In preparation for a completely unpredictable Trump presidency, I sold all stocks in my kids' education accounts today. I urge u to do same.
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...confiscation Greek-style, etc. Dangerous economic times....
Calm down. Go read Greg Sargent's interview w/David Plouffe or my blog post on it
,,,and there is no way I am going to put my kids' education it the hands of ppl who are too dim to understand whats going on.
I have an MBA in Finance, a wife and daughter Read your entire piece in Newsweek...and am still voting for Trump! Im so dim!
proves MBA is a scam qualification
• Yes you are. Or you're one of those deplorable douchbags that roll like this.
An MBA from University of Phoenix doesn't count.
Why? Muslims, Blacks, or Mexicans? What's your pet issue?
well I guess you can admit it!🙄
I would think the institutions that awarded your degrees might want you to avoid identifying them
nah my MBA at Trump University makes me proud
haha. Good answer.
Did you get your MBA at Trump University? Because Wharton grads, including myself, disagree with you.
nah Boston College....I'm just not as smart as Wharton MBA grads like you and your best buddy Trump! haha
...explain how you support that kind of idiotic recklessness and obvious ignorance of international markets.
I dunno I guess I just want to watch the world burn? the more you liberal media hyperventilate about him, the more I love it
that's perfect reasoning. Let the world suffer. Let your children suffer. I see why you support a psychopath
very sad that you care so little for the world your daughter will grow up in - it's time to grow up, man
well she will have her Trump onesie on tonight.I guess 50 mill people who vote for him dont care about wifes or daughters right?
I was responding more 2 your comment that u wanted 2 "watch the world burn" -- very sad that a loving parent would feel that way
you have a sick sense of humor! Wth get help😑
need humor..lets see one side seriously states that hes going nuke the whole I joke I want to watch the world burn
well at least you are making your decision based on issues and policies.
...and again, choose what u will. U own it, just like the pro-brexit idiots own what they did.
I've been saying those who vote for trump deserve it ! I just wish the rest of us didn't have pay 😒
exactly! & their economy has completely collapsed right? I thought the world markets would crumble from it?try to just relax
Sure, dude. Try to relax. It's not like Trump is "unpredictable" or anything…
Yup. You're definitely a rational thinker.
yep he's just gonna nuke everybody!...his whole family in New York...he might as well just kill them all himself
From your response, I can only assume you didn't read the article and/or don't understand the implications.
The entire World is watching You do NOT suggest you might use nuclear weapons on ALLIES…
actually it's makes perfect sense to expect DK, Japan & Saudis Arabia to get nukes
imagine Jill Stein President lol in 8 yrs all 3 places would have nukes bcuz USA left
His statement is like Obama saying he bomb Bin Laden in Pakistan then McCain said no
If yoy have any background in finance, I'm sure you're keeping track of this.…
yep he's just gonna nuke everybody!...his whole family in New York...he might as well just kill them all himself
Nothing to do with lib or concerv. If Trump was still posing as a dem and running against Pence, id vote pence, cause he's sane.
...u think as an MBA, it's smart 4 him 2 say "We'll default and renegotiate. No, we'll use debt to buy debt. No, we'll print $!"
the idea is for dt to blow up the economy this has been the republican goal forever the wealthy want this period
He doesn't have an MBA, does he? He went to the undergrad finance program.
Think maybe Trump spent a week at Wharton clarinet camp...
Nope. Trump didnt even get into wharton until his third year of undergrad. No MBA from anywhere.
That explains why he doesn't know what a blind trust is and how it works. @kurteichenwald @elyse4design @ArmMan2121
Okay, can someone go out and dig up his transcripts. Should make for interesting reading.
,@ThisOneThing7 @elyse4design @ArmMan2121 Trump has been asked to release his transcripts, like he demanded from Obama. Refuses.
didnt he need his brother to get him on the Wharton course? Has anyone ever failed economics?
For starters he was not on Wharton Honor Roll, per Wharton. And has BS not MBA.
Hillary should release her Wall Street speeches & shouldn't have deleted 33k emails
Are you aware Bush is not running?
Are you aware that you never cared about those emails?
You're incorrect. What was in Hillary's 33k emails she needed BLEACHBIT to delete?
tired old fart meme "both are disliked"
He got neatness medal at his fancy military school. The one he says equals Vietnam
Well he does claim to have graduated with honor. You can find out if that's true.
What I want to see are his teachers' comments on his report cards.
Wharton would publicly announce it's honor graduates for that year.
Well I must admit that I, for one, am so very disappointed with Donald he's usually so open..!
Trump is a fraud and documentation and paper trails would prove it, hence no docs
all of what trump has asked from others he will not provide ..why do they comply?
Ur dealing with a narcissistic sociopath. They believe the rules don't apply to them.
do you know what you mean when I say eight mile stunt?
your right.. he pulls an eight mile stunt every time
is most secretive, least vetted nominee in modern history.
where are the Edward Snowdens at Wharton & Trump's accountants?
Kurt: are you live tweeting during debate??
Well, for the record: I don't believe he has any sort of degree, or completed the coursework.
He has a BA in economics from Wharton, transferred in in jr yr.
why wasn't he good enough to get into Wharton as a freshman?
No, that's not fishy at all. Explains his lack of vocabulary though...
Wouldn't be at all surprised if "tutors" did a lot of coursework 4 him tho. @ThisOneThing7 @kurteichenwald @elyse4design @ArmMan2121
Economics or finance?
Wiki says economics.
They were a finance school at the time so you have to wonder what the program was.
his transcripts are being audited so won't be able to see them.
Really?! 😏 He always talks about going to Wharton. Thought he DJr & Ivanka all hadBS in Economics @kurteichenwald @elyse4design @ArmMan2121
as a Wharton grad I can tell you 50%+ transferred in as to not screw up the admission stats 😀
Even then,who *really* wrote his papers?
More numbers than papers and if it's a group project, someone else can write it up.
There's no way,on gaia's green earth,that Trump ever managed higher education.
They may have been hoping for a contribution from daddy.
Find it very difficult to believe any Trump finished uni satisfactorily.
it's amazing he ever learned to be corrupt.
So he doesn't even have an MBA, that's sad.
Can you enlighten us on Obama's academic record?
Obama's academic records are filed with his buddy Trump's. I'm not a fan.
So who's your candidate this year?
Is Obama running?
Yup and No Honor Roll
Remember he was a transfer from - sniff - Fordham.
Maybe all this time TRUMP U was him bestowing upon himself 1st degree at TRUMP U. Delusional!
Has he proven he graduated? My people are telling me no one ever saw him there!
so he was not an initial applied? Affirmative action huh? Daddy's checkbook!
I had a Trump/70s question for you but you may have missed it.
doesn't want that discussed!Constantly bragging abt his education.Asking for PBO record
Really? His degree from Wharton is fiction?
He got a BS Econ in 1968. Not on honors list.
nah I actually do...BC...but in the end does it matter? if I said I was truck driver and liked Trump...u still would be pissed
I have an MBA. Trump apparently doesn't. Not a disqualifier, just one more distraction.
No no he will sray paint buckets gold & take all the oil don't worry!
Wait, Hitler printed his own money. Did he really say that? @kurteichenwald @ArmMan2121
<- is full of 💩
So, you're asking @ArmMan2121, as an MBA, whether he thinks Trump's responses (to which question?) are smart, right?
I have an idea of what the correct 'answer' or 'solution' is. What is yours? @ArmMan2121 that's what my decisions are based on. What are urs? That he's a multiple-failed businessman? That he shouts stuff?
MBA = Mostly Bullshit Anyway. It's a let's just make things up world. I work w/ these "wizards" every
so If I wasn't educated that would be better? or either way I am its long as I'm for Trump right?
no, but it doesn't give you any credence here or anywhere + Maybe it's a trump university MBA
...the symptoms of a borderline personality disorder. And as one of his top guys told me in 1990: "He's mentally ill."....
my twin sons r LD w ADHD they behave the way trump does. T was sent to military school bc of his behavior It didn't help him
...more about ISIS than the generals, I know more about the tax code than anyone, Im the best businessman ever). These are....
...govnts, gold star family, etc), pathological liar and delusions of grandeur (I have a better memory than anyone, I know...
....and if you can't see that he's unbalanced, then yes, ur dim. Uncontrolled impulsiveness (insulting German, British, Saudi...
Speaking of dim, back #CrookedHillary who willfully insults every color of Americans. @kurteichenwald @sdvicto @ArmMan2121
Fine. Just remember, you own what happens. Don't blame everyone else. I know Trump. Have since 87. U dont. He's unbalanced....
That MBA thing-just shows you do not have to be smart to be educated. Just determined and disciplined
I know good point. I shoulda just skipped school. And just said I'm voting for Hillary. Then I'm golden.
Is there a list of the Hannitys out there that we can hold to account?@kurteichenwald
This MBA is totally with you, Kurt. @58isthenew40 @ArmMan2121
Nope. I know Trump. I have known him since 1987. I know what he is. You don't. U will learn if he wins, unfortunately.
the market is headed for a crash anyway. But I am holding short positions in prep.
You failed on your hit piece. Now, only have lies.
I need to do that within the month, also looking at the Iberian peninsula or Panama, Costa Rica to live.
Going to put my retirement in casino stocks. No, not really, but have been gradually cashing out.
The Gov will find ways to bring wealth out of relative safety. Negative interest rates, make ownership of gold illegal..
Brexit lost how many billions into thin air? UK coulda used that money. US could easily lose that much over night.
already did same.
r u being serious??
I just wish I could sell my house NOW! I've moved most of my investments to cash. Making hay while we still have Obama.
If the market wasn't in the tank today I would do the same.
Don't forget the Dollars/Ruble currency swap.
Im going all cash. The impact on the dollar at this point is unpredictable.
wouldn't gold be better then? Most of mine is in Gov TSP accts, I expect that'll be his piggy bank
So you are worried about the dollar crashing but are rotating into dollars?
you do realize that currency will be more volatile than precious metals right?
Bonds aren't looking any safer. The budget nonsense bought us a ding, but that word "renegotiate".. no A expected.
did u really
I’m waiting for a week prior to election. If he’s up enough all stocks go into safe bonds. Market hates uncertainty.
my plan as well. Everything moves to stable funds.
be careful. If he's at this place in polling then, you Might see an anticipatory correction. a big correction anticipated if the polls keep moving toward him.
His supporters don't care. Like abusive husbands, if they can't have the country nobody can.
Why are white men being such dicks?
Maybe a nice sharp dip is exactly what we need to wake people the fuck up. Before the election, please.
Idiots will blame Obama.
The shorts are begging for Trump. Stocks, bonds, and cash are not safe with his big mouth.
Not US Treasuries.
Don't scare my 401k. Please...
...sorry. I have to live in reality and protect my children from other people's stupidity.
if they could stonewall #POTUS for 8yrs im sure #DimWittedTrump would be fairly simple
These same people that are "helping" Flint? Am going to move financials around
Supreme Court. That's the whole ballgame.
think Enough of the legislation will Remember to defend what they been elected to do
I really respect your wisdom and insight Kurt but if DJT SOMEHOW pull this out I still
only voters as DONALD TRUMP thinks that he can (no prejudice intended
DONALD TRUMP or no other candidate can win with all WHITE for WHITE'S
A prayer along with getting 2 others to vote answers a prayer.
IF only the Milennials knew how vitally serious this election is,
foreign BANKS solely to launder money for foreign investors, and too
he has been laundering money for, DONALD TRUMP gets loans from
has already sold them out to RUSSIA and other foreign investors that
business knows that DONALD TRUMP is detrimental to their interests he
establishment endorsed HILLARY CLINTON for DONALD TRUMP to win big
looks like teaparty swallowed up the establishment
There have been too many of the higher echelon of the REPUBLICAN
Wonder where is a "safe" place for investments. One advisor is thinking the dollar? Really?
October known for market crashes
All of his boys are shorting the market. We know Janet Yellen is gone.
Will Melania be kept in the coat check area?
One week before election. That’s D-Day
I have never seen the polls move up and down so often so fast not sure I trust them anymore
Based on Wall Street analysis I just reviewed, market hasnt yet absorbed potential of Trump prez but there...
see what happened to lse after surprise brexit vote
scary stuff!
if he does get in as president don't you think the market will crash or at least YUGE drop
Not immediately. At least I dont think so. But once people realize he's actually unbalanced, yes.
Neither has the media...which will be "gamed" even further under Prez Trump. #SorryMedia
How is a Trump Presidency going to affect Canada - our economies are closely tied together. If you falter, we ....may.
we are all really F*d. Say bye bye to the 18000 Dow,,,,
That won't matter to the vast majority of us who have no $$ to invest & work for private businesses.
U have a car? Say bye-by to 2 dollar gas. U eat out? Commodities n futures of food products affected. it MATTERS
Good. Maybe we can work remotely more, get more public transit & end Fracking.
It does.If you rent, your landlord owns the bldg whose mortgage n bldg materials are rooted in companies who trade
Damn! Right! Trump will let Americans sue the Saudis and the Saudis will tweak that output n we pay 17$/gal
...and then the idiots will all blame Obama.
$19+ TRILLION and counting...
Cause the recovery has been so awesome for the last 8 years that no one wants change.
I moved overseas!
Already??? You aren't taking ANY chances huh? 😯
That won't help. Cash is the only safe position.
Buy GOLD!! *sponsored by the American Association of Gold Stuff
I've always been suspicious about the market. One of the big lies of the 1980s Greed Era.
I'm in cash
Warnings from the BIS - just in time for Halloween.…
Trump could create a revolt against US leadership and the dollar.…
No...not even gold... Need canned food
If that's ever true, we'll have problems a lot bigger than investments under water.
I've got a vegetable garden and a well.
Where in the house? Are u saying we could have another Depression?
cash isn't safe either if your contention is true
You have gold too.
if the polls remain the same...I'm cashing out my 401K. Can't risk having any investments if a Trump presidency.
Don't u take a penalty for that?
yep 10 percent unfortunately but it's better than 100 percent :(
Oh crap, now I have 2 worry about that! It's not enuff we have a 6th grade NAZI running for Pres, now 401k?😱
lol. Sorry love. This orange buffoon is scaring the hell out of all of us.
I was thinking the same thing. It's not much but when he's done it will be nothing
exactly. I don't have much either but I need it...esp considering social security will disappear damn scary.
so yall serious about this? Cant cash mine out. Do you think it's gonna be THAT BAD. But I agree #ELECTHILL
not sure but experts have predicted a crash if he's elected. I can't afford to have another bush stock maeket nightmare
Even Mark Cuban has his billions on a plan if this fool gets in our house I need my $ so watch out people
^^^ you're so right!
"market" sorry...Trump screwing up my grammar too. Lol
The world stock market will not like a Trump prez b/c he is so unpredictable. @karamay80_kara @kurteichenwald
^^^ will be brexit x 10 and it will stay that way!
Totally! A Trump prez will have far-reaching negative consequences worldwide. @kurteichenwald @Williams67James
Keep an eye on the stock market as it reacts to the race tigthening. @kurteichenwald
i put my 401k in a guaranteed fund since he became the nominee.
very smart. This scares the hell out of me! These stupid millenials and third party idiots!!
OMG! me and my husband talked about it this morning.
2/2 is next year and the far right has a real chance of getting in. Very unsettling times.
Watching this election from France, still have faith that HRC can win, hang in there. But know what u mean our election 1/2
Please don't create more panic. I have always found safe havens in every situation. He has not been elected yet.
I'm leaving for Puerto Escondido in Wednesday for what was a vacation now turned into a real estate search.
Trump is the main reason I haven't yet put holdings in my Vanguard account since creating it. Waiting to see if mkt crashes. @kurteichenwald
Not only that worry but he is nuclear crazy so we all will be dust if he can't be controlled.
Many of us do not have the luxury of sitting on the sidelines. The market is reactive but repositioning might be the key.
Disagree - no time to start financial panic which w/ be fastened to President Obama, then HRC by implication-Stay the course
I've been seriously thinking about what to do with my portfolio. At this moment, we are making money.
I understand your concerns, but don't freak out just yet
I'm sure going to pull out if he gets elected..the very next business day rest assured!
traditional October crashes + Trump in the race is a bad mix, even before the election. Markets freak out on fear alone. @kurteichenwald
Height of irony if Trump presidency proves the gold bugs right. I'm moving into cash too.
Are you going to use the proceeds to buy huge amounts of storable food, or gold, or something similar?
the stock market will plummet
Wow. Appreciate your candor.
We haven't sold yet, but certainly watching closely. Very dangerous prospect.
I would now. Correction coming as election comes closer and race tightens.
retirement accounts will CRASH!
I have a feeling we will all be using E-coin currency if Trump wins. Trump would be worse than a fsociety hack.
Wtf!! what a stupid thing to do! Omg you just lost my support and trust in you! Yuk
cash is not safe in the long run. Inflation destroys its value. Dumping stocks when bad things might happen is foolish
Just had a rally which is starting to break as polls are coming in. Now is the time. And it might just be until 11/9.
market timing is fools game. Very surprised you don't see that
i pray there is a majority of Americans who eventually send Trump back to Entertainment TV
i dont think he's Market timing he's forecasting what Trump would mean to us all if he wins. For our Country
that's market timing with another name
but im no economist Im searching for info on my options
yes I see what you are saying #Drumpf but i always looked at forecasting as more reasonable #longgameapproach
your ability to forecast is illusory
....if i had thought it through more carefully, I might have dodged that bullet. But I dodged 2000 collapse.
you gonna tell everyone to get back in, too?
If the train drives past and doesn't hit the car, no one needs my advice at that point.
u r or think you r sophisticated investor, fine. Does not make your advice wise for others to follow.
stocks are now way higher than before 2000 and way higher than 2007. Most who get out mistime reentry
...institutions had bought into their own BS and loaded up on the stuff. So I got hit by that one.....
They may not have meant to. They couldn't get rid of it fast enough.
Yeah, we weren't long in the financials so only got grazed. Also bought at fire-sale prices
and TRUMP coming from a DEVELOPR BG may be lining us up for a lil #NationalGentrification
which worked out pretty well, caught the rise and sold some recently.
Anyway God willing Trump will lose and render this discussion academic.
...I also concluded the sub prime market would collapse. but i never imagined that so many financial ....
Absolutely not. It's "Ive lost faith in the market." Same happened for me in late 1999. Did same.
"I've lost faith (at this moment) = market timing, I can afford to lose a little money. I cant afford to have my kids lose their education.
because Felony Clinton will do such a fine job??
Im not market timing. My faith in the market given government risk is very low and we are at a high. So...
that's market timing, rationalized
Kurt- Market will go up & down many times before Nov 8. Don't try to give investment advice.
I'm an FA and Econ Grad from Vandy. You should sell everything. If T wins, Yellen will be replaced with hawk.
I just did. Very good idea. I'll change it back once Hillary becomes president.
Your competition for Nr. 1 on Kellyanne's 'mean tweet'-blacklist is amazing. #NeverTrump
hm. Devalued cash isn’t helping Maybe also move into gold and tulips 😉
you really want to live here,when that happends? look at supreme court,foreign policies.Christie,guiliani, neo nazies,
In preparation for debates I'm confirming my passport current and see if I can go Mars with Gary ( what's Aleppo) Johnson
I was pissed at myself for not opening a 401(k) last year (needed the cash!) but... that might have been prudent. Christ.
Did you keep the funds in cash? I could see the dollar dive.
I think I'll focus on preventing it from happening instead. We can still beat Russia in this election.
I suggest 401ks also, the market has been stagnant anyway. Pull until the possibility of major swings has passed. 0 vs.-20%
So basically folks like me and my husband on the cusp of a very meager retirement are screwed. We can't afford to cash out.
your horizon is still 30 years when you retire. Stick to your long term plan. Diversify globally
Folks like me on SSD are screwed.
I don't even know what to do. Except fingers crossed Hillary wins. @kurteichenwald
I know. I've never been so scared. Or felt so WTF about our government. Isn't there ANY way to stop this?
Yes, we vote HRC, help get those in need to the polls. That will stop him
well I'm depressed now.
entirely irresponsible.
gold and land..only safe bets
im sure your joking. What "free"advice can we get on proper diversification during the idiocy of a #TrumpPresidency
(Possibly sensitive)
So, you've given up? You think it's hopeless and he'll win? This sends very bad message to Hillary supporters? Why vote?
You better sell the US bonds too.
Authoritarians behave in authoritarian ways in economics.
So do you think Trump will win?
You are great but a reporter not a stock analyst.
For the same reason, we have stopped looking for a new house.
it might be best for all to empty all stocks, banks, mutual funds and all. Rt
making financial plans too....this could be bad
Are you that sure of a Trump win?
Then the Fed raises rates and you say you told us Trump would ruin the economy.
I've thought for awhile that 3rd bear market of 2000's would occur before 2020. A DJT presidency would be likely catalyst.
Oh he of little faith. She's got this.
Dialing back stock invest, diverting $ 2 bonds & having more cash @ hand. Exercising some prudence! DT will tank eco
already hid my $ in the mattress.
Timing either way will be critical.
Don't give up on Hillary Kurt.
I hope this is a joke. Let's work hard to elect Hillary. You kids and the market will thank you!
gold baby! Both the instability and the demand for gold-plated chairs, faucets etc.
It's just so fustrating that his supporters don't see that until its too late.
I am preparing to do the same. I expect the market to crash if Trump is elected, with uncertain recovery.
is right. Anything a Trump prez will touch from trade, currency, nat/international security etc will affect the stock market
and it won't be good.
Mark Cuban said he was hedging all his money if polls got close. On youtube.
So you're the reason!
Cement, bottled water, firearms remain strong performers with November upside
I work for the railroad and that CN job is looking more attractive everyday
Do you really believe he'll win? I'm cautiously optimistic Americans will do the right thing and not elect Cheeto Duce.
I've discussed moving all money out of the stock market and making it liquid.
Relax and calm down. Trump will not win this election.
now move to canada and my dreams will come true #MAGA
Chill out a little Kurt. Still September.
I can always move back in. But market rallied last week, so time to get out given the potential for disaster.
Wow, that made my fricking heart stop.
ugh I hope that doesn't mean you're giving up ?😳
You think it's a sure thing? So I should stay home and not vote?? This isn't helping HRC.
sell your gun stock too, no need to buy more guns, the deplorables/'good guys' will protect us
Too early doomsayer...We will win this thing! #ImWithHer
But what if you are wrong? Wouldn't the prudent thing be to sell half if you felt that strongly?
well hello Canada!! About 10 miles from me so we're outta here.
dude, u need to stop chicken littling. If T looks poised to win, I expect we'll see market tumble in warning
Getting my affairs and British passport in order. Thank god my patents had me overseas.
Short the Peso, all the cool kids are doing it:…
Did that last week, beat the rush.
Don't give up yet. We have another month and three debates...
He won't win though
people! Trust sanity & @NateSilver538 other party goes up b4 debate. @HillaryClinton will prevail. Trust her to do the job.
coulda waited a little longer
The stock market could be the least of our problems if Trump wins. Think WWIII !
Afraid if Trump wins our only hope will be that the rest of the world is smarter than we are. Unlikely, yes, but...
what do I do with retirement annuity? All bonds?
... call my retirement guy and tell him... it's for me..
thinking if Trump wins the GOP will impeach him right away and swap in Pence. Their goal from the beginning pushing Pence 🤔
this blanket advice is dangerous... yes, Trump is a disaster, a complete sell out will cause tax issues for some.
trying to time the market is a game only professional traders can play. Others get taken.
If he's elected I'd move my kids to another galaxy if I could but what's your option to equities? Gov't bonds?
that's the risk...OTOH, stocks will get a little bump on the good chance that Hillary wins @neilpX
said to get out of the stock market if it looks like he wins last Friday on #RealTime
I did that very thing today, and moved 100% of my 401k out of equities.
Since Hillary is the candidate controlled by Wall Street, you probably did the right thing.
Man, I hope you've got a really huge-ass mattress.
They'll all be god's no to Trump University. Trump & straight Republican ticket in NC.
hasn't your "involvement" with kids gotten you in enough trouble already?
Warum hast du angst, Herr Eichenwald?
for REAL
then you should be the first to tell Hillary to drop out. She is the only one he can beat. Got it, chicken little?
You mean your wife's kids?
why don't you buy gold. You all sound like crazy right wing zealots. The sky is falling buy a bunker. Paranoia pushers. STOP
reasonable captain insano...
Your Trump takedown was a flop, now you're crying for attention. Sad!
you sound as insane as he does lol
is selling spaces in his bomb shelter in mountains. Should look into it.
What will they do without that $84?
This never happened.
you guys don't even realize how delusional you are.
Good thing for the investing public that you're not a money manager. Debates don't crash markets. Never have, never will.
You still mad about your flop of a story in Newsweek?
Your Trump hit jobs have been flops! 😂😁 That mighty pen is impotent. I hear there is a prescription for that. 😉
In preparation for a completely unpredictable Trump presidency, I MapQuested the most direct route 2Canada from my house.
I cant wait for all you Democrats to move out of this country and help us make it great again 👌
iDJT aims to screw with the safe haven Treas Yield Curve. He loves debt and other people's money, so, volatility.
what's the plan with all that cash? How is that a safer bet? Or do you flip it over into some foreign currency?
Btw, thanks to Obamacare I've now LOST my health insurance.