Holy fuck @PalmerLuckey. You're using your @oculus fortune to back a pro-Trump org w/ @Nero? Plz tell me this is VR thedailybeast.com/articles/2016/…
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what's wrong with this exactly? Guy supports a candidate, so what?
Sweet, I'm definitely buying Oculus now!
when people get instantly mega-rich they instantly become dipshit idiots
As an early supporter of @oculus this makes me sick to my stomach. This is the org @PalmerLuckey is backing Cc @TechCrunch @UploadVR
then stop 👏 fucking 👏 giving 👏 them 👏 publicity👏 you👏wedge.
“Money is not my issue. I thought it sounded like a real jolly good time.”
were you a kickstarter backer?
I was not but I bought the DK1 as soon as I could get my hands on it.
This is a message from @PalmerLuckey, the founder of @oculus.
congrats on funding a con man that also plants to fund a bigger con man.
quickly, everyone shit on Palmer because we disagree with his politics.
So if you support @oculus with your dollars, you support @realDonaldTrump with same.
welp. I'm never buying an Oculus now.
He thinks global warming is a hoax too, huh?
Welp. Not going to use Oculus now.
now what about the fact that Donald Trump supports terrorism? Some that shouldn't be supported at all...
HAHAHHA The Nimble America guy was told to fuck off and kill himself by the alt right. You should kys too.
you can't make up this shit. Nice touch with the stopper reference. Loser...
er, "stripper reference"
what's @Scobleizer going to think?
Weird to see a literal millionaire railing against "the elite" while bragging about his wealth and influence
guess I'll get a vive
How is this not satire?!
moderators at The_donald were forced to step down because of this. The memes come from 4chan.
Huh. I'm guessing by "nimble" he means able to skip around inconvenient laws and facts.
Which means he supported a birther for over 4 years. He supported a racist for over 4 years.
was it even him?
well, that's what you get for spending too much time in VR
I'm a big boy momma, I can drink a whole glass of Scotsch *takes off headset*
I feel like there has to be some kind of outreach to backers if their money went to white supremacy.
what a schmuck
is this real? Like, for real not pretend real?
dang Austin you don't know if this is even real right?
the classic warmonger in a bikini ah nothing sweeter
maybe he is hoping he can buy America after Trump sends it broke.
I think Palmer plagiarized most of this from American Psycho chapter 12.
What in the actual fuck?
lol it's his RIGHT you moron. How about you go fuck yourself you piece of shit
fucking Christ.
Okay, Mr. Luckey, but we have to have starting figures on the Scotch and the plane miles for that to work.
What a coincidence. With a Trump presidency, a lot of us will need a virtual reality escape hatch real bad
This is hard to parse. Parody? Demo of how disgustingly out-of-touch wealth can make some? #ItIsAMystery
In Wealth's defense, Palmer is also very young.
also a true post like this would be revenue suicide in a liberal market. Anything to verify its real?
Link is buried in 1st para @engadget article. So here's the archived Reddit thread (below). web.archive.org/web/2016091701…
Luckey admitted that's his reddit username. Mark Zuckerberg right now m.popkey.co/b26047/0JRxv.g…
thanks for the follow up!
I'll give that a read soon! @thedailybeast just crashed chrome for me. :shakesfist:
This honestly seems like a terribly sarcastic post. It's built up to sound too ridiculous to be legit. Then the last sentence.
I... What? What even?
"-a wealthy booster who thought the meddlesome idea was funny". Glad to know politics are 'funny' now. Thanks for sharing.
"If you want to know what God thinks of money, just look at the people he gives it to." - Dorothy Parker
couldn't make it past the 2nd paragraph without vomiting a little
yo @PalmerLuckey, didn't know people that had nothing could afford sailing lessons.
You can stir poor all you want but $700,000,000 from a boat lesson? Get real Brown
the homeschooling might be the real issue here: no contact with other kids from different backgrounds, no empathy
I grew up pretty poor and took sailing lessons at one point. even took a flying lesson. stop poor shaming.
A parent who can afford to homeschool is not nothing either. Sounds almost (gasp) middle-class to me. @CodyBrown @PalmerLuckey
FWIW my son takes sailing lessons given by the county and it costs $100 for like 3 weeks.
no comment about the guy in general, just fyi sailing lessons can be cheap community-boating.org/programs/junio…
yeah looked into that to make sure it wasn't some non-profit. this says $600-$1300 gazettes.com/alamitos-bay-y…
hard to infer from article since it just says he took lessons but at that pt you're more, "started from the middle"
lol. good to know.
Hyper-focus on @PalmerLuckey's interesting but what does @CodyBrown think about @HillaryClinton's Parkinson cover-up? @CNN @maddow @LATtimes
It speaks of priorities though. I'm skeptical many families in poverty concern themselves with sailing lessons
I'm learning just how many billionaires are totally whacked in the head this election.
The amazing part of this is @PalmerLuckey didn't invent core VR tech. FB deal enabled by 'borrowed' Valve prototypes uploadvr.com/valve-shared-v…
casting conspiracy theories around to discredit someone is usually what assholes do.
It's not a conspiracy theory. It's quite close to what actually happened.
I don't think he ever claimed that he single handedly invented VR
it's shitty to minimize the guy's contributions just because you disagree w/ his politics
What contributions are you referring to?
this post is exactly what I am referring to
No, I mean what contributions are you claiming are being minimized? I am unaware of any?
the E3 demo was prior to Valve youtube.com/watch?v=GVDXXf… so, you're saying Carmack was fooled?
Fooled? Not sure what you mean? Does he say something in this video that is relevant here?
sure, okay Casey, have fun with your little witch hunt
Is that a "I don't know so I'm going to change the subject," or... ?
no, this was my only point in the first place
I guess I don't understand then :( You were worried about "minimizing his contributions"...
I'm worried that people I respect are jumping to attack this guy for wrongthink
don't worry about being self indulgent or egotistical. You've got those. ;)
Oh I've hated Oculus for a long, long, long time now :) This is just one more reason.
well don't let me get in the way of your hate boner
...but I don't actually know any contributions he's made, so I don't know how that's possible?
The point of Cody's post was to make that clear (eg., that he had nothing to do with the tech)
For people who might not have been aware of that (many are, but many more aren't).
some would argue getting the money and people together is a big part of 'the tech'
whether he invented tech or not is orthogonal to him being an actual witch that needs hunting tho
It's a really simple question, so you should be able to answer it if you are serious.
did you read the article Justin?
Fuck trump but Oculus broke down walls and started a VR movement. Whatever his politics.
literally funding white supremacy activism is kinda a big deal
Is this actionable in any way by Valve?
That's disingenuous, Valve's prototypes borrowed from Oculus' just as much at this point. DK1 was core VR tech.
What do you mean ? His first Rift (early 2012) existed long before Valve prototype.
all info in the linked article. give it a read
read it - but what I would call "core VR tech" is the idea of using smartphone screens for VR. This is the core of Rift/Vive/PSVR
Trump supporters, or circa half of America, shouldn't be allowed to work because they support him?
Let's hope that changes.
He doesn't? - Oculus/Facebook?... he is out?
There's def a correlation between wealth and fetish for obscure adjectives. Schemmingway
I can't tell if this is real or a joke. Reddit and imgur have this style of humor. I am an imgurian. @PalmerLuckey @oculus
I don't doubt it, it can also be a dark humor joke.
I dunno if it was a joke, people dug up Trump stuff from his facebook from the past year.
he's paying for it though
In more ways than one. :-/
Need to see verified evidence that he supports racism.
To me the last paragraphs hint that this was a joke. But not sure. Ugh.
Looks like the account has been deleted.
kill all rich nazis
holy hell. Guess I'm never buying am oculus.
Wait. This guy is supporting a would-be war criminal.
Supporting a would-be war criminal is worse than someone that has been party to crimes already committed?
something hil already is? 6 of one half dozen of the other
Teally not too smart is he?
The Vive looked better anyway
Zuckerberg isn't gonna be happy that this shitheel is putting a bullet in the head of Oculus all this time later.
proves that money can't buy you class...
I'm repulsed by this guy. Not becuz I hate Trump. But becuz he's completely repugnant.
Trump didn't "start from nothing" & he's NOTHING like "us".Americans; proud, strong & brave.
I hope the vet who donated that pp 💜knows DT's charity 4 vets pd 4 Trumps painting
He's joking, right? 2016 is so the year of the Can't Tell.
If the post isn't a parody I guess it explains the interest in Virtual Reality.
lets see that stock plummet! Better VR products out and not overpriced either!
... wow he finally did something Scott Fisher didn't do first. Too bad it sucks.
no thanks. guess who's buying a vive insteadddd~~~
Let's hope Luckey donates his brain to research, like right now.
uh, what the fuck did I just read?
"started with nothing" 😂😂😂
So what memes did they make? For all we know they have very low meme marketshare.
nasty SOB , isn't he? Flush oculus.
but he has written the absolute truth HRC is a corrupt,fraud
Outside of the U.S., Trump is seen by many as clown and a security threat.
what are your thoughts on the funding activities of people like George Soros? zerohedge.com/news/2016-09-2…
I am SO glad that I decided to buy the HTC Vive instead.
that is disgusting.
I like him already.
any chance this is sarcastic?
I imagine @oculus will try to spin it in any number of ways
it's really hard to say. his connection to milo yiannopoulos and other alt-right factions is pretty telling
Let's hope @finkd will unlike him.
Is this the guy who sold VR to facebook, and knew at this time how he fucked facebook ;) just an idiot ...
what a humble spirit.
Well, I was leaning toward the Vive anyway. Guess this cinches it. Thought Luckey was a decent guy. Sad.
psychopaths are usually charming and are expert manipulators
Zuck must be so proud.
New Post. "Now would be a good time for Oculus to quadruple their investment in diversity" medium.com/@CodyBrown/now…
The white supremacists/mysognists Palmer funds just aren't very smart. Hes trying to talk at their level
it's all real. Unfortunately
Welp. Looked like my decision between oculus and PSCR won't be so hard after all.
Back the truck up. "Centipedes of the Donald?" That's a thing?
lol. I'm kind of afraid to google it...
But you're not supposed to read the comments!
Wow! I never realised that Palmer Luckey was such a cool guy! ^_^
Your all nerdy pussies. If @PalmerLuckey wants to support a republican -it's his right to $pend - put goggles on an stfu
Wow. And to think I once felt really bad for him when the whole world mocked the @TIME cover.
jesus, what a childish fucking prick
PL calls Clinton warmonger,yet supports Trump, a self-professed would-be warmonger. Can't make this shit up
he says he's proud of his success, so why did he delete his Reddit account? 🤔
Welp. Vive was better, and PSVR cheaper anyway.
I always had a bad feeling about luckey.. Way to go. Made $2 billion, but also made an ass of yourself.
PALM HER, LOKI Okay. Seriously though, what's his name?
And suddenly that shoeless magazine cover takes on sinister overtones.
Good grief.
How could this buckle head have followed & aspired to be like him for years when he is only 24yrs. Old ? In dog yrs?
No shock- famous for using Kickstarter as a private VC to get rich off selling out VR to FB
Support Trump for years!? 😮😱Wtf?
I am voting trump.
I feel so much better about having canceled my Rift pre-order, this is just insane.
seriously. wish I would have done the same. my oculus has been collecting dust underneath my desk anyway.
Thiel to help Palmer take down The Daily Beast in 3, 2,...
Send it my way!
so it turns out it wasn't VR that was making people sick, but bad karma.
As if people who create tech can't have different opinions than yours? Smh.
How to detect an imbecile in 1 tweet :)
I'm sickened by your hairline.
lol! Go hide in your safe space... Cuck.
cody why are you so salty? is it from the over used seaman in your mouth ?
Hilarious, what are the political view of someone got to do with a VR Headset?
the Daily Beast got trolled by a parody account on pepe memes. Yellow journalism.
Palmer went on the record with the Daily beast
The alt-right is mostly trolls and SilVal social darwinists.
I am proud to see Palmer stand up for his beliefs.
fuck lucky. Dude is a sick white supremacist.
Reminds me of Peter thiel.
Can we now call Trump's campaign 'the Oculus grift'?
Easily influenced by Thiel?
I have an Oculus headset for sale.
cc @kwyxz (Ça peut éventuellement t'intéresser. Ainsi que les posts suivants)
When people can scream racist, any chance of sane discourse is COMPLETELY LOST. #1A
And you would be wise to remember that facts and truth IS NOT Racism.
Maybe you should stop supporting a racist pandering authoritarian in HRC.