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The "brilliant" jerks at Uber created a dysfunctional culture & lost $5b last 2 years. Imagine if they were just regular, not "brilliant."
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just like the "genius" and next steve jobs Elizabeth Holmes only ended up revolutionizing fraud in silicon valley
They wrote illegalities into their biz plan. How does that make them brilliant. They got too much VC money.
They got so much they have to go with self driving cars and drone delivery, b/c they are just a taxi co.
Demand pricing caused taxi regulation. They demand pricing is gamed by drivers and not regulated by the software.
"Demand pricing" caused taxi regulation? WTF. You armchair quarterbacks want to give us back taxi cartels. @realdanlyons
the cottage industry of business books that drone on and on about courting "top performers" has a lot to answer for
they would be a cab company?
They wouldn't have had $5b to lose
friend in college always said, "I'm a lot more focused on being a good man than a great man."
felt so good to uninstall them and install @lyft instead.
so waiting for this unicorn to evaporate. Forget the startup douchebaggery, the entire biz plan is sociopathic legal loophole