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Following in the footsteps of Brian Chesky: what's the most important thing you want to see Twitter improve or create in 2017? #Twitter2017
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Put in a bookmark button.
اني اصير ريس بدالك
Misogyny-Free ZONE!
3 likes/ that's scary
let me think 🤔 about that ☝️
get rid of the fucking nazis
if you dont, we'll leave.
if i see one more verified nazi on your platform ill know what the intentions of @twitter are moving forward.
been a user of your platform for years, i know GOOD PEOPLE who work in your Eng dept. they dont deserve their work for bad
i expect this to be ignored, i hope it's not. twitter is a community builder and shouldnt be a tool to destroy others.
they're already overtly intent on moving over to gabai anyway, Jack please just give 'em the final push
everyone says they want this, but imagine if certain people in the public spotlight were able to edit their tweets later on?
Just short period of time like in a minute.
or include a change log
while great in theory, in a world where no one cares about facts, too much of an expec to think ppl will read log
sure, I think that comes down to implementation tho - ideally you could link to the previous tweet iterations
There're times that we learn facts from deleted tweet screenshots. So this isn't a problem for the people who pursuit the truth.
see HackerNews for reference
just mark it edited and then have the option to see the original
should be marked "edited" ,
your right,but maybe like dude said just in first 2 or 3 minutes
Exactly. Editing tweets sounds good on paper, but not in practice.
but only in the first 3-4 minutes of posting a tweet.. IMO
Exactly. Even a minute is much enough for c/p and editing the mistake.
to quickly fix mistakes or edit anytime?
Nobody wants this feature to be anytime Jack. Even a minute windows is enough for fixing mistaken words. And can be show as a change log.
I say no time limit. Just make edits visible.
this guy does: Also, how do you do "changelog" for a tweet in a way that isn't confusing for the avg user?
edit anytime. Users could open tweet to see any previous edits to tweet.
To delete and tweet again is easy. Don't want the tweet editing.
quickly fix typo/mistakes @ibarist
fix for mistakes ok but not anytime.. please
To quickly edit mistakes... when you hit the button before proofing it.
Preview up front as opposed to post-tweet editing. (IMO)
Go to facebook, let the tweeters keep their loved social network!
subscribe and notifications for threads
you leaving..
Can we get a live streaming api for Periscope?
A jet black 'dark mode' for android & ios. For amoled especially.
Eliminate trolls from twitter
HMMM interesting, good question!
less fake news, less bullying.
easy place to find all live streams #golive tab
video tab of curated/trending videos. Or - curated channels of content (e.g., sports, news, etc.).
Agree with TDM. Also need a way to bookmark important items to a space. Continue to make Moments a more personalized space.
yes an @Pocket like feature or @nuzzel like feature for saving articles and finding trending news.
Tighten up regulations against hate speech and harassment. Take a page from Zuckerberg and crack down on fake news.
A "Save for later" function for articles or tweets.
twitter hasn't seemed to figure out that it's the source of all news - you need a news video product
Ability to edit tweets and organize Twitter lists.
edit mistakes quickly or edit anytime? Big dif in implementation. Latter requires change log as we're oft the public record
Why no change log? To big of a lift? I'd love editable tweets w/log.
edit anytime. Users could open tweet to see any previous edits to tweet.
editing any time would promote bad behavior - its gotta be used to catch typos - something like a 30-second window
Agreed - like with Reddit's ninja edit window.
definately agree - give people 30 seconds to realise mistakes and update.
even then you'd need a change log.
facebook has it, you’d only be able to edit once
even just allowing a one character change would be great
no edit tweets, twitter is fast moving and has mistakes continue to embrace that thinking @AnthonyQuintano @jack
any feature is open to bad behavior. Have to make edited tweets very noticeable and make edits visible.
yea, there should be an edit history, an you should only be allowed one edit
The case for editing tweets: - You make a typo - You can only edit within 60 seconds of posting - Twitter should show the edit history
We're not just talking about typos here either. Broken links, replacing photo or video that is incorrect.
broken links are broken links - the internet is filled with them regardless i am glad we’re having this conversation
Yes. We need to have this debate and we're very happy you're finally having this conversation with us. Thank you.
consensus is that we need editable tweets. The parameters is your call.
you could just use a redirect...Which is sort of mutable because you could just change the target.
it's a tweet. if you couldn't get 140 characters right the first go- you deserve to be remembered for it.
Many on my list knocked off but Twitter won't grow until char limit is raised @AnthonyQuintano @samsheffer @jack
My updated Twitter wish list (for context, see ) @geeky_yang @charlesjo @pnooren
yes! Char limit is utterly infuriating at times. It forces us to speak differently, which isn't exactly a useful feature.
I think Adam has the right idea, have a preview of 140, and allow people to expand the comment. Not too hard to do right?
Not being able to edit Tweets is like owning a car without a reverse gear It's a 10-min code change Blogs and FB added it years ago @jack
yep. edit within 1 minute. easy.
I disagree. Because of retweets and official accounts, Twitter’s implementation requires much more nuance.
Same implementation as Facebook-if you edit a tweet that got retweeted, update/change log show up in retweet @GlennF
I disagree. Because of retweets and official accounts, Twitter’s implementation requires much more nuance.
I think that works there. Not to say Twitter couldn’t have done something. Not a quick task.
I don't want an edit button. Screenshots of tweets are passed around, negating the value of a change log.
Think how the Trump people would exploit that.
Their internal representation doesn’t have a concept of history. Deeply rooted rework required.
ppl could start by changing the fucking subject line in the e mail chain when they change the fucking subject. Sorry
the sharing of an edited post can act the same as Facebook. It wouldn't be any different of a case.
FB has those same features
imagine a retweet you made being changed months later to hardcore pornography and losing your job.
So it's not a 10 minute code change; but that's a little extreme & avoidable with a little change tracking.
piggy backing; jack can notifications only include replies not retweets or likes?or comments disabled option on the tweet
I guarantee it’s NOT a 10 min code change, but I’m sure @twitter would be happy to hire you if you can do it in 10 min.
My fear: trolls will bait, then edit to appear more reasonable.
Can make it a 30-45 second window. Would love to see user research on how fast people realize typos.
Don't think there should be a time limit for edits...we should encourage mistakes to be corrected at any time @KristyT @katgordon @jack
I’ve been on message boards since 2000. There is great precedent already set about how edits should work.
If only that same edit function applied to elections.
Twitter is not much different than a message board. Infinite edit is disastrous.
This is also an infrastructure issue. The cost to host edit logs for every tweet….
Yes! Most publications allow poster to edit comments, fix spelling, thumbing errors etc.
Just because you can doesn't mean you should. Tweets should not be editable.
I really wish editing would be added. I hate to make typos. I always have to delete the tweet and fix. Go Adam!
Yes. Many times I've wanted to correct a spelling or grammar error to a tweet that already had responses.
The worst is actually trying to figure out a conversation thread. Compare to UI in Facebook over the last 1-2 years.
It ruins the entire immediacy of the medium. It will turn Twitter into PRNewswire.
What do you think the limit should be? 4-5 sentences? A short paragraph?
Easy enough to delete and repost. @samsheffer @jack
Sam for Product Manager @twitter
edit a tweet. If a tweet gets edited that you've 'retweeted' you'll need to know
or then again leave things as they r
typos, are they really relevant? Twitter isn't a spelling competition.
tell that to all the journalists on here
this journalists should concentrate on more important things than typos, IMO
No 30-sec window is necessary. Edit has been FB feature 4 awhile. An edited tweet is marked "edited"...
and there is a very visible place to see any edits. You can edit more than once. Evry edit I've seen...
was a typo or grammatical correction that didn't change meaning. Never saw one w/changed meaning
you can have version control of edits and anyone is open to investigate if needed
Agreed. Facebook's edit log has proved to be beneficial - users can alter their wording transparently.
Too many use 3rd party tool so 30 seconds too short.
Agreed. 30 sec window is more than enough.
Why is this an issue? Other services are just as embeddable as Twitter, and edit was an initial feature.
How about a 30 second delat in posting the tweet ,maybe an 'are you sure 'feature (the typo is deliberate
agree with idea of editable window 30 sec-1 or 2 min
Agreed quickly is better. Maybe ~ 5 minutes not 30s but definitely under ~10 minutes and ideally with a visible change log
I think 30s is too short time, I suggest 2mins.
Agree with Sam on this one. It just needs to be available shortly after posting.
Agree. But also 30 seconds is not enough when you have bad connection or your phone is lagging
Why can't users just get their spelling correct in the first place? It has a spell check inbuilt albeit Yankie English! @jack
not like bad behaviour is rife on this website already or anything
wouldn't be right if it's not spontaneous no no wouldn't be able to make a fool of myself !
Id rather see ONLY the most recent Tweet allowed to be editable, not based on time-still need a changelog
Once you tweet again, that tweet is locked and behaves as it does today.
oooooo interesting idea!
No real benefit if window is just 30 secs. User could just delete & tweet again as few would've RT'ed.
indeed, 30 seconds is maybe a lit quick but let's say 5 minutes Dont let people edit anytime
bit* hahahahhahaha
Longer than 30 seconds but less than 5 minutes.
90 second window with other users able to see the edits and amendments
I like the fact that tweets can't be edited for the purpose of changing the msg. But to edit quickly to fix a typo ok
edit anytime creates massive problems; you say 'I loved rogue one!' And I retweet, you edit to say 'jason is a dbag!'
It's a fear that most have but won't actually happen.
can address that with changelog
makes perfect sense but how intense does changelog need to be in terms of views / version history / acct auth
maintaining simplicity seems tricky. needs to work in fast, casual experience, w minimal context
if edit comes, IMO needs short time window to be editable and only like 1 iteration of edits. and...
maybe make it visually easy to see text that was edited. highlight it? if you hover, maybe edits are animated?
The difficulty with the changelog would be showing RT and Heart counts for the specific posts.
edit before it's been liked or RT'd, otherwise it's locked for editing
can have a time limit that "edit" will be enabled.
Agree with lists. It needs more functionality.
FB's fix via change log seems to work well most of the time. Biggest use will be typos etc. Good idea :)
changelog would be too confusing. People are ok with their text messages not being editable
Maybe something that you actually do in texts like correction*
editing at any time with a versioning mechanism could be super. For completely different context, new rules
way too complicated to make tweets into a wiki; solutions are easy: proof your tweets, delete/retweet if major error
That hasn't worked which is why edited tweets are wanted by so many.
if you can't write 140 characters without typos, or can't handle redoing a tweet, your handle should be revoked😂
This just about sums up the internet.
your pinned tweet had a typo
typos are how you know the author actually wrote the tweet 😂😂
gotta listen to users Jason. Editing is a standard because of Facebook. Gotta adapt.
And people love the "authenticity" of the raw form, esp post-MTV, grunge, UGC, Trump, etc. Polished is passé. @AnthonyQuintano @jack
or push an edited: keep/delete alert to the RTers
The problem is: if someone will pull the feeds when you posted a buggy twit it will stay in your line.
And only when you hit the twit you will see a message saying that this twit is not available.
edit should be available only for the first few minutes. In order to address typos, etc.
also could get rid of likes and retweets if the tweet changes significantly.
whilst it doesn't have the volume of 'share' compared to 'RTs' @facebook actually handles edits really well.
Will need to be very, very clear changelog. Folks move through Twitter too quickly to stop and check...
in abuse scenarios, abuse is seen first. clicking through to a hidden changelog doesn't undo the damage.
Hesitant—like seeing a live keynote, then edited post-event. Diffuses real-time impact IMHO. 🤔#Twitter2017
should be able to correct grammar/spelling but not do as above.
that's only a hypothetical problem. Same as tweeting an article that gets edited later.
or worse "RT if you love kittens!" > 500k RTs > edit to "RT if you love Hitler!"
I disagree, I don't want to have liked something that changes. Edit within 30 sec or so would be nice for ease of use
You already do it on Facebook.
twitter just seems more public still than FB.
That's false. They are both equally as public. Facebook more than Twitter since it has more users.
I understand and totes biased by my own use... I don't friend or interact with ppl I don't know on FB like on twtr
also seems twitter historical > FB historical, even tho twtr is more real time... FB is just so algo, I re-see things less
Seems the "like" issue is an easy enough fix. If there's a history, only attribute to the proper version.
This is similar to what FB does. I think it is a great compromise.
Completely disagree with this. Tweets should stay as time stamps on public record. Imagine what politicians would do with this
I'd be okay with a time limit like 90 seconds.
yes, that would be crucial in case 'edit anytime', to see edit history. but preferably only quick edits imho. @jack
no, this type of edit is destructive to the community and will cause delusion and fallacy and chaos to the system.
this is coming from someone who is an advanced Twitter user.
do not add the permanent edit feature. As a matter of fact we should let the edit feature really play out.
if people are not tweeting and deleting then retweeting then they should not be able to use it. Like a beta system.
instead let's have it narrowed down to only able to permanently edit one word maximum. Or feature a 25 second edit.
this is coming from someone who tweets everyday and speed tweets.
I'm saying I'm experienced.
nooo, edit typo! Not anytime...
I 100% agree. Let's not make it complicated. Edit anytime, show "edited" stamp or symbol. Done.
this is a good one...bc a record would still be helpful for really important stuff.
This is EXACTLY what I've been envisioning and wishing for. Let people edit anytime, but show the history.
Definitely quickly. Editing tweets from months or years ago ruins the purpose of twitter.
A change log would be perfectly fine, I'd think - way better than deleting & reposting
'Anytime' editing is a dangerous tool given dissemination of info. Fixing typos (i.e. 2min window) would be a plus
30 second to 2 minutes should be enough time...let people that already replied know it was edited
allow edit anytime, but show ORIGINAL (link) tweet
edit mistakes quickly
change log: show the tweet has been edited, with expandable feature to show original. Keeps record. Would be great
No edits. Every woman on here needs trolls and harassers management tools.
edit mistakes quickly should be sufficient - and still a big, useful improvement.
I don't favor tweet edit at any time. You can delete yr tweet and post a corrected one if you wish
If Facebook can do it, why can't Twitter?
Twitter is more important.
edit quickly. 5 minutes. People generally realize their mistake immediately. Open ended can change the record
edit mistakes quickly 🆒🔝
instead of edit, just "delete and draft as new" filling in old tweet text in new tweet window. No time limit.
edits should be reviewed, as one word can change meaning of an entire tweet (but it'll need to be reviewed instantly)
ooo, also ability to schedule a tweet out.
that exists in tweetdeck and other tools
Yes and I use many, particularly @buffer, but native would be nice. @twitter added it to studio and it's been great.
*tweet has been edited. View original* Only allow one revision. Otherwise might as well delete and write a new one
I do like the idea of only allowing one revision.
yup. If you can change it any time, multiple times. Makes a mess of unnecessary revision history logs
edit typos would do me
I would say edit within a minute usually to fix typos and errors. Not to change semantics of tweet after the fact
quickly! I'm not having idiots edit their racist, sexist or homophobic tweets from years ago please Jack
edit quickly is a no brainer, anytime is a larger question of how to show its history.
not that difficult. Can use same function that shows tweet threads
Also only allowing one edit will free up from showing too much history
edit mistakes/typos quickly. That should work. @AnthonyQuintano
Edit anytime. Yes, impliment a change log (edit history) so that everyone can see past edits.
Why allow editing for mistakes? Easy to delete and repost. Such huge allowances required for edits.
because much of the engagement will be on the original post. Most don't see repost.
He was talking about editing for mistakes within something like a 1 minute timeline.
I know. I was referring to your post saying it's easy to delete and repost.
a 3 (or 5) minute window seems logic. After that it can be used in a wrong way.
do you really need to edit 140 character posts? It's more important to increase the limit. 140 characters is too few
edit quickly would be great.
A follow back would be nice. I use to share feedback with @adambain regularly. 😁
Edit typos. Like changing a single character or only changing according to grammar/spelling recommendations.
just edit mistakes quickly! Twitter is the moment!
edit quickly, just for grammar/spelling
is this the first time you're reading this suggestion? goodness man it's literately the #1 suggested improvement
ideally within the frame of 10 seconds
how about in addition to making time-limit, change log, a third protection would be to clear any rts after a change.
users who previously rt'ed could receive a notification in case they want to rt the updated tweet
Edit tweet I just tweeted that contains a typo. Might be okay.
it should mistake quickly,
edit shortly after tweeting. Editing anytime will takeaway realtime feel of Twitter.
Either way would be great, if there was even a small window, it would be vastly preferable to current system.
Edit quickly? Of tweets can go off accidentally Inc
...unfinished - case in point!
No tweet edits. The fact that people are asking for it shows they try hard to get it right the 1st time. That's a +ve
I think that a time limit is reasonable. It's usually just spelling errors and auch.
Wow I really wish I had an edit button for that
say edit in first 10 mins. Have change log if you want but do something.
time limit not necessary.
baby steps might help Twitter adjust
will always start small and learn and iterate fast @mrdonut @kcoleman
twitter's potential is still huge. Fast Iteration with test n adjust will do the trick.
OK if There's twitter api to use gear360 for live stream on twitter, tell me thx
if There was édit mode i'll Never make 3 tweet for this tweet ;-)
sometimes you made a typo, or miss to say something or hashtag
I mean the public record you're trying to protect now is binary: delete or not. If we can delete, let us edit
exactly. There's nothing I'm posting that's public record.
would you mark edited tweets?
1. Let us edit tweets - and yes, include time stamp for edited tweets.
maybe too blue sky but would also like a way to attach corrections to a tweet/seek out RTs of mistake
2. Better organization of Twitter lists - brilliant suggestion, wish I'd thought of it.
mistakes quickly. Don't give us anytime
I would say quickly!
Edit quickly, within a short time frame. Annoying mistakes are often seen right away, deleting and repeating has drawbacks. @jack
Agree, just make a quick edit button and put a short timeframe on it.
agree bro @WhiteCoatMafia that’s worth about 10% perhaps more on $TWTR @jack
edit quickly , no more than 10 min and character limit to 500
Edit Feature Please! Maybe also allow users to tip others for their Tweets. Tweet Tips!
Edit quickly. Like 30-60 seconds after post.
edit mistakes quickly
quickly. It's a case of copy, delete, paste, edit then retweet
tweets shouldn't be edited.. Would open up can of worms we don't want like politicians etc changing history
a few seconds to correct a typo would be great vs. delete and do it again
quickly only. Within some small time window like 10s.
I don't see the need to edit in a timeframe greater than a few minutes.
Five minutes is more than enough.
edit quickly, in... 1:44 minutes after tweeted first, then 5 minutes or more. Limit the number of edits, just one 1st
edit within 142 sec would be best.
within 60 seconds of posting. Also show the edit history.
edit quickly only. #keepitreal
Agreed. Only in a brief window, and with an edit history available
There's an example. I meant to say that it's important b/c Twitter has become de facto historical record. Forgot.
edit tweets up to 2 min after tweet is "tweeted". Mainly for typos, or incorrect grammar.
Editing software tweet after its been tweeted is antithetical to the core concept "U are what u tweet"
Editing any time would be an egregious mistake.
edit within the first 2/3 minutes of tweeting it
Quick edit for mistakes within a few minutes is enough for me
edit within 15 mins like @basecamp does it for comments.…
edit mistakes quickly, 120 seconds to fix an error
Even if it is a quick edit to fix a typo, it should be viewable in a change log.
to edit mistakes only e.g. spelling, etc. Limit it to a 5 minute window . People realise their mistakes immediately
Have some sort of flag to indicate an edited tweet and show all previous versions.
24 hour edit would be great...
it should be only within x seconds. If done so, should have 'edited' qualifier next to it.
allow edits up until the point it receives a like, retweet or reply.
it should just be to edit mistakes with a 5 min window. Edit anytime gives people time to alter context.
Ability to edit tweets with ability to view previous versions for transparency/integrity. I wouldn't put a time (1/2)
limit in it, because humans make errors, and stories/news unfolds in unpredictable ways.
edit within 5-10 min of tweeting 👌
Which is esay to you.
Personally I only care about editing within a few minutes so I can fix a typo.
ofcourse not anytime! Give 30s window
I think this is a major change. Tweets shouldn't be immediately published. A period of a few minutes where edits/delete are allowed.
It could save someone their career to be able to delete a tweet and have it not be seen, in addition to quick edits.
chiming in with a request to include a public change log for the public ;)
i second that. Can it also show if a tweet was deleted and not just edited? Have seen a lot of
"i never said that" even though screenshots exist.
I disagree, I think editing quickly would be far better for a platform like twitter.
Do not do this!!!! Please hold people accountable!!!!
Option to "Delete and send to draft"
I support implementation of edits with a change log in the vein of Wikipedia's.
so just let it be
- 5 minutes to edit typos or attach photo (that I forgot). Deleting entire tweets & reposting is a pain in the butt.
2 protect twtr brand have icons or diff colors for typo corrected or edited (more than typo) or added.
Edit within 60 secs
Edit should have a time limit, like, say 5 minutes. @AnthonyQuintano
anytime ! Add a "tweet was edited at hh:mm:ss" tag and "view original tweet" in the drop down menu #Twitter2017
edit quickly - within 15 min like you did with Vine.
Edit open until R/T'd. No harm no foul.
Edit QUICKLY + 'Edited' label + NO edit history.
edit mistakes quickly or edit anytime? Big dif in implementation. Latter requires change log as we're oft the public record
edit quickly would be nice.
What do you think about this implementation? No changelog or versioning. Just two booleans and a timestamp.
I'd say within 30 seconds. That way people can't lie about what was said.
this is how twitter roadmap for 2017 is build? What is the criteria, most re-tweets, likes?
please no edit anytime - would be a tool for trolls. do please add image description to tweetdeck!
1. How about ability to add image to a quoted tweet 2. Option to stitch pics from the tweet itself
edit quickly. A person's words shouldn't change a year or months later
small changes till 15 min after?
also please stop changing stuff that shoulnt be changed Like the RT button
how about a 'replace' tweet function? Could use use the existing system except the UI is easier to use.
edit mistakes quickly. Like within an hour of posting something being able to make spelling corrections
How about a dynamic edit timer, dependent on the audience size. No edit once it's been widely viewed or shared
either way a changelog is necessary
Edit mistakes quickly (30/60sec) and on the extended tweet you should show the edit history. #Twitter2017
Edit mistakes would be fair enough.
Quickly. 3 Minutes max. Anytime kills Twitter USP
edit within the 5 minutes would be nice.
edit mistakes quickly.
edit distance […] can be used to limit the edit!
2 days or so, like @telegram does
Edit mistakes quickly. Like within a 3 minute window. 👍
My vote: edit mistakes quickly, ie: typos and the such. Maybe a 1 minute window.
what about one-time edit w/ strikethrough text for edited part and notifications to who liked/retweeted it?
Don't, it destroys credibility
Edit within 5minutes would make sense.
take care here - consider that tweets are archived moments in time. That's part of their value over time. #cantgoback
edit anytime but all versions available for view.
I'm working on something creative for lists & organizing them. I'm planning on releasing it in the next week or so. Glad there is interest.
so if you RT something, and that person goes back to edit text with vulgar words, you won't care it's on ur timeline?
Not if it's marked as edited and displays original tweet.
nah not feelin it
You can't knock something that doesn't exist yet. @jack
Another thing to remember is the quality of the people we RT. Most won't alter a tweet to be vulgar.
temporarily* edit tweets. Like a 60 second max time limit please :)
no fucking way do we want Donald to be able to edit his tweets in 2017
also add preview before posting ? In addition to edit within 2 Minutes or so ?
That's a good one. Would love to be able to re-order lists.
Allow ability to edit tweets.
Agreed! Plus ability to share lists Privately with other @twitter users. #Twitter2017
Easier/quicker access to Twitter List on iOS would be a major 🔑 #IAppreciateYou
Polished app with less bugs - Ability to add a video and photo in 1 tweet - Better support and trending supervisors
you can organize lists already.
G+ allows to edit their messages anytime and it works fine.
Edit in what manner? @jack
Much better conversational options. Huge.
release inactive usernames like Tumblr
How about an edit tweet option?! #makeithappen
Get rid of random LIKES showing up in my timeline. So dumb. #twitter2017
oh FFS it's gotta be a ghaddamn edit function...... as if you haven't heard this a million times. OR, a NEW CEO. #Twitter2017
edit tweets, reintegrate share photo from @instagram properly like the old days, fight trolls hard.
better abuse protections. Edit tweets. Timeline sync across all devices.
what protections specifically? What do you want from edit? Fix mistakes? And your timeline isn't syncing? That's a bug
you could start by getting rid of the Nazis, jack.
I haven’t been abused personally, but those who are have valuable ideas. fix typos. Timeline doesn’t sync position across devices.
Timeline syncing across devices is genius.
Timeline and dont forget Notifications syncing!! Think how iMessage does it
You don't need notifications, waste of time.Be active. The messages will be there in time
when you have time you will see the notices on the bell.
What you need is to make time out of your life to be active on Twitter.
Big plus one to better abuse protections.
Hi jack how are you?
maybe that every account is verified
360 photo and video (not live) in tweets
why is it important in one v other? The live version gives a very immersive experience (that can be watched after the fact)
The live is great but quality is very poor. You also want to be able to give users the time to experience what their viewing.
It's always important to give users options.
keep in mind next iPhone will also take leap forward with mixed reality. Ask @Scobleizer who understands this best 😀
calendar sharing fixed on the TL. better with reservation integration. do you want me to use twitter for work or not?...
1: getting rid of 140 character limit. 2. Youtube like community for video creators with a rev share model.
enable Tweet editing!
is it more important to edit for spelling/corrections? 5 minute window to edit mistakes or do you need to be able to edit anytime?
1 minute is good for typos.
keep authenticity of tweets and do not allow unlimited editing time.
Unlimited but with a feature like Facebook that shows previous versions, so you can tell if it's a typo or content edit.
nah don't make it too complicated just do 60 sec to edit w/ edit history
Have you never noticed an embarrassing typo HOURS later? Unlimited is better & should automatically change in retweets, too.
Spelling/corrections. 5 minute window is perfect.
hi, I think anytime would be best
Anytime doesn't make sense. People can change what they actually meant. Nope, not real life like. Nope not twitter like.
that's exactly what @samsheffer is proposing
5 min is ok if u ask me
Adding a 2-5 minute window is better. Mostly for fixing grammar or spelling mistakes. Would like to see edit history too.
plz god do not allow editing anytime. even 5min is too long for high profile people. things go viral too fast.
either would be a massive improvement. Can't count how many times I've had to cut/delete/paste/edit and re-post.
yup me too. We're thinking a lot about it.
whats there to think? Just implement it...
there is a massive bot/spam/troll problem, and all the hate stuff.
why not roll out and see if used? Tweets can be edited already via method I described. Why not make it easier for users?
also, thanks for the reply. I don't expect another one :)
jack oyuna gelme, düzenleme istemiyoruz. We don't want to editing. Twitters first rules, can't editing...
biggest thing to consider is what happens to the retweets. I like a 5 min window and undo any retweets.
roll out with verified users or limited beta and see. Thinking RT's should be deleted if edit is beyond typo/sp
there's a big difference from "editing" by your method, vs changing something that already has replies
I'm just suggesting a beta or roll out of different options. No doubt they have ideas to try.
true. It would be nice to actually see some tests around this.
edit tweets anytime. Keep changelog ala Wikipedia. Harder but more correct. Investment you'll never regret.
The way FB does it makes sense. Can edit, but still public record of every version.
lots of ways to implement. FB has one way. I'd just like to see Twitter try something along any of these lines.
Maybe let people edit twit once and mark it as edited with ability to show the original? I would love it. @_AlexLawrence @cloleaf
And i wrote many times to your colleagues, maybe $1 1 week subscribtion for longer tweets that would not be seen unless you open?
<as he studies #Gab closely>
this is great - or notify people when tweets get edited
Use Trump as a test user?
Offer it for a premium. Might make a few extra bucks! 😉👍
Maybe have an alternative version of the app—reTwitter—with the Edit button.
Just proofread before tweeting. This isn’t worth the gaslighting that edits will bring.
Great idea. I never thought it would happen due to the attached. Curious to see how you're going to implement. Thanks!
but has to be available for limited time only (5 minutes). You shouldn't allow editing a tweet that's been posted a decade ago.
Yup, and by copy/delete/reposting you lose all the likes&retweets. Folks won't usually like/RT the edit again.
so we all admit to doing it. :) Following the desire paths...
A Preview/confirm mode would be a good start. Enable in account, tweet is added as Preview with countdown.
Either press confirm to immediately commit, or end of countdown commits. While in Preview only you can see it.
I might be wrong here.... but.. Maybe proofread the first time around?
Of course that's a best case scenario but people are very busy & want to get thoughts out.
I get it.. but I mean It's 140 characters. How can people complain about proofreading that?10 secs
It's easy to miss something when one's busy, even if proofing. Sometimes we'll catch it later.
Of course, this IS our permanent record. ;) It'd be better to be able to edit instead of delete
Please dont ! @jack . That the magical of @twitter @_AlexLawrence . And so are the 140 signs! #dontbefacebook
30 second - 1 minute window would suffice for me and probably many more.
Get voice tweets!
30 second window i think is fair - it’d be used to catch typos, reduce nefarious uses
corrections only, please.
I think a quick window to edit, such as correcting typos, without allowing you to drastically change the meaning of the tweet
Edit button Tweets pls. Happy #Hanukkah & #Christmas from 🇮🇱 #
5 minutes is good. That way, spelling errors can be corrected but content can't be changed later to clean up character flaws.
edit anytime would be better i think..having s window means u would be bound to do that in that time frame incase u hav /
something more urgent to do than tweeting..n having a complete edit history will eradicate any wrong usage of the feature..
also a feature whr u can have a time based filter of ur show all/significant tweets between a certain time frame..
like i was on outing the entire day and in the evening i wanna se bow my timeline was between 1-5 pm..also helpful for ppl like me who
follow ppl from a diff. Timezone..
For me to edit for spelling/corrections. Short time after twitted for doing it.
Both, but keep records after 5 minutes @jack @cloleaf 5 minute window to edit mistakes or do you need to be able to edit anytime?
I think anytime but maybe have a mark of some kind to show the tweet has been edited?
Yes, sounds great, but Twitter may have other concerns (implementation, scalability, security) @cloleaf @jack
If less than 5 minutes, have a "review window" for last chance change(s). Or just a "review" before posting w/ no edit time after.
1 min is enough. Also include that it was edited
edit anytime cuz u want to say some in a dif way, I think that rest magic to TW.
5 mins, go and eliminate the 100K tokens limit. Make Twitter great again
stocktwits i believe gives u 60 seconds which is short but at least its something...i would prefer 2-3 minutes
5 minutes is plenty - even a minute would suffice
jumping in... if adding an edit button, considering the fake news and mistruths, maybe an option to "see original tweet"
- probably anytime @cloleaf
I`ts important to edit tweet as well
Flickr did a good job with comment editing back in '06, allowing edits within x minutes, thereafter locked. Also, edits marked as such
Jack this is a great idea. Usually users find their mistakes within that time limit. Please make it happen
mostly grammar related issues so 1 min would be perfect. Allow for changes while protecting malice
A short window, not allow people to hide tweets beyond outright deletion.
this is something I really want...mainly for typos. Although I think it would be best to be time limited...
might be worth marketing tweets that have been edited...similar to how @slack do it...
yeah spellinf mistakes.
I think editing within time frame IFF there are no likes, quotes, or RTs is reasonable. Once someone else interacts, no edits
Agreed, that sounds reasonable to me. @jack @cloleaf
Edit quickly. Mistakes are caught quickly so I'd say 5 minutes is plenty of time.
spelling/ broken links within a 60sec window would be good. Or 5 mins but certainly not without limit because of Twitter's real-time
5 min window!
Id prefer like a two minute window to edit minor spelling errors.
editing tweets for a short window of time after posting to fix mistakes. not editing any time, that could be abused greatly
5 mins would be helpful...
5-mins would be great. Most users appreciate the "public record" aspect, so ability to edit "anytime" is not needed + not desirable.
Edit spelling. Edit anytime = meh. Fox news comments uses four minute window. Seems to work fine.
on Agoracom, we give users a 5 minute window only
Even less than 5! There just needs to be enough time to see & fix a typo for those of us who tweet before we proofread. 😉
5 minutes is great not after
Yes! 🙌🙏 A small window of time after posting to fix spelling errors or formatting mistakes (extra spaces, wrong hashtag, etc.)
id say 5 mins is good, I find myself deleting a tweet after i **misspeled** :)
anytime would mislead from an original tweet deserving 100 likes to an edited deserving none (racism/hatred etc)
NOT any time. Only until first re-tweet or like.
are you personally interacting with users on this topic? (I may be naïve or impressed)
Rather than timebox edits after the fact, have you considered a configurable 'tweet preview mode' before officially posting?
absolutely a five minute window to edit tweets, and if someone RTs it, they get a notification that a tweet they RTd had been edited
enable editing within a short time frame like 5 minutes. Thanks.
Proofread mode is good. A 30 second window or something that shows the reeet composed is good. 5 minutes will lead to abuse.
Need a minute long window to correct mistakes. Allowing editing any time is a Pandora's box that allows people to change the record.
FB allows edits, but shows your original copy. I think that's fair.
Since Twitter is used often for referenced, addition of "Previous Version" button to view before edits?
a 5 minute window for correcting mistakes would be awesome :D
Not at all
If you allow people to edit tweets can you at least update the date to the time it was edited and remove likes and retweets
Five minutes is good. Otherwise people can wreck threads by editing for contradictory content.
less is more
5 minute window
edit for corrections or show edit summaries. It's probably going to be used in an abusive way so implement post history.
I say you get a 5 min window before the tweet propagates to followers. Owner can disable the delay, but that disables edit-ability.
quick window for typos
I believe that most of websites forum & others has average 10 mins window to edit a post so I second that to edit a tweet!
I think 1 min. Window to allow editing is more than enough!
That's not a good idea, please don't enable Tweet editing. Not even for a minute.
Please stick with a 5 min window. I don't want to like/RT a puppy & later find it edited to hate speech. Signed, a Stock Owner
Editing tweets is a bad idea, will be abused. Inflammatory tweet, wait for replies, then edit tweet to make the replies seem crazy.
New ways to be abusive doesn't improve Twitter. Better to delete a tweet with errors, and re-post with corrections. Like we do now.
spelling corrections would capture 95% of my editing situations.
5 mins...then delete if needed!
To also point out you will need a version history with/without constraint. @cloleaf And IMO constraint requires discussn. like why 5
Y not 5 edits? or a 'locked' tweet within an undisclosed time constraint? pursue of this depends on twitter's openness + UX @cloleaf
giving in to edit at any time would kill the importance of tweet! Never ever give that feature! Window of 30s is best
A 10-15 minute window to edit tweets for spelling/punctuation errors would be perfect - such a pain to have to delete tweets.
I say brief window to edit, but corrections should be shown.
how about an #editbutton for #TwitterCEO's ego? And no more babysitting my #ipaddress and whereabouts. #privacyviolation
My vote is that people can edit within a short window, a few minutes, similar to what Slack does.
only edits first 3 or 5 minutes. eternal edit option will destroy twitter.
Agree on limited time. 3 minutes and a spell check prompt if a typical error spotted by system before posted.
why not require one more click to confirm sending a tweet? Force people to reread, and not be impulsive.
Prefer no edit feature at all. If must have, then one 30-second window. Twitter now document of record for govt officials. Integrity!
create a poll for this.
Should be option of editing tweet anytime. (Click on the tweet to see original and edited tweet).
if Twitter acts as a public record then putting a restriction like time on editing makes sense.
however if I look at my own behaviour I only edit within a time window of a few mins.
there's never been a time when I dig up an old post and choose to edit it.
this is something that would need some analysis.
just 5 min window would do. No1 shud be allowed to edit anytime, else all credibility wud be lost.
anytime editing. It often happens you don't realize the mistake until later
I would be happy with just a minute to edit. Just typos, not hours later regrets. Maintain "the public record".
or an "undo" countdown like Gmail. 30 sec to change your mind or send. Editable setting.
The ability to edit at any time would be great, but even 5 minutes later it helps a lot.
5-10 minutes will be fine. Only for mistakes. Anytime will be a disaster.
only 3 mins. Finance twitter doesn't need more than that. Anytime edit will DESTROY EVERYTHING, from embedded to credibility
1 minute is enough!
the pbm is the tweets forwarded as SMS you can't edit them or delete them once sent.
guess 5mn is OK. Suppose it's the admissible time lag for an SMS too.
Need a time limit so ppl don't change content/context after massive likes/retweets.
but... why? it is already possible to erase a tweet: just erase and rephrase. @jack
it would be a lot easier to be able to edit rather than delete and rewrite!
General tweet editing at any time is a terrible idea unless it also deletes all comments and re-issues the tweet.
Voice tweets!
searching own past tweets, in Arabic specifically is imperfect. Could improve.
you can use the from:AlSaibie operator associated with the word(s) you want in a Twitter search to find your past Tweets :)
works well in English. Far from it in Arabic.
bring back favs. Do more about harassment.
add nested tweet threads, delete nazis
If I look at someone's profile on mobile I see a bunch of replies and tweets mixed together unlike desktop. Not good for discovery.
interesting! this is one of the main reasons i like the mobile version more.
ability to edit
comprehensive plan for getting rid of the nazis
we've been working on our policies and controls. What's the next most critical thing?
Can you give us some examples? Look at the replies to this Old Navy ad. Overrun by Nazis.
We know one thing for certain, if just one person is cold, nobody's having fun. Banish the BRR, family style:
Quality and anti-abuse controls for all users, not just verified + more transparent review process for abuse
get rid of spam, spambots, and marketing fraud
Twitter has just re-added prominent far right users in the US and verified them. Make a start with them.
making sure Twitter feels open and welcoming to all demographics would make a huge difference and be a big lift. Worth focusing on.
Twitter is a society, and it gets to be the society you want to have. You're the autarch. Okay, so what kind of society is it?
>making sure Twitter feels open and welcoming to all demographics Wants to get rid of a demo. vallid but ironic.
i dont think you realize how much of a hypocrite you sound like
comprehensive plan for getting rid of the nazis
"open & welcoming to all demographics" vs "getting rid of the nazis" winner: self-congratulatory incoherence
including the nazis? And by "nazis", I'm sure you're referring to the socialist left?
a political viewpoint isn't a demographic
oh, so ban all Shia muslims too? I'm starting to like you.
stop verifying nazis
A non-comprehensive plan to slightly reduce the number of Nazis
I'd say better #twitter system for banning/deleting trolls/bullies/harassers..current system WAY ineff! 😢🌍 #twitter2017
Would you like to see accts I've been told are fine in the last week? How about an option to report violations of this:
Currently, there's no way to report that violation, and it's one of very few objective rules.
Also, please do feel free to explain how an account called "fuck jews" and an account saying "Hitler was right" don't violate this:
behavioral+predictive analytics
embedded fact-checker in every Trump tweet :-)
Anything else pales in comparison, don't you think?
Comprehensive plan for getting rid of the nazis.
the next most critical thing is to take those policies and ACTUALLY ENFORCE THEM PROPERLY
it's also getting rid of the nazis
There is no next most critical thing. Put all your resources on that until you fix it.
Finish the policies & controls, and that would be enough of a step forward
most critical thing would be to start banning users that harass others or promote hate speech.
focus on the Nazis, once that's taken care of maybe reopen the issue?
after the nazis are gone, maybe release the thousands of swatted usernames please?
There isn't anything more critical than getting rid of the Nazis.
getting rid of hate speech should be priority 1 to 100. Don't think you need any more priorities
go past "we're working on it" on to "we've put them in place"
~implementing those controls~
No, I think "Get rid of the Nazis" pretty much covers it.
Lather, rinse, repeat as needed until infestation subsides. @whyJoe @jack @saschasegan
It doesn't look from the outside like you've been working very hard. Too many obvious violations with an e-mail saying no violation.
Nothing is more important than getting rid of the Nazis. Srsly! Will agree ability to quickly edit typos is overdue.
the neo nazis
Nothing else matters until this is solved. The most important "features" of @twitter are the voices it amplifies.
Still probably the nazis, honestly.
There is no next thing. Everything else comes after this.
ban Trump. He's already violated your guidelines on harassment re: Chuck Jones and Megan Kelly. Nazis will leave w/ him
There is no "next." You're not doing nearly enough regarding harassment, racism, misogyny, etc. Should be ONLY priority. @saschasegan
Start taking the fact that this is not a safe space for women, poc, and lgbtq seriously because you're obvs not.
keeping the Nazis off once they're gone?
Yeah no one but the suckup tech blogs believe you that the problem is needing better mod tools. You approve death threats
Your toxic, _dangerous_ platform is what's stagnating your user base but sure let's have 20 more UI tweaks nobody wants.
Executing that plan and getting rid of the Nazis.
Stop bots from racing tweets to be the first to reply. To systematically race a @, premium can use a key given by that @
Nazis, mate. Getting rid of them.
the casual death threats.. the casual, totally, untrue "facts"
Yeah, it's really just the nazi thing. Nothing else matters until that's dealt with.
The next most critical thing is also "get rid of the Nazis"
This reply sounds rather dismissive. Please go out of your way to denounce the rise of nazi/fascism activity on Twitter.
Sad, but not unexpected that there has been no response to this.
This needs attention.
This reply sounds rather dismissive. Please go out of your way to denounce the rise of nazi/fascism activity on Twitter.
Literally nothing else matters.
next most critical thing after getting rid of the nazis?
You've had years to work on this stuff, of it being an obvious problem, maybe make it a real priority.
Is that a lie Jack? Because the nazis literally organise on here with goddamn hashtags. You're. Doing. Nothing.
.....getting rid of the nazis? like, thats an easy fix. thats quite possibly the easiest fix
I'll identify and ban Nazis free of charge, standing offer
it's also getting rid of the nazis, as are all the other fucking things.
doesn't much look like it. Hire more for that team. Make sure to ban Nazis, and tr*mp. That will probably save payroll from hiring
U should stay focused on getting rid of the nazis b/c what ur doing isn't working & they r driving ppl away from Twitter
Twitter has made clear, recent progress, but notorious, repeat offenders seem unencumbered. Please look at the incubators.
There is zero point in banning small harassers if you avoid conflict by ignoring the users they look up to. Milo was a good first step
but there is no shortage of monsters who stepped-in drive interaction by promoting harassment. Is spot treatment a viable strategy?
That's literally all that matters. Please fix it.
How about a panel of judges 50% Liberals & 50% Conservatives that must be 100% united before user's account is deleted. @saschasegan
This is the worst idea ever.
this idea fucking blows oh my god.
That's a pretty huge thing. Make sure you do it right.
Your platform ignores harassment, hate speech, literal Nazis, and actually endangers the world with Trump. Get your shit together.
Sweet. Please @jack, make this happen! BTW, your tweet is hate speech dumbass.
Get rid of the nazis on the other end of the spectrum, the extremist SJWs
getting rid of Russian troll factory accounts posing as nazis
Nope, that IS the most critical thing. Way to brush off the most serious issue facing this platform. It's not solved.
You really felt compelled to respond to that wannabe censorer? Says something.
Nice brush off. Next most critical is get rid of nazis, after that get rid of nazis, followed by get rid of nazis...
I speak for all tolerance-loving people when I say there is NO "next-important thing" to kicking Nazis & their hate OUT!
This is like asking what colour you should paint the dumpster while it's on fire. Shut down the hate, then ask this.
Cosigned. How can you even have to ask after everything that's happened here this year. You should be on this months ago.
the next critical thing would be to actually do it and not just dodge the suggestion.
fuck you jack ban me is this hate speech?
why are you mad about nazis not being allowed on your social media platform
I'm mad he says they're working on getting rid of abuse but have done nothing
go fuck yourself jack I am bad but you are worse
no you should stay with the getting rid of nazis thing before you move on to another thing
getting rid of the nazis is literally all I want to see Twitter do this year.
Actually just stick with working on that cuz clearly it's not working right now
1. System to achieve/lose reputation 2. Ability to nominate Nazis, depending on the number & reputation of prosecutors
Working on it by bringing back Nazis? Less Nazis pls. also less terrorists, less potential serial killers, etc.
1. Crackdown on hate speech - ban IP of suspended accounts (+block proxies/VPNs like Netflix does)
2. Guaranty of neutrality while doing it (f.e both Conservative and Liberal workers take the decision)
3. Harsher stance against dangerous violent groups (any tweet merely supporting IS/KKK/Al Qaeda etc.. = Ban)
4. Punish those who spread fake news and use Twitter to harass individuals or companies (Pizzagate, Delta etc..)
3. A less opaque report system. It sometimes feel that it's only the number of reports that lead to a ban-not fair and
lead to bad behavior since people can just organize to "take down" someone's account by reporting it lotta times
Actually getting rid of the Nazis. While there are still Nazis, there is no "next most important thing." @jack
Maybe getting rid of you so we can ACTUALLY get rid of the Nazis? Seriously. Youre partly responsible for whats happening
no seriously though, clean up the community. We haven't been able to edit tweets forever, who cares? Abuse, Nazis, Trolls = problems
But of you get rid of Leftist Democrat Nazis, wherever will they go? We should give them a place too. #FreeSpeech @jack
but then what would Donald Trump and his supporters do for entertainment?
it would be nice to not see verified users with hundreds of thousands of followers talking about "the jewish question"
stool pigeons should be banned like this guy
And Jihadis as well? @jack
use less data!!!! 😂
Accountability - verbal assaults and threats of physical violence need to be treated seriously.
channels for different types of people I follow. Swipe left or right for politics peeps, friends, sports etc.
been thinking a lot about this. More topic focused v account generally
I've managed it by having accounts per interest, but there could be a better solution.
Twitter has made different UIs in the past for different live events. Why not general UIs? Sports UI, Political UI, Celebrity UI, etc.
allow edit any time, edit replaces original in all threads, original remain available as child unless edit within x sec
yep better incorporation of lists, which I also think would help new users as well.
you already have lists - it's just so poorly implemented :(
and hidden! Hard to find where it is located in apps. I miss Tweetdeck on mobile.
yeah a tweetdeck implementation on twitter mobile app with slide screens.
I agree. I use lists as a 'topic' filter on tweetdeck. Too buried to do the same on mobile. Swipe 👍
I hate lists! I don't want to be on a list ever. And I hate that people I don't know put me on one.
lists needs to be improved greatly. But the roots of channels are already there so it shouldn't be tough to implement.
Would you be willing to beta test an app I'm working on for list control? Building business card 2.0 using lists and profiles for cards.
crazy tht only logged out users see featured tweets on home page, why not allow logged in see without logging out
I have zero idea how lists work or why they exist :(
agree. Just needs to be greatly improved. It especially need a new name. "Lists" implies chores.
adding a +1 to this request. Example: I want tweets on the DC Tech scene integrated into my timeline
for now, I have to go into saved searches. Then, the top tweets aren't enough so then have to do "all tweets"
UX needs to be completely redesigned. On mobile lists are under a settings gear (?!?) on your profile (?!?)
I like this. Something more like magazines (see Apple News) than Twitter command and control "moments"
dashboard app already does this fairly well if you use lists. But will need to be easier for general users.
twitter is so many things at once. Would be nice to organize what I want to see through my day. Thanks for the response :)
I already do this using lists based on my interests
I’d love this, but the set-up / management could prove tricky for end user. Automated/curated?
perhaps something that can be done over time? Casually sort while you surf... would take about a week.
...and then ability to follow channels only :-) bcoz I care about topic A v blah from same person.
List organization is tops for me. All my tweets get jumbled together when sometimes I just want a specific topic. Thanks!
do not want. I want to follow high-quality individuals, not algorithmically categorized content.
also, I want to categorize my tweets into a "channel" Friends can unfollow politics Devs can unfollow personal etc
in the mobile app this would be great.
Oh, that's a cool idea.
thanks! I would follow so many more accounts if I could put them somewhere.
yes. Great addition.
thanks Adrian. You and I have the same Peter Brady hair. Can I join the Entourage?
better way to create and follow tweet storms, real names, and just buy Nuzzel, will you!?
editable tweets
for the sake of national security you need to be bold and unprecedented and revoke Trump's twitter account.
Tweak the privacy. FB privacy can be customized. Twitter's are all or none. Choose b/w unwanted scrutiny or scaled down experience.
Shareholder value and the ability to edit. $TWTR
This'll sound "small" but I'd REALLY like the ability to edit tweets after they've been tweeted. Start there plz. #Twitter2017
an easier way to claim inactive usernames
Since authorities are using our social media profiles to background check us - more open verified user program.
Search old tweets & ban more trolls.
as well as personal security. The President of the United States using your platform to name private citizens could be lethal.
Let others edit tweets. Charge them bitcoin to monetize it.
How about just the first part.
actually listen to users, an edit button, better spam prevention #twitter2017
Translate bios please!
Ability to search faved tweets
what are you usually looking for? Videos to show a friend? Article to go back and read?
Keith please make a bookmarking ability - sometimes I want to go back &reference things and can't find them
All of the above and more. Specifically photos and tweets that endorse my work.
likes are in chronological order of time the tweet was posted, shouldn't it be when you did the action?
If the tweet is over a week old, how many thousands of tweets can u search thru for one tweet.
favorites are my key way of identifying key tweets/links/references. Ton of valuable info/data.
creating tools/functions that allow us segment/parse out faves bring sticky value to users to come back
appreciate vision of being "real time" info network, but ton of value undiscoverable due to inability to access historical
this would be to keep existing user base.
mostly but it'll lead to more optimized UX. Result in better ways to share w/ others - users & non-users.
current way of "sharing" is simplest and usually hard to grasp the context when shared to non-users.
get some time after where Editing tweet is allowed after its been posted. With 'edited' label near the time probably?
get rid of spam accounts and porn
stop the bots
in general, the death of animated gifs, no major changes.
✔-button for the tweet being read/checked/noted. The like-button could then be used as meant.
Ps. @jack thank you for maintaining such an amazing communication tool for us all #LoveTwitter
or failing that delete David Duke's 1930s style anti semitic hate stream
shared block lists, edit tweets, lists are awesome so more investment in that UI, filter out all cat photos 😀
Ban abusive accounts, flag fake news.
ability to organize/categorize favorited tweets
You could see your own deleted tweets.
better discovery of new accounts to follow using diff metrics (engagement focused rather than # of followers)
also many of the things that should be fixed are in the onboarding process + attracting new users IMO (who won't be responding here)
things like being able to mass follow another person's followers, lists by topic, or maybe pre-populated timelines?
Honestly, I'm just shocked you asked. #Twitter2017
Work on privacy and get bought out 😀
Ability to edit tweets up to 30 seconds after posting to fix typos
Make Twitter Stock GREAT AGAIN!!
Enable closure on message
improve thread readability
(paid) premium accounts for instant verification. Get rid of spam accounts (following 100k+, like really?), rick roll @GuyFieri 🔥
Just let me cross post my instagrams without having to link to instagram
#twitter2017 nested replies, longer tweets/tweetstorms. Better web UI
shareholder value please
the ability to edit tweets would be awesome!
that's a very long list unfortunately...
I know you’ve mentioned this in the past but the character limit is just a little too low - please consider increasing the count to 14
lol this is a great example of another request which is to somehow RT two things as one tweet
add channels and put good recommended people in those channels. Also buy Square and combine the two once and for all.
or failing *that* stop serving ads into hate pages, so at least you're not directly earning money from hate speech
get rid of abusive hate speech
turn twitter into what it should've been: a web browsing/search engine experience. Be a better Google. #Twitter2017
is utilized by many seeking fantasy sports stats/news. In same fashion as Finance Twitter - feed the beast. #Twitter2017
give us stock quotes, standings, scoreboards, player stats
to be able to edit twits after it's been sent
continuing efforts to limit harassment/trolling would be great.
better abuse protection, save for later, organized threads tab.
Edit feature on tweets. Mass banning of more trolls.
edit tweet and remove RT olds.
stronger privacy and security features for users and groups who are/feel harassed + get rid of egg/dog avi scary people who harass
Bookmarking tweets to read them later. I wrote a piece about that here >
What Twitter Really Needs
🤔 I can’t be the only one missing this…
edit tweets for 5min. Subscribe to thread. Clearer threading. Note content form. Popular tab that's just most liked tweets last 24hrs
subscribe to thread is a good idea! Wow
Subscribing to threads is a good idea
Allow 2-4 chars longer usernames. 🙏 #Twitter2017
Twitter would be better if one could organize media and threads by topic so resurrecting them for later use would be easier.
have a dedicated place for live events. Just like u v for "moments." v to be able to go to one spot for live events like the #rally
Make twitter a platform for different apps, a la Slack, Medium or soundcloud integration perhaps. Build on top of twitter
not give the racists and abusers a platform maybe?
Switchable feed from Twitter algo to latest tweet.
an increase in its stock price and actual innovation? Twitter hasn't been innovating at all. Too slow for users.
watch it @jack we need this feature
oh, you already got there on this! I didn't see, still, this video is worth sending to him a few times ;)
a little better interest based user discovery. currently who-to-follow is based on other followings, would love to see tweet-related.
stop Soccer AM from broadcasting
Hi, Jack. Suggestion: to be able to "pin" multiple tweets instead of only one @jack - Twitter improve or create in 2017
Great idea Peter.
edit tweets but mark them as "edited"
Edit tweets, delete the Nazis, and for the love of fuck, figure out how to stop a giant orange man-baby from declaring nuclear war.
remove character limit , look at weibo Only way to survive long term
Tweet edit; Dedicated GoLive tab; Ability to see home TL while watching a livestream.
Create an edit button please
Twitter has a lot it can do, but it's too afraid of "altering the public imagine" of what it is. Time to evolve and change.
some form of "dislike" or "this is spam" button where eventually the post is removed if it hits a predetermined limit or #
I bet suggestions around fake news are numbers 1, 2 and 3.
Trends used to have a lot more meaning, but now I don't pay attention to them as much. It's not as noticeable on Android app anymore.
Further expansion of moments; Easy (if not automatic) curation of relevant tweets of an event within the same area. #Twitter2017
editing tweets within a small window of time is at the very top of my list!
more video functionality, edit Tweets
threads por favor
keyword search my likes, tweets and retweets.
native tweetstorm feature?
ability to better navigate a conversation thread, and clustering tweets under broad topics instead of only hashtags
5 minute window to edit mistakes. Anything else can be handed by deleting/re-posting.
integrate @Patreon on bio, Twitter is oft the voice of independent makers, journalists and activists.
Twitter handles should not be part of 140 character limit, either un new tweets or replies
edit tweet, and mute certain words
How about one mentioned user and one link per tweet don't count towards the 140 character limit? Also maybe increase the limit to 160?
I would pay money 💰 for no ads
the ads are fine I would pay $ for premium features + targeted / good ads.
Tastefully relevant ads would be decent but I mostly get randos
my ads are really relevant. PS ads power our sector / world. Don't hate =)
No hate! I love ❤️ good ads, I regularly watch ads on YouTube for fun
at least you're willing to pay to block. Anyway, I get really good ads here have found lots of new products I love.
I get mostly Starbucks, T.Rowe price ads, and car ads. I usually try to hit "I don't like this ad' if it's irrelevant, and
... I regularly fill out the survey's on the ads
have analytics in my handle & get ads for data viz companies & stuff. I love it. Marketers doing well in that niche!
I think the issue is with companies that promote, not Twitter. NFL promoted tweets are GARBAGE!
agree lots of Twitter advertisers need education. Twitter should steal page from our playbook on this ;)
you need to separate: profiling for ads may be acceptable. profiling as itself,when hits information,is mother of all evil @jack
what are the premium features you'd want?
I'd pay for premium analysis tools, (see GA suite for ex) Reddit Gold-like feat, etc
used to give ideas to former twtr product team on ad/analytics always happy to come down & share more notes.
I would love to hear some of your ideas about ads/analytics! DM me and we can follow up
premium features like what?
I'd pay for premium analysis tools, (see GA suite for ex) Reddit Gold-like feat, etc
interesting. but reddit gold just seems like something that uber fans pay for rather than being actually useful?
for example I'm not sure any of these benefits are replicable on twitter. I quite like the 'democracy' of the unpaid platform.
it's a fair point. Worth an experiment though see what happens. Think premium analysis tools I mentioned = more compelling.
I am Reddit gold payer it's both for uber fans & useful. Twitter could have unique set of features that's both.
Ads for new products
this would be nice but seriously hurts their business model
Well they could always just show less 🙃
depending on how much. But yeah, agreed. P
Use @tweetbot and you'll not have ads. On the negative side, you'll also not have neither polls nor gifs.
same. No ads, no you might like, just Twitter Classic, pre follower-only reply visibility.
I'd pay $10 a month for smart keyword mute without having to use another app
I would jump on this option as well. 👍🏼
we should have live video page similar to Bloomberg or the sports shows w/ relevant tweets scrolling along the side.
Twitter translator for languages need someone who speaks the language to work to form a translator. Helps us communicate better.
Take major steps toward fixing Twitter's hate/harassment problem. It's out of control.
make push to create useful datasets from Twitter data that are fun to use (yes, you sell the data via Gnip.. but for bulk users!)
Google have Google Trends as an example
Twitter has become a harbor for hate speech and general incivility. Please work to curtail accounts purposefully created for that aim.
A new statement of Twitter's purpose as a community that doesn't include abuse, then tech and reviews to back that up.
handles vandalism and political disputes because the community's purpose allows for ready agreement on what to exclude.
If @twitter's mission is to just be a utility for any message, then facilitating abuse is on-mission and can't be solved.
I wrote articles upon articles on this but most important? MOVE FASTER. Build things and make it simple (not simplistic)
at these moment other people's bots do that tagging work, like there's many bots for getting machine learning tweets
full twitter advanced search in the twitter API (for finding really old tweets).
that's available as a @Gnip product today.
threads are messy. Perhaps, if it were able to be visualized as a tree
so you could follow a line with single person and also see at what point others jumped into the convo
editing tweets and resolving this issue with trolls. The second one seems to be causing ppl with great content not to share!
It doesn't take long to delete a tweet an editor would be nice but languages come first.
Weed out promoted trends (whether through twitter clickfarms or bots).
Time line should not move to a start, once a tweet been sent when scrolling is at mid/more down level.
wish list for Twitter in 2017: Group tweets based on topic, and identify trending handles based on topic
add "bookmark" / "save". I see ❤️as public endorsement. Sometimes I do it as mental note / reminder. (1/2)
Similar to what @instagram just did. Exhibit A, I have 4,740 "likes". It's articles I meant to read, people to follow up w/ etc. (2/2)
Hi @jack also, if there was a "bookmark" then you could email peoole & remind about the "bookmarks" & help 🚀 🐣🐥@twitter's engagement . #ux
Also @jack I often times email myself tweets or save them to @instapaper & I know I can't be the only one who does this! #ux #Twitter2017
I do this all the time
right? I save things for my #ux newsletter, people to email, articles, etc. I imagine it's the same for you.
exactly. I do a newsletter too :) I end up ❤️ing a load of things I'm just saving for later.
yup. Been thinking about this! We need to approach all feedback more simply and comprehensively
very important that the "save" or "bookmark" is searchable a over time you can't find the things you saved.
Jack I want a blue marker 😊😊😊
Good to hear @jack :) There is *so much* great content on @twitter, but I often ❤️ and then never go back and read / watch. (1/2)
I do the same. I also used @Pocket for webpages and did the same. Sharing to @evernote has been best for me. @ux
Talk with your help Twitter Center Jack documented
If I got a Fri or Sat email w/ my "bookmarks" I'd read / watch / engage with the content (vs users) much more (2/2) #ux #Twitter2017
yeah this is good. A read later is def worth considering
we made for that exact purpose. Daily email with your ❤️tweets to bookmark or read later.
Love that idea, man, just signed up.
handy but I'd rather not ❤️ things I'm just saving if I had a choice
Boy am I glad I read this thread. Thanks for the link. :) @JuanMelano @jack @sarahdoody
yes def. Using any other app is not so handy.
download @Pocket and you can save content from inside twitter very easily. Amazing app
I use pocket to save tweets. Should be available native.
yes, this is a great idea. I'd do this instead of Pocket, or Facebook bookmarked articles.
I end up emailing myself emails quite often (especially when scrolling without internet), so would be a great future
I use Pocket for these purposes, but gets very cluttered.
You can DM those Tweets to yourself, I do that a lot
Absolutely. As of now, I "favorite" things almost exclusively to bookmark links and articles to catch up with later
acquire pocket & leverage their data to create more personalized twtr feed, perhaps order by topics as @scottbelsky says
I've been using ⭐️/❤️ as a Read Later for solo long (almost 10 years on Tw) it's ridiculous we don't have one already.
For that I use a IFTTT trigger when like then instapaper. It's ok for me.
emails from Twitter could be a lot more like @nuzzel, showing what's being shared by who we follow plus trends, discovery.
muting someone for a period of time--enables skipping a rant or machine gun tweets such as sports play by play that swamps our feed
look into @Pocket it's a lifesaver
you can bookmark tweets in a private Twitter moment and use ifttt to email reminder you the list of tweets within it
Think bigger!! Good idea, can be changed in 5 minutes. Need to get beyond $11billion market cap!! $twtr
and add a hate / unlike button.
I like that idea a lot. So many article are shared on twitter, that we aren't endorsing, just want to read.
What about a chat like this on a monthly basis?
would love this feature. I often favorite stuff to read for later. I'll either often forget about it or I won't like it.
I do that a lot too! 😮
loads of people doing this already with @IFTTT my recipe saves faved articles and tweets to @Pocket
same. I try to track things I'm interested in this way. I just need an integrated @Pocket button to be honest.
Oh this one please! I use Twitter for 'consumption'. Most of my RTs are #notetoself since 'likes' don't sync well.
would agree with Sarah. A lot of my likes are not likes but tweets that I want to read later - bookmark/save button please
this one was endorsement to let you know that 70% of the time I use it as a bookmark/reminder... (30% sort of as read)
literally NEVER as "like"
agree! i direct message myself any tweet that i want to save to look at later but could be made more easy/clear for users.
this is true and same in my case. Add tools like bookmarks/save. #Twitter2017
a like icon.seperate fm a love icon, a delete feature for long tedious tweets tl
So true! I use ❤as bookmark! Need a save bottom. Probably a personal tweet library where user can save tweets topic wise. @jack
agree. Would like a way to bookmark a tweet/topic wo liking it, especially articles
remembering hashtags is annoying, it's amusing 1st but not useful in the long term except for social protests
Instagram image previews please.
How about top 100 trending when viewing on the website. Lots of room in that left sidebar.
more aggressive marketing, monetize periscope, Twitter TV, bullying control, 360 deg videos explosion usage = increase $TWTR value
Enforce abuse rules for everyone. It seemed like Twitter sometimes had blatant double standards with celebs who abused and got away.
topic is if socialnets are media(with editors'responsibilities)or service providers(and enforcement is due to police) @jack
for love of holy, can you fix Searching for words from a tweter? Search function in general is horrible..
ability to grant account access levels; read only analytics access, ad-platform + analytics access, and publishing access.
a more robust messaging svc
• better search and collections around the information shared on there. Summarizing context and content.
tweet privacy protections..basically permission settings on each tweet - similar to FB's who can see or interact with this.
better visuals around tweetstorm content - could be an iteration of moments or a long form text generator
twitter pages/board. Separating tweets & the other themes of content shared. Ex. Instead of media album a collection quick view.
oh and lastly give Twitter lists more love make it easier to engage with that tool.
This concludes my free twitter consulting @jack lol Hopeful your team genuinely assesses and acts on the themes shared in your threads. ✊🏾
we share passionately on this platform because it's made a dent in our lives. Well mine at least.
and search - plz fix. Make it better for me to delineate and know when I shared things what I shared on le twitter.
oh another suggestion a black woman on twitters exec team...that's not a D&I lead. K. Thx. Bye.
ok for real this time last one someone started a 🔥 tweetstorm notification
Aside from the trolls it would invite - would love to see "someone started a 🔥 thread" notification. Similar to the live experience on IG.
uhm, @jack I think this thread just showed you need to create an offer letter for an engagement Product Manager for @beLaurie
ha! You the best. We're not cool enough for @jack to listen to though. 👀
Lists front and centre
4/ Simplify Tweetstorm.Right now Tweetstorms r hard&u have to reply to every tweet.Make it simple so tweets get threaded automatically
5/ You can then embed entire tweetstorms like embedded tweets and syndicate your content across publishers--> Increasing distribution
verification for all i guess
and people should just be able to follow a certain topic and get all tweets associated with it like Quora instead of forever searching
Ability to attach diff file types and formats e.g. Docs, pdfs, A "see first" feature like Facebook for your fav accounts recent tweets
with all due respect I don't want twitter to be anything like facebook @jack
Add "This service may not be used to provoke a nuclear crisis" to your ToS, then ban @realDonaldTrump
Also, ML to identify fake Russian propaganda bots. Same basic tactics you use for spam accounts also apply.
This is the most practical and immediately actionable step I've seen. Man up @jack & do it. @realDonaldTrump
improve search
1) Allow me to move through my feed more conveniently. If it's been 12 hours since my last login, allow me to see a specific time.....
the search algorithm has been naff for the past 6 months - including usernames in search as well as words in tweets - needs fixing
enable users to record their voices and share it with others in 140 secs
tweet editing, more transparency in the verification process, release of apparel and merchandise, ban soar tenser, more celeb Q&A's
anime to be legalized
FUCK off
Make inactive @'s available or so help me God.. @Gennaro_Code
I'd love to pay you all a small amount of money not to see ads.
bitcoin + @brave enables this nicely.
That'll be ~$12 p/year. @jack
For $12 USD p/year, p/user, Facebook could go privacy-friendly, stop collecting PII, stop serving ads, and keep their profits stable.
Hell, I'll give $13. You all can keep the change, @jack. 😀
Only if payable in BTC. @jack
- new bitcoin based social platform for that @YoursNetwork
ability to follow lists/topics (similar to Medium). Would make it easier for new users to get value out of Twitter.
much easier for new users to follow "startups" than it is to search for and follow 50 users who tweet about startups.
ability to search for best tweets, pictures, videos, streams, 360, and of course LIVE BUTTON with channel guide. New streaming......
partnerships with Netflix and HBO to stream 1st episodes of their original content, NFL redzone with twtr playthrough commercials.
A designated finance section, with live streamed market coverage and ability to curate tweets by cash tag(s), and tap/scan purchase
just keep existing
all of this! Nevermind talk of buyouts etc, just keep providing this platform.
get rid of me, itll make twitter better for everyone.
Editing and yes, 5 minute window will suffice or this would be a mess.
A B U S E. How many times must we tell you this? ...also the ability to search within my DMs. But abuse!
make manual rts great again
u should have made this a poll of the things you'll actually do. obvs getting rid of trump/nazis is not on the menu. lol.
►Make @twitter a non-profit to grow its users ►Remove spam/sponsored tweets ►Editable tweets ►ID's & links don't count to char limit
So glad you asked. Have Twitter create their own #GoLive channel for Stocks and Gaming. Twitter would their own studio and reporters
REALLY need a #GoLive tab to find video like #NFL. Within this #GoLive tab you can show past LIVE video in case user wants to view
🚫 "edit tweets" cuz users don't get that @twitter will just write a program that deletes original tweet & replaces with edited tweet.🙄
fake news detection algorithm.
edit tweets
2)...Example, when breaking events happen it's fun to look back & see how it broke on my feed. Finding now after a few is a chore
disable notifications for a specific thread, especially helpful for threads where you keep getting @-mentioned, but aren't conversing
"TWITTER LUNCH" "TWITTER TEA TIME" Happy to present both....
autoscroll my time line as I eat my bowl of wheaties. Tap to stop. Tap to start again.
to be able to follow discussions. So ppl chatting. I don't want to interfere, just follow the discussion.
this is a good start but for the whole conversation.
btw I like the 5 min window of editing. People should have to own their comments but editing a typo without deleting would be awesome
suppose 100 tweets r there to be rolled up, 50 passed, now a new tweet will take TL to a start,leaving the rest of unseen.Possible?
Play games among us.😍😍😍
1) Edit (allow us to change after tweeting); 2) drag and drop lists with tabs (like many other tabs) for better organized following
- Being able to easily change your profile pic, so it matches the tone of your tweet. Happy, Funny, Surprise, Sad, etc.
make you actually use twitter for like 10 seconds as a non white dude
easier to follow tweet threads
save for later read arricles, no need to save outside
Better support for third party clients!
Edit tweets (2 minute window?), release inactive usernames, alphabetize lists, faves like Tumblr (sort by fav time, not post time).
Edit edit edit pls. Quick edit is important. Anytime Edit is fine but can keep the history. Better search by name.
Something of the confident for "sustainable media platform" for the peoples. #Twitter2017
I would love to see Twitter become the Netflix of live TV. To broadcast all the live shows I lost after cutting the cable cord.
adding a save button for links/articles- I get most of my news/reading material from Twitter, would love to save via platform
navigating dynamic conversations(when multiple people are replying to me at once) experience is super bad and it needs improvement
location to share with friends/maps app
Better harassment blocking tools.
Improving visibility of "lists" feature. I love reading tweets by topics, from people I don't necessarily follow.
edit typos without deleting a tweet I'm bad at that haha. Easy way also to view past tweets over the years would be nice
re-think Lists, to me it feels like they are orphaned. I would like to use them as interest-based timelines to organize things.
Tackle Twitter abuse as swiftly as you did people putting up clips of the Olympics. You could do it if you wanted to. #Twitter2017
Following in the footsteps of Brian Chesky: what's the most important thing you want to see Twitter improve or create in 2017? #Twitter2017
Less "sometimes forcing" ppl to give their phone#. Compromises privacy. There r better ways to check for bots, or toxic recidivists(?)
Please, reject the idea that killing anonymity is an ethical way of combating hate. Those afraid should have a voice.
Twitter has so much potential to increase ad revenues without hurting use experience...shocked that you don't see it.
Transparent and active participation by @Support in harassment adjudication and content creation rights
Edit tweets, full functionality to tweetdeck.
please do not let users to edit their tweets for a few reasons! Too tired to mention them. You know what Im sayin'
No edits at all. Either delete it and tweet again or just let it be. Anything else can have massive potential for misuse.
Better abuse/harassment handling, ability to search fav tweets and edit tweets within 1 min window
also on the abuse side... if people had to cross verify their identity with other platforms...
that would increase the amount of work that an abuser would have to do rather than just creating an egg account and spewing venom
highlighting engaging conversations + better conversation threading/reading + subscribe to threads
twitter was designed for status updates (obvi) but the most engagement I've been on twitter is when amazing conversations happen
still so hard to find, follow and engage in conversations. Find conversations outside ppl you follow would be amazing too.
moments is a good way to see news that happens on twitter but I think the power in twitter over other news platforms is the conv.
Is moments coming to Germany anytime soon? 🇩🇪 #twitter2017
yup. Love moments, but I find my self reading and moving on, not commenting.
I actively avoid moments. What do you like about them/how do they add value to you/your feed?
I like moments (when I haven't already seen it on Reddit), but wish it generated more of a convo.
that makes sense. It's easy to be passive (like, RT) but not join the conversation.
quick way to see a summary of whats going on in the world outside the ppl you follow
moments needs more topics. Almost like subreddits, but I know that's what hashtags are for.
do moments on mobile show who made them or are they all curated by Twitter employees?
initially only twitter employees but they have opened it up. So now can be ppl u follow.
I know I can make a moment, just never seen from others in my moments feed.
it'll say from your network.
I don't have any of those.
same. Working a lot on simplifying conversations this year. Love how open and fluid they are
الحب توثيق حسابي جاك 😚😊
Conversations on Twitter are often hard to follow. Sometimes you can't tell who is replying to what.
the reply UI really doesn't scale. Reddit threads of over 100,000 comments are still easy to navigate.
thos convo great example. Replies from ppl I follow not highlighted? Very relevant
Can't second this enough. I'dd add an easy way to export/share them.
Agree. Also being able to have "favorites list" of users; to bookmark favorite accts to look at their timeline directly. @jack
highlight would be cool and maybe bold. But no more than that otherwise our timeline can become a never ending carnaval.
open firehose API access and give 3rd party developers carte blanche to amplify the power of twitter
Enforcing their TOS consistently and fairly for a change.
make debating easy
nah debating should be hard
leave twitter you fuck up $twtr
show us mutual followers in the iOS app, improve performance of or make a client for Mac/Windows w similar GUI
Twitter Moments tab overseas. Ability to have a double view in the trending hashtags based on the country of my choice and globally.
not including hashtags and mentions within the 140 characters
very localized alerts/news/feeds (like college campuses, neighborhoods; if x people tweet abt something area-specific, push an alert)
businesses could opt-in for promotions/advertisements
Those "You might like"-ish boxes that appear temporary (literally only one time) should be permanent at the same position in the feed
stream more NFL games like you did this year with TNF
stop this sort of spam?
I have no idea how @twitter will ever get over their huge spam problem…
harassment policies and suspending abusing accounts - for example, idk, maybe PEOTUS's? 🙃
better 3rd party app support. Polls, images in DMs, the improved search apis your own apps use.
also enable the same range of reporting options for users.
for third parties as in your first party apps (see that tweet needed editing cause I accidentallied it)
please please please. Search is so important for us Tweetbot users!
the ability for anyone to verify and only see replies from verified people
sarcastics - a font for sarcasm.
Only show me tweets from people I follow. Make sure people who follow me see my tweets. None of this algorithm nonsense.
Remove White Supremicists and Nazis from Twitter. Otherwise, you are complicit in their violence. Yes, this includes the "alt-right".
More good advertisers, too. Up until the last week most ads were click-bait or clearly fraudulent companies. Made twtr look shady
Interact with you
Tools that support better conversation and control over one's attention on the site. Both sorely lacking. See:
People @'ining and quoting you should be together (they say something new) and the RT's and Likes together (no new content). Why so hard?
Threading and quoting tweets are at odds with one another. The design space has no allowance for that interaction. No options.
The tabs still group "quoted you" with RTs, and not mentions—which obviously so together. Do people who design the tabs use the site?
Someone quoting you and saying something is a type of mention. An RT or a Like is passive. The former need to be together.
But above all, hire social science people and start working with actual users. I believe that's what turned FB around early on.
Twitter missed opportunity after opportunity. DM's were so useful; they got now features till zillion messaging apps became dominant.
Lists. Great tool, except no new features since, I dunno, ever? Not made easy for users.
No teeth to your moderation for ordinary users. Openly very very racist celebs get booted. Not people who spend whole day harassing.
agreed. Dropped the ball on those. Thanks for all the feedback and all your work!
That's great you have a research team, but fairly obvious issues and opportunities get ignored. Some issues are intractable but+
there seems to be a lot that .. simply gets ignored. Something is not making the journey between your people research and your design.
Heart of twitter for me is conversation. Tools must support that, along with one's own attention. Happy new year.
Thx JZ! Twitter is special because of it's concise general purpose messaging. Conversations also help against filter bubbles.🍾
جاك ابي توثيق حسابي
علامة زرقاء
we do have a very active and strong research team to work directly with people. @gracie
yes! we are sociologists, anthropologists, HCI and market specialists, passionate about human insights and storytelling
data is always more powerful presented and understood in human terms
agree. We need to think more comprehensively about that
Along those lines, a retweet with comment should be counted in the tweet's retweet number
I feel like replies and quote retweets would make more sense together. Retweets are for sharing. Faves show appreciation
wasn't it established a while back that few twitter employees have active accounts? @jack
Maybe have quoted tweets appear in the same thread? @zeynep @jack
This is why I use tweetdeck.
More anti-harassment tools, infrastructure
proactive recycling of inactive usernames!
also, if a private user tags/@-replies you in a tweet, you should be able to see it.
get a full-time CEO who cares about stopping the constant stream of abuse and neo-nazis
I'm counting this response as "Yea but what would actually help us make $$$ tho?"
on B2B front, watch FB Analytics for Apps, Firebase Analytics closely. Standard and Custom events + user attributes = better targeting
-- give us "fat tweets" as demo'd here --…
getting rid of troll accounts
no more Russian bots!
Ban Nazis from this website. *Actually ban them*. Hire people to actually look at report requests. Make it count.
Your website is failing because people view it as a cesspool of abuse and you have the power to fix it. Do.
Also, being able to mark individual tweets as private would be great. Ban all Nazis. Thanks.
Bookmark functionality is NB for me. I use @Pocket hand-in-hand with Twitter would +1 deeper integration [or acquisition] #twitter2017
being able to pin retweets
Require an extra click to see replies to others' tweets by people you don't follow. Current system incentivizes extremely bad behavior
There are automated systems or very dedicated screaming randos that try to get in the first word on every news tweet to get eyeballs
If that's too extreme, then at least an extra click to see replies that haven't been liked or responded to by the original poster.
a single plum, floating in perfume, served in a man's hat
can we talk about our proprietary promoted hashtag process, allowing you to monetize what's happening NOW, see @BMW sponsorship below:
having the 'Messages' tab on web pop up as a modal is just whack, how about its own page?
editable tweets (w/ history), bring back Discover tab, access Lists from timeline & display Instagram photos natively
Stop censoring people on ideology.
option to have my own feed during live streams instead of curated/hashtag feeds
to change location trends in mobile app.
Being able to someone's feed. Bringing back the feed of favorites. Stats about my following, my likes of their tweets / tweets per day
ban the nazi shitheads
For me - @TwitterMoments has been a great feature. I'd like to see it developed - not sure how though. Huge fan of it. Cc: @JoannaG
Tweet editing! Be it either for a short period or anytime – though the latter is preferable!
Ah! And another thing: inactive (for at least six months, as stated in the Inactive Account Policy) accounts, along with suspended »
» accounts, should have their handles claimable through some process or other.
advertisers should have more options then just a Tweet sized advertisement along with full control of the negative tweets posted.
keyword muting for timelines, active and timely suspension of accounts that harrass and threaten women of color.
native tweetdeck support on iPad. Maximize the space available. Browser-client doesn't cut it.
block users even when quoted.
better discovery and search around "liked tweets"
hire a pm for "liked tweets" - so much potential here
Polls are not honest.
Easy to use ( function describe), so u can easily attract more users. Good PR, Something happens, somebody can stand up to explain.
DNA of twitter is mobile. Break out moments into own app. Get super aggressive w proprietary news content. Hire broadcast team.
I would like for the white supremacist/misogynist accounts that I report for credible threats to actually be shut down
but you have one of the most aggressive accounts on twitter. i think you should be shut down.
refusing to give a platform for white nationalists
Add a "saved" section so I can go back to old tweets, archived by either topic or type. Ex, article vs video. Like reading list on iOS.
swipe L<>R through a carousel to navigate different branches of a thread (rather than scrolling down to find the next branch)
stop allowing Twitter to be a tool for hate groups to execute waves of abuse; ban nazis; flag fake news/disinformation campaigns
Build a BOD which knows and uses the product
wish you spend more time marketing the NFL games, so many of my friends don't even know about it, even though twitter accounts
The Nazis, Jack. Your site is a fetid cesspool of Nazis. #twitter2017
fake news/false headline warnings in the platform. an actual commitment to stopping abuse.
get rid of the Nazis, trolls and haters. Actually listen when reports are given and act on them. Oh and chuck Trump off ;-)
hire me as your CTO
Make it an unwelcome place for fascists. That'd improve things immensely. This is not censorship, it's just good sense.
1) Increase API calls per time window. 2) Make lists a more central part of the product - too hard to navigate to & edit currently
being able to mark tweets as read / hiding on mobile product would be awesome too. Could swipe on tweet to do it
+1 on lists- helps new users figure out who to follow + daily users to curate, which is huge
Didn't think people actually use the list feature...
I use lists quite a bit. I use tweetdeck for viewing on web & TwBookmarks on mobile because its so hidden in the product
more watching popular content in real time on twitter. Give me another reason not to need cable TV.
if you don't do something about the nazis and harassment it's going to continue to go down the tubes
I would like it if you actually looked at nexus accounts that feed and retweet hate exclusively and take the whole network down
but you feed and retweet hate exclusively. have you ever read your own thread? you are guilty of everything you cry about.
Real names/across the board verification. Kill the spam/monsters. Rebuild from what’s left.
honor your ToS for harassment and ban @realDonaldTrump from Twitter.
Trump needs to be banned from USA for treason. #RESISTANCE
a more organized way to view threaded conversations (who is replying to what Tweet, in what order, etc).
Improve on Twitter Lists - ideally by seeing more than one list at a time on Desktop i.e. multiple feeds #Twitter2017 (1/2)
buy @nuzzel. I get more value from it than from the twitter stream b/c it organises news by shares rather than by chronological order
I prefer chronological tweets. I hate my instagram and Facebook feeds. They are no longer relevant posts.
chronological is useful when you don't follow many people but when you follow hundreds / thousands too much volume.
I follow over 3,000 but I organize them via lists to see different groups.
that requires user action, is incredibly time consuming to set up and is a high barrier to value, Nuzzel is auto.
that's where we differ. I want to maintain my control over what I see. I don't want an auto feed.
twitter needs more value for the new and average user over just catering to the power user who put in the time.
It must be at least an OPTION to see all tweets in chronological order. Why piss off the power users...1/2
in favor of trying to attract the theoretical casual user - who isn't here yet.
power users have been here since the start, they will put the time in. YOY total users not growing
it needs to be easier for people to jump in and get value from, not harder. Is why numbers are 👇
yes I hope this user isn't defined as the 'noisy' spammy author or social media expert
you can have both, chronological feed & nuzzle-type grouping in a tab within the app
C-suite is fired. Board resigns. Stock soars. $TWTR is great tech but not working as a business.
for your bullshit security team to actually do something about white supremacists instead of catering to them
a feature allowing users to save tweets to refer to at a later time and organize by articles, pictures, videos, etc #Twitter2017
make usernames that are inactive available
@jack open up all 1st part APIs to 3rd party dev. Block Trump from Twitter.
feature parity on all platforms (including more niche platforms like like iPad and Mac), quicker.
that, and some sort of robust, transparent, consistent abuse policy
Hire more support and give them the teeth they need to actually remove harassment from Twitter instead of pretending it doesn't exist
I would like a reporting option called “this is defamation” that goes to an actual lawyer and gets shut down
I would like twitter to actually take reporting 2nd accounts opened by banned users seriously and shut them too
basically everyone is going to tell you you’re savagely shitting the bed on these points and it needs to stop. yesterday.
this is all extremely correct
2nd, or 22nd. They open them endlessly, and there's not even a box to check to report it.
too easy to create false IP addr., etc (not to mention email) so can't ban second accts
+@jack I would like twitter to actually take reporting 2nd accounts opened by banned users seriously and shut them too
you want twitter to provide you free legal counsel?
but thanks for being a dick anyway
this tweet, for instance is Libel Per Se. Twitter didn’t think it was a violation of the TOS. This is a massive problem
didn't you just tell your followers about someone's penis and personal health the internet police
in line with this I would like you to consider the point at which Twitter moves from being complacent to culpable.
is running a speech platform not a preschool. Turn it off if it hurts.
easier access to lists. Too many steps now, especially via app. Lists are awesome filter when set up.
Clean up the spam accounts in Middle East in specific cuz I believe you already did in US. @jack
improved filtering/ability to curate main feeds - so you can follow the topics and events you want and not be overwhelmed by the rest
Enforcement of your policies on targeted harassment even if the harasser is famous. Or president.
Ban hate speech, bot accounts, and paid trolls.
'Channels' categorizing people/content by topics would be pretty useful (with swipe left/right navigation from the home/general feed).
No censorship. Button to block comments on your thread. $10/yr membership to weed out trolls. Add a 'Do not Agree' button #Twitter2017
charge a small fee to cut down on bots
Stop fucking over third party clients by leaving parts of the API largely unexposed.
Make it easier to find conversation around specific links and videos (similar to sport screens events).
If I post a link, "see conversation around this link" more specific than broad topic. Closer to Reddit.
Current way is to put the link into the search box, but that isn't intuitive and doesn't promote conversation.
It's absurd that there isn't an edit feature.
customized feed from followers and non followers.
improve: score tweet quality of my followers/following. on mobile, let me quickly see which users i follow are following user X
Those are both great suggestions. @jack
improve: score tweet quality of my followers/following. on mobile, let me quickly see which users i follow are following user X
full time CEO Jan 1st
NOW you finally ask us? Desperate much? Ability to edit a tweet within a minute of sending to kill a typo/wrong link.
I would like to see the following handle de-activated: @realDonaldTrump. Please.
All I want is an edit button.
please do something about the ridiculous amount of "alt right" Nazi trolls. The new report options def a step in the right direction!
a book mark button, so you can save posts and revisit them later, not the "like" button a separate bookmark icon
also the ability to edit tweets would be amazing, simple stupid spelling errors are the worst, then you have to delete & tweet again
oh whilst I'm at it can you curate the "like" section by when I liked the tweet not in the order it was tweeted...
...often I'll like a tweet from days ago wanting to read the link later then lose it in the "like" timeline
Find a better way to verify everyone's identity. Will get rid of bot accounts, reduce spam, and eliminate trolling.
Twitter needs to become a place where people are empowered to have a voice. This will drive them to share content, news, and events.
5 minute window to edit tweets. Display Instagram photos, not just links to Instagram (this may be an Insta issue not Twitter)
Allowing new users to discover people based on the interests they have with a mix of locality
Be the news channel that learns things I need to know. E.g., make ads relevant. Make tweets discovered. Remove what I don't like.
Add bookmark functionality under 'more' menu at the bottom of a tweet, for future reference.
do something about the nazis
the manual RT has become a form of content stealing--maybe a "This tweet has already been posted by..." feature?
become more innovative & be unique, rather than copying trends from Facebook etc, add some uniqueness to platform #Twitter2017 (2/2)
the ability to mute hashtags on timeline 🙏🏾 (currently can only mute in mentions)
create a compensated user board of marginalized people and run product changes by them to avoid changes that increase abuse/harassment
notify when new things start to trend. Allow tagging+filtering of tweets so we can ignore/follow them
maybe plz make women able to speak their minds without being flooded with rape and death threats. Take abuse reports more seriously.
err on the side of over-banning abusive users. If a woman takes the energy to report abuse, it's better for humanity if you just...
...ban the user & believe the woman. Protect us. Rather be overprotected than under. You've dismissed many complaints - it's awful.
Do something about doxxing, when multiple users are reposting the same address/phone number maybe something isn't right
30 second window to edit tweets. Many times I notice an annoying typo just after tweeting and want to change it without starting again
No more than a 60 second window to edit a tweet, I would only have edit anytime if there was a log of edits people could view.
Hi Mark, have you read his other tweets on this? I think we might see an edit option in the future.
Yep, reading his tweets on it. More it gets mentioned the better, looks like it could happen, let's hope so 👍🏻
always good to see threads like this and CEOs listening. Very rare for it to happen.
Agreed, nice to see feedback and opinions from users with direct interaction from the CEO
Always good to get on a thread early too. More likely to get seen.
remove retweets olds, for example: RTs date 2010
undo retweets olds*
Create and execute a zero-tolerance policy on hate speech.
A brief explanation (probably needs a small team for curation) on why a topic is trending, providing some context
no more anonymous accounts
get rid of the Nazis
incorporate a StockTwits like system into Twitter when you use a cash tag $. Show us the stock chart and current trading price.
we'd like to see @Square offer a paywall, ppv or sub product for content creators that we can install on our websites, blogs etc thx x
Fix the troll problem. Twitter has become a much more powerful tool for bigoted trolls than it is for anyone else.
as in key searchable keywords for gifs to quickly narrow down the options, and not just emotion or physical categories...
rather than words, tweets that are trending, along with original tweeter.
give Donald Trump the @FLOTUS handle instead of potus and he'll never use twitter again
Better "training" for newbies so they get Twitter more easily and hang around longer. And interact, not broadcast. #Twitter2017
2/ product innovation are smart feeds. better suggestions in and than "While you were away". firehose too unruly for power users
/2b many more signals to go off of to seed smart suggestions. threads, conversations, prioritizing certain accounts (<3, RT, etc most)
/3 better recs for new people to follow. add context. (eg the people you <3, RT, etc the most <3, RT these other ppl the most)
/4 Highlights: most popular tweets on Twitter today. Within your graph today (ability to change time window)
/5 Discovery by content type: Articles by Twitter (eg Nuzzel) see which are tipping in your graph. sep app. ability to "pocket" reads
like that idea a lot. Worth mentioning you may be interested in what we’re building with the @shoutbutton app.
/5b Disco by content type as sep app continued: GIFs, Videos, podcasts, etc. (music was, IMO, wrong place to start this experiment)
/6 Onboarding + growth. anyone w/ interests should enjoy twitter. twitter needs to encourage communities to bring their convos to it
/7 encourage users to expand their interest graph. Tinder for interests side game to get users to follow more ppl + learn more ab them
/7b if you know I like "Philosophy" and "Science" this can seed recs for ppl to follow, posts to see, threads + convos to read etc
/8 allow accounts to recommend other accounts to follow, kind of like a pinned tweet
/9 give users a "year in review" like medium (and how Spotify used to), summarizing their habits and highlights
/10 could even experiment recommending events to users based on curr location and links shared within graph (side app for events?)
/11 ability to test drive twitter through another user's eyes: ie see their public home feed (not including their likes, etc)
/12 make search meaningful. I can't remember the last I did a twitter search natively. ALWAYS on google. so broken =(
product innovation *and smart feeds
Actually deal with the harassment that's killing this platform.
In-line Instagram photos. Please. Again. Someday.
those were the days.
give lists better real estate. great way to consume subject-specific content that feels live. presumably lower-touch than moments.
Ability to customize our tweet feeds. I would never want to miss out on a tweet from you, which I almost did :-)
curation of vine highlights for sports. Replays only. Like sportscenter top 10 but per game basis. Start with NBA.
Being able to edit a tweet you've made a mistake on within a certain time period.. 15 minutes or something, maybe even less time
i’d say probably like 1 minute just because a lot can happen in 15 minutes that can mess with people in a bad way..
Yeah 1 minute is probably better, maybe even 2
See, if I could edit the above tweet I would change it to 1 minute instead of 15 😂
A basic version of dataminr built into mobile app that flags amazing tweets or news alerts based on users topics of interest / preferences
and @USTweetsDistill (others avail) do good job of this. Could set notifications on accs
'Tweets you may like' and 'While you were away' do this to some extent but I like your idea coupled with alerts
let me view my timeline in chronological order again, please!
create: features to bubble up/share what my TL is watching on Live TV. Re-create the Superbowl Twitter experience for every TV show.
Better/faster response to harassment and abuse reports.
get rid of the nazis
please focus on removing spam from $cashtag and #hashtag queries. Such a huge headache for investors & marketers alike. Thanks Jack!
maybe group identical tweets in cash/hashtag searches... too many results are the same tweet text and article link.
display the most recent tweet and annotate how many other users have tweeted this along with any notable author(s).
finally let curious users expand all of these identical tweets if they want by opening up a new search results page.
echoing others but edit tweets. no edit window. whenever you want. P.S. periscope360 is sick!
Editfeature, a remember this (like on this day on FB) & an option to choose 2 see tweets like before with @ when so answers #Twitter2017 🙌🏻
searchable/filterable likes since many use likes for bookmarking. after you've liked a few thousand posts, it's impossible to navigate
Edit tweets for up to,say, 2 mins after posting.
Creating a feature or space that allows followers of influencers to have Ask Me Anythings
being able to add emphasis on tweets (italics, bold, etc) and the option to see moments in TL (targeted by recent moment views/rts)
make RT manual just like years before
Protect black women.
saving gifs would also be nice.
no more of those
or at least some way to deactivate it
Having a small window, maybe 5 min, to edit/delete would be a nice feature, I think. Thanks for asking.