#TheWestWing premiered on this day in 1999!
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Wish they would come to VA
Matt Santos for POTUS 🇺🇸gets my vote 🇺🇸
fresche l'ova e cmq bellissima serie
painful pretentious then and still
Never missed a show.
Hey Brian, you know this show was fake, right? @CNN
fantastic show! Absolutely loved it! One of the few that I made a point of watching regularly
"He's not my friend, he's my boss; and it's not his name, it's his title."
Great show.
just started watching the West Wing again on Netflix. Always love this show.
I miss this show!!
started watching again on Netflix and pretending it's real and we're not living through the political circus of today
One of my favourite shows!
I really don't think @RobLowe has ever aged. Ever.
I watched the whole series on Netflix. As someone who was born in 72', "Thank you" for so many great shows and films!
oh wow oh wow oh wow
still the best show by a country mile!!! #wishtheydbringTheWestWingback
Fascinating to see actors like @conniebritton @genuinewallace @therealjpickjr @jasonsfolly in earlier, less famous days!
Jed Bartlett for President!
..Get Down, Get Lowe,. Get Down ,Get Funky. .
one of my all time fav shows #TheWestWing
Great show. Watching it from the start again on Sky and it's still fantastic. #TheWestWing
love this show am watching it this very moment s4 ep 1
Happy Day ☺️
and I still miss it to this day.
are you shitting me? damn
wow, when I woke up this morning I didn't think today would be so great. Thanks for this!
Great show! They should make a spin off with you as president. #justsaying
One of my favorite shows of all time!
Where's Mandy?
(Possibly sensitive)
I would vote for them in a heartbeat! #lovewestwing
this show was so damn good
ikr! I brought the box set of the first season with me to MSU 😂
"I'm standing up which is how one speaks in opposition in a civilized world." Ainsley Hayes
If Republicans were like Ainsley, I'd be a Republican. She's my idol.
I have been binge watching on Netflix! So obsessed with President Bartlett. Funny though I'm a conservative!
loved that show acting was great and writing was the best in t v history
Great TV! It has stood the test of time..:)
The best pilot for a series ever. Watching it again I'm amazed how many things happened on that first episode. @WhitfordBradley
Then I remember Moira Kelly, but that's whole other story. @TODAYshow @WhitfordBradley
Wing Nut? Is that what I am? (per your bio) Well, in that case, I'm proud to be one. #WestWing
Yeah I think wingnut is a thing. @HrishiHirway and @JoshMalina say it on @WestWingWeekly podcast. If I'm wrong, they'll tell me.
Have The Complete Series.Great Show,Great Cast.
Best TV series I've ever seen,watched all 7 series 4 times now,simply EXCELLENT!!! Thanks.