Honored to be speaking with #DonKing about @realDonaldTrump while introducing @mike_pence at The New Spirit Revival Center in Cleveland, OH.
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Awesome Video on Trump as a "racist"
Let Michael do the rebuttals, keep Trump positive. Winning combo. Great job, Michael!
Bush 8, Clinton 8, Bush 8, Obama 8, TRUMP NEXT END OF THE BUSH & CLINTON'S #Trump2016
It would be nice to see and hear this entire speech
pity Trump can't find smart Africa American surrogates
awesome job Michael very well spoken. Loyal Americans will be voting Trump
's wife knocked it out of the park! Loved her!
Don King is an inspirational poet giving the greatest speech since Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
No one cares about Don King. A hot mess. A Coon.
who ever is the pastor of this church should be completely embarrassed and if I was a member of this church I would leave
Haters will be haters. We the deplorables know who we are PATROITS
Michael Cohen you ROCK!!
Every time Trump does something good there's a jackass popping off with a lie.
As son of a holocaust survivor, U understand what a HRC presidency would mean to this nation.
I want to see your whole speech!
Thank you for speaking for though of us who cannot speak, in defense of Mr. Trump.
We needn't have 'met' Mr. Trump to 'know' that though he is many things; racist he is not.
You gave an amazing,heart-felt,wonderful speech about Mr. Trump.Fantastic job
Awsome event Michael. God Bless
great job and real message unlike these troll remarks on Twitter
yes you did a great speech
NO TO STOP AND FRISK this will not work 4 the blk community
have to tell to leave guns and blunts at home.
What are you talking about?
NO to STOP & FRISK this will hurt you. ccrjustice.org/stop-and-frisk…
Bravo Michael- Wm. B. May
Don King drops N-word while introducing Donald Trump cnn.com/2016/09/21/pol… Not so much!
everyone knows don king is not pc. And was a slip didn't mean no offense by it
she's a white woman how would she know Pathetic people out like mad
OH Vote Trump!
All part of of one race. Some who count money..and some who are naturally lazy. Right.
murderer, homophobe and a slime ball. Lucky crowd!
So many coons under one roof...Nothing to be proud of with that crowd
so much low hanging fruit here ...
first class all around. Get the video out people need to see it. Very moving!
murderer. Honored. Scumbag Michael. Pure scum
👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼All I have to say is " watch out HRC" #Time4change
Michael Cohen rocks!
Why was it...the only time you or Trump laughed was when King used the "N" word?
Nervous laughter is a common reaction when we're an uncomfotable situation.
He's a racist bigot...that's not a reaction to a situation.
Please give us specific detail on what makes him a racisit / bigot. Just the Facts.
relax. These people don't think for themselves. Let him have his hate.
focus on the big message more than a single word.
negroes and white women-what "great" outreach #neverneverfuckingtrump
god bless those people & Donald Trump. ..deplorable from oregon here
Don King knows a true CHAMPION when he sees one.
Keep up the great work Michael! Mr. Trump is blessed to have you on his team #MAGA
did u look in the mirror again??
wow very clever bitch!
Wow! very clever! bet you picked that up from ole donny boy!
And you expected a story book ending for another human killing
WTF r u talking about?? take a midol and a nap
Ana, are you on coke?
Diet pepsi here #Troll off :)
Loyalty is a rare trait in todays world. I respect and celebrate your loyalty!
I absolutely agree! I believe he has been with Mr. Trump for over 10 years. #classact #MAGA
UnderDog Donald 'theTruth' Trump vs Hillary 'FistFull of Dollars' Clinton Rotten$
This event will definitely get ppl talking in a positive way toward TRUMP.
Not even close. Chump will insert foot in mouth sometime!
A foot in the mouth is sure better than waking up next to that😳😳
If u believe that, ur a jackass. It's people like u who put country in trouble!
O ok I pay plenty of taxes,donate to several charities &walk a straight line.Ur the problem
Do u donate to charities w/ur own money? Chump doesn't! U pay taxes? Chump doesn't! U ass!
Soberndelusional is more like it.
it should, but it won't; why? Must get media on Trump's side
Providing enough people get to see it. Not everyone has computers/internet
Enough ppl seen&will see it.Then the good old fashion word of mouth will happen
I wouldn't hold my breath
Henk, I thought you're a Donald trump loyalist. It doesn't sound like it.
trumo seems comfortable @HillaryClinton always looks scared around blacks #WheresHillary
That "negro" joke was pretty funny, huh? Maybe you should take #TrumpCOONcircuit with you more
over the #TrumpCOONcircuit. They don't speak for Black America. #CashingInTheirCredibility
I want to hear the rest - got a full clip??
God bless you, Mr Cohen!
with that nigger criminal..#racisttrump
This may be the greatest the Don King has ever done.
Micheal Cohen always points the point. Great work.
crooks like to conjugate together.
Michael u have a lot of hillary trolls on ur timeline
This whole event was so profound
Great job in Ohio Michael ! It's time for a Trump round table w MuslimAmericans
You were awesome, a huge credit to Mr. Trump's team!
I watched this yesterday and I am so impressed and humbled, too! Thank you!
Thank you, Michael. #Genuine words of #truth and #transparency are hard to come by these days.
#Trump is a disgusting scumbag, to put it nicely.
awesome. Great team.@realDonaldTrump Is on a mission from God to rescue USA 🇺🇸
Would love to hear the entire speech. You are always so good in whatever platform.
you did good very 😊 good.
Did he have his tap shoes on?
I am at a Loss of Words. What did he try to say? What was the Point? Everyday
This is so disgusting. The definition of racist: Donald Trump. End of story.
grotesque. Every one of u.
I am in awe of this support for DJT!
Bravo! my sentiments exactly.