NEW --> The gang is getting back together: the cast of The West Wing will campaign for @HillaryClinton in stops across Ohio this weekend.
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hoe awesome is that!
Parts of the cast came to my college in 2000 to campaign for @algore I really hope the outcome isn’t the same…
I mean he did get more votes than the other guy...
W got 100% of the black vote, 100% of the Italian vote, and 100% of the female vote.
WOW-dream team!
except not Sheen
so.Its about policy and what they will do notfamous pple they throw in front of us.same as if u put shit on a stool
wish they were REAL!
Right before she endorses the TPP again! 😡
That is so awesome!!!
Love it! Thank you all 😄❤️🇺🇸
Jesus H Dawkins.The left is totally clueless
My Favorite show! Love it!
so far Sen. Arnold Vinick has yet to endorse his party's nominee
OMG if President Bartlett knocked on my door, I would DIE. <3
I'll raise $10,000 to have Toby Ziegler yell at me about the perils of Trump-style fascism.
I will 100% set this up on @tilt. Already talking to their head of growth. DM if want to partner! @TheBlackLight77 @IanSams @Richard_Schiff
But... Would Mr Schiff do it?!!
First time I ever wanted to be in OH! Good luck!
thank you all!
Who cares
What about Joey Lucas?
Please come to Colorado, we love you. Best show EVER!!!
West Wing kept me sane thro Bush presidency. Will we have 2 look 2 F&C Underwood 4 good sense & decency if Trump wins?
Lord, I miss that show.
What a tragic shame!
Racist Hillary? No thanks!
a cancelled show! Who cares-They are actors . She will still lose. But keep calling Hollywood 4 help
Let's write in for Martin!!!
20 Hours in America redux!
Ohio is so lucky!
No Rob Lowe though
where can we find out details?!
TV show that covered up candidate's major health issues during an election stumps for HRC! Brilliant!
miss this show
I would 💕 West Wing back on the air! You guys up 4 it
Hi Michelle! Could you support Hillary in our open poll? Your vote would help a ton, vote here:
Isn't that the show where the candidate hid an illness to get elected?
U realize even she's not campaigning?
a bunch of pretend politicans? This is funny
che dio ce la mandi buona
will there b vids of this?
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Actors, nothing more.
Was just the BEST TV EVER
Love it!! Come to WI please!
because that is definitely what will rile up those working class voters, hollywood celebrities!
Grasping at straws, @HillaryClinton ?
Some1 should craft a Miniseries fast &show how DESTRUCTIVE @realDonaldTrump presidency'd be 4AMERICA!
well if @BWulfie wasn't already voting for @HillaryClinton this would put him over the top!
let Bartlett be Bartlett!
I love this cast!
oh dear #sickPresident 🙈🙈🙈
Cool.. rich celebrities, no deplorables allowed
why oh why not here! :)
This makes me so happy!
who is the blonde next to Josh?
How can we find out where?
ALL THE YESSES!!!!!!!!!!!!!
YES!!! I loved this show.
meanwhile millennials are wondering what "the west wing" is and why all these old rich people r lecturing them to vote for a crook
great cast. Crappy cause
Are they going to explain what happened to "Sam" or will it not be in character?
That's disappointing.
(Possibly sensitive)
Wish it was IOWA
OK what's next?
Good looking crew!
SO HAPPY to hear this - even as a Canadian!
Where's Ainsley?
LMAO!!! In other words, Hillary can't continue her campaign and needs celebrities to prop her up.
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And they haven't changed a bit! :-)
oh ma ga...oh ma gaaad
Why I got into politics!
Real Q: I was talking yesterday with friends about live steaming West Wing, Contender, Zootopia, Ameriacan president @IanSams @alex_421
NBC and Disney are pretty touchy about copyright
Let me know, a lot of people have never seen these shows, those who do tend to agree with #SJW that #lovetrumpshate @IanSams @alex_421
Those shows are awful.
They go right, #sjw go center. The center will hold, for we are the center. Including the West Wing, cuz #obviously @IanSams @alex_421
Can we make that happen? @BreitbartNews is offering free #clintoncash for all, can we respond with our movies? @IanSams @alex_421
@marycmccormackI will get u2 airprt on time
If u guys come to Indpls
So you're saying that Hillary has FINALLY stepped up from using fake followers huh?
when are you coming to Dayton? What a dream! #Hillary2016
I love how they always invite that late series NSA woman for no apparent reason
yeah, couldn't remember who she was for a second
this is my ovr the moon face
...bring your Skittles!
Too cool for school!
Thst is the best pic I've seen all week
come to oklahoma!
How awesome!! Thank you all!
Thank you!!!! ❤️
Love it...where?
Cool 👏🏻❤️👏🏻
Um ... @hannahhuntt ... Cast of The West Wing will campaign for @HillaryClinton in stops acr…… via @IanSams
spectacular news! That is still 1 of my FAV shows of all time! Come ti WI !!
Details? Anywhere near Cleveland? Want to be a part of this!!
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mistaking celebrity for credibility
CJ Cregg to Columbus please!
Hey guys come to NH!!
Omio omyo o Cleveland Ohio
@marycmccormackAny in Toledo?
The fake aging was close-ish
so great to you all again!
one of my favorite shows, with an excellent cast, but they will NEVER get me to support @HillaryClinton #WestWing
no words 💕🤗🍾🙌🏻😂
the lame levels here--incredible, off the charts. Originator of this idea lacks style and sophistication.
Pretty weak when u have to get fake politicians to try and get people enthused. #StillSanders. ~ MA
they are real people too, in fact mainly!
That, too. Thank you.
I think it's more that they, like a lot of celebrities, are supporting Sec. Clinton. I think it's cool.
This makes me so happy
On the right side!