oh hey look at the date today
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he may have delayed, @realDonaldTrump , but he never lied about why he was concealing it, you knuckle-dragging twit
Yep! Guess we should see those tax returns any minute now...
Hey, give @realDonaldTrump a break - Every con-man knows you don't show the details to your tricks!
but he's not establishment. He's anti-establishment.
What day is it? Candidate tax reveal day!
It's now or never.....the deadline has approached!!
yeah, but he's anti-establishment so it's cool 🙄
By the way Don, Harry Reid has been humiliating you for months
Politicians are bad. Yeah
I'm an African. I've seen some bad politicians in my time, believe me, but this guy's giving THEM a run!
Truthfully... My Heart sees them as Loveless souls one and all. It's a sick sad joke played out before the world
also a bad message - hatred of women, brown people, kissing Putin's ass and bashing HERO vets
Trump stared the Romney tax return hunt. Harry Reid finished it.
according to Trump's lawyer, his returns have been under audit since '09 - so he knew then his couldn't be released
Returns can be released even if they’re under audit.
I get this;but if *Trump* is claiming they can't be released now, the same would apply then...and he still shamed Romney.
They can be released according to the statement the IRS put out.. Has no bearing on audit ..period
Except the IRS stated the audit does NOT prevent Trump from releasing his tax returns. #DonTheCon @tomtomorrow @billprady
I realize all that - I'm mocking Trump's hypocrisy, not suggesting he can't release his returns.
This Jan 24, 2012 shows Romney released tax returns by then. washingtonpost.com/politics/2012/…
Trump loves to boast, if he was as successful as he claims then he'd be showing his returns to the world, obviously hiding info
I believe he even got the date wrong.
😂 👍👍
If clinton shows her emails, health record, and taxes Trump will show his taxes. Her 3 huge problems vs his 1. lol
Clinton has released her medical records and taxes. Trump hasn't released either.
Trump should just change his campaign slogan to nyaaah nyaaah ny-nyaaaaaaaah nyaaah you can't make me
he's like an idiot Nostradamus. @captpayne
So, today is the day you release you returns? For the last 16 years?
you misunderstand the Drumpf. The bad message is accepting shame and humiliation.
hey, you know who else didn't release their tax returns?? Ronald Regan.
really? Yikes.
Not really. He released only one year, though. thegatewaypundit.com/2016/05/flashb…
I'd be happy with one year from Donald.
also the one who started the debt we're in spending it on military supplies just to have the loudest bark in the cold war :P
I'm OK with that. Speak softly and carry a BIG stick is a wise strategy. & if u wanna talk debt Obama has outspent all previous
IIRC, Obama added 70%, Reagan more like 130%.
that's misleading. He has spent more in raw dollars, but Reagan added a much higher percentage.
I stand by my previous statement. He's increased our national debt more than every US president combined.
but again, that's not the best way to look at it. politifact.com/virginia/state…
that's your opinion and your welcome to it. I merely stated a fact. And you know what they say of opinions right ;3
do you understand the diff between deficit and debt? W. created largest deficit ever, O. inherited it.
That's just common knowledge I really don't think spending money we don't have is a smart choice ever But that's just me
I think it was Ford that didn't release.
bold faced lie. Every candidate since Nixon released their tax returns, including Regan.
Reagan released one year of tax returns actually.
WOW! That's calling the kettle black!
if I remember correctly, @realDonaldTrump also criticized/shamed Romney about hiding taxes.
if there is nothing in them, he'll release them a week before the election, so the press spergs out over nada
he wont release them because there's a ton of things in there like not paying any &/or tax fraud
I bet there is something in them.Five dollars.I'll mail it to you if I'm wrong & if we ever know
I just think he's not as dumb as he pretends to be.
that is even scarier.
I don't see how that's possible. He's pretty f'n stupid.
to all appearances, yes, but then look how he plays the media like a Fiddler
I've never said that US Media is Mensa material. They're in it, to make a buck.
they are to Trump what Helga is to Arnold. They are so Tsundere for him
But if there is something in them, I bet he doesn't release them until post-election.
also if nothing is there then they, and Hillary by proxy look ridiculous.
He was a birther for years then comes out and thinks a single statement undoes that. People didn't care.
so don't overestimate the phenomenon of looking foolish. It doesn't seem to matter to most people.
well no one cares Hillary started all that in 08
and even if that were true, why did he follow her on it? He doesn't trust her on anything else.
how is that a point in his favor? It just shows he just says whatever fits his needs at the time.
who ever said it was a point in his favor😉
at worst an advisor suggested something similar (but not the same), but they never pursued it.
yeah, because she didn't. Trump just traded one conspiracy theory for another.
it's not a conspiracy theory if you can prove it. Sidney Blumenthal, Hillary's fixer, started that.
but you can't prove it. That's the thing.
if there is something in them then he never releases them
because he has enemies in both parties and criminal proceedings / impeachment would be imminent.
these enemies are why I'm not scared of his presidency, congress would hate him as a whole.
no it's for maximum effect. The press is going to attack him on it no matter what, so free press.
Romney's reply to that tweet:
+@realDonaldTrump Facts are stubborn. I released my back taxes on 1/24/12. No excuse for hiding your back taxes. nytimes.com/2012/01/25/us/…
Course, he's a con man.
how long has this been waiting in your queue to tweet?
Look at the time! 4:47 a.m. The early bird gets the scam
And mittens Romney is a loser. Mr.Trump is a winner.
maybe we can get Harry R to humiliate Trump?
#Trump tax returns contain much info that can kill his run for the Presidency; no doubt about it. #TrumpPence16 #TrumpTrain
You trust him and that is fine. What if by some chance is was hiding something though? Wouldn't it be good to know?
Correction; I believe Trump is hiding a great deal of damaging information and he could go to jail if it's released.
Which voters should be allowed to see.
so you're saying there's a chance
Mitt Romney didn't show his tax return until SEPTEMBER 21, 2012, and then only after being humiliated by Harry R! A bad messenger for estab!
Today would be a good day for @realDonaldTrump to release his tax returns.
Alas - Donnie prefers to blame his unreleased tax returns on anything but himself
Yeah didn't you know? Trump was a Democrat.
yea i knew that, it's just awesome that he won't release his tax info either
On top of being unfit you're untrustworthy!
You can't trust the American people with your tax returns why should we trust you to run our economy!
you can't possibly humiliate the Donald.
so u compare urself with others grow up show ur tax returns like a big man should really. MAN UP
people who have nothing to hide, hide nothing.
That's your excuse???Oh my.....🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈👎👎👎👎
At least he did show it, The #OrangeLooney will never do that.
today is September 22nd.. trump was amongst the people who called for Romney to realise his tax returns. Double standards!
GOP picked Pence. If elected, they will impeach Trump to have Pence President.
Happy Belated @GOP taxes day! Looks like @realDonaldTrump is fashionably late to the party, as usual 🙄
please shut Trump the Fredd up!!!
For your reference in future stories/debates @CNN @LesterHoltNBC @MarthaRaddatz @andersoncooper @nbc
I don't think voters care they know trump is a loser already
#peeonsomebody Donald Trump. Great hashtag !
Well let's see, what would it take to humiliate trump? Seems like every word out of his mouth should have done it.
It is September 22nd.Trump still has not released his taxes.These should have been secured BEFORE he ran for President.
WHAT ABOUT 9/22 Mr. Drumpf, need to see those tax returns NOW.
So, today's question is...Will you be an even bigger loser than Mitt? What are you hiding?
Donnie----you are no Mitt Romney!!!!
What applies to others does not apply to him. Having money gives you mindset no one can touch you, you rule, you are king.
Say that again Mr. Trumpo...
Suggesting that Trump to look at the date today or address the facts is asking too much of him.He only has eyes for himself.
Lol! Thats what a 5yr old would say "But he didn't show his until Sep21st an I don't want 2 show mine" do I have 2
Apparently we need to call Sen. Reid.
This needs to be retweeted a million times! @tomtomorrow @Ti_FusedCynic
only the @realDonaldTrump can constantly slap himself in the face and look good doing it.
Trump says Romney lost because he released his taxes. There is only 1 reason Trump will never release his taxes. He would lose.
If it's the autumnal equinox, it must be Show Us Your Taxes Day!
Forget Mr. Romney, where is yours today??
I expect the news to their job and Shame Trump to stand by his tweet! Waiting?
Actually ignore my previous tweet, I almost forgot Trump is shameless!
the coward of @realDonaldTrump won't show his taxes, he's just in the run to line up his pockets with lots of $$$@Donkey_Feed
Wow, never noticed it. But he wouldn't to many lies. Guess his big donors will stop now if they're smart.
Hey @realDonaldTrump, do you remember the 21st night of September?
release your tax returns, Don the Con!
HC destroys 10,000s of subpoenaed docs &gets a pass. Trump doesn't release taxes (legal) and u are up in arms.#WhatIsSheHiding?
I love you soooooo much!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Mitt Romney lost
What a hypocrite. A real journalist would ask Trump about this. MSM???
Be a man of word not a man of lie. Too much asking? Hope not.
He will NEVER release them. We should organize and DEMAND them.
Donald J. Trump is not man enough to release his tax returns so voters can commence with serious vetting...
Donnie - did you really say this? Shame, shame
no reason not to relax the previous years bout being audited
damnit release, not relax
That's okay to make a mistake, but when you live with mistakes everyday like Trump not good.
Reckon this would've been a good day for @realDonaldTrump to release his tax returns? I think so. Yes, indeed.
He paid taxes @ Capital gains rate. Big Q is: Did the Donald pay any taxes, what so ever?
And thank you for this gift tweet.
It's not too late Donald. #ReleaseTheReturns
I see now its his turn to b Harry Reids b to the itch
Hey Donnie where are those returns #whereyourreturnbitch.
But NOTHING could ever humiliate PT Trump.