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is that your body double? 😂😂👏👏
Sorry Miss Hillary but I would rather support Harambe for POTUS, just ordered this teechip.com/harambe-16
Hillary thinks black people are super predators
Watch #ClintonCash in full, see how corrupt & sick the Clintons truly are! youtu.be/7LYRUOd_QoM #NeverHillary
when you add a million to a trillion. Does that change a rich person's spending habit?
kick his ass!
nypost.com/2016/09/18/bla… Blacks are flocking to Trump! We dont want a welfare check, we want a paycheck!
crazy trump loophole.
Believe those lies if you wanna!
What u really gonna get are jackboots! #Wakeup!
Damn. this ad from Clinton . That's how elections are fought . Awesome 👌👌
this made me tear up. Such a powerful ad. Wonderfully made, future Pres! #ImWithHer
Well Trump does have a point. I commend Mcain for his profound strength to survive as a POW, but hero?
Jill Stein
lose ugly
Trump will end you.
Trump is gunna destroy u
you are going to lose
buzzfeed.com/katiejmbaker/j… You & Bill have been raping & silencing these women for decades!
you going to talk about Trump's rape case?
best of luck.
destroy him
this tea is hot! thought you'd like this meme....
Calling all destroyers
lol. Laughable.
she better not collapse in a coughing fit
not so much.
Mission accomplished 2.5 minutes in😭😭
she has with her comment about preparing to be President. Plus he has not answered any questions.
How? Is she still contagious?
1st things 1st. Let's get grandma up the steps then we can talk about destroying people with the moderators help😉
ole grandma can barely stand
drag his ass across the floor.
When Trump said "illegal immigrants," you thought of Hispanics. We are NOT all illegal immigrants!
“I love Hispanics!” —Trump, 52 minutes ago hrc.io/1XaTPHx “They’re gonna be deported.” —Trump, yesterday amp.twimg.com/v/7c90a72e-a70…
your a*****e
lmao NC are u first reply on this???
Relax, she's Married
what a news! we knew of Trump horns! @HillaryClinton
horns are like the teeth growing ache after eating! @HillaryClinton
first reply, what a fucking legend
I just threw up in my mouth
I thought you were blocked? 😂
I am. I just have my ways around it.
both shitty candidates
trump is a bad candidate. Hillary is a bad candidate too. Trump wants to kick Mexicans. Hillary leaked info.
trump wants to deal with illegals, don't confuse the issue.
but shitty imo
not at all, american citizens should come first
I meant both*
I just think theres a difference, the results in europe are stark
A couple of years ago, what's happening Malmo, Sweden would be the lead story on every news channel. Now, barely a note anywhere.
the wall is gonna be a waste. Both are shitty candidates anyway
borders are never a waste, metaphorical anyways, not becoming europe is enough.
bigger wall. Isn't gonna CHNAGE anything tbh. I'm an us citizen from a Mexican fam
both have their positive and negatives. Trump wants to kick out illegals but wants to build a-
So basically you have no life. Got it.
Hillary was at my place with Huma, and made a mess in my bathroom. Now I have to clean it up. Thanks Hillary
do you have like a job or something neil
Fuck off Trump bot
do you have a life outside of Donald trump ?
Cool as a cucumber @HillaryClinton
Be your self.
go get him! Kick his orange ass!
Good luck and thank you for running. We are pulling for you!
make him have nightmares of you
4 peoples families have nightmares of her. #Benghazi #HillaryForPrison2016
we all already have nightmares of her
you got this!!
go cersei Lancaster on them!
you look like one of the guys from Beavis and Butthead in that photo.
#HillaryLostMe when she laughed about getting a child rapist off on a plea bargain
u got this girl!!!!!!
You've got this, Madame President-elect!
Not even close. Dead corpse walking. #MAGA
Is that your daughter?
A flawless photoshopping. You can barely tell. Apart from round the chin, cheeks, and eyes. 10/10
okay Hilary
Hilary, let's see how all those university professors and general prepping you will sound tonight.
HAHA. Who are you rooting for?
nice pic from 1980
please don't faint
way to make fun of people with pneumonia jerk.
please please i pray you do badly
you got this😀
cough cough... get #Halls eucalyptus
Go Hillary! You've got this!
What the fuck is this picture. I'm crine
You've got this!
will you have your 'ear pearl?'
choke his orange ass Hillary! 😂😂
This is badass.
THE REAL HILLARY!! Watch how she answered to a student #NeverHillary #debatenight #Debates2016
I love you, success😍😘😚❤
love this pic!!! Good luck out there!!
It's definitely not from the last decade, at least.
who posts a 20 year old picture? Such misrepresentation, or delusion, whatever it is, is very odd.
19k liking 20 year old pic @HillaryClinton @realDonaldTrump is about right now, today were you even born when this pic was taken?
ooh thanks for the compliment
you are quite welcome I also love the header pic of you & 0 pregnant women are gorgeous @HillaryClinton @realDonaldTrump
hahaha....thanks again!
gawd you are beatiful when you get back into shape maybe you could consider belly dancing @HillaryClinton @realDonaldTrump
when you have a substantive argument, you should write me again. I won't hold my breath.
oh, I beg your pardon. I didn't know we were supposed to be arguing I was complimenting you. But I can argue>honesty in a #POTUS
said by a cartoon character
Oh I get it now, My avatar, ok well, I'm a bit self conscious about my face I'm a 100% disabled veteran from Vietnam service
yet you still feel comfortable policing women's body types
all bodies are beautiful I told you that just a few posts back you are gorgeous but outside isnt as important as inside
hence pregnancy comments and snide jokes about "getting in shape" to women you don't know..You can't have it both ways.
I sincerely beg your pardon I thought you had just been through pregnancy & were working on things
i think we're done here, lol
No problem, I am a Vietnam Veteran many made comments about my looks years ago, in airports, so its ok
I guess I dont get that comment but best of luck to you
If only bill wasn't dicking other bimbos.
If only Trump didn't want to fuck his daughter
What are you a faggot? Even I want to fuck his daughter. You'd have to be a eunuch not to.
if only trump wasn't
Yeah fatty. Block me because you fucking know bill is a rapist.
So you're saying that bill does fuck and rape other women while still married to the hildebeast?
no you are. I'm not addicted to lies.
What the fuck are you talking about? Bill raped Jennifer flowers and paid cash to her to drop the case. RAPED!
you want to talk about rape? There are a lot of allegations on both sides of the aisle. It's an empty accusation w no evidence
Yeah but it's not like she ever destroyed thier careers right?
I've personally talked to Juanita. She was fucking molested by bill the sick fuck. youtu.be/5KZ8ICvutc0
it doesnt even look like her lol
its a picture unrelated that's for sure youtube.com/watch?v=ZvGQW6…
fuck off wannabe Eurotrash
I have butterflies
Yeah! Let's get bill dicking bimbos.
yeah lets expose her yrs of corruption & lies.She isn't w/YOU. Donors will always be first .
Oh, now you're cool?
the photo is 25 yrs old lol
what we should be concerned is not her face but the fact you're voting for trump
Im with you! You go girl!
Trump's going to Trump you.
haters no ALOUD
no, no he's not. Put down the bong.
I laughed out loud at that! 😄
in your dreams.
all the best.👍
you missed walk thru. 3 hours late!!!!!
that picture is like `10 years old lol
crooked Pinocchio Hillary 😠
dude, what's up with your retarded emojis?
vote for you
My 10 year old daughter staying up to see history being made....go HRC!!!
why do i find this so funny
don't forget to wear your depends #debatenight
Keep it classy. Tired of the mud pit drama.
put him in his place.
slowly and painfully.
I'm praying to God, Jesus, Buddha, Allah, Vishnu and anyone else who is listening!
Yeah, chew him up and spit him out Hillz!!! Go Hillz!!! *Mad Love From Ohio*
...you're gonna kill Madam Pres 😁
better look imo:
got any pics more recent than 20 years ago?
The secret service is sneaking Monica out back to "see" Bill
you can't change the minds of American people. Once a crook always a crook
go hillary go....bring it on
I'm with HER!!! Go get 'em Madam Secretary!!!
U Ready..Let's Go
I'm watching with my 9 year old daughter tonight. I'd wish you luck but I don't think you need it. go girl!
you go girl! Knock em dead
Good luck girl! Beat that motherfucker.
worry about Ecuador
yes lets do it we all support you
old picture
go president Clinton!! You got this!! #ImWithHer
too bad because she is NOT with YOU. You will NEVER come before her special interest , wall st & foreign $ donors . Wake up
Mrs Climton you got this!!!
smile and be our leader! You can do this. Prayers!
Still need to lean against something solid, I see
Break a leg! You're already brilliant and work as much as anyone can, so there's only good fortune left to wish you.
destroy him.
Please don't cough up any of those green balls tonight I don't want to see how much more disgusting you can be
Go get them. This is so important.
You're going to end him. Good luck homegirl
trump can't be trumped bitch
And that she did.
More killings, please.
didn't she just say she never supported NAFTA? m.youtube.com/watch?v=jW4XPR…
like, here's a 40 year old picture of me. See, I'm fine 😂
I kno lol how lame
HAHA! Busted big time!
that's not Hillary! No way...
Who is in that picture? Sure ain't you at least not from this Century.
Lousy double!! UR ass is huge!!
you've got it.
I'm counting on you to show this country how important you are to this country.
supported by Donald's wall
nice move using a 30 year old picture lmfao
we are with you all the way!
I loved you in The Parent Trap as Lindsay Lohan's British mother.
good luck, we believe.
no. Just... no.
Fuck Trump!!!!
best of luck ruin the bleep outta him x x
Go get him Hillary be the professional you are.
even your doubles look nothing like you soundcloud.com/mike-prrece/te…
Botox much? 😂😂😂
time to do a woman's work and take out the trash, madam POTUS. 😎
look at his cute little fingers!
That's what's gonna happen to HC tonight!
Larger than yours "Brook"
many moons ago...moons=#s
I can dig it.
YES!! I'm with her!!
Mnnnn., wonder what she is looking at??
so hot!!!!!
rock it hopefully soon Madame President!
is that pic from 1998?
Uses a pic 20 yrs old thinking we dont remember when she was dragged to van with wet pissy pants.
not her? or had face/neck lift? Who is this woman?
boom! You go!!
Let's do this. #DebateNight 🚶🏻
you practice enough??? Lol
We have your back, you are what this awesome country needs!!
ask him about his bobby pins
this picture is at least 15 years old!!
yessss!!! Break that glass ceiling! #ImWithHer #Hillary2016 #LoveTrumpsHate
take him down you know he knows nothing about facts
No one can do this better than you!!! Show the whole world that #LoveTrumpsHate
I was gonna say Football Is On....but this is kinda funny & fly.... 😂 😂 😂
let's not......
sending these to you for your post-debate tequila shots
- prayers with you good luck and God Bless You
you have to use a vintage photo because you don't have a glamour shot
you go girl!!!! Standing with Hillary🇺🇸😀❤️❤️❤️
go get him, Hillary!
wtf you're so obsessed with yourself!
ha love how she has a wall holding her up!
luv Hillary Clinton. Madame President
She is ready. Amen. Grace and good luck Ms. Clinton.
passed out propped against the wall
go get em!! You got this.
Crash & Burn, Bitch!
Leto go Hillary You're the best next president God bless You 🇺🇸🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸
Outstanding photo, Madam Soon To Be President Elect!
going to madturbate bye
go get him, Hillary!! #goodluck #debatenight
Go lady go, Keep Being yourself
Get ready to watch Hillary decimate Trump!
you'll be great
Good luck mrs clinton!
that is a nice picture of you. good luck tonight. you won't need it. trump will put his foot in his mouth again.
Fight Like a Girl ❣
who's that? You're double?
good luck clean his clock
YOU GO GIRL!!!! Knock em Dead!!!
judicialwatch.org/blog/2014/04/6… You "lost" $6 billion then said no 💵 to protect the embassy? LIAR!
America is with you. Sting him like a bee, fly like a bird....go girl!
you've got this, Hillary!!!
The future of the free world is riding on you tonight. Show 'em what a president looks like! #NeverTrump
- you''ve got this!!
On you side!
Good luck Hillary. Show him how a presidential candidate should speak. <3 from Canada!
you lean against the wall because you are sick
te amo ❤️
Please, Please post the Mary J Ad folks are clamoring to see again!
great pic! Good luck!
do it girl! You are GREAT!😉
these racist ppl need to get off Hillary's page!!
-You have your Stadium Pal strapped on?
#Now4hillary Go Hillary. We are with you
Show 'em who's boss 😉
Hillary how old is that picture? 20 years ago.?
breitbart.com/radio/2016/08/… Your recklessness has gotten so many killed & you hate on Trump!?
attacking with full force, you can ♥
is that your double in the picture?
We have you back sister!
May God bless the Benghazi Mothers and render His judgment on all who wronged them and their beloved sons.
cheers and good luck!
Funny, that's exactly what Bill said to Monica.
33% less and she's all about women?
you've got this!
Glasses to hide wonky eye ... check. lol.
with the throw back minutes before the showdown. #presidentialraybans
Kick his ass.
yeah baby!
notice she has to lean on the wall for balance??
Scandals are #Hillary's Legacy
You got this Hillary! Dismantle him systematically!
You are not that skinny. Totally photoshopped.
Go Hillary! You've got this!
I'm with you.
I wish you luck!
We r here inFL and we have ur back.
baller ass bitch
You look fantastic!! I know you're going to do amazing! #ImWithHer
yeah it was taken this afternoon!
I'm talking about the debate, not the photo above
love the red suit ❤️
bring it sister, just breath, you are the most qualified candidate to date👯
Game on. Looking forward to a monster night for HRC.
go get em hillary!
We are with you!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ It is time to make history!!!!
woo hooooo !!!! Bust his ace madame president!!😤😤😤😤😤😤
you got this! Your going to be great! #ImWithYou
Yes. Take this idiot to school.
As much as you want to (though we'd support you), try not to put Trump over your knee and spank him for being a naughty boy.
You got this, Madam President. Go shine. :)
you got this Hillary we belive in you a billion percent all the way!!!
that's not you in the pic and you know it.
Swag. 😎
Damn! Lookin' good HRC!
You go girl !! I've got your back from Singapore !
u look nothing like that anymore
- OMG. I almost died laughing. That pic is not making you look cool, you FOOL. Get ready to get sent packing! #DebateNight
Great pic of the next POTUS <3
lol pic looks like of a teenage girl who friend zoned a guy who owns a real expensive camera
Beautiful photo, perfect candidate...my candidate!
So proud of Secretary Clinton so far .Hes a a two yea old and can't control himself.
hahaha this is the woman that could barely get out of her covert ambulance tonight?
Kick some Ass, HRC!!!
Cheering for you!
That your double?
don't cough! You might CHOKE!!!
nice sweater
I believe in you Hillary
Open mouth, LIES come out
you're fucked! 90 minutes upright? I don't think so
where can Mobile users watch where fact checking is included in real time?
who is in this picture??
So with you!!!!
we've got your back Hillary! Go for it!!!
Mop the floor with his own ego!! With you Hillary!!
is that your double.. sure as hell not you
great pic from 25 years ago...you old hag...you will lose tonight!
try being honest. Stop government corruption.
Body double chick?
Who is the body double? not even close !
enjoy your moment!!
If you talk to Hillary; can you ask her to come back to my place and clean up the mess she made in my bathroom.
oh well Bill already done it can recall advance mathematics in there. Well
you got this.
No picture newer than 20 years?
you got this! We got your back!
Lea e your hammer home
Give him he'll, Hillary!
I'm in Ireland it's 2am and my eyes are on stalks but I'm not missing this historic occasion #debatenight
you've got this!
you wish
You go girl!! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 #debates #Debates2016
God bless you.
you got this Hillary !!!
how about no
you got this girl.. give him hell!!
now I m her supporter.
show the world what you're made out of..
get it girl!
Let's do it ma'am, watching it live here.
break your legs Grandma!
slay mama
who is she always looking at over there?!?
yessssssssss! You got this and we are supporting you from all over the country! #Debates2016
Break a leg and kick some ass!! We're with you!! ❤️💙❤️💙🇺🇸🇺🇸
wow Bill left you behind getting off the motorcade. Smart move on your part getting out away from the cameras.
🕷🕷🕷🕷see a black widow squish it!!!
Once again, show Americans you're ready to take command of the country 👍
remember, mit-chell-i-cious
Good luck at the presidential debate, Mrs. Clinton! We're gonna show that Trump who's the boss!
propped up of course.
THIS HAIR IS FEATHERED & FLIPPED FOR JESUS. RT @HillaryClinton: Let’s do this. #DebateNight
good luck! Wishing Norwegians could vote in the upcoming election #ImWithHer #debatenight
what year was that taken??? #debatenight
do us proud as we know you will.#ImWithHer
We're rooting for you!
Good luck Madam Secretary. Not that u need it. You're having a battle of wits with an unarmed man...but don't pull punches.
Holy crap. How old is this photo? #Circa90s
already getting hate and bullied by his supporters tonight
I hope bill and Melania are not going to be alone on the same room
😇Geaux Hillary!
Yes #crookedhillary Let's watch you lie in front of the biggest audience in political history. #MAGA and #votetrump
God Bless, Madam President 💞
I'd say good luck but I know that you are going to destroy that imbecile. #neverTrump
Is that you 20yrs ago?? By the way u still have time 2 back out before you get completely destroyed by PresTrump! #debates
I am with you! Good luck!
good luck and DONT fuck it up !
Looking forward to hearing your ideas.
You got this, HRC!
body double looking health tonight
destory him queen
Hahahah when was that taken? You're Pathetic
At first, I thought it was a pic of Sharon Stone. Great photo. Now kick Trump's behind tonight!
Call him a liar to his face.
Thx for all you do for our children!!!
is that the body double?
doubtful, just hope she doesn't collapse
とみちゃん、アメリカインディアンふうのそれになってきていた。 トランプさんだっても、だいぶ…赤くて?それになってきていた。 それは大地が、土地が育むことだから。
Oh No guys...I think that wall is holding her up! #debates #debatenight
kill him for all!
prayers for divine order, wisdom and favor in Jesus name Amen! #DebateNight #hillary2016
hell of a snapchat filter
Don't hold any punches. Go for the jugular.
I can't wait for you to tell what Americal will want to hear, and that is the truth. I am with you. Go Hillary!!!!Yessss
Go girl :)
toast! Look at #Benghazi in the eyes! Cause theirs will burning through u! @realDonaldTrump @KellyannePolls @FoxNews
WOOOT! Go, Ms. Thing!!!
My husband and I are watching. We support you and am looking forward to calling you our President. #debatenight #ImWithHer
shake him up Hillary
Game on Girl!!!!
let's go Hills!!! You got this! You look great in your red suit!
You posted of your past, because you can't stand the way you look now!
you got this, H. Show the nation and the world how it's done 👊💙 #debatenight
watch you lie America has already heard and seen you lie. Nothing out of your mouth is the truth
Die, disgusting commie.
When was that picture from? 15 years ago?
HAHAH lol i hope trump roasts you like @RiceGum
This just gave me life. @HillaryClinton
#debatenight Freakin ridiculous start time 9pm. Tired of catering to the west coast.
Seriously?? West coast has just as much at stake as your east coast!!
Keep your cool an kick his ass! ✌🏻️😜
OK Darlin'! Time to take the kid gloves off and SHUT HIM UP! Debate him off the stage. Own the conversation! Go Hill!
rock it out Hilliary. Got your back!
HIT ME WTH YOUR BEST SHOT! FIRE AWAY! #catlover,I AM WOMAAAAAN! I AM STRONG!#knitterweaver #nodapl
are u trying to look younger. Not proud to be 69
best of luck!!
Go Hill 💕💕
you scumbag muslim pig fucker. Your husband is a rapist. #DebateNight
Beauty, brains, compassion... 25% of us are not worthy. #debatenight
if you are standing on a really high ledge, yes by all means do it!
so that's where your body double is...
don't fall.... Hope you took your meds.
too bad you cant stand anymore
no current picture of sick Hillary? Gotta get 1 from back when she said a 12 yr old girl was raped bc she liked older men?
when was that picture taken? 20 years ago or 30?
UH OHHHH!! Already caught in lies!! #LOCKHERASSUP
Yass!! 👏👏
#OccupyTheDebates ok you've got the questions and answers to the "debate" you all set??
good luck! You'll do great! #ImWithHer
"you've come to chew bubblegum and Kick-Ass and you're all out of bubblegum" #debatenight #Debates2016
get Donald so he can self destruct 👍👍👍
Remember, you're running for president.
dientes dientes, que es lo que jode. Que Pantojil eres.
Christopher Stevens, Tyrone Woods, Sean Smith, Glen Doherty; could be alive today. #DebateNight @HillaryClinton #Benghazi #NeverForget
have to say you're lookin good in that pic
Yes, let's do this & expose ur corruption!
Good Luck Hillary. Rip him a new one😉
that's a body double
good luck u will do this 👍🏻
😕 sorry you feel that way. Enjoy the next four years. 👍🏼
I hear there is special transportation to the debates for hillary's supporters.
lol how many decades ago was this taken?
Sorry you will lose this debate and you might as well know that now. #debatenight
I live in Australia and I have to say you have this. Can not stand Trump at all . Come on Hillary! 👍
good luck Ms. President
Fighting Mme Clinton, French Support you !!!! 🇫🇷🇫🇷🇺🇸🇺🇸
let's do it Hill!!! 🙌🏼👏🏻🙋🏻 #useyourrighttovote
Not her--unless she had Botox last night.
looks like Weekend at Hillary's
Wow, that was quick. She's already passed out....
wearing all red high energy, no mercy, go get em -H
wow. They photoshopped the hell outta that picture.
Go, Hillary, go! Can't wait to hear substance from you tonight! #debatenight #Debates2016
Same old BS, another day:p
looks too healthy to be you. Must be #clintonbodydouble
Talk about Photoshop
maybe photoshop... on a picture from a decade or two ago, lol
Photoshop is amazing. Did the Platte River folks do that for you?
that's a very weekend at Bernie's look.
Currently waiting in Ireland🇮🇪! Starts at 2am GMT! We've been excited about this for months!!! Can't wait!
I have waited for this night since 1994 when I first found out how great Hillary was #DebateNight #ImWithHer
save America show America the spicy boi you really are
looking like a soccer mom after a game about to take all the kids to Pizza Hut buffet
isn't this pic from the same time Bill was banging Gennifer Flowers. #keepitraw
dammit hillary, trash posts like this make it hard 2 vote 4 u
I'm with her. Though I'm not really.
How old is that pic? You look really tired and sickly in comparison now. Poor choice media team. #NeverHillary #debatenight
go rockstar Hillary
No walls to hold you up at the debate
Try not to fall and cough too much. 90 minutes is a long time.
Be YOU Secretary. You are the most qualified #Women EVER to become our first female #POTUS. @realDonaldTrump is an #ASSHOLE
Got your ear piece in Hillary?
Your about to be filleted in front of the world. #MAGA
I'm here with you Hillary. Go Team Hillary.
Really....that's how you connect with the working class?
That isn't you..................not any more......
you got to be kidding????!!!50 years ago ?
you got this! Please do it for all of us!
who is that?
because you look terrible in real life and you're way fatter
go Hill Girl. You got this. #imwither
You got this !
We are with you!!
Why do you take hundreds of millions of dollars from regimes that enslave women and kill LGBTQ members?
Easy Breezy....walk in the park
kick his ass, Hillary
- praying very hard for you.
you go and get him , hillary.
The American people think they choose the President. It doesn't work that way. The US is just too important. GOD chooses.
we are with you #hillary4president MAKE AMERICA GREATER since it's already great
we're counting on you girl
what the hell kind of picture is that?
Ha. I have more recent pictures on my match.com profile. 😊 @HillaryClinton
was this picture taken 20 years ago?
yasssss! !!!!
You've got this!! 🇺🇸💙🎉👍🏽
Hillary coming to slide into your man's dms
The Best of luck!
nice pic. I remember 1999 like it was yesterday too. #DickingBimbos at home in the 20th and 21st centuries.
lets do this madam president!!!
You got this. Eviscerate him. 💪🏼
Give this jerk one Shit-Kicking Hill. You go girl!
You got this Hillary.
Did you mean HAG?
u mad cus your candidate is running his big ass mouth?
get off my mentions, go follow him stupid.
Public forum. I can do what I want
good luck! You've got this 💪🏻💪🏻
Dionnnnn...@Jack_Septic_Eye won't reply to meeeeeeeeee
How many DECADES OLD is this photo? LMFAO POS #Hillary @HillaryClinton @TheDemocrats
don't be intimidated by his gibberish talk 😉
lol at 90's pic.
i miss the 1980s
yes!! destroy him!! 👸🏼
love u hillary!!!!
this pic was a lot of chins ago.
basically me after reading your tweet
Go BIG out there, Mrs. President! #drafthousedebates
fall and hit your head please you criminal scumbag
You are going to be amazing!!!
looks like a photoshoot from top gun
May God bless you in your debate tonight. Go @HillaryClinton
dale con toa verga a trump!!
worst Secretary of State Ever!! An no we're not Deplorables Who gave her The Throne The only one I see with A Throne is God!
Tryna be cool like Obama?
Put that DEPLORABLE basket case in its place.🇺🇸 #ImWithHer #HillaryClinton #debatenight
let's do this!! #imwithher
Kelly McGillis? Top Gun
My dick is hard
be honest, relax listen give your plans and ask America to forgive you of those past mistake
right!!! Post a picture that's 20 years old!! 😂
will kill Trump tonight no question. Do we even need to watch?
Orange man got nothin' on you!
is that the stunt double.
go get him #Madam President
you got this.
that's not you now. Another lie.
if I could bottle up all the luck I will have for the next ten years of my life and send it to you, I would. GO GET HIM!!!
Lets smash this shambles clown Clinton. #ImWithHer #Destino2016
Sitting on a stool.
you ugly bitch put on a pair of stilettos and let me see you clink around in those
The picture is beautiful ! You got this
I'm with You😎
It's your Nite! Claim it in Jesus Name, AMEN!!!
Let's show this country who has the knowledge & experience to lead & protect our country #ImWithHer #PresidentialDebate
you will be great! Love you!
This Bernie Bro hopes you dominate him.
Mop the floor with that pathetic man.... #Debates2016
do what exactly? Use an old picture of grandma?
Good luck out there tonight - you got this!!
ITS ON!!!!! We've got this! #ImWithHer #DebateNight
Oh No, what if she is caught in a lie?
good luck tonight! Your gonna do great just be yourself and stand up for what is right!
We are with you. Stay strong tonight and you will prevail! #ImWithHer #StandWithHillary
Hillary Hillary Hillary!
Sending all good vibes, thoughts, and prayers. Thank you.
You go girl! We're with you!
I can't wait for your epileptic seizure. It's gunna be YUUUUUGE
that's picture was a long, long time ago.
Go get him Hillary!!
Come out strong and give him the one-two knock-out punch! #debatenight #ImWithHer
I believe in you! You got this!
back when you were healthy?
slouched against a wall, eh? 😂 #sickHillary
we are with you Hillary, god bless you....
por que ella se vistió de rojo para el debate
is that the before Epilepsy pic? From 25+ yrs ago? Where's your chairman Mao outfit?#Democrats #HofDebate16 #PJNET
That picture is more like 40 years ago.
getting punches in for sure!
As an outsider, i also wish you success. People of the US shud see that this is not only a matter of the US,but of the world
got your back. Behind you 100%! Let's do this!
Relax Hillary, and know that you're whole life has prepared you for exactly this moment. Enjoy the moment...& JUST BE YOU.
I see the devil is wearing her favorite color tonight!
good luck my president Hillary
Praying you will be victorious tonight!! Your experience and intelligence is sure to shine!!
good luck! 💙
I wouldnt be so confident
good luck to you! And to us.
We are with you!! Keep going- you got this!!!
be strong.. Drop the mike!
that don't even look like you
It's not her. It's part of their game. #Smokeandmirrors
that looks like a body double
- ahhh... back in the day... when you were healthy and didn't cough when you lied.
is the your double looks to young to be you
I don't even live in your country but please do well tonight, you'll all look ridiculous with a Dorito as president 🇺🇸
México with you!!! Good luck
be as brilliant as you are
can't wait to watch you put your foot in your mouth and lie lie lie #CrookedHillary #NeverHillary
a pic from muchos anos en el pasado.. don't cough sugar mama
yes you can!!! Thanks for your service
Clean his clock tonight.
love the pic
my all family is with you from Bridgeport ct. you got it. Mrs. President.
hope you won't twitch or cough your way to toilet again.
drag him.
Canada loves Hillary!
yaaaasss queennn
have the time of your life, Hil.
idk why but this is so funny to me lol
when gram try to fit in with the kids today
hugs! We got u!!!! Go Hillary!!
OMG, how many decades old is that picture? What a farce!
Show them who's boss! Best of luck! We're with you! #BetterTogether
ha ha ha. This was a young healthy lady..not the sea hag that's I'll today!
Fingers crossed, decimate him.
Look at those Crow's Feet...
Leaning up on a wall again, eh?
For all that is right and good, for all of us in the US and abroad....please kick his ass. #imwithher
kick that MF
Using the Wall to keep the terrorists out to hold her sickly ass upright. Fraud. #MonicaLewinsky
pls no American politics confuse me I just found the tweet funny
Do your thing Hillary#yougotthis🇺🇸🆗
Please for fuck's sake take this seriously!
I hope its a great halftime show! Unfortunately we dont get to see debate commercials in Canada!
You got this!
lets go trumpppppppppp baby make America great again #realAmericansdontlie
You go girl !! You got this!! We Love you Hillary!!
you got this! You are a phenomenal woman! #ImWithHer
We all with you our president 😍💪
much love from PDX!
You got the right meds so you don't freeze up or need help getting to the stage?
yeah let's expose all your years of corruption & screwing Amer ppl
I'm a nervous wreck......
esta imagen me encanta gracias desde Venezuela
go Hillary! We support you!
when the going gets tough just think Benghazi
go HRC! either make the Orange Menace look small and unqualified or loud and unhinged, or all of the above...
insanlık ölürken çıkar hesapları üzerine olan siyasi anlayışınız yıkılacak rahatmışsınız gibi resimde çekemezsiniz
Lyin Crooked Hillary is a loser
Are you sure you can? And not lie, I mean... And not cough, And not short-circuit, And stay upright.
are you going to cough or not, the odds are high in #Vegas that you are #benghazi #HillarylovesCAIR
Her jawline hasn't been that tight in 35 years.
We're with you in spirit all the way! GO GET HIM!
naw fr you look like Detroit Country Day alum for this... Hill-dog wyd RT @HillaryClinton Let's do this #DebateNight
this is no joke my new look
what is this from the 70's?
good luck!! You will kick his butt!!
wishing u all the Best Excellency and proud of u.
do what..lie?..cough?...pass out?...delete????
You got this girl 💪✨✨✨
u go girl....u got this...he is an idiot
This is just another step closer to the end zone aka the White House. #Fightlikeagirl.
- Lets hope Lester Holt can maintain control of this thing and not get mowed down by Trump liked birdbrain Lauer.
lady gaga shook
Right behind you Madam President..
yaaaaaaaass queen!!!
you're gonna kill it! Suerte.
YOU BET YOUR ASS! It's time to rise all you deplorable SOB's #Debates2016 #Deplorables #NeverHillary-GET READY FOR PRISON!
تكفين اجلديه يلعن أهله
dont let trump win
I don't Like U But YEEEEEESSS MA'M Slay Me
good luck, hillary ~
Lets do this Hillary! We Love you! Screw the crazy media, just do your thing.
More photoshopping than a Kim Kardashian image.
keep calm and take control... Wish you the best of luck. Cheers
you're gonna lose
goo 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🇺🇸🗽😍
I will be watching ur body language for every untruth, it doesn't lie, even on diazepam, th brain always signals a lie told
My God! How old is this picture?
with you! Go get it done!
Let's Go Madame Secretary @HillaryClinton #IMWITHHER lets rock the vote and take this thing home ...
vai mona! 😍
Why do you show a picture that at LEAST TEN YEARS OLD? Why not show a picture from TODAY? Can't even be honest on that!!!!!
you got this! Let's keep #America great. #girlpower. Let's show our #daughters they can be anything. #HillaryROCKS
Go Hillary! Knock him out of the park !!!
must be an old pic
stick it to him! 󾓦
Lester just said he is so nervous his knees are buckling, I bet he can feel that gun behind the curtain pointed at his head.
Was that taken 30 years ago?
Yes! Team HRC all the way!
get it Hillary. Take him to school.
raise the death tax to 100%. Nobody can take it with them
you are so ugly inside and out.
Who is this? 25 year old picture?
this looks like you face tuned this lol
....I'm with Her!!! You got this! Thank you in advance Mrs. President! :)
have you taken your meds, put on your depends and polished all your LIES!!!!!
You got this Bitch @HillaryClinton 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾👑🔥✨ fuck his ass up
COMPROMISING USA 4 TRUMP LIKE somebody help me Worst possible ....
Hide your earpiece and please trip and fall over your step stool
Maxim isn't this photoshopped.
Get him!!!!
you are incompetent dishonest and corrupt. Never Hillary
let's get it let's 💜
let's do this!!
good luck!!!!
Can't find a flattering recent photo ?
Trump will be president!
Love the picture!
Im too Australian for this
Lying pandering criminal.
Hillary looked confident, beautiful and ready to put an end to any thoughts of Trump leading our nation.
You got this...
Call him out! Show America how ignorant he is!!
bitch you better not let him treat yo ass tonite.
kick some fluffy orange ass! #debatenight
Is this supposed to appeal to millennials? Just FYI, I think it might be having the opposite effect if so. FYI.
Let's do this!
Awesome picture of next prez! Let's get it on! Debate time Go hRC!
was this picture from 1987?
You have this!
I'll Pokemon go to the polls
Is this a 30 year old pic? Brace yourself Hillary. Trump is coming and tge deplorables are with him!
Bets are you don't make it through the whole thing
Texas Democrats say, Kick this mule and go school that orange fool! #debatenight #ImWithHer
Para mi pase lo que pase, hace rato ganó @HillaryClinton
what was determined why that lawyer friend of yours killed himself in the park?
Go get him.... 💁🏼
God Bless You My Dear Sister! You are ready! God's got You!
we got your back Madame Secretary
leaining on the wall..waiting for the medical van again?
drop the 🎤 tonight !!!
Campaign like it's 1999
"you are woman...hear you roar"
good luck mom
How many decades ago was this "candid" picture snapped?
YES! You got this, bubbalah! Make us proud - I know you will!!! #ImWithHer
#istandwithhillary...Africa loves u and we stand wit u!!!
Knock it out of the Park Hillary!!
I love this pic!!!
you go lady! we're with you!
Go Hillary, we got your back!!!
WOW a 15 year old photo.
BOI HE BEING MEMEING HARD THO😂😂😂😂😤😤😤😤😤😍😍😍😍😍😩😩😩😩😩😩😘😘😘😘😘😘😇😇😇😇😇😃😃😃😃😃😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😎😎😎😎😎😎👌🏿👌🏿👌🏿👌🏿👌🏿👌🏿👌🏿👌🏿👌🏿🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯
Tu puedes eres la mejor tienes el apoyo de todo el mundo.... Eres la mejor. You are the best and the next president of EUA.
you got this Hillary! Just remember you can't change stupid.
excited 😊 for latinos having you as a president!!!!
C'mon Hillary. Send that no talent *ss clown packing (with appropriate nod to Office Space).
Slick Willy has other plans - Its not old Hilary Liar Clinton #NeverHillary #HofDebate16
vijdan varsa şayet anlayışınızda vaz geçin bütün insanlık için talep edin
Good luck Hillary (from the UK)
what is this and why did it make me so happy 😂😂😂
You look amazing! Not that it matters, but, wow!
We're with you!
I'm sorry Mrs. Clinton, but you are not likable and you are not trustworthy. You will not get my vote.
take him down Hillary!! 🇺🇸👊🏻💕
got your back out here in Portland, OR!!
You have been preparing for this your whole life. I can't wait 4 U to put the orange idiot in his place. #debatenight
you got this gurl 🙌🏼
very proud of the most experienced, qualified powerful woman in the world ready to lead.
more recent pics
No way you're that thin.
With a photo from 20 years ago...haha
Was this pic taken before or after your husband was boning an intern in the Oval Office? #debatenight
go get em Hillary!!!!!!!
HRC Ralph Lauren edition
I'm in your corner!!!
Candle is lit for you👍
20 years old photo
was this photo taken 20 years ago?
POSTED MY COMMENTS RE: OBL DEATH/PRESS CONFERENCE, change in narrative. Will post more over coming hrs plz. @KellyannePolls
is that Hillary or the body double that's a lot younger and smaller. lol she's a raging joke.😂😂😂
Jill, have you seen the connection between Clinton and Rothschild on wiki leaks
Don't fall out!!!
go get him and show him who is boss
ask him "My friend, when was America ever great for all groups of people?". I'll be here basking in the awkward silence.
time to go to jail Hillary
you go! You got this!
tfw when all of your ads show pictures from 20+ years ago...
poise, class and superior intellect - the tools @HillaryClinton possess and she is not afraid to use them. Go @HFA
Kick some ass!
finish him maam president! i want get back to my house, in boston!, im inMexico! serving my country!
Fresh Hillary or body double? #MHSapgopo
Speak your mind. You are brilliant enough to crush him with your intelligence.
what the hell is this?! 1970? 😂
get it girl
Yes, let's do this and get it the hell over with. Good luck.
Knock him dead! Literally, for preference, but figuratively is equally acceptable.
forzahillary 😂✋🏻
plz kick Trump ass soo hard that for days he will still be in pain and in shock
OMG, u have really been going down-Hill since this pic. What happened? #debatenight
you've got this!!
you got this, girl. No pressure, but the entire free world rests on your shoulders.
You'll do great, this is such a historic day God bless you! #ImWithHer
Got get 'em! Kick ass!!!
Is that you body double?
who the hell is that?
20 year old pic? Come on now.
Go get em Hill!
Just sux bing only qualified candidate on the stage & haven 2 explain all the good 1 has done...
Over 20 years younger & 30 pounds lighter. What's your secret, @HillaryClinton? #clintonbodydouble?
that's obviously kate mckinnon you bloody fool, are you stupid?
You've got this!
be strong And be yourself
go for it Hilary...we trust you !
So all you need to do is take a picture of you laying on a slab and turn it 90 degrees clockwise?
#ImWithHer #Debates2016 3 generations of women in my family are behind you
ah bue la foto q eligió
knock him dead
go get 'em!
You can do it hillary
Kill it Hillary!!
And you choose to post a pic of you that was taken 20 years ago? Huh? #debatenight
Kate McKinnon?
I'm sure you don't need luck, but anyway. #InHillaryWeTrust
praying for you! Go Mama Bear!
Yes, Let''s make history! I'm with you! @CNNPolitics @CNN @CNNEE Si, Vamos hacer historia. Yo estoy contigo.
she bout to drop the hottest presidential mixtape.
leaning on a wall to stop you from falling! 😂
you haven't looked like that in 20 years
your body double?
Email dump from Friday shows IT guy talking about HILLARY COVERUP OPERATION on deleting emails, wiping server. Typical.
#DaBateNight Tonight the world will hear hope or fear There is no space to risk #ParisAgreement #ClimateChance #COP22
you go girl! So proud!
Is that your body double?
Was this taken in the 80's when that look was all the rage? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.....LOSER! @HillaryClinton
She's too thin there for this to be recent...
Let's see if you can stand for 90 mins
like that doesnt look like your body double. Did u lose 15yrs over night? #debatenight
Rooting for you 110% Go get 'im!
you got this! You can do this. Fight the evil that stands in our way! Good luck!
Good luck Madame Secretary! You are well prepared!
Kick his stupid ass. ✊
she admired Margaret Sanger loved her vision. "Colored people are like weeds they need exterminated". This is the truth.
please dear Madam Secretary, tear that MF'er a new asshole. You are loved by many millions who respect & trust you
Every time the POTUS opens his mouth, he puts his foot in it.
Mrs. Secretary GOOD Luck to you
Good luck Hillary. I'm with you all the way to the White House
Prepare for the #Schlonging of the Century.
Hillary's campaign slogan "I'm with her".....IS A FREUDIAN SLIP!
Her double is dressed in a red dirt devil bag. LOL
you got this HRC! We're behind you! #OurVoteMatters
Wow I love this picture of you💗💗. #ImWithHer
Get him Hillary!!!👊🏿
take him down!!!!
Hmmm . . . what's that, sing songs from "Grease"?
Red suit! Perfect choice! We're behind you @HillaryClinton
Hillary Liar Clinton is the most lying corrupt Bitch in U.S. History - #NeverHillary #HofDebate16
beautiful photo! This Canadian says 'you go girl!' Rxo
was this before you got sick?
*dies of Black Plague
break and shatter all the glass doors and ceilings 😘😘😘
Teach the novice a lesson!
hooray for 20 year old photos!
Hillary just said "Hi Mark" to Mark Cuban in the front row hahaha #shade @HillaryClinton #debatenight
we're with you!! Get 'im!
After Benghazi hearing, this is cake!
So excited and proud! Let's do this!!!
Love you, Hillary! You got this! #ImWithHer #StrongerTogether
win it tonight
got one word benghazi, go to hell n don't pass go your as,untrustworthy as your husband, family trait
so ready for this debate🤓
how old is that picture?
nah let's not
At least she didn't pass out .... yet.
this year I really wish I'm old enough bc I want to be able to say that I voted for the first woman president
try to tell the truth
Don't allow Drumpf to keep using his same old lies, that's been easily debunked years ago.
Great pic of your body double there. She actually looks good. Shocking!
you really need a stylist. Good Lord
stay classy ... Good luck
body double? Sure ain't you!!! #NeverHillary
Drop like a rock
One question up for Hillary and one question not answered down. She just said she's going to give a bunch of shit away
This a album cover? "@HillaryClinton: Let's do this. #DebateNight "
😂😂😂😂 RT @iNLuvWitMaryJ This a album cover? "@HillaryClinton: Let's do this. #DebateNight "
Beautiful woman.
Why are you using a 60 year old picture, afraid to show what you look like now, well guess I can see that
hey Hillary, you can. WOMAN POWER, YEP #debatenight
Love & Prayers for our Lady Hillary
look like you about to release the most fire emails.... Wait, mixtape. I meant mixtape.
Trump looks like Putin w that scowl and stoic stance. #DebateNight
and those are his "I am studying the person speaking, ah, eyes open, he speaks, eyes close, back
it should've been Bernie
go get him girl
pic from 1979 and you still look like an unhealthy douche.
turn up on this mf
For real? 😑 RT @HillaryClinton: Let's do this. #DebateNight
You can make shit to Trump. KICK HIM
get that money $$$
impressive opening remarks
Great pic from 20 years ago!
go get him! 🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻
You got this!!
Oh, so you're sending the body double... @HillaryClinton
Hillary you can make history please don't let him win
You have my vote Madame President!
do what Baba would do. #bopbopbop get to the issues. #inbabawetrust
go get em girl!!!
lindos cabelons
lets photoshop this.
(No comment)
do you have a twin sister?
Hair on-fleek. Check.
create new jobs? You supported all Obamas clean energy company investments and they are all bankrupt now
Ooh! Good points made already!
let's do this!
you ended him
that's one of the coolest pictures I have seen of you. Let's see you shine tonight
from PERU all my best for you!!!
Nothing Was The Same RT @HillaryClinton: Let's do this. #DebateNight
u look good
that's not Hillary morons!
you can't Hillary
anyone else immediately think 'Glamour Shots by Deb' or was that just me 😂
vem se vence essa porra viado!!! Hahahahaha
trumped up trickle down!!
first punch with a plan. More and better jobs, #Trump no plan #debatenight
go go 👊🏼💯
this looks like a hot mixtape cover
si se puede..fuck trump..
yeah lets pray you don't get it crooked hillary
Anxiety over JAIL will make you unfit.
yes to this AND this look
vamos hillary !
you got this Donald can't tell us how he is going to bring back jobs what a joke
Yes mam @HillaryClinton! You r off 2 a great start DOING THIS! 👀👊👏🔥🔥 #DEBATES2016
looks like Grace in Grace and Frankie lol
You have my respect and my vote. ❤️
Good luck, David Spade RT @HillaryClinton: Let's do this. #DebateNight
go Hillary you are killing it #madamepresident
(No comment)
lets do It!!!
Dems ... ask yourself .... why do the neocons favor her ..... come on ...
nice pic of when you were 40 years younger
is this your body double? This lady is younger and thinner than you.
Amazing photo! Great image!
illest mixtape cover 😎
Yeeeah! Get it done! <3
lets do this
JAAAAHHHHHHWWWWNZ RT @HillaryClinton: Let’s do this. #DebateNight
i thought it was Kate mckinnon
This picture is weird...
don't let hem cut you off
Wipe the floor with his ass...
this is Hillary's body double!!!
she looks like the Nanny from The Hand That Rocks The Cradle on this pic
We are with you from all around the free world we know your truth and years of helping others we thank You #HillaryClinton✌🏽
The mother of a new nation , proud to support #HillaryClinton
This picture is crazy are you chilling in Cedar Rapids
what the actual fuck
kill em Hillary
He's killing her Record
You'll be this by the end
hell no she doesn't have a clue
is that your body double?
I can't stand how rude he's being to you. So impolite. He's so miserable because he can't answer the questions. Go get him!
is this or your body double?
Love how Hillary is handling Trump. Getting her points across while addressing what is on the table.
you go, girlfriend, fry his pea sized brain 👏🏽❤️😄
who is that?? Not 69 YRS OLD Hillary
What, another body double?
Nice stunt double you crooked fraud #HillaryForPrison
such sad times we are living in. When Americans have to choose between two meaningless people.
keep it going Hillary he is falling apart #trainwreck #debatenight #DumpTrump
go get em #iron_woman 😘💪😏👌
#debatenight @Martina 🌹They're gonna havta break out the boxing gloves!
that's not you
answer questions!! Stop selling your book!!
she is more of a disaster than I imagined.
10,000 factories closed because of NAFTA! Hillary YOU are a LIAR!America gained NOTHING from NAFTA!
lies, lies and MORE lies!! STOP lying! About TPP and ISIS
I just threw up in my mouth and my puke tastes like cookie salad
great hair, good arguments, she's doing well...
is this your new album cover fam?
you've got this!!!
can you say confident 👌🏽
you are the worst
is that a cold sore?
you getting you butt kicked #Killary
when her tinder image is old
who is that?
he is a disgrace.
I'm with you Hilary. Watching from 🇨🇦
great. You post a pic from 20 years ago. Wonder why.
it's time to stop
cuantos idolos tenes man?
The most notorious criminal of all.
you are doing it. With grit and grace.
Goddess energy!
who is this a picture of?
Donald Trump goes into attack mode! Talking over Hilary plain RUDE!
that is what Bill says to the intern. "Let's do this"
sooooo how recent is this headshot, like, recent recent?
what, are you 45 in this photo?!
who is this? not you!
you are so fake..body double..
which is tremendous? tax cut or tax increase #snortingtrump
cough...cough. Wheeze.
This is like those people on facebook whose profile picture is from twenty years ago
lies, lies, lies
Go girl...Go!!!!
Trump is losing it. He's ranting & repeating himself.
you've got this!! Dazzle them with your brilliance & dull the Trumpian gold-plated huckster!!
No offense Sec.Clinton but you looked like this 30 years ago
NAFTA lets Trump make suits and ties in China?
you can't raise taxes enough to pay for everything you want to give away.
hahaha good lord living in the past hahaha
Trump's so shrill
I pray you can not tell ANOTHER LIE!
photoshopped the hell outta that one...
your getting slaughtered #trump points out your lame performance over last 30 years, you've only padded your own pockets
you've been killing bills bimbos #yourentireadultlife
I think the moderator hit the nail on the head about 25 minutes into the debate, Donald is starting to unravel.
you go girl!!!
so far doing great
(Possibly sensitive)
photoshop is a wonderful thing , this is like a realtors busn. Card where the photo is 12 yrs old or major photoshoped
...your arguing with a woman,,Lester you have no control...........
stay steady the course Hilary. He's already shown he is NOT fit to lead or run this country. #debatenight
your doing it girl, you have already gotten to him he can't articulate
this is the Double - not HRC
I'm with you! Go Hillary!
That picture is not Hillary Clinton.
- Way to go Madam Secretary!!! Keep standing strong!!! #debatenight #MovingForward ❤️
wtf this the whitest picture ever!! and on the front page of twitter. she got the hood hid in the other hand? #debates
where are the secret service holding her up in this photo?
how old is this pic?
Is this one of you doubles in this pic. Lol. That can not be you.
stop the inane grinning
you are the most corrupt politician to step on a Podium for president
I swear this is Ellen 😂😂
hey fuck you bitch
How old is that fucking picture? #1990s #Debates2016