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Standard rules apply: We can't get to every question and we will cleverly evade questions about future work.
I'm going to be disappointed if you evade a question in a boring or dull fashion.
Must phrase as a question
Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?
don't think it be like it is, but it @danlew42
Are animation fluidity a focus in Android O?
will android drop support for 32 bit in the near future?
What did Project Treble actually consist of in detail? Or: why did Android use reference compression when 64-bit support was added?
What happens after Android Z, does it go back to A, AA or something else?
By that time Arabic alphabet will become more popular ;)
With buzz around Kotlin & @flutterio where do you see Android development this time next year? How does Fuschia fit in w/ Android? #io17
Why not Kotlin as a second Language for Android?
My app crashes with NullPointerException when the user rotates the phone while a network request is happening. Do you have any plans to fix?
Also please outline in detail Google's plans for the next 18 months regarding unreleased Android features and products. I'm good at this…
What about the Eclipse ADT Plugin ? It wasn't updated in months !
Excellent question! Please print out the source code (single-sided) and bring it to the event - we may spend the whole session on this one
What font and size?
What colour should it be? Was thinking making it all fuchsia.
Are you trying to kill a whole forest ? 🤔
Has to be Hungarian notation right :D?
must be on dot matrix
Can you talk about the future? Like what team to bet on and stuff?
Is there a contingency plan for the day that certificates used to sign Android apps start to expire? Docs have validity example of 27 years.
Drop Android, embrace Tizen
What will happen with Android once Fuchsia hits the market. Will most Google apps be written in flutter and compiled for Android?
Why do all the fun Fireside Chat questions get deferred to @davey_burke? And does he get paid extra for those?
10 years of Android and my Pixel still laggs when the Play Store updates apps in the background. Why?
Enable this and you will see that everything is lagging all the time. Brings up your self-esteem in a split second 😂
Btw taking that screenshot gave me a StrictMode violation red frame... of course 😉
spoiler alert: it's lock contention on the mmap semaphore where a low prio thread blocks high prio. already on my list of things to fix
Now there will be nothing to talk about at the fireside chat!
More time for fun questions for @davey_burke
You're doing good work. I have been on the verge of frustratedly switching to iOS many times, but it's getting better.
Treble is very exciting - what can users expect to see come out of that in concrete terms?
How about @kotlin support in the apis like @SquareEng and @JakeWharton are doing?
If there were one API 1 thing you could undo, what would it be? Or, if you could start again, what _thing_ would you leave out?
Swift for Android, when will we be able to use it? It'd make porting apps so much easier.
You can do it in Kotlin now ;)
Can you defer all questions to Dianne Hackborn?
Does business technology has filled for any patents :)?
Bazel or Gradle?
What's the correct answer to Gradle is running, continue with project closing?
Kotlin as primary Android language..why not?
Custom orientation change transitions would make managers aware that locking the orientation is bad habit. Why is it not possible?
Briefs, boxers, or commando?
In a fight I'd prefer a boxer or a commando on my side. In court I'd prefer a good brief.
Will we see Android flavored Oreos on store shelves this holiday season? Or Oreo flavored Android phones? Yum
What would a woodchucker do of a woodchucker would chuck wood? Also I'll need you to read the Q aloud at the session.
Can we have Android Orly?
Will java continue to be supported, despite oracle ?
Can Google help have some sort of standard motomods that are compatible with more brands ?
Why Android animators embrace Autoboxing and it's overhead? Why don't they use primitives instead?
Why all official Android samples are monolithic with a non scalable and non production-ready architecture?
Because they are simple samples :)
So there's the #buildbetterapps hastag, but no samples on how to do a good, maintainable app using different Android features and APIs?
They are still trying to figure that out but shut don't tell anyone ;)
Hope @yigitboyar figured it out and can help on this! Can't wait to criticize his work on Android Architecture! 😝
Already digged through it but didn't help, and there's just too much boilerplate. I'm a concise (LAZY) code writer and I chose Kotlin for it
To be fair, I didn't see the benefit of using these architectures​ apart from MVP, and still didn't get RxJava, neither Dagger
The Play Store and Google Play Games are janky on my otherwise smooth Nexus 6P. Why aren't Google Android apps not tested with StrictMode?
I'm using XSLT with COBOL to build a VR app for my Nexus Q. Will this have a negative impact on my love life?
It already has, Erik. It already has.
That was way too easy
As a framework engineer, what's the hairiest part of the framework and why?
What's the one piece of advice you would like developers to never ever follow when making Android apps?
Got another one; what is the collective noun for a group of Android developers (like Murder of Crows, etc)?
A 'disagreement' of Android developers
A fragment of developers
It could be a fragmentation of developers, to also include the "disagreement" 😁
A configuration of Android developers If someone leaves/joins-old group is gone & new one created They forget what they were talking about
A "study group" clearly. Also, naming is hard. 😁
I'd like to propose that us Android devs these days are all ARTists
Though if you have too much imposter syndrome you probably just feel like an emulator.
An emulation of Android developers? :D
That's probably the reason I run so slowly 🏃
A group of Android devs is called a Collection.
A HashSet<Developer> you mean?
A SparseArray<Developer>?
Why has the JetPlayer API not been deprecated? Is anyone even using it since the packaging tools are no longer in the SDK?
How to use it in china
What are the technical differences between nav drawer, top tabs, and bottom bar, such as how they integrate with Activities and Fragments?
What's the preferred way of changing the color of button while maintaining the Material Design elements, such as the ripple and shadow?
Button.setBackgroundTintList(ColorStateList) programatically. android:backgroundTint="colorId" on xml
Why there isn't a callback for "keyboard will start to open/close" that gives you data on the keyboard size and animation speed? #LikeIniOS
"Fireside Chat" is overdue for re-branding...maybe I/O Tea?
I was thinking Fireside Chet, but that makes it sound like a roast. Not in a good way. Maybe Tea is better, but I prefer Coffee.
I like Fireside Chet, but IoCoffee is not a thing
Ohhhhh. Yeah, IOTea is way better. On the other hand, I couldn't answer any of the questions in that kind of chat.
Multi DEX should be avoid?