+@SenWarren is right: "The only way that Wall Street will change is if executives face jail time when they preside over massive frauds.”
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be sure to Include the Clinton Foundation Fraud as well...it's just as bad.
So what's stopping you. You're in government. You have the power. Why the lack of action???
Then why do you two support Hillary? She will not divulge her speeches 2 Goldman Sachs, the epicenter of Wall Street
Agreed! As with government. When are you going to take the knife out of our backs and stop supporting #HRC ?
like others.. I'm ignoring your biased and wacko our remarks.. your dead to me..
Serious fraud verdicts (wen indisputable) shd warrant deaþ penalty.
RICO prison seizures
Hillary as u said is owned by Wall Street with Super Pacs. " she is not qualified to be president" YOU ARE SO RITE!!
Yes. Lets fine them to 10 years of playing tennis and eating steak sandwiches.
Hey you two .. who went to prison over the biggest financial crisis ever? The taxpayers got screwed AGAIN, so STHU!
Bring the fucking #Trumpocolypse because I can't bear to see another liberal selling out everything their voters want
Same for people who head up fraudulent Charity Foundations #ClintonFoundation
along with their leader Hillary Clinton
is right the only change that the American people would except is 4 u to give back the 30 Pieces of silver JUDAS
+@jhaletweets If that's true, then why are you supporting Hillary? Sellout.
I would go to jail for it. I am not a bank exec. Or Trump. Rich are pampered. Money buys favor. There is no equality
they tried to get the main culprit but your King stepped in. Shut up you confused loon
When r u going to speak up for oppressed black Bro's and Sis's, Sanders? @SenWarren
prosecute them
Politicians must face jail time. They accepted the bribes in the first place.
why no calling of back up and helo's like for poor innocent man in Tulsa? Here is a REAL criminal.
I am THIS close to ripping off my baby blue bumper-sticker and fucking losing it. Betrayal, unconscionable betrayal.
Time to re-evaluate the role of the "corporate veil" in protecting fraudsters from punishment
Hillary should also be held accountable! Lies, Illegal server, erasing emails, Benghazi , slush fund, pay to play!
+@genecollier Then there wouldn't be anyone left to fill politician's pockets???
substitute Politicians for Wall Street & executives in your statement
in other words, it won't change, since they've almost entirely funded Hillary's campaign!
You both should feel abject shame for pretending you aren't enabling the most Bank owned pet on the block. Shame
What about when a cabinet level person is criminally irresponsible with top secret information?
I've met Purcell, Mack & Pandit. People are serious when faced with jail as a possible consequence. Money is fungible
- You watched @HillaryClinton threaten @CFPB, silence @SenWarren and take @Citi payoff. You lost ALL credibility on this subject
Only problem is she endorsed a presidential candidate who will keep the Wall Street fraud alive and well.
Full support! Hang these crooks up by their thumbs. US Laws must be brought to bare to the full extent. #theifs
Massive frauds? I see that more as a firing squad thingie.
Should we do the same to Presidents for corrupt actions of their Secretaries of State?
Funny I was just think that this morning !
Hillary's State Department sought land deal for Nigerian firm with ties to Clinton Foundation #MassiveFraud @SenSanders @SenWarren
lol lol your joking you spurt clinton no one belive you any moor SIR
+@genecollier What about senators who do the same?
Do you really believe a #PresidentHillaryClinton would support that?
Do NJ residents find irony in @SenatorMenendez preaching ethics & morals to #WellsFargo CEO @TeamCavuto @BeckyQuick @JoeSquawk
A bit, but also as an ex WF employee, I'm glad to see everything we went through to come to public light.
(?) Are you speaking a bout the PRES.USA.SURE SEEM LIKE IT. THE PEOPLE ARE A WAKE.STOP BS.
System too corrupt Wall Street is owned and operated by the very criminals that need prosecuted !
This election we have a choice between George Wallace without his Xanax & Richard Nixon lite, Nixon looks good now.
Reform dumb systems & quit discriminating against whites & wealth. #wallstreet should protest.
but when $$ controls congress - $$ can legislate & $$ can influence. Am I naive? Trump admits as much.
exactly let's make an example of out the Wells Fargo scandal!!! Jail time for the real crooks!!!
Start on Capitol Street with the DNC, then deal with Wall Street
+@SenatorHeitkamp Thank you all for protecting the American people from unbridled corruption and greed.
thank you both for representing reason.
w.w.w. war with wall street!
Why did dems have Wells Fargo Bldg for their convention and how much did they donate to Hillary
if Sec Clinton is Pres will she put them in jail after they paid her billions in "speaking" fees. C'mon #Bernie. <3
lets start with the fraud by politicians!
I agree. Fines way less than how much they made from the fraud is so not cutting it.
That's what I'm talking about, throw their butts in jail and they won't cheat as much. @SenWarren
And the only way corrupt politicians will change is when they face their time in prison... @HillaryClinton
that's what you call a slice of humble pie followed up with a 50 pound sledge hammer.. #ILoveSenator Warren
wrong. Get politician hands out of Wall Street pockets and things will change. Quit acting like you aren't paid too
😨😨😨List of Islamist Nations Who Gave Hillary $143 million in August Alone is Unreal: goo.gl/aARXRx
HA HA HA that article isn't even close to the truth, obviously an alt-right website!!!
Hulk Hogan represents America, you clearly represent conspiracy theories!!!
memes don't make your point, anybody can post a meme
king status bro
that's called PROJECTION!!! You're hilarious. No words, just memes
democratic hedge fund manager. Shocking. Killing it bro
killing it right now bro lol. Your a weirdo
Absolutely true but this election we have to settle for not going back to Jim Crow
Then why the fuck are you supporting hillary clinton?
so it should also apply Hillary.... Lock her up!
Damn right
does that include hiLIARy ????
Or, they should never be allowed to run for office if they LIE about their ethnicity! Massive FRAUD!
Sometimes I think those that intentionally defraud the people & threaten the economy should be charged w/ treason against the US
tell hillary that!
let's make congressmen responsible for fraud perpetrated on their watch also
they should start with @HillaryClinton
isn't fraud already a crime. Shouldn't gov be prospecting those who commit it. Don't leave out Fanny and Freddy
But what did @HillaryClinton promise them instead? Release Wall St transcripts! #JillNotHill #Demexit
Throw their criminal asses n jail! U can bet ur candy ass if this was just a Joe, there wld b justice! #fedupamerican
and you back a nominee who has taken $$$ from Wall Street for giving them "pep rallies"
How about we do the same with politicians?
+@JarrettNYC Hillary is Wall Street wake the f^*k up
thats why all american should #writeinvoteberniesand he can stop the corruption
Better option: throw anyone in jail who ever ran an organization that did anything bad!! Start w every POTUS ever
+@ozhaver Meanwhile both of you get cozy with Citigroup's girl. #WhichWarren #BernieLostMe #DontFeedTheNeolibs
No need to be 'massive' to face jail for normal citizen.
Not true. The better way is to open them up to unlimited liability civil suits with lowered pleading standards.
They need to face massive fines too. Hit them where it hurts. Take away the thing they worship. Money.
How can WS exec face jail when major political leaders owe them favors as they get paid $225K apiece for each speech.
Iceland has been in recovery because they bailed out their ppl, jailed the bankers & enacted reforms. #DNCisNewGOP
Wrong. Why don't you follow your pot dream and just de-criminalize their behavior? Problem solved.
it's called Subverted Sarbanes/Oxley. Ask any CPA.....protects execs.
Speaking of massive fraud, how are you doing with your three houses?
+@TFremontUW meanwhile you endorsed Hillary when she'll never ever do that. So speaking of frauds.
quit tweeting and get going on this. The American people support your stance, just need action from you and congress
how about making fines exceed profit gained by illegal activity?
When shielded from punishment, integrity only thing that protects us from bankers - and they have no integrity.
what protects us from gov
+@SenWarren is right: "The only way that Wall Street will change is if executives face jail time when they preside over massive frauds.”
And how is that done with a Mrs. Goldman Sachs as President..?
It won't happen unless serious changes are made in the FBI and DOJ
hillary should be locked up too
Does that include Treasury Secretaries? This... youtube.com/watch?v=eiWs6T…
Then stop supporting Hillary, who is bought and paid for by those executives. #RescindYourEndorsement
The only way politicians will change is when they face jail time when they preside over massive frauds #coughcough
yes jail time and the fines should go to the us regular ppl that at the bottom. We sure would like to eat good 4once
+@paulbarger seems that the same could be said for the killing of unarmed black men in this country.
lmao...You & warren capitulated to the massive fraud that is Hillary Clinton...
Yes And Wall Street is in the tank with Hillary. She is corrupt.
both of you keep the pressure up to make them accountable
+@divemate if u believe that #JackLew #EdDeMarco #TimGeithner #HankPaulson would all be up on charges for GSE theft
And what about politicians like @HillaryClinton spending time in jail?