Amazing picture -- everyone is taking a selfie. No one looking at Clinton.
2016, ya'll.
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Sure they are! just through the screen.
Dumb Gruber, NPR was caught intentionally broadcasting LIES to mislead the public on Obama's Iran Nuke deal.
Because the West is about the self. And that will be our downfall. @victomato
Unbelievable. Sign of the times.
um. If they are selfieing then they are all seeing her, the historic candidate, in the frame w themselves.
Looking directly at #Hillary will turn you into a pillar of petrified shit.
Are you sure @realDonaldTrump is just not on the other side of the room?
You don't think she probably suggested they all do that at the same time?
agreed. Had to have been "staged."
Would you? If you look in her eyes without a mirror, u turn to stone.
Isn't it glaringly obvious they're all taking selfies with Clinton in the background?
Hmm, I thought they were all performing a Klingon shaming ritual whilst reading Trump's Twitter timeline.@ChrisMegerian
I wonder if this is right after someone in charge said "Ok, let's do a group selfie with Hillary!"
Dumbo that is your girl #HillarysBodyDouble Note the thin legs! @PrisonPlanet @DBloom451
Not totally accurate-- they're all looking at Clinton, just through their phones.
& Somewhat Disturbing how Self–absorbed, Self–Obsessed society has become. It's ADDICTED to Virtual Reality.
Selfies: a reflection of being about me.
its a reverse selfie which allows the masses to take a selfie with one person.
But they're all posting with this caption "SQEEEEEE! I got THIS CLOSE to Hillary; our next President!"
context is important, they arent just taking a selfie it's including her &actually is more inclusive
I loathe my generation
well would you want to look at that harpy?! The only selfie I want with her is #CrookedHillary in handcuffs. #goals #MAGA
Um. They are all taking a selfie WITH Clinton, dingbat.
seems like they set it up as "take a selfie with hrc" no?
except they are, everyone taking a 'selfie' is taking a pic of Clinton, idiot knee jerk comment...
Amazing yes! Because they are taking selfies with the front camera in their phone so she's in the selfie too!
is that Bill ??
DUH they are taking selfies with her.
But some people are looking at her And you bet the cameras are pointed at her It's not that amazing of a pic Failed analysis
Great box though😊
Society is lost.
plot twist - that was the idea, they were suppose to do that
ah, interesting! That would make sense of it.
She’s part of the selfie
they ARE looking at her. Thru screens w/ themselves in the foreground. Talk abt #FalseEquivalence
unless that's an amazing coincidence, I'd suggest that's choreographed purposefully
u r a reporter n trying tell a story the pic refutes. They are selfies to show HRC behind them.
FACT CHECK: Wrong. (((Man))) with beard and glasses in middle.
#Hillary again in another see of white.
Amazing picture -- everyone is taking a selfie. No one looking at Clinton.
It was a selfie photo op for this purpose - truth in reporting much, guy?
hilarious that you don't know what's really going on
if you look directly at her, you turn to stone.
has Hills nicked that box from Tim Farron or was it a gift from Sarko/Hollande?
Selfie with Clinton en mass.
Of course they're looking at her: backwards + thru their camera lens to get themselves in the shot!
They are all taking selfies with Clinton behind them.
if you look closely though most of the screens I can see have her in the background....
The stupidity of commenters to this tweet is staggering. OMG ya'll they are taking a picture of an opposite wall! Sick burn!
Amazing how clueless you are. They're taking selfies with Clinton in them. They're ALL looking at her! #smfh
Americans been turning their backs on HRC for more than a quarter century.
...but every camera is, and she's in every picture
durr hburr technology is bad fire is scary and thomas edison was a witch @ChrisMegerian
Fact Check: False. Some are looking. Now you know how Trump feels :)
I really hope we forget about the selfie in 2017
Chris, they're trying to take a selfie with Clinton in it. Nobody looking at clinton?
Oh yeah that's shocking!
Yes, they are. Through the viewfinder.
supporting Hillary at this point is more a function of people preserving self image than liking her.
uhhh, isn't that the point of the set-up?
love that old lady.
my dude.......... this is a geriatric ass tweet..........
art appreciation is in the eye of the beholder @ChrisMegerian #ImWithHer
efficient solution.
They're all looking at Clinton you dimwit. They're looking at her on their screens.
They're looking at their screens then rather than her. Dimwit.
Here's looking at you through my screen, kid. :)
and themselves. "Me and Hilary." Me, me, me, me, me, me, me!
easy, Mike. Chris commented on the photo itself, not the act of "not looking" it is a cool photo @ChrisMegerian @Bencjacobs
How dare you call me 'easy'. That was a malicious rumor put about by my mother.
Isn't it possible HRC said "Everybody get a selfie"?
this was my first thought
easier job for the secret service agents
Modern politics must adapt to this paradigm shift. Millennials need to feel they are a part of the election and they are not.
if you vote in election won't you be part of election🤔
if you dont have a horse in the race why watch the race?
more than one race going on
success is not a zero sum game. Everyone can win
the vast majority of people taking selfies in that pic don't look young enough to be called "millennial".
A selfie capturing Clinton in the frame.
how do they not understand? It is literally about being WITH HER in the picture.
Think they just like to make snarky sexist remarks.
that's too heavy assumption. Not sexist, just uninformed as to current nuance of technology.
You'd hope that an LA Times reporter would understand how selfies and phone cameras work.
what I said is about not being able to identify with the trends
They use the same technology. There's no lack of understanding.
so employees at Snapchat twitter Facebook & Instagram all sit back and sleep all day at work ?
not haplessly working to convert non-tech people onto their platform.. that was just a rumor
Reporters use phones for photos too. Not sure why you're going off on other tangents.
you called his remark sexist... I should've stopped replying then
So as a woman I'm not allowed to perceive his remark about women photographing themselves with a woman sexist? #mansplaining
Not at all what I said. It's just inaccurate. Not sure why you're going off on a tangent.
you are condescending, and obviously missing the point
its more a testament to modern culture needing to feel IN the moment by not being in the moment....