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Well, he's boned
I imagine the one for Hillary says 1. Keep lying 2. Lie some more 3. Make up some new lies
Trump's tasks tonight: Draw breath If he does that, the MSM will call him the winner.
can I get off the floor now? Please the media just within the last week even openly will say that Trump is lying/liar. Ha Ha
"Gaps" implies there is some policy there in the first place though.
oh my God
"be fundamentally different person"
Fill in the gaps in his policy proposals? How many hours IS the debate?
Clinton tasks summary: Sell yourself. Trump: Meet bare minimum standards of human behavior.
this is fantacy
...and avoid tax returns and Putin questions?
the only way Trump can reasonably accomplish points 1 & 2 is if he's not asked about anything he's said previously.
We can't handle the truth.
4. Eat KFC with fingers.
So...a "pivot." Not holding my breath.
And Hillary's task? She is more dishonest than Trump-and that seems IMPOSSIBLE! #NeverHillary #BringBernieBack!
Bernie is a good guy & smart enough to know what to do in order to get his agenda on board. R U?
U R entitled 2 ur own opinion but not your own facts. Scroll 2 bottom graphs politifact.com/truth-o-meter/…
I made myself clear! I am not speaking about the Public Record, I am talking back door deals! Vote for a Taker if you so choose
3 million votes worth of ass hurt.
that means, on average, Trump lies 4 times more....sooooo
actually been proven FACTUALLY that Trump lies every 3 minutes and 15 seconds. HC every 15 minutes.
It seems impossible because Clinton is not, in fact, more dishonest than Trump. Bernie's backing her, by the way.
with that label of ignorance, she has to be a plant from the trump campaign.
Politico fact-checked both for a week. The results: Hillary told 8 lies, Trump told 87. politico.com/magazine/story…
I am not talking about the Public Record!! But go ahead and stuff yourself with poison if that is what your palate prefers!!
"I am not talking about the Public Record!!" god, this is too much
Then take your complaint to 'him' personally. Pathetic minions.
Ummm what are you talking about then?
Wow, you have super secret info about HRC that the 30 plus years of press and GOP scrutiny has not uncovered? Well done, you!
I am hardly the only one!!!
that is too unfortunate.. Here is something to ponder forwardprogressives.com/debunking-anti…
Who says I support her?
I support her. Never did buy into stream of Conspiracy theories. Facts matter forwardprogressives.com/debunking-anti…
I am voting for her. Most qualified candidate. Trump is a nightmare of a joke. A fraud and con man. @StormSola @ForwardProgs
very Intelligent choice. Been a pleasure ☺
I am not supporting EITHER fraud🤑🤑🤑
Well, one is going to win. I'm not going to let Trump win because I decided to sit out. I live in a battleground state.
I will not vote for a criminal, which is the two party tyranny. Lies and the lying liars rule today-a hideous morrow awaits.
Then don't. I didn't tell you to. I just said that Trump lies more. He's pathological. Bad positions on top of it.
Gemini will lie to your face Scorpio will take secrets to the Grave, but believe what you wish.
You just invoked astrology, which seriously jeopardizes your credibility
Bah ha ha🦄
you defend her record on what grounds?
Here’s a small list of HRC achievements addictinginfo.org/2015/04/13/her…
I know all about them. :) @StormSola
As if I'm referring to public blunders-what is she hiding-if you knew you would hurl. I will watch the FallOut🤑
compared to who?
Compared to Nothing!!
where's your proof of back door deals? Innuendos & gossip are not facts & shouldn't be treated like they are
I suppose Edward Snowden is a conspiracy theory too. No more Time wasted here.
thank you for making my point
The one that's losing in NY is the one born here, even losing in 'republican upstate'
I am not responsible for individual complicity!!
Under what Duress?!!!
I liked Bernie too, and would have preferred him to Hillary, but more people voted for Hillary.
guess you didn't get the Update=DNC cheated!!!
Hillary got MILLIONS of more votes. The end! @StormSola @thekeelo_g
there is no way that dipshit is for bernie. Trump supporter all the way.
was it something I said?
the DNC preferred the Democrat to the independent running under the umbrella for exposure. More *people* voted for Hillary
let the Media spoon feed you then, did you get the Implant Too!?!?
he should be remembered as a genuine progressive hero, but if Trump wins, that's all gone. But hey, you got to feel special, so
you realize you're making Bernie's legacy DJT as president? All history will remember is that his supporters were the difference
progress get undone in a single day. The duress of a 5-4 conservative Supreme Court.
it is called thought diffusion!!
the duress of the alternative being President Donald Trump. The duress of seeing the last 8 years of
If you think Hillary is better than Trump-& I have nothing good to say about him, then you bought the Big Lie!!
Nah, you & unfortunately too many others bought into debunked Conspiracy theories.. Sad 😔
duress? He's written part of the party platform now.
Thank you. How anyone can continue to believe this is astounding!
I won't hold my breath for any of that to happen
How can Americans feel any pride in their country right now?Absolutely ridiculous. The world would laugh if not for arsenal.
Well, low bar indeed but he can't do any of those longer than 5 minutes.
they aren't even trying anymore
There's isn't enuff dirt to "fill in the gaps" of ANYTHING @realDonaldTrump has to say/proposed/lied about
Be orange, yell a lot, say "Trump", don't rape anyone...win!
"Fill in the Grand Canyon."
/ I think Trump has already 'filled in the Grand Canyon' with his lies! VOTE BLUE
Donald Trump is the most humble man ever, don't know what they're talking about youtube.com/watch?v=InD7Nm…
Tough tasks for Trump, and the gaps are the size of the Grand Canyon.
That's a real screen grab? So all he has to do is not lie?
"Get those jokes off."
Surprised they didn't add "Smile!"
wow. She better start googling jokes for tonight, forget her policies.
Screw that. She can stand there and watch, like all of us, while Trump self-destructs on camera.
Not with the "gender bias" at play. Ex.: HRC attacked for WJC's past; Trump applauded for his.
well then he'll bring the witch down with him
From your lips to God's ear.
I'm not worried. She'll kill in the evening gown competition.
Yes, because Americans want a POTUS who is a stand-up comic. Maybe we should elect Seinfeld or Louis CK.
Good news for @HillaryClinton. She can keep lying!
facts matter Scroll 2 bottom graphs politifact.com/truth-o-meter/…
Good news for your stupidity. You can go get an education...
So this is a clown show.
"Get those jokes off."
basically. The state of American politics really is a circus
vs ‘stop lying’ Not a double standard at all.
the "adding levity" part is hilarious to me for some reason
I'm always concerned about the person in the oval office adding levity to issues like war, poverty, pandemics.
Candidates need to simply be themselves. Reduce awkward forced moments that simply do not work! Que circus music.
"Smile and twirl your hair" WTF?
Are you fucking kidding me.
joke is on her. She's a dope, and liar.
Won't that conflict with her programming?
the 1st item is exactly what the red hats have been lead to believe; joke deployed!
She has to sell her presidency and he has to stop lying and show humility? Too much bs for this early in the morning
So Clinton can keep lying? 🤔
She'll be standing next to a joke, does that count?
Well, Drumpf is fail on the first bullet point. The leopard cannot change his stripes.
Better than "Get those jokers off."
wants to be president of the USA, only good in front of small crowds.
they already know Hillary can't stop lying!
this is my favorite joke
No jokes she is not Bill has the personality of a parking meter.
If that reflects where the bar is I’m afraid he’s already won...
"gaps in his policy proposals" implies that he has any coherent framework to fill in the gaps OF
right? He has no policy proposals or details whatsoever.
Lying: C- Humility: C+ Gaps: C Overall: A-
wow the bar is set pretty high there.
oh FFS that's why I'll watch on CSpan or Twitter #debates2016 #SheWillWin
Suddenly stop being a garbage human.
Bwahahaha 😂😂😂😂😂😂
ummm, gaps? Gaps? that suggests actual policy. This is a sad, low bar.
There is a mistake, is not "show humility", may be; fake humility, you can't show what you don't have.
It's okay, he'll not meet any of those.
if he can even halfway do one he'll be seen as successful though. It is an epic double standard.
Yeah but he's gotten away with his lies and lack of policy clarity for over a year. Why should tonight be any different?
the graphic is real; the ability to complete the task is ZERO.
my task post debate. Update resume for possible Canada move. This election is twice as scary as bush v gore ever was
Been thinking the same thing after watching Chomsky documentary "Requiem for the American Dream" last week.
How is this clown even a candidate. "Stop Lying" is a "task"? I feel like I'm in an alternate universe.
you should vote Trump or KYS
Be strong GAAAAAAAAAAP Get tough GAAAAAAAP Management GAAAAAP Winning for you
You say it's day, I say it's night. Who's to say who's wrong or right? Shake my hand and be polite. soundcloud.com/anthonymoser/w…
it's gaps all the way down.
stop lying..explain policy..release taxes..apologize for birtherism & Khan family....humility is down the list
He may as well drop out now...no way he completes all 3 of these tasks...
Live look-in at "Trump Gap"
They forgot Trump's main task: Hide your oozing racism and bigotry.
Oh how they have such high hopes... they must be broadcasting from Denver today...
FFS America 🤒👎🏻
Trump's only job is to show up and continue to be a white male. As long as he doesn't have a sex change operation he's good.
HC-STOP The LIES HC tell truth for once HC evil owns you HC Email-bad👎🏻 HC C=Classified says was alphabet😂😂😂
they should add *Not shit himself and *Show up sober
He doesn't have to do any of those. The people who will vote for him don't care about them, and they won't be swayed.
We already know 1 and 2 are out of the question, and he has a lot of filling to do on #3
Shouldn't he have done that like 6 months ago?
If Trump feints momentarily toward even one of those "requirements," @MSNBC will declare him the winner.
We know he is incapable of the first two and this is pathetic
FYI--I'm old enough to remember that Hillary's been lying for 30 years. (Probably longer) So really, WTF?
And then he'll be called "presidential." Meanwhile, Hillary will be judged on vocal tone, smiling, clothes ...
Seriously, you have 2 realize that whenever anyone on left says anything about Mr Trump lying, well, WTF?
Hillary's Tasks Tonight >Just show up >Stay the entire debate >Avoid medical episodes #MAGA
Stop lying?! Stop lying? OMG! YOU'RE A RIOT! Then again, you like cats, so I get it now
Except that lying and heaving insults have gotten him this far. Old habits die hard.
Asking too much.
How about keep it real, expose her lying husband's infidelity while being President, now wanting to be First Husband
2016, Andrew. 2016, man.
You will know when @realDonaldTrump is lying, he repeats it 3 times in a row. Does it so often, it's become a steady habit!
The only questions remaining is which news service is more inept. Or useless. "Oh look honey. It's Dancing With The Stars!"
If Trump manages not to drool and fling poop balls at the audience,our equally dumbed down media will applaud him.
Each one impossible by itself.
first bullet point will never happen
and HRC would be the same except switch out likeability for compassion
other than that though!!!!!
well and the part about gaps in policy.
I haven't heard anything about HRC's policy yet, just "Trump is bad & Free college for all". Maybe tonight
This has 2 be 1 of those interns dicking around deal again - like the Asian airlines crash in SF & made up crew names?
So I guess if he follows half of that he will be the media winner
and try to get ahead in the race for the very first time.
I don't see that happening.
me neither, just a reminder he's never been in the lead. Such a loser.
Such a loser. Sad!
it's a tough job if anyone can do it Trump can! Wait... no, he probably can not
setting the bar low. "Hey, Trump, you just have to show some human decency, Clinton has to prove herself and her career."
so basically be a presidential candidate and not some racist slob off the street?
lol this is inaccurate af. All he needs to do is be Presidential and show a tiny bit of knowledge.
And Hillary's? It had better say "Stop Lying" too.
but then it wouldn't be "Trump being Trump". #never trump
I may accept @realDonaldTrump has lied, but @MSNBC as a fact checker is like asking an Alcoholic to guard a liquor store.
then do your own fact checking . Scroll 2 bottom graphs politifact.com/truth-o-meter/…
is MSNBC telling Trump how he needs to win the debate? Like any of that is going to happen. LOL!
Given that Hillary never lies, and is known for always telling the truth, she doesn't need to work on stop lying tonight.
That's just sad for our country.
This is MSNBC!
why? He's been succeeding while doing none of those so far.
Nah....It can't be real...but then it's @realDonaldTrump so yes, it must be. #Debates2016 #ImWithHer
Since when is buzzfeed real? Why is CNN not reporting this?
real opponent in 2016, the partisan, left-wing media.
fill in policy gaps for trump is like "finishing a book report" you never started
No Trumps tasks tonight 1) Don’t drool 2) Occasionally Smile That’s it. he wins. (Expectations are low.)
Stop helping him, sheesh…
Sooo not a winning strategy...
And this is why the MSM can't and isn't trusted.
they have to be kidding! Why would he change what's been working?
Hillary's task tonight:stop lying, try to be likable and don't let her infirmities show!
Stop lying? That's like telling a junky to stop shooting up.
So, in other words, MISSION IMPOSSIBLE!
... And monkeys must *literally* fly out of his ass.
"show humility"? Not possible.
Wow. Replace the third one with say please and thank you and it is a list of behavioral standards for a kindergartner
Stop lying?
These should be Trump's tasks for the duration of his life. Very difficult for a shyster.
And this the best commentary on it:
So, Clinton needs to conquer uncharted territory, Trump needs to just not be an asshole. Seems fair.
But it's MSNBC, what does FOX think Trump's tasks are? Breitbart?
His campaign is one big cliche. There's nothing to fill the gaps with. And humility? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH
He can't possibly do any of those things.
No he will never make it through the night unless he has a double... #IKidYouNot
#lying. If he does he's play acting ergo LYING
Listening to CNN this am, they said all he basically had to do was "control himself". Verbatim quote.
Then went on to discuss all the serious things SHE needed to do. Abject sexism and they didn't even realize it.
"I did not send classified emails."
MSNBC is not and has never been based in reality. It's as much of a Cartoon Network as Fox News.
when did we enter an alternate Universe exactly?
setting the bar high
how about "Have actual policy proposals in first place"
The first second and third point all seem beyond his abilities still.
You could apply the first two to the press also.
How did his racism, sexism, and fascism NOT make this list?!! Isn't that more important than 'humility'?
too large of a task, he simply cannot do it.
He won't make it past bullet point one.
Fill in the gaps? Are we looking for the missing link in the fossil records? There are not gaps just chasms.
Or the list of physical and mental impossibilities for the @realDonaldTrump
this looks photoshopped over
I took the screen grab from TV Eyes
Oh the logo was moving pre screen grab eh?
keep retweeting Michelle, you're doing a horrible job
Tis beautiful objective reporting 2016
Election 2016 in a nutshell-Stop lying. When you have that as a task it is a very low bar #unprecedented
hillarys task tonight. Stop lying, try to stay standing and don't kill anyone
All he has to do is be less orange and he will be declared the winner.
not capable of any of it. none.
Pretty much all Trump has to do is act like a 70 year old mature adult. It's going to be tough.
And yet this known liar is almost tied in polls? What a commentary on this state of our collective intelligence!
you meant Hillary.....right?
They forgot "Curb the Knuckle-Dragging"
Really sad that @MSNBC has become enabler of mediocre politics/glorification of reality show presidential campaign
Impossible Tasks for this man.
-- So in otherwise not be himself.
/ it will be a Christmas miracle
that's silly, that's the entirety of his "brand". Repelling facts is "strength", sloganeering is all anyone wants to hear.
Hard to get any truth out of a mendacious meatloaf #debate
At least they left room at the bottom for creative Photoshop.
kinda screwed then, isn't he?
Is anyone really surprised? Both CNN and MSNBC have been so clearly in the Clinton camp over the last few months.
Pretend you're intelligent, have character, aren't a creep, haven't said all the stupidity you've been quoted as saying!
Hillary lies more than Trump does, just makes her lies sound nicer
Same for Hillary stop lying, don't act like an elitist!
wishful thinking
Hillary's tasks: Stop lying Stop lying Stop lying