I can see lots of issues w/ Android that might be solved if Google went closed-source or sold phones itself. Harder to see benefit to Google
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i can see the selling phones part but why the closed source?
i see, can't get the dumb handset makers to leave it alone
it's been fragmented for years. It's pretty clear Google has given in to Apple & investing in what comes after smartphones
it might be that hardware weren't so important as software which is also outweighed by the power of mobile ecosystem
Today, Android is effectively closed source: Google moved major functions & features to Play Services and proprietary apps.
well, they are sacrificing profits selling phones to get edges by having better penetration, I.e. more people using Android
it's all about dat collected data
I think Richard missses the difference between Android and GMS, and between Google and Android
I lament that Richard isn't on Twitter
When they can build a self driving car, what is stopping them from building their own phone?
Can you name a few of those issues please or point to an explainer you might have written before?
Android has huge hardware fragmentation that’s *inherent* to selling from $50 to $800. A Nexus/pixel strategy doesn’t change that
And why would you think it’s supposed/meant to?
Android software fragmentation is arguably not a huge issue for Google given most search stuff is in GMS, updated every week or two
The big Android fragmentation/control issues are security (due to lack of OS updates) and VR (which isn’t mass-market for several years).
One should always remember Android is a tactic, not a strategy. Google is about reach.
... they're using the higher end hardware to prepare for VR (but then obviously it's more of a strategy shift than a tactic).
Agreed, but the Pixel line never fit with Google's broader strategy either. Bringing it to Android could be a tactic if...
So has Google changed strategies that would require new tactics (own hardware)?
“What does Google need on mobile?” ben-evans.com/benedictevans/… ♻️
but over time more people who can afford high end smartphone will switch to apple.lets be honest none of those who 1/2
I’m a lifelong iPhone user that switched from Apple to Samsung because the S7 Edge is a better phone.
do you really enjoy the apps that are full of bugs and slow performance even with higher specs?!
I’m very happy with my decision so far. No complaints. Performance is excellent. @BenedictEvans
I prefer a more stable os with less fragmentation that power the developers to build way better apps
To each his own. I’ve been much happier with the Samsung and I’ve used iPhone for years.
I'm much happier with my Win 10 AU Lumia 950 XL Dual SIMM. EXERYTHING, work and home, on same OS.
it is only because the camera and display right?in terms of performance iphone is way better check this youtube.com/watch?v=3-61FF…
+@YouTube the Note is driving about 4x the pixels compared to the iPhone. Makes a big difference on the games.
that extremely high amount of pixels is just unnecessary when it affects the performance that much
this is a one year old phone vs the latest from samsung (a part from the battery issue) the difference is insane
battery issue alone is enough for me to ditch the iPhone
totally agree with you the battery is so bad in the current iphone :)
I have the Edge not the Note, I was referring to the terrible battery life for iPhone
I know and I was serious the iphone battery with lack of fast charging is so bad apple needs to work on that
I own both phones so I’ve had plenty of chances to compare.
has 50$ to 300$ phones are satisfied google can get money from selling high end phones like apple and make a
great user experience and let small players be responisble for extra cheap phones
I have a Nexus 5X that I got recently and I'm pretty satisfied..I wouldn't pay twice + earbuds 4 mtly the same
+@gassee Isn't it better for the world that there are smartphones of essentially the same platform from $50 to $500.