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Just another vapourware hardware!
May be shift to platform focus--every Pixel branded device would run Android the same as every MS Surface runs Windows.
#Google may make #Android proprietary in 2017 and blame Oracle when developers complain.
Google Android – Closed Source
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that's the real question. I hope it is a true product strategy and direction. Ref Pixel C.
It’s the latter, in a big way.
Irrelevant in sales, relevant to developers. Three small dots on Pixel by camera = VR motion/spatial tracking? Hmm...
little point developing for something with no sales
Development for chipset- specific integration scaling across Android ecosystem. {Snapdrago/Daydream/Tango}
android fregmentation is a mess that 'll only be solved by adopting apple's modl by building both software&hardware by google
irrelevant? the 6p is still popular a full cycle later
there are rumors that the Pixel phones will not have stock Android. @google might add light layer on top.
however even with a new product strategy, will still stay irrelevant IMHO.
Why is Nexus so irrelevant? I know I'm an Apple rounding error but I have one + Project Fi and wouldn't change for anything.
none of us know but it sounds exciting and hopefully is thought through and I will buy an XL anyway to see ...won't you?
if Google wants to sell HW, it should start by learning what selling HW is actually like. They don't know.
Are you sure mysterious cargo ships illegally moored in SF bay isn't the trick? :)