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The world would be a better place without Google’s AMP. Using it for UI design is like trying to paint the Mona Lisa with Crayola crayons.
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As a user though, knowing I'm going to get the actual article, fast, without all the extra bs, is a huge win.
Also when I share the link of an AMP page from my phone, it sends as a link!
It's best to use for topical news at the moment. Also, crayon Mona Lisa sounds kinda cool.
google has some good ones
Yeah, that’s awesome. And proves my point. The result is kinda shitty, like a low resolution photo.
design isn't everything though. Sometimes you just want to read the article.
that's ridiculous. Good design is elegant in its simplicity. Good design gets out of the way.
I'll take reading mode in Safari over any site's "design".
eh, don't think you understood my point: reading mode is a designed experience. Don't toss out "design" as unnecessary.
That's true. I agree. As a user, I like AMP because of the design constraints. Sometimes forced simplicity is better :)
Virtually every news organizations has proven that they shouldn't be trusted with a full design palette. ;)
cool hyperbole.
does the mobile web even provide a meaningful canvas for beautiful content presentation? (serious-ish question)
Yes. See: Al Gore’s My Choice app and Facebook Instant Articles.
lol, neither of those are the mobile web! AMP is, at least, trying to be.
You can do 90% of all that on the mobile web, and you can do it pretty efficiently, too.
I'm excited for the future.
Me too. Only it’s annoying because I probably am going to end up having to build it myself.
I’m wondering: What limitation in AMP would stop you form doing it there? All of CSS is available.
Instant Articles is nice, sure, but every page looks the same. Gets old quickly. AMP is pro-diversity.
if amp is pro-diversity, show me open specification so i can roll my own
I don't think the point of AMP is beautiful design
I agree with Luca. I see it as a version of why web readers are so popular. trimmed down focus on content and thats it
This is such an old fashioned way of thinking about web pages, as static structures.
Sure, but the types of sites I typically see employing AMP are mostly news/content heavy sites. (1/2)
It reduces the overhead of websites that typically force you to download gobs of js and garbage before reading on.
I am yet to use ad blocker but DaVinci's like u r compelling me 2 use 1. So keep using ur amazing paint brush until canvas runs out
Apparently publishers are so bad at creating efficient, fast pages (which can be done without AMP) that they need training wheels
The problem is the training wheels are proprietary and the restrictions keep getting loosened, to the point it won't matter anymore
so you're saying it's possible....