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A wild headless Chrome appears:…. Coming to Chrome 59, all platforms. <👤…🚫👤…👤📉…👤👇
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Just tested it on chrome canary OSX, works
When do I get chrome OS for my PC?
Hi J - have you tried CloudReady from That would be a workable Chromium OS. #gHelp
CloudReady by Neverware
Neverware turns any computer into a Chromebook
No I haven't I just don't want to upgrade to Windows and love my Chrome devices I'll check that out thank you!
No problem 😀
Is headless Chrome still a chromium thing? ;-)
chromium —headless should work too :)
Been using this for awhile in the unstable channel for automated testing. Works great!
We got our unit tests running through it locally and in Jenkins CI. Nice stuff.
I don't quite understand... Is this like a Uber Modal?
or is this executing dom / shadow dom / virtual dom stuff's on the server, without the browser?
Have you ever tried phantom js?
man, i'm still learning how to properly use redux and rxjs 😂 i'll check it out though.
It is an actual browser. It just doesn't paint to screen/gpu. You can control it by issuing commands over websocket
So the use case is testing in mocha / jade?
Sure 1. Inject & run tests (mocha) 2. Behavior: open page, click button, find "success" (cucumber) 3. Visual regression…
Open pages, take screenshots. Change code, repeat, did nothing break?
People do this stuff now, but we use an actual browser & selenium (heavy), or we used PhantomJS which is headless fork of WebKit
Firefox made a headless mode, so Chrome is catching up to the party
This is why programming is so cool, there will never be a day where I'm not introduced to something I didn't know existed.
Literally had no idea this was a thing until 8 mins ago, now i'm face first in phantom.js's doc's 😂
Thanks guy's... Gonna see if I can make headless OATH a thing.
There may be many use cases. It's a completely new feature so we'll see how ppl use it.
Also could be useful for click-fraud purposes, where bots "look" at ads?
I would suspect people have been doing similar things for a long time if it does happen
this looks amazing
You mean Edge and Safari aren't going to implement Headless Chrome??
also…it’ll forever be, behind a flag!
Full page screenshots or viewport style?
full. (well up to 16384px high)
So I can communicate to this via commands ?
I am sorry. That question was for you Eric. I accidentally tagged him Thanks
Yea, via web sockets. Check out…. chrome-remote-interface is a node wrapper.
Thanks for tagging me. I didn't know about the headless mode. =)
This looks like something @FastlaneTools could make use of.
Mh, why? fastlane uses a plain HTTP client to directly talk with . No web scraping.
Ah, I recall you mentioning using a headless browser in an old webcast. Has this changed?
This was the case 1.5 years ago, since then we upgraded everything to be fast 🚀
Js/node wrapper available?
Could that replace cef for certain applications? I'm guessing it won't be more leightweight, but maybe easier to integrate and maintain?
I wonder if this means attackers can launch it in headless mode to phone home (as the CIA did with IE) to circumvent LittleSnitch, et al...
The doc says Chromium needs --disable-gpu; will Chrome also need --disable-gpu? Does Chrome headless support WebGL?
good news for us....facing lot of issues in phantomjs using it for google search crawl for it prod ready?
What about @PhantomJS ? How are they different?
Blink (headless chrome) vs. WebKit (phantom). So you’ll be able to use all the latest web platform features. (pwa, service worker, fetch,…)
Thanks :-) looking forward to it
so that means you will miss webkit-related issues when you change browser to Blink?
Can't wait having ransomwares directly on servers @da_667
So, no more Xvfb? Just add the flag to Chrome launcher (e.g. Karma config)?
Just wondering why would you want a headless browser on a mobile device?
This is excellent news. An evergreen headless browser was long due. Is there an upgrade path from phantomjs?
Unfortunately doesn’t look like it!msg/ph…