Apple should make a MacBook Pro with the same black finish as iPhone 7, right?
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and a touchscreen
Ceramic MacBook Pro!
I want iPhones and MacBooks in (RED).
and iPad. But never Jet Black
Yes. And they should call it black.
What is a MacBook Pro?
take my money
I'd buy one, and I'm not a big Mac user.
Have been using Macs since 2008
Jesus Christ, yes.
If ONLY for the manufacturing video.
I think they cooked up something special with the new black process, and it wouldn't surprise me if they offered it on the new MBP
That special finish will be called "rattle can black"
It is special because I think Apple cooked up new dying tech to get it as deep and durable as they have. Neat stuff
I think it's more slippery than my 6s and maybe on par with the 6
Congrats on your 250❤️ tweet!…
Apple should make a MacBook Pro with the same black finish as iPhone 7, right?
completely bored with the suite of slippery rounded aluminium slabs.
I tried to get @gak_pdx to anodize me one but you can’t disassemble the display assembly any more.
It's a great way to keep MBP designs fresh without having different designs or electronics. Silver MBP isn't unique like 10 yrs ago
yes please (though more likely it will be a MacBook)
I think we are all collectively over “space gray”
they should make a 17″ mpb in that color. Or any color.
I’ve only wanted it for the last ten years. So yeah.
Holy. Shit. (Immediately starts trying to figure out how to coat his own if they don't.)
Jet or Matte? (please say matte)
I just bought a jet black iPhone, but for MacBooks I mean regular black.
okay yep. I’ve heard great things about Jet Black, especially with how it feels. But yes the regular black for a MacBook would be 👌🏼
jet black 27″ iMac? No fingerprints.
and without a headphone jack!
The matte, yes.
Return of the 'BlackBook'?
How about a ceramic Macbook?
How about a MBP with exactly the same case as the last one but CPU, RAM, SSD from three years into the future? Wow that wd be great.
I said this exact thing at my briefing last week. Got the response you’d expect ;)
I know that response: 😶
BTW I’d probably buy that MacBook, whatever is inside.
matte or jet black?
macbookpro in either black would be stellar
YOU CANT TAKE MY CLASSIC ALUMINUM AWAY FROM ME… I love it but looks like every other laptop.
no because I just bought a MacBook and this will make me sad
and a thinner bezel
This. Exactly this. I would buy a Jet Black MBP so fast.
I think it’s a matter of time obviously
If the rumors are true and they go ceramic, it'll be great if we go back to multiple colors, a la early iMacs.
matte black, yes. Fingerprint black, no.
no. Because then I'd have to buy one.
what will be interesting is if they keep the headphone jack or will they add a lightning port?
Jet Black MBP is an instabuy, I’d pay the $150 black macbook tax as well.
Jet Black iMac
old bondi iMacs would look killer in either jet or matte.
Mac Pro is already Jet Black.
How about just “Apple should make a MacBook Pro”
Dunno, lots of scratches & fingerprints, probably. But maybe that's just me.
you had me at MacBook Pro.
Jet Black or Standard Black? I would largely prefer the Standard Black one.
Black, yes. Jet black, no.
Yes, but at least the Matt black
Don't you think that it will look like a Dell laptop then? 😃
As long as it buzzes under heavy load and has no headphone jack.
I’m looking forward to scratches on that… lol
speaking of which, is the black finish on the Mac Pro the same?
FIRST! (They absolutely must. Such a good finish.)
So will the next iterations of the MacBook come in “Black” and “Jet Black”? Guessing maybe the former but not the latter?
Assuming Batman is a Mac user, he buys the Black MacBook. (Christian Bale, not Ben Affleck.)
Everyone should calm down. @BenAffleck is going to do a great job as Batman.
Will Arnett, not Christian Bale.
The Black iPhone 7 reminds me very much of the black MacBook. Finger smudges and all.
BLACK not Jet Black ;)
If I wasn’t totally exhausted right now, I’d mock up a MacBook that had this theme.
*sigh* I do wish that Nike watch came in red instead of that ugly green
the jet black finish is amazing. Way better than I expected
You guys are thinking too small. Ceramic. Macs.
24k Gold Macs.
I would settle for all of the colors that the regular MacBook gets. A rose gold Pro would be awesome.
As long as they don't remove any ports.
No. White ceramic FTW.
Apple still makes Macs? Are you sure?
I’d totally buy it if so.
they should make a MacBook Pro with a headphone jack 😉
and make it waterproof while they're at it
yes. Out. Sí.
Black or Jet black? Or both?
I was really looking forward to my phone, watch, and MacBook Pro all being space gray. Now what?
yes! Matte black!
agreed!! Matte black MBP would be totally sex!!!
they should make a ‘Mac’ with a kaby lake i7 and a 1080… stop this imac laptop on a desk nonesense
Computer says yes.
they still make MacBook pros ?
+@SQLProApp Yes, let’s hope they don’t waste their resources on upgradeable hard drives and expandable ram…
apple is not really known for building upgradable systems anymore.
the already do. It's the one with the hideous black glossy screen with all the fingerprints 😭😬
Not sure I want a shiny Mac, but I’d take the Matte for sure.
I'm hoping for a MacBook Pro with no ports, keyboard or screen. #InnovationAtEveryLevel
how much darker is that iPhone 7 compared to the dark MB1?
Made of carbon fiber.
yes but not Jet Black. That's too "HP"
think a lot of people just want a new MacBook Pro, they don't care what colour it is.
we have needed a black MacBook since the old plastic 13"
Loved the black Macbook.
a jet black MacBook Pro would be an Insta buy for me.
Yes to the matte Black finish. No to Jet Black.
how about just an updated MacBook Pro, F the color at this late date
omg, stop, I can only get so turned on...
I think I'd prefer the finish of the space gray MacBook...hopefully both?
before we get all fancy with the MBP can we fix the Mac Pro situation? But a jet black MBP would be sweet.
Jet Black would be nice.
Yes. But cases for Macbooks won't.
Jet Black trackpad, fingerprints forever
Also iPad Pro.
YES. I've been wanting this for years.
Matte black yes. 15" glossy black computer? No.
I see a long queue. MacBookPro Stealth.
Isn’t there an assumption that Black is the updated Space Grey?
I'd like to see more of that ceramic color the new Apple Watch has.
Matte black, yes. 1980s high gloss jewellery box black? Not so much.
Also (obligatory): Apple should make a MacBook Pro, yes.
Is there a case for that?
Maybe I missed it but which black did you go with? I went Jet Black and love it.
no, but I'm hoping for a Bondi Blue iPhone 8.