ugg and teva are doing a collab and it's the worst thing i've ever seen. whyyyy.
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ultimate ankle protectors
bitch, i sent this to you already
i found your next ugly shoe
okay those are actually too ugly for me😂😂
hate you😂
yeah I'm sure you do😪
looks like a mini moon boot for when you break your leg
this has gone far enough
what im buying you this Christmas lolol dead
that is so ugly
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if a ankle brace met chacos.
I literally just screamed out loud, but it's a fashion crisis that is so ugly
I'm feeling the vibes no lie... like it's a warm day but you tryna stay comfy
S would you like these on December 25th or March 18th ? 🎁😊
chan's winter sandal
what IS THIS
but what season is this for
...Is it a cast?
ok maybe they will come out with some crocs then I will buy you some!!! 😂
oooo heyyy I see ur Christmas present coming in!
this looks like a boot for the crippled
why has God abandoned us
LOOOOOL @wavvelengths watch em do crocs next 😂😂😂
it looks like a brace walking boot 😂😂
trying to be like your rick owens
me and senora new shoe
oh my god please I'll get them for you both
Police got multiple reports of people getting their ankles broken by me in basketball so they had to take safety precautions.smh
i fkn dare u to wear that shit to school
legit dead omg 😂😂😂😂
They will go so well with official dress
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this looks like an ankle brace/walking cast
I'm going to get theeee
you would get these
for real she would get them 😂
judge me 💁🏼
I could see girls at sunset getting these tho 🤔
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lol at first I thought this was some new boot they made for when you break your ankle
that's a freaking cast
wait till Kylie Jenner gets a pair, everyone will start loving them
I actually loathe this
I know when I'm getting you for christmas
they're behind the times, I was sporting that look in high school when I sprained my ankle.
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when it's fall but it's still warm outside but u want to wear uggs
it looks like a boot for a broken foot
I pre-ordered a pair
omg they are so bad
ok I really love Teva's but this just ruined me.
I'm am disgusted
wow two things you love, uggs and sandals
omg that's atrocious
can always count on you to come through with an insult
my toes are gonna freeze in the snow that texas doesnt have
XD It looks like a foot brace 😂😂😂
whatthefuck are thooooooose
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these some fire
it looks like a walking boot
those need to be burned to the ground