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Very good points, but the call for unrestricted <script> spoils it. Out-of-control 3rd-party script bloat created& justifies AMP's existence
So downrank me for having bloated script.
And they did by putting crap-script-free AMP pages first. I really like AMP for doing so. I just dislike the fake address bar.
In that regard, amputating your legs is also a good solution for sore feet.
I like how AMP fits in both your "AMPutating" and "AMPlifying" words 🤔
it's also amputating a gangrene of full-screen modals, malware-spreading ads, and countless invasive and inefficient tracking scripts.
Interesting. You make 2 broad points - a) AMP as a technical standard sucks, and b) Google's integration of it on their platform is evil
On A). It's not as limiting for news content as you suggest (some UX imagination required though). It saves web devs from themselves ;-)
On A) Ctd... have you come across 3rd party vendor who was blocked from implementing an AMP component?? Would love to know..
On B). The balance of power lies with Google.. publishers terrified to be not included in carousel, de-ranked etc. What's the answer?
Ultimately any discomfort here stems from the fact that Google dominates search.
Not just search, but browser.. Chrome using G search in URL bar by default.. remember when EC forced MS to offer browser choices in Win? Hmm
The ironic thing about AMP, of course, is that the implementation is just a load of Javascript, at the end of the day.
what does web Devs have to do with TPS that get loaded through GTM and friends? it almost seems AMP is trying to save Google from themselves
so how we all doing?
Google are trying to monopolise the web. And were letting them do it because they have a near monopoly on search results :(
Also, AMP is an open source project, you can integrate it into your site without submitting to Googles tyranny.
Finally I'm glad they publish RT's content, it's not Google's job to censor... leave that to the chinese internet police.
Thank you for writing this, Andrew.