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ES2015 Modules just landed in Chrome Canary! 🔥 Flip on “Experimental Web Platform features” to give them a spin. Feedback welcome.
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WOW! Biggie! Thanks Addy! Does it support `nomodule` attribute on Chrome?
More ES Modules goodness: Chrome Canary (60) vs Chrome 58 side-by-side. In 58 <script nomodule> serves the fallback while 60 does not.
I just had the longest goosebumps ever 🤣🤣
haha. Give the implem a go and let us know if you run into any bugs! :)
Definitely ☺️☺️
<trivial>What font is that with a scriptish italic?! 😍</trivial>
Operator Mono. Inspired by @wesbos using it 😃
Welcome to the fam. You might want to make a @wesb0t haha
Whoa. Efficient :) Might pick your brain on how to set one of those up some time!
ahahahahahahahahaha, awesome 🤖 Thanks Addy.
WesBos's Law - If a discussion includes a screenshot of code, sooner or later someone will ask "What font is that?"
Hi Addy! So some popular modules will be included in Chrome in the next future?
This is so cool!!!! Just wondering how a script in the browser can import what is in the imported module exports! 🤔
WOw that's Cool !!
How the browser knows what scripts to load? Should be the server configured somehow specially for this?
It would be similar to how html resolves js files...Meaning same logic to resolve path and file name.
Which build is this? I couldn't get it to work with "Version 60.0.3086.0 (Official Build) canary (64-bit)"
3087 has it. Started getting rolled out last night.
Neat, got it now 👌 Something weird though, I'm seeing two requests for the module in the network panel
DevTools support is early atm but we can investigate. Is that something you can share so we can repro?
It will be a nice day when I can turn off babel and webpack
By the time you can you’ll want all the nice features in ES7/8/n. And you’d probably still want to bundle in production anyway
I agree about the es7+ features - but hopefully we won't need to bundle with http2.
I have a feeling bundling will still be the path of least resistance for a long time, with npm modules, uglification, webpack .* imports
At least it'll be good for beginners
Nah in fact http2 should make bundling even more exciting!!! See this little synopsis from our medium publication
webpack & HTTP/2 – webpack – Medium
Let’s start with a myth about HTTP/2:
We've already started thinking about the granular loading story w/modules. Atm bottlenecks are number requests (for large dep tree), compile
My prediction is we'll initially see folks use modules for dev then more experimenting with them + <script nomodule> for fallbacks in prod
Awesome work guys! Waited so long for this, can't wait to try it out :)
So now, do I need to fix all my repos to have the `.js` extension on the import statements?
I'm interested. How request the code? As the compiler comes to it, or do you have to include it all as script tags?
Here I'm just requesting a single entry point via script type=module. Rest of code is using import statements to specify dependencies.
So it makes an http request for each import statement (with cache)?
What theme and font are you using?
Great news! I hope to introduce them as the 'normal' way to do modules in the next edition of my book, & have the current mess as a sidenote
👍 Fantastic. We're aiming to have a complete implementation sometime this summer. Hopefully by the time your book is out itll be more stable
I'm imagining the section about the module ecosystem of the last decade as if it were the exposition at the start of a dystopian scifi film