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Election results by race and gender.
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I understand the rhetorical purpose of invoking “white men” as the ideological enemy, but Trump won white women by a comfortable margin.
Clinton did well with white women who have college degrees but very poorly with less educated white women.
By the exit polls, Clinton did about as well with working class white women as Trump did with Latino men.
I understand the rhetorical purpose of invoking “white men” as the ideological enemy
Thank you for re-opening the wound. :P
patriarchal societies only affect male behavior, as we all know. man you're too book-smart to be this fucking dumb
Masters degree male and I voted for Hillary
Step 1: Have a penis. Step 2: Don't not have a penis. Step 3: Run for president.
What really stands out are the Latinos--men and women--who decided to give the racist a chance.
I watched the election returns, listened to the pundits; the one thing not accounted for was the red vote. Every redneck voted for Trump.
does anyone seriously believe those latino exit #s?
That's a whopping huge caveat. Hard to square those margins among white voters with Clintons 3M vote margin.
Well no surprise here. More intelligent a person is the more likely they will vote Dem and the opposite occurs with less education
I think it started with the stay@home bake cookies & stand by my man comments
Why are exit poll data treated as gospel when the same exit polls often get the vote wrong?
Please white people, I beg you, don't destroy this country. You people gotta stop this. You're the only ones that can stop this.
The expectation of a big male-female split is weird. Men and women belong to the same families. There's no tribal split.
Hmm...I wonder what that could possibly mean?
The age gradient is pretty highly correlated with the have a degree gradient
Would love to see this broken down by age
Honestly, it's those white college grad men that concern me the most. What the fuck did we teach them in college?
This looks overwhelmingly bad! Makes you look at America differently...
Election results by race and gender.
Well many of the Bernie Bro type white guys are college grads. They rationalize their ugly misogyny w stuff about emails or wikileaks etc.
Well @realDonaldTrump said he LOVED the uneducated. You would have to be 2 believe his lies and BS.
Actually the only group of white women who voted Trump were NON-COLLEGE and MARRIED
I'm surprised by college educated Men category. Maybe its an indictment of our educational system?
So they pretty much fell in line with past voting patterns....
media's constant 40% = 39% birther #RACISTS #deplorables / PPP poll: 39% DON'T CARE if #trump is traitor.
There should be a new election.
And the winner should actually become president next time
I'm curious what the percentage is of married white women that voted for DT?
I know married ww who didn't vote at all, their husbands' voted Trump, Latino women who voted DT bc abortion
I think because that most went along with the husbands. The ones I know did . You know stand by your man. UGH...Clueless and no research.
Takeaway: most white people are stupid.
Can confirm. Source: disgusted white guy myself.
And Chris Cillizza is another strike against white men.
That is so embarrassing.
Didn't he lose white female graduates?
*extremely defensive voice* And white male PhDs?
Are you going to stop taking paid speaking engagements or continue to be corrupt?
its better split up by age and education
and white men by a massive margin
ok Bruenig
Speaking as a lifelong white woman the reason for that vote % is more wrapped up in patriarchy than it may seem.
I am seriously embarrassed by the white vote. I'm especially angry with women - we should know better.
Bernie would’ve won ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
He was actually polling much higher against trump. And when the electorate rejects establishment canddiates...
To present the ultimate establishment candidate to the electorate, it’s no surprise that she lost.
31 points vs. 9 points is pretty huge.
I wonder if Dems making everything about race and gender is a winning strategy?
The Republicans do that, they just only focus on white men.
Not really
yes, racism is unisex.
whitest tweet ever written
The most shocking is how he managed what he did w/ Latinos.
Funny how constantly ridiculing and guilt tripping white people isn't winning them to your side
One of the more upsetting facts about the last election
Almost like the Dems took them for granted or something?
Nah, they are who we thought they are. Same ratios for the last several elections. Voter suppression of POC was the difference.
That and young voters going third party. Thanks, Bernie.
Exactly. The problem is white people in general.
Non-college whites. Non-college whites. What do they resent? It's in the name!
The women will vote how their men tell them to. Whatever you think of #Repubs, they are very close-knit families who always stick together.
WW only voted two times since 1952 for the democrat. This election kept with historical figures as much as ppl dont like it
and why is that?
Voting 4patriarch?wld assume historically women listened 2 dad/hubby; 🚺havent voted full century yet. 🚺=real threat.Pro-life 1/
Stance politically merely 2 divide majority& shame wedlock, keep 🚺powerless & poor. No 🚺wanted 2b shamed by family - of course vote R 2/
2 this dayERA not ratified, gop votes against equal pay, when 🚺dependent upon men financially/socially 4centuries, wldnt dare upset that 3/
HRC committed 2shatter last glass ceiling -look @ divide betw chelsea/ivanka & how CC shamed where IT is fraud but she bows 2 patriarch 4/🔚
Exactly. White people are the problem
Where are white people being radicalized?
The point right now is not the vote. The point is that white men are the ones rage-salivating over a potential Chelsea Clinton campaign.
As a white man who has been a lifelong Democratic, this pattern, while not surprising, is so depressing.
so many fucking idiots. Hope their lives all end up in a Trump induced shit storm of red hot, poker up the ass, misery.
The simple, unheard-of solution (to everything): take people as individuals instead of representatives of blocs all the damn time.
Please put a tariff on Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Marines Sciences.
White people are embarrassing.
Well, considering they make up 70% of the electorate and Dems can't win without them maybe lay off that rhetoric and imitate Obama instead.
In other words, Hillary lost every demographic group except the small percentage that is nonwhite
Hello DNC, focus on the blue column. That's your base and where the growth is
Ds need to pitch to poorer and middle class Americans across demos and it's 100% doable.
Obviously the economic anxiety made whites more woke about Hilary's emails
No-he appealed to racists and self loathing women...
are "others" a genderless mass
After careful calculation of the various demographics I can only say that Bernie Would Have Won.
Would that be "non Hispanic whites" then?
But but but but speeches! To banks! Suburban whites hate banks!
Aka white people suck
Break it down by % of taxes paid.
Add education status to this stratification tho
The real foundation of an idiocracy is in its imagined roots.
God that's embarrassing. I feel like I need to write a letter of apology to someone. Or everyone.
The "no answer" people are the ones that get me. Either they are ashamed to admit 1) they did not vote or 2) that they voted for Mr. Trump.
ew---I am white & I never would have voted for him---my people are dumb! lol
LOL, the master race indeed.
Do you have this breakdown for Obama 2008 and 2012?
Was there really more black votes than latino votes in 2016? Given hispanics are >16% of US population, and blacks are <
I suppose a sizable fraction of the Hispanic population is unable to vote though, hmm.
Half the country didn't vote, to start with. That explains part of it.
The Latino population is much younger then the black population so it's not as extreme as it looks.
My experience knocking on doors for HRC, white women did not want a woman as POTUS. Especially older women. (Verified in Ohio and Florida
I campaigned for her and was overwhelmingly called trash by mostly white women.
Agree, I had one woman look at me glazed eyes and when I asked why not HRC, ( she voted Obama), "she's evil". We need to end this.
Why end it when we can just transfer it to Chelsea apparently?
Never Give Up Democracy. Enough said.
May I ask what reasons they gave you, if any?
They couldn't. My take, in Fla. Over 70 crowd, old school. In Ohio, the campaign was emotionally charged, many bought into the emails.
My reality with this situation, many women are still very dependent on men, which is sad. Obama gave them the opportunity to not be. Ohio.
Thank you for responding, and that is sad to hear.
So depressing to see my group at 43%.
I sit at work everyday and wonder who among my white male coworkers voted us into this nightmare. I know for certain some did.
Black women... damn. Ouch.
Still embarrassed by the white woman margin. Can I withdraw myself from the White woman card?
Seriously. What the fuck is wrong with white women? I am not happy to be a member of this demographic.
We're clearly going to have to exterminate the white men. But just the Republicans.
at the end of the day, this is all that mattered.
Right. It's the fault of third party voters, not that of a major party that failed to earn their votes.
Enfranchisement is a right, but it's also a responsibility Voting for Stein over Clinton in pivot states was irresponsible. No question.
As a reluctant Clinton voter, I don't disagree. But leftists in this country have been swallowing the lesser evil for far too long.
it's better than whatever conservatives have been swallowing....
Hillary isn't entitled to Stein's votes: they have to be earned. Also, you conveniently avoid Johnson's votes.
Johnson's votes are there - and his running mate told their voters to vote for Hillary in the last days -the left protest vote went to Stein
Seems like you feel Stein voters should of went for Hillary, but does that mean Johnson voters should of went Trump?
Stein and Johnson votes went to trump. Are you trying to tell me he earned those?! Not buying what you're selling.
What do you mean Stein and Johnson votes went to Trump?
Latinos? What the hell r u all doing?
Could you talk about why you think Trump got almost a third of Latino men???
24,558 respondents? Where did these numbers come from? Millions voted in the election. @mattyglesias
somehow not suprising.
It's important to also look at voter turn out. How many came out for Obama vs HRC?
Black women gonna save our country
This white woman would like to have a serious talk with 43% of white women: "What the hell, white women?!" #womencanbemisogynists
This proves blacks and latinos are super racists!
Is there a state-by-state view? Wonder how a state that elects Jefferson Beauregard Sessions compares to a state that might elect a maverick
White People voted for the white supremacist candidate. Not surprising.
I don't see a pattern.