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"With PWA by default, does it mean react app will be mobile friendly by default and react native is no longer needed to build mobile apps?"
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See this is the kind of shit that happens when you liberally market a fucking collection of perf bullet points as a native app killer
They arent fucking apps. They are websites, with an arguably useful offline cache, and a vendor specific manifest file. God dammit.
But what does "app" mean? 🤔
"Native or native-ish apps"
But what is "native"? 🤔
Ok, ill bite. Aside from offline, do they do anything that you cant already do?
In my mind PWA is about delivering the best web experience, for the apps where web is better then native.
Nope! But loading quickly always including when offline is a big part of "appyness"
It's all incremental improvements at this point
Native apps are by and large better, but far harder to gain adoption and get initial users. If you have no user to be better for…
That said I am pro native apps… they just both have their place
In my book, “native” is deep integration with the core OS features
and/or the ability to have non-janky UI and animations that are seamless with the OSs own animations
I'm hearing React primitives by @intelligibabble, React Native Web by @necolas and @expo_io may or may not make this a reality soonish.
Well expo sure could