Did Crooked Hillary help disgusting (check out sex tape and past) Alicia M become a U.S. citizen so she could use her in the debate?
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trump Thea Latinos rethink this. He is unstable
says the guy who operates a multi-level marketing scam ... Hahahahaha
senor dick weed
you last name say ( gonzalez) you dont need to say im latino hahahahahaha
you're a disgrace to your heritage after all Trump has said about Latinos.
trump has done zero for latinos besides pay them low wages and scapegoat them as criminals
And Hillary's supporters insult latinos and call them taco bell voters.
he has provided many Latinos jobs; what has Hillary done to help Latinos?
WELFARE<>:( she does not want Latinos, to do great things period<>:( >>TFP<<
Sure hope u have no relatives trying 2 come here because you'll never see them again. Sad
under paid u though. I guarantee u made $8 and Americans made 12. U were cheap labor
Or do you mean his factory workers in mexico?
You mean the illegals he hires as housekeepers?
Right n he pays them Pennie's He doesn't care about immigrant's minorities #Imwithher!
<-- Not even a real person. Another fake account to prop up the Orange Anus. @Michael35843306 @realDonaldTrump
He has hired illegal immigrants, who he says now he would deport.
clintons immigrantion policy will help latinos trump demonizes latinos as criminals
Stop listening to MSM & do your own research Her policies do nothing for us commoners @FranciscoMedRep @realDonaldTrump
he wants a trade war with China us commerce said it'll cost America family 3 thousand a year
trumps whole policy will benefits rich corporation and people with 5 million in bank
Answer my question: in Hillary's 15+ years in public office, how has she helped Latinos?
If you need the presidents help to get ahead, you will have to wait another 15 yrs.
Clinton is going to keep Trump out of the most powerful job in the world. That's how.
Clinton foundation has helped thousands how much good has trump foundation done
they stiffed Haiti, and as you have seen Brazil is a slum. Doesn't show any improvement in either place.
and millions r alive in Africa due to clinton foundation they made AIDS and malaria meds affordable
wait but media says Clinton foundation is bad try reading they do a ton of good all over the world
The CF keeps 97% of all donations How do you think they became so wealthy @FranciscoMedRep @realDonaldTrump
This is a lie. You're the one who needs to do research
u r think of they r under investigation by New York State
that's false Clinton foundation got and A RATING they take zero trump foundation
her clinton foundation has helped provide South America with drugs and food
ask Haiti what good the Clinton Foundation does. (Answer is none)
ask Haiti how much there government stole from the people
trump hires latinos off h1b so he can pay them low wages many below minimum wage
He Hires Latinos because we are not afraid of taking work that others don't want! #truth
Keep away from the drugs stupid
WOW! You're severely allergic to facts & have nerve to call someone stupid🙄
I'm sure the Hondurans feel great about Hillary. Vote Trump.
y do u care bout Honduras America first VOTE CLINTON
Maybe because I don't want a warmonger that destroys countires as pres. 👀
trump openly praised Putin who's biggest war monger
so y vote trump he openly said he would use nukes on Isis
ISIS isn't a nation, it's a terror group. You saying Honduras is terrorism?
trumps rich how much does he care bout u probably zero
yeah let's be mad at people who use the tax laws and not polis who write em
So is Hillary by that logic.
his bribe scandal the he was found guilty of and paid back by IRS
TRUMP U TRUMP FOUNDATION illegal immigrants he hires his bankruptcy
trump has way more scandals
I guess we should itemize both and see. No bueno for Hillary 😂
u r very silly and don't understand anything just continue to read Internet
Maybe I should read her site instead and ignore all #ClintonScandals right
stay away from nazi parties they r too dangerous
trumpicans blame everything on Clinton
lol r u retarded I guess I'll blame turkey coup on Obama since he has so much pull there
Wikileaks brother. They are a great asset. Ignorance is bliss.
especially if u elect trump him and his rich friends will not pay taxes for four years
here. You prob won't watch cause you can't stomach facts. youtu.be/1QiA8BA8WkM
what does Hondurans coup have to do with America or anything I don't remember Hilary riding a tank into
well then you must do research. You probably won't accept anything bad. Where's the 6 billion for Haiti?
trump foundation is used as a slush fund for himself what's your point
Clinton Foundation is being investigated. She could eat a baby in front of you, you would "no she didnt"
lol ur funny trump will screw u and I'll laugh thank god he won't win get use to saying madam president
Oh wait he was investigated for child rape
trump probably rape a 13 year old and say he didn't
I agree and HRC is a disgrace to women.
Read Breitbart magazine. The editor of Breitbart is Donald's campaign manager Steve Bannon.
Yes, she is Francisco, she's not like my family members.
U r a fake latino belv me, u r shameless
you're a disgrace you don't know that lady or what ugly fat as a trump put her through you idiot
You’ll be one of the last he deports. Congrats.
she's a disgrace to all women.
You are a fake or a Quisling (look it up) @FranciscoMedRep @realDonaldTrump
I have 18 latino family members they are all voting Trump, 3 lost their house building jobs to illegals
I feel sorry for your family
I have a hundred family members voting for Hillary
which deplorable so you identify with?
And they're ALL stupid because In NYC, where I live, DT used undocumented workers to build
You blamed them?The smart thing to do is blame the American who hired them #poorlyeducated
they must not have been too good at their job ...
...well they're are lots of Latinos around me and none are voting for trump.
#Donaldtrump you are #Deplorables and Latino coconuts and a freakin disgrace to the race #Morningjoe
does following trump give you your sense of belonging?
I am latino so my vote will cancel out your vote
FBI's Comey is real, folks ... brought to corruption.#MAGA
Life without #God is the greatest destroyer of the Son and a gift from a traitor vote #stopgaymarriage
Scientific polling disagrees.
this is what I call a morenazi.
and you are a disgrace for supporting a man who hates your race,it is really low and says a lot of a man.
you're crazy.
then you are confused n not latino
you're not no real Latino. If you truly understood the culture and way of life, you wouldn't be supporting a bully
and you should be deported for stupidity.
Your a Latino & voting 4 Trump u talk disgrace ur the disgrace 2 ur people swim home mother fucker trader
then as a latino u know d sex tape his talkin about is a reality show. Prob fake 4 rating. N shows nothing
You HAVE to be a extremely disgusting, to support somebody who mocks of a disabled person. PERIOD.
he called you a rapist, criminal, drug dealer have respect, be a true Latino
let me guess, both your parents were born in the US
but you are cool with @realDonaldTrump spreading false rumors about her? snopes.com/alicia-machado…
latinos with Trump, never underestimate the power of human stupidity.
and you would go AGAINST YOUR OWN PEOPLE FOR A PUNK LIKE @realDonaldTrump ?? You are REAL SICK
as if we couldn't tell by your name... #AnotherGenius
So you are looking forward to Trump 's Presidential Inauguration filled with white supremacists, feel bad for your family
What a shame Francisco, what a shame! You don't have any dignity!
Right on <>:) ..TFP<<
And his fat shaming is not a disgrace? No one deserves bullying no matter if they are likeable or not.
and you're both disgraced to humanity, congrats! Now shut up and go back to jerking each other off.
because she gained weight or because she didn't make a sex tape?
idiot your not latino typical fake profile
Says a man listening to a woman basher
wow, you are a disgrace to your heritage and to all women
trump and all of the dumbkins can't stand you but you go right ahead and get behind that!
I am a Latina and you are the disgrace here, bro
no they don't. You're delusional
go away bot, no one reads your fake ass tweets
are you retarded?
you one of the " I assume there is some good people" Congrats!! You aren't Rapist, drug dealer & criminal.
How? Because she gained weight? What a sad sad way to be.
not because of that... but because she helped a murderer and threatened a judge with violence
what her past has to do with what he did to her? I remember when that happened and she was only 19 yrs old
obviously you completely miss that huge nopal on your forehead.
the Latino who supports trump calling another Latino a disgrace to their race. Que triste Este pendejo.
Will you still vote for him when you're on a bus on way to Mexico?
cause that's what's REALLY GONNA HAPPEN ALONG WITH MANY MANy more of us
trump gave Castro 68k and you still support him? Lmao
That would be AWESOME if he became President and deported you and your family.
trump is a disgrace to Americans. His tax plan is a joke that will only help himself. Man has no plans.
I'm with you , I'm a Latina and voting for him Both parents came from 🇲🇽 legally and nana too
& of course Trump is a huge supporter of your people.
why is she a disgrace? Because she gained weight? Because she had sex?
not cause of that... because she helped a murderer and threatened a judge with violence
Her baby daddy is that murderer @LyonsbruceLyons
- thenpoint is that Donald fat shamed her. What she's done since is irrelevant. #sleeplessDon #ClownTrain #LyinTrump
Nope it is not because she's being put on a pedestal as a role model. Get a life idiot.
you're a disgrace to latinos Estupido
You've been conned. Trump hates Latinos.
have you done a breakdown of ethnicities that he employees??
with him calling "Miss Housekeeping" because she was latina? pendejo, tu no eres ningun latino
Check out this whitey Googling Spanish.
disgrace? for saying the truth about trump? instead of begin at her side you defend trump and is okay
she was accused of helping a murderer... and she threatened a judge with violence
accused, only accused. Ready for YOUR accusations?
You're a disgrace to latinos. Using caps like that and not even writing her last name right.
jajajajaj ni siquiera sabes escribir en castellano.Seguro tú eres otro que insulta y maltrata mujeres
You sound as dumb as Trump dose. You think he give a crap about you Um nOO your Latino fool!
You should do the public a favor and hang yourself.
Latinos for Trump are a disgrace to LATINOS/AS.
Latinos for Trump means Americans for Trump ya dummy! Where is your allegiance?
LOL- you're either VERY confused or self-loathing. Either way, you fit right in where u are
u must be very uneducated #racisttrump called u rapist and insulted you #noselfesteem
don't be an idiot, this is the worst election that I've ever seen
How do you know, you're not the disgrace?
judge her much but not trump?U belong with deplorables.He calls u rapists but this 19 yr old is held 2 the fire?
then your stupid
nope you are
either u r a stupid a** idiot or this is fake! If former...please be legal or ur a** will be deported.
tu eres la desgracia para los latinos
pancho, también eres un pendejo. We'll never see your tweets again after 11/4
no you're a disgrace to Latinos for saying that
so is this one garbage too?
pendejo it's Machado!! Lmao!!
Wait...SHE is trash but Melania isn't? Please stop with the hypocrisy
Melania, unlike Alicia Machado, has never been an accessory for murder. & Melania hasn't threatened a judge
she probably would love trump in the ground.
I am still waiting for those facts. And if your implication is I want him dead you're wrong
no she is a complete slut. Melanoma has more porn than trump has tweets. 1st lady? 1st slut!
Proof please before you spout this nonsense . Thanks!
good for you. Bad for america. Lol.
And donald and girl on girl aren't a disgrace? Got it.
haha, Im pretty sure many dont care that you are latino but this voting for Trump, its AFU, dont do it. @FranciscoMedRep @realDonaldTrump
actually you are the disgrace panchito
#Debate questions about what #Trump said on #HowardStern 15YRS AHO but not about #Syria or An @FBI investigation??? Um
That's why they are dwelling on " fatshaming" she's done if we get back to Hillary issues.
trump issues are tinny mistakes, Hillarys issues giant intentional evil greedy actions done 4 her gain
That question wasn't asked by the moderator dummy, Hillary did, that's how you debate
LOL--he could have used a lot of his rambling minutes on whatever he wanted. He chose not to.
Yup,and even the two of them couldn't hurt the person who will be our next President.Trump.
Is She really blaming Trump for the war in Iraq? She voted for it.
that's the best they got they gotta go back 20+years for trump. But hillary look back a week or two. Ha
+ he was a priv citizen , with no access to intell. Hr based his opinion on gov lies. Many of us did
trump foundation his taxes Cuba
interuptions of wrong numerous times impeded the flow of the debate.
USA TODAY said Trump is 'unfit for the presidency'.they never endorsed in 34 yrs till now.he is unstable. This is not a game.
He asked questions about cyber security which brought up emails
Stop whining like a bitch because your candidate didn't prepare for the debate
How many times will you idiots bring up the same non-starters? Admit defeat.
go big d, you will win
you mean tiny d.
but all he's done is go low
😂 Clearly you have no clue. Very clever retort tho, lol... #anothertrumptrainloser
what would you expect from a low energy #trump supporter #dimwit
Big D is right. He should start stepping on the scale. Getting a little chubby! LMAO!
yeh, what ever numpty
sorry, not sure what that means!
probably. Don't want to waste my time with it anyway. Have a nice day.
a lot of ppl are saying that 'little d' is more appropriate. Not sure, just what I hear a lot of ppl saying.
USA TODAY said Trump is 'unfit for the presidency'.they never endorsed in 34 yrs till now.he is unstable. This is not a game.
Go away Little D, you will NEVER win. There fixed it for you! HRC/2016
All these things will I give thee, if thou wilt fall down and worship me.
Only in the feeble and polluted minds of assholes like you.
Barack HUSSEIN Obama is the same!
that's an African outfit not a Muslim one you fucking simpleton
why is that such a big deal that he wore that?
Does Drumpf fuck your ass mercilessly
he's not given anyone a reason to do so.
might as well turn over your money, your pride and morals... good luck with that
you mean vote hate
😂 😝 trump is a bigot
I'm with her
so what? There are lots of Muslim Americans and have been since long ago. What's your point?
like what does this picture mean I dressed as gang banger 4 👻 🐝 4 so
Why did you capitalize "Hussein"?
racist this is so racist
Beautiful Picture of Our Great President. America is the Greatest. Trumps a Chump. Obama#1 Yes
What's wrong with him celebrating his African heritage?
Barack Hussein Obama is a two-term President of the United States of America. Who are you?
I'm Irish American and I celebrate Saint Patrick's day 🙄
your an idiot this is an African outfit and since when is it not ok to celebrate your heritage
just like Hillary said "u r in the deplorable basket".U r a racist, must be a sad life you created 4 yourself
America loves Barack Obama!!! Trump? Never ever ever ever
we know our presidents name and he is a man of dignity and respect when you go low......
Obama is a Muslim at heart. Hope he feels comfortable coming out as one after he leaves office
we should educate ignorants
Amanda stop embarrassing yourself. Quit posting
- Why? Not all are terrorists.
east African motif that idiots transform into Muslim garb
Never miss a good chance to shut up - Will Rogers
Here's some trash.
trump is a RACIST PIG and hates women..how can you honestly vote for that crazy thing!! Go away trump!!
Scary to think you actually taught school, hope my kids didn't get you.I guess not, they are normal.
Trash? Wow you're confused
you're trash wackos
Hillary will win, whore!
and you're an IDIOT.
you literally are saying this where @realDonaldTrump is slut shaming & referencing a non existent sex tape?
Trump is trash and psycho!
first of all, good manners.
If you think @HillaryClinton is trash what do you think of Trump? He's #NotPresidential #BarelyHuman
Trump trash is ruining America. But only til November. After that, you deplorables will have to STFU. Yay!
What the hell is "islams"?
Are you receiving treatments for your hatred and phobias?
can you translate that to English you thick cunt.
The Deplorable's at wok
Trump = Chavez
But yay guy who pays no taxes, married 3x, screws his vendors, sued for child rape. Yay!
Dominated by men who lie profusely lol bend over and crack a smile bet you like that ... just saying
this is trashy Melania. You want her as FLOTUS?
nope, you are for being a racist
You are a credit to our cause to bring about the world union of Germany and Russian peoples. Bless you.
it must suck to be one of the 20% of women that actually support this lunatic. You're kind of out of touch.
Amanda is a teacher, let that sink in. I hope your ass gets fired. AMANDA the women hating bigot. #fireher
I'm retired you must be bad at reading if you haven't read retired geography middle school teacher
I'm sure your old students got sick of your ugliness and had your ass FIRED.
oh, right, "retired" you mean your ass got FIRED. #liesmakebabygcry
Aww thanks for stalking my account you irrelevant twat
<---This is what happens when you run cable into trailer parks. @realDonaldTrump
I know The Birther is, but what is she?
do you have a picture with a bag over your head? I'm literally getting sick having to look at your picture
Islam isn't a race, it's an ideology which I can freely give criticism to but y'all use the race card
sorry I didn't read your comment. Your face is just too distracting. Stop replying!! It is agony 😱😱
look at your face first
How long has it been since you paid a visit to the dentist?! Is every Trump supporter a walking stereotype?
This is definitely a low point for me. Giving an ugly, ignorant hag the time of day. I'm so ashamed....
I have, stupid. It's my face and I'm proud of it, lol. Your face on the other hand is a travesty 😂
LOL- gladly. Looking at that face for another second will traumatize me for life 😂
I have a feeling that is your ONLY comeback. Most Trump supporters rely on racism because they lack any wit
Islam isn't a race.
is calling another person trash something proud Christians do? Jesus Christ called people trash?
first question; yes. Second question; nope, Jesus probably hates them.@Skinny_Legends @realDonaldTrump
we need to deport ISLAMS
what, exactly, are "Islams", you racist, Christian wannabe?
yeah, but anyways.
>>>Killary & Bill are both white trash swindlers!! The US, their next scam bigger than stealingWH silverware
How does Trump's puny little dick taste?
nope she not and will be our president and then what will you have to say
Trump needs to be our president to deport ISLAMS back to Muslims
you disgust me and I'm ashamed to be white because of people like you. You are Satan's daughter!
What on earth are you smoking?
ISLAMS=People Muslims= country ARAB= Language Arabic= continent Send ISLAMS back to Arabic
what the fuck. Muslims are people. A Muslim is somebody who follows Islam. You were a teacher?
Our #Christian #religion don't give us a limp to make #us our best. Ge32:25 #islam
not as good as when they go low we go high good try
That is plagiarism you master debater
a geography teacher. Yes sir
just block this lady she is obviously crazy even if she is a teacher
what is it about TRUMP u despise so much?
racist, regressive, erratic, liar, fraud, fraud again, stubborn, etc
& ur basing these assertions on facts or opinions?
Plz post ur finding 2 determine whether they're opinions or facts.
cheryla ur entitled 2 vote 4 who ever u want, just dnt promote lies
are u aware the publisher endorsed CORRUPTED CLINTON? biase in it self.
don't care glad they are with her
the Congress rep is on record stating they were statements= opinions.
WTF does that even mean?
you're an ugly woman. Bad hair and narrow face. And old. You mean ZERO to Trump. Nothing.
Im sure Jesus loves it when you talk smack. I love fake Christians who pontificate while speading hate
you were a teacher? With this word salad? Lol, FAIL!@savethemiddle @realDonaldTrump
wow that was an especially stupid tweet. Read a book you nitwit. Where is Muslims on a map?
The green part baby
I fail to see the country Muslims on this map. You said deport them back to Muslims. Can we deport you?
I'm not an Islam thank you
We should deport your sorry, racist ass
no you're a bigoted nitwit with a limited grasp of geography. You can't fix stupid
do you know why you call her Killary? She killed trump in the debate.
or she killed the girl's self-esteem after saying she's fantasizing about old men who got raped
A girl got raped and she was the lawyer of the guy .She said that she's fantasizing on old men.
- even though she disproved the evidence, he still went to jail.I can't believe that u would say that was the same
-she is require by law to do the best she could for him.Didn't mean she believed it or disbelieved the girl (cont)
- she was forced to be his lawyer after requesting not to be.Just like a doctor operating on a rapist-she is(cont)
Well during the debate KILLERY @HillaryClinton kicked the butt of TRASH aka Donald Trump! #OUCH
it's funny your photo is of someone who absolutely hates @realDonaldTrump You are an idiot
USA TODAY said Trump is 'unfit for the presidency'.they never endorsed in 34 yrs till now.he is unstable. This not a game.
Good one! Did you make that up yourself?
Yeah you have a problem
Another good one! How do you come up with these?!
How does it feel to know all your idols are liberals? LOL
same way it feels for you to know Trump is the next president
You mean sane?
This doesnt change the fact that you dont respect women, so stfu.
he has a wife and daughter, shithead
Brady Williamson Jr. of Godfrey & Kahn, seen post debate grabbing files from Hillary's podium, only to pass them off to @LesterHoltNBC
Because he's never held a public office
So are you implying anyone who has to testify in court is automatically guilty?
witch hunt and the guy in charge falsified documents to make her look guilty
you do understand the email scandal and bengahzi were republican lead procesutors, i dont support clinton but find
something better to attack her on, she has mamy skeletons, stop using tin foil hat talking points
look at that goofy ass grin on her fake ass face!
The Clinton's indiscretions happened when representing Americans!
go to the Clinton's past because the young voters don't know about it.
Hillary opened the flood gates about mistreating the opposite sex.
But those investigations were worth it: they proved she was innocent.
Trump is the king of truthful hyperbole - lies are his campaign strategy don't be a sheep and follow this fool
2 died of smoke inhalation and 2 KNEW what they signed up for? If she's responsible for that, bush has over 4,000.
you republicans should keep wasting our money for your self reasons okay 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
That is not true. Clinton did not lie about Benghazi.
no, he was too busy spending other people's money on a portrait. Money for the military I might add.
he's fixing to have to testify on October 14th.
Luv our WISE-cracking American PEOPLE.
totally right, he was cheating on his employees at his casinos.
haha this looks like a joke compared to trumps record...how is the investigation going 4 the foundation and money spent in Cuba???
neither did she
And Neither did Clinton, since after countless investigations they found no wrongdoing. So fuck Benghazi.
Tell that to the Benghazi victims families :^)
Tell it to Ambassador Stevens' family. Oh wait, they agreed Clinton did nothing wrong, shitwit.
let's ask the others :)
Who cares about them? We didn't give a fuck when 50+ embassy personnel died in attacks under Bush.
ungrateful for freedom, sad
lol only way to respond to losing.
u do realize Trump lied 34 times in the debate alone right? She lied 4 times. Miggt want to review that meme
let me guess Politifact is your source?
if you don't like facts then stay away from internet, the world is not run by stupid people
many times you just had to look at Trump's old tweets and there you saw the lie. Like about China and global warming hahaha
You're the definition of a low info voter. Go waste your time trying to elect a racist misogynist.
she watches fox news and acts like politifact fact check.org or any fact checking is bias
find me a single fact checking site from anywhere saying otherwise..
haha sources from all over the world. Facts are facts you know?
Fact checks prove Trump has lied WAY more than Clinton. I don't like either but facts don't lie.
Still better than @realDonaldTrump. Latinas for Trump = roaches for Raid.
oh look no real insight just insults. Must be an HRC voter 👍🏾
Insults is ALL that comes out of Trumps mouth though....
I'm not replying to any insights from you. I'm replying to lame, ignorant memes. Try again, el stupido.
whiny bitches adding people to lists everywhere at least I'll find some more interesting people to talk to thanks asshat
these people can't possibly be people, they don't agree with meeeeee
The did find wrong doing. She lied about why they died and lied about emails during that hearing.
read the reports. Stop telling lies. She was cleared. This is pathetic
um. No. she didn't. What are you smiling
actually she did in fact she lied directly to the families
you don't want Clinton scandals to live forever! And all that comes with it ! Vote TRUMP!
USA TODAY said Trump is 'unfit for the presidency'.they never endorsed in 34 yrs till now.he is unstable. This is not a game.
But she didn't lie, either. The GOP spent millions of our dollars and found nothing.
Hey, Conald... REVEAL YOUR TAX RECORDS! btw, USA Today NAILED IT. usatoday.com/story/opinion/…
"deplorable" Trump is audited by obamas' irs every year. Nothing there!
no one gives a shit about your taxes trump keep giving them the fuck you middle finger
release the emails! But we can wait till October for Assange too
he wont turn over tax records, HRC wont turn over bank speech's. How much trump made or Clintons bank promises ?
Its not required
u mad? Keep voting for criminals like Clinton
Did u EVN READ THAT? 3rd quality is HONESTY! AS IF SHE IS?!talk 2 FBI Wonder how much they got 4 this!
Perhaps you didn't read it, or know me. Like USA Today, I'm far more anti-Trump than pro-Hillary. 👋
Anyone who invokes Ronald to defend Donald is full of BS. Whatever Bush 41 thinks of all this, so would Reagan. Conald.
Hillary did 42% on 10.6M me 41% on < 0.4M Is she smart or unpatriotic?
As undecided Hillary`s policies scare me. She is clueless on corp. taxation as example.
Hey Hellary, show me your Wallstreet speeches!
hey HilLIARy show your emails, your transcripts, and explain the CLINTON CHRONICLES!
yeah! And get that #liar #criminal @HillaryClinton to cough up those >33k #payforplay emails released!
Release Clinton foundation records first and stop crying at night.
no body cares about tax returns? Seriously
tell Hillary to release her emails
who cares. He's going to fix the country not steal from it. Unlike that murdering, lying megalomaniac
you're absolutely deluded. Absolute power in your orange littlefinger hands is a threat to civilization.
But would you want Hillary to leave the USA vulnerable just like she did with her e-mails?
orange ya glad Hillary is a criminal with blood on her hands? Nice try. You lose.
up all night, I see :)
yeah people run around in his head rent free.. getting crowded up there.
And sex tapes keeping Donald Awake
at least u know he'll be up for that 3am call in case of emergency
and tweeting like he's off his meds......AGAIN!
you RIGHT...y'all think I'm kidding...he's bipolar and has ADHD....DON'T YOU SEE THE SIGNS... @JPBoutros @realDonaldTrump n
we the people need to see tax returns and drug test.
He snatched his phone off KellyAnns desk and locked himself in the bathroom.
put a paper bag over your wife's head before she causes another accident in Dorset
You know @realDonaldTrump's tweets mean to hurt a woman put into this situation by him, a serial abuser. This doesn't help.
The only situation he put her in is MISS UNIVERSE. Saved her job in stead of firing her for getting fat
Didn't hillary camp insult his wife over nude photos?
The ones he leaked?
He called a spoiled cartel lover/cunt fat, and Hillary silenced Bill's victims. Don't be a fucking white knight, moron.
Your boss is a slut-shaming piece of shit.
*this* is the company you keep. Repeated humiliation of a woman (the non-politician) is what keeps him up all night.
proof he has the stamina. He won't be asleep and miss that 3am call
She's such a victim. he called her fat! Can you believe that? You'd never tell your wife how fat she got right?
everyone is waking up now, seeing the earth your slut-shaming boss is scorching. Please resign, with dignity intact.
Where's Manafort when you need him? amirite, @KellyannePolls?
I think she put herself into her position after becoming a criminal and getting in bed with a cartel. But hey, let's blame Trump.
he's a criminal too where'd your logic
How does that relate to trump demeaning women? Oh, I see she asked for it, right?
blaming Trump for his big fat mouth. Nothing more
he is hateful
Never indicted. For supporters of a 'law and order' candidate, you snowflakes know precious little about the law.
ElVoz, Trump is running for President, right? Does a man running for this office have time to engage like this?
Not surprised that yet more Trump fans have no idea that they're helping their hero dig himself a hole...
You really believe that all Mexicans who're accused of a crime are mafia, don't you?
Trump is a criminal and got in bed with the mafia. In actual, real life.
no, let's not blame the narcissistic, misogynistic shit-bag?
I blame Trump for fat shaming and bullying. It reveals who he is: mean and petty.
Yrs ago? Right abt the time Hillary was viciously attacking Monica Lewinsky for lying, remember that? Ur Lame
yeah check out Melania Trump in the nude and lesbian pictures!
I think unicorns live in the everglades. Doesn't make it true.
Trump is being blamed for Trump's own words - she isn't running for President, he is...
Hahaha. Trumpers are so pathetic.
For Cuba? No problem.
Try going to his office and apply for a high position. Please!! Reality check, mijo!
Also, you're Hispanic. Right? Then you should have more common sense than defend this racist.
She never said that. She said "We all have a past." Remember, he spoke to her like that when she was 19 yrs old.
Profoundly @realDonaldTrump put HIMSELF n position: Running for prez, attacking ppl like he does. How's it different?
An absolute ridiculous comment to make ? Wait until her kids and grandkids see the tape. Then what?
she was a legal adult and made the poor decision to allow sex acts to be filmed. Zero sympathy.
- How do you feel about those lovely photos of Mrs. Trump (and friends!) in the altogether? 😏
Melania's photos aren't a sex tape, to even compare the two is lame tbh
have you never taken a figure drawing class in college?
I'm not uncomfortable with tasteful nude art photography. Your refinement+maturity isn't there I guess?
THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!
you are confusing Alicia M with another actress friend of Sean Penn
Wait...you're talking about melanoma here aren't you?
Yes, it's crucial that she is absolved of all responsibility. Females r 2 fragile to think for themselves 😹
A real "serial abuser" Bill Clinton Sex Allegations: 17 Claims of Rape heavy.com/news/2016/05/b…
When will @KellyannePolls take his phone away?
A woman who became a slob while crowned a beauty queen and also assisted in a murder?
waaaaaaaaaah she put on weight who gives a fuck, shes a miss U. shes in breach of contract
Machado put herself in that situation, She didn't mind all the attention 20years ago.
trying to hold him to some political standard when he was a civilian y she was corrupt as SOS
hillarys on tactics for winning are constantly trying to dig up past which theres no evidence of
him pointing out shes no angel or someone to base your campaign on...
You must be aware of the list of women Bill C had relations w/& how Hillary ruined their lives?
and about Clinton in the past. What a hypocrite.
-ing up the past.
So when @KellyannePolls & @realDonaldTrump bring up Bill Clinton's past from 90s? How does that make u feel?
I don't really care for either candidate or the mudslinging. Looks very immature...
I don't support what he said but it's Hillary who put her in the position by dredg-
After Trump dredging up Jennifer Flowers and threatening to put her in the front row.
But it didn't stop there. Can never forgive Willy for Monica & his "cover-up".
Many men r weak & power goes to their heads. It doesn't take away from what President Clinton did for the country.
U R a good & loyal supporter of your party and that's all I've got to say.
never had a party until #GOPSuicideMission began. Registered as ind, voted many 3rd party. Never again. Anti GOP is my party
Trump is not a GOP candidate. He's an enigma.
It was stupid but it was consensual & he was a good president. Many good presidents had affairs. He left a surplus, good econ
Don't U understand that these people drive their families thru the mud??
Believe what U want. We just C things differently. I have no blind devotion 2 these political hypocrites.
I don't gave blind devotion. I just know that HRC is the most qualified candidate for President. 3rd party is vote for Trump
He took advantage of young, star struck girl serving as intern & then lied 2 American people! What reparations has she received?
Should have apologized & moved on but incapable of both evidently
I mean, it's not her transgression and it's 20 years old. Is it relevant? No.
The term dirty politics exists for a reason and they are both guilty.
But Trump has brought it to a new low.
She didn't defend the women, quite the opposite.
Really? Some ppl say it's empowering to confront ur abuser, if that's what u want
What do you bet she's getting paid for it?
travel expenses.....
Ppl like us don't have free time. Some don't get paid anytime they don't work.
Not what I meant at all. I'm talking big $$$'s
and btw, therapy ain't cheap & it's time consuming.
2 "sickness" that takes responsibility off culprits.
A lot of liberals r activists against #RapeCulture. & a lot of CSA & assault survivors r liberals. We want them behind bars
is what troubles me about liberal ideology. The whining and attributing every thing
check out this book #ConductUnbecoming by Jessica Luther, Austin Tx.
It's white athletes who r getting off easy the black men, except for pro athletes, r convicted, long sentences.
I don't see liberal policies as enabling it. Hero worship & early gender bias. & we want mental HC avail to all. Prevention
Then there's the growing trend of judges going easy on sex offenders & rapists. This
I am sincerely sympathetic to your situation...
So please forgive me that I don't resent a woman who's been exploited by a creep like Trump for getting paid.
It's not fair. Grown ppl ruined life of promising child. No way to be compensated
Everything n my life was affected by this. Financial & relationship ruined &
as a CSA survivor who was was neglected, left behind, I believe in reparations.
It's true that he did that. What difference does it make if she does benefit
I wouldn't care if she was. She has to take time away from work to speak about it
A typical liberal “useful IDIOT” is one of the exact reasons I am voting TRUMP 2016!!!
Such a disgusting POS. I wonder if he abused his daughter like this
He has to hurt you. It makes you stronger. He loves you & wants the best for you.
please say on message. You can't get off the issues. You'll lose. Too close to do this now
this twitter rant doesn't help your chances. Stick to the message and issues.
you realize he isn't going to see your tweets right?
But we get to see them. Hilarious. Watching an evil man lose his mind and business.
because he obviously doesn't share a bed or the same room with his wife.
exactly. He's a coke head. It's so obvious
Give him a break, JP! Excessive use of coke tends to screw up normal sleep patterns.
Up all night like the rabid little-fingered narcissist he is
reading Hitler quotes from, his night stand...hey tell about the Cuba deal being the 1st one there @SenateGOP
doesn't coke do that?
cocaine is a helluva drug!
Up all night...to get lucky?
Probably waiting for the Viagra to kick in
Trump is the leader America needs.Don't let the crook off the hook. Found guilty of gross negligence by the FBI
agree. Like a kid obsessed
trump landslide Nov 8th...
Apparently you've been under a rock!! Killary was found guilty by the FBI!!
The FBI does not find anyone guilty; courts do. Every civics teacher you ever met is weeping now.
FBI said she was guilty and she admitted it at the debate!!
I realize that. They didn't press charges due to her corrupt connections. If it was you, you'd be in jail
Innocent till proven guilty, remember that. Or are you hoping @realDonaldTrump will get rid of that?
he's Canadian he don't know any better
You can't be found guilty by the FBI. They're cops, not a jury.
it's s matter of semantics. FBI did not recommend she be prosecuted. Admitted she broke the law
Hey skank, lay off the meth. It's diluting your brain.
The FBI doesn't have the authority to find someone guilty.
guilty? No. Incompetent yes. Not a crime.
wake up. Hilliary is incompetent liar. If she is POTUS USA will look like Lybia and Syria. She reset Russia.
only a idiot would be more concerned about Donald Trump's taxes than the state of our country that would be U👈
The president doesn't get "absolute power." Trump wants to help fix America and secure our borders.
you are brainwashed. Educate yourself. Stop supporting a bloody criminal.
you do realize the president does not get absolute power lol
καλα του λες μεγαλε!!!
No one cares about Tax returns. Where are the 33k emails crooked Hillary? Staffers pleading the fifth?
Who the fuck are you? Have Shrillary release her emails and private meetings with Wall Street execs. Clown.
Wtf Does it matter what's in his taxes? didn't pay any So what? He didn't give charity Obuta either so
Inquiry minds want to know Donald! You were offered 5 million to benefit vet. Where is the Love?
The people do not care about taxes. USA is not representative of the people.
more left wing crap. Who gives a shit about taxes.Maybe he deleted them with bleach bit after he was subpoenaed.Oh that's Hillary
how stupid are you to think taxes make a difference. He did his financials. 10 times more Information
nobody cares about the stupid taxes. He is audited every year.
FYI, much more info in a financial disclosure, all $$ info is revealed not just yearly income.
Conald! good one! Gonna start using that + 'Chump' so we can avoid saying his name but still talk sh*t abt @realDonaldTrump
He emailed his tax records to your gal @HillaryClinton. Sorry she "lost" them. That BleachBit's a bitch eh?
let's see your tax returns
the media once again showing how absolutely clueless they are this election cycle.
he's hidden cash flow from Russian oligarchs. FBI needs to investigate him
where is hillary's emails? @realDonaldTrump
He gave required financial statement. when is Hillary giving America back its 30,000 emails?
why? What would it show?
Hey Crooked, reveal your 33,000 deleted emails.....
Go take a nap. Showing your tax records is not a requirement for the office. theconservativetreehouse.com/2016/09/28/oh-…
what did Hillary promise wallstreet that she doesn't want us to know?
What's in Trump's tax returns?
why care about taxes? IRS will check.but Hillarys wallstreet transcripts still hidden
I saw your mom on Wall Street last night.
The President displayed his Birth Certificate, show America your tax returns. Scared?
he traded taxes for emails
CONALD!! Fucking love it.
USA in tank for Clinton. All she does, is attack-she can't run on successful record. Get her transcripts-Wall St
hey Killarat, show us the 33,000 emails you Arab cock sucking whore
I hope he keeps his taxes secret! Screw you and the Clinminions machine. TRUMP!
Personel taxes are a small part. Trump pays more taxes in property.
can't wait to drink your tears nov 8 when he wins
...let's say trump is unfit u pansy..... Now we have Clinton = full blown TRAITOR and Trump who loves USA. that's the choices
counter attacks. Dems play in the mud. Bout time GOP got someone willing to get dirty.
Shillary!! Release your wall street transcripts!!!.
Sounds exactly like one of Hillary's speeches. Terrible the editorial board plagiarized Hillary. 0 credibility.
where's hillary 33,000 emails? Lol, you puppet.
he did! He emailed the to Hilary!
When Hillary reveals the 30,000emails @TeamTrump
wow they're all worried about losing their power
who cares about that has been newspaper !!!! Tell them to print some sports scores in there !!! And a breakdown
of Sunday and Monday night Football like they used to !!!!
thank you USA TODAY!!!! We cannot have such an ignorant racist sociopath as our next president
Hey Hilary release all of your emails
"Unfit for the Presidency" is Hillary's middle name.
careful you'll trigger the deplorable trolls!
Do you really thin the tax returns matter? What about the millions Killary got from Clinton Foundstion!!!
article is intellectually dishonest. They should right all bullet points with hrc record
you sound mad
It's not required, why don't you reveal your taxes
We can only hope other news services make a stand instead of ratings some are worse than others of course FOX
is it a mandate to release if your running for president??? No its not.
If he hasn't paid taxes I want his ass in jail,just like we would be.
BE Mad at the politicians for not changing the laws of your so concerned !!!!
he has paid tax legally you muppet hence his audit
Muppet 👀😀💤 We will see soon.
he gets audited every year you imbecile
He will once hillary releases the contents of the emails she deleted. You unarmerican piece of shit.
would you even know how to read a tax return?
Oh shit, I didn't realize I would be the one tasked to sift through it. Nevermind, we don't want those returns Don! @patrickhenry713
200 ❤️s! Your tweet has been liked by 200 people. favstar.fm/t/781788246418…
ha, ha, tax returns vs Clinton criminal acts. You democrats, have NO dignity or Integrity!
hahahahaha we don't care about the tax returns #hillarycatfishbottomfeeder......... TRUMP 2016
nobody gives a shit about tax returns. We do care about Benghazi and Hillary's 1000's of lost emails. Fuck u
who thefuck cares when hillary &Bill financial rape this country hand over fist 4 no ones benefit but theirs
Swillery is an anti-American scumbag that lies everytime she opens her mouth! Drink your kool aid sheeple!
patience mon ami! Patience est une vertue!
hey stupid as long as u been alive has there ever been peace there? What makes u think there will b here?
100 ❤️s! Your tweet has been liked by 100 people. favstar.fm/t/781788246418…
3/3 says she stands for. 700k people that want U dead she wants to bring here every year.
2/2 $200 million politician salary 2 billion foundation donations terrorist countries against what she
1/1 emails troll Hillary get on it #lyinhillay Benghazi Uranium Iran rape killing babies cheating stealing
get the fuck out of her libtard.
who gives a shit about tax returns?
50 ❤️s! Your tweet has been liked by 50 people. favstar.fm/t/781788246418…
dnt care bout tax returns.I wntt 2 c EMAILS& BENGHAZI info! returns r still out ther.- hers r gone 4ever! 💀
TRUMP is looking @sex tapes at 4:30 am!!!
Isn't NY the City that never sleeps? Who cares what time it is..
Who cares about tax returns It doesn't matter to me how much money he has.
Nobody cares about this non-issue.
But if Hillary didn't release her tax returns you all would have a fit! #truth #onlyonewhohasNOT
His tax returns will have millions of people becoming Accounting by Dummies and take away from the important messages he has.
Interesting strategy @thenextgeddylee. If you claim nobody cares about it enough the issue will magically go away!
Trump tax returns have NOTHING on Hillary's manipulation of govt officials,perjury, etc
that's a lie and a half
No one can stop Trump Train to Washington!
yeah! And get that #liar #criminal @HillaryClinton to cough up those >33k #payforplay emails released!
tax returns? Are you nuts we have a country to save. No time for fluff
Emails hillary! Get on it!
30 000 emails Hillary.
He will as soon as #crookedhillary releases her 33,000 deleted emails #enemyofthestate #HillaryForPrison
emails from Hilary......get on it.
Deleted Emails crooked Hillary. Their government property. What are you hiding? Walls street speeches?
600 ❤️s! Your tweet has been liked by 600 people. favstar.fm/t/781788246418…
i used to think his taxes were important now i would like him to release his shrinks findings
we're still waiting on Hillary's emails
500 ❤️s! Your tweet has been liked by 500 people. favstar.fm/t/781788246418…
Tell Clinton to be honest and to get in it.
Not sure any #Democrat should be calling Republicans liars! Just an observation!!
he already told you that you libs get the ramp return when clinton releases emails...all of them. Happy?
People like you are relentless morons.
Trump needs in hillarys a power hungry mongrel
when wiki leaks drops it's next big leak on Clinton, will you still support that vile woman?
400 ❤️s! Your tweet has been liked by 400 people. favstar.fm/t/781788246418…
Hillary emails speeches get on it
who gives a shit. Really what difference does it make?
- people are saying Donald's real first name is Claribel (after the famous clown). I'm not saying that, but people are.
300 ❤️s! Your tweet has been liked by 300 people. favstar.fm/t/781788246418…
your own wife has 'girl on girl' pics, but machado is a porn star? Hello!
Gi back under your rock. You obviously haven't seen what Killary has really done!
But if Hillary didn't release her tax returns you all would have a fit! #truth #onlyonewhohasNOT
we r having a fit cause she has bought govt officials, lied, perjury before Cong
No! And she's guilty of more than incompetence.why would you want incompetent President?
we don't care about tax get on your emails
Trump challenged Pickles to release her deleted emails & he'd release his tax returns. Pickles failed. Why?
250 ❤️s! Your tweet has been liked by 250 people. favstar.fm/t/781788246418…
fuck the tax returns he wasn't even a politician last year! Where's the fucking emails bitches!!
tax returns get with it.
yep that will show who you really are
lol Clinton bot up your 🐴delete yourself ass wipe
Alicia ''Trump said lose weight when I got fat'' Child ''Hillary blamed me for getting raped''
Really? When did a child SAY "Hillary blamed me or getting raped"? That sounds like a blatant lie
Very famous incident.
- ur digging deep and only found one instance? I can throw a stone and find 10 of trump's comments about women. SAD
- she did her job and proved doubt, but the accused still went to jail because she got him to accept a plea deal. (Cont)
- not so famous and not so accurate-she didn't want the case and was forced to defend to best of her ability (cont)
(Possibly sensitive)
- no, she was trying to get a psych eval- she had a legal responsibility-she tried to get out of it
(Possibly sensitive)
- nice try- she was with the investigation until the end. Zeifman wasn't even her supervisor!
Convoluted at best. But, keep the madness about weight coming.
Huckabee speaking from personal experience, both him and Trump can lose 100 lbs each!
This is the best analogy Huckabee has had to date, no one wants to hear the ugly truth
Who listen to the Huck?
Can you tell between fact and fiction?
Tom Huckabee should go fuck himself in a broom closet. He's a Neanderthal.
medical consulting is done in a private room not on national TV.
False Equivalency? One Hillary and her attack dogs will not like to see. Right?
isn't trump charged with raping 13 year old
No. They were bullshit allegations by some druggy TV producer which is why no media will touch it.
seriously anyone can make allegations we should focus on the issues
yeah, one lie every 3:15 minutes, sounds like "only telling the truth".
Excellent comment Jason. ;)
youtube.com/watch?v=Jpstc9… Really? You are going with the child rape thing?
Those are wildly false claims. Do your research. theguardian.com/us-news/2016/j…
the addresses of victims don't exist, the lawyer practices patent law or something. Ridiculous, CNN isn't even touching this
Birtherism is a wildly false claim that went on for 5 years. Looks like you’ve got 4.99 years to get a half hearted retraction
I just showed you the claims are false. Literally just showed you. Don't be fucking dumb.
im work idk what going on , after work go home I saw it weird
This is by far the funniest pic/meme I've ever seen. I hope it was put of as a joke!
No swastikas? Sad.
His head is too small. Did you do this yourself? Have some good ones I would like done
But @realDonaldTrump pays NO taxes to Support the troops. And he thinks that is smart!!!
HilLiar Clinton take foreign contributions from Saudis Arabia. She's a greedy globalist & AntiAmercan
Way more smarter than your dumbass<>:) now crawl back up were the sun don't shine:(
Grow up Dora and stop with the stupid Democrat talking points.
...and is a chicken hawk
The enemy has bad hair
Not Obama fan but this is how a real bald eagle reacts to Trump @Tuan_Steel_ @EnemyWithinn @realDonaldTrump
Tiny head to match his tiny hands
Some hero..has paid 0 for our troops. makes his products overseas (many cos choose not to) rooted for econ crash, inher. 40 mil
If Hillary paid no taxes you'd be going batshit crazy. If she bragged about it your head would explode.
It's not even worth it. Trumpkins aren't capable of understanding. Trump, 'I love the uneducated'.
Yeah, the 5 time draft dodger is THE MAN. I'm in love with Trump, he's such a HE MAN.
you forgot where he promotes sex tapes, and insults gold star families.
I'm sure Trump masturbates to this.
that's the honest truth right there.. Things ya dont wanna hear ,but needs said..
Yep. As is SO MUCH on both sides of this election.
Maybe. But what I tweeted isn't. She blamed a 12 yr old for her own rape & then laughed about. Special kind of sickness.
Easy to impart your own meaning to it. Though suggesting people go watch a woman's "sex tape" to smear them sure is noble.
*sex tape that never existed
Trump is a master predator. Profiteering and taking advantage of people at every opportunity. Zero conscience.
correction Hillary was talking about women who had affairs with her husband.
all you white undercover apartheids no exactly how trump is however you cowards spin it
Shut your racist ass up.
explain how the fuck you say I'm a raciest if u support trump either ur the raciest or just have no clue
Yeah I've never seen or heard a Doctor say, "Miss Piggy you're fat, you need to loose weight"
Tone and burn fat from home learn more check out my profile @n2healthy4u
except she totally wasn't fat or endangering her health, so not sure how this is relevant?
#KatieJohnson #JusticeForKatie 10/14 pretrial starts for Trump's rape case.
Logic for morons!
TRUMP ALSO CRITICIZED HIMSELF and said he needed to lose weight!
You earn the title 'Deplorables' by completely ignoring Trump raping a 13 yro child.
Sure. One article proves it! Gloss over everything your nominee has ever done. Ignorance is what got Trump where he is.
Trump needs to lose weight and quit being an A-hole, but ain't gonna happen
why would you listen to someone who gets ideas from article comment sections?
funny as Trump is being sued for raping 13 year old girl!
He's not. Bogus allegation by a known media producer who has done this thing about numerous celebrities.
your nominee is a pedo rapist!
this is what his campaign manager thought before she was on the payroll
Jason you either purposely lying or are uninformed. snopes.com/hillary-clinto…
know what's not funny?
Dude you have no cred with me if Snopes is your fact checker Bye 👋
prove the info they present as false...I dare u.
William Howard Taft? Fattest president 255 lbs... Trump zooming in at 245 lol...
Yeah, I love fat shaming women. That's what my doctor would do.
simply not true. But what is true is trumps court case on October 14 for raping a 13-year-old girl.
Nah. You should read up on that. Completely bogus. theguardian.com/us-news/2016/j…
yeah. I said the same thing about Bill Cosby. Put a fork in Trump. He's done. He was manhandled in the debate.
That's hilarious Mike.
Hey Jason, do you even lift?
Best response I've seen to this irrelevant issue Crooked Corupt Clinton brought up!
"WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE!!"😂 not the reasons u vote for trump🙄 get a clue people
Huckleberry? What a rotten SOB
you fucking idiots use the comments on Yahoo news as a source.
Source for what? It's a comment from somebody that's a great comment. Dumb fuck.
a source for memes and your opinions of your shitty candidate?
Your candidate is someone that has been labeled a liar by the FBI director. She sounds shitty to me.
It's a comment from an American voter, you realize that right?
yeah. The American voter. Very impressed with them this election cycle.
I mean, you probably could've puzzled that one out yourself, man.
you know you're an idiot when you start quoting mike Huckabee
Hillary never blamed a child for rape. She was appointed alleged child rapist as a public defender & defended
Yes.she did defend a child rapist and laugh about it!...see the tapes
she laughed about prosecutions incompetence, not the child. She was a public defender
Hillary is anti blacks and women
nice try defending Hillary...the rapist enabler
she could have said no.
no she couldn't have. Public defenders are appointed cases & can't say no usually
they can for ethical reasons
they can refuse if they know someone in the case (the prosecutor, judge, etc). But not just bc
but they can quit cases
not w/o cause. The defendant has a constitutional right to counsel. The counsel can't just quit
lol no they can't. You can't be a public defender & refuse rape cases. Dockets are overwhelmed
She said the child engaged in fantasies with older men & initiated the relationship. Was a lie. No evidence for it at all.
citing an expert report. She was required to defend the defendant to whom she was appointed & did so despite undesirability
She was obligated by law as a lawyer and public defender!!!
Obligated by law to blame a child for her own rape?
I'm not watching a propaganda video made by a trump supporter. I just gave u the facts.
It's from CNN.
our justice system is who ur mad at. Ur still lying, she was doing her job.
well then let me watch it.
you're engaging in bullshit sophistry bro. You know she did her duty. Admit it.
"citing a psychological expert's report." You know...evidence. You let that part out.
u clearly don't know wat ur talking about
also Trump is being sued for raping a 13 year old so....
Problem is this is one of the weeds in Clinton's trap Remember 'it's the economy stupid'? Stick to that & WIN
Donald wants us to watch Alicia's sex tape.
if I had to watch the Radiohead one again
google cencured to critics on Crooked?
lol i thought i was trying to entertain everyone.
Mr Trump, Hillary needs to be stopped! It's our last chance to take our country back! #MakeAmericaGreatAgain
back from what our country dine except for some people who wants to go back to the 1950s
jason, también eres un pendejo. We'll never see your tweets again after 11/4
Trump was watching sex tapes? Probably with his weird tweeter buddy Jason. You two are disgusting perverts👀
Not your country .
lmfao this picture is literally life.😂😂😂😂😂
All his jobs are in foreign countries, or hired locally. He pays no taxes. He will make America great again?
Sorry but @tedcruz is apart of your team now..
but why are there two streams of pus issuing from each side of his chin?
yes, the last, true words
Take the country back to where? You are an idiot.
Hey Nazi LOSER you have NOTHING to take back because you're not even AMERICAN! HRC/2016
You missed the KKK rally
pahajahahaha you dumb, racist fucks! Haha so funny though👌 thick as Shit lol
Nope lol she's going to win.
You really are stupid if you think he is competent to do this. His antics at the debate should be your first indication
who is he taking r country back from? He can't even answer that.he's a RACIST PIG & needs to STOP #nevertrump
it not your country. Your ancestors lied about this country and they still are. Trump's DNA HAS THE SAME LIES
Fuck you racist assholes. Die!
Back from whom?
back from who?
DT's supporters are stupider than him. What freak show!
serial liars. Unhinged
does that mean take our country back
Your country is England peasant!!! Get the fuck out
MISERABLE & have NOTHING going for themselves. Hatred is the only thing they have to offer in this world. SAD!
cannot control them anymore! It's always the uneducated back woods clowns who hate. It's because THEY r
ALL COLORS & NATIONALITIES who will NOT not boe down to ur ignorance & stupidity anymore! It kills u that u
NEWSFLASH*** THIS IS NOT "YOUR" COUNTRY! The days ur dreaming of r OVER! There r educated & powerful people of
Gotta make it KKK again!
take it back? From who? It never went anywhere
All that fuss from a Winnebago Travel Trailer👎
Who do you need to take your country back from?
Punk said back from what?
the anti defamation league has called Pepe white National hate crime
Jason Bergkamp is a psychological doppelgänger of Joseph Mengele
Changed your name back Jason? We see u. *Waves at Jeremy
adl is retarded if they're afraid of a cartoon frog
They aren't afraid, they're stating fact, that it has become a hate symbol.
If tomorrow the ADL declares Mickey Mouse a hate symbol, does it make it one?
I heard that argument before, if it is adopted as a hate group mascot not a joke
they are afraid of who that frog represents
it doesn't represent anything, anyone can make it whatever they want, they're retards
question, would you say the same of the swastika
no because it was heavily used as a symbol of nazism, you're comparing that to a cartoon frog. backwards swastika is peace symb
swastika was never a peace symbol it was a rune, meaning Sun, whatever But why care about a frog if it's meaningless,give it up
also swastika was a Hindu peace symbol or something
the the symbol was a Germanic rune that symbolized the power of the sun, in magic it was the most powerful,if used 4 good
because it doesn't represent any idea or anything, it's stupid that it's being called a hate symbol
tell that to the descendants of 6 million holocaust survivors. Who gives a shit where where it originated
oy vey muh 6 gorzillion you can't have a convetsation about the meaning of a symbol why are you even responding
oh stop, you over dramatic bigot. Back to the good ol days when stupid white men could kill a N and rape a B? Nope
I hate watching this hag and her corruption, greed, in her life in recent years. #NeverHillary #Benghazi #LyingLiberal
Clinton Cash was debunked by the author long ago. He cashed in on the alt-right's gullibility!
its private, unable to view
Hillary will be taking money from them& Saudi which kills gays and lesbians this is POTUS u want
Another fake account.
Brady Williamson Jr. of Godfrey & Kahn, seen post debate grabbing files from Hillary's podium, only to pass them off to @LesterHoltNBC
and you're an idiot.
dude it is private on YouTube, can't watch it. Looks great!
Which even the writer admits is based on speculation, not fact.
He's a bot. Suprised he isn't deleted after so many months.
The video is down.
and watch a real documentary "frontline" to see how disgusting and stupid trump is
You want people to watch something that's already been proving false? SmH
(No comment)
Nobody Cares. BooHoo. Too bad. 😰
neil , también eres un pendejo. We'll never see your tweets again after 11/4
We're only getting started.
...to end on 11/4.
...to end with a defeat on 11/4
if there is smoke , high chance there is fire . Smoke coming from many areas
Tell me, how does that delicious propaganda taste?
wow you guys really pump up the lies.
one thing is for sure..when Trump was in Mexico, Mexican waiters pissed in his food 😂
the debates one sided much how meany times did Lester interrupt trump 41 times and Clinton 6 times
Clinton wants to just send his deplorable not jobs just you guys
well Hillary had been given the questions they asked her and donald at the debate a week befor the debate
well then we won't have to build that wall we'll all just go over there and work How about that.
when is Trump bringing back his factories?
your big TV from Walmart is made by a Korean Co in MEX. we need innovators not whiners
makes all of his stuff in Mexico.
#Trump already sent our jobs to Mexico. Idiot.
umm you know @realDonaldTrump has already sent jobs to Mexico right? How accurate is this? Citation please?
and Trump wants to hide his tax returns.
he is already doing that. As president he will change everything about him, and bring them back to usa.
TRUMP ALREADY SENT YOUR JOBS TO CHINA. WAKE UP! #dopeydonald. Bullies women and disabled. TAX RETURNS?
the worse type of voter is the one who doesn't know facts
FYI, the creator of Pepe is voting for Hillary.
Nooooooooooooooo!!!!! Lol!!!
so dumb. Not true. Who are you listening to? Trump supporters have no FACTS
Donald already sends his clothes to China to be made
Traitor Trump ALREADY makes ALL of his products in foreign countries. Hypocritical to point at others.
Pepe hates facts.
I've tried explaining that to these geniuses but they're tone deaf
Are you even a real account because you're always the first to respond. Y'all Trumpets have no life. Sheesh
I see you didn't kill yourself yet. Maybe today is the day. Just end your life fucker
Hey Loser Your CAPS ARE LOCKED! HRC/2016
u r just too stupid
destroy Hillary
his jobs are already in Mexico, check his fashion labels
Brady Williamson Jr. of Godfrey & Kahn, seen post debate grabbing files from Hillary's podium, only to pass them off to @LesterHoltNBC
really? Before or after that wall?
Nothing matters as long as he tweets like teen age boy. This is so embarrassing and frightening.
Idiot, Trump has already sent jobs abroad
That's why Trump makes his suits there!
DJT outsources EVERYTHING to other countries my friend
you do realize trump has companies in Mexico?
Trump makes all his prducts in other countries. Where is your outrage?
Another dumb one for the record hmm why because Trumpster makes products in Mexico probably illegally
I mean.....preschooler😄😄😄
Someone someone has been doing that for years already Pepito! China & Mexico ring a bell?
<--clothing is made in China & Mexico! Already sending jobs there Get Informed!
so who's sending JOBS AWAY?? If its not Clinton..it must the 3rd grader...
you are delusional just like Trump. You're not patriotic...you're hateful!
makes all his crappy ties & shirts in Mexico.. what do you think about THAT? It's ok if DonTheCon does it?
Killery want to distroy what ever is left of our county.
trump wants to raise your taxes and lower his! Trickle down economics do not work. Billionaires don't share.
I forgot...HE LOVES LOSING MONEY!! But the wall?? He can't do both EITHER YOU $$$ or poor
she wouldn't have to do much since Trump already uses Mexican child labor for his stupid clothes.
putting up a wall and getting rid of the illegal hispanics??? DT..whose gonna make your ties? MACY??
and big pocket sending them back to MACY DEPT STORES..RIGHT!?😕Hey wait...and he's talking about
I'm you know DT outsources his suit ties to MEXICO...RIGHT?? Dues to cheaper to make in MEXICO
actually Donald sent jobs to Mexico for his shitty clothing line 😆
- hypocrite - how many jobs did he take away from USA over the years? #republicansforhillary
How do u feel about the dozen countries that Trumps clothes are made? Lol
hey #altreicht where do you think Heir Trump's clothes are made? #fuckthetroll
trump had all of his products made over seas from Mexico to india....he does not give a damaged about us..
No she doesn't and just out this morning, Ford hiring thousands in louisville ky.
<--Literally sends his manufacturing jobs to Mexico.
Don't forget China as well!!
Trump's are already there! Only thing he has beat her at! #NotFitOrLegit
Trump already has. Jobs to Mexico, India, China, Indonesia, etc.
lol hey Donnie when are you going to start mfg your products in US? Mexico, china, India, Bangladesh.....
im not for clinton but hasnt trump outsourced to like a dozen countries
Go eat grubs you hateful frog #ImWithHer
trump already sent them to China
I think you meant China.
Mexico? Like where Trump sends his manufacturing companies? 🤔💁🏼
Trump already did that
You don't have to worry Pepe. You don't have a job.
year like like trump whose clothes are in Cambodia and other countries so what's your point
if you vote for him that tells me all I need to know about the content of your character
si tú eres hispano no tienes vergüenza alguna.
también eres un pendejo @keksec__org @realDonaldTrump We'll never see your tweets again after 11/4
DT watches sex tapes instead learning policies. You're supporting an old perverted disgusting small hand man
All of trump products are made outside of US. Is tht creating jobs n the U.S?
hey Trump sent your job to Mexico you fool.
Pepe go back to your pond
omg. Too funny. Next time, pick a racist who is at least smarter than this guy. Lololol
then you can send your wages over to your family.
I'm sure if u cross the border to Mexico, u can support ur candidate by making his suits @ non livable wage.
If your job was making Trump-brand clothes, it's already there.
and Trump to Cuba
yet Trump sent his jobs there.
Or China which is even worse honestly.
you do know Trump has sent jobs there too, right?
he's bringing jobs back! He'll start with the jobs he sent to Mexico, China, and Bangladesh!
trumps jobs are already in Mexico..China..anywhere but America!! He's a dirty dirty businessman! Go away
Has already done that
and you'll stay on welfare no matter what the outcome
wackos. Both of you
let's see Trump lead by example by bringing back the jobs he's already off shored. How great would that be!!
your so stupid you don't even know your own name
you are a fucked up faggot. No dick lately?
and jobs don't get sent anywhere. Companies up and leave to save cost due to greed.
when you go shopping, you look for bargains...outsourcing is essentially the same thing.
no no no no DONALD you are wrong wake up people #presidentObama you'll be missed
your name is "pepe". Thats hypocrisy. You ppl need to grow up.
trump already does that.
Mexico is really pretty...you should visit Pepe...
traitor Donnie has already sent his jobs to China and hires immigrants
Trump already sends his jobs to China. His clothing line is produced in China & Mexico.
no reply...lul
If you honestly gave a fuck about jobs going to Mexico you'd demand that @realDonaldTrump have his clothes made in the U.S.
Why do all you racist KKK PeePees hide behind bogus names lurking in the dark? Spineless and Clueless!
and you already send them to China.
He wants the largest building project on American soil to be carried out by Mexicans.
Cops kills twice as many whites as blacks tinyurl.com/pqckdux. Stop sign the petition to end the charade tinyurl.com/jlx99vq
patriotic Poopy is a Russian or neo Nazi!!!!!!
trump all ready sent your job to China
lies all lie peep let poop!
awesome I hoe she sends them all
😂😂😂 Trump already has his clothing line made there. You @realDonaldTrump folks are freakin' hypocrites!
where were Donald and Ivanka's clothing lines manufactured again..?
, @realDonaldTrump already moved all of his manifacturing jobs out of the US. He doesn't pay taxes. He's a liar & a cheater.
to much cocaine
says who?? Where do you get this shit from???
No. That's where Trump makes his shirts and ties.
you dummy. Trump's businesses only use overseas jobs - mexico, china, etc.
you do know that trump has profitable companies over seas right lol
Trump sent his company to China!
where are #dumbfuck Donald's clothing line made #dumbass
can you research before you tweet ur BS, #trump has "made in Mexico" shirts ..... now what?
Is #DonaldTrump from now on manufacturing All his clothing and furniture here? He likes a BIG, BIG profits
just yours pee-pee. BIT. If trump-ster is pres, you keep job and get paid less. Ugly choice eh?
get real you white power putz. Drumpfs clothing lines are all manufactured OUTSIDE of the USA.
Does Donald have a company in Mexico?
I bet you have! Filthy old man!
fuck you are a low life! YOU ARE NOT A FIT PERSON TO BE PRESIDENT!
The question isn't whether she would do it, the question is would it shock or surprise ANYONE?! NO! #CrookedHillary
you're a real piece of shit. Let's see how attacking yet another woman helps you?
he attacks shitty women like he attacks shitty men. Stop treating women as inferior. That's the real sexism.
too bad he is up in the polls. Looks like people don't care about ex pornstars with drug kingpin sugar daddies.
that sounds familiar...
Please show me those polls. 😂
UP in Colorado....pathetic performance by old vagina 2016 realclearpolitics.com/epolls/2016/pr…
POLLS; show me the POLLS. That's a tracking graph.
if this is the Secratary of State's vetting process, we are all in danger.
deflecting like a coward
If you want to bring up someone's pornographic past, then tread carefully.
Man who uses questionable financial means, questions a questionable Hillary who also uses questionable means.
trump child rape case?
desperate tweets at this time Donald? You must be snorting good coke
your photo looks like Escobar.
¡Enhorabuena por tu 1000 ❤️ tuit! es.favstar.fm/t/781788639575…
desperate tweets at this time Donald? You must be snorting good coke
hahah bjakakakakajaja
I think it's awesome the Cokeheads of the left are calling trump a cocaine user. #hilarious worry about #HillarysHealth
Hey @goldengirljewe1 I don't care if you stand for him. I think you're a gorgeous lady. Greetings from south of the border👋🏻
wrong candidate that's Clinton. If you are looking for coke arrangements contact the Clinton foundation
He get's it from Mexico! Lol
This is what happens when you take your Ambien and then pick up your phone.
back to Mexico you go
You must be deaf!! Killary was found guilty by the FBI!! Because of connections she's not in jail!!
found guilty? Look who is deaf?
man you speak 7 languages, don't waste your time. Do you really expect intelligent opinions from Trump supporters?
I don't but I was getting bored...
my thoughts exactly!
and you ass holes that are critical of Donald Trump are anti American trash
Don comes off as more of a meth addict.
Check out Trump Psrody 'G'night Trump', based on kids' book Goodnight Moon. amazon.com/GNIGHT-D-TRUMP…
you should know since you're a cartel kingpin
Donald would have the best coke on earth! Vodka and lines with Putin discussing who gets nuked first!
The greatest coke... okay? And we do yuuuuge lines.
I know he does, I personally crossed the border (illegally)and gave it to him @BronsonBrain
deport illegals, every last Juan!!!😂
well now that you've delivered get your ass back over that border!
I'm back in corrupted dusty land aka Mexico, spending greens and enjoying life..greetings 👋🏻
haha, I would too! Just hope I'm really really high if I'm being skinned alive!🙄
I want what Hillary uses, she looked pretty strung out at the debate
edit this.., media will jump on u, sex tape refuted.. crime she did valid
Thank you for not making a sex tape.
that would be a shameful outrage. I wouldnt watch anymore sextapes as long as I lived
I bet he has one. It's 3 seconds long.
Maybe he is #orange all over. Maybe he is the the product of a failed escaped Gov "Frankenstein" project.
no he just raped 13 year olds
Nah instead he raped women, and threatened their families.
I think I read somewhere that @realDonaldTrump did make one. Go check it out....
his wife on the other hand.....
are you sure he hasn't?
I'm sure Melania's made plenty.
it would be called, " one pump chump."
...that we know of.
Better yet. thanks for not showing your fat naked disgusting body. Melania showed enough for both of them
What are the chances his wife didn't? Close enough...
Can you imagine?
Oh god. My brain needs bleaching just thinking about it.
Mr. Trump. Take A Breath. Go to bed.
You have no class, Mr. Trump.
according to Mexican media she's up to her neck in debt
you so dumb and stupid.. you will never be president your racist cunt..
Quality Donaldo, such a grasp of the important issues of the day.
you're such a dick moron!
You really are a conspiracy theory whack job. What a loser.
#sleeplessDon, buddy give it a rest, nobody cares, You're embarrassing yourself.
no he's definitely not. He's fighting for average people like you and me. #hrc is a high brow spendaholic
Congrats on your 1000❤️ tweet! favstar.fm/t/781788574890…
#sleeplessDon, buddy give it a rest, nobody cares, You're embarrassing yourself.
You feel better now? You rather believe corrupted media who are for Killary. 💩💩
so sorry for you!!! Killary was found guilty by the FBI!! Because of connections she's not in jail!!
she was found NOT guilty. ONE guy said she might have been careless. get it right. watch the news. do not be sheep
Congrats on your 500❤️ tweet! favstar.fm/t/781788574890…
#sleeplessDon, buddy give it a rest, nobody cares, You're embarrassing yourself.
he's always a complete embarrassment #deplorable sonny
And sadly he's embarrassing your entire country😔
trumps been an embarrassment his whole life.
Congrats on your 250❤️ tweet! favstar.fm/t/781788574890…
#sleeplessDon, buddy give it a rest, nobody cares, You're embarrassing yourself.
And making good, decent men look like crap.
actually, that is all the lamestream media has been talking about; this cheap $50 ho;
Yet u stayed up to respond at 5am. Get fucked u leathery looking reptiliian bitch. LMAO that weak cuck face
America cares, and that doesn't include you.
You're more American than me? How does that work?? Hey all in good fun, right?
And this is a bad thing? Let's all enjoy the #TrumpWreck !
Unfortunately, #trump is also embarrassing us as a nation in the eyes of the world. #GodHelpUSAll
what does the troll say?
You cared enough to reply, buddy.
Hillary and Obama are embarrassing themselves by glorifying a well-known criminal!
wait...I didn't know Don King campaigned with them 🤔
See Don King And STFU! HRC/2016
the late night tweets are the best; tomorrow should be fun!
lolol--no kidding, let's just hope the popcorn doesn't run out.
what do you care about dude.? It's a huge historical election God help us all if the Clintons go back to Washington.
"Nobody cares", except you quickly respond to his tweets, autismo. Could land a plane on your forehead.
Was always going to happen, he can't take it. NPD.
why do you say nobody cares? Obviously you don't look at the numbers
Donald , Hillary will Kill America off if she gets in #Help
both are disgusting people
We saw the pcs of your naked wife with a naked woman. Ewwwwwww
she will do anything as long as you vote for her...
Anything is possible with deplorable cheater Hillary Clinton.
did @machadooficial lie to ICE in her naturalization application? Affiliated to a drug cartel? Death threats to a judge?
Grow up! You're running for President of the USA. You act like a spoilt 5 year old.
god you're dumb
just demoted Alicia M frm "PoC victim poster gal" to Tabloid-tier trash celeb; nullified her& HRC's attack. Genius
Dummies come in all colors!
where's the smile, Donnie?
The Birther's boy and girl.
oh yes, the look on his face is just pure joy
yes go trump, keep on going and don't stop until you drop off the face of the earth 😊
Where two Blacks make up a quorum!
It is NOT going to happen. Hillary will defeat Trump on Nov 8 2016.And In 7 years Trump will be declared bankrupt..
it's in the genes
Found the two black trump supporters huh?
our beloved state of Oregon does not stand with a dishonorable man.
Go Away Trump! Fixed It For You HRC/2016
beat me to it...lol
do you want war with Russia? Because that's how you get war with Russia.
Wait...WHAT? HRC/2016
a vote for Clinton is a vote for cold war 2.0 and this time it won't be Russia that collapses...
A black criminal supports a white criminal.....i get it...HRC ghetto gangs!!!!
VOTE DONALD TRUMP HE'S RACIST AND HE'S #1 WITH RACIST! fortune.com/2016/01/12/whi… HRC/2016
Vote crooked Shitlery the enabler of Black Fuckin Ghetto jobless coward thugs & Stealers & Looters!!
Get back in the basket.
Please never move out of your trailer(s).
thats coming from someone whose living inside a burrow!!!!!
#creeper #racist #TrumpInCuba is destroying your candidate #fatshaming is too #ImWithHer
tad outdated but point still stands
Fucking Criminal Ghetto Thug havent u had enough HRC Bullshit in your Dinner? Fuckin Criminal asshole
Google's gonna goog
every time Clintonris has a bad week, the commie mass murder President Obama starts Riots and Black Shots
Where did Trump find the black actors?
delusional...Oregon is NOT for Trump
oh no too far Donald
Did you check out the sex tape yourself?
Again: you clearly don't want to be President. Just drop out.
so is Hilary! Your new First Lady will be a sex pest!
we know #Killary is unfit can't wait till Donald wins either
amazing that #DonTheCon can be summed up in one little 5 letter word "UNFIT"
Clinton= TRAITOR vs Trump = unfit extremely successful businesman that love USA
wake up. If HRC POTUS USA will look like Lybia Syria.
Check your black privilege and then you can talk
great response Gerren! Have a nice day 👍
thank you! Have a great day! ❤️❤️❤️
nowt wrong with being friendly son.
not with my tax$
I'm confused pal?
The Charlotte Stealer and vandaliser is back!!!!!!...Go fuck @SnoopDogg !!!!!
Calm down buddy. Learn to troll subtly
Black Criminal is waitin for trump to post something & replies shit
Just because he is black it doesn't mean he is a criminal yet.
Those motherfuckers made a mess in Charlotte
Did you block me because I accurately described you? You seem insecure about being black.
he probably blocked you bc u r an annoying asshat
Hillary IS unfit, I agree!
That's why you're up so late? Watching porn?
probably 🤔 I wouldn't doubt it
prime time tv slot Mr President! Speak to the world UNFILTERED! #MakeAmericaGreatAgain
She conspired to kill, Mr. Trump.
She probably helped her to get with Huma. Just a thought... #NeverHilLIARy
of course she did, she corrupt and on the verge of death
she looked pretty healthy when she mopped the floor with Trump at the debate.
what were you watching
And what killed all your brain cells?
probably smoking meth with your mom and sister
You're on the verge of having a Dunce Hat placed on your head for your Dumbass Tweet HRC/2016
wow she obviously got under your skin. Get some fucking sleep. You need it.
Delete your account.
Wouldn't put it past her.
Please proceed, jackass.
shut the fuck up
wow, you're on fire this morning
Have you been checking out sex tapes? Eww!
wow ur really obsessed with this arent u? Sad pathetic man
with surrogates like ur campaign mgr @KellyannePolls who says these things about u & them? This is ok w you and your fans?
so much corruption but you can see it in the air and everywhere that people have had enough
blow your nose you druggy wank!
thank you President Trump
thank you for what?
USA TODAY said Trump is 'unfit for the presidency'.they never endorsed in 34 yrs till now.he is unstable. This is not a game.
i never thought i'd see a prez candidate say "check out [her] sex tape.."
Alicia M is a criminal, she's a murder accomplice, she threatened a judge, she has a daughter with a drug lord. Disgrace!
she also became anorexic, all these bad outcomes traceable to Trump exploitation/abuse
I love how Trumpites now love Venezuela's system of justice. BTW all this happened after fat-shaming so...
but she's still not as low as don
She's not running for potus...the orange fat shamer is.
All (even if true) having zero to do with trump's fat shaming her.
He didn't. She was Ms U and gained 60 lbs sponsors wanted to fire her and he supported her. pls
and Miss U administration denies they were going to fire her...snap.
- yes, saved her by shaming her- isn't that what trump is doing to the American people?
Stop getting all your info from trump's ever lying tongue. She gained 15 lbs
No she started at 118, trainer at press conf said he was hoping to get her down to 125-140.
And she still looked AMAZING! BUT What's up wt @TiffanyATrump cow face!
That's the point, why bring the press into it? To shame her. He's an ass.
- right there- you proved he was wrong- commenting on her weight????
You can't play moral high ground for a CRIMINAL bit.ly/2d03az7
Oh, you're talking morals, now. LMAO
No you are thats the problem.
The problem is that you can't read
read it to yourself.
(I think that pretty much describes Donald)
yah, I found it all on the internet machine, so it's got to be true!
lol you're so dumb
even if that were true, an honorable man running for president is not supposed to call a lady "disgusting" lol
Can we call the San Bernardino terrorist "lady" disgusting?
so its okay for Trump to call sister a fat pig? Or Latino friend "miss housekeeping?" #TrumpBaitandSwitch
And the guy your voting for is rapist, he doesn't pay his taxes, he has cheated people.
what that has to do with what he did to her?
haha she looks like Mother Theresa compared to Drumpf. He's a crook who uses anyone to make a buck,including his family
he just got frustrated after losing the last debate with #hillaryclinton
you seriously didn't just go there. Ummm, Melania. #Election2016 #doyouhavealzheimers
Crooked Hillary kicked your ass in that debate.
Not hardly care to list all her accomplishments!! In 30 yrs????
Apparently you were watching Real Housewives!! Go back under your rock!!!
Yeah we don't have that in Russia. We just have the state media loving your submissive candidate.
Just wait and see. You'll be enlightened
Sad that you're such a simpleton-seems your just another Clinton parasite!
also, federal income tax is theft.
It's not, actually. Grow up.
the federal government has no right to take from the people's income and if you think they do, then well you have a problem
Well the Supreme Court says otherwise, so I'm going to go with them over you.
only because of the sixteenth amendment which legalized taking from the peoples' incomes.
An amendment ratified in the proper, legal manner. Again, grow up.
but I guess if you like to fund useless wars and countries who are still stuck in the stone age, income tax is cool.
You say strawman and yet you use one here. Income tax funds your infrastructure. Do you build your own roads?
also, that 1% that are federal highways, are in dire disrepair. So much for our money being put to good use amirite
I was waiting for the "but muh roads!" argument. State taxes fund 99% of the roads, not Federal. I choose my words wisely.
Doesn't make it right.
Gaining wealth from society and not paying back into that society is "right." Okay.
a Trump satire, based on Children's book 'Goodnight Moon'. Very short. amazon.com/GNIGHT-D-TRUMP…
nice strawman there, fella.
amendment 200 years later to do so constitutionally.
Yes, the constitution was meant to be amended.
it was originally unconstitutional for the federal government to tax the incomes of the people. They had to pass an
if Trump had done anything illegal tax wise, the IRS would have had him in court ages ago.
blocked due to stupidity, "Never Underestimate Human Stupidity" Robert A. Heinlein
Trump mopped the floor with Hillary on important issues like trade in the first half of the debate.
Eww he got one outta fifty maybe. Lots of people agree that he got Zero
You mean he spoke in complete sentences.Problem: it was BS. He can't bring those jobs back.
based on what? Your opinion.
I'm English, live in England so have no preconceptions. Hilary battered him.
in the end, yes. The beginning was all trump.
we must not have watched the same debate.
you must've went in with preconceived notions and bias.
No. that was you.
I went in expecting Clinton to stomp Trump throughout. You have no idea what you're talking about.
and you were right to expect that and that's exactly what she did.
Important issues like trade? His rant about China shows he knows nothing about the subject. Totally incoherent
"The Gold Standard"
and then she tried to tout her vote against cafta, which didn't work either. Trump nailed her on calling it
he had her so far on the ropes she tried to bring up the accomplishments of her husband, which didn't work.
Trump had Clinton in the corner and defenseless for the first 30 minutes. Anyone who denies it has their head up their ass.
and the last half of the debate...??
between Lester's "fact checking" and obviously biased questioning, there would have been no way for Trump to come out w/ win.
became an obvious 1v2 handicap slaughter.
Kicked who's ass ? You sound stupid kid!
Says people who speak English.
Again, people who saw the debate, speak English, and who are not morons. Guess you're not in that group.
everyone that watched the debate
that hasn't already given in to the delusions of grandeur Donald proposes.
furthermore, he admitted he paid no taxes. Which is the important message here.
I hate to pay taxes. Don't you. Maybe that's reason for the audit...
for some reason, supporters are okay with that I guess.
I bet u wish u had his loopholes [ that u voted 4 ] ASSHOLE
He admitted long ago he was a business man on the inside and knows all the tricks.
He was justified. He didn't want the government to squander it.
That might b Y he got into real estate. I'm sure u pay as much as u can. That's funny!!
a) I'm not running for POTUS. b) I don't avoid taxes while c) "speaking for ordinary man" who does not.
The law doesn't change b/c ur running for office. I'm sure Hilly didn't sent an extra $ to Uncle Sam.
Trump claims he'll fight for ppl in rust belt who pay taxes while at the same time avoiding to pay any himself
2) that tax money is local..schools, roads, infrastructure. Don't b myopic.
Clearly u don't understand tax on income. He does pay $100's of Millions in property tax (fed tax deductions)
So you did see his tax returns ? Or did he tell you so ?
I know that if u own property u have to pay property tax. No wiggle room on that. U can't rationalize tht awy
I have no idea what Trump did to still evade taxes. Show me his returns and i'll tell you.
What you're saying is that it's perfectly fine if rich guys like trump don't pay taxes while normal ppl do?
Pretty sure the idea is we all use the tax code to our advantage. Paying no tax is not evasion. Jst smart bu
If you're running for POTUS and you won't show tax returns like everyone else, we're probably talking evasion.
Oh please. He'd b in jail. He gets audited continually. On 6% of voters and Lester Holt care if releases.
See. if he simply released tax returns, it would shut up everybody. Unless something's fishy. So there is.
and email deletions r ok w u?? Wall Street speeches, lying to congress. HRC is a "cry bully"
Will Trump keep a system which allows him not to pay taxes or will he give back to the middle class instead ?
Congress passes laws not the Pres. The whole system needs to b scrapped.
The whole system ? Like both, president and congress ?
no just the tax system (revenue generation). Simplify and promote investment and economic expansion.
Has been tried. Didn't work. Who was that last president with balanced budget & economic growth again ?
Clinton/Gingrich budget during the ".com bubble" The economy expanding b fraud n the stock mkt. same old crap
But we agree that economy was thriving ?
Indeed. So much for tax plans.
have you not read his tax plan?
Crivens. Tax plans usually are not worth the paper they're written on.
u got that right. It's time for tax reform
Again. Do you believe that any tax reform Trump takes part in will massively hurt ppl like Trump ?
why do you want to massively hurt people like him? & he said wealthiest will pay slightly more
And you really believe him ? He didn't pay taxes until now and he will after he's elected ? Really ?