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That's possibly true, but Jack-What's-His-Name is most certainly no Steve Jobs.
Except in this case, “Steve” has already returned for a year and I’m not sure he has a plan.
Wasn’t part of Steve’s plan to sell to Disney ;)
-- no, Jack's smart, but I never agreed that he was "Steve."
Ah, gotcha. Ok, now I want to read a full post on this!
-- I've written lots of em.
-- here's one of the pieces --
I'm a big user of and believer in AWS. It's got lots of components: databases, storage, computing, and lots of things with fanciful names that I don't really understand.  I've been using AWS since its inception. Their first service, S3, provided something you couldn't get anywhere else without buying lots of other stuff -- storage. And the service was: high availability, high performance,low cost, withno lock-in.S3 set the pattern for all the subsequent AWS services. And they're delivered so many, filling almost all the niches you could imagine, sometimes with multiple products. But the one niche they have never attempted to fill is what Twitter does. Real-time Internet-scale notification with an easy to understand user interface. Turns out this is one of the big things that was missing from the Internet itself. It took a long time for Twitter to get their servers to run reliably (the first two items on the list above). But they've never offered it as a service. In fact, they pulled back from the API, which was heading in that direction. It would have been a very different world now if instead they had gone in the other direction, by turning it into a web service for any and all developers to build on any way they want, the same way AWS does, for a price. Because there is no web service that does what Twitter does, yet -- it's not too late for Twitter to open up another business model. I think it would totally kick ass. We need it. And I think they'd quickly forget that Twitter was ever going to be, exclusively, an advertising-based system. And of course they could continue to operate that system, as Amazon continues to operate their shopping and delivery business, even though they see that as a proving ground for the web services, which believe it or not is their real business!Or one more possibility, if Twitter doesn't want to do this, would Amazon please do it! The world needs Twitter-as-a-service. We've waited way too long for it.
Right. It’s not about Jack. Clearly he’s not SJ. It’s about media narrative that has already written them off.
-- exactly. as the mac was mired in that in the 90s, and sculley and then spindler believed them. it's like sports.
-- where would the mets be if it weren't for their team. same with tech. no one thought the mets would be in post-season.
-- but they're in the post-season (by a thread of course) at least for now. (I'm going to the game on Weds)
Should be a hell of a game.
-- it truly could be one of the best ever.
I find this analogy very confusing.
-- twitter isn't broken, it's doing something amazing. to say it's broken is to miss that completely. happened to apple once.
so the baseball stuff was still part of the analogy? That's where I got lost.
I'm with you wave. It got very specific all of a sudden.
Media, market, and mgmt don't seem to understand the purpose and value of Twitter. Similar to 90's Apple.
Media wants the story to be binary: thriving or dead.
Twitter’s deeply flawed but profoundly useful state requires nuance.
Twitter is the news of the world, and just like most news orgs, difficult to make profitable
Late 90s Apple had potential for its user experience to reach many — OS X, iPod, iPhone
Does Twitter have potential reach ahead? How many experience via hearing/consuming vs tweeting?
Twitter is a headline incubator which attempts to make pennies from writers not readers
Yes. However SJ *had* a plan *and* pretty much said exactly what he was going to do and executed methodically.
Twitter needs that desperately.
Remember how SJ put up a "10 things press/everyone criticizes us for" and crossed them off one by one?
don't remember that. Where is that?
It was on a slide at a keynote of sorts I saw in person. Maybe when he talked about Sony and Swatch too.
Sounds like it was at an off-site gathering with a whiteboard.
I don’t think Twitter is difficult to fix. They just make really odd decisions. Lack clarity.
-- I feel a little like Lloyd Bentsen talking about Dan Quayle.
We all know @jack isn't Twitter's "Steve" and his failed comeback proves it.
Unless Ev = Jobs and Medium = NeXT. And podcasting is does Odeo fit in?
was thinking something like that too.
maybe all companies are different and analogizing twitter and Apple doesn't work though?
Super useful and had the cool kids hooked but not really much happening with the general public.
I bet Jack loves that analogy too.
Better comparison would be to Yahoo—no business model and mistakenly passing on overpriced buyout offers.
We'll see what kinds of mass-market breakthrough products/features (ala iMac, iPod, iPhone) Twitter is uniquely advantaged to debut?
Competent moderation
Dave has blocked me, which feels about right.
Except Apple wasn’t stifling free speech.
I'm confused. The Mac had become pretty terrible in the mid-90s. It wasn't "working".
The O/S lacked protection and preemption, the hardware was slow. The company was being dragged toward bankruptcy.
The entire graphic design industry ran on Macs then. OS had technical problems but the apps were great, UI design vastly superior.
All true, but things had gotten bad enough I had clients asking me to help them migrate to PCs for performance.
Windows 95 + better and better Pentiums had pulled the core of WinTel ahead of the intrinsic advantages of Macs
Severe problems to be sure. But also profoundly good things worth saving and building upon. That’s the similarity w/ Twitter today.
On that, we are in strong agreement. I worry Twitter doesn't understand its problems or their severity.
- ruthless block/unfollow eliminates, for me, twitter's worst, while my 'follows' are platinum+ sources of news/opinion.