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1) I want to say something: @zpower is one of the best people I have ever worked with. I don’t understand the how or why of what happened.
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2) But Chris is an extremely decent human who does not deserve to be the butt of a joke. And he certainly deserves a second chance.
3) And I would hesitate to pass judgment before knowing the whole story. But mostly I just hope Chris is okay, as a human being.
4) One other thing: Chris is not a random guy. He was a founding Verge editor and was previously at Engadget. There is long history.
5) He helped build The Verge into what it is, from day one. This situation is completely bizarre and upsetting, but it doesn’t erase him.
I wish you stayed with The Verge
If you were still at verge, would you've just made a forum post and be done with it? 🤔
did he work under a pseudonym? you don't have to give his real name, just a yes or no.
I’m just terrified something might have happened to the guy :<
As an observer from "Day 1" I concur. Glad you're speaking out. @zpower has earned my trust. We should keep an open mind.
its incomprehensible. Like i cant believe what im reading bc it seems like such a lapse in judgment
can you please send me the link to this piece? I'm so confused as to what happened
would you hirer him to work at the outline?
why is everyone acting all concerned? Is he missing or something?
why is it upsetting?
sounds like he is
people bounce from jobs all the time. He joined Apple. APPLE. @verge acted like he was a double agent sent to undermine
Well to be fair he didn't tell anyone... He should've told the verge & resigned...
what if Tim Cook instructed him otherwise, lavished him with stock options and a jet black 7?
thank you for saying this. Always been a huge fan of his. Not passing judgement until I know more.
josh vox media has a history of this stuff.... Wasnt there a slack board member on vox media board last year?
the reality is tech bloggers r way too close to the people/companies they are reporting on. Its journalistic integrity 101.
Briefly saw @zpower at NYIAS in April, was expecting to watch him grow Verge auto sec. this year. Great dude. Wish him well.
I wouldn't want "Building the Verge into what it is today" on my resume.
absolutely! You all have been so important to me on many levels. Thank you!
Pretty sure no one here dislikes Chris as a person, but his departure without a word was kind of a dick move.
that’s what makes it even more puzzling, he’s obviously not stupid
yeah. Some sites seem to be saying he is just a random Verge employee. I remember him and the rest of the team moving
well now it looks like he'll be formerly of Apple to add to that list.
Thanks for your thoughts Josh
yeah i just read. Wow. Well, i've liked his work ever since so best of luck to him! ^^
100%. There is more to the story than I know, I will withhold judgement.
Will miss him. Been listening and reading since Engadget. Curious as to what he's doing at Apple. @zpower
This is why I like you Josh. You always take the high road. I also wish @zpower well and hope he's ok.
I love this response. We don’t know the details, and it’s nice to see people have the backs of people they care about.
Yet when people like @joshuatopolsky talk politics they pass judgment on candidates & voters all the time. Double standard perhaps?
EXACTLY what I said. Sad to see @verge throw him under the bus.
What’s happened with zpower?
looooong story. There's a post on the Verge.
You got a link as i can’t find it on their awful website
they buried it in meta forum section. One thing you'll learn with verge. They hate to admit they're wrong.>
and they're wrong alot.... They show poor journalistic integrity and are too close to the people they report on. Imo
please send me the link as well, I have no idea what's going on
under the bus? they had a duty to disclose.
what F is going on, I've seen all these tweets about Chris but none of them actually tell anything.
my thoughts exactly. Well said man. Purely as a reader of his, what you said always came through
i miss you man.. its a shame what happened to The Verge after your departure
very weird departure of the @verge nevertheless
may deserve another chance but @Apple and @verge certainly don't.
So whats the story here anyway? Cuz I'm confused as to what happened
Chris Ziegler was hired by apple but never told the verge & worked for both for months, until the verge found out and fired him
seems like conflict of interest to me. And in a way he was spying for Apple. Then again is the Verge. They don't bash Apple.
being radio silent during the whole fiasco doesn’t help his cause and doesn’t earn him any ounce of sympathy
IDK the guy or situation but circling the wagons is weird from journos. Who are you to say who deserves to be butt of joke?
Wait, what happened with @zpower?
Thanks String. Huh, I completely missed all of this.
took a job at Apple in July and decided to not tell anyone at the verge
he's was one of the better Verge editors there and it sounds like he's not even at Apple anymore
so you're saying that @zpower power slid into your heart then? ❤️ @pierce
I apologize gents. I was not aware of the situation. Chris, I wish you the best in whatever you're doing.
there's nothing to understand. The verge had him doing automotive.
that must’ve been by choice, he was totally into cars!
you could tell he was nice just watching the vergecast. but if a nice guy needs to be bad for a career at apple, 👍
Tech reporter on Apple payroll? I don't believe it!
Twitter without Chris is... The guy has legions of well wishers who all wish him well.
Jesus, you scared me shitless thinking it was something more serious. Good for his new job! @verge is so emo lately
all I know is I'll now miss the both of you at @verge
Agreed, am expecting it all to get cleared up. He was the first guy I talked to when I joined Engadget.
doesn't anyone know where he lives?