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Hey. People who follow over 1,000 people on twitter. Explain yourselves.
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the timeline never dies
sports journalism
Lots of cool people
It just kinda happens
I have a lot of friends and work acquaintances :(
i struggle with my 58
i do it 4 the giggles
there is no explanation
You're the only follow I need!
i'm lazy and can't be bothered unfollowing people
if that isn't the dang truth. haha
There are tools like Tweepsmap that can tell you who hasn't tweeted in months, and provide other help in weeding out the list.
I only follow 103 :)
News Anna. News
Judicious use of the mute function.
I like people
they like to feel life speeding them by without actually moving
I used to follow 1000 people and then I unfollowed a ton
Look I just want everyone to be happy and I don't want anyone to feel left out okay
More like you just want a lot of followers 🐸☕
I don't have to explain myself to you
Constant entertainment
Not me 😂
I literally don't know how I do. I only see the same 50 people on my timeline anyways
how do they keep up..
Can you like notice me and make me less miserable 😂😂😂😂😅😂
I'm complicated, what can I say?
We just want to be liked okay?
Fan accounts of people/ things I stan
So basically you&bechloe&the other Bellas tbh
I'm at 700 something. I'm good, right?
Also people who have over 1,000 favorites.
Twitter is my source of news...
in the search of the followback, maybe?
Stan twitter says hello
I am a people pleaser what can I say... #follower
You gotta throw some love to the losers...
News junkie - I can't stop!
Sigh, I know. But I follow a lot of other entertainment reporters and outlets and friends and fun celebs and… it’s a lot.
They can’t. They’re robots.
celebs and people who ship the same things as me
I don't even like that many people
everyone’s so interesting!!!
What about those who follow about 10k on instagram?
They probs won't see your tweet because they follow 1k people
Joe Rogan said it best. "I want to see a wall of humanity"
What, I can't like 999 people other than yourself?
Many interests, one account.
theres always the mute option
Tons of cool people in the world.
i'm not even there and i'd still venture that 80% are guilt follows
You are correct sir
Hey dude, idk. I don't even understand life. #goodluck
I don't have a good answer. 😂
I have a poor attention sp- SQUIRREL!
A lot of the people I follow rarely tweet other than during things like sporting events, when the firehose effect can be fun.
LITERALLY like over 300 is too messy
I am just supporting as much accounts as I can okay. deal with it
Can't wait until that's you!
I agree, pathetic. But I do it, unfortunately, to keep track of this crazy, unrelenting, furious 24-hour news cycle for my job
Yeah, when you work in journalism, you've got to keep an eye on everything.
"Checks Twitter Followers............whew."
People with over 6 million followers explain yourselves!
actually they are all bots :)
maybe they desperately need to see 300 people say the same thing when news breaks
can I be your 290th person you follow ? ily
I guess a lot of us likes a lot of people who are pretty awesome like you!
I'm nosey and like to know what's going on lol xx
is directing a #BatgirlMovie in case you're wondering.
I love you btw!!
hahahaha! good that i don't 😂
I must have low self-esteem?
How do people even keep up with their feed?!
My timeline is a mess with 200🙄😂
We want to be popular
Sort of a mistake really. In the early days, I though it was proper etiquette to follow back
Ditto - and now I don't want to be rude and unfollow
i mean if you follow me you wouldn't be going over 1000, so...😉
I only follow 988 so can't help you out sorry 🍻
I feel you. I mean nobody knows that many people 😂🤔
In 31 more people, I will. Until then mind your business.
Can't do that shit. I like my timeline tidy.
Hi my name is Kittey and I think I have a problem... lol
They are hungry for attetion? Im guessing of cousre
more memes i guess😂😂
I follow less than 30 people. You are the only one worth following dear lol
ADD means I need constant simulation?
I break it down into lists of experts/good accounts and then I can read up/keep up with stuff.
I feel bad not following people back
Tweetdeck makes it easy.
😳😳😅,Didn't mean to
Sorry, there's too many hilarious people here. Please don't judge me. Thanks x
ALSO I'm too lazy to unfollow people
All the follows!!!!
What can I say, I like a lot of things and with Twitters Algorithms these days you're lucky to see half of them.
Ooof. Just checked. 1,041. Is there a support group?
how many people do you have muted?
So. Much. Content.
Well there are more than 1k celebs so there....
I like a lot of people, okay?
my following addiction?
I'm fickle and struggle with being decisive.
I would like to, but I only follow 103....
This is why I don't have many friends (?)
I like people to feel important!
I follow back
Taking a bite out of each and every different cake. I follow celebs, such as you, to streamers, gamers, companies. Keeping in the loop!
at least half is news.
only about 1/3rd of them say anything on a regular basis.
Maybe you're just not following enough people
Fan accounts keep me posted on what's going on with you and others that I think deserve my devotion.
Plenty of timeline scrolling material
I like a lot of celebrities and I'm horribly indecisive
I enjoy being flooded by tweets and have my phone going off all.the.time
i get anxious when there's no new tweets to read at any given moment.
lol here here, well my excuse is some are from Asia, others from America and Europe. Different time zones so basically I dont get all dizzy
I guess they just have a lot of spare time! 😊
I don't have the time to respond
timeline isn't boring... What's your excuse for not following 1000? 😂
I think I only follow about 400 or less...
too lazy to unfollow.
I just follow back. But I have silenced a lot of people
Who has the attention span for that?
*quickly looks at following numbers* woo hoo, no explaining!
I am inclusive. I didn't know I had to be conservative with my love.
You can't handle the truth 😂
Yeah, on my first Twitter account I ended up following the max number which I believe is like 9k and then kept unfollowing people
Though it was I think originally b4 twitter truly kicked off
i like seeing new things as i refresh my timeline constantly because i'm always on twitter due to my boring life 🙂
I don't want to be alone with my thoughts for too long.
I follow 1.8k it's fun
Journalists - can't miss that story popping up. Also, variety of perspective. Those users add up fast.
Many celebrities.a lot to keep up with. Timeline never dies.
I don't but.. would you follow me?
I don't answer to you!
This is so me
I find differing view points interesting, have made some friends on Twitter and of course, like to see what my favorite celebs are up to.
sorry!!! 😁😁😁
I have a short attention span and diverse interests?
That's what I've been thinking! Why'd they do this? There's no point! 😂
To make them happy. But I mute most of them.
We all can't be amazing talented actresses for followers haha
Just happened,it's a bit much a know,🙈😱
Also notice me so I can stop crying xo
are my bellas tweets the reason behind the tears🕺🏼
I don't understand it, either.
I'm a hoarder. :/
I'm only at 525, don't gotta explain shit.
I was. I just cleaned my account a few days ago. It is still over 900😂. I follow people in same fandom. 😝Like Bechloe
being polite if they follow you
we're not famous like you Anna, we need friends
Anna, I suspect at least 2/3rds of them are spam bots.
cause we don't have a life
I dunno. Greater chance of finding someone with interesting tweets?
There's is no reason to follow over 1,000 people on twitter. I only follow the best people.
cute animal accounts
No time must keep scrolling.
maybe they wanna increase their followers, but I wouldn't know because I only have about 30 followers 😂
Thaaat and a hopeful follow back to make things more interesting. 😜
While I don't have nearly that many. I put the ones I do have on lists. That way the tweets are organized.
I like the "internet fire hose'. I use lists and Tweetdeck to pull into separate conversations. And many of my 2k+ aren't active.
this popped up on my phone and stopped after "Hey" and my only thought was "why is she talking to me..."
The mute button is key.
I'm only following half that. That's pretty healthy.
Not on twitter but I'm like that on other social media. I just like a lot of things and people O_o
maybe they're very fast readers
there are that many incredible people making art and I want to see all of it
I like to keep in touch with people I don't know
otherwise there isn't enough to read.
keeps my feed from getting repetitive. sometimes i have to turn peoples RTs off though.
Most of us just LOVE having a ton of stuff to keep up with on Twitter. I'm also completely not looking at my follower count
I don't know how to use Twitter.
I'm always happy go lucky 😂😂✨
I just know that many people
Just trying to get free taco bell.
...I got nothing
It's hard to go back and edit - stupid followers list is by date you followed. Interests change. I blame Twitter, frankly.
I'm following 40 people and ai barely understand why
I use it as my news I follow every outlet and hundreds of journalist and politicians
which means I'm mostly angry all the time
I follow 300, most are related to gaming, others rarely post... Hope this helps
I live vicariously through others & the faint hope that some will follow back or interact w/ me.
this was me. then i got help 😂😂😂
I assumed you ran over 1000 accounts such as @VancityReynolds and @jtimberlake
Well, now people are just going to send you articles on how to increase your followers, Anna. WTG.
Lots of people I should follow for news! (At least, that’s my excuse)
I am just in love with your work and cannot help myself xx
I have a sports problem and food problem
I only follow 386...and you are one...Feel special yet?
They're the people who walk into signs and fountains.
Says the chick with 6.2 million followers... You're part of the problem!
I only follow 936 so I'm safe!
hey kendrick, do you want a picture of my dog reading scrappy little nobody?
Hello friend how are you?
They're typically bots, and not actually real people
I like people
I really like to hear from lots of different subjects!
I can feel the judgement dude but I'm currently at the ATL zoo about to feed a girafe so I couldn't care less about my number of following 😂
Drag her kendrick lol
I tend to follow people pertaining to things I'm into at a particular time then don't unfollow when interest wanes a bit
Sometimes you just gotta hear 17 different versions of the same joke about the news story that broke 4 minutes ago.
Well, I'm not following over 1000 but LISTS... that keeps things manageable
Voyeuristic stalkers with too much time on their hands
Half of them are people from different Fandoms and the other half are celebrities
#Sports fan bases. Also follow everyone who follows me. 😊
I don't follow any where near that many, and I still mute a number of people who tweet too often.
I'm just really nosy okay?
Wait. It's not a race to a million?
I just really like voting in polls.
I follow over 3,000 so... 😂
I mean....I'm half there😂
I'm impulsive and now my timeline is a jumble of completely unrelated issues/thoughts. I feel crazy and am considering starting over. Lol
People are super interesting! Also some of them are funny bots. Also I read fast.
I recommend Crap Local News. Pretty funny stuff!
remember this? that's me cirlcled, fun times.
I do what I want
is she talking to you man? Lol
right ?!? It's a full-time job
lots of love! Enjoy your morning!
follow me lol 😂
There's just too many celebs, news portals and everything.. way too hard to choose. And why choose if you can follow them all? 🙂
Anna. Kendrick. Sometimes a guy just has to read over a 1000 reactions to trailers or a 1000+ similar complaints about the president.
Likely has to do with reciprocity. Follow for follow.
Oooo. Pick me pick me. Cause they want to boost numbers with follow for follow. It's about validation or they are really very popular
Most of us are not famous :d so if we want some fllwrs we need to follow them back Just sayin tho:d
what can I say. My Twitter game is shit. 🤷🏽‍♂️
Sorry for being nice,small devil
I want to know what everyone is up to! But... can't... keep... up... [collapses]
... checks number of following... I'm good phew 😰
Well how the hell else are you gonna get as much gay ship content? Canon or not.
What had happened was...
Uh I just kind of happened😬😬
I don't, but need that content.
Common courtesy? Broad-scale interests? Russian hacking?
I'm sad and lonely and need friends.
Twitter wont show me all of my early follows and so i can't delete the ones i don't want anymore 😔
Too lazy to sort out and bring the number down tbf
Some people are only interesting part of the time.
I have access to more information than some following 999 people
Perhaps some people actually know 1,000 people.
some people are funny... like you!🙄
<3 news & sports just happened. And I'm pretty sure I only see like 500 people's tweets ever, so that's all that matters.
I use it as news aggregator. I make different lists for different interests.
I'm just tryna keep my timeline interesting
... 🤷🏼
I only follow u dear ☺️
Its ugly haha im trying to unfollow
what if you're the 1001 on my list?
OMG I don't even understand my need to follow but I just know that it's a condition that im getting help for ....sort of
You are not the boss of me.
I used to. Depend on Twitters recommendations on "You might like"
I want to interact with this tweet but I only have 898 followers n I'm not looking to get more followers to get me 1000 followers. Followers
They follow there fans like how you should follow me.. 😞
some of them are relatives you’re required to follow and then promptly mute.
I'm constantly working on purging hahaha
Idk, too many people are on mute.
You're right, Anna. I have a problem. Quick on the trigger, have follow remorse, then fear it'll make it awkward if they notice me leave! :(
Same here. As soon as I see they follow me. I sit there and go, it would be rude not to follow them back... Right?!
oh THAT i'm much better about. I definitely do not follow back everyone who follows me. ((whisper)) some of them are nerrrrrds.
True I can usually tell if the profile pic is a pair of boobs says biddaddy69 I usually know they don't need my follow.
Seriously though... some be people are 20,000 following 18,000 followers... what is the point?!?! What is your feed like?!
pretty much for work.
Common kendrick😂💖
I've been on twitter for so long it's just accumulated after so long.
Only following 19 people I find interesting and you are one of them. More movies please.
we like diversity of opinions 😂
I like to see a lot of people tweeting their misfortunes for it makes me feel less lonely and kinda embraced by their failure
Me just 134.... one being you as I'm listening to your book to and from work this week. Very funny! #scrappylittlenobody
Push notifications help
It just kinda happens, you know? Because some of us needs to check if you're still alive on a daily basis.
Wow this is the best answer I ever rode
I enjoy having a never ending feed of content to read
Why don't you follow one more person and make it me xo
Seriously. I got room for about 80. And you better be as sexy as Ana or as bad ass as @GamebredFighter or @JotkoMMA 💚😂
Keeps my @nuzzel feed interesting. I mostly only follow verified accounts - journalists, politicians, activists (a few celebs) etc
SOME people are courteous and follow back
I'll Bite. I'm a current events/photo/art junkie. so in the words of Johnny 5, MOAR INPUT! 🤣🤣🤣
It is difficult to keep up
I was young and stupid and now I'm full of regret.
I only follow 921 accounts, so I don't owe you any explanation. Phew! The secret is: With lists you can establish a system that works.
Addiction to information
I have nothing to explain with😩🤐
Data harvesters
i used to on my first twitter account and when i remade, i made sure i wasn't following that many people lol
I'm here entertainment 🤷🏽‍♀️
Well when you start a twitter account when you're 10 you're easily fooled by the fake spam accounts
It's all about Id and super-ego.
it's all for the feed
that timeline would be mental.
Totally weird, right? Peeps with too much time on their hands.
I'm also a fangirl with quite a few fandoms. I need to go edit. MAKE THAT EASIER, TWITTER GODS. 💙💙
I don't even know 1000 people
We just love people like you 🙆
After 10 years, I found a lot of interesting people. However, only about 1/2 (or less) are actually active. I use Tweetdeck to group ppl.
Infovore. Sufficient explanation?
right?! There's no way I give a shit about that many people. Lol 🤷🏻‍♀️
They can't hear you, there are too many voices!
Very wide array of interests. Are you saying such people should cut back?
I don't unfollow dormant accts. and if an old friend pops back up, cool. I mute more than u/f and don't feel need to read whole feed.
I like people? 😆
The other 2083 don't tweet.
Can't really explain it. Gotta delete a bunch.
I cannot explain why, I just do.
Most of mine are all sports teams. That should explain enough
I'm sorry 😬
Variety of information and entertainment.
i have no idea what happened
I really like poetry accounts. 🤷🏻‍♀️
I feel like my 288 is too much!
The amount of people I followed is the reflection to all the disappointments and regrets I have in my life.
I like a lot of artists🌚
I do it because I am a polite Cheverus guy, not a snooty Deering punk like SOMEONE I know.
I'm at a nice round 128 :)
hey ho ha! : )
More people=more opinions. I try to follow people I disagree with as well. Great way to learn about their perception.
at one point if one made a good sex joke on twitter it was reason enough for me to follow.
It kind of just happened
Sports, TV/Film, News, writers, athletes, bloggers, friends, weirdos, goof balls, giants, wizards, ppl from all around the world 🌎
70% of actors, directors, singers and others, 10% museums and institutions, 20% normal people.
Because it's America and I can got dammit
The more the merrier
It's hard to get followers if you don't follow lots of people the more you follow the more of a reach you get to people
They can't explain, not when they are so busy catching up on what everyone is up to.
I follow back some people who follow me. Also there are a lot of interesting people to listen to... like you. 😘
Well I'm very excitable and like clicking buttons, we cool??
I dont even follow 100 and I cant keep up as is! lol
hi cant wait to see u again tomorrow
Well I only follow 777.......Fuck wait what was the question.
been there. It got real confusing.
It feels better to follow less than 1000 people here on twitter I guess🤷🏻‍♀️
If you use Tweetdeck or something to sort them, it's not hard at all. :)
I'm not as good looking as you
I only follow 41 people and none of them are my school friends or family whoops 😬
"Professional Stalker". Or wannabe "Theatrical Agent".
Sports and sports fans. Politics, different perspectives. But why aren't you following me?
Aaannddd followed
news,cars,ambulance,there are many themes
So true!! I follow 63 and sometimes that's a commitment.
i follow a LOT of illustrative artists from all over the world I guess I dont know why i do it either
7 billion people on the planet... about 1300 of them are cool.
It's like being at a big party and wandering from conversation to conversation. I don't see everything that's going on, but I'm never bored.
literally same i can barely follow over 100 people
It's like watching the internet
I follow more than 500 because of tv shows and fandoms. (Pitch Perfect brought me here, I think).
I like people? Idk dude XD
You're kinda cool and funny 😀
A thousand people? That's cute
I have no self control, I thrive on timemline chaos: politics, golf, nerd-shit, randos I followed while drunk, tech news? It's like a drug!
Work work work work work work
one direction fan accounts? that's one reason
Maybe it's just the real life chloe beales of the world who've got a lot of love to give
I use it for my job to find/keep up with news and ~the conversation~! Also I'm a glutton
^^ Also what they said.
Yeah but.....1000?
Phew I'm only at 930ish, gives me time to come up with an excuse.
Also, hey, you're a delight and I appreciate the chance to explain myself.
Lmaoooooooooooooooo Kel
The @Twitter experience for someone like you with so many followers is more of a publishing platform, but for us peons it's for consumption.
fandoms nuff said.
none of them would've noticed that tweet.
I was young and stupid...and I'm too lazy to unfollow all the shitty accounts.
i only follow people i would smash
Uh...because there are a metric shitton of people who need mocking on here?
And i just like people
It's fun to #followback. Snobbery is overrated!
I like twitterlists for tracking stuff I'm interested in. The homescreen is pretty random, even if you only follow a few friends.
So sad Lists are buried in app. Should have ability to curate dif groups in seprt tab. Easier to create two accts and combine in Fenix
But that would make sense!
Embrace the randomness! It introduces new perspectives to your life. I follow people who just don't exist in my day-to-day life. it's great.
What Kim said. More fun to engage with more people.
Congrats on your 250❤️ tweet!…
It's fun to #followback. Snobbery is overrated!
That. Twitter is ideally 4 convo not broadcast. And history - like when DMs were for ppl who followed each other.
It's pathetic to gain followers on the promise you'll follow them back
not snobbery ! when you lower your follow count you really get relevant conten, otherwise it's just clutter ! try it, unless you like spam
6...I follow 6...I'm feeling a bit subpar in my Following skills 😐 #amithereyet
...what about if our numbers barely breaks double digit. Are we just not worth the time? I'm hurt. I shall go sob to my fur baby.
Some followers are just like, "OMG, you know Anna Kendrick?! Me too! Have you watched Pitch Perfect??" Kinda followers
I want to meet her but I can't
Attention Deficit Disorder. 😃
celebrities, news, friends, columnists, more news, companies/brands for contests
they're dumbasses
I like the chaos of a Twitter with a boatload of followers. :)
Holy shit you're a madman
I've never denied it.
I can only just survive 60😂😂
You should round your own follows up. 289 is such an unlucky number. I'm here for you 👍
It's an unfortunate result of alcohol and medical marijuana. #drunkfollow
Yeah please 😂
I love how your tweets always are a subject of conversation in the comments. You are kind of like a teacher on twitter.
I don't but um I could start?
I think I desperately need some friends...
So a 1000 people on Twitter is 0.0003134% of Twitter you don't think there is that many interesting peoole?.jk that shits weird people suck
Deviants, the lot of them.
thank god I don't have to 😅
It's just me and my closest 1,000 friends. Intimate.
I like a lot of info and opinions!!! It's my news source.
Explain yourself
that's why I'm following you on Twitter and only a couple others??I like your interrogations
-I REALLY ONLY FOLLOW U,BUT U DON'T ANSWER BACK. Id like to meet u,,You have a great life
I am curious about a variety of issues.
Yeah how do you keep up with anything?
Ummm. Too many interesting things, people, causes, stupidity?
Your feed is never boring. I should know, I follow about a... Oh wait, never mind. Carry on
I read. A lot. Also I drink beer. #acceptme4whoIam
You only follow 289, make me 290? 💁
No! not Chelsie....Mark @murphypride should be #290 😇
Must have up-to-date news due to 24/7 insanity. Caution: I only recommend this poor life decision if you're trying to have a stroke.
internet friends all over the world duhhhh
I read really fast so I need a lot on my timeline
I like to constantly have tweets to look at ok
Checks to see... Less than 600 *whew* Still may be time to clean up a bit.
I like a lot of people and things.
Good shit. Can you follow me back?
I like lots of things
I only follow 264 people including you so... Does it make you feel special ?? Lol 😘
It's funnier that way
I don't know what happened. It snowballed.
i like to be a part of everyone's drama
it's like following no one at all
Check out twitter lists
- They followed me and I thought I'd be nice💋 - Fan accounts/people I wanna follow - I want friends 👏✨
Hey you don't follow me, explain yourself
peepin my profile I see 😍
Folks who follow more than 1000 people on twitter can't be trusted
Most of them are related to my personal and professional interests. No, really!
It's fucking impossible to follow that many, I don't know how people do it
Because they didnt found Anna Kendrick, yet.
I have multiple interests and 6 lists that are broken up into columns on Tweetdeck so it's like 6 feeds but organized. Do you approve?
because some famous people follow back their fans 🤷🏻‍♀️
Multi-faceted interests... science, space, weather, politics, sports teams, fans of sports teams, stupid stuff, smart stuff, and hot celebs.
I have achieved, contacts on Twitter through job opportunities, friendships & family. Have a nice day & excellent weekend
It gives me different pieces of news from all types of sources to not be in a bubble.
- I only follow 24-you were my first! I need your humor to cope with the clusterf##k that is now our government! Thank you! 😜
It was follow the pages of people I'll never actually meet in real life or talk to human people. I stand by my decision.
We don't mind following you; if thats all right.
There are a lot of sports teams/players out there.When something happens I get it from 273 different sources saying the same thing!
Way too much free time to read them all.
Im dead inside, Anna
With me it just meant I had to change my password.
It's mostly accounts of cute animal pictures
My original plan was to follow a load of people but only keep following the best. As it's turned out, I've never unfollowed anyone. 🤠
Its to have specific views on a certain topic, you manage them by creating lists.
I'm so sorry. I have no explanation. It just happened and now I'm too lazy to go through and unfollow people.
I struggle to follow myself let alone 1000 people.
I follow ~300 and it's too much. Lists save lives.
I thought about following you, but I would just be #6,200,001 and it would push me closer to 1,000. I feared explaining myself.
Those people need to have something to talk about. They like to know everything about other people's life. 😜
yeah I'm always confused when a person follows that many people.
My son would except people he does not know all because it looked good. I showed them how many I had and they would laugh.#crazy
I ain'ts gotta explain nuthin to you!!! 😋
I ONLY have 642, but I am TRYING! lol
Hey. Anna, you follow 289 people on Twitter. Explain yourself.
Sometimes my life is sad so I live vicariously through others. Plus some people are hella funny.
I was sent here to collect data on this planet to send back to the invasion fleet.
ok seriously tho it stresses me out and i only follow like 550+. i feel the overwhelming need to declutter my following list every week.
I follow 2k+ on ig (yourself included) and i cant keep up with it all😭
I don't even know 1,000 people.
over dinner, i can
i hate my own life so i immerse myself in everyone elses
1011, what is there to explain?
I follow over 2,000 because 1,000 just wasnt enough 😂
I need a constant steady flow of content AT ALL TIMES
I just follow you. And that doesn't sound creepy at all. 😑
Mostly just too lazy to unfollow people who aren't posting anymore. I follow anyone who says interesting stuff. Most hardly post.
I follow a couple of hundred for each of my personalities. I feel sorry for those that DM me at the wrong time.
Yes people!! Explain yourselves !! ;)
Polite follow backs, I never look at my feed and just use lists to see what people I actually want to hear from are saying.
I don't have the energy to follow over 1,000 people on twitter
*bleep bloop* I am totally a HUMAN BEING and not a bot *bloop beep*
How many of the people who liked or RT'd this follow​ >1,000?
Because there are some funny and interesting, random people on twitter ie: Anna Kendrick 😆 I love when you show up in my feed 🤘
They're selling something.
::nervously checks amount I follow:: ::sees 965:: ::does heel click jump::
I follow a lot of people who cover/work my beat (criminal justice, civil liberties) for my job.
I stalk celebrities!
I can quit any time I want *sobs*
I just like to stalk people from the comfort of my living room.
The first 1000 were fake Anna Kendrick accounts. Soooooooo..........
I follow 982.. getting there :P
Journalists and news orgs add up. #trumpistan
Fast readers, And an incredibly short attention span.
not everyone can be incredibly talented, smart and witty with 6 million followers...some of us have to use quid pro quo.
Sports, Politics, follow-backs. It adds up quick. Gets rough on these Twitter streets for an info junkie.
having half of that number I get a lot of crap. Dread to think what a timeline consisting of 1000 followers looks like 😨
There are just so many breweries!!! #CraftBeer
Not me 🙅‍♂️
We like the torture of scrolling endlessly.
Mutuals. Can't break the mutual or you lose a follow.
There's lots of interesting people around there okay? DONT JUDGE US😭😭
Sometimes, Anna.... Oh, nevermind, you have a point. People who follow over 1,000 on Twitter, explain yourselves!
My timeline will never be boring. I get to see all views and opinions and puppies.
diversity of thought and opinions on a variety of topics.
There are actually more than 1000 people on twitter from just the SPvsTW cast alone.😃 Plus I read fast.📑 And stop judging me!👩‍⚖️ Love ya!❤️
One follow for every one of my personalities
I can't think of one dude lol 😭😭😭
Anna, you explain yourself
I'm not famous
I hit the main feed for a "flavor" of my interests. Maintain Twitter lists to keep track of my "must reads."
Reading is fundamental.
It just kind of happened over the course of having twitter for like 4 years, and I'm too lazy to fix it
Its like having 400 channels and nothing to watch.....
They are all Anna Kendrick fan accounts
Ain't nobody got time for that.
i like my timeline always popping and its a big world with a lot of folks. 1200 aint but a drop in the bucket.
I only follow 532, I'll explain later
Everybody is special!
been on this site for 10 years and don't feel like going back and deleting accounts that no longer tweet
It would be tough finding those accounts
so many interesting things and people
I only follow 809, but after 9 years, I’d bet a huge number are people that stopped using it and I didn’t notice.
variety of information & discussion, have lots of interests & find lots of people interesting. I do try to cull some.
I just. I'm.... I don't know, man.
Because It's like my full time job to know if you're still alive or what. Duh 🙄
why ?because ......
you were my first 🙃💩
Those people have magic superpowers.
I follow 997. Do I still need to explain? If so, they're cool people.
My limit is 999. If I hit four digits, my computer explodes. It’s like the movie Speed, only on Twitter.
That's not how the bomb worked.
I know, it was the opposite way, but same premise — hit a predefined limit, bomb goes off.
Im sorry you had to explain a joke
Jack, nothing tricky now. You know I'm on top of you! DO NOT attempt to grow a brain!
They follow me so I follow them back
Obviously not as cool as you. 🤓
I just unfollowed 367 people because of this tweet
I think about this same thing too often
...I want friends. 😞 😞 😞 That's not how you make friends?
no explanation that isn't an excuse. Working on cutting down.
I follow 124 and I find that hard enough 🙈🙈 I can't imagine following over 1000!! Don't these people come up for air??
I'm getting worryingly close!
Mine is mostly bands and football related stuff. I also have 3 Twitter accounts 😒
Twitter's "lists" feature helps a TON. Especially if you're using twitter apps on the desktop & mobile that cater to that feature.
Ha, suckers. I only follow 980.
I follow less than 300, and a third of those are sentimental follows that I'd feel bad for taking away.
I'm just happy to not have to explain myself to a celebrity who has no idea who I am. :-p
Joined Twitter. Went crazy with the follows. Way too much work to go back and thin the list.
Two words: Twitter lists.
I cover more than 120 teams for AP and the NHL, and I track them with Twitter lists. Plus there are a lot of fascinating people on here.
And now I'm going to follow you, because you've started an interesting conversation.
On Twitter or home from work?
Its not about people like who have a reason to follow others but its about those who follow to get more followers/get verified
Follow me. I'm boring but still follow me
what are these Twitter lists you speak of? #nottechsavvy
Anna... You follow 289 :( explain plz
Shit...I can't find anymore than 17 to follow and most of them suck!
I get what you mean, me personally Im not keen on having this many followers 😊😀😂
I follow back because it is polite. I must say it makes my TL unmanageable even on good days.
Yeah, they better explain how they manage to not break their thumb by scrolling down their timeline.
don't have friends in 'real life' 😢
I like humans. There are lots of humans
Me and my tiny 180 follows nod in sympathy
I think roughly half of my follows are as a result of accidentally hitting the follow button because of where it is in the mobile app
I had to look. I'm at 994. So there. 😜
hey a little respect here, I only follow 969
I only have twitter to follow Anna kendrick and some other news
It's just people who follow back people. No matter their content. -_-
it's easy you hit the follow button. they say stupid unfollow
0100101001110000101101010YoureFunny010010100101YoureGorgeous010100100101010101010 -The Bot With Feelings
I'm at 752, glad I don't have to explain myself.
Pro stalker... I just need to get their Twitter names now...
but you're one of them!!
I meant she's one of the 1000+ people I follow haha
oh bwahaha that makes a bit more sense
Girl you can't throw shade when you have 2k followers answer the question!
But she is famous
They won't be able to respond to your tweet because they won't see it in their timeline...
I like variety!
I am at 980 is that excessive.
I've been here so long that I assume most of the early follows don't tweet. Mine is keeping track of artists and writers
Why not? It makes my timeline more interesting:)
the sad part is, we expect some one to follow back
I constantly need new content to distract me from my life.
one for every mood swing
I'm nosey and like to know what everyone is doing.
It just happens... Which I don't know how?
Trump only follows 43 (and 40% of em have "Trump" in their handle). Who needs to explain to who here?
Right!!! 🙄🙄🙄
For the most (also I haven't done a parsing of people I'm folloiwng in a while)
I have to follow every actor/actress and crew member from tv shows and films that I like, I just can't help myself
I follow back, and mute the people I don’t care to see. That way I only see what I want :)
Ok. Maybe I'm a little greedy.
Hey Anna. Just hey. :-)
(Possibly sensitive)
I'm interested in seeing different voices. I use separate cols in tweetdeck to follow smaller group whose tweets I don't want to miss
Too many interests 🙈
Need more friends
I thought we were limited to 140 characters?
So many good art accounts must be followed. Anyone i talk to is just on push notifs so i can see their stuff better
I put them in lists based on topic. I have a lot of interests
It's none of ur fukin business, next
You, who are followed by millions, including celebs, how do you filter to end up with only 289?
He follows me
TrillFUCKINGBallins...a man of his word (I give it 10 minutes)
that's my ceiling. when i get close, it's trimming time.
It's not the people who follow 1000, it's the people who follow just one. #TwitterStocking Is that a thing?
No. I don't follow that many, but I wouldn't explain myself if I did.
They just hope to be followed back.
I have lots of celebrities to follow that like to question why I follow so many celebrities, like you .
Why the fuck not! I don't owe you a damn thing!
it's when tv + movies take over your life. also, when you meet so many people in real life that become your best friends and coven. 💗
and also some peoples accounts are cool af and they just deserve a follow. 💁🏼 (i'm almost at 1000) 😅
If I followed over 1,000 people? It would be because I followed so many celebs
she said it first 🤔😏
My twitter is never boring so🤷🏼‍♂️
Nah. Can't do it milady.
See what had happened was...
Probably more comfortable following than leading.
You're one of 93.
I know a lot of interesting people online? ;-)
Simple: they follow people back that follow them
Try to keep up with Favorite Actors/Actresses/Activists/Athletess and there's a lot of you guys... 😅💖
proud follower of 13 people. I'm very picky! Which may be why i only have 2 followers myself. Lol!
1000 fake accounts of Donald Trump
There's LOTS of wise old hippies to follow #resist
I have a large family?
Yeah, I don't get that. Don't get it at all.
work is boring and a diversified Twitter feed helps. Granted I only follow about 500 atm but I see the appeal
I didn't mean to...I just follow interesting folks, and well, now it's a tsunami of Twitter.
Hey looks like you could spare another follow, fellow!
It's how you win prizes man.... I'm hoping for one of those pens that write in 4 colors. Any day now.
Doug, I just realized you follow 419 people you're only one away!!!!
I don't know why I'm following half of these people. It's just a big hologram anyway, right?
I just noticed you're following 419 people Doug. Can I be lucky number 420?
Saw an article yesterday that said someone followed "only" 1,000 some-odd. I was like, what?
I'm an incredibly sad and lonely person who lives vicariously through others. Also, funny pictures.
Oh just kidding I'm not even following 500 people 😅😂🖒💖💖💖
When you find out that answer share it. I have a hard enough time keeping up with the approx 200 I follow. #TwitterExcess
10% people who I am interested, 90% porn
variety is the spice of life
Ummmm hmmm well... I got no answer
I like to feel popular 🙁
Guess they're twitter completists? 🤔
I only follow pages about Anna kendrick, or by Anna kendrick, or for Anna kendrick... I should go now....
Sheeple. Not people.
I'm still trying to figure out why I have 1600 followers
If they follow me,I follow back. I also like to hear news 1st,so the more verified & reputable accounts you follow,the greater your chances.
I want to hear what more than 1,000 people have to say?
Maybe they love standing in rooms if people shouting
I want to think that I am a popular chic but in reality I am not.
No explanation needed
I'm a huge nerd following comic books, pop culture, art, and food.
I'm nowhere near that and I feel like Twitter consumes my life
To stalk, mainly. To learn of the world through various newspapers/magazines who have Twitter handles. To stalk.
Journalists, Politicians, Wrestlers, Standups, Cast of General Hospital, lots of interests means lots of follows.
It's the best way to add/remove large swaths of people to find the uniquely weird people like myself.
I just really have no fucking life. That's about it.
Takes a 1000 regular follows to equal one Anna Kendrick.
It's a great news filtration service...
Most of them are my students so they can communicate with me or hockey people, or cool peeps
'cause you can learn so much from other people ?
Varied interests & I need a full timeline to entertain and keep me informed.
they aren't famous and want more followers so they follow a shit ton of people for more visibility. That's my guess
Off the back of that I just got down to 999!
It's about networking and needing some social media self promotion when it comes to entertainment reporting. I know, I hate myself too.
I do shift work as a operator, a lot time to view social media
How are they going to see this question as it scrolls off their screen in .023 seconds?
Because they're there.
60% professional colleagues, 30% personal interests/news, 10% anti-echo chamber follows.
I really enjoy breasts.
I couldn't even think of 1000 people to follow if I tried
it's fun following lots of people!! ❤
I've seen some shit and some people were curious. I don't get it either.
Did it in hopes that one day, @AnnaKendrick47 would want to know why, and finally, I'll have my in. So, hey Anna, come here often?
I like hearing your thoughts alongside 1,393 other people's.
Reporters and scientists mostly. I see political and science news before the story gets written up.
Can't. Too busy reading.
Tbh a lot of them don't tweet that much anymore. Plus, what's life without a little anarchy?
😂😂😂😂😂 Quand je vois mon nombre d'abonnement, je me dis "je fais le ménage de ça" et la seconde d'après je me dis "fuck off" 😂😂😂😂😂😂
I am really bored :(
*hurriedly unfollows people* Yeah, those people. What's the deal?
1d following parties...
if you feel guilty if you don't follow back someone, than follow them and than mute them. Hard to keep up even a 100.
I like people and things.
I've got a friend who follows over 2000... I don't talk to her anymore.
reciprocity seems to be the most acceptable answer. The rest is just gluttony.
I know a lot of people. Fight me.
they can't. they're bots.
I have ADD, so the large amount of content keeps my mind busy. Also I like lots of different celebrities, musicians, sports and politics.
I got 2,000 follow
Work related bullshit. And partially my own twisted sense of humor
Ha! I like to follow interesting people, fun accounts, informative accounts, all kinds of different folks. There's some good ones out there.
I have a lot to offer
It is just nice and awesome to follow them back.! 🙌🏼
I want to read what others want to say, if you follow just a small circle your timeline would be so boring
I need something else to entertain me in between your tweets.
I am scared and alone?
I don't watch the news or have a FB page, and I also love me some funny comedians.
Ha, I’d rather have the people with over 100,000 tweets explain themselves. With, you know, minimal amount of tweets.
They probably use lists
There are at least 1,000 Real Housewives and I follow them all!
Right you are !!!!
I thought @AnnaKendrick47 owned Twitter and they were all her aliases! Am I wrong?
It just kinda happens 🤷🏻‍♀️
Hey Anna. Why aren't you following over a 1000? Explain yourself.
I think even following 100 people is too much, keep the unwanted people out, keep them guessing.
I have no life... possibly, maybe.
It shows a mix of interests and engaging on a myriad of topics. Being a one-trick pony and/or having a big ego results in following <1,000.
No RT @AnnaKendrick47: Hey. People who follow over 1,000 people on twitter. Explain yourselves.
I'm bilingual!
Manage a karaoke company. Love your films and you.
I love chaos 😂
I have no friends in real life and I am lonely!😜
429 and I'm still confused
I was young and stupid, and I don't want to take time and unfollow tons of people
Im halfway there Lol theres just too much people i like that live online apparently 😂
(No comment)
We are venezuelans, Don't have free press and need a lot of sources to know whats going on in our country and around the world.
It's not called anti-social media
Follow me to make 290! 😬
They're all your size or smaller, so it takes numbers.
Uh shit idk I'm at 1051 but it's mostly sports and shoe releases. And people I find interesting or funny. Shit I don't have a reason do I?
Idk it's a lot of work to go and unfollow people.
For the memes
Doing Not - Not enough time
The real question is, how many of those are muted?
Famous people are naturally claustrofobic even on Twitter.
I'm a fast reader interested in everything and following lots of people keeps me entertained and informed any time of day
Know your enemy? Only following 200 though so I'm primarily just winging it.
There's a lot of interesting information on this app. 7 billion people on earth. At least 1k are worth a follow.
because they follow back their fans 😂
I follow people I like—I don't read everything obviously. I use lists to follow specific accounts where I want to read everything they say
I want a blue checkmark because I’m only 3.725% famous and my life is meaningless
Because I can
It would appear I like people's opinions on dogs and food.
You's all so faskinatin'...
I am going to admit you made me look. 507 and admittedly could cut quite a few of those.
I just followed you 1000 times cause your jokes never get old.....
Never a dull moment on my feed.
seriously...but you should def follow me
I follow many people I disagree with. Related: I like getting angry in my spare time
I will eventually use this for self marketing, so I imagine I'll have to connect with fans on a more personal level.
Just means I find more than 1k of people on here interesting.
I have to do it because I'm not famous and quid pro quo is the only way I can get followers.
Clean up is a pain
I think you explained it prettyyy well , they are people... people are weird ,they do weird ass shit ....
Hey. People who have over 6 million followers on twitter. Explain yourselves.
Pro reason: Because networking! Real reason: Because I have a horribly intermittent guilt complex and feel bad if I don't return the favor?
I have a full, vibrant life. Why pick this beef?
They have no life?!?!?!
I don't follow that many so I'm good:)
Multiple personality disorder?
Hey. People with over 6 million followers who never tweets fans and the little people as their so far up their own arse. What's that about?
It makes me look less like of a dick. It doesn't help
I like nice round numbers.
That are easily divisible by ten.
They don't have time to explain themselves.
I will only follow you if you only follow me. 💟
a lot of the accounts are probably inactive now x))
phew 823 i'm in the clear
I'm sorry father for I have sinned
I like to keep up to date on politics and sports
I don't even like that many people.
everyone is not famous like you
It happens 😂🤓
Err, looking for love....
Actresses: I follow you, @halleberry , and @BarbaraHershey8. So, there. And Halle posts sexy photos. *rowr*
I couldn't help myself
1438 ... because I can.
I have varied and eclectic, I'm easily distracted by shiny things. Makes me feel bad to leave people out.
You probably saw this one coming, but...#BasicBitch #MeanGirls
I follow almost exactly as many people as you do...though you have a SLIGHT edge as to number of followers. Only fair. :)
I am just a big fan of you and you than you meet other anna kendrick fans and than you are following them and they follows you back
I follow people in different time zones so they're not all tweeting at once
trying to trim down from 900 to 500 following myself...
I did that! Totally worth the effort. I used @Crowdfire (they don't pay me to say this) to weed out inactives, non-followbacks etc
i follow 990 so there! Take that Kendrick, i shall skip away without even a whiff of explanation
There's enough room in our hearts for everybody? ❤️
I think they’re like that tv show about hoarders. Or like crazy cat people. Or something.
It's like a firehose of memes. I just put my mouth on the edge and open it full blast.
Been here a while.
But you are so awesome, cool and very beautiful
social media points matter.
I guess I am just nosey
I really don't know, good question. Evaluating my entire existence now.
We are masochists and choose this
all mine are celebrities, models, websites, sports teams, athletes and gamers. Also a couple of your fan page.
I'm not famous like you?
Because people are interesting and seeing many views on life is important
Can I get you to 290 though?
"follow me!" *follows*. Also, follow me. ;)
I'm generous with FollowBacks.
You can't keep trolling the same 999 people all the time it gets boring
*checks to make sure she's not one of THOSE people* nope, check!
I'm hovering at 600 -- but I could use a few more followers. RT?
I work in entertainment news and journalism! Plus... I like following smart writers.
Do smart writers turn into dumb writers ever?
I was here first. I have no idea about the 999
Cool to see what people think. Get the news and so on.
Because someone once told me I can Twitter however I want.
Film twiter + Book twitter + comedy twitter + pundit twitter - it adds up!
1. I'm only to 880, but have interest in sports, films, politics...and I follow back whoever follows me unless it's spam, so I'll get there.
2. Funny, though. Ever since I followed Tommy Chong I've been getting lots of pot-related followers. Hmmmm...
I've been wondering this for a decade
I follow 80. That may be too many... ;)
Been here for a while. :)
With 6.2 million followers, aren't you afraid that everything you say will be used against you, some way, some how?
Too many bands and too many famous people. Haha
It gives me, I feel, a gestalt understanding of humanity
hahahahahaha this is perfect.
Since you're under 1k followings , follow me 😂❤
Imagine following over 100,000 people...
I kinda get 1000. But 10k plus? 😳
lists. lists. lists.
Put me on a list, not the FBI kind.
I like people?
We answer to no-one.
Look, I just want to hear from a minimum of 200 people every single day
I just don't have a life🤷🏼‍♀️
i only folo about 600 but it's a PIA to delete any, since as far as I can tell you can only look in chronological order of when u followed.
Maybe they just follow too many fandoms for their own good :(.
we all socialize through the love of you (:
ha! 938! I don't have to explain anything!
Sports news, movie news, interesting celebs, friends, colleagues, romantic interests, etc...
The more people I follow, the more likely I'll get free pie from one of them.
can't, busy reading tweets!
I'm scared to feel alone, but I don't actually want to leave my house where the food and coffee are.
i don't even see myself following 100 people 1,000 u people are amazing lol
Check out my boys SoundCloud @CL4Y_UD
would you follow 1000 people in real life though?
It was an accident
Personally, I'm still not happy that i follow more than 100 people
We don't have 'READ ALL TIMELINE 24/7' Syndrome. 😄 It's ok to mess Tweets.
I get weirded out at having 100.
Because there are more than 289 interesting people in the world.
I only follow 974. Sorry, I can't help.
uhh well..good question Anna. because i have met a lot of amazing people on here & I am always will to meet someone yea that's why.
I only follow people who tweet once a month
I almost follow 1k, but it's only people who I've seen in movies, tv shows, or from from youtube, or video games, and some personal.
I don't follow random people, or do that follow for follow shit.
I have wide and varying interests.
Because times when there are no new tweets are the worst.
Is it uncool to follow a lot of people? Haha-wait 10 yrs when, if your lucky like me, you care a lot less of what other people think of you😊
okay look, I don't like to go out and socialize, so I like to live vicariously through the people I follow
I just weeded a few out this morning, follow sports mostly too uch of same shit
More follows = more polls
This world is full of amazing people and I have varying interests.
Because I want all of the info. Random facts of life are gained by random follows.
I would, but I don't...
(No comment)
Well you see it gives me a large amount of diversity so I'm never bored with the tweets. Follow me you'll see its great.
I've been using Twitter for 10 years and most of them don't post anymore.
ah shit. I follow 1031. I dunno - I guess some of them don't tweet that much?
I don't follow that many just came here to say I like cake...
cutting it close, 961 here
I don't get it either..
Sports! And why aren't you following me?
I spend 80% of my life keeping it under 1k.
I follow 81,half of them never tweet, and I have a hard time keeping up
There are lot of porn stars out there to keep track of...
Can't relate...I only follow you!
I hate my self 😊
they say the more friends you have the internet the less friends you have in real life. #OneThousandFriends
Mostly pornstar drama
If I like to follow people IRL, no explanation needed right? damn- that would be some ubercreepy s--- right there.
Idk, there's a little of everything? Brands, celebs, cool people, irl friends! I've tried to narrow it down and it doesn't do much ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
I only follow the important people. Like #scrappylittlenobody like yourself.
I like memes and celebrities what do u mean
I would follow you anywhere 1000 times.
#FOMO you Mo-Fo? I Dunno...
Because the black hole in my heart won't just fill itself...!
A lot of sporadic tweeters who are pleasant surprises when they do show up in my timeline.
5,000 channels and nothing's on.
Sometimes a girl needs the latest scoop on pantry organization and mommy blogs! 💁
I am on 997 so nothing to see here...
Because people are awesome 😁
I'm too lazy to go back and unfollow inactive accounts.
I love making new friends???? I dont know it's a federal crime???
it's important to diversify the information available to you, thereby ensuring possibility of diverse or at least well-informed viewpoints
I have no life of my own so I kinda have to live through the adventures, as told in tweets, of others
Porn & celebrities. More is better.
The cool people like you don't tweet enough!
Our lives are dull and meaningless and need to live vicariously through others. Or we are moms.
I like making the box turn blue.
Hey American you got Trump as president, for the sake of humanity, explain yourself.
I have no real friends😯
people keep posting funny stuff
follow me - that's enough 🤔
9/10 of those accounts go inactive within a month or two. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
How else will I find that one girl who really wants to see a picture of my junk in her DMs?
It's fairly easy. Different people tweet at different times and you get to see lots of different opinions/happenings from around the world
The big Q is how do you read your TL with that many follows? And don't tell me about lists. Ain't got time for that!
Yeah! That's a good question 😂🤔
No I don't. Nor will I
Only 92 for me. You made the cut!
we're like "fuck this shit"
People are actually explaining themselves. #FollowRandomPeople
People with blue ticks sometimes follow me... most of the time they follow 250k plus, takes the excitement away 🤷‍♂️
Professional. Hobbies. Interesting people. I think that about covers it.
I follow pretty much everything. I only have notifications for the ones I care about. Like yours 😘
Better questions is how many of the follows are for accounts with cute animals? Because that's probably what most of my follows are.
I'm nosey 👍🏻
They are just being a nosey bugger. That's why they do it 😀
Erm...trying to get more followers to see my awesome images...I think. Or I'm just lonely.
I can't Aaaah just obsessed with yall
I'm not saying I have that many at all but how and why u chosen ur 200+?? EXTREMELY CURIOUS!
To lazy to go through and unfollow .. well and trump made me do it , I followed 800 max i think b4 he became prez
In 8 years on here, I've found 1,090 interesting people, should you not be one?
It's a surprise everytime I log on. I never know what I'm getting.
They're most all in #TheBloggessTribe and well, #MyPeople so, no choice. ☺️
girl yes drag them
I wish I just had 100 people following me, I guess I'm boring, until maybe you follow me?! :) I tried at least...
True thing😂😂 Can never fucking imagine following 1000 people.
Simple. You're a tiny amazeballz package of snarky, scrappy, sarcasm, and I love it.
Yea stop looking like you try so hard.
I use lists and Tweetdeck columns by list, hashtag, topic, search, etc...
Had to check mine because it feels like I follow over 1000. A cool 251 with a sweet sweet 60 following me. #impopular #twitterfamous #not
only people worth following are you and @VernNotice tbh
this is true
Nuzzel needs a good sample size
There are a lot of nice, funny people, and I can't choose between them.
I got nothing better to do.. FML!😐
I won't tolerate this kind of attack. Take it back, Anna Kendrick Lamar!
indeed. how can they filter through all those tweets? it’s just immense randomness imho..
I follow 62, somehow have gained 27 followers. I don't post anything interesting, so not sure why they are there. 😂😂
Because your awesome!
I have a hard time keeping up with the 132 that I have!!
Increasing the likelihood of seeing a tweet that makes me laugh and isn't Trump related. Gotta play the odds ;)
probably because they don't have the interaction you do on their timeline as you have over 6m followers
Not gonna lie, I need to check how many people I follow right now to see if I need to explain myself.
Awesome, I follow only 480 people. What do I win?
They followed me first. Aaand now I feel mad. Thaanks Anna....
It just kind of happened. Like how you accidentally spend 3 hours watching Netflix
Too many celebrities to follow!!!! @AnnaKendrick47
I think it just happens. One day it's one, the next a 1000😀
Huge chunk of it is news or organizations. And I am in a lot of online communities. Twitter is heavily prevalent.
Guessing most answers are some variant of 'we're not famous and that's how we GET followers'. My 22 followers I got through my own grit tho
They don't actually read anything.
I'm getting there. 😂 And the reason is because I don't want my timeline to stop running at 3 a.m. hehe
Now that is what i want to ask my friend! #WhyFollowRandomPeople
they do it for the followback. just a numbers game so they can feel special saying I have over 1000 followers.
50% of Twitter users don't tweet at all
0100100101010100 010010 01011000111
Well, I was only at 1,000, then I found you!! And, the rest is history ;-)
People are interesting
I like to feel loved by my feed
I follow: bands, artists, actresses :) news & weather, actual people I know in real life, etc
same! I don't know that many people
Got to get bts scoop on my favorite TV shows somehow :)
They don't check their twitter
Sorry, no time.
Just trying to be as close to the gorgeous ladies as possible.
I keep my total under 665. Unless, of course, you wanna follow me. I'll make an exception. :)
I'm baffled people follow me at all. Hey! When did I start following so many people too???
Twitter Lists. Revolutionary.
I just like a variety of stuff
Blockbuster video has 24,000 followers and they haven't tweeted since 2014. That's why.
Sports, Celebrities, TV, and New Yorker authors are more numerous than in the days of forgotten yore?
their timeline must be so messy
I do what I want! That and I honestly have no idea.
I'm not there yet, but mostly it's public figures I want to here from/see on my timeline. I'm a lurker.
Variety of opinions, don't live in a bubble.
I have too much of a life to follow that many people. I'm choosy about which people I follow.
Hey explain why you don't follow me on twitter
Creepin' on cool celebs like yourself 😭
Some of us don’t have the luxury of being famous to get people to follow us. Takes an effort. And that effort is reading 1000s of tweets.
Hey. Anna who didn't favorite or reply to my amazing tweet the other day. Explain yourself. 💜
I'm severely lacking in numbers
Give love, get love.
If not for work, who has time for that?!?! Know I don't.
it just happened.. i'm sorry
no idea. But you need to be following an even 300 people. I'd be honored to be 299 and help you get there. #IDoWhatICan
phew thankfully I'm at just under that threshold 😅
I like funny posts and sports. Pretty much it
I do it just to scroll and see what people are up to or stuff in the news or whatever haha
Hi Anna. I absolutely never want to get over 1000. That’s my stopping point. When I see it over 1000, I unfollow people to get under it
I only follow like no more than 20 people
I'd like to understand as well
When I get there, I'll just do what I do, cause I'm me.
hi I'm only following half of 1000 people on tw. They're all memes...
Porn, the Internet is for porn.
To experience the depths of the human experience. Also, sports work.
Are you trying to get people to unfollow you?
yeah i cant keep up with what I've got. My question is actors like you, no way you can read all of ypur notifications. Hard?
and a fricken typo. Damn phone
I would, but I have too many people to all eight of my follows depend on me to entertain them....are you NOT entertained? <3
No lives, narcissistic personality, Donald Trump...
they want followbacks
one kinda gets carried away 😂
I only follow close friends and certain verified companies and people so that won't happen for a while.
It's either I like them or they're very informative fan accounts
People are interesting creatures
I use twitter like the old RSS days. If I like something, I follow it. If it's too annoying I unfollow. No harm in following too many.
well I know it's not me, because I'm only following 20 people, and your one of the 20 people... I have a lame life😂
I dont. I only chose the best! 😁
Because you're about to retweet me 😍❤
It's a weakness. <sighs>
Not everyone is a celebrity
They aren't stuck up cunts. Are you?
I'm here for the sex bots. 🤐🤐🤐
has some explaining to do.
I have more than one interest?
You have Gaslight Anthem and that's it. Don't lie to the nice lady.
They're really really sociable.
It always keeps twitter interesting
If you actually take the time to read these...that's awesome. I think it's hilarious that people are actually explaining why!
Creepers, stalkers, gawkers, trolls... lonely.
Yeah I follow 699 people and can't keep up haha
I can only imagine bots. Nothing more exciting than being followed by a verified user with 150k following.
Takes that many to find something worth reading, a gold nugget tweet in the shit sifter, if you will. So basically you and @VancityReynolds.
I follow mostly sports accounts (teams, beat writers, media, etc) where I can get info, news from, I gotta stay in touch
7 billion people on earth. 1K is .000000148571-ish of that. Small for one who likes different perspectives
I keep my list clean. <100. Hard to maintain but worth it. FEEL HONORED.
you follow over 200? Only C list celebs follow that many.
I'm not at 1000 yet, but I never get tired of funny people and cute animals!
If anyone's response includes "YOLO", I may punch them in the face
I'm only really on here to follow you. So....yeah.
I follow for cool people like you made a clever & interesting tweets too...Even for sports for tweets too
I don't follow that many but I try to follow back with all of my followers.
I have more than enough following 44.
crap I just checked and I have 1k+. I guess I like a lot of people's tweets... even the inactive ones 😳
Problem is...Twitter is limited not to go over 2K followers & still intact w/ this rule today in Twitter world
Some people are funny?
I love people
Wow! I don't even follow 100 people, am I a loser?
I don't. But my jug band does. That's about the only way you can convince people to follow a jug band @EverlyJugBand
Ha ha! Busted over here too. It's hard out here in the jug band world
I'll follow your jug band if you follow my jugband. @EverlyJugBand see, @AnnaKendrick47 ? This is the sad, sad world we live in.
there is talks abt you being batgirl and i say u should demand to be cast in tht roll. its gonna be fun for you. do it do it do it do iiiiit
I'm hoping they'll follow me back?
I watch a lot of TV Shows and follow a lot of the actors lol
They're BOTS, sugartits...
Hey if those 1000 people are on the way to Taco Bell then why not? #tacos #inmybelly
Wouldn't it make your timeline trash??
Love you, Anna, you little weirdo.
Only 5% of them still use Twitter.
I mean, what's one more? follow please
they don't have a life... 😉
people with over 1k followers should do the same
Because stalking is fun as fuck
I seek social acceptance through tweets
We have lots of hobbies.
what if i followed 999
I guess the world is really big and there's a lot of interesting people to follow!! XOXO
I can't even think of that many people and I even follow the scrappy little nobody's like yourself 😉
Mmm 37. Not 37 hundred or 37 million just plain ole 37 and YOU my friend are one of them. Feeling special?
You're famous so you probably don't notice the regulars don't tweet that often and if they do, boom instantly interesting #notfamous
It's​ called research & maybe if u did more of it u might win an OSCAR! Oh was that my outside voice! @TheRealAnnaCamp @Brittanysnow
If it's good enough for @BarackObama then it's good enough for me (seriously, he's following 631k and counting!)
I had to check. Not even. 1/2 way there. Odds are: bots
you're perfect Anna
i follow you 1,000 times. so deal with it.
It took me 999 attempts to find your real account
Gotta get ALL the info!!!
I must be famous, I have 0 followers lmao
they are just very nosey and have the feeling of quality over quantity
don't look at me. I follow 57 and can't keep up with that!
Please share the best explanations- that's always confused me. I can barely keep up with my few.
People are funny.
I was hacked & gave up on trying to unfollow all the pornstars and Arabic people; instead I just have some people's tweets sent to my phone🙃
*checks my own follower count"... Yea! Explain!
I just unfollowed 100 people because I can't explain why I'm like this 🤷🏼‍♀️
I'm guessing they mute most of them.
Instantly checked to see if I do... glad I am not
I follow almost 8,000. It took me that many to find you.
This is the most rude tweet I've seen in a long time. I bet it satisfied the giant void that is your ego in your otherwise meager existence.
Knowing that someone's cousin's brother's dog heard that Lebron is going to be traded to the Toronto Maple Leafs is important.
I don't understand how people can follow so many accounts! :)
It might be a project for a social science experiment
People who follow under 1000 people on twitter. Explain yourselves.
I just want friends. I'm sorry.
Don't tell me how to live my life.
You're 1 out of 189
I have to be online at all times.
Because Nuzzel makes it doable?
You were A+ in Mike and Dave need Wedding Dates....Well done
spending a nice Friday at work ugh!!!!!
I'm interested in too many things and people . I can't keep up 👿
Follow me and I'll explain
bots. All of them. Even the humans.
to many celebrities not enough time. 😀❤️
I wonder the same thing!
I'll tell you, but you have to follow me .. 😏
They have a timeturner
The more people I follow the more I can pretend I actually like people? Introverts united (alone behind our keyboards)
Im sad and alone???
Don't hate the player hate the game
ugghhhhh I don't know I got very bored
Ok maybe it sounds weird but I ly so much
Yeah....can't help you there @AnnaKendrick47 I can't keep up with the 100+ I currently follow 🙄
I don't follow nearly that many, but I'm pretty sure it's networking...or undercover Russian spies. #TheMoreYouKnow
obviously they're so popular they have over 1,000 friends, can't be anyother reason
I just really want people to like me :/
I partially blame the whole 'follow back train thing' for it
only 324 and you are one of them - you should feel important...or at least know that I find you intriguing and interesting
It's a lot of work. Probably more than it's worth.
well, where do i begin. um, well, you see, i'm uh, i'm uh, ohhhh, a loser. just a lonely loser. does that help Anna?
I like to read. A lot.
I have a short attention span. I need a good mix of random.
... "Research" (dunno how many I follow :P)
What would say if I only followed you? And all my tweets were about you?
#ExplainYourself some people I follow don't post regularly and I don't want to miss when they do. Flipside: some I follow post way too much.
I take long shits and reading is fundamental. @AnnaKendrick47
50-75% of them are muted lol
Twitter stopped me at 5,000.
Some people have more friends, Sam. Not my case though. 🙂
In the words of the great band "Sick Puppies" I, I won't justify the way I live my life
PR, Developers, Influencers, industry professionals. Twitter is for business with a light dusting of friendship :P
They never read their feeds is my best bet
real talk?! I'm just too damn lazy to unfollow people, shows, musicians that I used to be interested in.
I'm not you sadly
too many friends...
I'm close to that. I'll start following somebody based off one retweet. It's gotten out of hand tbh.
I don't follow that many, but if I did it would be so that every time I open up Twitter there is something new to look at
I actually know a lot of people. Don't judge me! *sobs uncontrollably*
Just checked your account. Please eliminate 11 humans from your life immediately to meet the Kendrick bar.
Okay, I went in, and some #brands got the axe. I hope Anna is happy.
This made me follow you. Hahaha.
909 more to go and you'll have to answer to Anna, Amy!
By then you'll have written some kind of helpful guide to get me through it; for those of us who weren't always as popular.
Hahaha I followed you because of this
The Kendrick Bar is absolutely a place I want to hang out.
I've been listening to Kendrick's bars all morning on Humble... wait...
Same. Also work. Friends and work.
In fact I probably follow the same number of people an actor personality would need to if they didn't have a manager, agent, and publicist.
I'm slacking. I only follow ~600 ish.
You follow more than follow you, which is a bad ratio
It's because like how come you're so cool
why are you attacking me like that? 😂
I would but I'm too busy explaining it to the other 999
boredom, mostly.
Just to feel like Charles Xavier
Glutton for punishment?
You're one of the >1000. Must I explain?
You'll always have a interesting timeline 🙃
(No comment)
When I find someone I want to follow, I don't go through my list and drop someone off. #nuffsaid
i follow more than 3K on Instagram
And 1,3K on Twitter
I use a list to see who I actually care about.
you never know what you're going to read about! I don't try to get everything, just dip into the stream and enjoy the flow.
TweetDeck. Constant news.
I have no friends
I like people. But only on the internet.
Some people just like to engage with their audience. Just a simple follow can make someone's day 😊
95% of twitter user never posted anything yet. It's just in case they do ;)
I have nothing else to do with myself.
At 1,039. Mostly fans of local teams. Love engaging with them, reading hot takes, etc.
I'm a very nosey person
I follow 1,598 but I bet less than 1/2 of them actually post daily.
i dont have that much yet
The people who follow more than 1000 on twitter are the reason you celebs have over 6.2mil followers.
Life has a wide variety of fascinating people and things that I can't help but follow along.
A lot of beautiful stuff, a lot of not-so beautiful stuff. And I can all handle it from a single timeline view.
The amount of people answering this seriously & the amount of people getting so defensive about this tweet is both sad & hysterical.
I like sitting and watching how people are ruining their own lives. Plus it's better than watching tv soaps.
Haaaaa. Yes please.
I believe it has something to do with them trying to get followers in return. I have wondered this myself.
Maybe we should just unfollow you then
I can't... even... 1,000 people. Too much!
why follow if you’re just going to mute?
to be nice to ppl who follow me first. if I want to give you a follower but not to have to see your tweets.
Um. That's not nice tho'.
"I like you, but not enough to listen to your inane shit."
it's really because she doesn't want them to unfollow lol
I'm suddenly curious to know how many of my 145 followers are actually pity followers who have me muted
I def don't do it for everyone who follows me but it is how I manage that many follows
Your account is irrelevant though
Show support for without the annoying waffle 😋
some people get annoying as they go through different phases. Dont want to permanently unfollow, like maybe unmute after March Madness
I put them in a list and then mute them.
People just press mute. But why know that already judging the replies.
That's how our poor little unverified accounts work darling. Follow back 😭
News baby. Most stories can be told in 140 with a link to more. And, I can choose who has something decent to say.
Different people tweet about different things and different prospective it is also the modern day RSS feed
People with terrible cover photos on twitter, explain yourself.
Why not? Life is short anyways
With you on that one Anna. I have hard enough time scrolling through the 40 people i follow
I'm not guilty of that. You still have plenty of follower room left. 😜😬
I just do. No particular reason.
I have seen people following more then 2million people 😂
You're not the only awesome person on Twitter...
I care about everyone's opinions so I'm interested to see what people say. I also got hacked and am to lazy to go unfollow everyone...
Seriously just checked to see how many people I follow in panic due to @AnnaKendrick47 333, that's ok, right? 😂
I follow 141 people…
It's too difficult to weed through and remove people at this point. I use Lists to make it easier to keep up with people by topic.
twitter lists are the best part of twitter
If someone lists me I unfollow.
I'm new to twitter.. anyone care to explain the lists?
well, thats why I use private lists, then you never know I did
Paranoia just kicked in... I'm on lists and don't know it. Ack! 😧
Welcome to the Matrix.
I'm thinking I need lessons ;)
Legacy followers are a sunk cost of longtime Twitter use
I haven't figured out how to set up list, but I haven't even tried. Maybe it's time.
Hey @jack, any chance Lists will become visible/useful again? Why bury them?
They need followers and I want to help them cause I'm kind and cute😂 Love u Anna! 😘
I'm just trying to have my timeline so clogged i forget my loneliness
U don't have to follow that many people Just follow me
Sometimes I'm bored
No timeline, Mention only 😭
I don't follow 1000+ people, if you do you become an omnipotent tweetly that poops rainbows and prances under the stars.
Or at least that's what I was told...
I can't even explain the 67 I follow...
I like you. A lot. I creep on you sometimes.
I normally shut off everyone s rts , but ya I only follow around 500!😎
They are bots
(No comment)
but Anna, you're one of the thousand...
Follow for follow??
They're either nice and follow back.... 👀👀 Or just curious.
JaJu not sure of very much but he think u the bees knees 😎
People who are under the disbelief that a certain percentage will follow them back. Sad.
Simple: I don't follow a 1000 people.
Because it isn't just people that we follow. Also places (bookstores) and things (magazines/newspapers/radio shows/tv shows) Vroom, vroom
I follow over 400 people but I bet 10% of those I follow = 80% of my feed
"Following someone shows support" -Everyone who uses social media trying to get a job out of it
What if you are one of the 1000 people they follow though?
They are bots!!
*reads tweet* "Ooh, I like this person" *follow* *reads tweet* "Ooh, I like this person" *follow* *reads tweet* "Ooh, I like this person" fo
I enjoy getting updated with all the news and community and seeing what everyone's up to!
We're too friendly NOT to follow someone and probably easily distra... Oh! A new GoT trailer!
We can't all be cool like you, Anna. 😕
Following is kind of bookmarking for me since I follow lots of artists
Entertainment from the masses.
I cant, I only follow like 5 people. In a sad person
I used to follow 1000+ but my feed became a garbled mess so I did a purge, 👍🏽. Now my follower list is an exclusive club, 😎. #IFeelSoCool
Not everyone can get followers because our face looks familiar from the tv. Many of us have to demonstrate having something to contribute.
Ikr 😂 I am barely following more than 100
I have one word for you: @meshfire ;-)
I could never take in that much content
Someone's gonna be here for some other trans people. Also, private lists help.
I forgot I was following over a 1,000 people
I follow 36 people on Twitter. If made to I could probably make up some Ron Swanson-sounding reason why so few, but... who has the time?
They are people with huge brains and 7 or 8 eyes.
Kek (笑´・艸・) In either way, more or less 100 is good enough for me. Can't even tell who is who & right to left if go over that !!
The best people on Twitter say f**k all.
I think they are those bots with suspicious links in their bios that follow people randomly
idk can you follow me tho
🙄 I like to be in the lool alright
Dont really know how I have 175?? I have like 6 friends 😂
I like many things, and have to like them all together
Follow for follow ?? Anyone
i like endless content anna. don't judge me.
2 much free time
It's bc you are awesome and one of the 1000 people we follow
I favourited and then quickly checked to see how many I follow cos I had no idea.
That's like three people per day for a year.