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You want the Keyboard?
what do you think of signal?
signal still used open whisper technology. funded by the gov. You want to get the Blackphone 2 or use the Silent App.
isn't signal open source though? Devs & forks would find suspicious code?
I dont know for sure... but if they funded a technology used for it... it might be something to be concerned about.
SIlent is a $9.95/month subscription for something that none of my friends will buy, so it's useless to me.
i know... I use it and signal.
so then what's wrong with signal?
open whisper technologies and they will coordinate with feds. Its on their policy.
they can't MITM...
i stand corrected if its rooted then no mitm
there shoudn't be any MITM possible. How can they give anything to authorities? It's all encrypted.
yeah that actually seems very shady. I'd be open to trying a new app, but can't afford Silent.
signal uses googles servers too.
snowden says to use signal. Hes the expert
the good thing about #silentphone its servers are in canada with a strict privacy law.
I shall call it..
Unless you use the mode where it doesn't. You know, opt-in.
WAS looking forward to Allo, especially with the P2P encryption. But then I saw this -_-
What happened to "do no evil"?
They went public. No longer compatible.
It was kind of a rhetorical question, but I completely agree with you.
I understood... Was kind of a sad, rhetorical answer, too. I miss non evil google.
changed with purchasing boston dynamics i guess?!
I love reading your post. We need more people who are lighthouses among the seas.
It was already the case with Gmail but with Allo, it's the cherry on the top of the sunday. Avoid it...
what would suggest as a alternative to Gmail?
Allo’s Incognito Mode, which is still fully end-to-end encrypted and unchanged from the initial announcement.
Allo's seems good but it's really efficient if your friends have it too ;)
that would be *sundae
What about its encryption/incognito feature?
hey thanks ed
he's a pretty heads up guy on this stuff, eh
Just another messaging app to compete will all the other messaging apps, with little security. #Allo
الرجاء قراءة المقال عن تطبيق allo
ان شاء الله
'Allo 'allo 'allo, what's all this in your messages?!
"Do the right thing". Indeed. 😒
Just downloaded #Allo and now I'm hesitant of using it. It still sounds like the incognito mode is safe? ... Right? 🤔😓
so...the same thing as Gmail?
Doğru diyorsun dostum.
Is there actually a "secure" messaging app? Or is that really an rhetorical question? #Allo
Yes there's Signal.
check out @wire with end to end encryption - also @RiotChat for group collaboration etc
hmmm...won't be getting that then
I waited this whole time for nothing?! Deleting now
use tor. use signal
except for the mode that is encrypted
If you're not doing anything wrong, then what's the fuss about? Who gives a toss who reads how many kisses I send my wife? 😕
Until some gov or groups find offensive to send kisses ?
so why should i think about using #Allo?
That's unfair. Makes privacy possible *and* durable (can't be accused like whatsapp). Just need an "anonymous by default" option.
u trust reviews a heavily biased media ad filled site on an app that was just released? #everythinggoogleisbeta they will fix it
Ok then @google, we just won't use it :-)
Putin's version is called Здравствуйте. What can you (your FSB handlers, that is) tell us about it?
Shoutout to @Snowden for shooting straight about things Google shan't.
Unless you use incognito and so what every SMS app from major info-tech vendors have always done that. i switched to Signal.
what would we do without ya' snowdy? People claiming the government is spying would still be called tinfoil hat wearers.
Which is the most secure one?
Ironic that Google gained trust w/ users re: utmost privacy. My NDA has expired ;) They're a chop shop. Reg Joe is more of a threat
I really like the look of the app too ☹ shame Google won't just keep everything private
Just like WhatsApp, Hangouts, iMessage and every other messaging service out there? Oh, and Twitter!
iMessage does not store and is E2EE by default- lol do some research clown
you have to download it correct? Or it just comes onto the phone? Want to make sure I don't have it at all!
bring back anonymous pgp remailers!
but do you have to authorize police access? It also has potential as a tool to expose THEM so it could be misused easily.
Yet you overlook that ability is there with or without #allo . You're like the kid who wants to find the new spot no one else has.
that's not very nice. "Don't be evil" is gone?
a Google Assistant conversation (not mine).
PS: the irony of your allo username is not lost on me.
I will have to endure a lot of bad puns ... Maybe i should sue Google, as i use this nick since a long time.
and everyone: It's safe to assume that the NSA is ahead of us. We need alt communication methods for the security of a free state.
#Allo screw that fuking Google spyware piece of shit cake fuking bullshit! @google you fuking suck!
it would be nice to see @verge review the Signal app by @whispersystems
How long until Google make Android keyboard input available upon request :/
Which messaging application do you recommend these days? Wickr, Telegram…?
just use the incognito mode and its encrypted
Police are welcome to read my msgs. As well as anyone else. ONLY because I'm aware of the wholesale loss of privacy that now exists
what message service should i use
Do you trust iMessages and Apple's encryption policies?
thats what I’d like to know too
It says that the vulnerability existed prior to 9.3 :D iOS10 on 90% of devices :D
the underlying design flaws still exist, they just put some bandaid over it
they fixed *this specific* vulnerability, but the protocol is much weaker than signal
I don't, but that's just me.
signal of course
morse code over the telegraph? The only ones that Id trust.
who is morse?
and what is this code of his☺
smoke signals too, except anyone can see those. Canada Post! no youre right, too slow.
anything they want to find in messages or apps, they will find. Dont even need passwords to look at fb anymore
fsociety uses Wicker - I'd go with that
Use xmpp. Conversations is a great client.
Try Nepcom! The privacy is our cornerstone :)
Carrier pigeon 😆 @Snowden
i tried but you cat ate them
Nothing is perfect. 😊
AI - OFR - navigation equipped no-radio-telemetry pilotless - stealth - "carrier pigeon" - drones?
Signal, wickr and confide :3
Wickr had suspicions that it might use backdoored E2E encryption, Confide is crap
Regarding Confide, when they will release at least a white paper, we’ll talk about it
Huh, TIL. Thanks.
Threema or Conversations are the best way to go.
We need diversity of secure apps to have a secure communication networkz. Threema is a solid app @ThreemaApp
is this what you are talking about?
Signal Private Messenger - Apps on Google Play
Privacy is possible. Signal makes it easy. Using Signal, you can communicate instantly while avoiding SMS fees, create groups so that you can chat in real time with all your friends at once, and share media or other files all with complete privacy. Signal's servers never have access to any of your communication and never store any of your data. ★ Say Anything. Signal uses an advanced end-to-end encryption protocol to keep your conversations private. Every message, every call, every time. ★ Open Source. Signal is Free and Open Source, enabling anyone to verify its security by auditing the code. Signal is the only private messenger that uses open source peer-reviewed cryptographic protocols to keep your messages and calls safe. ★ Be Yourself - Signal uses your existing phone number and address book. There are no separate logins, usernames, passwords, or PINs to manage or lose. ★ Group Chat. Signal allows you to create encrypted groups so you can have private conversations with all your friends at once. Not only are the messages encrypted, but the Signal server never has access to any group metadata such as the membership list, group title, or group icon. ★ Fast. The Signal protocol is designed to operate in the most constrained environment possible. Using Signal, messages are instantly delivered to friends. ★ Speak Freely - Make crystal-clear phone calls to people who live across town, or across the ocean, with no long-distance charges. Signal is not currently compatible with tablets, but support for larger screens is on our roadmap and will be included in a future release! For support, questions, or more information, please visit: More details: Source code:
For a privacy app sure wants a lot of permissions on your phone.
Tin foil Hats and smoke signals.
what about signal?
Signal Private Messenger.
I don't get it-what's wrong with this guy?!Gets he paid 4 advertising Tor or does he want all his follower on a GovList?
Are you a paid troll? The guy risked his life. We ALL are ALREADY on a gov-list. Like he showed.
😂Nice,4 him it's 4 free."Risked life"-I think is a big exaggeration.How many dead Wb's do u know?
Btw-U didn't understand the difference between beeing on a common list&beeing targeted as an individual.
so what if messages are stored and are you a terrorist or something
just like hangouts has always done.
😬 Don't Be Evil? 😬
cool- I feel safer already. #2and2are5
Whatever happened to thier "Don't Be EVIL" motto??!
The wife that said that..#Divorce.
don't be evil goes out the window when the alternative is prison time.
Snowden doesn't like it
I think we're just going to have to embrace a police state if we want a delightful messaging experience
seems like a decent concession
I don't know why they just can't help but be creepy?
Or you can use Watsapp... But, personally, I happen to prefer carrier pigeons.
, Not only #Allo, All @google products tracking us & recording our personal data. But we still using their products.
I'm going to stop using google products and apple when feasible !!!
commercial advantage is another undeniable aspect of this privacy breach
yo' don't be so paranoid 😂
except that they really are out to get him.
Allo Allo Allo
unless you’re a Google employee of course, which case no doubt it only does so when you’re the object of a document retention order
So like ah, Allow...
need more information
But I have OCD of the keyboard. They will be overhwelmed
it's really obvious
so is skype ok?or instagram? or whatsapp? or anything?
Allo - "All your words are belong to us."
That's as may be, but coming from you, it doesn't mean much.
like a said Google is Skynet #Allo
so? Seriously who cares? If I doing something illegal I'll use other service. If nothing to hide... Why not
no wonder the terrorists use encrypted. To plan their shit
awesome! What a handy feature! Thanks for the info, Snow!
back to iMessage i guess? :P
there's incognito
Is there a way to get a minimum privacy in this orwellian world ?
Is this inside our phones or does one have to actively download it to get it? Where can we get a phone without google apps in it?
and #privacy cannot be in the same sentence #1984
Hmm, sooooooo, how do we feel about @Apple?
Idhem twist 😐
You are really scaring us. Ever since I discovered you I quit FB, quit Gmail, went to Twitter, deleted ALL online email archives...
due to @Snowden I changed all my passwords to 15+ characters... since 2 months I have been only cleaning up my online data... so much work!
Nannu jail ki pamputhar emo ra Bayam esthundi
shouldn't you warn people about WhatsApp that does the same and actually already over a billion people actually use it?
Your awareness and warning are always appreciated. Thank You.
Com'on Snowden. There's no messaging app with high security. So stop talking. I think you hate Google. I clearly see it. 😒😒
Do you mean there's no country free enough to trust messaging tools provided by commercial corporations ?
shut the fuck up dickhead
you are a fool? Und du schreist zu laut, du solltest auf kleinerer Flamme kochen.
I don't know what #allo is, because it keeps asking for permissions. You say no, and you break it.
fifth amendment in reverse, I reserve the right to incriminate myself...
Nice application. ...
I don't have a problem with the police knowing what I've written. As far as I don't see my chats on the TV, I have privacy enough.
wondering if WhatsApp and others are doing something different?
We're taking giant leaps towards being in a global dictatorship this year, aren't we?
and I just Uninstalled it. Thanks.
so what? Everyone use the likes of tor or whisper push. Is any any messaging app secure? No. Than who gives a F?!?
Definitely sm substance there. @GappistanRadio @verge What a professional liar Google has created! 😁 #Allo
surely it should be called 'Allo allo allo'?
Keep 'em coming X
Just call it 'Allo 'Allo, and make everything sound like @offcrabtree
Google has not learned anything after repeatedly failing to make a messaging app
It's not just law enforcement they send it to that is the problem. The problem is what They do with it and have.
You are still not giving people honest, accurate information about surveillance.
same for Gmail I guess.
yes Google is a tool of the police state! Boycott Google and its products!
way to spread misinformation, the NSA already listening and police are only a warrant away from your messages too.
you're saving what little is left of privacy for the people. I thank you Mr.Snowden
What is Allo? A miserable pile of not secrets!
do you are agree that we pay @google services giving out data to them?
thanks for the info.
wait rly? does it say any in the term of service thats a feature? and if not is that considered false advertising?
What is Allo? U mean bait...
Houba ! Available !
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threema and wickr hv good ratings w @EFF...? Does any1 know anything about them?
funny how the author was only concerned with google's potential liability
How's that different from Hangouts?
In one way or another, all chat services are selling user info. It's all about choosing the Devil we know less about & undermine.
that you think about the telegram application, it is safe? and encryption WhatsApp ??? Thank!
police requests and warranted searches are different, right? what about the incognito mode that doesn't store messages?
Is it any better than SMS? 😕 I just don't know how to communicate securely with normal people.
#Allo so... Just like texting?
WhatsApp and Viber are encrypted
every form of electronic comm is recordable, traceable, and available to police. This is no different and no more nefarious
So if I'm planning a massive operation I shouldn't use the naked internet? gotit
(No comment)
If I were a government I'd give people free phones, internet, email, messaging, whatever, with the proviso there was no privacy.
Government may be finding ways to acomplish basicallly the same without them have to provide the equipment and service.
In my scenario of privacy-less government provided services, there'd be no need for a request, and it would include instant access
by government to all financial transactions. I thinks this is what they'd need to do a credible job of doing all that's possible to
to stop terrorism and fight & event prevent other crimes. If they're not going for this they're just playing, serving themselves.
it's not about terrorist or violence. It's about control and what to brainwash u with. 25 billionaires trying to NWO
the underlings doing the unconstitutional acts are told is to stop crimes when it is to maintain power at the top
Essentially, Google fills that role.
Google provides free services, but does claim to adhere to laws about privacy, and to not have people reading your mail and
and of course Google does not have cops, prisons, military forces to kill people with, which are the primary defining
features of government. Google claims to only give info to government about individuals in response to subpoenas, and
there is no instantaneous transmission of every purchase to government. So, Google provides some of the data aspects of my
idea, but it's not coupled with and delivered instantly to the government violence system, which is critical to my idea.
what about whatsapp web.
Being economical with the truth is just as bad as lying.
I installed it, but it asked me to update Google Play Services.
I had uninstalled the latest PlayStore & Services bcoz of its creepy behaviour of not closing (and draining battery).
I completely uninstalled Play Services updates and am presently using PlayStore ver. 5.1.11 I don't need any spying messenger.
I swear that if in the future, I become president, I'm erecting a large statue of you, in your honor.
messages should ALWAYS be available for police upon request
AFAIK, @google had said that all chats will be unencrypted for assistant features. Chats can be incognito and they won't be logged
Thanks so much for the heads up.
I'm only using iMessage from now on. End to end encryption. What do u think @Snowden ?
, ever if it works ... a(1617, ""); 😂
... but how are the emojis?
Isn't that a little disingenuous though? It has E2E encryption, just off by default so the "assistant" feature can work.
absolutely right! I won't be using Allo!
😂😂 that's Google's Artificial Intelligence!
Trying to think of ways normal people could use this kind of things against the system and the companies who let it happen.
who gives a shit. If its going to stop IS twats and any other criminal's that's a good thing.Nothing to hide so not bothered
Call them not Tech companies rather 'FBI in disguise'
in relative terms how 'secure' is WhatsApp?
speaking of messaging services operating over servers, I hope you have iMessage disabled/deregistered.
well... That was succinct
I’m willing to bet the Google keyboard extension does the same thing, recording every key stroke including private data & passwords
reading the permission it asks for was slightly terrifying
War is peace and so on. Google makes a claim. Truth is completely different!
isn't that just to avoid the cops having to ask the NSA for it instead?
Can you say..."We'r becoming more & more of a controled police state"?
I'm wondering if we are already in it.
If your questioning it,then we'r not completely in...yet.
hi Edward we are pranksters who also work as investigators. We would like to invite you on our TV Show zvonok NTV
You can't spell "Allow us to have access to all your conversations by default" without "Allo".
and it will be preinstalled on all future Android phones without the option to deinstall :)
what about incognito mode. Would this be any different than a day to day searching on @google?
so does already hangouts!
brother your short reviews are just loveable 🙃
Thanks buddy. I thought it was a cool app, but I questioned the privacy. Thanks for clearing that up.
ya casi estamos en la epoca de el chip implantado dia con dia perdemos la libertad
Allo,bye bye 😂
this is s good thing, if it helps lock up pedophiles and crooks! I've got nothing to hide!
what is your opinion about Whatsapp encryption? Or Telegram?
Thanks my Ed for warning!
what's the most secure messaging app?
it has incognito which does use encryption
then what about other applications
unless you enable incognito mode. The issue is incognito should be the default #TyrranyOfTheDefault
So the record will include any replies to Allo messages & any messages replied to w/ Allo I assume?
Thanks for recommending Signal, would you have a recommendation for a search engine?
duckduckgo using the Tor feature.
thanks for the advice, Ed!
what about the app 'Signal', is there a better choice for end to end encryption, 'Securechat' for example???? #CONCERNED
my typical #Allo clandestine convo: "In case I die,the recipe 4my famous orange sponge cake:8 eggs,1-c-oil,1-c-OJ,1-c-sugar/flour,
Just like gmail chat!? #deepsigh
If you have nothing to hide.. who cares. 😁😁😁
then who cares more for us, our government or #PardonSnowden . THANK YOU @Snowden
but what about fb messenger?
Allo's High AF
what messaging app do you use guys ? I feel like none of them are safe anymore ...
Thanks Man 😉
makes me think of "listen verry carefully... I shall say zis unly wonce"
I shall say this only once
I shall say this only once
You mean like email?
Don't Be's Be extra Evil...Glad I'm a goody damm 2 shoes...:::sigh:::.. Or I'd be really scared ..
Upon a request approved by Judge.And if there is no faith in judicial system then lets fix that instead of absolute privacy.
"...was worth giving up privacy benefits of transient storage". Nice of them to make that call for others.
deleted can't trust big brother
No wonder the police don't have time to tackle real crime, they're farting about trolling people on Twitter and Facebook
I have very little to do with Google. Thanks for the warning nonetheless.
How do we get off Google Platform?
hi is iMessage and apple ios secure or should I continue to use WhatsApp thanks 💪
Thanks Ed👍🏼
would also be interesting and instructive to know whether *any* lawyer on google's privacy team uses this product
No worse than Facebook, and Google have been, since inception.
whoa! Another g+ fate?
So dump your cellphone in the nearest garbage. You don't need the damned things anyway.
you probably got paid by Microsoft to say that!
hahaha! But why the hell are you reading The Verge!?
including incognito mode I'm guessing
How come they haven't apprehended you yet?
Glad I don't need to run like you?
The difference in rationale.
Russian psyops, along with you know who, not all, but who?
I don't mind......its for my own safety....... neither I m in conspiracy against X
so when you'll start tweeting about #SORM? :)
is it bad to use the SwiftKey app too? It sounds similar
1 sir im sorry you did the right thing and it cost you so much i want 2 thank you i was trying to tell others what U finally proved
2 the sadder prt is even after you did your release people still refused to believe i hope you dont feel alone you are a hero
3 and i hope you will soon be pardoned because you did the correct thing we have been lied to out whole lives not a free country
thank you very much stay safe stay proud
Thanks for the warning!
Hey I've got a message for the fucking police
I am not a terrorist and careless if the police gets it
any comment @CholericCleric. Are you sure you not a NSA agent snooping on Hindus? :p
No fun in snooping on Hindus. They do the interesting stuff in the open. @Snowden @TheSignOfFive
You were happily promoting #Allo.Why would Google even pull stunts,knowing there is public mistrust?
Happily? I must have only shared the info. @Snowden @TheSignOfFive are right..we were both quite enthusiastic about #IO2016 that day.
why would police request my chats if I haven't done anything wrong?
Of course, that's what Google itself is, every application, all the time, whenever interacted with, meta-data and all.
hehe .... uninstalled ...after some compulsary permissions from #Google assistant.
there's an incognito mode but isn't turned on by default. That encrypts the messages
but dies this hold true in all modes? Might not understand it, but incognito mode seems good to me
thank you, Edward, for everything, including this info.
Oops. Scary! 😜
the smiley make me laugh 😂😂😁
Mujhe darr lag raha hai ab police se. Google assistant se bhi soch samajhkar baat karoongi! 😂😂
aapka naam gabbar hai. 😆😆
Ab budhiya gaye gabbar vabbar! 😂
rahan do sarkaar, Sher Sher hota hai. 😇😇😇
now I wished they'd do the same with YT heroes.
Police, and who else if they pay?
Thank you Edward, we will note it. And thanks again for all your great job. We support you.
Leave your phone in the microwave, talk face to face at a bar.
Future secure technology to bypass GAF (google, apple, facebook) Net. Tin can telephone.XD
you mean google hangouts worked differently?
#Allo will be in a digital graveyard years from now anyway like all their former (not so) successful messaging apps.
The police is not our enemy Unless someone is a criminal. Got nothing to hide.
Thanks Lad, keep safe.
you could always run it in incognito mode, just sayin'
but, you can switch on end to end encryption and the storage of data is for the usage of the google assistant...
British version is known as "Allo, allo, allo" (in joke)
All your messages are recorded and ready (even if deleted) upon request if the police want them anyway!
Jewtastic innovation. Hats off.
(No comment)
See you on... Telegram? Is this a decent choice?
or you could like.... Not be a dumbass and commit crimes, making this irrelevant
Allo boys. Shit police coming after me now.
I think you're hyping the privacy scare too high.. There's a price to pay for security these days .. Balance is reasonable
snowden stop hating on my favorite corporation
not all of us spies so notto worry😂
what's wrong with the messaging app I use now, why do I need another one. I don't u/stand #Allo
Perhaps, we 'flip the script' and mandate all "public servants" use the Allo platforms.
(No comment)
ya I told you about this already......
Since im not a terrorist a spy or a thief i have nothing to worry about any app out ther. fishy bussiness ppl you do worry @Snowden @verge
Delete your account
Ok you are the boss 😂 sheeps @pwnsdx
this is so disturbing on many levels
I don't understand how this is different from any other messaging app.
messages in some apps are encrypted in such a way any central server controlled by 3rd party can’t decrypt them. Big difference
I have no expectation of privacy when using a computer in this day in age, but maybe I'm cynical.
I can't think of a situation that isn't dubious where I would need to try out a product claim such as end-to-end encryption.
sounds like you’ve got a head full of government lies :)
privacy is the bedrock of freedom. you have an expectation of privacy when chatting privately with a friend, even in a chat app
the *only* way to guarantee said privacy is end-to-end encryption
Is that what they used on the pony express?
I believe many did in fact use code talk over the express & telegraph. Even so it’s a different era, every packet logged by NSA
if you wanted to intercept mail before computers it took effort from attacker, it took resources. Now interception is effortless
the only resources needed now are some technical know how and big databases to store everything
like I care too much
I believe that most people think like you and that why @Snowden is facing a difficult path ahead @verge
like other apps doesn't collect information about us? This is funny talk
I believe that idea is to teach people if possible, if not then to protect them without them knowing it
how about whatsapp and viber, imo and telegram?
Hasn't hangouts been doing that already for a very long time?
kind of the opposite to Ello--where no-one whatsoever hears anything you say.
a rather succinct and worrying summary
#Allo yeah, but have you tried it? It's soooo convenient...
Does this Allo track voip phones and text apps?
don't you want our data stored for your Russian handlers? #traitor @google #Allo is the future, #MachineLearning #IT101
Stop the fear mongering. How do u propose we do machine learning without servers to do the heavy computation? Answer me that batman
if you ain't got anything to hide what's the problem. Security services have got more chance of dying from boredom with my msgs!
says the person who has never been persecuted unfairly!
not the point. Would you want someone to come sit in your house and record everything you do? It would be weird.
there is an option to encrypt. You are tracked everywhere you go. Cannot turn it off. Every touch point on web is tracked
...and with all this recording Allo still won't you sync your account between multiple devices. In 2016.
Yo yo yo @Snowden as long as the Pope don't see it all will be good.
Remember: for illegal purposes, you better not use a chat app,, 😉 mr. cleverest.
Beware of CEO's bearing gifts.
This is the same article where @Snowden claimed 'Twitter doesn't put warheads on foreheads'…
Than you, Edward. True patriot. Evr spoken candidly about the collateral damage from the information releases?
thank you Edward Snowden. You are a good guy. A lot of Americans love you.
first of all, I thought u are a good person. And now, I think you just a useless person who abandoned by US
I thought it was French(hello)
looks like you are a terrorist that is why you are scared
And that's different to any other logged messaging app.... how?
Today: Rooted my phone Tomorrow: Cyanogenmod, no GApps. Fuck all that noise. Fuck @google. Fuck @cse_cst #Fuck12 #FTP
allo allo what's all this then!
(No comment)
in Dec 2015 the cops took my cell. trying to file a motion to return property after the case ended sep 20th
indeed! Goodbye allo @Snowden @verge
i just downloaded it, a very good tool if you know how to use it. Why Hide when you can fight in the Arena.
is WhatsApp secure enough?
reference to your last message
I'm deleting myself
My android keeps asking me to update to #Marshmallow? Should I? Is it safer?
are apps like fb messenger, hangouts, or WhatsApp any different?
I'd sooner use tin cans and string!
oh if a nutjob uses it and plans to murder people police shouldnt be able to get insight? This seems not really logical
only if you've something to hide!
Didn't really care for #Allo regardless, no even less impressed. Thanks for the awareness.
what kind of messages? Phone or where?
there was an incognito mode .. i guess ?
I was young and needed the money???
Not an exception sadly, I recon Hangout, Facebook Messenger, etc, do the same.
internet itself is the record of everything, you're using internet, your steps are being recorded.
Only criminals would be afraid that the police see their conversation.
I downloaded, went to message you, read article then uninstalled. Then followed @Snowden
already #google has all the information of each and every human being in the world so allo won't impact
no worries - we'll soon have secure, self-sovereign, identity containers for decentralized, encrypted messaging apps ✌
Even better is an identity protocol with privacy by default including optional unlinkability. @mooti_id
this is as private as a user desires & you never have to link/expose anything if you don't want to /@mooti_id
I'm very eager to learn how you achieve this. I think you promised slides a month ago.
We specifically use RingCT to provide to allow verified, but unlinkable transactions e.g. voting
been busy transitioning to the new team @ MS, trying to get consensus on the tech drafts, and having a baby /@guylepage3 @mooti_id
getting you the drafts depends on a couple other collaborators coming to agreement on various standard bits /@guylepage3 @mooti_id
cool, we are eager to do some peer review.
Is this analogous to Bitcoin being anonymous? Because mass the deanonmization concerns me.
no, you'll be able to show a proof to a bar bouncer that verifies your face + over 21 (w/ no age)
I get that part... that's not really new.
If you handle digital voting, can you count verified voters once without knowing who they r IRL?
there's no reason something like @mooti_id's approach couldn't be used to enable that - definitely doesn't exclude the ability.
but again, we're creating a lightly defined, interoperable identity scheme, not One True Solution™
Please stop spreading FUD against a company that is actively protecting user privacy by offering an encrypted Incognito Mode.
Thanks a lot for the info ☺