Ouch; allegation of StackOverflow culture problems: hackernoon.com/the-decline-of…
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I disengaged forever when original research was 100% (!) rewritten by a troll moderator without notice, but still attributed to me
sure it sucks, but it sucks less than any other Q&A site.
I stopped using SO once I came back one day and people had rewritten several of my Android answers to be subtly wrong for "clarity"
Ouch; most people in our profession rely on it. Anyhow, I do.
I know, and they really shouldn't. It's a source of bad info and if you're asking a question you probably can't tell the difference
working around/undoing the effects of bad SO answers widely trusted by Android devs consumes a frustrating amount of my team's time
the old 2015 article? Usually these are all "how *dare* you close my question!"
have you created a sockpuppet account & tried being a no karma unknown person? I'm sure the view from the top is fine
what mechanisms limit or curtail high-reputation users that choose to abuse their privileges on SO?
It's more then that, Jeff. The off-topic fascists are especially frustrating when I am searching, not submitting
see this presentation which covers why it works the way it works brighttalk.com/webcast/43/100…
yeah Jeff, you're such a fascist! Trumpian fascist, if you want to get technical
SO has a strict ruleset. Feel free to use another site on the Internet with a ruleset more to your liking.
Seeing as ~70% of the questions that have info I need are closed, I think it’s safe to say there really is a problem.
SO has a strict ruleset. If this does not meet your needs, feel free to find another site with a looser ruleset.
SO is a great resource, but it’s not perfect, it has issues that could be fixed - it could be better.
you should build an alternative if you feel so strongly about it.
feel free to watch this presentation, which explains why it works this way: brighttalk.com/webcast/43/100…
I don’t mean to diminish your achievements, simply agreeing with so many others that there are issues to address.
boils down to truck vs. car. "Why can't this car be a truck, too?"
I’m generally a fan of fix vs fragment, but I can very much understand that perspective.
I’d say this is pretty accurate. I joined very early and it was quite a bit more welcoming back then.
Trust & reputation is not fungible. Being good on technical matters does not mean you are good at moderating communities.
still the best place to get a trustworthy answer. Many mor open sites are a smorgasbord of terrible information.
"get" or "find"?
When SO launched, I saw the writing on the wall - room for trolls and this hostility was baked into the original concept.
Back in the day, was very active on devs forums, now most of those communities are dead, replaced by the army of trolls that is SO.