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What actually makes a web app a PWA? Outside of a SW and a manifest. Whats the MVP for a PWA? LMK. TTYL.
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Specifically, at what point does it become or not become a PWA.
When @addyosmani sends you an emoji you know your pwa is rdy
Ken it's not too late to grab a flight to CA and ask Addy in person at Fluent...I'm sure he could grab a celebrity like you a ticket 🤔
Well Addy. Lets party.
Begin training and conditioning your liver now, Addy...
I need to meet Addy in real life some time. I hope I dont get gut punched for shit talk lol.
Thank you sir. So is lighthouse 100 baseline, or full force PWA?
100 is a baller let's go to the club PWA
70 is a let's go to the Friday fish fry PWA
50 is a stay at home cause your grounded PWA
And let's not forget about a NaN. Which is exclusively reserved for @sebmck
Like a PW Ayyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Wow thats a thorough and helpful list
tl;dr MVP 4 PWA? LMK. TTYL.