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I'm really excited about how this is shaping up. Eager to get it in more people's hands...
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😍 this looks like it is going to be INCREDIBLE!!! The lack of bezels is intriguing.
why all the bezel hate hype? Reminds me of when everyone thought we needed video iPods! Look how that worked out.
why make phones bigger than they have to be? The bezel space isn't used, so why not get rid of it?
There's ways to prevent that, not that anyone will implement them.
What about them? So you hold your fingers ON the screen when it's on?
No. On the bezels... Lol
Finger rejection technology has come a long way, is mature now. Bezels are redundant.
those two things arent connected at all steve. A better comparison would be when phones were trying to be wafer thin, then backed off.
also bezels are leaving every screen not just phones. The 'hype' is that it's the sexy sexy future my dude
is this a Xiaomi Mi Mix?
you are great and genius person ,I hope to see your phone the best in the world..Could share with some ideas about your smart phone
another phone what about tablet
shit if it is as high as the first I won't have it either.
c'mon! We're waiting, not patiently!
Andy it looks amazing. How long is the wait going to be? (In India)
what the hell is that? 😲😳
Just saying, I have Hands. And I can bake thank you cakes.
nice bezel dude
dont say it runs on android plz😥
We really need new OS. #NoAndroid please Andy!
What? Why would they invent a new mobile OS now? Just port your own if you don't like it?
think abt it ezzy, how many fays of same user interface monopoly n boredom?
What? You can customize it to look like anything you want? What's boring about that? Also, it's THEIR monopoly...
your excitement is justified 😀
been a gen of your work since the original Hiptop OS. Excited to see what's next.
someone in Korea is very afraid :)
really true😁😁
looking forward to get my hands on this :)
excited only if this thing comes to Indian shores.
What is this?????
It is not Xiaomi Mix right? 😬
Mi Mix with custom ROM?
why not Sharp Aquos Crystal (2014) with custom rom? :)
because it has something more than KitKat *cues airhorn
Buttons in the wrong place to be a Mii, so a new phone on stock Android!
Essential new phone (Andy Rubyn's company)
How about you pay a visit to @PlaygroundJobs ?
this is the first person I saw teasing the phone before launch,that we can see battery, LTE,and time @evleaks
and that looks like MKBHD's hand... 0_o
Bit small in hand?
wow it seem's very beautiful. Any specs leak? 😂😂😂
Sigh, the war against bezels continue. SAD! 🙁#MakeBezelsGreatAgain
1:57 pm ? 1+5+7=13 13 mp camera confirmed !
It does remind me of the Mi Mix.
this shit looks amazing bro
that's the xaiomi mi mix isn't it?
Would it make me want to switch back to Android?
looks good and specs should be promising but what about availability in other countries like India?
I knew when you left Google. A new era for mobile technology. Not sure if it's both hardware and software. I'm eagerly waiting. 👍
WOW we can just se about 10% of the phone, but it seems that is not too big and not too little, I like it, seems comfy in the hand 😃
El creador de Android @Arubin está a punto de sacar un smartphone:
I'm really excited about how this is shaping up. Eager to get it in more people's hands...
(No comment)
should I still get the midnight black 3t preorder tonight? I like minimal bezels though
Why would he promote Xiaomi? It's a Pixel 2.
saw the tweet retweeted by @MKBHD didn't pay attention to who was actually tweeting, after I commented realized it was @Arubin :P
don't feel bad it doubtfully the Pixel 2 either.
not saying is the Pixel 2 for sure, but acknowledging that Andy is probably not promoting a xiaomi product
Very interesting... best of luck.
Looks really nice so far! Would love to try one.
i don't think this is a mi mix, but i wouldn't mind if it was :D
when some body teases a new tech product but doesnt give u more details @Arubin
Check the time stamp, that's the clue.
But it can't pick up a wifi signal that's a concern if you think about it
is that mi mix 2? Bezel less 🔥
Happy to test it out. Send one my way. @darth
looks like a new HW and SW. Pretty much excited!😃
I would be more than eager to accept it in MY hands. :)
Why would you leave Android to then make more phones!
is that a mi mix succesor or some other phone?
sexiest phone ever 😍 I can't wait
Wow super excited Come on Bring it 🙏🙏😍😍😍
LTE+ = original Android notification for Carrier Aggregation
when will we see this year?
great to know that i have an amazing idea which have been working on for 18 years (research) may be would be helpful
it's new Pixel!
I volunteer my hands
Yes yes yes. . .Please . .
1st customer🤓
I don't think this Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 cuz MIUI's status bar does not look like this. May be MIUI 9
Can I get on the wait list please
how much longer until we are told what that bezeless beauty is?!
1:57 pm? Hmmm 🤔
yawn... so u r in the business of copying.... xiaomi nowadays?
Well my birthday was 3/21 and my Pixel XL is feeling quite old now. :)
Eager enough to not make it exclusive to any carrier?
at first I thought it was a Xiaomi Mi Mix but then I saw the icons in the status bar and now I'm HYPED
you can get it in my hands. I'll do #youtube videos for ya
Top bezel gone... Nice. #Teaser
I've got a nice pair, just sayin'...
can't wait to know more about this product
I mean, that looks pretty cool. Charge your battery, though.
not a sidekick, but i think im ok with that.
battery looks pretty low at 2pm.
Neat. Wonder if selfie cam will be downstairs like in Xiaomi Mi Mix though
Looks pretty awesome to this South Dakota boy. #future
my hands claim they are more then happy to fulfill your eagerness.
When? :) Bezel-less. Stock Android?
If anyone can make Smartphones exciting again its @Arubin 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
Whatever you do, please make sure we can get it in Canada on day one!
it is not mi mix...
i can't wait to see it
I mean.. If you want someone to give it a go I have two hands free... :D
its red so retweet
seems like a nice bezel less phone...
dafuq is that?!
that bezel ...or not
dual sim phone please... not single sim... super excited..! #android
(Possibly sensitive)
BTW this is my birthday today, it would be a nice gift :)
Whoa.. awesome
so excited. Release them soon
is it the Xiaomi Mi Mix?
you can put it in my hand!
Look at that time 1:57PM if you put that in right order we would see something 5/17 My guess right Andy? @AndroidPolice
Wallpaper is Magenta! Tmobile Android and Andy go long way @SievertMike has seen it. HYPE train is on!
omg is may also upcoming bezel less smartphone📱or is it mi mix 2? Lots of question in my mind☺
let me know if you need anyone in UK to test!
sir I also want to make one mobile design for domestic giant ,can u suggest me which software to use to make it🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
take my money right now
No one holds their phone like that, this is a HYPE-TRAIN everyone all-Aboard!!!
Let me know if you need a tester in france!
sign me in!!!
If you ever need a beta tester in Canada... My Nexus 6P would be jealous, but that is cool ;)
Nice lookin' floral wallpaper. Can't wait to see the whole image! What a time to be alive!
it'll be better if all flagship phones are fully bazelless with square shaped screen
Can't wait to see it! Hope you're well
LTE confirmed. And no unlimited battery life as battery looks around 20%. Still excited! Do you use it everyday @Arubin
AppAll's technology can expand this devices features that no other phone offers.
why you do this
looking for next photo...
Nice Phone, Bad Photoshop
I'll take one, if there are any spares
definitely looks better than the G1
It doesn't look like a robot.
I will happily take a stab at it, after I get back from NYC for you know who's launch.
looks interesting.
are you looking for testers? ☺
if we were, you'd be a great one!
My hands are free
if it works with Verizon, you can be sure I'll buy it.
you're a horrible photographer.
cue the Hypebeast
bro i would love for you ro put that in my hands ..Good luck and hope it succeeds. #MoreScreenLessBessel..#MSLB,Long live Android
please be in matte black
I feel stupid forgeting Essential was still a thing. Hoping for needed innovation in this segment from you and your team. 🍎
my hand is available....
quite similar except power button
let me know if you need someone to test it in Brazil
please, please, please give some more details and especially a timeline...Please NOW
wow looks like a fucking phone. More BS talk about sleek new designs and better camera...*yawn*
Hot weather testing if needed, I'll be glad to help...
welcome back, let's party again #android
I'm happy to test it out if you would like. My hands are free.
Need that wallpaper
these hands are made for testing, sir!
I'll take one for sure!
awesome teaser. Well played!
is there a application process for beta testers? Or are you past the beta stage already?
hope you include t-mobile in your launch
Is there any way someone like myself can get involved?
I would love to be a tester
Chissà cosa tirerà fuori @Arubin
I'm really excited about how this is shaping up. Eager to get it in more people's hands...
screen looks small i hope its 5.8"+