been involved in any US terrorism.
...just get your white hood out & be proud of what you are.
of terrorism. 0 successfully carried out a terrorist act. That's from the Cato Institute
over 800k syrian refugees since 01 3 of have been convicted of conspiring to commit an act
Wow, u racist moron;white Americans kill exponentlly more peeps, regularly #blacklivesmatter
That's untrue. Quit being spoonfed by the propaganda.
But white Christian fanatics get to have Burger King in their way to prison.
wtf are you tweeting about. Crazy people!
Tom Mother Fuck Bitch!
wrong. But facts don't matter to you. Or to @realDonaldTrump. He lies for a living.
hmm, where are your facts? Also dig into caught before attack.
Retard alert. More people named "Donald" have killed people than refugees in the past decade.
zero Syrian refugees in America have committed terrorism. Wtf are you smoking?
I guess you could post the name of a Syrian refugee that committed terror here.
- pretty sure that term vetter is used PRETTY loosely...@DonaldJTrumpJr
United States has the most robust and aggressive refugee Vetting of any country
because they don't wanna go anywhere else...but I digress
pretty sure you're just making shit up.
are you? Have you been vetted? Do you know what it entails? Please describe the process
no actually ass wipe it's not but Donny Sr silly 20 questions will do the trick
those are Trix...we're all talking about Skittles smart guy
Receipts for that, please.
"are you a terrorist?" ▫️Yes ▪️No I'm vetted.
just like they vetted that haji in ny ??
the one who came to the US when he was 7?
No they arent. The whitehouse has even stated they cant properly vett them all.
-FBI has stated over & over,there's no way to vet these terrorists,no record keeping in these countries!
Fallacy: There's no way to do anything perfectly, so why bother at all? @RRRoxy @DonaldJTrumpJr
facts don't matter to trump supporters
but they're vetted by Hershey's...they don't know diddly about them skittles
only 4 people here know what vetted means
that's too completed for slick hair
DONALD TRUMP can't grasp that. I in all of my years have NEVER SEEN SOMEONE HAVE AN EGO LIKE DONALD TRUMP.
The Skittles are vetted now, but not if Trump Sr. gets his hands on the FDA. Then they really might kill ya
:).@NeverTrump :) l have yet to see PROOF that they are vetted. Where did you get it.....from HRC???
:). Oh yes...that's the group that used to be HONEST!!
It's so funny how honesty hinges on whether you agree with a decision. @jolee1938 @DonaldJTrumpJr @NeverTrump
or that lying isn't really lying but trump's strategy & sarcasm & memory deficiency
:) sorry to disappoint you, but I agree with the obvious!
that's what they tell you but if you didn't hear 800 so far got in that were not supposed to
And 3 whites can kill you too. No point to be made.
not the ones sneaking across our southern birders not the ones that the current and sneaked in
Syria is a FAILED STATE...what documents are we using to vet these terror...ummm...refugees ??
Really all 110k coming in next year. Doubt it.
And then we find out 800 illegals to be deported were "mistakenly" freed by Obama's Homeland Security.
no they are not vetted where in the world are you getting this incorrect information.
Literally any immigration-involved agency.
BULLSHIT!!! The last bunch of 769 Syrian refugees were rushed through in weeks. A total of 77k. Already.
According to Comey, et al, we have no good way to vet them, even. In 18 months.
what a bloody chutzpah "the apple does not fall far from tree" trump kids like father like son @bannerite @DonaldJTrumpJr
trump kids stop going to My Beloved Africa stop killing animals with 'blood money' bad examples @bannerite @DonaldJTrumpJr
But you have no idea who made the Skittles, where they made 'em or what ingredients were even used—so!😕 @DonaldJTrumpJr
We have food safety standards and vetting standards. @4ChrisPBacon @DonaldJTrumpJr
Thanks for reinforcing my point!👍😂 #SMDH @DonaldJTrumpJr
except when mistakes are made instead of deporting we make them citizens. Oopsies…
Obama doesn't do extreme vetting either. How well has his policies worked? #ChelseaExplosion
He was a US citizen in the country since age 5. Ie, not a vetting problem, a personal problem. @77Madrugada692 @DonaldJTrumpJr
oh yeah you're right... Extreme vetting was policy back then too. 👌🏼😜
I was under the impression the process would take a minimum of 3 to 4 years for the vetting process
18months would be ideal but Obama has sped that process to meet his goal. Politics /party 1st, America 2nd.
really? Our system doesn't work-…
18x0=0 If there is no info prior then 18months is meaningless. If they don't assimilate they stew=unhappy.
Taking 18 mo not same as vetting for 18mos. & Needs default denial if no solid paper/reference trail.
And if you like your Dr. You can keep your Dr. You need to do your own vetting on this issue
they are NOT vetted. FBI admits they can't vet…
FBI says nothing is perfect. Which is true. So why do you step outside? @Deplorablekat @DonaldJTrumpJr
if u r ok with that, vote HRC. I'm not so I'm voting Trump
have you seen what's going on in Europe?r u ok with that?do u want to live like that's? that id what Obama admin WANTS us 2 believe. Dont b so gullible.
Don't believe the FBI! Don't believe facts! Believe my bullshit narrative! TRUTHINESS! @NEarly66 @DonaldJTrumpJr
I bet you are a big George W fan tho. (Worse prez ever) U have two choices douche, Hillary or Donald
and if they don't have proof of identity? Or they lie? They still get through lol
How can they be vetted when nearly all of them have no verifiable documentation?
Sure they are. So what does that prove? Don't let them in then don't have to bet them! Our cultures collide
(Possibly sensitive)
then let's move all the 'vetted' refugees into your neighborhood!
Ha! Vetted? Is that what you call it?
Feds can't vet properly the ones with ID how can they vet refugees? #Hillary made the POINT THIS AM *9/11!
no their not!!!!!!!!!!!
The FBI certainly knows more than you. @himmiemom @DonaldJTrumpJr
I agree to that for sure!!
I'll have you know that Wrigley & Mars Inc. have thorough quality control protocols. Retract your statement @ProgressOutlook @DonaldJTrumpJr
NO they are not I work in the Australian Immigration System & WE have pretty much the #BS System as You @DonaldJTrumpJr
But were they EXTREME! vetted?
Refugees are coming in droves and are not vetted at all. Syrians are granted refugee status w/o question
that's a fucking lie.
oh really not with our half ass president…
no it isn't. Obama has fast tracked to meet a goal
It's an egregious lie!! Here's the truth @Lonewolf0112…
that is NOT happening
they create their own truths as a survival mechanism in the modern world.
Brutal and accurate. They only have to be good to last them out 10-20 years also
How do vet a person from a country where the government offices are blown to bits and all records are gone?
800+ were set for deportation, ooops, given citizenship, now what?
Vetted, like the Zinki gang that beheaded a Palestinian child for shits and giggles and recorded it.
they sure do a good job of vetting these refugees......
lol. What a dumbass. Vetted?
For every pack of Skittles you buy between now and Nov. 8, @Skittles should donate half of its proceeds to support refugees
yeah because vetting works so well. Oh wait, had those 800 get through incorrectly this week?
How do you screen an ideology?
You can shove your Skittles in your #BasketOfDeplorables &take your troglodyte ass & get a job
and it still doesn't work lmfao
that's a complete farce. How are they vetted? There's no data on them.
vetted by whom? The muim brotherhood? Wake up fool
the new refugees are not vetted for 18 months.
no wrong "refugees" NOT Vetted 18 months lol you believe that Stop spewing propaganda!
it's like they don't understand current US policy....
no they aren't you idiot. They get asked questions and wait 18 months for the process to end
last i checked anyone can lie and many do even over small stuff.
That's kind of a bad answer seeing refugees blew up Boston & now NY&NJ tho they lucked out catching b4 boom
been debunked They are not vetted for 18 months, it might take 18 months for an application to get reviewed thats different
tell that to France victims
yeah....right every fucking mass murderer has been "vetted"and we keep burying innocent Americans
If they’re vetted for 18 months & significant #s of terrorists still get in (they have), it isn’t working.
Obviously not well enough. Duh.
What world does your dumbass live in?
Unlike your father's previous campaign managers
This is truly the most mind numbing bullshit I have seen today. But I have faith, the Trumps will top it.
I imagine the manufacturer of Skittles has strong quality controls. Nothing hurts sales lke dead children
your like that Baby Ruth in the swimming pool. A Turd in a punch bowl.
And vetting wouldn't stop terrorists who are citizens, which most have been since 9/11.
Like the #BostonBombers @ProgressOutlook? Vetting like the @FBI admits can't be done? I'd rather take @DonaldJTrumpJr's #SkittleChallenge 🤣
He lived in the US since he was 8. How, exactly, is that a vetting failure? @CircularPastry @FBI @DonaldJTrumpJr
by letting in his fking family??? whats not to get???
What the hell are you talking about @ProgressOutlook? You said “The bowl of skittles aren't vetted. Refugees are vetted for 18 months.” o.O
like the German ones that they said over half of them r unaccounted for
Progress Sleeper Cells can easily get Vetted. 18 months and even 10 years they can be Vetted through.
the Minnesota knife wielder, the NYC bomber, Orlando Ave San Bernardino were vetted idiot.
terrorists coming in as refugees is literally the most impractical way for them to come to the US.
the process for refugees can take up to 2 years & they don't pick the country they end up in (cont)
refugee vetting is done by 3rd party organizations; refugees are assigned a country (cont)
that vetting process is much different than the refugee vetting process. (Cont)
the other married a citizen & became a citizen through those channels. (Cont)
San Bernadino attackers weren't refugees. 1 was born here (no vetting needed)- cont.
Nope. Law enforcement has stated itself it can not vet them properly. Picture says it all lol....
Already -extremely vetted for 18-24 months & 91% are women & children
You mean like the almost deported yet made "accidental" American Citizens Vetted?
Actually, vetting reduced to 3 months to increase flow, and 2 in 10 support ISIS.……
"The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked; who can know it?" Jer 17:9.
that worked well in Minnesota didn't it
Too bad every major person in our country's security apparatus says they can't be vetted properly
Nearly 900 "accidentally" granted citizenship yesterday and you trust gov vetting? #FAIL
vetted by idiots who work for our corrupt government. 😳 Refugees have little or no history to reference.
well I'm certainly glad to know that after 18 months we still don't know which 3 are lethal.
And then they just bide their time, pretend to assimilate, while they do their planning to do harm.
and that works perfectly right?
There is no way to vet these people. It's a bunch of BS. These 3rd world people have no records.
By the same people that gave citizenship to 800 that were scheduled for deportation????
that's where you're wrong refugees started coming in in February 30 day vetting.
funny how out of all those refugees very few are Christians! I wonder why?
Actually, the bomber in NYC came here as a vetted refugee. Grew up here and decided to kill us this wknd @DonaldJTrumpJr
And yet we still have bombinhs.
You must be okay with all the terror attacks. Only hope you & your family stay safe from these terrorists.
was Dahir Adan vetted?
& our bowl has 748k Skittles & of the 3 bad Skittles, 2 left the bowl since they didn't like the good ones.
So which 2 attacked America over the weekend? Guess we have nothing to worry about then. Thx
Sure they are. And if you want to keep your doctor you can. Don't believe the Obama Admin. lies!
No the are not! The same government that made 800 pending deportee's citizens is incapable of vetting
Vetting Skittles would be a good job for Jr. if Trump is elected, one he could handle, probably.
The skittles aren't Muslim. They don't ruin the gene-pool and they don't build mosques. Vetting or not vetting.
How can a nation at war with its own people be properly vetted? What an bonafied idiot
And how many times have we been attacked on our land by radical Islam? Some ppl are evil humans. @DonaldJTrumpJr
838 got citizenship instead of deportation. That's the vetting done by Obama @DonaldJTrumpJr
vetted??!? Seriously
The FBI who has known terrorist watchlist yet still misses the targets until after the attack???
vetted??? By the FBI? The very people who couldn't complete an investigation against Clinton???
would that be before or after they enter the country?
what planet are you from?? 18 months?? Really??@DonaldJTrumpJr
even vetted refugees be a threat. Such as the Chelsea bomber and Minnesota stabber