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My favorite new feature is the always-on max temp control for keeping kids and pets safe from overheating.
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Tesla keeps temp below 40C/105F by automatically venting cabin & turning on AC when needed. Can do this for up to a year on a full charge.
Can be turned on or off. V8.1 will allow always-on min and max temps to be set.
accessible from app yes?
Can this be turned off remotely from the App?
Why you don't get Tesla to India
India needs toilets first.
the process will be faster if governments embrace the carbon tax to normalize externalized costs. Level playing field.
I would love to help Elon in getting Tesla here
because you can't supply the globe instantly. Why not order one and pic up? I'll sell you one and have it shipped.
if it makes u feel any better they are filing trademarks over probably coming soon!
please come to India. We really need this here. ☹️
can you set it up so pretty orders are more like layaway so the tax credit can be applied and we can be sure of the price
Hah! Tesla camping is now an official feature
Is there any way to win a free Tesla for die hard fans in India
I wish there was ... a giveaway of some sort... :/
go to work and buy 1
maybe wise to restrict it being ON when a presence in the car is detected ( kids pets )
why do you have to always make me want a Tesla even more? Serious innovation going on with EVs
Spain Love Tesla :)
nice! Thanks eh!
I love the way you think
i was just gonna ask that. In Finland min temp is what we need. Max temp is already set by the latitude :)
will 8.0 stop me rear ending someone while I slowly approach at the traffic lights?
is there a safety feature that does not enable it if the battery is below X %?
currently stops at 20% state of charge. This number will be configurable.
in the future do you think it could detect whether people/pets are in the car?
possibly contact emergancy services if battery runs out or system fails if it would know life is in the car?
good. Maybe send push message to app as well? Think that would be critical ☺️
You could probably make it so it checks for the closest public charging point and quadruples that range.
Mr @RoyArne83 for extra Boost,Elon can add a @AerojetRdyne RL10 engine on the Back he enjoys machining Solid Fuels after lunch💫🚀
hahahaha having fun here👍🏻it's called the #InterplanetaryMode 💫🏎
Sir, please can you explain why your staff are so rude to disabled customers. Money seems to be going adrift and PayPal don't care
Bet this doesnt stop a window from being broken out by a well meaning passer by :)
off topic but do you know when the next information announcement about Model 3 will be?
does this use the rain sensing wipers for not venting the roof in rain?
would this also be for the ppl who sleep in their teslas?
you can't afford hotel?
I have never done this.. there are people that do though hahaha I dont have a tesla yet
Thought the app or onscreen only?
That's great. Thanks Elon
for a predefined set time interval by any chance?
what's the ETA for 8.1?
so, it works while the car is "off"? Parked without someone on the driver seat and key far away?
so no more need for "camper mode" apps to sleep in tesla while charging?
Awesome.. Keep up the great work!!!
Does it include an emergency mode if it detects life inside or to be enabled by smart device or first responders?
great option!!! 👍👍👍👍👍
Future upgrade options for solar panel roofing to help charge or run the max temp safety system?
Other new features that were not leaked or do you want to tease tweet by tweet until tonight ;-) ?
Btw, nice showcase of yet another advantage of electric cars with big enough batteries, and a nice gift to even early MS adopters
All of this is impressive. Well done!
is this the "camp mode" we've all been waiting for?
Simultaneous notification via the Tesla app would be very useful - for scenarios where max temp is unexpected!
what about cold weather, for exemple Norvegia, Finland, Canada?
fore example I'd I make a 1000$ deposit I can see balance remaining with a sure tax credit applied and make payments while I wait
volume control on audio increases and decreases with speed (as a surrogate measure of cabin noise)?
ok. Option to turn function off for you
Option are evil. The designer should make a choice and stick with it.
Great Tesla stuff. As always. Keep it up!
what improvements are there to Navigation?
auto txt is messing up my grammar
What about timed temps? The preconditioning doesn't cut it sadly.
"smart" preconditioning should be less dumb in 8.0
I can see this being useful as well in cold situations.
But having a timer would greatly benefit everyone who doesn't leave for work at a set time every day.
Or a phone app feature that lets me tell the car I'm planning to leave in 10 minutes (or certain time) to precondition.
Leaving every day around same time and preconditioning does nothing. Last night 8PM when I'm mostly home it kicked in. :-S
Ooo... maybe I'll be turning this feature back on! Thanks @Tesla!
Does V8 contains automatic suspension raise when in a steep ramp at low speed? The chance of a touch down is high in parking lot.
awesome, please include fan speed settings in the app too.
Thanks for fighting climate change inside my hot car! Will this strain the 12V battery?
Do American angels want to invest in ukrainian startups?…
Min temp with time-window would be good. Have car warm for start of winter morning commute. Could use ext T to judge heat start t
Is there any end to @elonmusk s & @TeslaMotors ingenuity Why can't others think of simple ,life changing things like these : )
any updates to the browser? That is very outdated with security flaws.
Can we expect a Tesla car with solar charging anytime soon?;)
Speaking of which whens @TeslaMotors arriving in India @elonmusk ? First set of employees, customers awaiting arrival eagerly to get onboard
How about an ejection seat instead? :)
very practical for pet owners. Most appreciated
Does 8.0 include supercharger telemetry? Show supercharger status b4 arrival, and suggest optimal spot to use.
suspect superchargers have no telemetry of their own, use the cars to aggregate the use->slow
Max temp limit will also protect the interior of the vehicle as well but I don't think children or pets should ever be left alone.
Of course, but accidents happen.
I dunno, chilling' out and playing @KerbalSpaceP on that 17" touchscreen is better than a babysitter #lockthedoors
accidents happen though. do the cars have other sensors that might alert the owner to a pet/child in the car too?
An interior camera utilizing autopilot algorithms could easily tell if there's anything left behind in the seats. @elonmusk
since it's not always on, some incidents might be inevitable. Perhaps in a few years, interior presence sensors?
Or just always on period.
well it depends on energy use. Would you be willing to spend precious energy on a sunny day while you park the empty car outside?
Elon says it works for a year.
Note the battery also is always temperature maintained to extend life. Makes sense to do that for interior.
when will we be able in Europe to summon with the Key? 3G connection in underground carparks which are very common here.
for v.9 make the car send signals to phones about distance warnings to help runners who can't hear bc of music!!
could be done like those alerts you get when there is flooding could save a lot of life's !!!
Hows Falcon 9 refurb going?
why would anyone want to switch it off? Doesn't higher temperatures also degrades interior of the car?
updated nav and Spotify?
I appreciate how active you are on Twitter about this version upgrade. The more you tweet the more excited I get.
cool! What a great idea!
any advancements in the summon features?
Nice, still not leaving either precious object in the car alone though, for no other reason than a high chance of broken windows.
was great if I coukd work for you. But then I am axis of evil.
are there plans to remotely turn it on and off, like remote-starting another car so the AC is running a little before getting in?
not sure if that's actually already a separate feature
this is bloody brilliant!
Wow! I want a Tesla now, they're so cool! Literally and figuratively.
plz bring tesla to india
I would've been able to code it for V8.0. Unfortunately, I don't work for @TeslaMotors
technical solution to a social problem
Always as in always or “when actually being used and not parked in my garage”? The latter would be cool, the former not so much…
love it. No more hot car after work. Now to incorporate a timed profile. 😉
wuhuu... campermode then :-)
so tesla now has a V8? or better yet, a V8.1?
Can you explain the difference of V8.1? Is it a software update or will hardware be involved?
yes finally I can camp in my car when me and my wife argue!!
Brilliant! Another bar set by Tesla that all manufacturers will scramble to duplicate.
camper mode! Awsome!!
better central heating than my house.
it'd be great if the inside temp is displayed so clearly visible from outside of the vehicle in order to avoid smashed windows
great idea @elonmusk, maybe a detail but actually save lives
you should limit the max temps, for safety reasons!
what if it is extremely cold? Will the same apply for heating?
how about replacing commands from mobile app to text messages we send our car (e.g. "Set temp to 68"). Mobile app 2 slow 2 pull up
new features on an older car. Awesome! Love my S
- Could it start the seat heaters too? #winteriscoming
This will be great for us older model owners, and new. Thank you.
good idea. Why not add an option to alert via mobile phone so you know if you need to hurry back as the dogs are becoming cooked?
when are batteries to store solar energy available?
Will have to wait for a rusty model S with a dodgy battery. Really the only way I could afford one. (my current car cost me £300)
Would you be willing to barter for a model S?
if you need a test driver for the firsts Teslas in Spain, please, give me a call 😘
Can we assume that this will be included with the Model3?
I hope this doesn't encourage people to leave their kids and pets in their cars. That's still not safe.
I’ll beta test 8.1 if you want to send me a Model S.
is this camper mode in disguise?
features like these, Will they also be available on Model 3? Is V8 a hybrid for 17″ portrait and 15″ landscape? #Model3
Perfect! Campermode v2
good news for rich people who want to burn coal to make power to keep their Tesla at room temperature forever.
need to opensourse software for Tesla, people will make tons of features for it, plus developing for own car is supercool :))
TeslaAppStore woild be great, place where you can buy apps for a car :)
can fit all possible sensors in a car and let people write software for them..
will there be concurrent min and max temp settings while car is on? Would be useful to set temp to 68-72 degrees for example
can't wait for model 3,would get an S, but with such high registration fees in NV, are offsetting any potential gas savings...
Will it still have Automatic SLAM INTO A GARBAGE TRUCK? You murdering fucker.
Camper mode! 😬😎
Time limit setting for this? Very happy to see heat/cool hold when parked short term, but not needed all night, longer parking.
I feel so extremely worried that the autopilot frenzy has the potential 2 derail your amazing grand vision 4 the future of mankind
How about allowing offsets? Keep inside temp N degrees below outside temp so passengers aren't overwhelmed by heat when exiting
wow! you should do a Keynote style product announce for all these features. I feel the message and impact is lost on twitter.
For those times when you need to cool your car for a year non-stop.
the implication is how efficient it is at doing it, so as to not make people worry about having it turned on.
great idea Tesla team!
I've witnessed existing firmware doing this. very nice!
that'll be great in Hong Kong, thanks.
perfect. Thanks for clarifying.
that is a Fantastic fracture. Great work!!
105F still seems pretty 🔥
not when it's 120 in AZ or Las Vegas
But what's the point of keeping your car at 105F?
if you leave your dog in the car it will help keep him safe for one
to keep car below the temp would stop a dog from dying if you quickly hop in to target
, less than 106°F, or 180°F on a very hot day...
105 degrees is at least survivable. My X & S can get up to 130 - 140 degrees on a hot day after a few hours.
cars in the sun can hit 150F in 15 minutes, 105 can save lives
Shouldn't we just not be leaving pets and kids in cars anyway...?
People are still going to do it because they are stupid. There is nothing bad about this mod. All good
I'm all for defending against stupidity. Just that 105F seeks pretty hot still.
I agree. It's not ideal, but will still save lives and won't eat battery.
But I guess with 8.1, you could go lower.
I travel with my little dog. 3&1/2 years of Tesla driving. When it is 120f the dog prefers to stay in
people still forget! (Or are stupid...)
people are people, we'll always make mistakes
clearly, you don't come to Texas often.
i agree with you.
get this trash outta my timeline
Haha. Clearly you follow both of us, so you brought this upon yourself. Haha
curse this internet thing
By the way. What is the value of isExcited?
today it happens to be true
but you probably won't die. Internal temps in a hot car can touch 150F without climate controls.
it won't kill your kid though - I think that that's kinda the point
you haven't lived in Arizona.
Does this run while plugged in as well? Would love to go camping without having to "hack" together camper mode.
hope no-one forgets their kid in the car for that long...
Cool, so I can leave my kids and pets for a year in the car? Thanks!
Thanks for your hard work! Excited for IAC!
Whats your plan for your self driving toasters that slaughter old women and kittens? Shoot them into space?
I didn't think the battery could last that long even doing nothing...
finally someone is doin this!
haha thats fkn amazing
still can't cool my mom down if I forget the dishes
does that mean it will do that parked in garage at home or does it only do it if senses weight in seats?
would seem silly if based on weight in seats, dog might be in footwell etc
I caught that. Just seems a waste of energy if its parked with nothing inside.
, not really useful if not in a (very) hot and sunny climate.. Or maybe if kept warm in cold climate. I'd LOVE that!
even in Phoenix in the summer?
what about the jump seats in the very back?
can you adjust this setting? 105 seems a little high
what about in reverse for us up here in Canada
The Dragon capsule can do this to Mars, too?
my car can do that indefinitely. As long as it's less than 40C outside
that's not cool enough to keep kids and pets safe though.
can you edit the max temp?
can you do this per compartment and use the frunk as a mobile fridge? That'd be cool for camping trips.
it is about saving lives not your sausages :p @elonmusk
I was more thinking beers but sure :D
why not both? Great idea. Even if just for a shopping trip.
Colman makes coolers
Oh, wow, is there AC in the frunk? Is it air tight?
40C seems high... Would 30C use too much power?
great feature. Always on or does it sense kids/pets?
Up to a year?!! Amazing!
What abt Model 3 . Any updates?
will this work for camping in the car as well then?
Hope no one forgets their kid/pet for so long, or you'll need to push food updates as well!
we don't deserve you
will the autopilot automatically take the kids to a drive-in in this period?
"up to" a year, hehe the men starts typ sound like my internet operator.
love this feature!!!
What about auto-heating?
This might require a sticker/little note to avoid windows being unnecessarily smashed.
cool - would also love new features in nav (such as way points). 8.1?
that's a fantastic feature! But isn't 105F a bit hot?
can you disable it temporarily if you need the range and battery is low?
kids don't last that long without milk
will the dash stay on?
Does this system work when the car is turned off and key not present?
Seems to me it would be kind of pointless otherwise?
does this mean I can finally leave my kids and dog in the car while I go to the pub? Self-drive home.
I'm guessing the year estimate is without movement?
I'd be concerned if someone was left in a car for a whole year, even if they were comfortable.
hahaha well don't let your kids and pet on your car for year man coz you'll have other troubles lol
That's incredible. There's no doubt electric is the future of transportation.
Will this work with minimum temperature too? Not everyone lives in Cali :).
can we have a preview or blog post about all the notable changes not just autopilot wise? Some UI pictures?
loving the new gesture.
Will there be an itemized list of the improvements in the new update?? Or where could we find that??
Dear @elonmusk for at least two years we've been working on a new innovating motor, we hope to meet you at the IAC 2016 to show you our work
Up to a P100D-Year? ^^
so in the Texas summer, when we park outside during the day this will run automatically or only when people are present?
only if you turn the feature on. Hell, I may do it because after lunch, my car was 122F inside (Austin, TX).
-Off option for radio. External sound for vehicle lock confirmation. Driver seat exit profile. Music playback via usb. 👍🏼
Cool! (Pun intended) Have they always done this or is this a new feature? Older cars too?
can that max temp be adjusted downwards?
But sometimes my trips to Target last 15 months. :/
, you just get two Teslas! 😊
Great idea! Did you get my suggestion on option to auto close the sunroof if the car is parked & the rain sensor detects rain? ⛈
This is going to be important when I drop my next mixtape.
sounds awesome, but still seems hot. How about 35C/95F?
Excellent feature that is not really possible on a gas powered car! Can the max temp be configured?
I think that next tweet answered that for you :-P
Indeed - Such timing, much wow :P
I can't wait to get my Tesla. Trying to figure out how I might be able to swing getting an X sooner than the 3...
Um... you rang?
Err... yeah.... When does my Tesla Model X arrive?
After I get my Lacair :P
Hello web design from 2000!
it was the first result for lacair :P #EvenIfIDidKnowWhatYouMean :P
That's what I get for sitting in a meeting, working on layouts and twittering... #MultiTaskFail
I'm holding out for the 3. Putting my down payment after the first of the year. :-)
I have my reservation in. Sounds like early/mid 2018 on it. The smart thing for me would be to wait, but #IWantItNow :P
good thing you explained, I had many bad jokes about it usage
wow! Bet this feature will save more lives (humans and pets) than autopilot. Thank you!
Can you set the ceiling lower? I'd love to have a car that's never warmer than, say 90° F inside.
105f in a still cabin would still overheat the hell out of me (when I was a child, or now)
Anyway to efficiently convert heat the cabin into energy? Seems like cars are really good at being ovens like heat engines lol.
We just "LOVE" our MS-D I bought it as Christmas present for my wife! Now she doesn't have to stop at night for fuel.
>a year >oh my fucking god
awsome as usuall
What if someone gets used to it... but then swaps cars one day.
Once you have gone Tesla you can never go back......
Ha, on my money I will never own one.
It is amazing how cheap they are to own. No gas costs, virtually no maintenance, no VLT, tax credit etc etc.
Yes, but I'm on benefits, I'm not broke, but any car is too expensive for me, I don't even drive Dads old one.
Five Teslas, over 150,000 miles driven, 3&1/2 years. ONLY cost, tire replacements. Incredible.
I did however invest in solar panels, which is something
yes! The best cars ever. Are we able to see personal autopilot miles?
is it on (if enabled) even if the car is “off”?
that is an awesome feature. Will save lives!
another great improvement could be a sensor detecting kids left in the car (e.g. young kids in rear-facing car seats)
challenging the 'up to a year' anyone willing to sacrifice his @Tesla for a year in the desert?
that is VERY cool!!!!!
this is awesome! Is 1 year on a full charge possible/safe? One charge currently lasts a few months w/o this feature..
i recently left the car unplugged for 17 days and it lost 40% charge. can’t see how this can go on for a year
are we correct in assuming you still would not recommend leaving your kids or pets in the #Tesla for up to a year?
Optional solar cell for auxiliary?
that is sick!!
does it have similar for min temp? Below 10C/50F heating turns on?
Tesla !! Make it possible in India or make in India!
keep the brilliance
would this work in places like India where ambient temperatures are 46°C + ?
It turns on the AC then.
what if I leave my kids/dog in the car for over a year? You guys didn't think that one through
who needs a doomsday bunker when you've got a tesla
Assuming this year-long run time is with the 100-kWh battery?
I think the year long was a simple example of how little energy cooling takes and not meant as a guarantee.
A year...that's pretty good I guess. But I tend to park for two years? What do I do now?
now this is some cool stuff
How will that help if you'll leave your dog for a year in the car? :)
what about fridge mode in the trunk for grocery shopping on hot days, and then need to go for a swim in the ocean... :-)
Will the min temp be effective in the Winter, thus doing away with cold cars in the morning?
Heating takes much much more energy than cooling.
so does this mean people won't have to leave the door partially open for camper mode
perfect feature! Will be life saver when god forbid somebody accidentally leaves kid or pet in the hot car !
Encouraging people to just leave the AC on all the time isn't along the path to sustainable transportation. When needed sure.
105 is pretty high still
when are you going to make self driving tesla mobile homes?
Finally someone doing what should have been done years ago! #Genius
But won't the kids have starved to death in the meantime? Kinda cruel innovation really...
are you saying once I charge it full I can leave my kids in the car for the whole year !
that was one of my suggestions a few months ago. Awesome!
Temp could be adjustable? Just a software update? Handy for local use. 105 too hot. Needs energy alert reminder. Reset each use?
AWESOME for hot states! Can-u set time schedule for the work week? Still want A/C seats to freeze me(in white) #no-back-sweat :)
Please add a leave on and lock pop up menu. In park, seat belt released and a menu pops up to leave on and lock.
Is it durable in the heat of Saudi Arabia?!
how about in Arizona??
That's actually really good for preserving your interior as well.
Great, I can move into my car after I go bankrupt from purchasing it!🙈
Please make this a standard feature across the range and you have a new customer come Model Y! Same idea I had in 2005
was impressed till I sawas 'below 40c'...Make it 'below 25c' and then you got my attention..
this is frickin awesome! Really good idea. Can it also sense biological presence? CO2 level or something?
how long can the battery last if you want to keep the temperature under 26C atleast? 40C is hot
Is this settable to say 85F?
Amazing! Side effect, probably just more comfortable when returning to the car
Yeah. Now if only life worked that way. Can you program that? :-) Can I be 1st?
Yeah sure. This is dangerous territory What if it is hacked and Tesla is blamed, media wide, as a pet killer? Better not to try.
No, wait. Screw them Eventually the fog of negativity will clear, and this will be widely recognized as a GOOD thing Keep going
great,make one affordable to retired people on Social Security
Super awesome! Can’t wait to get a Model 3.
Is this considered a standard safety feature or an optional convenience feature?
Revolutionary! Will save the lives of hundreds of children and pets around the world. Bravo.
Don't forget to leave year's worth of supplies for your kid/pet inside the car.
holy crap that's awesome!
sweet so I don’t have to worry about my kid when I store him in the car for a year
Curious: if max were lower at 35°C/95°F (which is still HOT!), how long would the full charge last?
.... Weight sensor in the seat to detect a baby trigger climate control????? 🤔
can you set it to be lower 40c would kill me
Many children die every year because of the dismissal of the Fathers. I understand that the car detect that there are people in?
Elon work on charging faster in batteries Create a negative charge in batteries for faster charging
Espectacular.... only in electric cars.....:)
place ev panel on the roof and it will go much more )))
great! 👏
105 is still pretty damn hot, right?
will older model S' (late 2015) be able to vent cabin if it's too hot in the car?
with an email notification to owner and emergency contact.
Nice, but I hope this doesn't make the senseless think they can now leave their children and pets in the car.
is this true even in Phoenix where temps are regularly >100F?
even in Texas?
💡 ✔✔✔✔✔ genius
So is the AC as efficient as it can be or are you working to improve its efficiency?
GG @elonmusk Your move, @Ford @chevrolet @Dodge @Toyota @Honda @subaru_usa. Good luck, you're going to need it.
I think I'm going to need a Model X to store enough food to test that with a real kid, though.
I never thought a car could do that. Really impressive.
Just no venting when it's raining please! Think of us Florida Tesla owners, we've had days over 105F and raining at the same time.
that’s good for maker like me who keep their #3Dprinted part (softens above 50C) in their car on a sunny day,no Tesla though… :(
I bow to that feature! How profoundly thoughtful of you!!! ))) Kudos!
good job, but how about only when there's a living thing in the car? I thought we were trying to be sustainable here?
So we don't waste energy- monitor Cabin sound and airbag seat occupancy sensors, etc. ? Great feature nevertheless.
Musk you should focus on your energy output. Also focus on magnetic technology it will help you on your way.
thank you for those great safety features! It shows that you really care about safety!
you are a magician!
People would like to set that a bit lower maybe, 105F is still high. Although much better than what it would be without AC
realy love how much thought is put into the technology behind a Tesla. Would really love to own one someday.
does it prevent venting when it's raining ? How does it detect rain ?
Keeping the cabin at a survivable temp for up to a year by cycling the AC. I'd like to see an ICE do this. Ha!
Why not just add a motion sensor
what happens if it rains? Thanks
I don't have kids. But gives me piece of mind that I could leave them for a year in the car 🚗 :)
Elon; I loves ya but 40 degrees Celsius is death by overheating type temperatures.
amazing innovation!!! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🌎🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻
finally! I've wanted this from my car for years. Fans are low-power, but there is no way to leave them on without killing battery
105F is not sufficient. Baby will generate more heat than standard adult. Integral 105F + Childs heat = dead child
Elon, how do you approach and analyze important decisions?…
mmmm, could be usefull
I mean it definitely is usefull
so lots of battery use for the warmer climates then?
if you decide to enable the feature
it'd be a cool feature to have an infra red cam internal to detect lives inside the vehicle and in turn keep that on
or just don't leave them in the car
you can try to rewire people, or you can rewire the environment to prevent it altogether.
pretty sure leaving kids in cars should preclude an individual from having kids 😂
tell that to all the kids and pets who died from overheating
that logic is as good as telling ppl not to make mistakes or avoid accidents all together. Void.
in my country at least four kids lost their lives just this summer. People will always make mistakes. This feature is brilliant
but it's also kinda pointless considering that not everyone owns a Tesla. So it's still going to happen
that's just bad logic...
So we should just give up and stop improving. It is hopeless. Why try to do better.
not everyone owns a Tesla, yet...
they're too expensive for that
I said yet, which implies involvement in the future, not the present
and they will most likely still be expensive in the future. possibly more than they are now
you know the Model 3 is going to be cheaper than Tesla's now
still expensive for lots of people
you said Tesla's were going to be more expensive in the future than now
because there will be more/better technology in them
And as the technology improves the price goes down. Look at computers and cell phones.
but companies love money
I love companies that love money. They have to bust butt to make what I want to get my $$$
Imagine how crappy things would be if they didn't want my money so bad. Have to make me 😄😄😄
$$$ are a vote. Every $ you spend is a vote for the winner or loser in business.
Vote for a politician & they confiscate your $ & then vote them for you. I like voting my $
I like being poor
jk I wish I was rich
In a free market you are free to earn all the $$ votes you want. It is up to you.
Ironically U build wealth by not spending $ but instead by investing $.That's the challenge
people like money too
My first cell phone cost $2500 and barely made a phone connection. Now the world has 4g
And the cost has dropped dramatically.
Live long and prosper. Done with the $ chat. Thanks for listening.
you need to think long-term, like 15-20 years out. Tesla can't make enough for everyone to buy yet
true, but at least it sets a standard to be added in all cars.
, some people does leave kids and pets in car. Stupid, but true...
they can't be blamed for their owners/parent's stupidity
it's a peace of mind that is not a luxury when your talking about the lives of your children.
?? Its already there?
no spotify in the us built in
okay, to bad i guess :(
cool (in many ways)!
Can we expect V 8.0 today??
Speaking of overheating - have you noticed the black cars (X in particular) to be more prone to it?
smart idea! Will this be available in Model 3 as well?
you know the flak you're gonna get for enabling people to be idiots right??
and for Camping?
sweet, does that mean the dash is still on when a passanger is left in the car meanwhile driver go for a quick errand?
What temp is set by default?
i think 0 K is the baseline...
that makes absolutely no sense at all?
elon just said 40 C is the default max. temp
lol I thought I was being funny :)
Oh, ok, didn't get the joke then :)
figured it would be a funny engineering joke to refer to AC controls in Kelvin :) and 0 is always a good start point
That's might be the problem... I'm not an engineer ;-) I don't understand engineering jokes :-D
well i'm not an engineer OR a comedian! i guess i shouldn't quit my day job :)
welp I guess we have reached an impasse... where do we go from here? :D
Yes! Thank You
can it do that when supercharging on a hot day? If not, does it alert via display and app?
Can you warn people on the outside not to break your windows when they see your dog inside?
#DGSyiAçıklayın açıklarsa bir sen açıklarsın reis :DD
How do you know when someone is in the car? Assuming the key does not have to be present?
I think he meant that it always does this. would make for nice re-entry to car after hot parking-lot on a hot day.
Ahh, makes sense. Also nice knowing it does practically nothing to the battery.
As long as my wife doesn't overheat.
, nothing @elonmusk can do about that, sorry. I neither confirm nor deny if this has happened to me.
Will this be an option in the mobile app then?
or just don’t leave kids or dogs in the car unattended?
you sweetheart
it's sad you have to implement it, but it's great you did!
better make them Gecko proof. Apparently they're a hazard to electronic devices.
Ty, Elon, you and your team always doing great stuff.
Can you also think about adding a 'back in X minutes' button so the car will stay cool without having to start the app?
, "always on". No need to do anything. 😊
That feature is cool, but not what I'm asking for. I don't want AC on full blast all the time, just when I press return.
, you can turn it off, prob with remote.
As I said in original tweet, option to do it without using phone.
, dunno. Wait to see, if you're lucky, in a couple of days. 😊
Max Temp != Standard Cabin Temp.
, I hope it's adjustable..
Sure, Max Temp is adjustable, but you would never set Max Temp to Standard Temp.
, too high temp is never good. Far better with "artificial" low max temp.
that's generous. :-P
When it comes to a new feature on your telsa what do you think of first?
does this detect the pets and kids in the car? Or does it run even when the car is empty?
Tesla very safe car, I like it
When will you build a model that can successfully help you argue your way out of a parking ticket?
good to know
does it open the doors when the batteries run flat?
Will release notes be online (SOON!?) so we can all pick our favorite new features? :)
That is a feature worthy of its own press release. Very well thought out. Give that employee a raise.
Chinese hackers claims to hack Tesla cars from 12 Miles distance. Should we care ?
Yes Please keep @Tesla always so cool !
only when beings are being detected inside, or always ?
So we will be able to leave the car running when we exit with keyfob?
controllable from app?
This will be a nice feature especially in TX. Sometimes passengers just want to wait.
8.0 for roadster! rOS8.0
can you explain how Tesla is going to insure consumers safety from hackers?
(now called ITS - Interplanetary Transport System)
how about zombie attacks?ahahah
Can we stuff the kids in the trunk now???
until the battery is dead
een jaar uw kind in de auto achterlaten is mss wat nalatig
silly me, natuurlijk kan de batterij van een Tesla de airco 365 dagen vollen bak laten lopen zonder te herladen
volgens musk toch ja. Als het een volle is. Gaat zeker een dag volhouden. Zou toch moeten volstaan?
may want to have something to show that this is active in there so you don't have "super hero's" trying to bust open windows.
How will this affect battery usage say in Houston TX? That is great, but how much will it drain battery?
you're just the man, man
many parents killed themselves after having killed their loved ones due to overheating in cars
How much extra Power does that feature consume?
good idea but we need to tell ppl that they aren't in danger in a Tesla so they won't break the windows thinking they are hero lol
As a vet tech, I must say how awesome and amazing that is!
does v8 come with a tomorrow never dies style electrocution when ppl try to "save" them?
simple, brilliant.
Wow that's brilliant. Ever thought of a car that's only accessable by having your driving license with you in stead of carkeys?
good feature
that's such a good idea. Other companies need these life saving features. You're always thinking of safety
until a sensor breaks and -24°C winter air is pumped inside at full speed. A Citroen did it to my parents once.
Well done. So many people tend to leave kids and pets in locked cars on hot days. It was about a time to do something about that.
Martians can't take too much heat
a ja mam nadzieję na zerwanie z ropą i węglem w energetyce.
is too good for this world, too pure.
if there's a bee, HVAC is on !
can we get a full list of new features please
Tesla has to be applauded for thinking of animal welfare. If only other companies thought along similar lines.
thank you for your innovation. Love my Tesla and looking forward to the lower cost model for everyone.
such a simple idea that will save so many from an awful fate.
You da best Elon! Keep being Elon
this sort of innovation makes me wonder “why didn’t big auto do this already”
Because you'd have to start the engine to not kill your lead acid battery in 30 minutes.
and the decision not to pull larger batteries in cars is who’s?
Well, a much bigger lead acid batt would hurt fuel economy, handling and increase materials cost. Probably not worth it to them.
the consumer who pushes for more mpg. It doesn't need a huge battery if it sits on liquid fuel.
there all about big oil
because it would either drain the small battery or produce toxic emissions in areas with possibly little/no ventilation
hope you don't allow people to trust it but only to serve as a safety precaution. It WILL malfunction one day.
always on, so it doesn't detect a presence in the cabin? I guess it's safer to be on 100% of the time!
can't always detect babies and pets
What about using the Sensor of the Car Alarm Surveilance System?
I guess if it depends on that there is always a small chance it will miss something. Worth the risk?
There's a chance sensors wouldn't detect a sleeping baby.
If the baby is soundly asleep, totally not moving, can the system detect the baby?
probably a sleeping being in camper mode wouldn't be detected
true that, low and varied temperatures among different pets, sizes of both might affect detection.
and if it can run for an entire year on a single charge you will barely notice any loss in performance/efficiency
you could if there were a decent mic somewhere :)
or a motion sensor near middle of ceiling
Would embedding proximity sensors (similar to those found in smartphones but) with a longer range work inside the cabin?
it's always better to be safer, plus the battery drain will probably be unnoticeable
if you solve this and open source it, you will deserve some award.
only works on EVs, you wouldn't want a combustion vehicle to start in an enclosed space
why isn't audio detection via microphone "good enough"?
kids can sleep or pass out, noise on outside of car could trip it, etc
for sure, but if a scared/hot baby or barking dog is detected that's a good time to alert...
for sure, it would definitely be helpful, but it wouldn't be foolproof.
just like AP, the first person to die in a hot Tesla because audio activation didn't work = lawsuit
Oh! No, I was suggesting this to prevent the battery-saver cut off at 20%, not to disable it
so only on the positive signal side, not negative.
so if the car wants to stop cooling because battery is low, but is 95% sure there’s a crying baby, keep cooling.
gotcha. keep cooling and alert via Tesla app that someone is in the car, or just forward recording to app user
sounds perfect :)
...and/or continue cooling even if battery is low. It's a strong positive signal, weak negative one.
this is why people have left their kid in the car in the first place. Nobody forgets a crying baby though
it's an awesome feature either way! Very cool to be able to add this retroactively
that's Ok. It is still the humans responsibility not the cars.
Potentially integrate a pressure sensor into seats in future versions?
the backpack you left on the back seat would be an easy false positive
Implant them a Tesla Safety RFID chip. Should be an option in Design Studio.
I like this. Hate getting into a car that's 150° and wait for the AC to keep up
For a moment I thought you were talking about your new iPhone :-)
can you tell us more about other new feature?
great use of tech to deliver more. Now give me a model where I can put my dogs in the boot and I'll be tempted
always trying to save humanity from itself
perhaps a correponding subzero feature for cool Norwegians?
if you avoid illnesses you can do it.
This is awesome! Always heartbreaking to hear about kids left in cars. This will save many lives.
THANK YOU on behalf of kids and pets around the world.Seriously, thank YOU
That's a great idea. Will become standard in all cars one day, hopefully not too far away.
What a great feature! Save babies/pets.
this will be a life-saver! Is there any way to schedule it?
talk about all the new possibilities...!
Feature seems important enough to make it opt-out rather than opt-in.
yo're the fucking boss, man
how do you stop do-gooders smashing the windows though?
great and all, but more work needs to be done on affordability.
Yes, like he's dropping the ball on that. You seriously haven't heard of the Model 3 project?
if "starting at only $35,000" is affordable to you, congratulations.
That's within the bounds of a mid-sized car these days. Tesla's doing a pretty good pace considering their size.
actually, the typical midsize is about $23-25k, but there's no need to stop fanboying. If you can afford it, get one.
I didn't say it was typical, but it's not an outrageous price for what it is.
Tesla likely can't get to your price point without some point in between. They also have to make 500k 3's too.
You get incentives depending on which state/province you live in, I know here in Ontario it's 14k off.
looks like a $7k federal tax rebate, and $0 from the state here. :/
My dog sends thank you
We’ll need very obvious signs to put in the windows that the HVAC is on, don’t break in to rescue the pets/kids.
You still would want to smash window+rescue kid. Seems that this increases chance of recovering a baby, not a body
I would worry about auto pilot and hacking to cause a Death what do you do with space trash just dump your shit like in the ocean
great, super, any plans for an electric bike?
Lots on the market. Get the stretch. Model X of bikes
Can't wait, sounds like some great features will@be included. Thanks @elonmusk
I got the update schedule message this morning and I'm excited to check it out!
major step for tesla..i would say..
Could car also detect windows left open ? One might forgot to close it .. And it rained overnight ... Warning should be issued.
Automatically closing all windows when leaving/closing the car would be great! Sth that can be turned on/off manually
its a good feature to mitigate the "forgetful" parents & pet owners Good job Elon Musk
Giving people the option to leave their child in the car unsupervised??? Total misuse of tech!!!
brilliant feature. Does failsafe involve opening windows at point of battery failure?
any other cool new features not mentioned in the release notes?
how will you inform other people that this feature is on and stop people from smashing windows to get kids/pets out?
Awesome idea. Many children (and pets) have died in Alabama heat.
wow, never even thought about that. Fantastic! Now just need to display on windows “this car is temperature controlled”
what if it's freezing?
Potential life saver, awesome. Applies to all Model S I assume?
so people will be able to leave their kids in the car on a hot day to go play the pokies
I guess I still don't understand forgetting your kid in a car. Stupidity is the mother of invention. Nice feature, though.
min temp control in the works too?
Yes, but will it blend?
what about the temperature for the jump seats in the very back? Gets pretty hot.
very well done. Too many stories of dead pets and kids.
what about camper mode? Always on minimum temp?
incredible forward thinking. Keep pushing the envelope Elon! #Teslaisthefuture
Brilliant! Sadly, I was on hand for the aftermath of an incident of a child being left in a car. This feature will save lives.
you should make a schedule setting so that after you get off work or wake up in the morning you can have your car at a decent temp
every car should have this automatic venting!
does it come with a sign that says the AC is on, to keep people from freaking out/breaking the window when they see a kid/pet?
this is awesome man!!
That is true genius, honestly. It's such a beautifully simple solution. The little things are what make men and companies great.👏🖖
Cool. But you don;t want people to start depending on this to protect their babies.
What do you call the new feature? 'Life-support' sounds good. :)
Excellent!! VERY cool!
That's fantastic. Good backup for my wife when she's picking up spayed & neutered dogs to take them to back the rescue.
That is a reckless and irresponsible statement,105F is not safe for kids and pets!
THANK YOU for having this feature. One more reason I want to buy a Tesla.
33k miles on #ModelS in 10mo, Can't $ 2 switch 2 X, Current airflow leaves kids in 3rd row too hot even w/tint+shade. any fix?
эээ...ммм... куртка с терморегуляцией?
Thank you for caring when others do not care!
How will passers by know not to break in, thinking it's hot?!
will it be a too cold feature as well?
Is automatically close all windows and roof when leaving/closing the car also included? Would be awesome!
In south Florida it's a year round danger so thank you.
Is there one for overthinking? Patent that!
you guys and gals are brilliant
It is one of the reasons why I never buy me a Tesla
this feature would be great to pair with @UbiQD 's solar window tech! Check it out at
Solar - UbiQD
(no description)
linked to occupancy sensors, otherwise pointless?
Yes. Yes yes yes. Thank you.
cc @salomondrin They watch and listen to your videos!
not exactly eco friendly though old chap.
So I wonder what's next? You always keep to improve & impress!
Emailing child-suppport services pictures and GPS coords would be a nicer feature, saving the child from future general neglect.
, will the car send an alert to a phone application or even call the owner in case the person forgot the kids/pets. Could be cool
Glad Tesla finally got one of my recommendations.
do you have a 🐕 mr musk
let's hope it's not activated on a hot day with scattered showers. Or a hot day with scattered car-thiefs.
Oh grate idea...!!!! congratulations.
AmaZing :)
and what if you want to get the rid off them. #TeslaDisintegrateOption
truly life saving feature. + Akin to Van Halen's M&M safety canary. "If they've thought so carefully about this..."
Big, big feature.
That's brilliant.
Where can I Find the list of differences? Hope to Find a video about this...
I have a unique way to charge electric cars etc.
So now we're building products for prospective Darwin Award Winners? Shouldn't parents have a bit of education?
does it also keep them from freezing in the winter ?!!
I applaud you and TM for attention to this important issue! Has any progress been made on a solution for cooling the third row?
Now you're just interfering with natural selection.
Very cool, can you add a feature that detects a child in the car when the driver leaves and alerts them too?
Now you just need some sort of indicator so that concerned bystanders don't bust the windows trying to save a dog
when it hits max temp, the warning sign should say 'this tesla is too lit' 😏
But what if my oven is broken and I want to use my car to cook my chicken?
Are there indicators to let outsiders know kids/pets inside are safely cooled? Don't want them breaking a window. Parking lights?
So it doesn't work on adults
these are the sort of details that set Tesla apart. Keep up the good job of the Tesla team!
Love it, but it isn't going to prevent people from bashing in my windows to save my kids or pets if they see them locked in MS/X
Can we get Waze app or nav integration?
ok but does it work for Talulah?
Does it have an audible reminder that "hey stupid, you left your baby in the car?"
this is great for anyone with sensitive equipment or groceries when running errands.
that's amazing! 👶🏼👦🏼👧🏻🐶 thank you in advance.
Damn it Elon! Why you making me want cars I can't afford?? I just had my first kid 3 weeks ago. Forgettin him is my biggest fear.
Doesn't that depend on the outside temp and sun exposure. Would think will last shorter in Death Valley than in Norway.
can we record the camera views please - now that's it primary Radar. its crazy to have a camera and not have an option to record
What a wonderful idea Elon. Impressive.
a une solution pour diminuer la mortalité par coup de chaleur automobile!
My favorite new feature is the always-on max temp control for keeping kids and pets safe from overheating.
That's awesome! Thank you from me and my dog!!
interesting feature. Great job Elon!
I have an idea that will complement that feature 100%.
That's a wonderful, much-appreciated feature, Mr M. I drove a Tesla & WHAT A RUSH! Your work is *always* innovative.
I read this as "max tempo control" and thought that is one thing my kid could use.
Great feature! Still expect to hear about people breaking windows 'cause they don't know about it though.
that is fkn brilliant! I'm surprised i didn't pitch u that idea!!! How about auto seat belt release if cabin fills with water???
Actually i did pitch an idea like that a long time ago...i think it was for diabetics/stroke/heart attack victims
The steering wheel would monitor pulse and if it sensed an anomaly then car would initiate medical response sequence
Although not practical with self driving cars...
i wonder if carbon dioxide sensor would be able to calculate healthy CO2 ratios based on occupant weight via seat sensors??
but then pets might throw it off
can occupants (crying baby) be detected? Could set a lower temp threshold in that case, and send notification. Would save lives
so no it's ok for parents to lock their kids in the car while they go hunt Pokémon
might build this into crew dragon to keep astronauts from overheating in case of a "fast fire" below... 😀
this is only going to make parents more irresponsible.
good job and a great idea elon. let the other manufacturers follow.
No microphone monitoring for constant barking or crying inside the cabin ? :)
can you make something that tells idiot parents: " Hey you probably shouldn't have kids, but don't forget they're in here!"
I love you Elon. Keep safe, fit and loved always!
man, add a GSM module and make tesla cars autocall emergency numbers in case of accident.
bravo on cabin temperature protection! People think twice before breaking Tesla windows to save lives? Window thermometers
would like to discuss incentive plans and charging on the fly. When is the next time available 4 public or private chat?
Very cool. You should implement some type of visual projection on the window displaying inside temp so outsiders know car is safe