Taking a Twitter break!
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Meaning you're going to spend some time on Twitter when taking a break from whatever else you were doing?
No! Seriously. Come back. You were the best account. Damn it. Must have been time consuming to find those great retweets. Will miss!
must watched the last episode of South Park, and quit Twitter.
If he watched that episode he'd know it's important to come on and troll like hell to be a better person in the real world.
Did the same with FB 3 years ago and i've never had the feeling to Comeback.
hopefully you can be back soon !
darn right when I started using Twitter you leave!
we know your true racist colonial asshole colors, no point quitting
learning to be a better colonialist?
You need a guest tweeter while you're away!
fair enough. But why did you delete your entire tweet history too?
Taking a break can be a good thing, but I sincerely hope you'll be back soon. In the meantime, thanks for all your tweets to date.
Taking a $TWTR break because you sit in $FB board; $GOOGL on verge of winning bidding war & $TWTR will then be on dark side?
if you're taking a break from Twitter and you've deleted all your tweets but this one, you don't have to pin it
Oh man, @jack is gonna be pissed. Pretty sure @pmarca tweets + retweets now make up 25% of all activity on the network.
Ha! Not a coincidence Twitter to be bought after Trump is likely to win an election on nothing more than 140 characters or less!
One retweet comes back? 🤔
deleted ur tweet returns. This is selfish
when you come back, it might not be Twitter anymore.
because you're buying it????
must be exhausting ... the break i mean.
bye felicia
see you tomorrow
ICYMI @pmarca announced he's taking a "Twitter break" after deleting his tweets & tweetstorms 🤔
I'm more concerned that you're not following those recommendations in that screenshot 😀
I'd be be more concerned about yourself if I were you
you're a national treasure
he deleted everything... well this is reducing the number of mentions and retweets...
where did all your old tweets go?
You keep saying that, but I don't think you know what it means...
new owner???
enjoy the time off. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.
Terms of his involvement in impending ownership transfer demand it…(Exclamation pt. gives it away.)
his involvement would be great. How certain are you that's the reason for him deleting all his account/content?
pls take it as long as you can
you will be missed in our dopamine den.
whacha do this time?
Is this thread the REASON?
Don't know who covers Bitcoin @WSJ. Good idea to track @pmarca 's bet. Just to be clear I'm saying Bitcoin not Blockchain @RolfeWinkler
Does it restore @pmarca to his twitter throne? Hope to see you return.
Taking Twitter Great Again :)
Have your cake and tweet it...
Pls don't let the lawyers dictate terms... I do hope there's an archive of your tweetstorms somewhere. Your curation will be missed!
they're all at @pngmarca and I hope @pmarca comes back too!
wait, what, you do that? You can do that? ;)
because you're buying it? Bargain.
what'd you do this time? :p
oh geez, man, you wiped all your tweets?! there was such gold in them tho :(
didn't this happen with blogs before too? Maybe a new media outlet soon?
I think a chunk of Twitter market valuation was due to @pmarca tweets.
be back soon, I will miss you till then
if Google buys, will you go to snapchat?
Facebook are acquiring twitter? News news news 🤓
see you in an hour then, i guess?
Have a break, have a KitKat
after only one tweet?
wanted to respond to one very, very interesting tweet but its gone. Could you bring it back ?
Look forward to your return. Be well.
have you been hacked? ;P
As a side effect, Twitter shares dropped 30%!
except...there is more work to be done...
Donald Trump never takes a Twitter break.
Tweets be gone! 100k -> 200 tweets.
guys. Get the hidden message. Twitter got sold to Google?
Without you I might be able to enjoy Twitter finally. The last time you came back, are you also going to come back this time...
like, longer?
twice in one day!
Your tweets have vanished 😯
maybe this is how people felt when Jesus died for good :(
Twitter sale protest?
Fuck! Please come back!
So many smart ppl quit twitter and come back, repeating cycle. For info junkies it's like a recreational drug w weird side effects.
torched all your tweets... 🤔🤔🤔
hope all is well.
Gotta sleep sometime, I guess.
aaaaand you're back. ...right?
Come back soon, you wiley old coot.
marc, i'm also an alpha preneuereuer like you are. Thank you for your inspiration. I idolize you. Please come back.
you've earned it :)
I guess scientists are right after all: no such thing as perpetual motion.
will definitely miss you while you are on sabbatical💯💯
What have you done 😨
#Twitterpocalypse? Google acquiring Twitter? Or has @pmarca just decided he looks good in @Spectacles?
Taking a Twitter break!
maybe Mark as seen this week South Park episode and decided to quit Twitter @pmarca
we'll miss you, hope to see you soon back here
This will put Twitter on break. This action has hazardous consequences for everybody on twitter.😳😉
We're all wondering what this is about?
You will be missed!
-> @pmarca hmm - well one pioneering Internet #Digerati is about to make an awesome power move init? ;) @Jason @finkd @mlevchin @ev @jack
And with your silencing, as does all of twitter as well.
come back soon. Missing the daily Marc tweets to learn about the world.
> Come back soon. Love your contributions.
joining non anonymous #twitterholycs club? Step1 rule: take a break
Seriously, bud. Please come back. We need you. #ImWithCivilization
missed you on Twitter during this incredibly entertaining debate!
the one person i looked to during the debate! ugh.
Please come back. We need you commenting on this presidential debate. You're the hero Gotham needs, but doesn't deserve. #TechBatman
did your interns delete all these tweets for ya?
damnit, you're buying Twitter aren't you?!
takes a break, & twitter’s for sale. wow!
Taking a Twitter break!