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If somebody wants to go to computer heaven, they should write a thing like storify but that generates a completely flat text page
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If I pin a toot, it should grab the whole thread and archive the text. Get to work! I don't even know what I'm paying you for.
yeah I’m getting close to starting to demand that I build this myself! And then there will be silence
I think they’re forbidden by Twitter ToS from doing that.
who is forbidden?
I think you’re not allowed to make a site that scrapes Twitter onto flat web pages.
so what happens if you do? These are public URLs and the twotes belong to the author
There’s sort of no such thing as a “public URL”. You’re still bound by Twitter ToS; they’ll C&D.
… is my understanding of why everything in the universe formats things as tweets.
I don’t really understand this, though. If I write a 40-twat thing and then want to republish it on a URL I control, what’s the C&D?
You can definitely do that with your own tweets! Sorry! I just don’t think you can use Twitter to do it to others.
the thing I want is for people who post, say, 190-tweet rants about cosplay to be able to hit a button and publish that more durably
It’s time for some game theory
basically, an autoblogificator for @zeynep and @pwnallthethings to use
this is all in keeping with the timeless tradition that great work will be rewarded by whining. Thanks for your RU tweets!
I'm definitely going to find some new mechanisms. Like a log, a captain's log, that lives on the web maybe?
yeah, some kind of… binary log. I carp on this because people take you out of context and your stuff is 💯
Binary log. Interesting. But that's a mouthful. Will people be able to say this? Maybe an abbreviation?
I hereby propose BiLo as the only sensible contraction of Binary Log.
give it a Breaking Bad-style logo
We could shorten it to "blog".
That's too weird.
please please please do this. your stuff is 🔥🔥but it's hard to read it all in twitter form.
is composing in the twitter client key to the tweetstorm freedom of action?
what if it was the text of a tweet with an intent url next to it? lots of sites do that I think
how about a browser ext or bookmarklet that scrapes a storify and generates flat text on the fly?
a first approximation that @anildash mentioned the other day:
i want to go to computer heaven
twirssi logging to /var/www 😅
Seems like they provide a reasonable API for this without having to scrape:… . Thanks for the idea!
tweetstorms in text form often end sounding strange and unreadable though. and not just the ones about GAME THEORY
I did that for tweet storms. Uses copy and paste and text cleanup. @vaurorapub
hm. I could adapt to do that. I avoid the "displaying tweets" thing by generating both at once