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Salesforce/Twitter stumps even @karaswisher
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I could see the social/data side. Plus gives them a real time alternative to Slack. The not-linkedin purchase
$CRM provides marketing and customer service tools, so decent angle
def. also Bret taylor
marketing to whom? Makes no sense
if you are a CRM customer, which is a lot of big/small businesses, you can manage marketing campaigns on their platform
No number of acquisitions can save Salesforce's core product, which is a bloated mess. Better to diversify?
who are you marketing to on twitter? if twitter was a good platform for marketers it wouldn't be for sale
? they are doing $2.5B in revenue from advertising/marketing
slowing ad growth stalled user base. They're not selling b/c things are great
no one ever sells because things r great. but acquirers buy because they believe they can make things better.
and what he said!
right. It could be awesome, if sales force was in a different business? But it is not. Nonsensical.
It's not nonsensical at all
1) The Salesforce/Twitter rumor is interesting because it shows how little attention Tech Twitter pays to B2B news.
Instagram + whatsapp sold because things were great and the offers were even greater
also peeps at Instagram regret selling too early
$19b for whatsapp is unprecedented
To bots. it makes sense... @AdSense
customer support channel?
I always wanted to know what her sources are. Also, she appears to have blocked me! Maybe for making political comments
you guys should quote @realdanlyons's take on Benioff just for shits and giggles
I gotta say I kinda like him
he seems very cool to me as well! Not to Dan :)
how can you not think this guy is funny
Dan's book is more focused on these
maybe craigslist will buy & turn it into a giant classifieds market :-0