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While your kids are getting crafty invite Teddy — a treat with a hidden filling to discover. #DiscoverTeddy
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"Hidden filling" 😏😏😏🍆🍆🍆💦💦💦
What's those emojis mean
....inside joke
Is this a euthamism
Why it look like an aborted fetus tho
Is this shit even healthy tho
this shit don't look kid friendly @discoverteddy
this ad campaign means totally different things to furries #furriesruineverything bet you thoguth it was so harmless and cute..
We saw these yesterday but didn't wanna buy cause we might not like them. Can we get a sample?
Sorry, we don't have any samples available at this time! Our special offers are advertised in newspapers & in stores!
How the fuck does twitter know if I might like parenting?
Lets all eat an amputee bear!