Either Thomson Reuters is being painfully honest or someone doesn't really get how a Venn diagram works.
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+@myfear it is used to confuse the innocent and protect the guilty or is the other way around? Anybody's guess ....
+@pyker One vote for "Painfully Honest." #BadVenns
oh. Yeah, I didn't do that. But for more Venn fun, follow @vennsplain
business graphics use mathematical designs (topologies, sets, etc.) only to amaze, not to communicate
+@BullionBaron I can't even think of a narrative where this makes sense.
No, mass media really is that sketchy. @mimismartypants @connyb
+@leashless As someone who was a sub-contractor for them 15 years ago, at least back then I would have said "both"
+@GrayConnolly goes really well with the toilet swirl logo
Dunno, looks pretty accurate for most organizations
+@GreatDismal venn diagrams aren't always proportional. They just visually enumerate logical relations (intersections, etc)
I believe that's why the "painfully honest" qualification is there.
Or they don't even know what a Venn diagram is.
They missed maths class that day. It turns the graphic into a very brand and reputation damaging tool.
+@mastodon Seems a bit generous to Thomson Reuters.
+@ghostinmarble This IS the company that willingly embraced a toilet-flush logo. Some graphic designer out there is a hero!
+@bokmann I think they stole that slide from @WellsFargo
OMG! That is hilarious!! Love me some Ven Diagram humor
thank you, I needed that
The amount of text used made this an amazing coincidence I suppose
+@4Dgifts Come on, there is clearly *some* overlap.
+@mlse "make it look like they're holding hands"