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Hey PWA lovers, can you provide me the most native feeling PWA you know of? I need it, for research and shit.
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Just me and these crickets... come on
There was that cool paper airplane website
Webgl doesnt count
I'd take an example of a PWA where I couldn't feel it "progressively" building itself in the browser (if that even makes sense)
Also pointless doesn't count.
Ofc ... most everything we build is kinda pointless when you stop and think about it.
I think google touted at i/O yesterday among some others.
Also this little nugget
That actually feels pretty good
"It's a simple weather app which has 1 icon of sun or rain and 2 lines of text but so minimal and 0.5s render on 2g"
A lot of these examples are fast, really fuckin fast, but things just hop from state to state, no flow or animation elegance. Feels off
Greetings, Ken
What I've been told is PWAs are not native and apparently will never be native, because they'll never use native UI controls
If they had instead gone that route (e.g. Define UI controls to imitate native ones when in a browser and progress to native ones) 🔜 👌
Honestly this is as big a reason why Apple would never support them and why I hate using them.
What even what
They advertise them as feeling like apps, but they dont
This new @electronjs tagline is really honest at least I am very impressed
PWAs with 60FPS reactive animations? Hold my 🍺
I agree though - the web is at a disadvantage for these types of interactions, but they are possible!
hey, your beer is all warm bruh
Lol I'll have things to show at React Rally
I've been impressed by some of the stuff @ryanflorence's shown off with react-router. Like the docs page:
React Router: Declarative Routing for React
Learn once, Route Anywhere
Thats some of the nativest ive seen
I had pan gestures *working* on mobile, then ran on my phone and realized safari already has pan back in safari and I couldn't disable it 😡
So I literally had no choice but to "use the platform" for an ugly pan animation, and then double animation because I can't detect it!
Classic platform
Animations from one demo to the next is chuggish on Android (pixel), which is not surprising.
Android supports pwa really well, sans animations (compared to mobile Safari)
And I'm sure you're aware of the amazing
my fault for using "left" instead of "translate"
I'm on iPhone 5s, and its stutters (not 60fps). How the page transition going for newer devices?
yeah, I should be using transforms but I'm using left, that's my fault.
Don’t worry, I’m working on it (or at least trying to)
I luv the feeling of Pokedex. Lawson's blog posts on how he made it are also great.
That's getting there, nice 🙂
Still a few bumps and jumps in a couple spots, but it feels really nice overall 🙂 telegram web is pretty neat
Twitter Lite is pretty good imo
Flipkart gets its right, the small interstitial animation touches
That delay after a touch though
Doesnt feel native
:kick-dirt: :pout: :turn-around: :walk-out-of-sight: :cry:
Sorry Brocco you feel native to me
I so badly want to reply here, but can't come up with anything that doesn't make you, me or both of us REALLY creepy
I gotta try it on an android and get back to you.
...research and shit talkin' ^^^^ Fixed :>
FWIW, "feeling native" is a silly goal for *any* app. Solving problems, making users happy, selling product, etc... Are *not* silly goals.
And the web does pretty damn well here.
Those are primary goals, for sure, but you cant dismiss the effect of polish on the user experience
If two apps both meet those, and one is designed better and feels better, thats the one thats getting used
Maybe? Craigslist does pretty well. So does eBay. So does Amazon. All these products have competitors with superior UX.
Point is: a lot goes in to product success. It's about more than the platform, the animations, the polish, etc...
There are some products that can only be apps, because the web isnt capable enough to deliver
Sure! I agree with that. Use the right tool for the right job. I just get exhausted by this notion that one platform is "better."
Their different. Use whatever you want. Make your platform of choice the best it can be.
The web actually could be better. It has superior distribution and discoverability. It just needs capability parity.
And the web is getting better all the time.
Fuck it. Let's build everything with Flash or Silverlight.
Full disclosure: I was a Flash developer, and the iPhone came out, and that day I lost animation smoothness that I never ever got back.
Full disclosure: I built table-based layouts for years and hated losing the ability to easily vertically center shit when CSS took over.
Tis. However, I still question the priority of certain improvements.
Like Web Bluetooth over a performant scroll view
I just want to smoothly animate height
I think amazon has great UX. I primarily use their app on mobile tho.
And their native app consists largely of Web views... (I think)
Please then explain to me why we have "User Experience" everything jobs.
I never said user experience doesn't matter. It's critically important! But it's not everything. And native doesn't own the monopoly on UX
I didn't say it's everything, just that we have user experienced focused jobs for design, engineering, etc. Which means its important.
tell me my 4chan pwa is garbo and should be native [not finished]
You should make the images thumbs on the left. Cant be hitting rekt threads blind bruh.
Not PWA yet but what do you think of this: try navigating the login views
smooth af. could be morphier.
doesnt need to be though
Thx for your reply, please enlighten me 🙏, what do you mean by morphier
the top graphic on the initial screen could fade its content, shrink, turn grey, and populate with header and back.
Any toughts about the tabs inside the app?
I like them, I especially appreciate the touch down state.
How are you doing animations?
It's AngularJS 1.6 app so using ngAnimate to trigger, CSS animation acts on transform prop
FT was super impressive
TwitterLite is pretty badass.
Biograf (our media player demo, is pretty awesome too, but not "production".
This was pitched @ Google I/O today: