Without revealing your actual age, what something you remember that if you told a younger person they wouldn't understand?
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I remember exercising to the #popcornsong for three and a half minutes every morning at school. Good times!
haha! No tv remote and free provincial camping ⛺️
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1) Trying to record your favorite song on the radio without the DJ's voice in the recording. 2) Cassette tape and a pencil
i kinda like it when women have a bit of bush. or landing strip...
what your pager or beeper code was.
anyone wanna buy a Nokia 3210?
the tv show ... H.R. Pufnstuf was a cool!!!
the tape's all unwound, so hand me a pencil
Every night on the news seeing what happened in Vietnam that day.
Men at first table. Anyone?
card catalog system and Dewey Decimal searches
Girls couldn't wear pants to school even if -25° out, or had gym class. (You cd pull temporary pants or shorts under skirt).
ours was the first class to be allowed to wear pants 1968 !
we girls could only wear pants in the winter until 1972 in Boston
wow we did that in Pittsburgh in 1969, I was a rebel haha
or whenever i was in 6th grade lol
I had a job delivering afternoon newspapers.
The time Alexander Butterfield revealed the existence of the White House's taping system
Watching credible news.
If you weren't available when the phone rang, you would never know that the person called you. They just had to try later.
Getting a Betamax for the superior picture quality. Paying to belong to a video library. @ThatEricAlper
Having to wait to call my friends because we were on a party line and the lady up the street was using the phone.
$20 is too much for 1 Christmas present pick something else.
"Hey Mikey, he likes it!"
No locker searches, cops, or dogs in school.
catching them hands for trying to get on the internet while dad was trying to make a call.
Telling the operator my name is 'library' on a collect call so my parents know where I am without me spending a quarter.
blow into the game cartridge, that should get it working again 🕹
What happened to "unwed mothers" & "illegitimate" children. They would not believe it.
How on 8-tracks, some songs had to be faded in and out to even run times.
My mini arcade Galaxian game.
playing records backwards for the devil worship messaging
"Be kind. Rewind."
Columbia House CD club
the TV channel that scrolled upcoming shows. if you turned it on and missed your station you waited &!listened to hold music
that was only like 10 years ago! Maybe cheap cable services still have it...
washing clothes in a wringer washing machine; having only channels 3,6,10,12; UHF
The WTC was a better tourism visit than the Empire State Bldg., b/c acrophobes could look out from the indoor observatory.
party line phones
The song on the other side of that 45.
research trip to the Library of Congress for microfilm of newspapers and VHS copies of archival footage.
Up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A, B start (Select start for 2 players)
my school lunch was cooked--fresh veg/fruit/balanced/from scratch, by cafeteria ppl who could cook & every school did it.
time and temperature.
researching using microfiche. Omg. Horrible
Buying a computer, using it with just a keyboard for a year, and finally springing for a mouse.
Standong Pay phone
tv used to go off when i was little. literally. tv used to be on stand by for hours after a certain time at night
filmstrip projectors in school
Your slip is showing.
everyone going silent when an answering machine picked up. Not even sure it was possible for callers to hear inside the house
Filmstrips in school. And most of them were 20 years old. If they rolled in the actual movie projector, the place went nuts.
Having to wait for this month's "Teen Beat" to find out who your celebrity crush is dating.
Running out of eraser tape on your typewriter.
turning the tv to channel 3 to play the game. Actually screwing the game in the back of the TV.
RT @ThatEricAlper Without revealing your actual age, what something you remember that if you told a younger person they wouldn't understand?
3 tv channels, uhf, & no remote control.
Call waiting kicking you off the internet.
all Mary Kate and Ashley everything!
busy signal when making a phone call.
if you let the phone dangle by the cord and spin, the cord won't kink up
phones that are connected to a wall.
I was gonna go with Punky Brewster, but someone didn't get Strong bad emails yesterday. I dunno.
The checkbook and hand-tracked register keeping track of account balance in your hip pocket without Snapchat.
big bags of crappy weed with stems and seeds
getting up to turn the channel on the television
making it "a Blockbuster night"
The only way to play video games together was to be together in the same room.
dragging a phone with a cord all over the house
the "awkward makeup" phase of adolescence. 13 y/o can contour now
MTV use to play videos all day.
not calling someone past 10:00pm unless it was urgent.
waiting for a song to come on the radio and hitting record to capture it for a mix tape.
Turntables with a 78 setting.
using a rotary phone, inserting a floppy disk. Opening a car window by cranking the handle.
lol. Playing electric football.
10p piece for a phone call!
Deciding the Saturday morning cartoon line-up taught us kids democracy and fairness.
#BlastsFromThePast: Rotary telephones, Walter Cronkite, bipartisanship, Democracy, @GOP that put nation before party. @ThatEricAlper
to research a paper, I had to go to the library, open a book & look thru microfiche. MICROFICHE
Rewinding movies.
I Remember Nixon @ podium saying "...deserve to know if your leader is a crook." #resist #impeach #notmypresident
Blue Chip stamps.
having only 3 TV channels
listening to my brother's draft number being called for Vietnam from our kitchen radio.
Calling someone from a pay phone to apologize for being late to watch a show that comes on at a particular time.
CD's were originally packaged and sold in cardboard boxes twice the size of the CD jewel case just because.
My father coming home and me rushing to tell him that the president was shot. Didn't really understand just knew it was on TV
I could use the phone to dial POPCORN to get the correct time to sync my watch and clock. Costed 💰. @ThatEricAlper
Without revealing your actual age, what something you remember that if you told a younger person they wouldn't understand?
ME watching Watergate hearings on a black and white TV. WITHOUT even a remote control to get the other two channels!
Walking home for lunch from my grade school with nuns.
I grew up in rural Alberta + we had to share a phone line with 2 other households. Didn't get our own phone line until 1987.
When someone got a new car, it was customary to toss a few coins in for good luck - or for an emergency phone call.
TV actually signing off at night.
put this SWV cassingle in your Walkman
Our middle school now owns 6 Apple computers!
Sega does what Nintendon't.
the gas station attendant
adjusting the antenna
look it up in the encyclopedia
55mph speed limit on the interstate but being able to drink a cold beer while driving.
seatbelts optional
my dad saying "where's the clicker"? Cuz the remote control for the tv actually made a clicking sound when you pushed buttons
Holding the tin foil on the rabbit ears to get clear reception on a TV station.
we used to go to AAA to get custom made maps for long driving trips. They would highlight the whole route for you.
Reading the morning edition of the daily paper-printed newspaper and then the evening edition as well.
getting my very own disposable cam to take to summer camp and rushing home to get them developed at Walgreens .
The Beatles Fan Club: 99 cents to join and that was a lot!
Having to find my car in a theme park parking lot without keyless entry/alarm.
That smell after making copies on the ditto machine.
Palm Pilot
putting aluminum foil on the TV antenna.
78 rpm records were thick and heavy
Warren Beatty was handsome and cool
Pay phones, long distance, collect calls, and roaming charges.
records, maps, phones attached to the wall
world book
Ripping out Swabbie tags
in elementary school we had "slave day" where one kid would own another. Just for fun!
Not knowing exactly what time it was because I was outdoors and forgot to wear a watch.
The relationship between these two.
Tapings favorite songs off the radio. Justice League on TV
Digging for a dime to make a phone call.
OR calling collect.
No phone. No tv. No car. Sat around the radio for the weekly Lone Ranger, Henry Aldrich, Molly Goldberg. In Boston!
Our ring on the party line is one long one short.
people used to be able to smoke everywhere
The San Francisco Treat
"It's 10 o'clock. Do you know where your children are?"
renting media from blockbuster.
dancing with my dad to Spanish Harlem by Ben e king on a transistor radio in the summer windows open to let in a hot breeze
What it felt like to wrap the spiral phone cord around your finger, while talking on the basement phone to your best friend.
smoking on airplanes
Playing a 33 at 45.
TV was in b&w, had no remote and we only had 2 channels.
we use the term "weather by Sybil" in reference to fluctuations of 30-60 degrees in a day. My assts don't get the reference
Drs, Nurses, visitors and patients smoking at the nurses station
My Tamagochi died because I always forgot to feed it.
don't pick up the phone I'm doing homework.
getting on my bike, riding to the library, getting an encyclopedia to look up information
An answering machine with a cassette tape inside. Or just a cassette tape.
parents arguing over cost of long distance calls on phone bill
How to dial a rotary phone. Walking across the room to change the TV to 1 of the 3 channels we got. Playing 33 1/3 at 45 RPMs
I had to manually tune the channels on my Betamax vcr using a thumb screw.
That Obama was a POS president
Actually wind up the window.
Seven-digit telephone numbers.
writing down directions and/or memorizing all of your friends home phone numbers
Seattle Mariners playoff baseball
emergency breakthroughs on a landline phone
scavenging for rotten onions. @ThatEricAlper
Once upon a time there were no cell phones.
Me and my dad used to listen to 8-tracks in his Volkswagen Thing.
getting up to change the tv channel; looking something up in the actual dictionary
Melissa's were the coldest joints ever during their era.
Cursive handwriting, the Dewey Decimal System, rabbit ears and foil.
Being too scared to watch Micheal Jackson's Thriller video before bed.
roll down car windows with a handle
Rotary knob Tvs
using a pencil to manually rewind a cassette to preserve the batteries of my portable tape player
operators, lol
Busy signal when trying to call someone.
That distinct set of noises your modem makes before connecting.
Searching for dimes for the phone
Pre-ordering Pac Man for Atari.
fixing a cassette tape that won't play by inserting a pencil in the reels & turning until the tape is back on track.
a person knocking on the door selling Encyclopedias Then using them to do your homework!
fax machines
This...situation lol
if worked pretty well tho! Once I got an iPod I was sad I didn't still have a tape deck to use with it
Right before the news, an announcement "It's 10 o'clock do you know where your children are?"
70's CALGON commercial
making the hand-crank-lower-the-car-window motion.
Watching Vietnam fall on television.
4 channels on TV, making mix tapes from radio, parents leaving restaurant number with babysitter, circling in xmas catalog @ThatEricAlper
I remeber when hating Nazi's wasn't seen as a 'liberal view'
I was rewinding a Disney VHS while Robert Kardashian was reading OJs suicide note. My parents immediately were glued to TV
regular annual airings of Sound of Music and The Wizard of Oz.
rotary telephone?
you had 1 phone that you had to dial - not push button
Captain Planet is a hero, gonna take pollution down to zero!
Encyclopedia Brittanica. A-Z box set
75 baud modems. 360 KB floppy disks.
The Dewey Decimal System
Realizing you made the wrong decision to record your fave TV show on Beta.
You made the wrong decision to buy the Betamax machine instead of VCR
Bullentin Board Systems, Basic Programming, & using encyclopedia & National Geographic magazine to research school reports.
"Get all the sports news in-stant-ly, dial 9-7-6-1-3-1-3."
Presidents who didn't trust Russia
Cigarette butts on the floor of the supermarket.
3-2-1 Contact
Playing the Home version of Pong with my dad.
Waiting by the phone.
answering machines, busy signals, call forwarding, STAR 69!!!
Get the case of 45s out!
Being told in gym class that we could go home for the day because JFK had just been assassinated.
am eye see, kay he why, am oh you as he.
listening to my sister's eight track tape player.
carrying quarters for payphones, DTMF playback devices for answering machine access, answering machines.
Television stations used to sign off the air at the end of a day.
Watching test patterns on TV screen (before I could tell time) while waiting for first show of the morning to begin
Playboy not being behind the counter or wrapped in plain paper.
Rotary dial phones.
A calculator. 4 functions plus percentages. 32 bucks and big enough to be a doorstop.
we spent an entire summer in Ireland's country side with no tv's, phones or computers when I was a kid and had a blast!
Listening to "The Flying Purple Eater" on my transistor radio.
Waiting for the TV or radio to warm up.
Pull tabs on soda and beer cans
Party line telephone
The whole class in school listening with rapt attention the 7th game of the World Series on a AM radio.
there was once a thing called a "retirement age"
prank phone calls
Phones on a party line.
"Put the lime in the coconut and drink it all up."
The quote in Nixons Book "In the Arena"
Referencing Theodore Roosevelt in his resignation speech.
using Print Shop to and dot matrix printers to make birthday banners.
Marathons weren't done on your couch, in your pajamas, during a rainy weekend.
Smoking sections in restaurants
when the National Anthem played at the end of the broadcasting day and then nothing but snow on tv (static, kids).
omg I had forgotten about that! That meant I'd stayed up WAY too late!
when there were no "snow days," at my school. oh it still snowed, a lot. you still went to school but there were no buses.
using scotch tape to secretly record the albums I wanted (Gn'R/Violent Femmes) over cassettes I was allowed to have.
At the Title Screen press Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, Start.
Evel Knievel trying to jump a canyon in a rocket propelled bathtub.
Catching a bushel of blue crabs in <1 hour...in canal down the road...with old chicken neck bait, cotton string, and a net
no microwaves, no cell phones, no computers, no internet and having to read newspapers for information.
Blowing a @NintendoAmerica to get it to work properly. #Nostalgia #ThoseWereTheDays
We used to record songs off the radio on a separate cassette recorder.
Third form math problems using Pounds, Shillings and Pence
I've watched a Pittsburgh Pirates World Series game.
using a pay phone after going to movies with friends, to call my mom to pick me up.
Columbia record and tape club.
Responding to a classified job ad with a typed and mailed cover letter and resume. And getting the job.
having to wind up cassette tapes that got scrambled while playing
BR549 the phone number of Junior Samples car dealership on Hee-Haw
Mix tapes, recorded off the radio.
finding a pencil so I can get my music working again...
asking parents for a new set of encyclopedias
The distortions (snow, mirror images) that could happen with analog TV signals. Different from the way digital TV distorts.
being jealous of the rich kids that had an extra phone line in their bedroom.
having to search for the right map out of the dozen in the glove compartment to find out how to get somewhere.
RT @ThatEricAlper Without revealing your actual age, what something you remember that if you told a younger person they wouldn't understand?
I'm 44 and have no idea on that yellow thing
renting a VCR and a VHS movie at the video store
I had the rockin under dash cassette player from Radio Shack in my 65 Chrysler with co-ax speakers
laser disc movies
Watch MTV at 6PM. All the great new music videos are being premiered!!
push a button on your high-tech watch - to get it to display the time!
candy cigarettes
Making a plan with someone on the phone a week prior and that person actually showing up.
"party line" phone service
Pagers were cool as shit.
A time when you could disagree politically without being told you should die in a fiery car crash.
The feeling you got standing at the observation deck of the World Trade Center.
Learning how 2 write with a fountain pen. Got my first set of markers at 12. Having to leave 🏠2 make phone call at publ. 📞
party line phone systems.
Going to a library to look up something, using a book called a "dictionary" & learning "penmanship" in school. #PlusGrammar
turning two knobs and adjusting rabbit ears to get a good picture on television.
wonderballs use to be cool
getting permission to stay up late to watch a movie on TV, because you had no other way to see it, ever.
"snap that spindle into the record so we can play it" ... Huh?
playing records backwards rarely yielded those promised secret messages, but it was fun
Waiting for the afternoon paper to arrive, so I could read box scores and find out who won yesterday's games
The Star Spangled Banner would play before the TV stations would sign-off overnight.
Having the kitchen timer set to 10 minutes so you could talk on the house phone 2 your friends, then it was your sisters turn
One of the millennials in my office didn't know who Duran Duran was and mispronounced it 😂😂😂
ginormous tube black and white TV that got five channels and I was the remote control. Dad watched Huntley and Brinkley news.
Calling a 1-900 number on Christmas Eve to find out where Santa was.
Cartoons being on TV on Saturday mornings only, and only 3 stations to watch them on.
"I'd like to make a long distance call and charge it to my home phone."
college parietals
recording top 40 every week to make mixtape. Gotta listen for that 'click' to flip the tape
penny candy
School principal coming to my classroom to tell us JFK had been assassinated.
the Complicated process of recording a cassette mixtape
Pink princess phones and gas for 32 cents/gallon.
Talking on the phone? Solely confined to the kitchen. Watch for the lurkers.
"Operator, can you help me make this call? BR8-7240
calling a local number to hear a recording of the time and temperature.
Arguing about who was going to get up and walk across the room to change the channel.
calling "The line" with my bestie on the 3 way lmaooo
Writing letters on paper. And penmanship mattered.
Newspapers coming out morning AND evening. two editions a day to keep up with news.
Laser discs were "a thing"....
My sister and I kept taking turns playing Robin and the Sheriff.
hearing my mom yelling at me while recording Heart to Heart on my tape recorder. Love that show. Wanted to be a journalist.
having to do a research paper using encyclopedias and micro phish
typewriters, cell phones the size of bricks, dialing into to get the Internet, alright I've said enough!!
Garbage Pail Kids. Cool question Eerie Eric!
I have a vague recollection of that...
Our "phone number" was three longs and two shorts. (Missouri 1940s)
I had to explain "loose lips, sink ships" to a millennial.
That I charged $1/hr to babysit regardless of how many kids were involved. Then I'd buy 45s. Pfunk, Commodores, 💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻
Using a pair of pliers to change the tv channel
I graduated from college never touching a computer.
a big black Bakelite rotary wall phone with a long cord. I was taught how to climb up and dial 0 for an emergency - no 911
cleaning the tape heads on a tape recorder
World Book versus Britannica
Gas - 26 cents per gal. One lb of pot - $150. Those were the days my friends...
learning to read and write cursive
following an actual road map
calling your home voicemail from another phone when you were out to see if a boy you liked left you a message
trying to find out who was sharing my party line
Consulting the Encyclopedia Britanica for information....
waiting for the person on the party line to hang up
A Republican president created the EPA (Nixon)
Cross-country job hunting: a friend mailed me newspaper want ads, and I'd go to the post office to look up zip codes.
*car * battery
a CB in the family station wagon
Staying home from school to watch the Apollo 8 launch.
in 1972 PBS broadcast the world chess championship with Bobby Fischer vs Boris Spassky and people WATCHED
Making plans with someone hours or days in advance and showing up on time w/o text/phone call for confirmation.
how and why a cassette tape and number 2 pencil are compatible
Girls being required to wear dresses to school.
school safety drills, duck and cover in case of A bomb, hiding under our desks.
Pullout stereos and why they couldn't be left in the dash
Cutting grass with a swing blade and reel mower.
keeping your cell phone battery in the trunk cause it was the size of a cat battery & just as heavy. And it didn't take pics
A popular tv character's catch phrase was 'Just the facts, ma'am'. Facts!
Musicians who played analog instruments instead of technology. #hahaha #wentthere #saltyoldman
Their were these things called radio bands, AM & FM...wait, there were these things call radios...
Having 7 VCR tapes labeled Mon-Sun so we could record TV w/low risk of taping over or losing programs.
"look it up": meant hauling out the 10-lb dictionary, or a volume of the Encyclopedia
There was no EPA.
My parents not letting me go to the park because there were hippies there.
being one of millions of people that watched The Day After on ABC and the feeling of unease in school the next day.
You could call a crush and hang up when they answered...and they'd never know it was you. @ThatEricAlper
It was a normal occurrence to hear sonic booms during the day.
Having my father ask me to turn the TV to channel 2 so he could watch Gun Smoke.
1-900 numbers See Also: running your mom's phone bill up..
That TV Stations signed off...some at Midnight or so.
Vacuum tube testing machines at Woolworths
taping a quarter on the arm of the record player
Party line telephone
tweaking the rotary dial on a cable box to steal premium channels
Payphones, rotary phones, party lines, answering machines and dial up modems.
Pulling Gant Tags!!
Duck and cover drills at school to protect ourselves from nuclear bombs. Seriously.
how amazing Elvis really was
Rewinding an audio cassette tape using a pen.
My dad and grandparents lived in the country and had a party line when I was a teenager.
Watching Thriller when it first aired. And being freaked out by it!
Yelling "Dynomite!" used to be a benign phrase & not at all fear-inducing...
Reading the "thank yous" on the back of album covers.
The best night of television was on CBS. On Saturday night. And if you missed it, you missed it.
Transistor radio under the pillow to fall asleep as a kid.
using a slide rule in school So ingenious and so obsolete Look it up kids
Knot's Landing
Bicentennial Minutes on CBS
Rewind fee 50 cents
Anyone said black n white TV? Or ... TV ... !
Journalism & MSM was quite unbiased. They reported facts as-is. Didn't change the narrative to push a particular ideology.
Zmodem changed everything.
taking physical books on a long car ride. Dorm rooms with only 2 power outlets.
Getting up early one Saturday to watch a new network (ABC, CBS, NBC) channel come on TV for its first day of broad\casting.
What this outlet was used for @ThatEricAlper
TV shows that were designed to merely entertain--not advance a social agenda. Plus, comedy programs that were actually funny
I used to know all my friends phone numbers, mine included. Oh, and cassette recorder.
Looking East from Checkpoint Charlie...
I made a reference to WKRP in Cincinnati (Bailey)
Walking to school
and drank water from a garden hose. Had downhill races on bikes & skates. Knees were always skinned. Bee stings & poison ivy.
Instant Breakfast
Buying longer cords for the phone so you could have a private conversation.
Messenger bags. I've had to explain them plenty. It takes a while. 😂
Choose from only 6 careers; the 1st 4 were temps pending 5: k-6 teacher nurse, secretary, domestic. 5 Wife & Mother. 6: nun.
dad wants to watch a new tv show, get the wrench
Telephone in my home was a party line until junior year in college
learning about the 9/11 attacks between elementary band and my next class
Mimiographs and the purpleish-blue ink.
Bruce Jenner was a man
Can't wait to see "Ishtar." I hear that Dustin Hoffman and Warren Beatty are like never before.
September 11
our school gave 5 minutes of silence when JFK was assassinated
Not being allowed to wear jeans to public school.
Having only 3 networks, that you received over the air because cable didn't exist.
Using "white out" 2 correct typewriter errors. Using punchcards to write computer code. Having 2 go 2 library for research.
don't leave your sleeve of CDs in the passenger seat when you park your car
R.I.P. Jimmy Page
17 people at Christmas Dinner and ONE Phone line...
There was a product, that people bought, called Sun-In. It turned your hair the color of Trump's skin.
Party phone lines An emergency Dime in my Penny Loafers
ABC's after school specials and weekend specials
not being able to making a cell phone call when you were on a road trip in the middle of nowhere because you were "roaming"
I sent information on a page, through a Fax machine, over a telephone line.
Call the Weather.
We had to actually know our way around town.
Waking up hearing your parents crying. TV coverage of RFK assassinated.
Captain Kangaroo, cream rising in glass milk bottles, 10 cent Coke, 50 cent movies, black vinyl records, Juke boxes, Gemini.
A round telephone dial
floor pedal dimmer switch on cars
Maybe . . . 1) Learning to code using keypunch cards. 2) "Catch you on the flip side."
Raking your multicolor shag carpeting with a carpet rake that was really just a rake that stayed in the house.
or an actual map.
Look it up in the Encyclopedia.
Renting a VCR and a VHS movie at the video store.
You are such an Eddie Haskell!
Had to get off the sofa to change the tv channel.
actually go out and talk to people.
The Iran-Contra hearings.
We invited the whole street into our house to watch the first moon landing because we were the only ones with a colour TV.
Take the cartridge out, blow on it, and put it back in.
Mapquesting a location before you went & printing out the directions to take with you.
Suffering thru Love Boat on the off-chance that Roddy McDowall was playing the devil on Fantasy Island after.
Grandma had a party line
Separate dials on the TV for VHF and UHF stations.
At work, I wailed that Debbie Gibson was 45 years old. No one had ever heard of her. (She's 46 now, and Deborah)
"carry your sister's suitcase onto the plane for her"
Typing a paper on a typewriter hoping to God I didn't make a mistake bc never had correction ribbon, no "Undo" or "Save"
Carried alligator clips attached 2 telephone plug 4 unscrewed handset to connect to work computer in jack-less hotel rooms.
Having a cashier put the coins in my palm BEFORE handing me the bills. Not inconveniently the coins on top of the bills.
Family member accidentally clotheslines you with the phone cord.
aluminum foil on rabbit ears, needle nose pliers to use broken channel dial.
not knowing who was calling when the phone rang 👀
Recording TV shows on an audio cassette so I could listen to them later.
Having to find a payphone to call someone when you were out and about.
we went outside after breakfast and came home for lunch. Then we were shooed back outside by moms who were cooking dinner.
The USA (both parties) developed science & technology w/ such zeal, that DARPA became a symbol 4 applied sciences. #climate
The hack I did at my first job saved almost 8K of memory and was the difference between the system working or crashing.
Paper dolls not stickers.
The heaven of Columbia House Records. 11 for 1 penny and 1.99 for the 12th.
Reading a book and enjoying it.
Only being able to use my cell phone on nights and weekends
smoking in movie theaters.
buying the Meco version of the Star Wars theme on a 45.
wonderful world of Disney Sunday nights
VHS tape rewinders.
UHF tv channels
Paula Abdul's career before American Idol.
Using your younger siblings as the remote control.
Going to the local video store and seeing the movies in both BetaMax and VHS.
Rotary phones and cassette decks
Smoking/Non-Smoking sections of restaurants. Filling out a slip & an LCBO Employee going to backroom to get your booze.
The series finale of MASH
calling long distance and also making a collect call.
Dialing a phone number used to require... you know, dialing
Putting two people on the moon was a moment of national pride, not a billionaire's hobby.
Actual paperboys on bikes
Checking for change in pay phones.
cartoon that asked you to draw on the tv.
Having no security at all to get on a plane. But having to go through security to pick up your luggage.
Cartoons were only on from 8-12 Saturday mornings
"Dude, I got a 747 and I'm bout to take off"
racism by @POTUS used to be frowned upon.
Going in the house when the lights came on and knowing this was about to happen because of the buzzing sound they made
make sure you rewind the tape before returning it.
beepers were something carried by doctors, drug dealers, prostitutes, and eventually teenagers
I cannot TELL a young person anything. I have to text it. 😉😀
Only having six or seven channels on the television to choose from.
Getting the metallic swimming pool season passes & mum wld sew them into our bathers. #Australian thing, maybe. #ShowYourAge
The first supergroup was POWERSTATION.
laser and floppy discs
Acomrdian named Dave Chappelle had a sketch comedy show that changed the world
Just read all the answers & realize that everyone on here is younger than my kids. @ThatEricAlper
"The Day After"
And, "be kind, rewind".
Rage at my Saturday morning cartoons being pre-empted by signing of Vietnam peace pact.
corded phones and TV remotes that actually go "click" 😎
A phone number that starts out... JAckson 5.. (yes, that's what we had).
Learned to type on a mechanical typewriter.
you could dial popcorn and find out what time it was
33 1/3 records
carbon paper. White Out.
be kind please rewind
RT @ThatEricAlper Without revealing your actual age, what something you remember that if you told a younger person they wouldn't understand?
records on the back of cereal boxes
45 rpm records.
I remember when women were treated as sex objects and they had to fight to be taken seriously.
And I don't mean coke
A house with ONE PHONE that was FIXED TO THE WALL> couldn't go farther than 4 ft from it AND whole family answered/shared it
playing a bar, 3 nights in a row, 3 forty five minute sets, packed bar, good paycheque.
Seeing a "Colored Water Only" sign when we moved to Florida, & thinking it meant the water would be blue, or red, or green.
no seat belts in cars. People smoking everywhere (including airplanes, restaurants and movie theaters).
there are 4 on our party line.
Yelling "POW" repeatedly at the TV while on the phone, after being selected by local TV to "play" video pinball on the air.
Water fountains designated White and Colored.
getting milk out of a metal box on our doorstep in the mornings.
how to 'edit' a paper with a manual typewriter (start over from the beginning)
I’m too young to play
smoking in hospital room
the 10 cent candy bar
Actually saving to have the cash-money to buy something you wanted. IOW - no #creditcards! Buying a car via #hirepurchase
The entire concept of privacy Only those of us who experienced it miss it, and grasp what was lost.
the Republican Party is sane and rational. Oh wait, that preceded my birth by a bit.
Ordering sea monkeys via an ad in an Archie's Comic Book.
Trying to be the tenth caller to win a prize on a radio station... Using a rotary phone.
bicentennial quarters
you actually went outside to play
Milk delivered to our door, scooped cream from the top. Ice man delivered ice, wore a leather apron and scared all us kids
For my Mr. Potato Head, you had to get a real potato from Mom to stick the eyes, mouth and other parts onto.
We put a man on the moon before we put wheels on luggage...
If you wanted to buy or sell something, you placed an ad in the classifieds.
Waiting in line for a pay phone.
that people used aol!! Oh...wait.
dating men off the internet is dangerous
Having to physically get up to change between 4 channels on a TV the size of a stove
Let's go to the record store. They have those new 8 track tapes there now.
Spirit duplicating
taking tests on mimeograph paper
The stereo was 4 ft wide, 2.5 feet tall and had a radio, record player, and an eight track.
cursive handwriting skills test
a computer was the brain of that robot from Lost in Space: "Danger, Will Robinson!" Or what the Star Fleet talked to.
Waiting to use the phone because one of the neighbours was on the party line.
phone cords that kept your conversations anchored to a wall.
The points on my ride are bad and need to be replaced.
Republicans were fiscal conservatives, not just tax cutters.
Putting a pen into one hole of a cassette tape, and turning it to re-spool the tape.
water in Spain giving you the runs...
car windows roll down with a crank. You unlock door with a key.
Card catalogs at the library rather than computers; renting VHS tapes.
$.25/minute for long distance calls.
nucleons hadn't condensed yet
Dial-up tone.
Telex/TWX machines.
If you called someone and they weren't home, you just had to try again later.
Going to the store to test tubes from your TV. :-/
The sound and smell of a mimiograph machine
Stretch Octopus.
"Snow" on your TV
Be kind: please rewind.
TV stations going off the air at midnight with the national anthem followed by a test pattern w/a hum until morning.
Gotta run over to return the coke bottles
leaning out the living room window to rotate the tv antenna in order to pick up a different channel.
Hmmm...carbon paper? Typewriter ribbon? Punched cards? Paper tape? Slide rule? Hand drill?
you used to watch television without knowing when you would be able to see that episode of that show again; it might be years
the sound of a 56k modem when you would "finally" connect to the internet :)
"It's racist to judge people on the colour of their skin."
Without revealing your actual age, what something you remember that if you told a younger person they wouldn't understand?
When I went to use the phone & picked up, I could hear my neighbor talking to someone and I had to wait until they were done.
Two or more neighbor households with one line, though different numbers.
That brown box with lots of buttons used to change the TV channel
what would you do with a Cassette and a pen?
waiting a week or more to get photos back from the developer
Gee, Your Hair Smells Terrific.
The test pattern on the TV with the Indian head...
"house phones" ...with an answering machine.
my house phone was a "party line" (and rotary).
the nervousness, anticipation, and worry about Y2K during December 1999
Pharmacist making house calls and delivering your medicine
If you couldn't remember the other movie that actor was in, you had to call everyone you knew to find the answer.
paper cones in metal holders for soda fountain
If you didn't see the movie in theaters or the one night it was on TV, then that movie was lost to you for all eternity.
slap bracelets, trapper keepers, & Zack Morris phones
keep a pencil in your car to make sure you can listen to your mix tape
Riding my bike behind the mosquito fogging truck.
1) the VCR 2) that some had remote controls with a wire
Reply to @ThatEricAlper Doing research for a paper at the school library using microfiche.
Milk being delivered to the house
with lots of "cream" stuck to the lid!
you have to blow it before you put it in
TV went off-the-air after a certain hour at night.
keeping a pencil next to the cassette deck...to wind the tape back up.
Ink wells in your desk at primary school.
"Please be kind, rewind"
3 channels on tv (we lived near Canada so we had a 4th) and a party line on our landline phone (shared line w/ neighbor)
Raiding the Chopeaca tribe off the coast of Belize.
I Have The Power!!!
Catch phrases from TV shows from days gone by: "I know nothing!" And "Sorry about that chief."
S&H Green Stamps
blowing a cartridge to make the game work
Using a pencil to fix a cassette tape.
Retyping a paper because it had too many errors.
"Same bat-time, same bat-channel"
Blowing on cartridges. Alternatively, Game Genie.
We had a party line telephone, so sometimes we'd go to make a call, but someone else was on and we'd have to wait
my first computer had no hard drive
We used to run lighting across state lines...Oh wait...that's what I was told...
This is an important thread
Recycling being a new thing.
Smoking on a plane.
Go turn the TV on so it can warm up.@ThatEricAlper
Restrooms and water fountains labeled "Colored".
The dates of the American Revolution, Civil War, World War I, World War II, and where in the world slavery has been practiced
This is called a cassette tape. You listen to music on it, but it involves rew, ff, turning it over, and sometimes a pencil. ;)
National anthem, station sign-off, then test-pattern
a phone tied to the wall with a springy spiral cord
The anguish of forgetting your money on scholastic book day.
Neighbor's mom spanking you for doing something wrong.
the American flag waving with the anthem playing when channels were going off the air
goddammit, Brady!
Line numbers in programming: GOTO 10 @ThatEricAlper
Without revealing your actual age, what something you remember that if you told a younger person they wouldn't understand?
We can rebuild him...
the tv test pattern after the national anthem and the concept of being excited to get a tv with UHF
playing sick so I could stay home from school to watch Game 7 of the 1955 World Series Dodgers v Yankees.
Your mom stretching her arm out across the passenger seat when braking so the kid doesn't go flying through the windshield.
My dad making me get up to fix the horizontal hold.
The internet came in the mailbox.
you had to rewind blockbuster videos before you could return them. Otherwise you'd be fined.
Drive-in movies. (I miss them so much)
8-track tapes.
Odd/Even license plate gas rationing.
fixing a broken cassette tape
nobody use the phone, I need to use AOL.
getting up to turn the channel/knob on the tv
Stoop ball with a Spaldeen.
*hands them a pencil and cassette tape*
teacher using analog overhead projector
making the payphone at Pizza Hut "ring back" (special prefix+last 4 digits, hang up 3x), while parents were visiting at table
LogoWriter. GD I was learning to code in elementary school in Indiana in the mid-eighties and now I schlep advertising
buying cigarettes from a vending machine
"Makin' their wayyyy the only way they know how..."
"rotary phone"
Work with several people that had never seen The Great Escape, or heard of Steve McQueen
Rotary dial telephones.
Party lines? Being able to pick the phone up (yes it was black and wired into the wall) and listen to the neighbours gossip.
thin blue air mail paper and white red and blue airmail envelopes
Studying the pages of the Eatons catalogue for the toys you want for Christmas.
And laughing at the pictures of men in their Stanfield underwear standing around a fireplace smoking pipes.
Not to mention ads on TV for K-Tel records. All the greatest hits, all the greatest stars.
"Don't touch that dial"
no air conditioner: in school, on buses, in family car, etc
8 track tapes
that there was a time when you had to call an operator to make a long distance call. 😀🤣
That awesome feeling showing up to your local Best Buy on CD release day..
One phone in the house that was attached to the kitchen wall, and every discussion public. Party lines in rural areas...
Riding the bus by myself at 10 years old
party line phones in a rural town.
Living in Alabama, buying calling cards to have a relationship with a girl from San Francisco that I'd met in Atlanta 😂
I love the smell of napalm in the morning.
My high school had a student smoking section. You could be 14 years old and light up before class with adult supervision.
person-toPerson telephone calls.
Smoking allowed on commercial airplanes. People's Express had a non-stop flight from DCA to SRQ
Riding in the back of a pickup truck
When I was a kid, I'd walk places by myself and no one knew exactly where I was or could get in touch with me.
When the American flag and the National Anthem signaled that you couldn't watch TV anymore that night.
Pen friends - making friends on holiday & staying in touch by writing letters - having stationery sets, paper, envelopes
Here. . . wind my watch.
Listening to the "Quiet Storm" late at night.
Losing my last 45 RPM insert and having to wait until my parents could drive me to the record store to buy new ones.
Dr. Demento. Tubular Bells. Wolfman Jack. Mrs. Beasley.
being the remote control
Programming the damn clock on the VCR.
sitting next to the radio with my cassette recorder on pause waiting for my new favorite song to come on so I can record it
A mind is a terrible thing to waste.
Operation desert storm. Live On tv.
TV signing off @ midnight with the Star Spangled Banner
Get some quarters for the arm.
*makes dialup noise*
when the prez got a BEEJ oh yeah!
Trying to figure out how many rolls of film to buy when going on vacation.
"Smokimg or non-smoking?"
we used to have rotary dial telephones
Can't play my 45's, the needle on my record player broke.
Television going off the air at midnight.
Scholastic Book club deliveries in class
notching 5.25 inch diskettes with a hole-punch, so as to use / access the other side.
Being able to make prank phone calls at sleepovers, because there was no caller ID!
replacing a record needle; be kind, rewind; come home when the street lights come on; encyclopedias;
Doing library research via card catalog/periodicals index; typing a term paper (with footnotes), and carbon paper for a copy.
watching the first Indy 500 that was broadcast in color
Kid Dy-no-mite!!
Be Kind; Rewind.
tv before the invention of remote control
That and a token will get you on the subway
card catalogs at a library.
calling to find out movie session times
rotary phone
Record Stores that sold LP's Cassettes and CD's...
Pulling all the tubes out of the TV and taking them to the supermarket to test them.
a phone has a rotary dial.
ordering 10 CDs for a penny
8 tv stations abc, cbs, NBC, pbs, Ktla, kttv in LA
•rotary phones (a drag 2wait for higher numbers 2 spin back). •Waiting 4 the party line 2 open up 2 make a call. •No callr ID
•Long-distance charges. •7-digit phone number. Console TVs. •No microwaves. •Setting margins on a manual typewriter
Making plans with someone – then showing up to those plans on time – without constant communication in the interim.
"Danger Will Robinson, Danger Will Robinson"
flooring the gas pedal while turning the key to start a flooded car.
busy signals on landline phones.
grabbing women by the hair and dragging them back to the cave....
Seeing Michael Jackson turn into a werewolf and FREAKIN THE EFF OUT
Blowing in a cartridge to get it to work.
dude my kids try to swipe newspapers, magazines, and paper towels, I can tell them anything.
The feeling of opening your lunch bag to find Dunkaroos
Telling my brother to get off the other phone.
Smoking allowed on PanAm flights, Liquid Paper, the smell of pages fresh off the mimeograph machine
Wood-burning cats.
music on a 45 or 33 record
The first TV remote I used was made of metal & actually made a clicking noise (hence, we called it "the clicker")
Wait! Don't pick up the car keys! You'll change the channel!
"The quality goes in before the name goes on."
Listening to the song "Arizona" by Mark Lindsay while the American flag waves and then the tv goes to static.
Puffy stickers
Oily stickers
18- & 36-bit computers, "big" systems w/ RAM measured in KBytes, booting computers off tape, punch card bills, 300 baud
the felt board used at VBS
using a mimeograph
when you didn't know an answer to something, your parents said, go look in your #encyclopedia #Brittanica
there were actually people that sold encyclopedia sets! A good educational investment
they were door 2 door salespeople, can u imagine lugging around sets of #encyclopedias trying to sell them??
signed, Epstein's mother.
Just pull the disc over with your finger and use the hole punch here to make it double sided.
happened today. Danceteria.
TBS was all Tom and Jerry, all the time, from roughly 2 pm to 8 pm every day
Back in our day, we had to rewind a movie to watch it from the start!
Doing research for a paper at the school library using microfiche.
hearing a new song on the radio and that there is no way for you to find out what it was
videos had to be rewound before they were returned to the rental store.
S&H Green Stamps
I had to blow on video game cartridges in order to make sure three worked. If that didn't work, oh well...
US Astronauts flew in space
brown cable box on top of the TV with a different button for each channel
Being told through "the grapevine" that I needed to go home because my parents wanted me for something.
Why saying "Manual Sequence, the Spanish tenor" is a mildly amusing joke.
I used a selectric and mimeograph.
Always having a dime for a phone call, if needed.
getting squirrelly from your turn working the mimeograph machine
I'll get up to change the channel & the antenna in a minute
Don't touch that dial!
Sitting with my friend in front of my computer for three hours trying to download a movie trailer with a dial-up connection. 🙃
Just like the pilgrams did it.
BEING the TV's remote control for Dad
Being out all day without explicitly informing my parents of my exact whereabouts.
Anime, on VHS, 3-4 episodes per tape. $30.
call POP-CORN. At the sound of the tone, the time will be 8:30 and ten seconds. Boooooooooooooooooop.
My parents paid extra to the phone company for a private line because the"party line" always was busy.
“Is that freedom rock?” “yeah man” “well turn it up!”
record and pause for the info dump/hidden message
A White House ethics office.
I used to rent a VCR to watch movies at home
The Midnight Special
Renting typewriter at Kinkos to prepare my resume. Starting over with every typo.
Having to go turn the antenna to get TV reception when we changed to 1 of the 5 channels we got😂
People used to smoke cigarettes while shopping in the grocery store.
If we wanted to roll the windows down or up in the car we had to use this lever...
Chain letters (on actual paper)
Little white dot on TV on switch off.
walking on tarmac to get on plane, then up stairs.
wanna know the score of the game? Gotta wait til morning and see it in the paper...unless it was marked "Late"
Reagan Sold Cocaine lol
"B" side of a 45 record.
Booting up an IBM PC from a 5¼ inch floppy.
BJs in the Oval Office
Standing in line overnight outside Hecht Company to buy concert tickets.
Having to see a bank teller to withdraw/deposition money because there were no ATM's.
Getting the Toys R Us catalog in the mail after Thanksgiving and circling all the things I wanted for Christmas.
6 channels on the TV, all in black and white.
having someone fax you something at work; and getting it the next morning in inter-office mail
carrying change everywhere... in case you needed to make a call!
The ring tone on the phone at our cottage was one long and one short.
Chuppa Chups!
What's on "regular" tv?
Cracker Jacks will actual toys inside the box
taking only 1 picture with you and your friends
Deep Throat (either one)
What the "save" icon is a picture of.. And using one.
listening to 8 track tapes.
lol you're older than me! I remember cassettes though.
lol I'm a lot older than you. 😂
Go look it up in the card catalog.
having to stop at a pay phone cause Shawty beeped me
VHS tracking
making a collect call
card catalogs
Grabbing the newspaper from the recycle bin to look up movie times for a movie in a theatre without stadium seating.
i was already drinking when napster was invented
Putting quarters into phones to use them.
if you answered the phone you'd lose your Internet connection.
Hinterland Who's Who
Call waiting
sitting three people in the front seat of the car
Used to buy internet access by the hour.
having to wait until the next day to get the paper to check scores. Sometimes two days for West Coast games.
The joy of a new issue of "Computer Shopper" magazine.
Thursday at JMs. I would give them $1.50 and they would give me 15 Natural Lights. And that beer was just fine
Try explaining "Muskrat Love"
2005 World Champions
8 track tapes. In general
Cassette tapes and VHS.
I tried to explain pre-DVR network TV to my 8 year old and he was incredulous.
politicians used to have some ethical standards and gave an actual fuck about the people and tried to do the right thing
Drinking water from the hose
Smokers everywhere. In a plane, every restaurant, every office. EVERYWHERE.
Jeff and Pink Lady.
I need to record that song off the radio
Covering school books with brown paper sacks.
"Math is hard...Let's go shopping!"
Telethon to raise money for the Democratic Party.
People used to TALK on their phones! They weren't terrified of actual conversation!
drop drills in school
Tape recording songs off the radio.
Watching Nixon's resignation at day camp.
I used the library card catalog and index cards to hand write my research papers. Regular pen not a quill! lol!
waiting for the perfect part of the song to come on so you could record it for your ringtone
I once had to load computer programs from a cassette tape.
let me call and get directions
Only three tv networks
waiting for the annual showing of the Wizard of Oz
we used to be able travel through Europe with a visa
The smell of Ditto paper.
Road maps. World Book Encyclopedia. Wite Out. Leisure suits. Persimmon woods. Saturday morning cartoons. Courtesy. Civility.
Atari 2600 joysticks, Colecovision, MarioBros, and being allowed to stay up on Friday nights until TV "went off".
Staying up late for Don Kirshner's Rock Concert!
calling collect / knowing the numbers of your family & friends.
party line phone lines - you had to listen for your ring. Also u could pick up the phone and listen to other person's call
A milk box on the front step.
my discman has the radio tho
Three channels on TV.
No fancy ports on the family TV! We had to connect our game systems with screws!
When I was in 8th grade, the big issue at my public school in CT was whether girls would be allowed to wear pants to school.
Mom collecting glass insolators from highline wires
The draft during the Vietnam War.
MACOS (not MacOS)
Having to rewind cassette tapes with a pencil.
8 track tapes, Betamax, and Pong.
There is only one telephone company and they own your telephone.
Had to type in WIN to get to Windows.
Bread & milk deliveries. Fruit & veggie man driving past. Draft notices recd by neighbour's boy. Pounds Shillings & Pence.
Using the card catalog to look up books in the library.
"Where's the beef?"
library card catalogs
the card catalog at the library
Nonsmoking sections in restaurants.
you'd have to call your friends house with a house phone and talk to their parents first to reach them
That Bobby Ewing wasn't dead.
I got through my entire undergraduate program typing on a manual typewriter and just calling friends if I wanted to see them.
Getting news from news reels in movie theaters. Both pictures and sound!
Sometimes the phone was busy.
Republicans who were actually disgusted with their president for acting unethically.
hitting Radio Shack for diamond tipped needles for the record player
Someone once told me Betamax was cool.
how shocked we were when gas was over $1 per gallon
Good night and good luck
Getting ten hours of "mainframe" time at the computer center, per college semester. @ThatEricAlper
nothing. we have no wisdom or knowledge for you, just as they had none for us. live your own lives and do what you will.
the super long cardboard sleeves CDs were packaged in for a time. *I* still don’t understand.
they needed to be the same height as albums b/c of the way the retailers' shelves were originally built
In NYC, you could pay for almost anything (cab fare, groceries, drinks at the bar) with subway tokens.
As a kid, during the summer, I would spend the entire three months outdoors playing, swimming, hiking, etc.
"I'm a pepper, you're a pepper, we're a pepper, be a pepper too."
hours browsing/listening around a music store then spend $10 and walk out with the album that spoke most at that moment.
Watching the Iran-Contrahearings on TV during the day, and knowing Republicans were bad. Haven't changed since then.
"Be kind; rewind", porn on VHS, (hell, what "VHS" stands for!), test patterns on television.
who killed JR?
sign in Walmart: Proudly Made in America
making copies of encyclopedia pages at the library for a school report
Booking vaca at the AAA office, who provided stacks of folding paper maps with the route highlighted by hand. Mom as copilot😂
checking to see if anyone was on the party line or laundry detergent towels
I remember telling my preschool grandchildren that when I was their age there was no TV and their shocked looks.
Fuller Brush Man
there used to be no internet. We had books.
when calling LA from Orange County was considered calling long distance and I had to wait until 5pm for prices to drop
changing the TV channels with pliers cause the knob broke and getting off the couch to do it!
You are getting ready to marry a Narcissist!! You didn't know or recognize the signs. 30 yrs, new start!!
Being turned on to Beethoven by the NBC Nightly News.
being careful of taking pictures because you didn't want to waste film.
Challenger Explosion
Driving from different parts of the country to meet at an unfamiliar location at a certain time without cellphones.
My grade schooler doesn't believe most of the stories about my 1980s childhood.
Standing in a line (any line) and being forced to just stand there... and look at people... and think thoughts. It sucked.
an extra long telephone receiver cord that you could extend down the hall to have a semi-private conversation.
explaining rotary phones.
wearing white gloves to go shopping in a Boston
Seeing the first prototype of the airbag at the Detroit autoshow.
creating love letters by using a ton of R&B song titles and one-liners.
three words: after school specials.
going outside to play. Rotary phones. Dial up Internet. VHS. Passing notes in school. Pagers. No safety equipment.
Bill Cosby doing Picture Pages.
Encarta Encyclopedia 😀
phones had dials and were owned by the phone company. Families only had one and there were no answering macines
having to make elaborate and precise plans w/backups when meeting someone in a crowded public place
small glass boothes everywhere, you stepped inside and closed the door and for a dime you could make a phone call
No alcohol sales on Sunday
dial 411 to get a phone number
Practicing "duck & cover" in school.
Having to get up and physically change the channel on tv for my Dad.
A: Cd\games Dir *.exe Doom
Saturday. 6 years old. On the bike and gone early. Mom has no idea where I am for hours.
rotary phones and telephone cords.... and how the cords would get twisted and tangled!
party lines bc parents too cheap to pay for a dedicated line
owning and reading encyclopedias
having to factor in the speed of US Mail when you pay a bill
the cost of a Betamax recording machine
tight rolling jeans
The first time I heard the term Grid.
Or, being able to only work on one thing at a time on a computer: no windows
Playing hide and seek 😀
"Did you remember to tape the show so we can watch it later?"
National Geographic Boobs
How good the first spin of @jimmyeatworld's Bleed American was.
Getting up to turn the TV channel.
sunday afternoon, counting down till Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom
no idea if they still do this, but networks used to play their best cartoons on Saturday mornings.
Writing Graffiti on my Palm.
When the track skipped in the middle of a song on an 8 track tape.
Seeing the Challenger disaster live.
when I signal with my pointer finger in a circular motion, with my other fist to my ear, I'm asking you to "call me later"
can you change the tv channel using the dial
Calling TI6-1212 to get the exact time to reset the clocks after a summer thunderstorm power outage.
Looking things up in the yearly Almanac.
m I miss the sales on CD-RW..
looking up words in a pocket dictionary
Saturday morning cartoons.
Using the Dewey Decimal System to find a book in the library 😏
The liner ends extended in the front & back & looped thru a special girdle or waist band worn under garments.
pausing a pre-recorded song 1262829038 times just to write all the lyrics to learn the song.
Meeting people to go out and if they were more than 15 minutes late, you just went home.
Having to come home when the streetlights came on.
kids on the back of milk cartons
Changing TV channels by getting up and turning a knob wasn't so bad when there were only 4 channels.
You can only watch cartoons at certain times of the day, you have to remember your phone number and we had block parties.
Slide-rule. Changing TV channel with rotary dial on the TV set. Space-food Sticks. Smith-Corona cartridge typewriters.
Phone party lines and no call waiting.
Etch a sketch
The wierd sound of a dial-up modem & the joy when it connected
typing class on an actual typewriter
You could smoke any where except church and school
Zip drives, especially as requirement for higher-ed classes. Or, more broadly, Edsels.
That round plastic doohickey we used to wedge into the center of a 45 to be able to play it on the record player
Dial-up internet service!
Sitting in my car at work & listening to the radio so I could hear the OJ verdict.
Running behind the mosquito sprayer on Long Beach Island.
Captain Kangaroo
waiting for parents to go out so we could have a TV dinner!
You Can't Do That On Television
Not being able to buy grapes year round.
My phone number growing up was MArlboro-2-3456.
"We watched TV using these things called rabbit ears. Sometimes wrapped in tin foil to make them work."
having to go to the bank on Friday to withdraw your money for the weekend because the were no ATM's
Playing 8-track and cassette tapes. @ThatEricAlper
Free HBO weekends....cause parents couldn't afford cable
when all tv channels signed off at midnight. You where rich if you had a colored TV.
getting your fast food in styrofoam containers
We had Pay TV ..... (a TV you had to put a coin in for 2 hours viewing pleasure)
and a Pay Phone.... and Pay Electricity ... and Pay Gas ... and Pay Water
the anticipation of reading the newspaper
One small step for a man, one giant leap for Mankind.
having to fold and tear off the perforated sides on a document printed on a fancy dresser sized printer.
Recording a TV show or movie on audio cassette because that was all you had.
request a cheque to pay an invoice
Waiting until after 9pm to call long distance
Flavo-straws (chocolate or strawberry flavor in straw you used with 5 cent milk carton from milk machine)
Two sides to a video store: one for VHS, one for BETA.
Cautionary tale videos in school about how you shouldn't act up on the school bus or it will crash and everyone dies.
I had to replace a printer ribbon.
Being unable to use the phone and Internet at the same time.
I made a joke to my 18-yr-old about calling Time & Temperature. Even after a lengthy explanation, it made no sense to him.
get off the phone, I need to check Juno to see if I have any mail
The 'Pirate Bay' of olden days was libraries
Having to bookmark a bunch of different search engines bc they each had their own different shortcomings.
CB radios and convoys!
the smell of "ditto" pages at school, and the blue ink that would stain your fingers if they were still warm.
Loving the smell of fresh dittos in the classroom.
That time when they stopped making red M&Ms
My Dad asking me to change the channel on the Television, for him, because He said so!
a picture with circles and arrows and a paragraph on the back if each one .
When pizza delivery first became a "thing" and when Dominoes used to have a "30 mins or less" guarantee.
Patty mayonnaise was a brown girl with yellow hair
I had to buy books of blank character sheets and hex paper to play D&D
spending an entire party arguing with someone about some basic fact
Eric Estrada in Chips. My crush on Latino men can be traced directly back to him.
getting off the couch to turn the channel / dial on the television. Only 4 channels, rabbit ears & cartoons only Sat AM.
waiting for 6 pm news
making collect calls via an operator
having to get up to change the channel and it was a dial.... 3 channels only. Also not paying for cable.
the two sections of the video store, vhs and the smaller beta max section.
visiting the library in person
That's Incredible!
That you mouth off in class and you get the paddle. The smart ones even drilled holes in it to increase velocity. Ah the good ol' days.
card catalogs
M.I.A. is a girl from school.
around midnight, tv stations would sign off by playing the national anthem I would stand up for it, even if I was alone
That we call it "dialing" because phones used to have an actual dial you had to use
The national anthem playing before a TV station signed off for the night.
The smell of the papers teachers handed out in class that were just copied.
Green Stamps
back in the day, I did research by looking up index cards in a library
The mimeograph machine. I don't know how it worked or what it looked like, but I totally remember how it made paper smell.
Three on the tree.
only 4 channels #savePBS
I watched the university of tennessee beat The University of Alabama in a football game.
As a family, playing PacMan on the Atari attached to the one TV set - passing the joy stick back and forth.
rewind the tape before returning it
walking friends on a plane and hanging out until flight was ready to depart.
- An unbiased media. A Hollywood that was proud of America.
Filling up my floppy and not being able to access my term paper.
When tv went off the air at midnight playing the national anthem.
"Go east" "The mountains are impassable"
Rotary phone with a party line & a phone # that begins with two letters, & manual typewriters that make your pinkies hurt.
Rush'n Attack was a game that didn't include WikiLeaks or foreign Ambassadors and in the end USA won
Do you have a stamp?
Dewey Decimal System - anyone use it anymore? Flipping through drawers of cards to find the location of the book u need
Listening to Led Zeppelin in my room; my mother breaking in screaming, "I can't take that guitar!"
Before cell phones, you had to make a mobile call from a pay phone and it used to cost a quarter per domestic call.
and during said call you would be speaking to someone who may or may not care...🤔
How about when we used to be the remote. Hehe
Some of them even had phone books dangling down
Getting up to change the channel.
Dialing up a local BBS and spending most of an hour downloading one VGA porn picture at a time.
When Andre the Giant wrestled Hulk Hogan at The Main Event.
winding up loose cassettes with a no. 2 pencil
spinning the phone receiver by the cord to untangle it.
Wing windows and drive-in trays.
Skirm's Smoke Shop on Palmer Sq. That is where we bought our "papers" in the mid 60's.
Only 4 channels on tv, and it was in black and white.
Using a bent index card to manually gimmick the cable box to get HBO.
Rabbit ears for UHF
Watching the Bob Hope Christmas Special to see the College FB All-Americans.
Calling back because the line was busy.
I broke the law using the wrong bathroom in Florida.
I was more interested in this.
without tin foil, rabbit ears cannot give you a proper picture.
Waiting at Blockbuster for someone to return the video you were waiting on.
Using microfiche for research
I had to explain America Online to students today. Thanks, @VP 😑
stepping on a button on the floor of the car to turn on high beams
Using a 3-minute timer to measure when to end a long-distance call. (Flat rate for 1st 3 minutes; then per-minute charge.)
You told a live person the 3 or 4 digit phone no. you wanted to call. The struggle was real.
World Book Encyclopedias and research in the library. Oh and microfiche.
Birdie num-nums.
change the channel!!
My high school had a smoking lounge.... for students.
taking good care of your tamagotchi
a busy signal
Readers' Guide to Periodical Literature
WLS Chicago playing the top 40 for the year on NYE. Number 1 just before midnight
Looking through the week's TV guide desperate for anything good to watch. Setting VCR timer to tape it. @ThatEricAlper
whaaaaat is this about
Without revealing your actual age, what something you remember that if you told a younger person they wouldn't understand?
Bellowing into a speakerphone. Bellowing into any phone.
when computers didn't have hard drives and you had to boot them up with floppy discs that were actually floppy
Candy cigarettes.
get a newspaper so we can see what time the movie is playing.
hiding the power light to our Nintendo games or mom would walk in & turn it off & we'd lose everything & have to start over!
Helm's Bakery Trucks
'I'll be seeing you subsequently.'
Telephone "Party Lines"
Music going out of print and being unable to find it anywhere
only 5 TV stations and none were on after 1 am
waiting patiently for the once a year airing of The Wizard of Oz on TV
That I used to watch movies on huge 12inch floppy discs
Girls had to wear dresses to school & our principal made us go out to recess in frostbite weather! Seruously!
Jerry-rigging the cable box with tooth picks to get the premium channels
Dewey decimal system
real big wheels. When the front tire gets those holes in them and the rocks get in there. #80s
we actually had snow all winter
The Brady Bunch
Pencil to wind the cassette
Pica and Elite
Playing Ladybug on Colecovision
Praise and self-esteem were things you were expected to earn.
having to clean off a cd because it kept skipping
Buying film for $8 , paying $10 to develo it & *thrilled* when I only had to wait 1 hour instead of 3 or 5 days to see pics.
letting the paper dry after you ran the mimeograph machine
rotary dial
Mehalia Jackson singing God Bless America when tv would sign off for the evening at 11:pm.
Three on the tree, four on the floor.
In LA, looking for a payphone so I could pull over & call my agent. Also, needing the Thomas Guide to figure out my route.
Reserving movies at the video store weeks in advance @ThatEricAlper
Smog alert may make a comeback though since EPA may be something next gen won't understand if Trump has his way
If you wanted music, you had no choice but to utilize a motor vehicle to go to a second location to buy a cassette tape.
Wonder Woman's family had an island full of her sisters and the Bionic Woman had a bionic dog, named Max.
Listening for the click or altered tone on the party line phone during a call that indicated someone had picked up and was listening.
1)Encyclopedias 2) Party line phones
1st grade teacher was a nun who threw books, erasers at us, hit us with yard sticks, pulled our hair, put us in the closet😳
MTV having Music Videos period!
when a floppy disk was really a a floppy disk and when 64 KB RAM was considered a lot.
Music used to come on giant black disks requiring a large machine with a needle to play. @ThatEricAlper
getting up saturday morning to watch cartoons on a black & white tv while eating toasted danish-go-rounds
Fotomat, drive thru film processing.
Telephone "party lines".
My least favorite thing about travelling was all the people who smoked on the airplane.
two words: no remote
I carried a shoebox of punch cards to one of my computer science classes... And I brought a typewriter to college with me.
Using a rotary phone.
Ice cube trays had a lever on them.
Party lines. IBM cards. Floppy disks. Single line editing. Rotary phones. Probably most importantly, illegal abortion.
When people complain about graphics in video games @ThatEricAlper
Buying gas only on certain days because of gas shortages (odd/even).
C-Span and its wonders
if you were planning a trip or had to go to the city you went to AAA to get a map
telling everyone not to move because your program might not load properly on to your computer from the cassette
You could watch THE WIZARD OF OZ on TV, but you could only do it once a year--and if you missed it, TOUGH.
look it up in the card catalogue
flip the record over so we can listening 2 the other side
The "B" side.
"Hey kids, Mike Pence has a private America Online account."
when # meant pound sign and not hashtag.
Gas @ 25cents a gallon
you don't need to flip over the cassette, this radio is auto-reverse
5 channels on the TV, and able to find something interesting to watch. In low-def black & white. @ThatEricAlper
having to get up off the sofa to change the TV channel
Used to listen to LPs while watching Johnny Carson on TV with no sound while also breaking controlled substance laws.
proudly traveling with me thigh master
physically rolling down the windows in your car
Watched E.T. With my kids tonight. My wife pointed out that thing with the cord was a "telephone."
Letraset dry transfer sheets.
On a long plane trip, sometimes stewardesses would take kids up to the cockpit to see pilots who gave them little gold wings.
And it was the same couple of kids who always got to use it.
occasionally hearing truckers talking on CB radios coming through the tv over morning cartoons
using white out sucked
however I guess it was ok for nail polish...
Pull over so I can use that phone.
My dad driving one of his engineers home the day John Lennon died because the guy was too upset to drive.
Setting up time for family to use 1200 BAUD modem for Usenet OR having a phone call window to talk to friends @ThatEricAlper
Getting to the airport 20 minutes before the flight so you'd have time to get a shoe shine.
Calling POPCORN for the time.
having to tape song off the radio to make a sweet mix tape
calling your bf or gf and having to talk to a parent before you speak to them. "Um hi is____ home? #OldSchool
tamagotchi or digimon
haha my kid saw a pay phone in Disney and was like what is that! Lmao
Rotary phones
Garbage Pail Kids
phone numbers used to be 2 letters followed by 5 numbers and no area code needed unless dialing long distance.
Riding bikes.
Watching scrambled skinemax, hoping to see a boob.
I'd never heard of Speed Racer until I went to college because we only got NBC and CBS when it first aired.
Meeting people at the gate at the airport.
S&H Green Stamp books.
1. Floppy disks..3.50 or 5.25! 2. The Dewey Decimal Classification System.
Encyclopedia Brittanica
I'm still not sure about the robot..
I always felt that Robot had an interesting 'relationship' with young Will Robinson. Hmmm...
Looking for a job and having to choose between the "help wanted men" or "help wanted women" section of the newspaper.
Rotary dial phones. One phone in the house. The non-existence of voicemail or messaging.
When you were done talking on it, you would hang the phone back up on a hook.
Playing outside almost every day of the year. Climbing trees, riding bikes in packs, ghost in the graveyard, tv last resort
Bands were actually good.
Wendy's spicy chicken available only a few weeks per year @ThatEricAlper
Don't eat the red M & M's. Make sure you put the milk order card out before you go to bed.
using the air popcorn popper during commercials because it would jam up the rabbit ears and distort what was on tv
Lining up for gas with EVERYONE during the gas shortage crisis.
The smell of mimeograph ink & using a razor blade to erase mistakes before realigning the paper in the typewriter to fix.
Return of the Jedi was the final Star Wars movie
It used to be a status symbol to have a corded phone in your car or bathroom.
Going outside to the porch to get the milk delivered by the milkman.
Carrying cash & check book because atm cards didn't work as credit/debit. Plus cashing paychecks before direct deposit.
Hee Haw, music on AM, CompuServe, Mr. Rogers, B&W TV, well paying jobs
Actually using a rotary telephone !
the meaning of "cc"
Put the needle on the record.
having to always have quarters for pay phones.
The A through E ticket system at Disneyland.
I was talking about a Woody Allen movie and the college-age kid beside me said, "Is that the guy from Toy Story?"
Paying 25cents per hr to use school library typewriters to type up my term papers to hand in.
some TV programs were on uhf channels and some were on vhf channels
ABC Afterschool Specials.
wooden blocks, sledgehammer tv show, robin leach
Chinese jacks were awesome
Easy three on a tree on my old truck
Only dialing 7 numbers to make a phone call.
"Hanging" the phone. Like hanging the actual phone.
being able to walk up to departure gates without going through security to collect your loved ones who flew in.
not being able to call someone if they weren't home.
"Be sure to leave the order for the milk man." ;)
Listening to music with your head between the speakers and the rule that you couldn't TALK b/c you were LISTENING so hard. @ThatEricAlper
Broadway without amplification
MTV played nothing but videos
Helms Bakery Truck.
I'd dial this number to nowhere. No ring, just static noise, except voices I could barely hear. I'd talk, they'd answer ...
An ounce of weed cost $40.
when dial-up was a good thing!
The wonderful smell of mimeograph.
TV stations playing The National Anthem, then signing off for the night.
I owned a calculator watch and a sliderule.
rotary phones.
paid a hooker in marks
"Fuck, this TV is heavy"
Changing TV Channel by turning the knob and adjusting the rabbit ears..
Not being able to use the phone because the lady down the street was always talking on the party line.
using wooden bats in Little League
Harry Carey calling a Cardinals game on the radio from the first Busch Stadium.
dot matrix printers, and having to set up documents so the printer would double strike for final copy
you can dial a phone number without touching a screen, mouse, keypad/board or dial.
Film strips, complete w/ cassette recorded *beep* to advance slide 1/4-turn
first calculator (TEXAS INSTRUMENTS) and no longer using SlideRule in chemistry class.
Video killed the radio star.
perhaps even the joy of a 14.4 connection after the modems screeching at each other for what seemed like ages
The beat part of this is discovering how many people here are roughly my age. Or maybe I'm just old and remember everything 😂
Trying to find my roller skates' key.
Using an operator to make a long distance phone call.
Why the phrase is "dial" a phone number!
everyone read the local paper, watched the same newscast.
I remember playing neighborhood hide and seek with kids hiding in other people's backyards they might not even know.None shot
when polyester fabric was invented
yogurt was exotic and my mom got it at a health food store
Physical encyclopedias
I had to fix the antenna on the tv
One shared phone per dorm hallway.
installing an 8 track adapter to car radio.
I use to have several maps in my car for every long distance trip.
Howdy Dowdy
looked up information in an encyclopedia. We had a complete set in the living room.
The telephone is off hook
having to use the index cards in the drawers to find books in the library
Licking green stamps for days. Collecting enough full stamp books to buy some crappy flashlight or something.
dial-up internet and its obnoxious connection sound
could only answer the phone if it rang a particular pattern: we had a party line.
after I got a page, I found a pay phone to use #relics
fallout shelters
How Home Alone works since Kevin could clearly just text his Mom
blowing on video game cartridges to get them to work
flash cubes for the InstaMatic Camera
N64 goldeneye
"Wow & Flutter."
you can stick a pencil through one of the holes in the cassette and turn it to reel the tape back in.
the smell of a freshly copied bright blue/purple photostat.
our dog ran loose in the neighborhood pretty much every day.
zip rrrrrrrrr zip r zip r
Late at night, when all the tv stations had signed off, the only thing to watch was the test pattern.
the importance of destroying typewriter ribbons & carbon paper evidence rt@ThatEricAlper rtThx2 @RobProvince
Without revealing your actual age, what something you remember that if you told a younger person they wouldn't understand?
Television with fewer than ten channels that shut down at midnight. (I just revealed my age)
blowing in my Nintendo cartridges...
I had to sort through microfiche at the local library for school research projects.
Be kind, rewind.
Dan Tanna driving his car into what seemed like the side of a mountain & parking in his living room.
I really liked Tales of the Gold Monkey
rolling up your car window by hand
When movies left the theater, they were GONE FOREVER. (Unless they showed up on TV. BUT YOU HAD TO BE HOME WHEN IT WAS ON!!)
listening to the national anthem on tv when it went off the air around 2 am.
I remember when the NRA was non-political and a GREAT ORGANIZATION !
deep throat
We had to share a party line with our neighbors.
1375 81423 6411 1773 4549 420 - pager code for "let's blaze call me ASAP 420"
"Here's how you put a video cassette tape into a VCR..."
only dialing a 7 digit phone number
All of side A of Def Leppard's High & Dry on the radio, holding my tape recorder up to the speaker so I cd listen to it later
"Wonder what kind of food that restaurant serves." "I don't know." "Me neither, guess we'll have to go check it out."
In the days before movie theaters, firefighters in Chicago were so celebrated that playhouses would re-enact fire rescues.
how about blue ink cartridges for your (one) pen in grade school? (Course I attended parochial schools)
Manual car windows. Also: car cassette players (without cd or mp3 players).
still only have a cassette player in my car. And it's an '02!
Sadly, that was 15 years ago. :)
I still use the same miming gesture of manual windows to ask others to roll down their car window 🙄
a loaf of bread, a quart of milk, and a stick of butter.
Calling the movie theater to find out what was playing. Using a payphone to call for a ride home when the movie ended.
Everybody made ceramic ashtrays in school arts and craft classes to take home. Also stores sold candy cigarettes.
We used to play hockey and football in the street every day after school + all weekend.
3rd gr. teacher explaining Berlin Wall & Grt. Wall China- how bad they were & proudly pointing out USA had no border Walls👵🏻
If you stayed up real late, tv stations went off the air
Trapper keepers.
...When your father and I upgraded to a 56k modem, we knew we had arrived in life.
there was a show about two black guys living in a wrecking yard.
calling channel 32, the best UHF station at the time, channel U.
cars used to have a decal of a burly ginger fella named Rusty Jones, which ensured they wouldn't rust. They did.
Cashing in your soda pop bottles and coming home w/bag full of Penny Candys.
or even better yet. Tell them something about the bag phones (Car)
Listening to the radio early in the morning to hear if you had a snow day.
White Out. Slide rules.
🎻🎺🎷🥁@ThatEricAlper music lessons in public schools.
Call me collect.
Smearing on the coconut oil and lying on the beach (with a transistor radio) between 10am and 4pm.
Taping shows and making sure the VCR/TV is on the right damn channel. And correct time.
Billie Jean was not my lover
stretching the telephone cord as far as u could to get a little privacy
Ok so first you put the hula hoop at the end of the yard and then you underhand throw this lawn dart at it.
get off the web, I need to use the phone
being mad at the dj for talking over the beginning or end if a song cause you're trying to get a clean record.
Suicide doors on cars.
Changing the ribbon on the typewriter. Using carbon paper so you had original and a copy of whatever you typed.
Only one pair of contact lenses per year and they cost a fortune -- better take good care! @ThatEricAlper
using cake string to box up and carry a take out pizza
Be kind. Rewind.
the smell of ditto copies
I used the term "mcguyver" once... The looks they gave me!
Cartoons were only on Saturday mornings; and hashtags use to be called pound signs.
Visiting the USSR and being afraid of being arrested by the Communist police.
Liquor stores closing on Election Day (Just when you need it most!!!)
Telling the man cleaning the windshield that you'll take a dollar worth of Ethyl.
As far as tech... @ThatEricAlper
Without revealing your actual age, what something you remember that if you told a younger person they wouldn't understand?
needing to go to the library for the majority of research for school papers/projects
Just realized my car has no slot for cd-Rs
when this washed our clothes at my grandmother's farm
The sound and feel of a rotary phone dial.
A phone booth.
stretching the cord to get some privacy for your phone call
- 8 track tapes would sometimes switch tracks in the middle of a song...
Movie rental late fee's
Picking up the phone at Grandma's to make a call, and having to hang up because neighbors were using the party line.
Waiting till the evening to call because it was cheaper.
went to library to find a book. Had to first look in a file cabinet of index cards to find numbers of location of the book.
I used zip disks to store all my good MIDIs that I downloaded from Geocities websites.
"Morning, ma'am! And ain't it a looovely mornin'?"
Rotary phone and party lines
Mutually Assured Destruction
Loading my computer game from a cassette tape.
When people used to call you, you had no way of knowing who it was until you picked up the phone and said hello.
no such thing as a microwave
cassette tape singles
People smoking cigarettes at their desk, in the office.
President Clinton being impeached for incompetence!
it's okay to make mistakes. Dont let them define you.
carbon copies with carbon paper.
I had to explain roll up windows to my daughter.
Mom&Pop stores on every other corner No big outlet stores Oh and most everything (including gas stations) CLOSED on Sunday
chasing the mosquito truck on our bikes
MTV was all music videos
playing ball in the street.
"auto reverse" feature on tape deck or Walkman.
Only 3 TV channels. And you had to actually get up, go to the set and turn a dial to change the channel!
tv going off at a certain time and all you saw was static.
When someone is trying to call you and you're not home, you have no way of knowing they called.
If you save up enough green stamps, I'll get that for you one day.
Having to get up (off the couch) & walk to the TV to change the channel (i.e, no remote).
Dad dropping me off to school in his horse and buggy.
Smoked cigarettes in English lit seminar, taught by nun.
when watching a VHS and the image taking time to correct it's self #oldschool
Social status based on what Saturday morning cartoon character was on your lunchbox
Having to stick a piece of folded paper under the 8-track so it would play right. @ThatEricAlper
mailing music in envelopes
Knowing it was time to come home "when the streetlights came on"
the Internet used to get noticeably slower when somebody was using the home phone
Going to the grocery store to cash a check to get money to go out.
"Be kind, rewind."
7 Eleven were the hours the store was open.
TV actually went off.
Zack Morris' cell phone. I'm not that old, and this happens.
The death of Sen. Joseph McCarthy
carbon paper
The #EncyclopediaBrittanica salesman knocking on your front door. Dad telling him to piss off. Ah, those were the days. 🕴️💼📕
Our house was spotless... but only as far as the telephone cord could reach,
Using the dewey decimal system to find references for a hand-written report on the rise and fall of the Ottoman Empire
I recall a time when u did not get to the bank before 5 pm Friday u had no money for the weekend
and the only way you actually knew how much money you had is when they stamped it into your check book
Having a pencil handy when I listen to music.
Someone's on the party line
having to type book reports on an actual typewriter and running out of white-out
That time Joan Baez sat on railroad tracks to block troop trains.
Having our phone (landline) on a "party line" (with different rings for different houses).
sound of rotary phone dialing...
If you hear that sound, that means I'm Bionic.
bike spokes & playing cards
piccolo was evil at one point
Pull over at the next full service, I need to call my mom.
Phone book.
...Because television stations actually closed off late at night and played the National Anthem before going off the air...
"It might fit on a Zip disk"
The ABC Movie of the Week
How tiresome it was to dial long-distance on a rotary phone.
Not wearing seat belts.
Having conversations
Atari Games with the joy stick and one red button to shoot. Lol
listening booths at record stores. b4 headphones
Put an LP on the turntable.
I'm sorry our law firm doesn't hire women.
I watched rented movies @ home, pre-dvd, w/o a vcr. On 16mm film.
when we had snowy winters in Iowa
When the ACLU defended the Nazis right to march in Jewish suburb Skokie huffingtonpost.com/geoffrey-r-sto…
Very interesting. But stupid!
America won the Cold War.
learning a secret when someone left a voicemail message for someone else.
$5 bought gas, Boone's Farm & the midnight special at IHOP
Going to school all day w/o parents being able to contact me, or vice versa.
10¢ phone calls
I remember reading the magazine MadTV was based on...Oh yeah, I remember watching MadTV
The correct time had a phone number.
Okay, 'splain!
Making an appointment to meet someone before leaving the house.