i don't really have a full argument here BUT...
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uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh gross
Sports Illustrated curse for rich swindlers
I, atheist, may nonetheless have it: "If you want to know what God thinks of money, just look to whom He gives it."
the madden curse of the business world.
it's like a business version of the Madden curse 🤔
So it's just a list of greedy, selfish cocksuckers Forbes loves.
the white race is deeply flawed?
I wonder if money turn them into *explicit* or if they got money because they are *explicit*
I don't get why everthing is failing apart. Doesn't the Bible say "Blessed are the Rich, we should worhsip them"?
no argument necessary. A picture is worth ....
Maybe this doesn't bode well for @aunder? 😉
They should just rename the magazine to Douches Illustrated.
So the Epi-Pen witch and Martin Shkreli didn't make the cut?
this is the alt-right to worry about!
how does a 22 year old have such bad skin
pls leave me out of this conversation. nagl imo
yeah its always so weird. you make billions, surely you can afford exfoliation and spa?
It's the business equivalent of the Madden curse
what's a madden curse
Whichever NFL player gets to be in the cover if that year's Madden video game ends up getting injured
*on and *of but I think you got the point
forbes is sort of like the tiger beat for amoral douchebags.
what do i win?
there must surely be a Clinkle one out their somewhere …?!
I wish I could track down the 2007-ish cover w/ Hank Greenberg
You mean the American fascination with celebrities, power and money is detrimental to its ethics?
you guys actually read this story?
this goes all the way to the top...
alba's a bigger fraud than thiel!
do you have criticism of a story about a woman who's created a huge mobile game?
Hardly. I love that damn game.
Not trying to be obtuse, @cwarzel, but I'm not sure what your argument (quarter, half or full) actually is ... @stephaaronson
Forbes loves human-shaped bags of shit. They're better than real people!
Right wingers and scam artists.
Why does Luckey's cover look like a high school yearbook photo gone deep into glamor shot territory?
Dude looks like a 2001 CGI model.
He's the new Mayor of Uncanny Valley!
If you remove the ribbon, her head falls off.
I've got to hand it to Holmes, she really knew how to play these dumbshits. The Steve Jobs cosplay is a nice touch.
the magazine for the criminally minded
I thought this was a describe urself w fictional characters thing for a sec
I believe this is what you were looking for
FUN FACT: The wealthiest 1% of Americans contain approximately 600 million pounds of perfectly edible meat.
A non trivial fraction of which is in Palmer Luckey, individually.
Like the curse of being on the cover of Sports Illustrated.
🎤 wealth worship culture is traaaaash!! 🎤