These streaming millennial criminals, or what we call “striminals,”
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+@FxSql I'm excited for the new Internet Crime Drama where a team of experts tracks down "Striminals"
my mom was watching a show like that and they were talking about ICQ in the most serious way like chill it's ICQ
+@fourhman You'll love this one, Joe.
+@EdenBelmont this is the stupidest campaign ever. Thanks MPAA.
+@Samael101 what's your reason for watching movies while drawing stuff on
+@mattdpearce This needs a Law and Order SVU @FINALLEVEL ("Ice T") Meme like no other.
+@sharknoises Hahahahaha 69 though. (Appropriate reaction? I think so. *goes back to illegal streaming or whatever*)
You've been watched by, you've been streamed by, a cool striminal
+@pieandbeans 69% of millennials are the sex number
+@_bigjerk at first: "haha good one, no one would actually pen that" but then
strime is strimulating
+@sam_kriss and we are always going to get it because we are good at internets
+@AMWUFFY it doesn’t help that the what, when, and where aren’t often provided by the companies that produce the content.
+@inspectorvector Won't somebody please think of the strildren?
+@inspectorvector with 4G you can be a smooth striminal..... #GetMyCoat
+@remotevoices Are Millienials ruining shitty geo-locked streaming media policies? [Gods, I hope so]
easy to mock when you're a *checks best practice guide* ... Knock-off Nigel?
+@AMWUFFY "young millennials"
If many media providers didn't make it so difficult to access their products, people wouldn't go elsewhere to find it.
+@ADAMATOMIC Not to be confused with "smoominals", or smooth millennial criminals.
+@Lewmzi You've been struck by, a smooth striminal!
I think they mean 69% of young millenials use YouTube, Pandora + others; and 60% use their parent's Netflix, Hulu, etc
+@mattdpearce I'M YOUR I-STREAM MAN...
+@XainZero try new Toaster Striminals
+@DatDaisy person is too excited to try to coin a term
+@derektmead you've been hit by you've been struck by
+@jdl_werewolf snake people or what we call "Sneople"
+@pmarca Good. I could watch some strimi.
+@mattdpearce Michael Jackson: "You've been hit by, struck by, what I call a 'smoominal'."
Not on my damn watch.
Buddy, this is what I came here for
I didn't choose the striminal's life; the striminal life chose me.
now strealing in HD
watching one right now tbh
+@pmarca a) 69% != 60% b) "young millenials"? (is there another kind?) c)… d)
also the quality from legal sources is often fucking garbage
i've paid for HD stuff on amazon and paid for streaming services and then the quality is often trash
when the choice is "perfect quality and free" vs "shitty quality and paid" then, well...
really sucks for when i want to pay to support something i like and they give me no good choices :/
the oatmeal comic tho!...same for everything; music, games, tv, movies. Paying customers get punished...
allegedly millenial as a phrase refers to anyone born post 1980, so if the older ones are 36, then yeah there'd be 'young'
It says “Of that group,”
How many percent? ...Nice.
+@psygnisfive you've been hit by.......... a smooth striminal
+@pmarca was this self-reporting? 90% of males millennials hav giant penis
ahhahaha oh god i almost certain that was written as a joke but then it got by the editor and welp
reports like this are great because they show the increasingly desperate attempts of old media to get their heads round modern kids
guess I'm a young rebel, or Yebel, now. *sigh* portmanteaus suck.
thanks, striminals. thtriminals.
stream criminal -alien ant farm
i thought that meant ppl who violate noise ordinance with grass cutting
whatthefuckamireading.jpg user experience is god! content availability #1! so let's figure out how to force ads
they have this huge fuckin study of potential customers and then just ignore them. why are these people in business
(this is from a report by @anatomymedia on ad blocking and tv piracy, melodramatically entitled "Millennials At The Gate")
oh my god it is real
you're making this up
you can almost see 2 entire words of content on this page
With websites like that, I wonder who DOESN'T use #adblock'ers... @hilare_belloc @anatomymedia
pssst Firefox mobile supports plugins, so you can block ads on your phone/tablet
Not an Aged Care newsletter?
you've been hit by
It’s ridiculous to imply that this is criminal activity. Instead, how about USUC (“Users of Streamed Unauthorized Content”)?
"Why do people use Ad Blockers?" "To avoid Ads" is supposed to be some sort of deep insight into our evil brains
+@willmenaker A "whopping" 60%. Golly, that sure is a lot.
+@BRENTHOR they watch dumb ass movies for free, and the cops can't even arrest them
not calling them 'criminal streamers' or 'creamers' is a missed opportunity IMO
+@Juicebox_FGC are they smooth striminals tho?
+@pixelatedboat the way they say "they watch what they want, when they want" sounds so petulant.
let's "take back" striminals like racists "took back" deplorable
+@pixelatedboat Strime doesnt pay
+@willmenaker The tall, thin ones, generally the most wily, are known to those in the crime biz as "strallthiniminals."
+@willmenaker First they came for the bar soap, and I said nothing.
My parents stream illegally way more than I do
What do you call that feeling when you have cringe exhaustion, but additional cringe causes to lose health points?
(Possibly sensitive)
cause I'm a STRIMINAL
+@plentyofalcoves the tronc of the underworld
you've been hit by, you've been struck by, a smooth striminal... or what we call "smoostriminals"
+@Asher_Wolf why not strilleniaminals?
too many syllables
true, I've been trying to say it out loud since I wrote it.
+@livebeef welcome to the new normal, entertainment companies. Deal with it
that sounds like that snake people meme omg I goose that's a joke
because if you think I'm paying $150/month to watch Game of Thrones you're out your godamn mind
sorry that we are knowledgeable enough to not pay $50/month for cable + $50/month for internet + $50 for the HBO package
and what about the old millenials? Why is nobody talking about them?!
+@Ploddish You've been hit by, you've been struck by, a smooth striminal
That's happened to me before - it's really painful…
+@Zennistrad 70% of baby boomers wish they could figure out how.
Damn millennials,
but what does a striminal eat to stay in...strim? And why isn't it streaminal?
+@StphanieTheBest *Fiona Apple voice* 🎵 What I need are some good torrents, cuz I'm feeling like a striminal~🎵
Also the word "striminals" is a bigger crime against the human race than any illegal streaming.
+@StphanieTheBest Them Smooth Striminals!
How about giving the video industry a huge middle finger?
+@RichStanton you've been hit by... you've been struck by...A Smooth Stiminal
+@AlmightyBoob Striminal Minds new on CBS
+@nicole coming soon: "Striminal Minds"
+@DoneRandomLee I have never - and I mean NEVER - heard the term "striminals" before :|
think they hoped it'll catch on. Doubt it
+@MrsGreatnews mate you’ve outdone yourself
do i know you?? Jk
The sad irony is that the song was illegally downloaded by smooth striminals.
+@Vicas3 You've been hit by You've been struck by A smooth striminal
Also known as YouTube users?
oh fuck they found that millennials use youtube
+@DavidGX Somehow that's worse than "Sneeple" for "Snake People"
+@dsturnbull this is a word crime worse than stories with a z
That's right. Fuck Comcast.
Not as though they work, how would they pay?
God damn, they really hate the idea of freedom. Like that is the main takeaway. @hilare_belloc
+@redbloodphill they might be able to avoid this issue if they didn't make people wait weeks or even months to stream legally.
+@MTTloveshisfans correction: 69% of young millennials are broke
Who is this mysterious "we" who is alleged to call them that?
You've been hit by You've been struck by A smooth striminal
+@necrosofty *GASP* we made it a crime for ppl to rip their legitimately purchased media and now there are CONSEQUENCES?
+@YaNanous I'm younger than I thought then!
where is this from? It's amazing!
Stop trying to make striminals happen, Gretchen!
+@antumbral This cannot be real I'm pulling a "replace your reality w/ my own" & saying no, we have not reached this point.
+@messhof stop right there striminal scum
You wouldn't download a car...