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There is an inconsiderate man on Metro North is loud on his cell phone in some Scandinavian language & refuses to stop. Took photo.
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More info: 1)He was chatting for 30min, no emergency 2) People who use cell phones usually go to the side by the exit door & are brief.
3) When I asked him to be quiet "& considerate" for the sake of the rest of passengers he said it was "not forbidden" to use cell.
4) When I threatened to take his photo he said: "go ahead".
5) The only moral problem I have to clarify: he didn't know who I was, the # of followers, that he could be identified & mobbed & shamed.
6) On the other hand there is a moral obligation to protect weak people riding home after a long day from assholes like him.
7) So the idea is to find the moral balance between not exposing him & exposing him, like type 1 and 2 errors in statistics.
8) Some precedent & philosophical background. We live in large anonymous communities, brought back to natural conditions by the web.
9) footnote: If you are outraged by a behavior, never tolerate IYIs who reduce such things to personal fights. Outrage has a social purpose.
How about picture of a dead horses head :-)
outrage is most impactful when it's spontaneous. You lost the moment with all this hesitation.
Perhaps the punishment should fit the crime? (send him to hear sermons from mystical Germans) but not public shaming that would 1/
Possibly bring out the worst of your worst followers. Public shaming here has hurt people very badly
except only #Trump and his supporters deserve to be publicly shamed by MSM & SJWs & "intellectuals". #MicroA?
Acceptable Dramatization is directly done to the Culprit - no ambiguity, and no harm
Very First World problems! Come 2 India & use our public transport, u won't survive for long. We have no consideration for others.
Everyone has their own outrage level. Had a neighbor who complained constantly about barking neighborhood dogs. I never noticed.
In past, you shame one aspect of whole known person. On Twitter you reduce unknown person to one shameful action.
intellectual yet idiot
damnit I want to change my vote to show his picture now.
no pic- found repeating what offending person is saying even louder solves the issue(with a bit of humor, esp. in foreign language)
disarmed sand defeated by rich scandi temperament..
Rudeness is epidemic - Hannibal Lecter
yes, see lynch mobs etc. How about taking the rage out of things, hm?
Challenge him publicly to a Twitter debate on etiquette and civility. #talkingtransportation #jamescameron 👨‍⚖️
The moral balance is often referred to as condescending bitch face. Wield it appropriately.
interesting.cities are cities behaviour in a crowded subway is different to in a country lane. it's environmental. u cant fight it
I seem to remember stumbling on a theory once that humans held roughly stable reltionship numbers despite technology.
much of social and political life is driven from a need to normalise no. of close, medium, and distant relationships
Laws inhibit societies from self-regulating. This increases bad behavior. Of course danger there too, but also less fragile.
famous eg of Euro town that removed traffic laws forcing people to interact & work out sharing road.Both accidents & road rage fell
In this case, taking his picture & repeating to do so till he stops, should be effective, w/o sharing his photo to world. Was it?
Perhaps propose a trade: Stop being an as**le and I will destroy the pics. Continue, and I have the option to publish pics
"large anonymous communities, brought back to natural conditions by the web." I'd say "supra" natural.It surpassed natural exposure
"A mafioso-like took pictures of us, we are doomed !"
who will watch the watchmen?
It seems like showing the picture should be done within the community that would regulate it (if they would).
The only problem is that taking photos could get you beaten up - eg dealing with an asshole bouncer at a club/bar.
what's your stand in the so called "right to be forgotten" ?
most of hindu gods have large eyes, may be to let devotee know that he is being watched all the time :)
the asymmetry (#follwrs, risk of mob) make it diff than creating the awareness of being observed (Glaucon/or Courtesans &Fishcakes)
Phone cameras are the new 44 Magnums. Go ahead make my day!
This is brilliant!! People believe there are no consequences to their actions. This is control coming from a holy book. NOT MINE.
My uncle lived in Zug & [only] once parked illegally.An old lady gave him hell. Local shaming has great power to keep order.
Another story: In Aubusson 15 years post WW2 a woman Nazi collaborator still shaved her head and walked in the gutter.Thoughts?
what if he suddenly freak out and start attacking you? Will this deter u? Btw, what you met is a daily phenomena in HK.
sadly public phone etiquette you rail against is ever more common. Didn’t care you took photo because in his mind he did no wrong.
this power could be so easily abused
Much deeper discussion: Do you deadlift more when being watched? Do you deadlift less when being watched by IYIs?
people fear power of cell phone camera like they used to fear retribution from clergy
Plato also anticipated Jude-Xian teaching of God writing tge law on our hearts and working in us to do his good pleasure
observer effects, Sapir-Whorf, like speed indicators to encourage ppl slowing down in work areas...
shaming is a lost art. My mom, a master shamer would without ? post the photo in addition 2 belittling him in front of the pssngrs
tolerating shaming is for betta cucks. Alphas will punch you back in the nose. I would.
this is one of the loveliest things you have written
Best served cold, otherwise counter productive
Anonymity has increased crime in large cities, gives an impetus to mob behaviour.#Society
I am a photographer and Believe me - cameras, when used properly are weapons. the power to witness is big. Next - image illiteracy
Nassim, this is fine under your control. More widely, the people likely to do the shaming are the inconsiderate idiots themselves.
This is brilliant! :-)
1) Reminds me @nntaleb when a bus driver in Bangalore, heaped choicest abuses at me. I was in my small car. I asked my wife to take photos
2)I could've let go, but the abuses were really bad, and my family also heard. So I just gave a warning indicator to him(that I'll get back)
3) Certain BMTC buses also have a number printed (for complaints). The fool didn't even thought of that. So we complained, with details..
4) The complaint was acted on, and they asked us. Could I come the following day, when they will reprimand the driver in my presence.
5) The next day, I sacrificed my first half, just to be there. He was shivering with fear, as he apologized. A totally diff person then.
6/6) normally, have relatively high tolerance (or hide disapproval). But if a line is crossed, I think, its fair to not let it go.
golden rule. you never know what he's dealing with.
except you do, bc he just had a loud, nonessential phone conversation where everyone could hear him.
that's an assumption. the conversation was in "some Scandinavian language" the listener could not comprehend.
u r right. I've already checked out of this convo and forgot the specifics. You were right to begin with, of course.
I just have a thing about inconsiderate commuters
i get it. btw - great movie scenes about this in Toto Le Hero. love that colorful little film.
Put a snapchat filter on his face
you did warn him that takes the responsibility off of you in my book
!/ is there such a thing as "danger balance"? If I rode Metro North I would want protection from people who provoked angry scenes>
2/ since people in US are often armed. Would prefer people call conductors if they have a problem w/other passengers. Or move on.
Problem (as you know) is intensity of consequence ( e.g. Justine Sacco’s tweet and its aftermath)
"Fit for the mountains and the barbarous caves, where manners ne'er were preached." Wm Shakespeare
Why would it be immoral to expose someone who did things in public view? If he feared exposure, he wouldn't have acted like that.
Surely best to kick up a fuss 'in real life' and let the people in the proximity be the judge. No need for internet strangers.
"Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law"
he might not know u. & You might not know him. he might be a 5million subscriber vlogger. he is annoying but that's the end of it
He accepted the negotiated risks without duress or coercion. Ethically you are free to protect others from him.
behavior should not depend on fame of the person rebuking/affected
It should if one of them faces a potential lawsuit for invasion of privacy and intentional infliction of emotional distress.
Good point. Though it appears that NNT's concern is more about the general moral angle so opined on the same
hence immoral to give someone a pass because he would take non-celeb, etc for granted but would have toned down if he knew you
the question is what will one gain by exposing this asshole... by not exposing him you will at least keep the peace
you are showing gutter press tendencies. think about it. sometimes you got to choose live n let live. not bullying
does he care about being shamed? He has signaled by his actions that he feels just in his behavior. Why would shame cause change?
Taking his pic & posting it online strikes me as an undignified way to address it. Many dignified options available.
lightly pixelated version to get the word out. Resolution increases 5x if you hear of a subsequent offence
Show just enough that he would recognise himself or not so much that everyone would know - pixelated for example
if he is found on Twitter and his timeline gets congested isn't that almost exactly the 'crime' he commited on you? Eye for an eye.
regardless of whether photo is shared, this thread alone will likely prevent many such offences in the future.
Are you drunk?
maybe blur out identifying features so we can see if he has yuppie face
After the sample, one may freely adjust only I/II balance -- the power has already been significantly constrained. Whose DL PR >?
that man won't care about twitter shame--you needed the finger of Zeus to strike him mute, on the train. Or if his fly was down.
Why are you catching the Subway? I thought you had money - or did you go all in on #lululemon ?
I like the idea of exposing bad behavior, but, you must balance that against the risk of being sued for defamation.
I don't give a fuck about being sued.
there is optionality here: exposing him&not exposing him. Or grab his cell throw it away and assume the consequences.
so is he the Null hypothesis ?
You could be overthinking this. He acts like a douche, you have to provide consequences. It's educational
Thought about this a while ago. The key link is the way people react to the info. "Is it my place to punish?" Hard to control that.
You're upset with someone being genuine in public space for 30m? How about calling someone a micromanaging idiot? is that allowed?
jeez the more I read this the more worried I get You're making assumptions on identification skills and people not overreacting.
what was the solution to finding that balance?
this sounds supremely petty
I say don’t do it. Will lead to mob justice and unhinged people possibly harassing him (even if you discourage that).
Unhinged people harassing him are part of the punishment. Intentional.
Read, it is a feature, not a bug.
That punishment would far outweigh the “crime.” I’m inclined to show some love and consideration.
You raise a good point. There is *potential* for hate mob to go too far.
The thing is, once the photo’s out there it can’t be recalled, no matter what. A big responsibility to carry.
The man told Taleb, "go ahead, do it." Taleb is free of moral obligation. It is the man's burden now.
He was being reckless. Taleb could (in theory) wreck his life. I’d have consideration. But that’s just me.
Yes I buy Dave Mandl that there is a disproportionate effect.
Short, sharp, shock is better. Buy a taser.
just make sure no one is looking and have a quick escape route.
if he's anti-fragile you will be rewarding him bigly. Who knows how it will impact him?
True as per point #5. What about the whole "Treat everyone the same" rule? You never know who you are talking to
such a hero! so much skin in the game.
only ok with public shaming and public pressure on people when it mildly annoys him, not on y'know nazis or anything
🤞Cowardly, attention seeking...or both
you may have done enough already – you provided social feedback. Which is more than most people do.
oh come on, don't waste your time with these pipsqueaks.
His photo will live on in social media forever. He doesn’t deserve that.
what are option premiums too high to purchase headphones
again, have you considered that this man is not an asshole? It's not a violation of public norms to have a (loud) conversation
I see two logical options: (1) report him to the authorities (disturbance of the peace) or (2) punch him in the face.
why not just tell him to stop
Is this an example of the intolerant minority vs. tolerant majority problem?
You are assuming he will not enjoy you posting his picture. He may love having it posted.
Also he was a SWEDE so you probably should go ahead and post that picture @nntaleb
Same ppl who behave like that loud asshole also assert their "right" to declare global warming science "settled". Expose him.
I think you are just a bit angry that he spoke in a language you were not familiar with and couldn't ease drop.
yes, but where will it end? Wrestling?
Will it help protect others or will he just get even louder next time?
- I once got in serious trouble on the LIRR - threw a "spit ball" at a couple of Hassidics who wouldn't stop yapping. :) I was 26.
release would be disproportionate if not for "go ahead" statement.
mate you need to get a fucking job
Be careful. People are unstable. You could have problems. You are smart, but you aren't Spider-Man or Batman or other superhero.
It might be an Antifragility exercise for the folks around.....
wait, when did this happen? It's 5:00 now. That ain't no "long day", unless they worked a graveyard shift.
No matter how I rationalized the action, I would feel mean & small if I showed the picture. I hate that feeling. So I wouldn't do.
I'd have to think his life is already royally screwed up in ways he's too obtuse to realize if he behaves like this.
Can't you just call the cops like they do in the U.S.
sounds like an Asimov's robot dilemma
was anybody else as upset as you were?
The law of normative behavior dictates that you make him aware of how extreme his behavior was and how disturbing
there isn't a. moral obligation. he was being legal. but not social. same as posting his picture. you'll be like gutter press
a) Do you both have the same skin in the game? b) Since you have more social (internet) power, your morality trumps his?
'Weak people' - maybe people quietly making their own decisions
are you not just being a bully and projecting your own perceptions on others to justify some random guy annoying you?
why not just look at Him right in the eyes and tell him he is a fucking asshole and just don't move.
skin in the game 👍😂
Could be that ur having said something will cause him to not repeat it next time, even tho he refused this time (ego?). Voted no.
I take Metro North daily and train is usually well behaved. As much as I'd like to see the pic, not the way to solve the issue.
It is a public place. You showed charity in not posting.
just turn the other cheek
Weaseling out are you?
*twitter mob bays for blood*
had he concern for the # of people he was being rude to?
this is very weak. let go, or escalate at the moment. moment has passed.
This is a case of severe controlitis on your part, just get over it. Nobody has been hurt or killed.
no f**ks to give
His disregard for a coach full of commuters is enough to go with. Likely won't do it again. One down, thousands to go.
will you feel good about it?
that's all that matters, right? ;)
Well he didn't know how much you hate that kind of boorish behavior either.
Seriously? Idiots on the train piss me off as much as the next guy, but trying to shame him on Twitter using your following? Stop.
be honest to your followers, oldman. you took his grudge not because he was talking loud but because he didn't recognize who U were
Talking loudly is Med, do not forget your roots Taleb
Law & Order: Metro North Justice lolz
If he knew who you were, would have changed his behavior? I doubt it. Ignorance of your identity is irrelevant.
Isn't the point that he should be identified and shamed? You will put his skin in the game. And it won't kill him...
there is however a problem of asymmetry. He prob doesn't have as many followers as u and can't defend himself fairly.
The only moral problem? @nntaleb really? I can think of a number of others
my gut said punish. But if he can be bullied and disproportionally shamed, it is not fair. Also cultural differences might cause
He needs to be shamed.
was he a dick? Yes. Karma doesn't exist, the test is sleep, if yes then post if not then don't, simple
Disappointed in you. Is this a good way to spend your short life?
so I thought he would scared of your weight lifting body and looks, photography nope!
Why? If he'd acted differently had he known who u where, that would make him even worse. Not ok to just treat the non famous bad
He doesn't sound like he has an internal sense of shame, so may as well bring it externally ...
This is the reason why I voted "Don't be a vigilante."
Note: I voted before I knew the context of situation (saw only 1st tweet) & he told you go ahead before he knew the context of you.
If not to shame him, what was your objective of taking the sample/photo?
That's a good point
Old saying: The Truth will set you free.
that is not a moral problem! it would be a lesson of risk management for him and others!
This is your privilegio superior - dont be an asshole.
enough already, lets see this chooch!!!!!
omg, i thought I was the only person remaining who uses the word 'chooch'.
so you have implicit permission to post it then...
license granted.
ok, always call their bluff.
he gave you permission to post his photo basically.
Let's have him. And then create a Wall of Shame for everyone who does this. What a nuisance.
admirable defiance of his part against overcontrol.
Picture? Come on, this is a beautiful black swan event: STREAM HIM!
isn't there a quiet car on Metro North? (sorry, don't live in US)
you should deadlifted him
The worst people are those who operate on what is allowed rather than what is right.
He did not gave you permission to spread the picture anywere!
Some Scandinavian speaking guy? Was he wearing a horned helmet or a pink "hat" ?? (If the latter, you can take him)
In the absence of fact #4 I would have been inclined to say don't show. But now you must.
sounds like he needs to be punished.
he wanted to be famous..😂😂
well he's right ain't he?
not forbidden to walk up and down the train car farting in people's faces either, but it's discouraged.
I greatly appreciate the messy social framework of courtesy our expectations rest on.
Also appreciate the tactful tolerance of mild offenders. Dunno how aware others may be of our expectations.
sit next to him, call a buddy who speaks arabic and be louder
When a boom box would come in handy.
and see everyone panic being confronted with both Breivik and ISIS at the same time.
Chaos is hilarious to watch from afar
But Does He Deadlift???
the problem is that the sanction for breach of etiquette requires a breach of etiquette
to be honest, speaking up was very good of you, and quite enough. Encouraging others to publicly shame a person is also good.
but there is no real benefit to posting the photo now, in my opinion, and it only makes you look manic.
This type of behavior shouldn't have to be forbidden... It is the sort of thing one just shouldn't do.
Ah, the child's argument. Unable to distinguish between statutory laws and social protocol.
I'll take a child's argument over the cheerleader "I'll shame you to the whole school" argument. Weak, bitchy.
So we should all just sit there listening to these self-entitled dickheads in the name of virility?
Please feel free to whine about your life's tribulations as much you like. It's useful data for the rest of us.
Indicative of our narcissistic society. No black swan of inconsideration today.
have you considered that he's perfectly free to have his phone-call? Surely this is no worse than loud public conversation?
these annoyances grate quotidian life more than national debt and "bigger issues'", i always call people out on dog mess etc
Well shit in that case you should have blared LOUD BAD MUSIC from your phone right in his face, @nntaleb. See how he likes it.
There’s a difference between people who exercise their right to do things which are not forbidden, and those with decency and etiquette.
Invoking the law in the face of a request for polite consideration, how American of him.
I loved the "quiet car" just for that reason.
you should try my daily bus journey!
they need quiet carriages where talking is banned. Better than eating in trains though, that is the real crime.
Like the Dutch "stiltecoupe" for example?
behead the infidel
In​ my experience, that would make him a Norwegian. Weird attitude to rules.
an archetypical Norwegian that is, some of my best friends ... etc.
If truly bad Did you ever considering getting fellow riders to sing loudly until he left Singing is "not forbidden"
if you were being confrontational spectators may have been more concerned about your behaviour than the random
Are you really doing it for the sake of the other passengers or for yourself?
Its this type of behavior & response that will make in "forbidden" in the future.
Scandinavians belief in freedom is deeply rooted, so they have happy societies, although we have adverse effects like this case
Reply to @nntaleb why did you allow him to talk for 30min? why not just tell him to be quiet?
I'm with you on this.
you've given him the time he was annoying you plus the time you dwelled on it. For free.
He was zoned into the call, probably didn't even realize he was bothering anyone @nntaleb Did anybody shoulder-tap & 'volume down' gesture?
Haven't used public transit in London,have you,@nntaleb? One of the ways we know our migrants love us (?) is constant foreign phone shouting
Should have been in bus queue Victoria station this lunchtime Jo. How the obligatory baby in the buggy slept through it....
@Olivers_Aunty I wonder how the police would like it if we reported all the incomprehensible 'suspicious' conversations around us? @nntaleb
I imagine we'd be charged with a hate crime.
Well, isn't that the way of it,@Olivers_Aunty :)) @nntaleb
maybe he was not hard of hearing?
u don't know what he was talking about. And you have doubts (pole) so since shaming a person is very bad - don't do it.
also a language u don't speak should not bother u so much. just background noise.
if he was talking in the same way to the person sitting next to him, would you have reacted the same way?
have you guys ever wondered why J D Salinger lived in the mountains like a hermit ?
voted don't B vigilante, now remember total loudmouth on a train who carried on for 45 minutes, maybe a little public exposure OK
Cf. @jef_pozkanzer photos of people parking in bike lanes
Go sit excessively close to him. Fat Tony style.
He might be talking to someone about some stranger taking his picture.
Loud annoying people are a fact of life; I just avoid them by staying at home
in the quiet cars? yes. rest of cars you can't win.
why is the language relavent?
would it be less of a problem is he were speaking "Levantine" for example? This is an important and serious question for you.
I wonder if people are more forgiving on one language and more judgmental on another language?
Sharing photo won't make a difference, not worth the waste of bandwidth.
just walk up to him and shout håll käften! #workedForMeOnce
Yeah, but unless you render that peculiar [ɕ] sound correctly, it’s not guaranteed to work.
statistically irrelevant
Could be having a conversation about his child's hospitalization or something. He may be inconsiderate but don't know his POV.
just call him a racist he will cower in fear
Next time, take video, and post that. Remind people they have no expectation of privacy when they behave that way.
If you have to suffer a ride on Metro North, then you shouldn't have to suffer a loud obnoxious man.
loud scandis are irritating. so are people who bully via the anti social media
Please clarify; are you unhappy with the volume, or unhappy because you can't eavesdrop?
"Jeg leste denne fascinerende ny bok om risikokjeder!!" You have to examine the tail exposure first.
ask him to stop yourself. Skin in the game vs trying to use others (twitter) to shame him
What kind of Scandinavian language? How can you know it isn't Dutch or Icelandic. Please ask where he is from. Would like to know
maybe he's blonde like Dolph
expectation of privacy and abiding rude behavior are two different things!
what does he smell like?
why don't u ask him to not raise his voice directly? It is unethical to publish a photo of someone w/o permission
Might be a viking extremist. Ban all entry from Scandinavian countries.
my vote would have changed if it was written "Woman [...] Scandinavian [...]". Conditional choice
just get close to him and start clapping loud enough to disturb his talk, until he lowers his voice.
did you just assume gender? @GodfreyElfwick we need you!
were you on the quiet car?
Tell him "håll käften" pronunciation "Hal sheften". Meaning "shut up!" in Swedish. If he Scandinavian he will.
I know this man and if agitated he will upend all the rail cars, eat all the children, and drink your blood from a Thor Cup
quem eh table querido.
chegou o doido !!
what he was doing wasn't any creepier than taking a stranger's pic in public. just saying
Better to be robust by carrying headphones and good tunes on your phone :-D
From Sweden. When did public photos become unethical ? Is it the elephant man ? Each way, treat him like anyone else.
A peaceful anarchist society depends on shaming and shunning, which are far more effective than violence. DO IT!
you're assuming he gives a damn. Shamelessness is a growing trend. People & govts find it enormously empowering.
He'll give a damn when a colleague, friend, date or son looks down on him for it.
try it in East London on the night bus some time. I wouldn't assume a pause for reflection about life choices. ;)
Good point, but the problem is not enough shaming & too much reliance on laws and police. Statism kills community.
agree. A reasonable, rational, cross-sectional group, supporting each other, calmly asking him to be quiet, = ideal.
In small communities, that'd be very effective. In large cities, only web-shaming can work & more people should do it!
cumulatively, might have an effect, but only because, as usual, the compliant ones among us will start to behave.
Ability to hide behind opacity: Corporations, State, beuracracies and hierarchies.
it is inappropriate to release photo.
44% would agree with his anti-social behaviour. Your in a sticky situation asking for respect
Who are you to criticize another's public behavior/manners? Forcing your cultural norms on him is intolerant bigotry. 🙃
Inconsiderate, different lang/volume/value system from yours, if not asked to stop? Publish if still talking or you are grumpy....
a few rounds of @Iceman_Hof breathing then a cold shower for the win
Be classy even if others are not.
Have you heard about quiet cars?
I say don't do it, but always remember that you could have and restrained yourself.
this is the difference between NJTransit/LIRR riders and MetroNorth, We just post your photo.
is he sitting down? If he's standing people don't have to give up their seats to leave him. Sitting down far worse
new plagues: busybodies taking pictures/sharing on social media (@united #leggings) or cell phone overuse in public places 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♂️
FWIW I initially voted "no vigilantism," but changed opinion after reading your explanations.
what would the weightlifters do? They seem to be your favorite analysis tool.
a Scandinavian swan?
The people have spoken! Let's see the guy's mush. That said, it would have been funnier if you took an angry-face selfie with him.
why not just put in headphones and tune him out? not every inconsiderate jerkoff needs to be publicly shamed & castrated
disproportion between local, mostly physical incident, and response with global, virtual photo tweet - like drone-attacking him
Please don't. It smacks of monitoring & informing on fellow citizens under communism. Where do u draw the line with Stasi tactics?
third option. Ask your followers to build a phone app with a ten second echo. Sit next to him and play him himself loudly.
30 minutes???...he's on the phone with my wife!
i think we know who the asshole here is
Video would have been better
Perhaps your punishment on this person will be so much harsher than the few mins/hour of inconvenience you suffered.
post only if you know you won't be inconsiderate in public in the future
Great point. Symmetry (skin in the game) means you accept to be equally penalized if you committed the same violation @JosephJayMFG
A given, I'd hope.
Live stream it next time.
Flip side though, this wasn't just accidentally inconsiderate. Setting this precedent is more like pre-commitment.
I plan on being inconsiderate. but not with my phone. just in other ways. i would accept shaming too (if i felt it)
Rule of law.
And how much do you really know about the “violation”? May be extenuating circumstances. But photo can’t be recalled.
Not shocked by twitterers wanting you to be revengeful.
That's not how most think, though. One rule for me, another for them.
'talk-unlimited-miles' fixed cost @ play? Need a 'talk-distance-travelled' tariff. Biased, dont do private in public
I'd ask him loud enough so ppl around him can hear me
or also be penalized if wrong/sued 4 post. Real ? Is fat tails on left..thin on rt. 30 min of peace vs mnths of bs
- POINTLESS EXERCISE!!! Common man on his mobile annoys IYI.
isn't it sufficient to write 'symmetry'?
if you're after symmetry, echo phone app(previous tweet) is making him listen to himself...
You could post the photo w/just enough blur over his face so: 1 he knows it's him 2 his friends might know & 3 random people won't
maybe his terminally ill wife just died and is talking to psychiatrist on how to break it to kids.
We've read that book & know the pitfalls of assumptions. Scandinavians are great people. He's probably just thirsty.
no they're not. Very rude and selfish, no manner.
Maybe not. Person could let you know circumstances. I would
normally I'd be pissed but the nature of your post is more annoying. Get over yourself
Congrats...this question received almost 3,000 votes?!
shunning, shaming and person to person accountability are important to civil society. Show it.
What about second-order effects; would people start acting out in your presence in the hope of acquiring a high-profile detractor?
he was probably Swedish (they suck and most never deadlift)
Happens often on MetroNorth. If they were talking to someone else on the train it would be fine, so I accept it, unless quiet car.
Ikke lytte til andres samtaler
repeat after me: "serenity now".. or if you'd rather: "hoochie mama."
maybe he just had a simple point - that a normal distr can extend far from the mean, and/or have fat-tails - and went on too long?
what would Seneca or Epictetus do?
They would seek to control what is in their power e.g. the anger is the problem, not the cell phone.
if Danish show and shame, otherwise forgive and forget!
What good wud it do 2 expose him 2 the world when train crowd w/skin in game does nothing? Better 2 lead a shout-in 2 disrupt call.
You left out the option for "Get over yourself."
how is the Scandinavian bit relevant?
and why is language a necessary descriptor here? It creates bias.
Almost 60% say post it...and he did tell you (very rudely) to do so. Post it!
would you take the photo if it was a heavy weight MMA-fighter with pride issues? Getting stabbed for nothing is no fun. Sleep more.
I mean being a hero for a small annoyance (concave exposure), better save it for a big problem (physically threats) #trickquestion?
If he looked sober, but sounded drunk, he's a Dane. He would love it if you posted his picture...
It's no doubt frustrating but a mind like yours is best used for solving bigger problems.
I say, be kind to people (i.e give him something to tell his grandchildren about)
it may be annoying but let it go. imo nothing good is going to happen if you expose the person
please avoid turning into SJW
shame is the strongest social regulator. "it's not forbidden" = absence of moral value. Got to teach the only way he can learn
Never judge a person unless you've walked a mile in their shoes
Why is "learn all Scandinavian languages and eavesdrop" not an option?
Can you just post the photo if that's what you want to do
Option 2. You and a friend go stand behind him and talk extremely vulgar so that whomever he's talking with hears you.
You've already provided a proportionate response to his behavior. No need escalate further.
too much incongruity in your twat. Who gives a shit, leave the train, or punch him in his face if he's threatening you
Voted: Don't be a Vigilante
Show the picture and let me be the judge of your photographic ability. #bald #mumbling #IYI
When it happens to me, I read Marcus Aurelius Book 2, I.
When you wake up in the morning, tell yourself: The people I deal with today will be meddling, ungrateful, arrogant, dishonest,
jealous, and surly. They are like this because they can’t tell good from evil. But I have seen the beauty of good, and the
ugliness of evil, and have recognized that the wrongdoer has a nature related to my own—not of the same blood or birth, but the
same blood or birth, but the same mind, and possessing a share of the divine. And so none of them can hurt me. No one can implicate
me in ugliness. Nor can I feel angry at my relative, or hate him. We were born to work together like feet, hands, and eyes, like
the two rows of teeth, upper and lower. To obstruct each other is unnatural. To feel anger at someone, to turn your back on him:
these are obstructions. — Marcus Aurelius
To think that you just returned from India 😝😝😝
he said Scandinavian
I was referring to the 'loud on phone' part. OK?
A no SITG executive, driving Mercedes to work/home wrote "not forbidden". Send picture to rail executive.
I'm norwegian, living abroad. Back home ppl always talk loud on the phones in public. some of these don't know cultural awareness
Hey @nntaleb why mention his language ? And why call your fellow passengers weak? I'm sure they eventually found you just as tiresome
never leave home without Bose in ear noise cancelling headphones and deploy as superpower against folks like this
Good advice if you're a yuppie with ample disposable income to spend on tech gimmicks
Do it to remind all that inconsiderate behavior will sometimes earn rebuke
so if he was speaking English, would this just be considered a normal Wednesday?
Inte vara en skitstövel.
you have no Constitutional right to consideration
If you do anything,you prolong it then you're the problem.If you drop it,it stops there. What's the harm, beyond annoying? So what?
He did nothing wrong. You are overreacting.
was he talking about his deadlift 1rm?
when this'd happen in a lift my friend'd call up his friends to find out what condoms were best & why Usually the other guy'd stop
He must die so you can live.
"inconsiderate' is a bit preumptuous
jesus Christ who gives a shit? Get a life, asshole. Guy was just talking on his phone.
What a bogus premise. Taleb, with all due respect, you are a sham
just saw the number of tweets about this and realized there is a distinct diff in the dev world problems and EM problems
first class is in the next car over . Move there .
The best option is remove yourself from the situation. People do not have to please you. Outrage has no master, and serves no one.
Problem w online shaming is potential for fat tailed response. Punishment could end up orders of magnitude worse than the crime.
Show it, it will be on the first page of the newspaper here in Norway. Dying to see the truth @ rude viking commies put in place.
How do you react when 2 people are talking to each other (not on phone) on a train?
do what I do. Crank up the I phone with some heavy metal.
Shunning works. Not a vigilante, evoking natural law to scale. Be prepared to find out his whole family has cancer though.
Aren't cell phones missing neg feedback? Don't have audio feedback like landline phones. Can't hear yourself, so you talk louder.
is the 5yr+ performance of long vol fund the reason saving money taking train?
Disproprtionate response if you post his pic: he annoyed you for 30 minutes, but you social media shaming him is almost permanent. Unfair!
similar experience on a bus in Tokyo. I just responded as if he was talking to me-many passengers amused but not him.
1) he might be just as antifragile as you (#Seneca), and therefore not give a sh1t, and 2) pretty hard to see loudness on a picture
3) public shaming worked (in some way) in a small community. The web is not a small community 4) don't kick a man when he's down
would it be worth? What about instead singing loud at his hear? Singing loud is not forbidden too.
- Probably German :-)
Will you be accountable for any unintentional escalation in punishm beyond shaming?
the following words aren't needed - "inconsiderate" and "in some Scandinavian language". Why? Because they aren't relevant.
Record his audio and play it back to him.
if 2nd offense from same person, absolutely. First offense, no.
why didnt you just deadlift the motherfucker