Rex Tillerson has been narrowly approved as US secretary of state. He has the integrity to talk sense to his boss
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now ur talking, need @SenatorSessions too for SAFE here, what is BS w Retreat for Hill? Stall for @TeamTrump
Trump appointing someone who would disagree with him.
It's sure going to be the longest 4 years since the great depression @zapplebee @TheEconomist
Integrity? What?! Have you not seen this Rachel Maddows investigation?…
Only T-Rex can challenge the boss!
"most competent"award for Rex? Who gets most integrity? Most dedicated to the good of all? Biggest IQ? Not in it for the $?
How much did the Russians paid you to write this?
I don't think we should get excited about this appointment! I'm not convinced he'll be able to talk any sense to his boss!
Rubio straddled the fence-Leaning Left but feel on the right side!!
oh frig off no
but will trump listen?
but does his boss have the integrity to listen?
Very disappointed in this vote. Tillerson is not USA, he is EXXON; big difference. Integrity - NOT.
Tillerson must be thrilled that ND pipeline is back on track. Gives him a better shot with Putin
Does he sign executive orders? Give him nothing.
why wouldn't how to listen to him since he appointed him to help and advise? You state the facts in a completely stupid way.
Not sure how you can say this man has "integrity" when his company has been lying about climate change for decades
Welcome to the White House Apprentice show!
fuck your snarky way of putting it.
I will not accomodate this administration and I demand my congressmen and congresswomen do the same. #NoRex
I can only say that he's better qualified for his position than the other nominees. I can't buy the "integrity" part.
This may sound surprising coming from me, but I agree with The Economist. Rex Tillerson has the potential to be an excellent Sec of State.
Were with you Elon
Because he will push for energy independence and energy independence is good for $TSLA
Hahahahaha fuck yeah !!
It sounds VERY surprising, and disappointing, tbh
Are you disappointed that SoS is competent for the job? Why?
And climate change?
for rizzle my dizzle
Guess Elon really does need a bailout soon.
hey grant, check the TSLA ticker for me. Thanks
How was DRYS doing two months ago?
damn, how much you loose?
gawd, hate to break this to you but stock price is NOT a good indicator of long term survival. #TechBubble2000 @GrantDossetto
bubble? Bubbles??? Never heard of such a thing
and what s about European deployment ?
Could you explain your reasoning?
u r good @ squeezing facts in 140 - can u elaborate? Thanks n m happy @realDonaldTrump is posing 2 b listening to u!
Russia hacked Elon
All of us at #PassionPlanet love you Elon!
Would you mind sharing why?
totally fine! you have the right to your own opinion! my only issue is that i still don't know who you main in overwatch
level 22 Bastion here. I just don't have time to play!
Ok, fine. Soldier 76. My dark secret is out ...
very important for you to know.... soldier 76 rocks!! I Bet you feel zero stress now that the secret is out.... 😝
dude! i also main soldier 76! that's hilarious! we should start an all-soldier 76 squad
We're all soldiers now?
How about N&S Korea, Taiwan, Philippines, Colombia, Thailand, Laos, Indonesia, Cambodia, Bangladesh, India&China joining TPP?
what game is this that you're geeking about guys?
also, what console do you play on? xbox? ps4? pc? (i'm on ps4 - redletterdave's my psn, if you wanna play sometime)
> asking @elonmusk how he games. > implying @elonmusk isn't #pcmasterrace > wot.jpg?
I could have sworn he was team zenyatta
The "Let's nuke mars" thing had me thinking Junkrat
If anyone can do it, Sec. Tillerson will perhaps be able 2 bring peace 2 the Middle East & create a Global Space Explor. Alliance.
Elon, do you watch Black mirror? thoughts?
mercy main checking in.
We totally need an Elon and Direwolf Overwatch Stream...
Maybe even toss in @matthewmercer for giggles.
I would be more down with this than were I on the surface of a neutron star.
Hey if it happens, get me in as D.VA :)
you should try World of Warcraft. Also made by Blizzard. Great game
Go Elon....Model3 buyer waiting.! How's the meetings with Pres Trump???
it's because of the @SpaceX gun isn't it? 😄
i fail to understand how you, of all people, can welcome politicians who are in complete denial about climate change
For some reason I had always pegged you as a 4X guy.
been to a few interviews. Lady at Tesla says should expect job offer. Has been 4months. Solor-city deal issue?
coolest billionaire ever. 😜
I figured you were a Winston type
hold on sec :) If u cn ans that u cn ans me! I even wrote on *paper* to Tesla! Hw bout build cars in Ireland? Ive credible plan :)
JUST SAW YOU ARE ALL TILLERSON CHUMMY. YOU ARE A COMPLETE SELL OUT! Guess you and Theil were in on this. Sellout
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You seem more like the Winston type, I'm not sure why 😁
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Soldier 76? Why, Elon? Why?
i hope you like Reinhardt too ! And it's an idealist :)
well hot damn guess I need to switch to D.Va can't have 2 76s on a winning team like tesla. Lol
But you go healer if the team needs one, right?
I am now totally 100% ok with buying a Tesla.
mine as well. It's a hold-over from the RL in Q3!! Splash dmg FTW!
We're all Soldier mains now.
I mean... I'm a Genji/McCree main...
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dude Soldier is my new favorite. His damage is a bit over powered for now though. Elon let's play together! 😁
I main Roadhog, sadly.
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Hey Elon, your dark secret should be shared to a wider audience. Found a new name for your next rocket.
You're talking shit to the real life Tony Stark, have fun with that.
have you seen civil war Tony Stark should never work with the government
Sorry Carlos, but Elong Musk doesn't give a shit about your opinion.
he will when we stop buying his product. Looks like I won't be going w/ solarcity.
I know he must feel like I do about yours
cared enough to reply lol
Deal me in!
Can you explain why?
Since I trust your thinking in order to consider matters myself, mind elaborating why so I can understand & process?
crossing fingers at this point.
Can you expound on why?
because he has a brain
Because Elon Musk was a hidden neo-nazi fascist this whole time. REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
#Elonmusk thinks @realDonaldTrump can't remember - all of Elon support - he picked the wrong horse! #tesla $TSLA @POTUS
Running an oil company is like running a country in terms of diplomacy. Rex ran the biggest one. Greatest diplomat in world.
Rex is an exceptionally competent executive, understands geopolitics and knows how to win for his team. His team is now the USA.
I would prefer him to be on team EARTH. Why USA first? We need to fight global warming together.
He's working for America bimbo.
Fucking traitor.
Global Warming the money maker liberal lie
because other countries have their own government...
Oh, I don't know, maybe because he is going to be Secretary of State of the USA?
I don't know if you realize this, but Trump was elected President of the US. Not President of The World.
What did they promise you in the golden room? @danahull
eh, his team can still be exxon too and helping score huge contracts for them by lifting sanctions on russia
¤ BINGO! Bigly oil deal/contracts w/Russia valued at $1.1 TRILLION over 10 years. A mere bag of shells.
what like Obama did for Boeing in Iran?
Maybe. Maybe you missed the R, the second S and the I
Putin must be ecstatic having so many people work for him. :P
Maybe it's not so much working directly for Putin as working in tandem in his interests.
Why ever asume that US-Russian interests are divergent? Why fight Conspiracy Theory with Conspircacy Theory
U.S. interests = democracy. Putinism = autocracy.
Deep down Interests are always economical, all the rest are excuses
Well, I agree with you. That's why free trade is so important.
Lets ask Elon how he feels about cheep made-in-china batteries ;) Will he seek protection? even regulatory
Protectionism is stupid, and people who are cheering for it are stupid.
Elon tries to sell a Tesla in China, they slap a massive tariff on it and exclude it from incentives. Where's your outrage?
It is outrageous. But it is ultimately more harmful to China than anyone else.
You're confusing Protectionism with fairness. 350B trade deficit is unfair. Balancing it is not..
How dare those Chinese want to swap the fruits of their productivity for our colored paper!
Favorite game the always moving goalposts of "Safety" and "Environmental" standards, none can argue those
But US and EU always engaged in indirect protectionism, Free trade comes always with a spice of protection
The less the better.
Cheap Chinese components are a key ingredient for very many of Musk's businesses.
go fuck your Tesla aux input. Trump works for Trump not for America. Tillerson is on team trump.
I think you overestimate the team he'll be working for. His team is Exxon first, US maybe 2nd.
TRANSLATED: "I desperately need access to Trump and his team and am willing to debase myself completely to get it"
clearly you have no idea how business works. Why do you want the US to fail?
why do you geeks rush out anytime someone doesn't kowtow to musk?
how quickly you eat your own
and the left eats their own yet again.
Thats basically it. Elon will sell his mother to get to mars.
I would buy his mother to get him to mars
you guys were clearly Bernie supporters. Can smell the smugness from here
lol im really interested to know what makes you think that
Uncompromising, my way or the highway attitude. Similar to the tea party but less trailer park and more hipster
Sorry that you can't see what Musk is clearly doing here but it doesn't make me a Bernie supporter, sorry
What he is doing is looking out for what's best for his business which also is what's best for the world.
Assuming he puts Country before generating shareholder value for Exxon.
def surprising. Also, strangely reassuring. The idea of Elon in trumps ear is the juiciest idea of 2017
interesting choice of words...I love sports analogies. I wonder what game team USA is playing...and who wins
Given Trumps action regarding keystone and DAP - if he has potential to talk sense = not doing a good job
Really? He basically said that he'd start a war with China over the Spratly Islands during his confirmation hearing.
A country is not a business. Diplomacy is not a contract negotiation. Lives are at stake. Look at Exxon's record & the human toll
Sometimes youve just got to do what youve got to do. Going into surgery always sucks.
disappointing.Jon Ronson wrote a book on how CEOs are 4 times more likely to be psychopaths.So yea @elonmusk can relate w/ Rex
And the team's coach is joking about getting another chance at Iraq's oil. Yeah, great fit.
Two of his team's featured players, if I'm not mistaken, are Putin & Exxon. #wtfman #kleptocracy #syria
So you view diplomatic negotiations as a zero-sum game? Must there always be a winner? Does peace not come from compromise?
I wish I believed your last sentence, but I don't. His team is now Donald Trump and the global petrarchy.
he was awful at the senate hearings and came across as ill-informed and unprepared.
Really? Exxon has spent years lobbying against renewables and gutting climate protections.
isn't Planet Earth the team we need to win?
You're pretending there is a team planet earth. Not everyone shares our values or our willingness to pay.
if we don't address climate change, we'll all die together, and USA is the top contributor
so your solution is to continue to buy oil from countries that have no epa and hate us?
my solution would be to stop spending money bombing people, and invest it in local nuclear instead
Agreed,but the USA is the top contributor positively and negatively. Tech is only real solution.
how can you say the US is the top contributor to climate change have you not heard of China?
US can lead by example then, right now it's setting a pretty bad one
China is second and it's actually actively working on it, while US is in denial
people have to walk around with masks on. Where does that happen in the us?
that's not how you measure total emissions from a country...
the main point here is that US needs to do something regardless of what China does
point is you can't say others are doing it too, so it's ok
Energy innovation will solve this problem & humanities continuance problem, not taxes and regs.
taxes is the only thing that can solve the problem, it's a real monetary incentive
Population boom will more than offset any marginal efficiencies driven by tax measures.
all the more reason why we should switch off fossils as fast as possible
Agreed, but if Tech is solution, then progression should be prioritization, not regs
We need to crack fusion id say.
fusion is one of many pieces in the puzzle, but we definitely have to penalize fossils
I'm from the perspective that penalization causes regression, & we need opposite.
so you're of the position that nothing should ever be penalized?
why not both? We should subsidize clean tech and penalize dirty tech by taxing it
And tech companies should be slotted econ development zones to pursue this reg-free
When we gave up on pop restrain the signal was clear. We are now in the realm of hope.
not according to any of the climate scientists last I checked
Marginal pollution taxes are a necessity but well add 4bn people to planet in 100 years.
most climate scientists believe we're going to have serious problems within decades
All the more reason to forget temporary measures like taxes & give tech ammo they need
Agree. Taxes will be implemented sporadically and inconsistently for trade advantage.
do you understand the fact that we're in imminent danger?
Yes, and regs won't slow Civ enough to solve problem or continue life, Tech can.
Rather than slow to our death as a Civ, why not speed to possible "new world"
how can this be so difficult to understand?
we need to foster desirable technology while penalizing the undesirable
we don't know the undesirable doesn't hold the key to the desirable.
you keep making a false dichotomy here
you really don't understand how penalizing obsolete tech will help new clean tech?
it's not how the market or invention works, everything is integrated
we use fossils today because they've been subsidized
it's exactly how market works
but taxes will force change within decades, it's a short term solution
Not an incentive, a penalty, an artificial penalty not dealt by the market poisons market & ptcpts
nothing artificial about it, if you pollute the environment, there should be a cost for that
stop relying on gov't to save us. It won't. Good news is we don't need it to. We can buy a Tesla today
We can buy solar for our roofs and a home battery to store it. If you haven't taken these steps...
then stop looking to gov't and look inward
you do realize most people don't actually live in private houses right?
because self regulation has worked out so well /sarcasm
There is a cost, not arguing that, arguing that the solution is technology. Otherwise let's stop Civ
sure, and oil/gas is ancient tech, we should be focusing on new tech like solar, nuclear, etc
Well I hope it's something we're as familiar with as solar/nuclear tech-wise, fear is its in space.
Not necessarily the resources, but the challenges that force Tech to advance to achieve new energy.
making Carbon more costly encourages developing less- carbon tech, don't you think?
making the people working on this problem more available to resources solves this
what part of that are you struggling with precisely?
No one actually knows said undesirable tech isn't essential to econ making desirable
but I guess what's an existential threat compared to making a buck right
we sure do know it's an existential threat to humanity though
once again: incentivize desired tech disincentivize undesired tech
literally nobody is disagreeing with that here
by pursuing regulations & taxes as known solution to climate change, it's disagreeing
taxes take resources & regs slow their production, it's regressive to unchaining tech
That presumes that the same entities are releasing bulk co2 and developing solutions.
Take from those adding to problem, give to those solving it.
you'd think this was a pretty simple concept, and yet...
If it were so simple, it would not just be a concept, and we may have a solution to this overlying problem already The reason we don't have a framework is because of climate science deniers.
that's not the reason, their denial does not hold our solution, our production of a solution does.
You are conflating different things. A solution would be produced faster if the market incentives existed.
taxes and regulations are actually well known to work in practice
it's like talking to small children
we are orbiting a huge fusion reactor, all we have to do is harvest the energy
Do you have concerns that the new admin may fold some #NASA earth science programs into NOAA?…
He's joined at the oil tap with Putin.
how do you balance your personal values/beliefs w/ working for someone like Trump?
it's hard to believe an innovator/futurist like yourself would align your values w/ someone as closed-minded as Trump
or do you approach it purely as a logical move to advance your mission? I admire your work btw, just had to ask the ?
I use to support Hydrogen fuel. Then I opened my mind to EVs after listening to Elon. Don't underestimate him
I'm not. I think he is brilliant. I just don't understand how his social values and personal beliefs align w/ Trump
and frankly his belief in science working as an advisor for a @POTUS who said global warming was made up by Chinese
Pete Rose's team was the Reds and he bet against them to make $$$
I think the same of @POTUS! He's kind of a meta-entrepreneur now, a CEO of CEOs. His Team's now the US&yours Earth&SolS.
Hmmm...not so sure about that.
please, don't be a sellout. No need to play that game. Focus, focus, focus!
blow it out your entire ass
but he's business revolves around oil. He won't do anything for renewable energy since that is he's competition.
Dont turn into a run-off-the-mill CEO/Billionaire, man. Many people look up to you.
Is the new administration going to support EVs or finance CVs (Coal vehicles) startups? Pardon my irony I am serious.
what do you think about Pruitt for EPA and Perry for DOE
Don't let those fake glasses fool you: Perry's really stupid.
If he says anything other than unfit for the post.....
I share The Economist's opinion that he should be given the benefit of the doubt unless his actions prove otherwise
his actions are disqualifying. You want to wait until he helps destroy the world to say he's not right for the job?
Really hope that US government will believe in EVs and related infrastructure or we are risking a Model 3 flop.
Do you have a wall socket in your house? Congrats, you have the necessary infrastructure for a Model 3
fast charging 4long distance a large number of EV not a home socket thing nor is charging EVs parked in city roads
Sec Tillersons cosmopolitan expertise might enable him to abandon the Paradigm of Distrust 4 the Paradigm of Co-Creation
ICYMI - @elonmusk just backed Rex Tillerson - "he should be given the benefit of the doubt." Could Rex be the Sec to achieve a carbon tax?
we don't need a carbon tax
Business leaders don't seem to get public service, which @elonmusk just illustrated so brilliantly.
that way you tax (and discourage) pollution and consumption instead of production and profits.
the best way to pass a carbon tax is to make it replace all corporate and payroll taxes. Also, replace income tax with sales tax.
He said he thinks he would be a GOOD SoS!
Maybe on taxing Canadians (KXL) - but domestic policy (by definition) out of Rex remit.
- we may not want him to be that Secretary since shaping it badly, could make it useless for a decade
While initially against the pick, Rex's confirmation hearing and Musk's support seals it for me
let's hope so
does the support for a carbon tax outweigh all the climate denial stuff
think about Tillerson/XOM 3-7 years ago when cap/trade seemed inevitable. Now look again at Elon statements now. Same.
rex actually believes in GW but is openly a hypocrite. Maybe he is a person who believes if he doesn't some1 else will.
Even my 11yo daughter knows enough about Elon and Rex to be dumbfounded by this.
I hope we're getting at least GF2 out of this. I really don't trust Russian connections here.
carbon tax is going to make things in your life a lot more expensive. Ask Europeans and Canadians. Carbon tax is idiotic.
people don't buy Tesla's solely because they care about climate. That's what Nissan Leafs are for. Teslas are simply better cars
I'm in a strange parallel universe here, right?
hey, remember, we're just in one of the many simulations
is this question still about Tillerson's suitability for SoS?
Many don't know that Earth is still in an Ice Age w. colder & warmer periods & we are heading for a self-induced warmer period now
this means a lot coming from you. you are not concerned about his Exxon ties & what that could mean 4 the role of oil in politics?
I think the point is that it already is game over for oil. Stone age did not end due to lack of stones
do you think Rex thinks that though?
no, I assume @elonmusk thinks that :) A lot of changes due to technology are ahead and the politicians have no clue at all
couldn't agree more. infuriated me how little talk there was of AI & automation during election. Only BO tlks abt it.
Plus he has voiced support for a carbon tax. Here's to hoping!
Actions like business with state sponsors of terror -- Iran, Syra, Sudan, etc.? Would Tesla do biz with them?
if his actions do prove otherwise, I feel as though there isn't a single person in this administration who would resist.
non-seq: plans for superchargers in Brazil? No import tariffs for EV there is a huge deal.
What about his and the Administration's opposition to any reasonable climate policy? That is not in the US' interests
I bet that will evolve too and by the end of his term u will b pleasantly surprised.
Does it matter? Better tech always wins out. Walkman vs iPod, flip phone vs smart phone, engine car vs Elec.
the problem is any plausible alternative would be even worse (other than maybe Petraeus)
once his actions do prove otherwise, it'll be too late... it's all about the money... now I feel really hopeless
Hopeless? Better tech always wins. See Walkman vs iPod, Flip phone vs iPhone. Oil is coming to end, regardless
The market always finds a way. Just like with what Elon is doing.
Thats it , ElonA!, I am agree, if you are ! HI from México !
How the hell do we convince these people that climate change is real?
until I see him driving a @TeslaMotors, going to remain a skeptic - until proven otherwise, he's big Oil personified.
you get offered a seat on the ship to mars? Jesus this is insanity.
Potential does not always lead to resulʦ. with flaw in th㏌k㏌g w/regards to global warm㏌g, it is not possible he will be.
how can he possibly be given the benefit of the doubt with such glaring conflicts of interest?
I’m dumbfounded by your response.
ExxonMobil single-handedly slowed down efforts 2 combat climate change. Now their CEO is US SecState #whatcouldgowrong
did he sold off all his shares in ExxonMobil before committing to SecState? If he didn't then his team is still Exxon
Is Exxon going to participate in an equity raise at Tesla or something?
how about the other way around? We will NOT give him the benefit of the doubt until his actions prove otherwise.
change is happening..
My take: Pakistan should join TPP together with India&Bangladesh, N.&S. Korea, Taiwan, HK& China. This will bring peace.
Curious what role in this Admin you think could do most to enable sustainable energy: DOE, Treasury, State? Or another? Thanks
Take it from a German – playing "wait & see" with fascists? Never works out well. @elonmusk @danahull
Did Sean Spicer type that one out for you? sounds alternatively factual to me.
brother. I must say that im deeply disappointed at you. Sorry man. A good exec isn't necessarily the best idea for a sec of state
just tweet "S.o.S" If you need help #rescueElon #🏳🙀
Wise. Pragmatic.
What will be left AFTER his decisions prove otherwise?
so let's wait till he fucks us over, is what you're saying
thanks for joining the team to help the people to be productive without prejudice
He will be given green light to overhaul the entire US grid. Be patient. Musk is no fool.
very well maybe but I still think Tesla will be 212 very soon
I nominate $MUSK for the next USA Presidency !! Trump + Musk = a Winning Team
sorry, none of them get the benefit of my doubt. they have to prove to me otherwise.
his actions already HAVE proven you incorrect.
he spent the entirety of his career working for a company that shamelessly funded denialist fake science
After confirmed if his "actions prove otherwise" there is nothing anyone can do to stop him! Nice words now erase his past action?
Well I was in the market for a new Tesla. Looks like I'll be holding out to see how the final Faraday product turns out.
thanks for giving Trump and his team a chance Elon, we need more of your peers to help save the world from corrupt media and lies
My dude, you're not being a good dude, or a smart dude, or a friend dude. We have no power. Use some of yours pls FFS
OMG! Just got done tweeting that you're the only one who can save us! #twilightzone
According to @TheEconomist he is also a climate-change skeptic. This opposes your mission with Tesla, isn't it? @elonmusk
it's because he's for the carbon tax am I right?
You have really all reasons in the world to be proud of everything, your ventures, your ideas, even your stunning mum!!!
You're shitting me. He's the reason you can't get a store in Texas, and now you're fellating him.
fuck this naive bullshit. These people have no agenda for other at all, we are expendable to them. Been proven.
and again, Gov is not a business! DJT will learn it and apparently you need to learn that too. Gov does not = Business
his new team is team USA? jesud elon, that is very silly to say.fck em all as long team USA wins?you cannot be serious
an oil co with deep ties to putin will be a bad sos for everyone who is not an oil exec
you, founder of Tesla of all people, cannot believe this. I know you can't say that but don't legitimize #Tillerson
man @elonmusk , i know the trolls were bugging you but really??
how can you confidently say he's team USA when the revolving door is such a prevalent issue in American politics? do t have to do this
Blink twice if they have your family Elon.
I'm sure his 500$ billion dollars in Russia mean more to him than us
u should spell it Amerika now
Bro, I like you, but no. Tillerson is more likely to be Putin's pawn than anything else
Would love to be proven wrong, but all the evidence points to it
He does know how to get $180 million out of Exxon for quitting his job... #DrainWhatSwamp @danahull
Business leaders don't seem to get public service, which @elonmusk is illustrating. They seem to equate "USA" and "US business".
"His team is now the USA." that's so incredibly naive. How can you be so dumb?
(No comment)
too bad his old team was trying to destroy team Earth!
Yes, but at what cost? How can we be sure that he won't let Putin cause another Ukraine in exchange for oil?
I hope and pray you are right, Mr Musk. The proof of the pudding will be in the tasting.
This is where your logic fails. Tillerson is in it for Tillerson. He couldn't give a happy damn about America. @elonmusk @danahull
GREEDY fuckers band together.... SURPRISED NOT!
how can you reconcile your support of "Rex" despite admin rejection of climate change?! This endorsement must be #alternativefacts
because those issues are not mutually exclusive. Elon is being intellectually honest, not just opposing for sake of it
I'm sorry to hear you say this, Elon. We all thought better of you
the idea that tillerson is on the side of common good, national interest or the man on the street is risible.
Agree with @elonmusk. Can we look at people and situations without just regurgitating Ds=good Rs=bad vice versa bullshit? @danahull
"His team is now the USA." That's where you are wrong, Elon. His real team is much, much smaller than that.
stfu must be nice being a billionaire benefiting from this administration 🖕🏼
He's doing in the service of a repressive government intent on accelerating climate change.
Are you sure about who his team is?
politics ain't sports u fool
His team is his bank account
Members of the Cabinet serve at the pleasure of the President. Prez may dismiss at will. His team is trump
you are 100lbs of shit in a 50 lb bag
His team is now the OIL. Fixed that for you. We understand-- #autocorrect and all.
given that, at best, Rex led Exxon to ignore the threat you pose to their core biz, I'm taking this w/ grain of salt.
Very disappointed. Very, like beyond. Hy sal opfok die werld.
Activation of force: in creation of space, equivalency, tempi, coordination (Borovsky) (Gif: Spassky Fischer, 72) Gravitas @elonmusk #Center
team USA? Aren't we one species and philosophically be working together globally..
Dr. Tillerson is a highly competent executive and will defend US interests.
Please never say the same thing about our Divider-In-Chief. I know you're advising him, but the man is... where to start
Furthermore, he's the former CEO of EXXONMOBILE! You can't truly believe that saving the earth is a top priority of his!
Given his recent associations, Rex will need to prove his team is now the USA.
his team is a distorted view of what the US never was. Deliberate ignorance to the disenfranchised and science will be homeostasis
Not sure if this an example of exceptional hubris or venal selfishness- but it's unaccountably foolish.
his team is billionaires and oil companies.
His team is now and always has been $$$. He's not going to do anything about global warming if it costs him & cronies $!
#WINNING Let's come together to do big things!
Glad you're sharing this perspective--categorical dismissal of every @realDonaldTrump decision serves no one!
And in fact makes liberals look like the petulant children Trump wants to paint us as.
If he drops sanctions so Russia can produce reserves, temp rise likely destructive.Why? oil/gas relation to Putin
It doesn't appear that everyone here is as confident on the "his team" matter.
"now the USA". No it's not, it's Exxon or Russia
blink twice if Trump threatened to tax the shit out of your imports.
During his confirmation he didn't understand the concept of "shadow price of oil", which is unbecoming of a Sec State
Not sure about team USA. Like the rest of them, I think he is Team Me
Win what? Win the world's biggest polluter award? How is this a win for every American citizen? This is a win for greed.
I thought your team was team earth, something Rex Tillerman isn't going to help.
when there is no more Earth, all that is left is Mars! Sounds good for @SpaceX shares I suppose...
¤ Rex?! Is he "Rexy" in private? My respect for you has evaporated like seas on Venus. Still there, but so, so thin.
Has huge conflicts of interest not least standing to profit from arctic oil drilling by lifting sanctions against Russia
¤ Rex! Do you call him "Rexy" in private? My respect for you has evaporated like seas on Venus. It remains, but so thin.
automated driving is a no go
Rex Tillerson is plainly brighter, saner, and more thoughtful than Trump. But it's not clear why he wants the job
Did I just smoke a ton of weed and wake up in Hell? What's going on here? I hope you're just pandering for end game.
you are right - it does sound surprising indeed
he has the potential no doubt. But does he has the integrity? No conflict of interest at all?
Do you have anything to say to your followers who are about to lose hope in YOU? @TheEconomist
So much for "We need a revolt against the fossil fuel industry"
??? how can you be for this SoS with potential for massive Russian oil drilling if lifts sanctions?
Guess saving the planet takes a backseat when you have a oil crazy POTUS and Sec State to appease.
Don't let your hatred for Trump blind you. Elon will change them, not the other way around.
Do you believe that the Rosneft/Exxon deal will move forward now?
Don't mean to be cynical, but what's in it for you ? #odd
Eh... no, that's not at all surprising. You're a rich white man; Tillerson is the choice of rich white men.
If you hate white men so much, drink a 9mm and prove you're serious.
so you are a racist and sexist? Thanks for making it so public
is being a rich black man better? Identity politics is why we have an idiot as president.
Self hate won't get you laid. There is nothing wrong with being a white male despite what you imply
Smug attempts condescension won't get you laid, and whining on twitter doesn't make anyone care what you think, redpiller.
perhaps you should take your own advice
Perhaps you should aim your whining at someone else, snowflake.
not whining at all not a snowflake it all either whatever
Stop, both of you. Neither of you are adorable.
Shhhhhhh... no one cares what you think, fuck boy.
this is Twitter. Nobody cares about any of it. It's all masturbation. Are you at least enjoying yourself?
Thank you, this is why you don't fail, you see beyond petty politics.
Elon, my wife fell in ❤️ with Model X & wants to trade in Odyssey (we have 4 kids). Told her she must wait for Model Y. When???
Oh no! Folks, #Russia and #Putin have hacked @elonmusk account!!
does not surprise me. you live in your own world.
We need to give the entire administration a fair chance
Every administration deserves the benefit of the doubt until they get caught in a baldfaced lie. Oh wait...@ellaki @elonmusk @TheEconomist
agreed Ellaki. I voted for Clinton. But @realDonaldTrump support of Elon has changed my views. Give Trump a chance
Elon is spot on. Rex is the real deal. Met him after he spoke @ Boy Scout fundraiser. Extremely gifted and geniune
what do you think about trump cutting taxes ? Let see how smart you are !!!!
Do you have any concerns over his ties to Russia, such as that $500 billion Exxon deal that Putin is hoping for?
should we give DT a chance as well? I'm all about making your own opinion but, these folks will report to DT.
if you feel he will be good this will make people feel better about him
you just gave all the uninformed, barely educated, easily manipulated social justice warriors an anxiety attack
The "consensus trance" is alive and well. Critical thinking and individual judgment can be difficult.
Trudeau praising keystone, and elon talking good about tillerson. Wew, libs are having a bad day.
Surprised that you have praised someone who is totally opposite of you.
based on this article by @TheEconomist, I would agree with you. You seem to forget all the bad that has been linked to this man.
So you've answered: you'll adopt the same political expediency and lack of character as Von Braun.
I am old enough to remember a time when comparing people to Nazis was a faux pa.
Now it's the go to argument.
I hope you know this is how Hitler's rise began. Not saying it'll happen, but the risk is substential.
The human condition is what it is. Still foolish to make Hitler, Stalin Mao comparisons.
i think youre being a little dramatic
you might be right, but do you have the time to deal with PR fallout if this gets spun into "musk is for trump"?
I anticipate positive PR. But maybe your bubble suggests different?
disagreeing with decisions based on who is making them and not what they are is the epitome of stupid.
how about Elon for USA
don't understand why you have to be divisive
As if a person shouldn't say something because other people can't handle their responses/reactions. WEW.
Well when did the Obama admin give Elon a seat at the table? Why wouldn't Elon support Trump?
You, and former Sen Sam Nunn who knows a thing or two. Hopefully Sec Tillerson can do the job.
Wow, Silicon Valley finally "supportive" of a Republican. Am I dreaming? 😉👍🏼
you crazy 😂 it's not time to be reasonable.Silicon valley's entreprenures/startuppers are allowed only to blame Trump at moment
Well tickle me pink!
Yes, surprising. All he knows is fossil fuels.
In my view he's the most experienced&advanced incoming Sec. o State ever. The other guy who's really good is Wang Yi
Elon- You've indicated climate change is important to you. Current admin will set us back on this/other issues. Please reconsider.
he knows how to run big things!
Would you please elaborate?
lll vote for that way of thinking about our new team leaders. Lets judge the work after the results are in. Yes? Yes
this statement is better than not saying or acknowledging Trump directly? I guess so.
I want to formally apologize ahead of time from the death threats you'll receive from the CTRL Left wingers
once an inspiring figure, shows he is truly spineless. Why don't you let him build your rockets. He's equally qualified for both
chalk it up to billionaire naïveté...they really think they know better...sheesh
You are a bigger hero to me every day. Doing what's right and not what's politically motivating.
How refreshingly reasonable. You're in good co.
No, this is not a hack, nor Photoshop. Intriguing.
Singapore alone taxes the crap out of American products and yet Motorola has a free pass to manufacture
this administration will make the sales of teslas abroad more profitable and less taxation !!!
it must be pretty clear he will be bad on environmental issues and sustainable energy?
really you are saying that, I thought you were fighting BIG OIL, what happened there?
noted but potential and hope not a strategy
Obama let citigroup pick his cabinet, proven in wikileaks. SAD!…
Based car AI merchant
maybe @realDonaldTrump didn't hear you say - your support for him during the election - $tsla #tesla
how deep do you have to reach to try and hurt $tsla. Pathetic
Its #elonmusk @kimbal + insiders who are sucking $Millions out of $TSLA… please
transaction dates from November, a little dated no?
I forgot the 100s Millions of $TSLA shareholder value for $SCTY shares #Elonmusk cousins ;-)
Don't worry they wlll be selling more $TSLA shares
please tell me this your alternative fact !
My understanding is that trump wants to advance green econ while becoming energy independent. We can do both.
Yes, but not artificially. So go solar, while wind energy and carbon tax to the dustbin.
exactly, he will create an environment that fosters innovation. Let the market sort itself out
exactly history has shown bottom up market based economies innovate at far greater rates.
if we can get to like 5% GDP growth within a couple years. well have the capital necessary for massive r&d into future technologies.
we won't be able to afford any services or green investment without growth. Inflation adjusted were probably in a no growth econ rn
then why not put a 10 cent gas tax to pay 100% for infrastructure thus also puts a better bet on green tech and jobs?
I'll be back to discuss this with you the moment US lifts sanctions on Russia for Occupied Crimea.
If we get a nuclear arms reduction out of the deal I'd be OK with that.
Are you okay also with being invaded and occupied and being held in oppression against int'l law too?
negotiating with Trump, Tillerson and Lighthizer will not be fun for foreign governments.
why can I not help but think that it's not the amercian people he'll put first but his bottom line. Time will tell..
this may depend on whether you think making Putin rich by burning fossil fuels is good for the US & the planet.
He has "integrity", kind of integrity that allowed him 2 hide evidence of climatechange from public while denying it
he's certainly someone you want on your team. One of the best deal makers on the planet.
dear Elon, I believe Namibia, could be first truly green African country. We would like you to assist us, please.
Musk is a sellout/suck up. He knows Tillerson is an utter moron, but wont say it due to Govt handouts.
lol you're sad and pathetic.
good comeback, how's 2nd grade treating you?@elonmusk @spaceloss @TheEconomist
says the toolbag that used "utter moron" get back to peddling your shitty ebooks
yea, a govt loan he paid back in full... can't say the same about Solyndra...I wonder
which of the the Dems/Obama admin's corp. cronies made off w/ taxpayer millions for absolutely nothing
Elon aint really a crony, the obama administration hated him
thats why I challenged him
Solyndra would have been fine if the Chinese hadn't started dumping solar panels on the US market below cost. Once again, shitty trade deals
WTH are you talking about. Write slowly and think about each word, then I will understand you better.
Yes, but only in the sense that in a business oriented administration, Rex has been much better at it than his boss. @TheEconomist
Still skeptical but your opinion means a lot Elon.
of course if he divests he may be trusted otherwise he will never be trusted
you're ok with a Big Oil lackey running our FP? What makes you think he understands geopolitics?
nicola tesla will be turning in his fbi grave
Thank you, Elon 100% agree. Personally, I hold out and judge the results of actions. Rather than subjective fairness
Does Trump want a Model T? Oh, wait...
It doesn't sound surprising. It sounds treasonous. Like a betrayal of life on this planet. Think harder about this. @elonmusk @TheEconomist
lol calm the hell down.
That's disheartening. I thought you were all about clean energy. Oh well, I can't afford anything you sell anyway.
u kidding me? U r the renewable king and u say yes to oil and gas? Climate change? R u a alternative fact now? Shit!
now to sell them all Tesla cars including @POTUS
Wow, that was the most transparent endorsement since Chris Christie. Did you kiss his ring on the way out? @elonmusk @TheEconomist
You just lost a fan. I'm sad for you. Tillerson does not have the best interests of the American people at heart.
Do you see now Elon, disagree with any Liberal views/agenda and you are automatically outed. Love Trump's hate, eh.
U can quite obviously c that they don't care about the US by ur great tweet, which should have lifted their spirits
I'm impressed that you're willing to break from the liberal outrage on this. Kudos for having an open mind.
(Sound of thousands of Model 3s being canceled)
I wasn't aware that the preorders were by petulant children who would cancel as soon as Musk does not share a dislike.
Maybe the Economist should stick to commenting on British foreign policy.
well this sure is disappointing to hear
Wow... Wonder what you were promised in that big meeting. This is another strike for clean energy. And you know this.
You will find that Trump will support clean energy, he just does not want forced regulation. The market will drive it.
We'll have to see about Rex. But think on this: you didn't have to say anything about his confirmation, but you did. Why?
even better than Hillary? 😆😆😆
very surprising indeed. What do you know about Tillerson and Trump that we don't?
Very disapointing statement. Capitalist first. Environmentalist if you can make money at it?
Tillerson is an oil company with the world's largest army. Iraq anyone?
* Restrictions Apply 😂
I find it hard to read this. Are you sure your account hasn't been hacked?
definitely excellent for his own bank account 😒
Does that mean he isn't threatening war with China as he did in his confirmation hearing? Must be a quick study.
Of course. You have the means to survive drastic climate change caused by all the oil fields he'll open up.
He also has the potential to do a lot of harm. He's qualified. Issue (for me) is his motivation. I'm uncomfortable. @TheEconomist
as an eagle scout and past leader of BSA he has shown integrity and leadership. I have hope.
I would say his past actions speak much louder than any projected "potential" for the future.
his past actions were very good for Exxon. Now he works for the US Gov't. Let's hope he does as good as a job
"Good for Exxon"? And... good for the planet? Tsk.
Tillerson believes in both climate change, and a carbon tax. Really, give him a chance
I thought he joined Exxon in 1975.… But he's been "born again"?…
Do you have a Tesla? No. Do you have Solar? No. Do you have a home battery? No. The sftu, you're just as guilty as rest of us
Wha…!? No, I don't have a Tesla. YET. Just a LEAF, powered by rooftop solar. I have a Model 3 reservation, tho'.
you're letting your hatred for Trump cloud your judgement. When did Elon ever have a seat at Obama's table?
You think I'm starry-eyed about Obama? Not. Sorry.
In Musk We Trust.
disappointed to see you kissing fascist Trumps ass. And let's be clear : That's EXACTLY what this is. Ass kissing.
your wealth should be confiscated
wow. You sound ignorant
lol... Are you calling him ignorant? Or me? Cuz I'm just rt-ing it cuz I was a little surprised to see it.😝 #StillWithHer
I think she was talking 2 u. You're not aloud 2 have differing opinions you c, or you get called all sorts of names
"potential" worst thing ever. Horrifying you believe in this guy that has zero regards for earth and lots of care for $$$
This is absolutely amazing and I love Elon Musk now.
Tillerson at his confirmation hearing: "I think it’s important that the United States maintain its seat at the table in the conversation ...
I am not surprised at all, open dialogue is a good thing. Thank you for posting.
I’m not convinced you’re wrong. But bear in mind Exxon has used a “seat at the table” many times in the past to drive delays.
Point being, Tillerson said he won’t ignore the issue, but said nothing to suggest he wouldn’t actively obstruct progress.
Still, I’d rather you object to Pruitt than Tillerson, tbh.
... on how to address threats of climate change. They do require a global response."
how cute you're already making up excuses for them
but the US's voice is crucial. whao, look at new oil pipes coming..
Maybe Rex feels bad and wants to make amends for Exxons dirty past. Give him a chance.
but apparently it doesn't make any sense to @mashable -
Elon Musk just endorsed Trump’s secretary of state pick, and it makes no sense
it doesn't matter if he believes in climate change if our orange dictator in chief doesn't!!! You are way smarter than this Elon.
You're right. He is smarter. Maybe you should listen.
you are a wise man elon
but what about that time Exxon Mobil discovered global warming and then spent 20 years denying its existence?
Rex wasn't CEO then.
Tell that to the NPS @elonmusk @TheEconomist
... on how to address threats of climate change. They do require a global response."
let's see some action first, then we'll be able to make some judgements.
Likewise for Tesla with this administration.
it's like we all need to clap at the same time.
but what if that's just lip service?
And being cynical here accomplishes what exactly?
Or worse. What if that seat is used to convince the world that climate change is a hoax?
Most politicians are simple lip service, it's hard to tell.
in 2013, the @IPCC_CH concluded that it was "extremely likely" that human activity was the "dominant cause" of CC
Also read this:… by @bradplumer. He's a "lukewarmer"
He also said that the sci. record did not show that increasing conc of GHGs in atm were key factor in rising temps.
"I'm going to say something that means nothing and therefore isn't controversial ".
we know your all in on green. We will leave it up to the tier admin final call.
Exactly 4 this response the Paradigm of Foreign Policy of major powers must be upgraded from Distrust 2 Co-Creation.
Tesla's Elon Ain't Nothing To Musk With.
Agreed. WIll you give a statement on Trump's executive order to continue the building of Dakota Access & Keystone XL pipelines?
Blink twice if you are being held hostage. Or just let the smile fade when he turns away from you...
This is Tillerson's record on #climatechange & Exxon misinformation campaign as CEO
Too intelligent to be hypnotized by the reptilian agenda. These are cherry picked forked tongue tactics.
A "seat at the table" is not leadership, and the world needs leadership from the United States in the climate fight.
Any catalog of measures agreed so far is not capable 2 solve a millionth of the problem cause they adress only the CO2 supply side
please tell me you're just Luke in a storm troopers uniform and not a storm trooper.
If there was an international #climate crimes trial at The Hague, Tillerson would be on the list of perpetrators.
Critical review of Tillerson confirmation hearing.…
He'll weasel out of Paris Treaty - watch.
Please read Jane Meyer's new book 'Dark Money'. There's great insight in it.
Do you think he's able to get behind regulations that would impact an area in which he spent 40+ years of his life? Honestly...
If that is RE UN, screw them. It's time for the USA to BE the table again!!
isn't it also another seat at the table for the fossil fuels industry?
Word to the wise: Hitching your wagon to Trump is a great way to lower your great car's sales.
Use your head Elon. Rick Perry claims the same after be appointed head of the DoE. The right people could ruin your company.
let's give tillerson a chance and look at the evidence. He seems perfectly qualified in a not so qualified cabinet
interesting...I like it!
Have​ grt respect and share ur vision 4 the world but either ur vision or ur REX tweet must be purely driven by business. I really feel sad
Elon, you should give Rex a Tesla and some PV panels so he has a Damascus Rd experience on clean energy
I'm a Trump supporter and an Elon supporter. I'm glad to see the two worlds are compatible. Elon moved out of Africa for an obvious reason.
- you did it now. That makes you kkk and racist. If you have independent thinking patterns you must suppress them.
So, you gave up on transitioning to a sustainable future to locking in dirty energy & leaving US w/stranded assets?
no Jules, his tweet is alluding to the opposite and should make you encouraged @elonmusk @TheEconomist
endorsing an oil tycoon with strong, questionable Russian ties. Well, guess it's time. @TheEconomist
He once described your concept of fully electric vehicles as a pipe dream. You proved him wrong bigly. We'll take your word for it
Sure he has the skillset. It's the scruples we're worried about #ethics #confirmationhearings
We will need to move to Mars, because this administration is doing its best to destroy the Earth.
yes he deserves benefit of doubt.
I take it you enjoyed your invitation to the White House this morning and that Tech Summit in December.
I just can't get beyond the imagery of a fossil fuel baron representing our country around the world in these times.#wrongmessage
I know what you're doing, I hope it works.
Are you still moving forward with the research towards SBSP?
Excellent & pragmatic position. Tillerson is going to be Sec of State, not Sec of EPA. Wise to judge on job requirements only.
should insert “.” at the beginning of the tweet to make it appear on everyone’s timeline.
Prepend a period to your tweets that begin with a mention so they show up in your followers’ feeds. Otherwise, they’re replies 😳
As survivor of Embassy terrorist bomb facilitated by Syria (Russia client state) & Iran-I object to Russia appeaser for SecState
what about potential conflicts of interest such as lifting sanctions on Russia which his companies stand to benefit
Lift sanctions. If both the American and Russian pipe lines get built the Middle east will be screwed.
possibly, but anyone in power should be making decisions because they believe they'd benefit America
and not because they think it would benefit themselves personally or their businesses
I have no problem if it benefits them personally, as long as the end result also benefits our Nation.
it's nice that you're OK with it, but the Constitution forbids it
working with the hand dealt rather than folding and hoping for better cards in the future. Great work Musk.
You are right. This is pretty fucking surprising, delusional, and disappointing 💔
enjoy your mentions for the next 48 hrs.
I hope you are right 😳
wow. You're either a sellout for your own gain or the rest of us are wrong. Remember, liberals buy your products...
the truth will come out if you did some back door deal in attempt to push your product in the USA with ease.
Why should it be surprising? Intelligent people are not cordoned by political party or ideology. Strange.
The problem is "one of the more competent members of Donald Trump’s cabinet" is a tallest-midget thing isn't it?
don't have much of a choice but to give him a chance. doubt he'll surprise anyone.
seriously hard to appreciate. nothing would make me happier than to be proved wrong on this one, of course.
Revered Engineer and environmental philanthropist wants to give Exon Exec benefit of the doubt. We live in interesting times.
But the rest of the CC-denying Government won't agree. And I doubt he'll push the issue...
Elon you are going to put Liberals in a coma pretty soon.
Oh shit you better torch that Tesla!
- let's talk probabilities here, shall we?
It's terrible how many people here want Trump+cabinet to fail, that's like wanting the plane you're on to crash.
Is there a formula for the avg number of tweets before a thread is taken over by trolls? 12 here.
Wish @POTUS would install .10 gas tax to pay for infrastructure (zero debt) to put a bet on alt energy= lots of jobs
He probably gets geopolitics better than most of Congress - in places we're struggling with trade and relationships
Been wanting to say that I am very happy you are an advisor to President Trump!
Leadership at Its Best! Unite instead of dividing.
be careful liberals are the new fascists. U are scoffed at and considered evil and moronic if not left jus like them
Hard to follow the likes of clinton and kerry and not be better.
it's not surprising. You want their money.
Even genius fades over time. So sad to see @elonmusk wallow in the mire. @TheEconomist
not surprised. You seem to be a person with common sense who puts rationality over emotional bias.
you should be better than this, Elon. Supporting the administration putting gag orders on scientists?
I wish you showed this kind of leniency and trust on at least a few of the great people you fired/laid off from SCTY
Shame ESSO gains by WarIraq waged by G Bush killed more than 100,000 Iraqis & more than 4,400 Americans, costing billions of $
which politician is not corrupted by the establishment criminals, really sad we voted them and they lied to us everytime
the bi-line of this article says it all: "could be one of the more competent members of Donald Trump’s cabinet". Feint praise, indeed.
Don't fool yourselves. No he doesn't.
Yes, Tillerson and #Putin get along great. I suppose Rex thinks #Trump is also ok.