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Updated poll numbers 231,556,622 eligible voters 46.9% didn't vote 25.6% voted for Clinton 25.5% voted for Trump 1.7% voted for Johnson
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Staggering and upsetting. When does baseball season get here?
yes! Can we please have more baseball??
this is the only question that matters
I don't really like baseball that much yet I resonate with this so much.
yes. Waiting for baseball
that's a shame
Reality TV star elected by electorate made stupid and lazy by the reality TV society they live in. Wow.
It feels like we just elected Kim Kardashian
do you think all people who vote dem are intelligent, and all who voted rep are stupid? Very basic thought process
59% of Trump voters believe President Obama is a Muslim. Start there.
I think those gangbangers in Chicago who voted for Hillary are thick as pigshit. This game is fun
Ok, some comprehension difficulties here. I cited a thing called a "FACT". Google it.
Explain to me why this data for your 58% is 'fact'.Lots of polling data yesterday, factually a load of nonsense. Go:
It is a FACT that 59% of people who were surveyed who are Trump supporters believe Obama is a Muslim.
I don't consider a handful of responses to a questionnaire a good measure of millions of ppl
I'm the immortal words of Barack Hussein Obama.."we won, get over it"...#micdrop
Fine. Congratulations. Try not to drive the country into a ditch. Enjoy the ride!!
it's all gonna be ok...
Looks like you're a white male. Congratulations on surviving a few years of sharing the bus.
yeah, ok.. thought you were more intelligent than that.. wish u all the success u can achieve!
I felt the same way when we elected the failed community organizer to the WH. Thank God his reign is almost over.
Kanye west will be next to run or jay z perhaps 😂
yes please!!!!
where did you get these statistics from?
Down about 1.8% from last election and not out of consistent history. 2012 was a bigger drop from 2008.
we are inching towards 1996 I feel.
Possible. We shall see what the President-Elect & his sided Congress can do over the next 18 months. If nothing, expect %^
They'll make more restrictions to cull more votes.
Republican Senate will eliminate cloture / filibuster & load SCOTUS with Fascists confirmed with zero Dem votes
don't you mean 1956? :)
Does that mean Biggie will come back?
I think the point was that it was such a long process and such a polarized pool of candidates it was expected more
is there a correlation with voter suppression efforts in many states?
thanks! I dislike RTing stuff that's taken out of the blue. I at least try not to. Where is the speadsheet from?
That is great information, thank you for sharing it.
wow, almost half of the population didn't vote? Was that number so high in previous elections?
Thanks for this. Been waiting to see data on voters
What is your source of the information that you've tweeted?
Here is the raw data with state breakdown…
Thank you for posting this. Can you retweet that stats with this source in the same tweet?
Shame there's no proof.
there's no proof that he can do it himself?
exactly. The Remainers tried something very similar after brexit.
slightly different scenario, advisory v election. (Esp. considering hillary won public vote) Either way, public have spoken.
if you go to referendum, the result should be followed, or don't use it. And everyone knows electoral system, so no arguments
Where does that data come from? A gdoc is not a reputable source. @YA_Colombia @pwolgin
It's not a secret. United States Election Project provides this data. Just look.
where did you get this spreadsheet?
These numbers are sickening. Too many didn't vote.
Can you give your source please
where does the data from that spreadsheet come from? Curious, not trying to be a jerk.
Source?She's crazyass lib. No paper being written; use instincts!This is probably true.@crimsonboudoir @SSS_joshnelson @dorothyofisrael
how did trump get less votes and still win jeez your voting system is fucked
She won California and New York 2:1 that's where the pop vote win came from R's haven't won California since 1986 immigration legislation
fuck the 48.6% that voted for nothing
stop vote shaming people because things didn't go your way.
how do they determine those who didn't vote? Those who registered and didn't commit?
those who are registered and didn't vote. Plain and simple.
that's a huge chunk of people who didn't vote, I wonder how that compares to usual elections
That's some fucking bullshit right there.
I voted.. but that 49% don't care about the elections, they believe it doesn't effect them.
more than likely, a lot of people didn't like the choice in candidates. I didn't.
we have have our opinions.. I respect yours.. however it doesn't matter now because we are all fucked
we can go back and forth on flaws of the candidates but that doesn't changed what happened last night
So much would be different had the DNC not shoved Hillary down our throats
You obviously, haven't a CLUE, to how DNC runs. Hillary lost via same rules to Obama. Grow up.
the DNC chair resigned due to scandal. Are you a goldfish? Do you have memory loss? Her resignation was an admittance
No, she did not say it, butt wipe. Get that through thy pinhead!
she didn't have to. Why would a person resign if they were innocent of wrongdoing? They wouldn't.
You obviously have no comprehension of what it's like to be ganged up on. Blocked for believing in the Tooth Fairy, bitch
It is attitudes like this that helped see this unfortunate reality to fruition in the first place. Shame...
no, it's always pointing fingers at other people instead of taking responsibility. Both candidates have low favorability
Part of Clinton's low favorability stemmed from dangerous sentiments like those from Julie, suppressing things they disagree w/.
they stemmed from her lack of integrity, how she spoke in private vs public, and her general attitude of privilege
They stemmed from all of those things, you're right. I misspoke. Rather the frustration with Julie's sntms. helped mobilize Rpbs
no he didn't. Half the population didn't vote. Do you really think the only people that stayed home were just dems?
when only a quarter of the eligible population votes for each side, mobilization is low for everyone
sure she did! Staying would have given GOP yet another target @JulieSczesny
"Butt wipe" 😂😂😂😂
bullshit - her resignation was inevitable @JulieSczesny
no it wouldn't not have..Bernie would of lost too you think white rural America would of voter in a democratic socialist
he was polling higher than Clinton in most metrics, he wasn't under FBI investigation, and 48% didn't vote. You do the math
48% are ppl don't care or don't think politics affect them.. you can make people vote if they don't want you..
you can. 61% of eligible voters turned out in 2008. FOR A BLACK MAN. It's time to stop drinking the koolaid
no one is drinking the kool aid.. I'm not in denial that white nationalism exist trump pulled higher number with white then Mitt
Mitt Romney was a fucking joke of a candidate. He had a platform of nothing. And he was stiff as a board.
he had only slightly more personality than Bob Dole
yes doesn't change the fact white nationalist won.., much respect, but I'm not doing back & forth.. you'll see
well, yes. He may have won, but you can't honestly say nationalism is the only reason. That attitude lost the election
you have your opinion but facts are facts.. best of luck to you and to our country ! ✌️️
and you've given me none :)
the truth is the white nationalist movement had everything to do with it.. I respect your opinion but you will see..
I didn't vote for Hillary because of all the corruption
it's a sad day for America
Thank you America for voting for the best candidate!
only a quarter of the country voted. Congrats
Which is about typical for an election.
more people would've voted @howradisit
all due respect.. but you can't prove that
no I can not but many dem voters were reluctant to vote Hillary. How many would've voted Bernie we'll never know @howradisit
I assume since he got millions less than Hillary in primary, you can extrapolate a lower number.
and more didn't vote for him. They wanted a king to rule over them who won't do anything. Lies from him
the same amount of ppl vote last night just like the 2012 election.actually I can't think it was a a little under a %
because Obama was an awful president. Drone strikes, refusal to compromise, near war with Syria, dragging his feet on gay rights
Refusal to compromise? Thanks for the laugh. GOP voters wldnt let their party make any deals with him.
maybe. But he was notorious for being antagonistic to them.
No, they were notorious for mtg on day one n agreeing not to make any deals with him. This has been widely reported
"near war in Syria?" American colonists rebelled against the Crown for much lesser reasons.
are you forgetting Obama's red line in Syria? I haven't
so, you are pretty chill with a dictatorship gassing it's citizens? I have seen that before.
sure, the USA is a world police and can ignore the sovereignty of any nation it wants. That worked well in Iraq and Afghanistan
we're totally not wasting trillions of dollars in endless wars or bombing civilians or hospitals or anything
Nobody asking you to bomb civilians. Military installations suffice. Libya is much better place because of this.
totally. No issues in Libya whatsoever.
so much less than in Syria.
If genocide doesn't bother you, then you wouldn't mind if there are going to appear another 30-40 states with nuclear weapons.
if only there was some global group of Nations that had United for a common good and could intervene in situation like this
Too bad that it is disfunctional by design since 1953. A lot of Koreans are counting their blessings they weren't too late.
who needs healthcare, education, or a space program? Let's spend trillions of dollars arming stable regimes. They won't betray us
Stable regimes are buying US weapons. Buying, creating American jobs.
are you forgetting Trumps promise to "defeat Isis in thirty days"? "Bomb the crap out of them"? @Tim__Lock
would you prefer US troops on the ground to drone strikes? @tracye_nyc
trump would of gone wild with that, equating socialism with communism
no matter who the Dems would of put up they would of lost
also, I doubt Bernie would've insulted half of Trump's voters by calling them deplorable. So many scandals would've been avoided
how do you know what you would of happened.. I understand you want to blame but that doesn't fix the fact that of the rise of
the white nationalist movement
there is no white nationalist movement. You're naive if you think all of Trump's voters are white nationalists. A lot are women
"we" wouldn't have lost if "we" showed up at the polls @howradisit
white America couldn't handle having a AA president in control for 8 years
this has been in the making for a while, the tea party movement and of course trumps birther movement
48% of the voting public didn't vote. Are they also tea party birthers
it was just a matter of time for the white nationalist captured the White House
did you vote? If not stfu
they didn't. We chose Hillary. Stop whining @tracye_nyc
and she lost. What a great choice you made. So happy for you
are you happy for yourself as well?
Lay under a train would you ya idiot bitch!
that doesn't mean you don't vote. Non-voters shirked their duty.
I didn't like either but one was more dangerous so I voted for the safe option.
I just couldn't do that any more. I'm sick of the party being the lesser of 2 evils party. It's been that way for far too long
I get it. I voted 3rd party in 1996, 2000, 2004. I would have voted 3rd party this year BUT, 1) trump 2) Johnson is an idiot 3)
3) cont'd --Stein is an idiot.This wasn't about lesser of two EVILS. 1 is evil.THe other is just a typical politician.Evil won.
she's the worst form of politician. She's basically Mitt Romney with slightly better views on social issues
insulting everyone behind closed doors at her various high priced donor events or speeches to big banks
personally agree but she was a safer choice. Now the violent racists know they have a voice.
I really don't know how much safer. I was wary, either way. Wasn't alone in thinking she was just saying words
imagine thinking Trump being president doesn't affect them.. Bloody hell, it affects the whole world.
Anecdotally heard people reg. Dem but wanted Bernie. Felt vote wouldn't matter in Electoral College system...
Try voting when your state makes it virtually impossible.
seems to be true.
I kinda respect why my boss didn't vote: he felt he didn't know enough about the issues and people to do a good>
> job and didn't feel right about just picking randomly
I wanted Johnson!!!
I've made the comment 1/4 of the country is either Dem or Rep, the rest are independent. dammit vote people
Even after this crazy election campaign 10% less Americans voted than Canadians did in their 72 day campaign.
Yup! Dems outnumber GOP. We really gave it away yesterday.
ok step 1, how do we get the voting apathy out of the general population? We need higher turnout
by eliminating corruption at the DNC and by having candidates that aren't mired in scandal or career politicians
What a Fucking joke! Christie's 4 picks tossed in prison, over weekend, for CORRUPTION! #GOP swims in it!
You are full of it. Bernie would have lost too.
no, he wouldn't have. Which candidate was the candidate running on a platform of change, this election?
no way do people in this country vote en masse for a declared Socialist to such a degree as to get into the White House.
I guarantee he would've. Which candidate said the political system needed a change? Who was it? Please answer
Every single H2H poll v Trump back then, Bernie mopped floor & Hillary projected loss.
Bernie won all the battlegrounds handily while Trump won v Hillary.
Bernie couldn't beat Hillary. Bernie hadn't faced ANY opposition research b/c GOP wanted him.
I guarantee you that the second he was nominated, the GOP Socialist ads would start. US will not elect a socialist.
really...the dnc is currupt? Fox news? Cons radio? Wilileaks only dems? Kremlin partying last night? Cmon man
show me more than a vox story saying Russia was involved. More DNC koolaid
i never read any vox story...just saw lots of parties in moscow last night. Ever seen that before?
I bet there were parties in many places of the world. Doesn't mean they were involved. Keep drinking
i didnt say it means that...there is the suggestion however. U didnt answer my question...ever seen moscow party after us elect?
who wouldn't be celebrating? Anybody who disliked this country would be. I don't see your point
1) everybody dislikes this country because of folks like orange marmalade 2) you still didn't answer my question
because your questions are idiotic.
yeah my question was WAAAAY out there. Good day sir. Enjoy the circus
they are confirming it as we speak. Announcements of the leaks appeared first on the Russian state-run TV.
There is nothing inherently wrong about career politicians. Politics does require a skill set and how thats how you get it.
there is when all they want is to maintain the elitist status quo
I voted for Trump and agree with your statement. Had it been anyone else running, Trump would not have won
that logic might have worked if the Dems hadn't won a majority of the people's vote
most people think there vote does not count.
If Hilary ends up winning the popular vote, looks like it, this will not help with that notion
Make it easier to vote, election day as fed holiday. My mission is to fight for the right to vote.
agreed. Let's do this!
You should check out what the Australian Electoral Commission does too.
(voting here is always on a Saturday, and enrolment is basically lifetime)
While making polling day a holiday goes a long way, lots more to easy voting than that.
Vote by mail like we have in Oregon is pretty amazing. My ballot was in before halloween.
We have it here, though not sure of time frames. Early voting as well. Did mine ~3 weeks ahead.
(I was going to be interstate and was warned they might not have the right ballots)
Same here. Also, some states have registration up til and including election day.
Ah, see, our Electoral Roll closes IIRC a week out, but once you're on it, you're on it.
(you do have to update details if you move geographically or change name, but that's it)
I think Oregon also auto-registers you now when you get a state ID.
that's the way it should be or at least an option to register on paperwork.
That would be ideal, though having to re-enroll all the time seems a potential barrier to me.
?? I don't have to re-enroll, I registered years ago and haven't had to do anything with it since.
I kept reading stuff that implies that people have to re-enroll a lot, maybe I misread sources
Not in Oregon at least. Or at least not that I'm aware of...
If you move, but some states may have rules if you haven't voted in a few elections, you're dropped.
It seems overly complicated to have so many different sets of rules. But I guess difficult to unify.
Yes bec states are given right to determine rules Constitutionally
For all elections though, or just for their own? I would think Federal elections have different rules
the federal election is actually 50 simultaneous ellections. That is what the Electoral college is for.
thanks for the link. I just find it insulting people didn't vote when they could have.
I think suppression efforts contributed a lot. I did some research on it a few years back...
...left me wondering how the heck anyone manages to vote. Seems like its a standard tactic too.
Unfortunately it seems to be that way. #GOP likes to cheat.
and I am insulted our gov't discourages voting.
Illinois has that
Can only write so much in 140 characters. Will be thinking this through and writing about it later.
That's a good question. Education to begin with,and being able to call out politicians on promises @SSS_joshnelson @VoiceOfOBrien
Because the message that's been going out the last 50 years is: we get elected, then F you. Meh. @SSS_joshnelson @VoiceOfOBrien
You legislate it out of them
conservatives typically have a higher turnout. How do we get liberals to vote?
by making election day a paid holiday for those who work... I think that may help #justsaying
lots of options. More polling sites, Election Day as a holiday, mandatory voting...
pull a Nation States move and make it mandatory!
We need to do away with the electoral college. It's screwed voters twice in my lifetime @SSS_joshnelson
Normally, I'd agree.. this time though, it saved us from someone who *would* start new and expand existing conflicts.
actually it has saved voters twice in your lifetime
america was SO close to not having a president, if half don't vote thats who wins right?
why not just a popular vote...
SHE WON the popular vote, WTF!?
Yes she won the popular vote and can still win the election before the EC gets involved in December.
Not final #s, T won electoral votes.
They have NOT convened.
On Paper.....look at Precinct maps. . Sykes not in AZ, MI,..but think NV just came in
They've voted against popular vote 2X. Did they say? Nay.
Hold your breath. Thanks
this is nauseating
otoh, the 47% who didn't vote, i'm choosing to see as an opportunity to reach them. Find out who they are, why they didn't vote.
When the fuck are they going to vote if not IN THIS ELECTION
dunno! That's the intriguing slash possibly scary answer...
have heard some interesting POVs on MPR this morning. I think we have to stop and listen better than we have in past.
like to the black people who have been telling us that this stuff is going on? Yeah probably would've been wise
again, it's more/bigger than that. Last night was proof.
anywho, finally need to get working this morning (or at least faking it).
also, how many of those were people who HAVE voted in the past, etc.
You people say that every election and the answer is always the same "When someone represents us"
Even more importantly, get them involved in the primaries so that we don't have Sophie's Choice in 2020.
Bernie won the popular vote in the Primaries- Hillary's Superdelegates stole it.
first election? Hopefully you learned how the 2 party nominee system works. Byeeee
kindly fuck off a tall building
Not sure where you get that. Bernie lost popular vote, and would have lost without super delegates, too.
Apparently you weren't tracking the 100's of thousands of people who were disenfranchised.
If you can show me proof of legal voters who were denied their rights, I will stand with you.
otherwise I'm just to assume that there truly are THAT man disaffected Trump supporters out there, and they outnumber us.
which is a frightening thought too.
What about #Steinbaraka/#GreenPartyUS? How many voted for them?
maybe it's time the parties give a reason for people to be excited to vote and the system be made easier to vote.
that 46% hipsters at its best.
No more Tuesday voting or make it a national holiday, for one.
59,046,938 confirmed racists living in America, at least.
you're a moron
So, that's how many people that voted for Hillary?
just shows people disliked these candidates. They were both hot garbage. @HillaryClinton and @realDonaldTrump
Hillary vetted & cleared of all wrong doing. You'll regret it
I won't but thank you for the concern. 😁
You don't have lives on dialysis & bone marrow weekly on ACA!
I'm Concerned about real people screw your self-entitled white ass
Clinton Foundation is still under investigation.
Obviously, you've mistaken it for Trump's, of which he drains at will
how did 🍊have fewer if he won?
Electoral College. Outdated system meant to temper the 'will of the people' and protect the landed classes
"Don't care" crushes Clinton and Trump
Nearly half of the American population didn't vote. Shocking !
I was talking abt this w my partner this morning...went like this......this is FUCKING AWFUL AND EMBARRASSING AND MADDENING
The systems own "system" condemned Clinton....
good election system 🙄
Best democracy money can buy
"mirror, mirror"...
I can't believe that many people didn't vote. It's Shamefull!
So revolting. Voting should be mandatory!
112,000 voters in MI, WI and PA are the difference between a President Trump and a President Clinton. 0.09% of all voters.
Thank@God for those 112,000 voters!
half of the nation doesn't vote eg cares for its countries future, that is just sad
wow only 50% turnout on possibly the biggest decision of a generation. The stay at homes may live to regret.
Do you have stats on which eligible voters didn't vote?
46 percent of you stayed home? wow. Maybe you should let active voters vote twice
I hope the breakdown of demographics for each voter bloc is shared and discussed at length
the 46.9% also deserve a big FU too
They should have pretended this was a season of "American Idol", they would have seen a larger turnout.
That is a pathetic reality
Are you serious. Is this real? Nearly 50% didn't vote?
Si ces chiffres sont vrai....qui sont ces américains qui sont si désintéressés de leur pays?
That 46.9 is just nauseating.
if we can't convince people to vote in this election, how does democracy survive?
Thank you for an excellent reminder - for 2018 & 2020
Anyone who did not have the balls to vote lost the right to complain about Trump and I get to punch them in their testicles/uterus.
Have a source? What were Jill's numbers? I'm thinking the #JillNotHill bs cost her a lot.
Hurray for the 'mandate' !
but but but yesterday we were told by MSM that Hispanic vote was sweeping in at record levels for a Clinton win
Check Michigan's voting stats on FB. Its freaking neck and neck. Only couple thousand between the two. O.O
wow,im a 1%er
so if the the people "wasted their vote" instead of not voting at all, we would have a good president? Good one america!
Age eligible or registered eligible?
where did you get that source? I mean source for raw data
That's worse than UKs numbers. Truly dissappointing.
who are these 46.9%?. Race and gender pls?.
yeah y'all it's the 3P voters fault (while excluding almost half the country)
sorry for cussing. I'm fed up with my tl.
46.9% not voting is sad, but probably due to "two bad choices". Do we have turnout stats for the primaries?
The percentage of non-voters is painful.
lol 50% turnout. Shit.
Unacceptable. “@SSS_joshnelson: 231,556,622 eligible voters 46.9% didn't vote 25.6% voted Clinton 25.5% voted Trump 1.7% voted Johnson”
Well, honestly, FUCK the 46.9% and 1.7% who put a fascist in the White House #Deplorables
it's like Gore / Bush all over again #PopularVote
i hope this isn't true. Wtf
So are we to assume that those who didn't vote were going to vote Clinton? Laughable.
single Canadian man willing to marry for the right price :)
46.9% didn't vote? "we shape our own destiny" something I picked up from movies and now I have a good example
How does that break down as votes per dollar spent per campaign?
Its the US's version of Brexit.
How many voted Stein?
It's a pity that there's no way to work out what proportion of the 49% were prevented from voting at the last minute.
these numbers wouldn't suggest the Best democracy in the world...
an unbelievable number of stay at homes. No respect for the process. They get what they deserve one way or the other.
thought we had extremely high turnouts. Half did not vote?
Yep, me too.
are you kidding? The US is notoriously low.
I'm told that employers in the US are not required to provide leave to vote, and that polling can be on weekdays.
look at this you dumb Texan fuck @texasboy002
didn't have harambe on there so it ain't accurate
like Brexit, it shows what can happen, if you don't use your right to vote.😣
How truly sad that many people did not vote in such an important election! Shameful actually!
die groene Johnson heeft het em dus gelapt voor Clinton. Wat ga je daar aan doen @kristofcalvo ?
So if you MORONS knew a little math. 74.2% Did not vote for Trump. Mathematically this is a vote of no confidence.
That alone probably contributed a lot.
Half of the country couldn't be bothered? I think that says more about the USA than any exit poll. #USElection2016
And being in the UK, I thought 28% not voting for Brexit was a slightly good result. Good luck over there!
Furious at those stats. I cannot believe what an irresponsible electorate we have. @SSS_joshnelson @hodgman
we were and are on right side of an inclusive America. Stand up Stand out and Speak out always
Seriously, almost half didn't vote??
that's a staggering number
well this makes me sad.
Those who didn't vote your programs will be cut and don't you complain
Shocking statistics.
what does this say about the state of American democracy that only 53% bothered to vote?
democracy at its best
triste, como las con quien trabajas
Is that real? 47% didnt vote? Wowza!
or another way of looking at it.
for those who didn't vote how many more elections before u won't be able to vote? These decisions matter to all. SMH!
Billions of dollars spent for these shit numbers? @SSS_joshnelson @RAE_BK
46.9% didn't vote Voter apathy is real
how many democrats voted for trump? How many Johnson voters would vote for trump (hint: most all).
the good news is over 250 million American citizens didn't vote for Donald Trump
The fact that nearly half of Americans didn't vote is insane to me.
shows how nobody likes either
who won?
Thank you for posting. I will share...
no one else is reporting this. Where did you get it from?
Lazy ass cowards
& Trump said it was a fix!
is the non-voting correct? God that's high
46% did not vote - is that a misprint?
Not a new thought, but people get the government they deserve @SSS_joshnelson
I'd like to find out why 46.9% just chose to sit on their asses and do nothing. care to explain that?
this table shows that people votes doesn't matter actual game is electoral votes ..
46.9% total idiots
Like so much else in life, it all went wrong because of a johnson.
Still - not as bigger injustice as UKIP V SNP in our last GE eh ?
this can't be right.. 😩
How many of them eligible voters are dead and illegal?
so really Apathy won the president election.
where did you get those stats?
voter caging, phony scare of "voter fraud," are paying off as GOP hoped.
surely Hilary should be able to apply Brexit laws. Majority of people didn't vote for trump, revote required
where's the spreadsheet from?
to think Paul Ryan said Trump earned a mandate. Not according to this or the popular vote! Heaven help us!!
Calm your tetas.
and lower voter turnout traditionally hurts Dems. Also a lower AA turnout for Hillary. Two unpopular candidates
46.9% didn't vote. So, I wish everyone would stop blaming 3rd party candidates for the loss.
46.9%! How? Are they forgotten Cold War survivalists living underground?!
nearly half the population didn't vote, that's shocking!
and it looks like more people actually voted for Clinton!
yes she certainly won't the popular vote - if it worked on the sheer number of votes she would be Prez
I don't fully understand the way American voting works but that just doesn't seem fair!
source of data?
we are a piece of shit nation.
With 2 very unpopular candidates, risky game campaigning on negativity to depress voter turnout
democrats won popular vote but loss the senate, house, AND presidential race?
This is mind-boggling...
Johnson's fault, amirite?
guess it's easier to call people racist than to acknowledge the DNC fucked people out of an actual viable candidate. GG.
so the entire world will suffers by the selection of 25.5% Americans for next 4 yrs..?
good thing you have options 🇨🇦
Registered voters that are still alive. There's no way that number is accurate. 319 mil citizens, some under 18.
there would seem to be a problem with Democracy US style
when we are given the two worst choices and the nation is this divided, change is from the norm is what u get
any data on voter turnout in battleground states compared to blue/red states (e.g. California or Texas)?
yeah blame third parties, silly neoliberal
that make me mad! 49% did not vote!
nearly 47% did NOT vote!! Well guess they got what they deserve then but what about the rest of the world?!
how many ballots cast left president blank?
we can only hope now that the election is over that America realizes we need to fix what is dividing us
And nobody voted for Ford…
And Western democracies seem to think non-democratic nations should be envious of us :-/ @GillianGn
That is democracy for you.
Weird! In most countries US/A loves to invade in name of demokrazy, over 98% vote every time (& NO fraud)! Duh?
What are the #s and %s of registered voters, not just eligible? @kermarshmallow
this election was ours but people chose to stay home..I can't..
Oh Joy- this makes it even worse. I cry for the childre-African Americans, Muslims, Hispanics, LGBT, girls and disabled. I see much bullying
seems there's 5-10% of the electorate who aren't moved to vote for just keeping things from getting worse? Smh
(No comment)
more similar than one might suppose to Brexit, espy the 'didn't vote' numbers. Would be interesting to see breakdown by age
lol I didn't and I don't care XD
46.9% stupid. We got what we deserve.
Which states don't have paper back up ballots.
most Americans can't spell 'X'
47% did not vote. Wow!
That non voting number is incredible. Wonder how it compares to previous years
It's a good bit higher.
Swing states (only ones that matter) 36.5% didn't vote 30.9% Trump 29.9% Clinton 1.9% Johnson 0.5% Stein 0.4% Others
almost the same number of people not in the workforce. HMMMMMMMM
"No one" for president! It's a rigged system, "No one" had the largest support but "No one"'s victory was stolen!
its disturbing that 46.9% of people didn't vote
And I bet those people still feel entitled to moan about the result. So infuriating 😠😠
and yet trump will occupy the white house! go figure!
that doesn't make sense, thought Hillary won the popular vote?
if this is actually true then how did he win?? The whole system is fucked
You can be President without having the popular vote, look into 'gerrymandering'
Don't forget the 15,000 people that voted for Harambe. :|
under on nation? So deeply divided.
that just shows you how many people were disgusted with any of our options
So Cal is always Dem and most populace. Those who don't vote are morons; don't beg morons to give you a moronic country!
Fuck you to the apathetic #46%
are you saying nearly 50% of this country didn't even vote
We need compulsory voting like a real democracy. Voting is the cost of citizenship.
Ain't that America?
the electoral college can vote for whoever they want. Right?
pls where do you get your statistics ?
sorry, I would have voted for Trump except I was at work 🙄
So, she won the most votes and lost the Presidency. Good job, Electoral College.
That's demonstrates that the American voting system is a nonsense!!!
I wonder what those numbers look like when you take California out of the equation?
that's not depressing at all.
is this true? 47% didn't vote?
only .2℅ for Jill Stein?
is it possible to get an ever further breakdown of registered Dems/Republicans/Independents within these numbers?
Here is the link for the state by state breakdown:…
where do you get this from please ?
What does it take to make people go out and vote if you have over 45% abstention in a year like that?!?!
Those of you who chose to stay home, This is on you!!!
Fewer than 0.3% of the vote. I ran out of characters.
Thanks for replying, I thought she achieved closer to 1%. 😊
make voting compulsory then everyone has a say. Many of us other countries do this. Voting is important.
Wow...almost half the country didn't vote? We are so cavalier about one of our greatest freedoms.
46.9% of your population have absolutely no right to complain about anything political for 4 yrs
Wow! So he has only a quarter of the available electorate behind him. Democracy, eh.
which brings me back to my original point: why haven't we abolished the non-democratic electoral college yet?
46.9% the fuck? I know not everyone votes but not less that half of eligible voters...
these 46.9% are the real culprits. 😠
can we see this broken down by state?
For those in 25.5% are rednecks and they will remain redneck. We will pay the price starting 2018.
thanks millennials. Chopped off nose to spite your face. It's a saying for a reason. Bout 2 find out.
thought you might like to know 😔
nearly half of the eligible voters didn't vote?! Wow...that speaks volumes.
46.9% wow. And that's after an increased turnout..
you forgot the % that voted HARAMBE
this makes me ill
well if that doesn't say , it's your fault America nothing does
Funny when one side loses, they show how the majority didn't vote for the winner.. #bitter #sour #uneducated
compares to 34% who didn't vote in our last general election
How does the 'didn't vote' percentage compare to 2008 and 2012?
makes me feel better that only 1/4 of population voted for him
Its heartbreaking,the pollsters only polled 10%of the population,calling homes only so they lied&out of business
not surprised...
and this idiot girl voted for Jill. I don't know which is worse, racism it stupidity?
Whoa. What? Are you sure?
so if everyone who 'threw their vote away' threw it away to Johnson he'd the pres
lol chill out
Americans are stupid
46.9% didn't vote WTF ! where were they exactly
- a lesson you must exercise your right to choose
Missing #s from 3 states , provisional ballots, contested voting seized Broward, Indiana, PA, AZ, etc
Is that official? Only 1 in 4 US citizens voted for Trump?
not sure where he got stats from turnout if true is shocking
So we the people really didn't elect him. It was the electoral vote that did it. WRONG WRONG WRONG.
I was really hoping that 3rd party number would be higher
if that was case why did numnuts Donald Trump win and not Hillary Clinton
maybe deportation should start with the 46.9% who did NOT vote.
95% voted in Iraq after first election after Saddam's ouster under threat of death.
so I'm too upset to be good at math now what % of Americans actually chose our next prez?
"I fucking told you" sounds like a really depressing, yet apt @dailykos blog title. Because I did after the NH primaries.
- And the "didn't vote" column is usually a vote for the GOP.
If more people voted, 3rd and 4th partisans probably would actually have a chance?
Yeah but you have to consider the ridiculous amount of vote fraud the Democrats engaged in. Clinton? ~18%
I know very well the average size of the nonvoting population, but the number still stuns me every time.
Great job America! So not proud of you!!#doomed
that adds up to 102.7 %. Wackadoodle numbers
Uhh it adds up to 99.7% I'm guessing the 0.3% is lost due to rounding down
ha! or those who didn't vote? was that a protest, frustration or just lethargy?
Is this for real?😱
Not much of a mandate, although with control in Congress and the Supreme Court he doesn't need it.
half of America can't complain with what we got.
Even closer than Brexit! The system is based on colleges, not individual votes.
Putin congratulations to Trump on the news. Guess we got something answered!!
that 46.9% should he deported not the mexicans who actually want to vote
If these numbers arent a teaching lesson to the rest of the world, i dont know what is. EVERY VOTE COUNTS.
No excuse with early voting and mail-in ballots. I voted 2 wks ago. It's laziness/apathy, then they complain about results
And there are still more votes being counted.
Eye opening. I have no sympathy for willful non voters no matter what they face, their culture,age, or beliefs..
turnout from lowest (green) to highest (red) as a percent shows those battleground states (not surprisingly) highest turnout
So the Gary Johnson voters ... well, you know.💙
Can we make that as important news as an email server that no one should have cared about?
that tells something
What's age breakdown of non voters, Josh?
Now I'd just like to know how many "non-voters" were hindered from voting!
46.9%.... that's an impressive number that didn't bother to protect their futures.
ffs.. 46,9%!!😩😫
and don't forget the one person who voted for Jill Stein--Susan Fucking Sarandon.
grasping at straws.
universal leves of stupidity 25%, valíd for brexit, no, potus
And 10 million fewer people voted this time around than voted in 2012. :(
so many people couldn't be a bothered to get there early and spent 5 minutes casting a ballot!
wow almost 50% registered voters didn't vote? The apathy is pathetic.
staggering 115 million people decided not to vote, thats a bigger story in its own right.
that is so sad to see and realize
Half of voters/population didn't vote?!?
The 46.9% of people who didn't vote can KISS MY ASS!!!!!
if this election couldn't get half the nation to vote, what would?
may be the vote should be an obligation...democratie with half of the population...mhhh what about the reality ?
cazzo, è altissimo l'astensionismo!
This shows how many truly believe that their voice isn't heard. Nearly half of registered voters, didn't.
46% didn't vote??? Seriously?!
pretty much the same turnout as last time #Shocking but probably similar % to UK!
That's just so sad. 😞
do you think president Trump will do anymore apprentice seasons. Or will Hillary get that spot.
I'd be interested to know how many of those who didn't vote couldn't because of Voter ID laws, felonies, etc.
voter ID probably can only speculate, but 6.1 million with felonies who can't vote
you see this shit
technically wrong. In US you don't vote directly for US President.
this is depressing
Ppl who didn't vote must be out of question. But numbers of voters tell the truth. Result is result tho... 😔
wow so there are more decent humans than racist white devils in America. That's a gd start.
Need the Australian approach - it's an offence to not vote
hey Josh -- looking at the spreadsheet shouldn't your top result be 44.4%?
*flips imaginary table!
you're not taking into the account that some cannot participate bc of certain conditions so this assumption is ableist
also many people do absentee ballot which red states tend to honestly throw in the fucking trash.
I find it hard to believe that there's only 100mil children and felons in the us
46.9% didn't vote?!?!
What is the excuse of the one who didn't vote? I wonder.....
soooo how did trump win then?
why the hell is voting not a week long process? Its absurd!
also imagine those who havnt got the voting liscense yet that can get it but don't vote
what a damn shame people are exercising their voice or rights when there are millions who do not have the same opportunity
That's the most heartbreaking of all.
with all the voter fraud it is probably more like 50% didn't vote
go tell this to President Trump
So that stoned ex new Mexico governors failure to drop out cost us DEARLY. HOW FUCKING SELFISH
Would be better if you changed that to remove ineligible to vote since that is a LARGE number.
shameful that those who have freedom only exercise it with their tweets and not their votes
As an Australian I am glad we have compulsory voting.
We reap what we sow.
and voting will only get harder now
the exit poll in SC was a slap in the face.
and 279 electoral votes for my boy trump
Explain again how these numbers are mandate, Kelleanne - ?
I will never accept this evil man as President nor his mail order slut as first lady. NEVER.
that is scary as hell, and now 4 long years ahead of everyone
The case for #MANDATORYVOTING !!!!would be best for country.
fascinating! What source is this?
Can you give the source for this? Thanks!
there more libelars and progressives in this country than conservative. Bernie should being the candidate.
where are these figures from
SMH. I need answers..
if you don't vote you can't complain
There in lies the problem! We get more votes on American Idol. Sad!
Is this accurate??
o add insult to the injury
Very sad to see the percentage of non voters.
I'm still with Hillary! American's that didn't Vote, can't blame the polls shame on you! Unity! We need!
Seriously? 46.9% didn't vote?
how the fuck did Trump win 😐😐
electorial college tries to balance population centers with non populated areas
it's supposed to make things more fair for people in farmland
otherwise you would just have to win a few major cities and everything would be fine
It's disgusting. I hope they are happy as they are now in 4 yrs.
that 46.9% should move the hell out of the country they betrayed and don't care enough to vote for
Why am I getting the SICK FEELING this election was RIGGED?
That's so fucking embarrassing.
Half of Americans don't care who is President.I wonder how many of those people bitch about the Anthem protesters
can you please share the source of the numbers? Thx
it's a race gary it's a raaaaace
Got to love that dumb ass third party vote and the stay at home #BernieBrat clowns. Bloody fools
That 46.9% fucked this election up! Ship their asses out!
1st group: You suck. 2nd Group: Thank You! 3rd Group: Why? 4th Group: Really Why?
Democracy in action🙈Bring back the monarchy! Prez. Obama for King! Or maybe George Clooney if Obama declines??
the fucking 1,7% wasted their vote instead of voting for clinton
you mean, the "silentmajority" didn't actually win? I'm shocked
We deserve it. Ignorant fucking country.
Apathy is corrosive. Like a Nor'easter that eats away at the coast. More devastating than a hurricane that blows in & out.
Point being ?
Facts have no point. They are just facts. And interesting for that alone. What's your name by the way?
You're pretty much the only voices of reason in this entire conversation.
why didn't she win then?? 🤔
people can vote for stupid reality dancing and talent shows but they refuse to vote for their own & theirChildren's future.
it's too bad 46.9% didn't vote for @jillstein or @SenSanders +help #Deny270...some were probably purged during primaries🤔
So out of 4 people, the leader was chosen by only one while two had no interest to choose at all.
Source please, thanks!
and at least 1 voted for Mitt Romney (in #DixvilleNotch). Is that quantifiable as a %age? 😁
thank you 😊 Paul!
Proud to be one who supported & voted for "Strongest Woman in USA". If U didn't vote or voted for INSANITY, I Unfriend U!
That is exactly right! IF all FORCED to vote-there would never be a Republican voted to office
Hillary didn't win popular vote. Anti Trump vote may have came close. Pro Trump votes won it in landslide.
Close to half DIDN'T vote? WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU, AMERICA? #TrumpWillBurnItAllDown
would of been a great Day if this was Canada #WithHer
Crazy: 46.9% of folks who took two hours off work yesterday must've gone to the mall instead. Curious as hell, why not vote?